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Main Characters

Shirou Masked Riders

Suga Takamasa as Kido Shinji
Kido Shinji / Masked Rider Ryuki
Main protagonist of the series. 23 years old. An apprentice reporter for the Mobile News Distribution Company [ORE Journal]. During the investigation of the missing persons, picked up the Card Deck on Sakakibara Koyuichi's apartment, and got involved in the Mirror World and Rider Battles, and became a Masked Rider to protect humans from the Monsters. Although an ordinary young man having a normal sense, has a single cell spontanuity and somewhat clumsy. However has a strong sense of Justice and drive, and has a character to stick his head into anything, from those who know him, has significant respect and contempt for him, and is called [Stupid]. At first wa driven out of his apartment due to not payment, and lodged in his workplace for a short time, later was pleased by Sanako with a condition of [Helping out in the store during your day off], became a freeloader in Atori together with Ren. After the transformation, has the habit of yelling [sha!]. He rides a Honda Zuma bike. Has specialty in cooking, being very skilled in making gyouza that even Goro asked him for a recipe.
Learning of the burdern that Riders fight to kill each other, he wished to stop that, from the truth revealed from Tezuka and Ren's true feelings, he learned that the riders risk their life for the [Wish]. Even then he refreshed his conviction to fight to [protect people], running about with Tezuka and Kagawa who has the same will. With no particular characteristic, carries many circumstances and treats the other riders as an equivalent, and received as a rare existence (when not fighting with the other riders, shoulders another ones debt), but the attitude of all of those, was the main cause for him living in hesitation, Ren has also pointed that out.
In the endgame, from the remaining data of Kagawa, he learned that if the fighting was invalid Yui would disappear, and continued to suffer without arriving at an answer, taking the advice of Okubo knowing everything, he finally found his answer of wishing to [stop the fighting] in the last day of the Rider Battle. However with the Monster (Ray Dragoon) overflowing in the real world, he received a fatal wound from saving a girl, and saw through the extermination of the Ray Dragoon with Ren and died, influenced Ren, Kitaoka and the other riders.
In the theatrical version, met with the young Yui when he was 11 years old, and learns that breaking his promise was the main reason for the Rider Battle. In the end defeated Ryuga, and challenged the crowd of High Dragoon with Ren.
In the TVSP version, he was entrusted with the Card Deck by the first Ryuki Sakakihara, becoming the second Ryuki. With [stopping the battle among riders] being the similar story, for that reason was targeted by the Rider Army led by Takamizawa, Ren fataly injured by protecting him from Verde, he uses the Card Deck of Knight to transform.
Matsuda Satoshi as Akiyama Ren
Akiyama Ren / Masked Rider Knight / Batman
The other main protagonist. 24 years old. Due to the experiment of Kanzaki Shirou, his girl friend Ogawa Eri lost consciousness, in order to keep the darkwing bat from attacking Eri (this was not revealed in the series) reluctantly made a contract with it, and became a Masked Rider in order to regain the consciousness of Eri. Later in order to obtain information about the Riders and Mirror World moved together with Yui, in the middle of that connected with Shinji, with the return of Sanako was employed as a waiter in Atori, and freeload together with Shinji. Has a violent character and is very stubborn, doesn't flatter anybody and is quick to quarrel, is lonely without any friends, and usually maintains a cold-headedness to achieve his goal, and because his true feelings has a strong sense of justice, Yui trusted him from the start. He fights in order to save the people who are attacked by monsters. At the start antagonizes Shinji who has no desire to fight, and usually throws abusive language, with the passing twists and turns they managed to form a strong friendship. His uses a Honda Shadow Slasher 400 as a bike. unskilled in his way of life, his fingers are very skillful, for that reason was very useful in Atori. With a strong desire for money, Shinji and Yui says he is a [cheapskate], but but he does not have the petty character of wanton purchase. There is a side of him that dislikes dogs.
