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Masked Rider Kuuga
仮面ライダークウガ Kamen Rider Kuuga
Format: live action
Episodes: 49 episodes
Fansubbed: SCS-Works, MCS

Kamen Rider Kuuga (English expressed as: MASKED RIDER KUUGA), was a Tokusatsu TV drama that was broadcast on TV Asahi every sunday at 8:00 to 8:30 am (JST) from January 30, 2000 (Heisei 12) to January 21, 2001 (Heisei 13), where the main protagonist is a hero that transforms in the series namesake.

This is the first series of the [Heisei Kamen Rider Series]. It's catchphrase is [A New Hero. A New Legend]



2000AD. A mysterious relic was discovered in Kurogatake, Nagano. However, when the casket left behind inside the relic was opened, an unknown existence awakened and killed all the members of the investigative team of Professor Natsume Kouichi. In front of Nagano Detective Ichijo Kaoru, a young man appeared who tried to enter the relic without permission. Ichijo questioning him, that man introduced himself as the adventurer Godai Yuusuke. Upon seeing the evidence belt, Yuusuke saw an image of a warrior.

Soon after, a revived grotesque creature appeared near Nagano, attacking people indiscriminately. Seeing victims after victims fall, the adventurer using his instinct equipped the belt in to his waist. Thereupon Yuusuke's body, armor begins to cover him. A transformed Yuusuke stood up against the monster that is terrorizing the prefecture police, in a pinch the enemy swiftly withdrew, giving a triumphant thumbs up towards Ichijo.

However, this incident was only the prologue of the "unidentified Creature Incident".



The main motif is the Stag Beetle, being christened as [Kuuga] in the [written Kanji name] from Toei (which is expressed as "空我" in Kanji). It's first tentative titles were [Kamen Rider Guardian], [Kamen Rider Ohja], [Kamen Rider Otis] among others. Although it is connected to the world view of the previous series, this series has installed itself as a separate world. Additionally, the term [Kamen Rider] was not used throughout the series. However, the speech and the establishments everywhere gives homage to the traditional Kamen Rider Series, linking them to the past series as fan service. For example, the mention of Professor Hongo in Jounan University, this likened to Takeshi Hongo = Kamen Rider No. 1, is one of them. The greatest difference from the traditional series is that there is no [Enhance Human], [Evil organization that aims to rule the world], and [Battle Members]. Taking into consideration the resistance of grotesque image being depicted by [Enhance Humans] with medical surgery and organ transplant, Toei's new policy [does not want an enhanced human to be depicted as the protagonist]. Regarding this, the star of Kamen Rider Black and Kamen Rider Black RX Kurata Tetsuo commented that "the current riders have it easy. During my time, it was the [enhanced human]". However, Kuuga being a warrior [having his internal nerves enhanced by the Amudam], this is a sort of variety from the traditional enhance humans.

In the series, similar to [Ultraman Tiga] of Tsuburaya Pro, it was not a traditional Tokusatsu Hero Program and is making trials everywhere. Having the sense of reality with the portrayal of a familiar dread, the Tokusatsu program has many inconsistency resolved, stressing importance on consistency, resulted in establishing the [Grongi having a peculiar language and culture], [Kuuga and the police are collaborating] and [Technique Names will not be shouted]. Following the Drama, the traditionally on the spot [change during the chase with the surrounding people] and [Social Hero in the process of acknowledging the presence of an evil organization] being depicted, not only on the point of view from the Hero, but stresses the importance of Drama in general. For this reason, one 30 minute episode will not be sufficient, but basically a pre and post chapter wherein the style of [2 chapters constitute as 1 episode] was used. This style of story telling was inherited in the succeeding series.

On the business side, there were good recorded sales on the popular henshin belts, but on the drama part of the series, the results was the battle scenes was shortened, the final form of Kuuga that was sold on October, did not appeared in the series until January of the following year (with the debut only 1 or 2 minutes), on the other hand, the toys sponsors who was in charge did not know the appearance of the new form, and hurriedly started production and selling, which recorded an exceptional performance with the sales promotion. The compilation of the final chapter, the commercial in-between the A part and B part broadcasted the ED all at once, the transformation theme did not appear, with no battle part, and only a mere appearance of the main protagonist Godai Yuusuke.