He fights without hesitation in his goal to save Eri, Shinji's influence did not penetrate his heartlessness, he is also in distress. receiving the influence of Shinji and later accepts him together with Kitaoka, fights together with Ryuki and Zolda for the sake of other people, exposing anger towards the shallow Asakura and Toujou, there is also change in his movement. Without knowing the significance of the Rider Battle, he continues to fight even with the doubt in Shirou's words, and saw the death of Shinji in the last day, fights with his own belief as a rider. Being the last remaining rider fought with Odin and received a fatal wound, with the annihilation of odin was able to obtain a [new life], succedding in reviving Eri, and he himself died in a sleeping state.
in the TVSP version is a close friend of Tezuka, and became a rider together with him. At one time was with the Rider Army targeting Ryuki but could not give the finishing blow, and he himself was targeted, covering for Ryuki received a Death Banisher from Verde, and lost to a fatal wound. After being defeated by Verde and barely alive, he wished for Shinji to fight in place of him, entrusted his Card Deck and died.
Kimura Takeshi as Sudou Masashi
Sudou Masashi / Masked Rider Scissors
28 years old. A detective at Kotake Station, chases after the serial disappearance in the gallery, but underneath working at the crime. Having dispute with his underhand work partner Kagami, decided to murder him, met Shirou while putting the corpse in the wall, receiving the Card Deck to become a Masked Rider. Aiming for the summit of the Rider Battle, in order to power up his contract monster Volcancer anc conceal being a killer, Volcancer attacks ordinary humans and eats them. At the end of his encounter with Knight, with a step closer in cornering him, in the end his card deck was knight attacked his Card Deck, the counterbalance of the Flying Cut his card deck was destroyed and the contract nullified, with Volcancer recognizing him as bait, ate him without leaving any trace.
In the TVSP version he works as a detective in a police headquarters, became a rider to [Capture Asakura Takeshi], after the capture of Asakura his heart was being eaten by the power of the Rider. Collaborated with Takamizawa who leads the Rider to defeat Shinji, at first gets close to Shinji by collaborating with him, but was exposed by Asakura, the Shell Difense guard ineffective against the Venocrusher, died.
Was the first Rider casualty, with his appearance in the second episode, was the villain figure, and died, giving the attention to the viewers that the existence of the [Masked Rider], is not simply the [ally of Justice]. Again the Card Deck of Scissors, compare to the other riders's spec is somewhat inferior, being cornered by a superior Knight, the ability of the Masked Rider is practically high.
Ryou Hei as Kitaoka Shuuichi
Kitaoka Shuuichi / Masked Rider Zolda
30 years old. A lawyer that calls himself the [Super Lawyer], can make a full reversal in an unfavorable trial, and capable of [turning black to white], a corrupt lawyer that demands large compensation from large companies. Inflicted with an incurable disease, became a masked rider in order to obtain eternal life. At a glimpse is good humored and sociable, but because of the influence of being pampered by his mother when raised, has a self interest narcicistic character. Has an elite sense and like to flash his stylishness, voluntarily chases the utmost desire of humans, stressing more importance in compensation than social justice and pride. Consequently there are a few gossips, and tries to raise his image. Such character consequently lost all his friends during his younger days, because of that he doesn't even have a nickname. He gives harsh assessment to those who knows him. However, he secretly paid the large sum for operation for a seriously illed person, consented to go on an date with Megumi who was suffering an incurable disease (which was all a misunderstanding), and is kind to those who are in a similar environment. Again his secretary who is concurrently his partner Goro has a relationship of complete trust, and by no means is he alone. Repeatedly invites Reiko who got acquanted with him through data collecting to dates, and did not want his own illness known as he [does not want to liked through sympathy]. In his private life, he drives a Jaguar or a Porsche, and he likes to eat [any luxurious food]. His former secretary Megumi says his favorite line is [easy Profit].