After the series, Close Program (image inserted immediately before the start of broadcast) frequency was changed. Furthermore, the one in charge of the program announcement narration was changed to the actors. Following this until 2011 currently is only [Kamen Rider Hibiki].

Different from the traditional series, narration only appears in the next chapter notice and highlights. After Kamen Rider Agito, the gravity of the narration tends to be lighter, and only appears during Junction and next chapter notice.

Episode Production

Re re-starting of the Kamen Rider TV series were already planned as early as 1996, at first it was targeted to be aired in the same period of the [Ultra Series] in Mainichi Satruday 6 o'clock. The title at this time was [Kamen Rider Gaia], which is said to compete with [Ultraman Gaia]. The later re-incarnation of [Kamen Rider EVE -MASKED RIDER GAIA-] was different from the posthumous script of Ishinomori. However, the production of Mainichi Broadcasting being imperfect, later the Kamen Rider Series was aimed to be broadcast at Tokyo TV, but by chance the key station TV Asahi was currently running [Burn!! Robokon] and was changed to TV Asahi.

A favorable wind was for [Segata Sanshirou]. Fujioka Hiroshi who portrayed the original Kamen Rider, was playing the same character where the popularity of Kamen rider was increasing. With regards to Suzuki Takeyuki, such climax was connected to the creation of the main series.

The script was prepared like a traditional production, in order to avoid utmost double standards and creation failure, it took time to finish the script. The whole volume was photographed in HDTV (HD1080/60i), at that time the 16:9 aspect ratio was exceptional for a TV broadcast. However, at that time photography was done in High Vision, Post Production, complete package media and main broadcast was in SDTV. And then they were revised traditionally in after recording. However, according to the Chief Assistant Director Suzumura Nobuhiro, such large scale change in filming methods invited turmoil on the set, saying [There are complaints like the video Engineer and Recording unit requires new staff, having a large change in Team Staff. Additionally, in High Vision Filming, the directors cut immediately requires a filming check, and requires the know how of long camera cord and cable judgement. Furthermore, in order to restrict outside noise in the filming, one week starting from the filming, the schedule cut of the camera cable must be established]. Soon after the top management of Toei returned the former after recording, even requiring settlement through a meeting. Also the burning church scene in the second episode requires a large amount of budget, and even though filming budget was stringent, in later years it was said that [we did it anyway. We though the budget wouldn't allow it. But the one in charge of production simply allowed it. It's probably because they thought "it was a pilot episode filmed by director Ishida Hidenori Manning up"]. (Source: Takatera Taikai Shinsho)

The delivery period was frequently late, the production committee and TV bureau were unusually pressed from the continuous production and broadcast, in order to remain in schedule, the summary was broadcast 3 times. Toei Producer Takatera Shigenori took lead in the production, and was tasked to review the organization from the top management, and with the hurried collaboration and efforts of scriptwriter Inoue Toshiki, a coherent production system was maintained.

As a result of stressing reality, the creation and depiction was lively, incorporating the view of extreme representation, there were many complaints and hostile criticism from parents who wished for a hero program targeted for innocent children. From this period, the second half has reported an announcement of [a victim being transferred by ambulance was poisoned by a monster], [Shinkansen was suspended due to the appearance of unidentified creatures], an indirect representation of the terror of a Grongi. At that time, they were trying to produce a [Japanese "X-files"].

One of the conclusions that was thought of was the main protagonist Godai dying in during the battle with Daguba. And because of the idea that [saying he will protect the people, he restrains himself from violence, isn't that also one of his responsibility?], Takatera a first time staff mentioned [these are tough times where this program gives dreams to the children, isn't such an ending too cruel?], thus it ended with Godai starting his travel in front of everyone.

The lead actor Odagiri Jo was interviewed in the magazine [Picked up] in 2005, it was difficult for him to portray a strong willed tokusatsu hero, the Toei side producer (Takatera) convinced him saying [let's ignore the image of a children's show and create a new program. Let's break it together]. After choosing the leading role, [since I haven't seen any Kamen Rider, I was shown the video of Mr. Fujioka] and he told the producer [I can't do this] and tried to decline the role, but at this time he was convinced with [the times are different, and this is different from Mr. Fujioka].

In the series, the passage of time was very elaborate, when scenes change the time and location is displayed. With this, the portrayal of the series and the passage of time conforms, on the other hand, on episodes where Bus and vehicles appear, it was required to regulate the series time and actual time for instantaneous travel, which has many difficulties.

In the preview, they added elements not found in the story. This is in relation to the schedule, after the end of photography there were many times that the filming of the preview did not make it on time, for this reason the preview uses different films.


Meeting with Producer Takatera is Arakawa Naruhisa (Arakawa being the founder of the Heisei Riders, was in fact the only main writer what joined) who has been a long time collaborator since the previous series, became the Main Writer, with the aforementioned Inoue Toshiki as the Sub-writer. Also an acquaintance of Takatera, the editor of the Tokusatsu Magazine [uchuusen] and the King of Serials from [TV Champion] and [TV Hero King Competition], Oishii Shinji, was welcomed as in-charge of literature, constructing a miniature hero figure and storyline.

Among others, Abe Takuya, who was a student in Musashino Art University, was selected for the role of designer, adopting an original staff work. Aside from the construction of the perfectly significant ancient language, he also worked on the base design of the Grongi. Although Abe left in the middle of the series due to difficulties balancing school and work, he later joined PLEX as a mechanical designer, and later returned to design N Daguba Zeba.

Oishi, Abe and Kitada Tsuyoshi, are the essence of the series, and the fundamental commercial special effects staff that also participated, were also rehired by Producer Takatera in the subsequent series Kamen Rider Hibiki, having a deep connection to each other.

In the production team, Ishida Hidenori was the first main director. Also, on the Sentai side, Watanabe Katsuya, Nagaishi Takao were gathered as the main production team of Producer Takatera. Incidentally, at first Ishida was not assigned as the main director, with another director assigned for the pilot and Ishida assigned to episode 3 and 4. However, Takatera and the director had conflicting opinions which knocked out the supervision, and Ishida was rushed to do the pilot episode. With such shift, the hard schedule of the shoot caused Ishida to collapse, placing the chief assistant director Suzumura Nobuhiro to take over.

Auto Bike Stunt

The series is joined by Narita Takumi who was the All Japan Champion as a trial basis for the Auto Bike Stunt. In the older series, they were joined by the Car Stunt Teams Muromachi Racing and Three Chase, but Narita was tapped due to the idea of the staff to [take up the real action of an auto bike contest]. The trial of the action was already been tested in the of Kamen Rider Stonger, but was abandoned due to an accident, making 25 years of experimentation.

The selection of vehicle was also by the choice of Narita, the first Spanish vehicle was completed as the rider machine (Vehicle details mentioned later). Narita's first appearance was on episode 4 where he pass through obstacles of different levels, but the following action has different highlights. Later a [front wheel punch] from Willie and [Rear Kick] from jack knife, and applying the trial techniques developed a dynamic action. Also, in episode 31-33, Narita Takumi's younger brother, Narita Ryo, made an appearance as the monster Go Bada Ba controlling the bike. Bada's machine Bagibuzon, is similar to Trichaser using the Pampera. The two players has many times announced their trial technique in Shounan Coast, drawing from tradition, projects an auto bike battle that the enemy is defeated with the mixture of a cloud of smoke.


Casting was made because the series wanted to draw the line for a Tokusatsu Series. Katsuyama Shingo and Murata Kazumi who are the main cast that supports the protagonist already have a degree of popularity as a talent, and for veteran Mizushima Kaori, Kitarou and Inoue Takashi are familiar faces mostly from Drama. Such background being regarded as a minor perspective contributes greatly to the Tokusatsu genre.