Having mutual sympathy with Shinji who unexpectedly met, that opportunity made his the lawyer of Shinji who was mistaken for the Shimada Abduction case, in that period learned about Shinji being a Rider. He is also influenced by Shinji, with his actions being reformed, in the endgame where Shinji calls for a fight in order to save Yui, he refused and called him [can't be looked at]. He was the lawyer of Asakura before becoming a rider, as expected declared him innocent, for that Asakura had unjustified resentment through misunderstanding. When Asakura became a Rider, he made countless attempts to remove him.
In the order or precedence in the Rider Battle he felt empty, with the progression of his illness he fainted and was infromed that he was dropped from the battle by Shirou, accepting his faith he resigned himself and not fight. Later he earnestly wanted to have a date with Reiko, and his feeling of not leaving things the way it is with Asakura, he was not able to settle it with Asakura. However that resulted in his death. Later granting his wish he entrusted the card deck to Goro.
Takano Hatsusei as Tezuka Miyuki
Tezuka Miyuki / Masked Rider Raia
24 years old. A fortuneteller that predicts the fate of man according to a coin. He has a favorite phrase of [My fortune-telling is correct], although his hitting ration is 100%, he has a creed of [Fate is not something that cannot be changed, but rather will change]. His card deck was solicited from Kanzaki Shirou and he refuse to fight with people, in order to reject the contract he inherited it from his friend Saitou Yuuichi who was eaten by Guld Thunder, and from the regret of not being able to safe Saitou, the justice he believes in became futile, and was determined to change an unchangeable fate, he became a rider in order to stop the battle among riders. At a glance looks cool, but has a character to move in devotion sacrificing himself for others, without looking back at danger jumps into the battle of the riders, even with regards to Ren who heads to the path of destruction, gives advice a countless times. His bike is a Honda CB400SF.
Forecasting the fate of Ren who he unexpectedly met, he met Shinji and yui while trying to give advice in changing that fate, with his own will became sympathetic with them. Later once lodge at Atori, and fights with Shinji as a valuable collaborator, from that story where Shinji who does not know the situation of the riders, exchanging information about their circumstance and wish, runs forward to stop the fighting. In order to choose his [wish] to stop the fighting, he moves differently that puzzled Shinji. Holding on to the question in predicting the birthplace of Yui, he lead Yui to her home, investigating alone he made known about one truth.
In order to press the fighting Shiro handed the Survive Squall Card, rejecting it he gave it to Ren.
In the end next to Gai, he predicted that the next rider who disappears would be Ryuki (he tells Shinji that he himself will disappear), in order to change the fate, he protected Ryuki from the Venocrusher released by Ohja and received a fatal wound, and passed away in front of Shinji and Yui.
In the TVSP version was a good friend of Ren, and was established that they both loved Ogawa Eri. However, he has a feeling of needing a sacrifice for others, and died at the hand of Verde.
Ichijou Satoshi as Shibahara Jun
Shibahara Jun / Masked Rider Gai
21 years old. A second year student in Mein Universtiy Economics Department. With no particular agreement, joined that Masked Rider battle with a game sense. Belonging to the Game Circle [Matrix], analyzes human mentality as well as put to practical use, and developed a game that made humans kill each other. Delights in the manipulation of mens heart, agitating the members of his circle into fighting. A confident egoist, such vitality behaviour progresses his ambition with a fiendish character. His father is the head of a big company, which is a good customer of Kitaoka.
Taking the Dragreder Card from Shinji, he took over [ORE journal] and made controlled games throughout japan and failed. Later refusing to fight looses his temper on many things, in the climax of the battle abducts Yui and directed the great battle of the 6 riders, in the End of World attack of Zolda, he was used as a shield by Ohja, in the verge of his death he received Ohja's Venocrusher and died exploding.
In the TVSP version, he attacks Shinji together with Takamizawa. However immediately after the death of Takamizawa, he was caught by the thread of Dispider and was eaten.