This being the popular literal essence of the series, in addition to the good performance of Odagiri Jo who plays the protagonist Yuusuke (Odagiri Jo did not say anything at first), the popularity of Odagiri and Katsurayama, who plays Ichijou, in idol magazines garnered exceptional exposure, and are called [cool guy hero], in which such interest brought forth a new movement in the succeeding tokusatsu.


Sahashi Toshihiko was in charge of Music, and in order to respect the atmosphere of the series, the Sahashi Sound avoided the usage of distinctive Orchestra, and action theme was a hand composition violent rock, monster raids and secret maneuvering are represented by synthesizers, depicting an atmosphere of western horror, and establishes the work by Sahashi to be different from the world of music. In interviews, he voiced his opinion that he tried using his own normal style.

There is also a comment from the next episode soundtrack from Sahashi, at first, the music of the last chapter is completed and then recorded in the master VTR, and eventually was not able to meet the deadline, Sahashi was chasing after the schedule which resulted in the decline in quality of his musical composition, and thus refused to take charge for the music in [Kamen Rider Agito].

Production Planning

Series after [Kamen Rider Agito] have theatrical versions made, from the official site of the TV broadcast, the movie version of the series was actively requested. With regards to this, after the end of the series a [super collection] was sold wherein the last volume Odagiri and Takatera made a comment about promising a theatrical version, with the staff and cast showing positive attitude.

However, after several years it was not officially developed, even Takatera stating the difficulty in continuing the story after the conclusion of the TV series, as opposed to the movie version, made a passive comment that a next movie is unlikely. And then in 1 June 2006, Takatera made an apologetic message in the official site regarding the non perfection of the movie.

However, even though the [Kuuga] that Godai Yuusuke transforms into does not have an existing movie, [Kamen Rider Kuuga] made a first theatrical appearance in the 2009 theatrical version Kamen Rider Decade All Rider Vs Great Shocker.