Hagino Takashi as Asakura Takeshi
Asakura Takeshi / Masked Rider Ohja
25 years old. Murdered many people for no apparent reason, and is a villainous nurderer imprisoned in the Kantou Prison. Kanzaki Shirou being frustrated that the pace of the Rider Battle is slowing down, selected to activate the battle, received the Card Deck from Shirou while incarcerated, became a Masked Rider to escape. He is drowned with overflowing hatred for no apparent reason, usually living in violence, has the nature to not being able to live without violence. Furthermore he attacks his targets just because he is [irritated], and a dangerous person that has the tenacity to hunt down his target, Ren, Kitaoka and many people have called him [inhuman]. He killed his family when he was a child by setting fire to their house, and dyed his hands committing crimes without discrimination, using various dirty tricks even kitaoka could not make him innocent. For that reason he has unjustified resentment towards Kitaoka as an [incompetent], and hunts him after the prison break. Immediately after transformation he has the habit of twisting his neck. Even in prison break, he camps on a particular place. After he murdered his family, he talks of living as a vagrant [eating mud], from that memory he roasted lizards, drinks raw egg, eating mussles with the shell (he spits out fragments of the shell that he did not gulp down), and can be seen wearing shabby clothes.
He has no interest in his wish being granted, and fighting alone brings him delight. For that reason when he is asked for a wish by Shirou, he told him he wish for the fight to continue. However murmuring [in order to lure out monster], he once protected a girl who was being targeted by monsters.
Although it is Asakura who defeated many riders like Gai, Rai and Imperer, he has continued attachment to Kitaoka, in the morning of the last day, he finally defeated Zolda. However knowing that its true identity was Goro, his irritation reached its summit, he charged as the police mobile squad lying in wait for assault, and was shot death on a volley of firing.
In the theatrical version in order to draw credit from the sister of Kirishima Miho=Femme, targeted Miho for hostilities. In the end of the battle he cornered Femme, was defeated by Ryuga with the Genocider, and became blank at one time. Later his Card Deck was destroyed by Femme and lost the transformation, disappeared inside the mirror world.
In the TVSP version he was escorted into prison by Sudou and Kitaoka, and appeared in a severe restraints, during an interview with Shinji he summoned the Venosnake from his helmet and escaped his restraints, after he spilled water to transform and escape, defeated Sudou saying [A rider does not need police]. Later he fights Shinji who was an obstruction to his battles.
Takatsuki Jun as Toujou Satoru
Toujou Satoru / Masked Rider Taiga
25 years old. A graduate student of Seimein University belonging to the research department of Kagawa. Aims to be a hero by becoming a rider. However the explanation of those words, has gradually become inconsistent with his honored teacher Kagawa, becoming obsessed with his distorted reasoning and hatred. In the series the past of Toujou was not clear, and is being persistent to becoming a hero. He is hasty in order for himself to become a hero, and thinks only of himself removing those who would interfere, Shiro selected him in anticipation of that. In the order of precedence of battle, he only thinks of winning the battle among riders to become a hero.
As a result, he misconstrued the words of Kagawa of defeated an "important person" to become strong, and successively killed Nakamura and Kagawa, and later was nursed by Sano when he was defeated. Later close to despair he removed himself from the Rider Battle, being successively defeated by Asakura, his emotion gradually become unstable. While in that state, after setting a trap for Asakura and the others, he wanders the street not knowing what to do, and protected a father and son from an out of control truck, leaping in front of the truck to push them aside and died. On the corner of a newspaper the next day a small [A hero that saved a father and son] was written.
In the TVSP version only appeared after transformation.
Hyuuga Takashi as Sano Mitsuru
Sano Mitsuru / Masked Rider Imperer
21 years old. Although he works as a guard in an underground parking, he is actually the son of a disinguished family of a large company, his father disinherited him for a reason. Feeling unsatisfied for the unfair and poor environment he is on, he became a rider for a comfortable life, using that power for money making, and tries to sell himself to Shinji and Kagawa, demand compensation. At first he approached the side of Shinji, seeing that the offer of Kagawa is better immediately betrays them and attacks Ryuki. In spite that, after the death of Kagawa he returned to Shinji's side as if nothing happened with infuriated them. Even tried to make up with Kitaoka and Asakura but failed. As a result he helped nursed a wounded Toujou.