Cast of Characters

Main Characters

Godai Yuusuke / Kamen Rider Kuuga
Odagiri Jo as Godai Yuusuke
The main protagonist. 25 years old. Born on 18 March 1975, blood type O. Born in Yamakita, Kanagawa Prefecture, Hokkaido. An adventurer who travels the world. His trademark is his smile and thumbs up. During an encounter with an unidentified creature, he was led to equip the belt which was discovered in the historical ruins, transforming to obtain the power of Kuuga. Upon first encounter, he presents his calling card that describes himselfs as [a man who chases dreams, a man with OOOO (the number of skills that he has) skills. Also, he often has the habit of saying "don't worry" and gives the thumbs up (standard pose). Both his parents have passed away, and currently freeloads on the coffee shop Pore Pore. At first glance, he has an optimistic character, learns building climbing in order to visit the research room of Sakurako, and an eccentric, but in actuality he hides a strong will and a deep gentleness.
His father was a battlefield cameraman, and died in Afghanistan. When he received news of his fathers death, he accepted the deep impression of his honored teacher Kanzaki, and promised him to have [2000 skills in the year 2000]. His first skill is his smile. His 2000th skill was his ability to transform into Kuuga. Although he likes the symbol that depicts [Warrior Kuuga], he prints the mark on his own shirt and bike, and created his belt buckle with the mark.
Even though he says he protects people, he hates it when when his strikes [feels good]. This is often drawn in the series, and this was seen as an extreme during the final battle. After defeating Daguba, he returned to his travels overseas.
Ichijou Kaoru
Katsurayama Shingo as Ichijou Kaoru
26 years old. Born on 18 April 1974, blood type AB. Born in Nagoya. Attached to the Nagano Prefectural Police Defense section, and one of the people who knows Kuuga's true identity. Encountered the Unidentified Lifeforms while investigating the relic excavation site in Kurogatake, Nagano, and is also dispatched to investigate the concentration of unidentified lifeforms in a wide area. His rank is a Police Investigator. An expert marksman, uses a High Efficiency Rifle and a Colt Paison. Has a rigid personality in contrast to Yuusuke, although he doesn't want a civilian like Yuusuke to get involved, he handed the Trichaser in his own judgement, which the battle resulted in a strong friendship. Is a character that would not casually laugh, it is a surprise to those around him when he smiles. After being dispatched in the police headquarters, although there are many women in his surrounding he remains to be unmarried.
His father is a policeman, and died saving the people from a flood during his own birthday. For that reason, he does not accept any birthday presents. His mother is a nurse, and works as the head nurse of a local hospital in Nagoya (there is a scene where the mother speaks in a Nagoya-accent).
Has a connection to Ra Baruba De from the start of the series (in actuality, he is the only one who knows that she is a grongi), in the final chapters uses an enhanced nerve cutting bullet, defeating her with his own hands.
Has a strong sense of responsibility similar to Yuusuke, even though he was severely injured countless times during a battle with the unidentified lifeforms, he still continue to persist. After the extermination of the unidentified lifeform, he returns to the Nagano Prefectural Polic
Sawatari Sakurako
Murata Kazumi as Sawatari Sakurako
26 years old. Born on 30 October 1976, blood type B. Born in Gunma Prefecture. A graduate student in Jounan University (Master Course). Researches ancient language in the Archeology Laboratory, deciphering the Linto language. Was a friend of Yuusuke from university days, and backs him up when he is fighting as Kuuga, and she is very concerned inside. In the Nagano prefecture police, was the only one who saw the Arcle enter the body of Yuusuke. There was also countless of times that she was put in danger, where she was attacked by Zu Gumun Ba and Me Garima Ba. Her hobby is having an all nighter, and likes Black coffee. She also helps in Pole Pole.
Godai Minori
Chisaki Wakana as Godai Minori
22 years old. Born on 4 September 1977. Blood type O. Sister of Yuusuke, and knows the true identity of No. 4. Works as a teacher in Wakaba Nursery, and sometimes helps in Pole Pole. Fully trusts her brother who would never betray her. Is good friends with Sakurako. With a calm atmosphere, she says to her brother Yuusuke "You're alseep even though your awake".
Tsubaki Shouichi
Ootsuka Yoshitaka as Tsubaki Shouichi
26 years old. Serves as the doctor of legally-ordered autopsies in the Kantou Medical University Hospital, and a high school classmate of Ichijou, he also knows the true identity of No. 4. Cooperates in the inspection of Yuusuke and the development of his abilities, he acknowledges that [the world is bet on just one person]. He is courting a girl called Inamori Reiko, but was estranged when Ichijou requested to see him at the promised time, thus giving him the cold shoulder. Later he moves in to be in favor of Sakurako, matching up when she said not to put sugar in black tea.
At first he speaks like a mad scientists saying Yuusuke's body should be [dissected and slowly studied], and at first worries that Yuusuke is the same as the Grongi, and always repeats the warning. Also, while conducting autopsy on victims of the unidentified lifeforms, at a standpoint of a doctor, has an irrational character that violently hates and disgust on those who take away human lives.
Enokida Hikari
Mizushima Kaori as Enokida Hikari
34 years old. The one in charge of the Science Police Research Division. During the research of Gouram, learned the true identity of No. 4 from Ichijou. Researches the unidentified lifeform as well as develop equipment for anti-unidentified lifeform. She has enthusiasm on her professional duties, and for that reason she was divorced, and unable to make it to her son's lesson inspection, and seems to be stuck on her responsibilities as a mother. Developing the Special Gas Bullet and Marking Bullet against unidentified lifeform, in the final chapter, also managed to develop the nerve cutting bullet that has the destructive force that can kill unidentified lifeforms.
Kazari Tamasaburou / Oldman
Kitarou as Oldman
44 years old. Born on 9 June 1955, blood type A. The master of Cafe Pole Pole, nicknamed Oldman. Is an old friend of Yuusuke's father, and his senior. Calls Minori as [Minorichi], and calls Ichijou as [Mr. Handsome who wears a coat]. Passionately collects articles and clips regarding the Unidentified Lifeform No. 4, and although Yuusuke himself make no special effort to hide it, is unaware about the true identity of No. 4. As a gag, is always rebuked by his niece. Also, always mentions the name of famous people. His real name was only revealed in the final chapter.
Asahina Nana
Mizuhara Shio as Asahina Nana
17 years old. Born in Kyoto. Always speaks with a Kansai accent. Niece of Oldman. Aiming to be an actress, helps in Pole Pole while she is studying. Falls immediately for Yuusuke when she works at Pole Pole, and calls herselfs as [Godai Yuusuke Fan Club Member No. 1], and is not aware along with Oldman the true identity of No. 4. Although a bit jealous of Sakurako who gets along well with Yuusuki, they share the same working habits. Her teacher Shibai was killed by the Unidentified Lifeform Me Garume Re, and auditioned in [Onigiri Flavor 2] in the series.
Jean Michel Sorrel
Serge Vasilov as Jean Michel Sorrel
27 years old. A post graduate student of Jounan University from Romania. Works in the same Archeological research as Sakurako, specializing in excavations. Usually speaks his mind with an American feeling and curiosity, and feels responsible if any problem develops. Participated in the investigation of Gouram and is in good favor with Enokida. Loves Fukuume Dried Plums, and saying in Japanese that [he cannot eat rice without it].
Matsukura Sadao
Ishiyama Yudai as Matsukura Sadao