Immediately after his father died and was immediately picked up as a dummy president, having obtained a fortune, and even receiving marriage proposals, with his wish in joining the rider battle being fulfilled. On the arrival of his fortunes peak, he lost the significance in continuing the rider battle, he wanted to withdraw from battle, but Shirou and the contracted monster would not allow it, drowning in the marsh of battle. Impatient of releasing his fortune, he employed the other riders to be his ally, waving off all betrayal and selfish behaviour from the past, intensifying his isolation. Later, Toujou seeing him as a difficulty being an ally, this was the reason that cause Taiga to attack him and was injured, he escaped but with the appearance of Ohja his deck was destroyed by the Venocrusher and no longer able to return to the real world, screaming in Mirror world and disappearing.
In the TVSP version only appeared after transformation.
Takamizawa Itsurou / Masked Rider Verde
38 years old. Only appeared in the TVSP version. an industrialist who was the leader of the Takamizawa group. Wanting to have everything he sees, that desire was inexhaustible, and became a rider in order to obtain super human power. Very skillful in initiative, usually gentlemanly, makes use of the special characteristics of the contract monster's tactics and has a natural charismatic character, and exists being acknowledged by the other riders. However his true character is an extreme radical, using the other riders to kill Ryuki and Raia, will choose any means in order to attain his goal.
In the endgame gave Knight a fatal wound, immediately after died in the simultaneous strike of Knight's Flying Cut.
Kikuchi Kenzaburou as Kanzaki Shirou
Kanzaki Shirou's Proxy / Masked Rider Odin
In place of Kanzaki Shirou that transforms into Masked Rider Odin. At first it was thought that Shiro himself transforms, Shiro exists as a dummy, and could not feel the will of the transformed. His goals is to [fight with the last rider standing].
In the series was defeated by Knight 2 times and by Ryuki once, but only his card deck was destroyed, and later appeared countless of times. On the 3rd battle with Ren activates the Final Vent, with Shirou's state being strange, informed Ren that he is the last rider and completely disappears.
In the [Super Complete Last Volume] Shirou was a random person selected to transform, in the event a vagrant like man stood infront of Shirou,and handed him the Card Deck, although this scene was not depicted, the authenticity of this is unknown. Although it is written in the scenario that Shirou received the card deck, it was not on the original version of the story.
In the TVSP version for some reason he joined with the other riders and broke the Card Deck of Ryuki.

Pseudo Masked Riders

Jinbou Satoshi as Kagawa Hideyuki
Kagawa Hideyuki / Alternative Zero
37 years old. A key character in the later half. A professor in Seimeiin University. Has a [photographic memory] that would not forget once seen, and a genius that became a professor at a young age. Accidentaly read the research data of Shirou while he was still in the university, and learned about Mirror World, later using his memory as a basis made a research about this, and fully understood the goal of Shirou in Mirror World. To be able to stop Shirou's research and the threat of the Mirror world, planed to murder Yui leading Nakamura and Toujou, using Shirou's data and Taiga's card deck as a basis, developed the pseudo rider Alternative, and fights by transforming into his prototype Alternative Zero. Although intellectual and doesn't have reckless emotions, he has a strong sense of justice that is the ideal Hero image of Toujou. With his Wife Noriko and son Yuuta as a family, he has a deep love towards his wife and child.
Has a creed of [sacrificing one in order to save many], such theory of a [heroe's resolve] captured the trust of Toujou, thinking little of his beloved family to murder Yui. However with regards to Toujou's Heroic feeling, being warried by his own family, testing this persuasion of taking back humanity, as a reversal invited the hatred of Toujou, failing his expectation changes Taiga's mind and attacks him, and died with the Crystal Break. The research data that Kagawa left behind, was handed to Shinji by Toujou, with Shinji learning the truth about Mirror World and Yui.
Mizuno Junichi as Nakamura Hajime
Nakamura Hajime / Alternative
25 years old. A graduate student belonging to the Ejima Research Department of Seimeiin University. Escaped difficulty because he is the only one who did not participate in the experiments of Kanzaki Shirou, and all the members of the research department was lost. Has a character of a quick tempered sentimentality.
Later met Kagawa and Toujou and learned the truth, collaborated with Kagawa to become an Alternative for revenge, targeting the life of Yui. Because he has a strong heart for revenge towards the Kanzaki siblings rather than protect the people from the threat of Mirror World, he was removed by Toujou with his belief of being a "Hero", died on the attack of Taiga's Crytal Break.


Sugiyama Asano as Kanzaki Yui
Kanzaki Yui
19 years old. Born on January 19, 1983. Disappeared in order to stop the fight among riders, a girl who was searching for her brother. First appeared in the series together with Ren, not completely in agreement with Ren, and also wanting to stop his fight.
Shirou's organization of the rider battle comes from the circumstances involving her, and she herself became the unwilling main cause of the fight. In the endgame, the link between the truth about the outbreak of the Mirror Monster and her true identity was made clear.
Kikuchi Kenzaburou as Kanzaki Shirou
Kanzaki Shirou
25 years old. Born on September 29, 1977. a graduate student belonging to the Ejima Research Department in Seimeiin University. Separated from Yui, his name when he was adopted was Takami. Died in America. Developed the technique to transform humans to Masked Rider, the perpetrator that arranged the battle among riders. Although possessing the Rider Deck of Odin, exists in the Mirror World and does not have a real body, he could not transform himself (details unknown). Being frustrated that the progress of Rider Battle is slowing down, to reactivate the battle selected Asakura as a rider, gives the Survive card to Tezuka and Shinji who refuses to fight, and secretly maneuvers behind the scenes. Has no distinction with regards to Yui. Accompanied mainly by a phoenix type monster, kills those who are a burden and woudl cause Yui harm.
Tsuda Kanji as Ookubo Daisuke
Ookubo Daisuke
36 years old. Concurrently President and publisher of [ORE journal]. Also the senior of Shinji in his college years. Retiring from a Major Newspaper established his own company. A frivolous person has a hot journalism and a tough mind. Although he frequently roasts Shinji for causing many trouble, he understands his rare behaviour and honesty more than anyone, trusting him, and exists like a brother to Shinji.
holding doubt in Shinji's actions which neglects his work and being preoccupied with the rider Battle, he decided to trust Shinji and letting him carry on with a salary cut. In the endgame learned together with Reiko of the Mirror World, Masked Rider and Shinji being a Rider, Ookubo gave him advise to stop his troubles, and Shinji finally finding his desire.
Kuon Sayaka as Momoi Reiko
Momoi Reiko
24 years old. A reporter for [ORE Journal], a senior of Shinji. For the sake of explicating suspicions, will thoroughly investigate even the the most trivial things, as well as a journalism that would not run away from danger, Shinji aims to be like her. In charge of the serial disappearance as well as Incidents connectng to Asakura. Has a firm character and a strong sense of responsibility, and was pleased by Kitaoka whom she got acquantied from gathering data, receiving a positive approach.
Investigating the escape of Asakura which is not possible by humans, at the same the the disappearance of the surrounding people and the existence of Kanzaki Shirou, arrived to the hypothesis linking the disappearing incidents and Shirou with [mirrors]. Then in the alma mater of Shirou in America, and the escort of Asakura removing all mirrors through the instructions of Kitaoka, resulted in her solo data gathering, possessing the research data of Shirou in America, successfully ascertained the truth behind Mirror World and the Monsters.