57 years old. The head of Prefecture Defense Police, simultaneously serves as the head of the Unidentified Lifeform collaborative investigation group. At first was very prudent in collaborating with No. 4 in combating the Unidentified Lifeform, but later ascertained the involvement of Kuuga, and once again convinced by Ichijou to accept Kuuga. Supplied the High Performance Rifle and 6 inch Colt Paison for Ichijou and Sugita, and in Episode 33, was pressured by the top management in the collaboration with Kuuga.
Sugita Morimichi
Matsuyama Takahashi as Sugita Morimichi
37 years old. A detective in the prefectural police investigation team. Father of one daughter (Chiba). At first thought No 4 Kuuga as similar to the Unidentified Lifeforms and fired upon him, but when he was saved when he was about to be killed by Zu Mebio Da, considers him as an ally. Later, was transferred into the Unidentified Lifeform Collaborative Investigation Group. Has worked with Ichijou many times, in Episode 19, was concerned for Ichijou when he sensed his mental state upon hearing the sad news of Godai Yuusuke, and it is known that the two has known each other for a long time. In the middle of the series, he was introduced to the true identity of No 4 by Ichijou, in episode 33 apologized to Yuusuke for shooting him in the past. Also, in the same chapter, it was the first time that he saw the transformation scene of Yuusuke, giving a voice of admiration.
Sakurai Tsuyoshi
Yoneyama Nobuyuki as Sakurai Tsuyoshi
26 years old. A detective in the prefecture police investigation group. Also a member of the Unidentified Lifeform Collaborative Investigation Group. First thought of Kuuga as an enemy with Sugita, but later recognized him as an ally. Like bread very much and eats large amount of roll bread in the morning. Was once in command of the SAT Sniping Squad. Also, takes note of Kuuga's various colors (form) in his notebook, and managed to see through the hint of the Gegeru.
Sasayama Nozomi
Tanaka Eri as Sasayama Nozomi
21 years old. A female officer in the Unidentified Lifeform Collaborative Investigation Group. Mainly responsible for the communication in Headquarters (movement of the Unidentified Lifeforms, location of explosion points). At first was a follower of a fad, but after Ichijou rejected her birthday present to him, she gradually became serious. She has feelings for Ichijou, and misunderstood a visiting Minori as his girlfriend. Her father was a policeman but died in a hospital.
Natsume Mika
Takeshima Yuka as Natsume Mika
14 years old. Daughter of Natsume Yoshiki who was killed by Unidentified Lifeform No. 0 (Daguba) in the relics of Kurogata, Nagano. Her tears has given Kuuga the resolution to fight. At first she was in absolute despair with no one willing to investigate her father's death, but with the encouragement of Yuusuke, she joined the excavation team with Jean to clear her father's death. After the annihilation of the Unidentified Lifeforms, went to University. On the appearance of No. 14, witnessed the transformation of Yuusuke, and learned the true identity of No. 4. Specialized in Flute.
Kanzaki Shouji
Inoue Takahashi as Kanzaki Shoiji
52 years old. Honoured teacher of the Godai siblings during primary school (Tachibana Academy in Yamakita, Kanagawa prefecture). Currently works at Kazahaya Elementary School in Tochigi Prefecture. Has a great influence in Yuusuke's view of life, and taught Yuusuke the thumbs up during the news of his father's passing. He thought of resigning when the spirits of the children has changed, but remembering the promise with Yuusuke, was reunited with Yuusuke on the closed school grounds of Tachibana Academy, returning his confidence. Knows the true identity of Yuusuke (his 2000th skill is Kuuga).
Chouno Junichi
Uchida Daisuke as Chouno Junichi
22 years old. A young man that appeared in the middle of the series. the details of his first appearance, he respect the Unidentified Lifeforms, and mimicking their tatoos himself. However, after seeing the remains of the slaughter by Me Biran Gi, and then the assault of Biran, he changed his mind. In order for No 4 to save him from the attack of Biran, Yuusuke allowed him to see his true identity. Later, clearing his way for a new life, he expressed such conviction to Tsubaki in the final chapter, giving him a letter as well as the knife that symbolizes himself.