Kurihara Hitomi as Shimada Nanako
Shimada Nanako
23 years old. In chrage of [ORE Journal's] system. Tamed an Iguana named Maririn as a pet in the company's hot water room. Being first class in the knowledge concerning computers, but because of the words of Shibaura who stole the customer data, she was able to create a destruction virus in a short time for the program that he created. In halfway, Megumi who became a member of [ORE Journal], has a mutual dislike for each other due to the treatment of computers, and has been quarelling with her everyday since her entry to the company.
In a coincidence, she managed to overhear the incurable disease of Kitaoka, in the endgame invited Reiko to date Kitaoka, was unyielding by hiding the truth, later Reiko reconsidered.
While making outdoor photography with Maririn, the background of the picture coincidentally appeared Gigazell in the glass window, making the members of [ORE Journal] aware of human intellect beyond the glass, even though accidentally contributed greatly in the explication of the truth.
Morishita Chisato as Asano Megumi
Asano Megumi
25 years old. Former secretary of Kitaoka Shuuichi. Kitaoka judging her to be an optimum bodyguard with her mastery of Kenpo employed her, but due to her clumsiness was dismissed. Later managed a mobile ramen house [Michinoku], filed a lawsuit against Kitaoka of wedding default (done to make Kitaoka turn around) and involved Shinji and Ren, although targeted by a monster, she was fortunate with her clumsiness, Kitaoka having sympathy on the monsters situation, and ran away. Later was pleased by Ookubo, and was employed in [ORE Journal]. Originally she wished to be a journalist, because of a mistake in vocational school took the exam for secretary, and became a secretary for the mean time. Has low blood pressure, will become anemic when nervous or expressing intense movements (Using Kenpo is no exception), misunderstanding this as an incurable disease. Has the habit of giving computers a strange nickname. When Asakura called Shinji in [ORE Journal], it was unfortunate that she did not depict her mastery in Kenpo, and only making noise like Ookubo and Shimada.
Tsunogae Kazue as Kanzaki Sanako
Kanzaki Sanako
45 years old. Aunt of Yui and Shirou and the owner of the coffee shot [Atori]. Has a hobby of traveling overseas, using the capital saved from the profits of Atori and travels the world. Recently she returned from the Himalayas, and next would want to go to the Amazon, participating in association of like-minded people. Has a wide heart and somewhat eccentric, has the habit of saying [My intuition is always never wrong], and never correct. Pleased with Shinji and Ren (At first hated the insociable Ren, but later reconsidered after learning his specialty in cooking), allowing they to lodge on a condition of working in the shop when they are free.
Knows that Shirou died in America, but because she believes in what Shirou said about [Yui will disappear on her 20th birthday] when he was being taken by the Takami's, she covered this from Yui.
Tsubura Mahiru as Ogawa Eri
Ogawa Eri
24 years old. Ren's girl friend, and a graduate student belonging to the Ejima Research Department in Seimeiin University. Joining the experiment of Kanzaki Shirou, she became comatose. Because of this incident it seems to be the reason why Darkwing was after her life, the details are unknown. Halfway, she returned to consciousness. In the last day, she opened her eyes from the [New Life] she received from Ren.
Yuge Tomohisa as Yura Gorou
Yura Gorou
25 years old. Concurrently the Secretary and Bodyguard of kitaoka, and exists as the only good friend. Kitaoka calls him [Goro-chan]. Lives as the 5th of 7 siblings from his fisherman father, disliked to inherit his fathers occupation, had a quarrel with his father and proceeded to the capital. At that time, got involved in a casualty incident and Kitaoka was charged as his lawyer, and later detected the incurable disease of Kitaoka. Regretting that Kitaoka's incurable disease would not have progressed if he did not become his lawyer, having debt in that circumstances, completely devotes himself to Kitaoka.
Sakakibara Kouichi
28 years old. In the TV series was consumed by Dragreder and disappeared, only his name appears. In the TVSP version he was Shinji's predecessor as Ryuki but was fatally wounded, gave the Card Deck to Shinji and disappeared.

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