Main Grongi

N Daguva Zeba
N Daguva Zeba
Unidentified Lifeform 0 (B13), a stag beetle type monster. Considered to be the strongest existence and King who controls the Grongi in the summit, nicknamed [White Darkness] and [One who will bring forth Kyugukyobun Jari (Ultimate Darkness)]. In his human form he is dressed in white clothes that floats an innocent smile, and perceives Killing and destruction as mere [play], and about the time he was revived, he massacred approximately half of the 200 Grongi for his so-called [sorting], and another 30 thousand humans in his Zagibasu Gegeru. At first he appears as a grotesque and ominous creature comparable to the Growing Form of Kuuga, but with the surge of revival of the other sealed Grongi from his hands, while being searched by Kuugi in his Pegasus form tracing his aura, with only his aura was able to cancel Kuuga's transformation, transferring time and space, he was able to simply murder low ranking Zu and Be Grongi, and revealing his strongest power by attacking Gouma's Ultimate Form with the storm of his energy.
Before the complete repair of his belt, he holds the power in his complete form that is comparable to Kuuga's Ultimate Form. Such form is different from the ominous incomplete form, with basic white and gold streaks, it has a sublime similarity to the Ultimate Form. Similar to the Ultimate Form, he has supernatural abilities like the Super Spontaneous Combustion Ability (at first it was not supposed to be the Super Spontaneous Combustion Ability but a depiction of human dying by his mere walking, but when the depicted scene was viewed, such judgment was changed). The mutual abilities was sealed in the final battle in Kurogatake Ruins during the final duel which involves the heroic melee with Yuusuke, the belt in his abdomen was destroyed by him and died by the ensuing tear in his nerves.
Eventually in the end there was the [smile at the one who strikes at you], which resulted in his existence conflicting to that of Yuusuke.
Zu Gouma Gu
Zu Gouma Gu
Unidentified Lifeform no 3 (B2), a bat like monster, attacking people sucking their blood. At first he impersonated a priest. Because he violated the conduct of killing humans prior to the start of the Gegeru, he lost his qualifications to participate. For that reason, a lot of grongi looks down on him, and frequently receives ridicule from them. He mainly acts as a servant of Baruba. Because he is weak against sunlight, he normally wears black and carries an umbrella. When the Gegeru privilege was transferred to the Me Clan, he is most frequently seen. Just before the start of the Gerizagibasu gegeru that the Go clan was starting, he obtained the Bagundada Parts made by Zajio and travels up to Nagano, and seen working on odd jobs in the later half.
When he was ordered to recover the fragment of Daguva's Belt, he took a part of it and used it to strengthen himself, transfiguring himself into his ultimate form. His enhanced form can now cope with his weakness to sunlight. Because he escaped the [Sorting] of low ranking monster by Daguva, he started to go against Daguva, easily made Kuuga retreat, and was murdered by Daguva. He was not defeated by Kuuga and was the first grongi to not explode, his remains was recovered by the police and was autopsied by Tsubaki, the data used as a big key to the completion of the Nerve cutting Bullet.
Go Gadoru Ba
Go Gadoru Ba
Unidentified Life Form No 46 (B11), a Beetle type monster. The strongest monster of the Go Clan. His human form is a silent and overbearing man in military uniform. Boasting of [Destructive Charisma], is a Big Wheel that reached the summit of the Go Clan and have the highest rank in the Grongi. His 4 forms namely combat form, Agile form, Shooting form and Herculean form uses three kinds of weapons, able to defeat an enhanced Gouma who betrays Baruba in one kick. His true ability far exceeds Kuuga, and Kuuga's strongest attack, the Rising Mighty Kick, had no effect. Additionally, he evolved by absorbing massive amounts of electricity into his Amadam, and enables him to transform like the rising form of Kuuga. His eyes and jewel in his arm changes color, and he can change to golden color using electricity.
He has pride in his overwhelming strength as a warrior, in which the condition of his Gerizagibasu Gegeru only involves the search of Linto's warrior (policemen). However, because of the accident of Dorudo, the Bagundada was destroyed making his efforts invalid.
In the skirmish involving the Zagibasu Gegeru, he confronts Kuuga who he assumes would go against Daguva, he was able to surpress the form change of Kuuga and managed to deal him a fatal wound with his Zengubi Bibubu (Electric Kick), but on the second duel, Kuuga transforms into the Amazing Mighty Form and fights fiercely, resulting in the mutual clash of the Amazing Mighty Kick and Zengubi Bibubu and dies in the explosion. Just before the Duel with Kuuga, he managed to receive the nerve breaking bullet from Ichijou showing his stamina.
Ra Baruba De / Woman with the Rose Tattoo
Ra Baruba De
Unidentified Life Form no B1, a rose type monster. A mysterious woman who manages the progress of the Gegeru. In front of her the strongest Grongi rank Go obeys her command, and exists as a line to demarcate the other Grongi. She inserts the key in her ring finger into the belt of the other Grongi, giving them the permission to start the Gegeru, and will serve as a switch to the time limit of the explosion if the time of the Gegeru has passed. She did not transform into her monster form, but she has shown her arm to extend like a vine to attack. In the middle of the series, when Ichijou has pointed his gun towards her, she remarked that [Today's Kuuga will be similar to Daguva soon], and in the final chapters she remarked a profound message that [the Linto has changed] that relates to Kuuga and Linto (Humans). She is the only Grongi not killed by Daguva, but she was shot by Ichijou, whom she has a deep destiny, with nerve breaking bullets, she vomitted but died with a smiling face. Because she fell to the sea after being shot, her corpse was not seen. Furthermore, exhibiting the effects of the nerve breaking bullets left in her body, her last words were something to the effect of "You are someone I wish to meet again", and since her corpse was not found in the final chapters, it was left with an open ended suggestion that she was not dead (a mysterious parchment was intentionally produced).
Additionally, in the course of the series she has been seen wearing strange clothes for a Grongi, having a characteristic that brings uneasy feeling to human society. She is also a Grongi which had no direct contact with Godai Yuusuke, and appears as a unique existence that only made contact with Ichijou.
Ra Dorudo Gu
Ra Dorudo Gu
Unidentified Lifeform No 47 (B9), a condor type monster. His chest ornament can transform into a Tonfa like weapon. In human form, he wears a knitted hat and cloth in black and white that covers his face and has a strange appearance for a man. During the GeriZagibasu Gegeru, he walks around with a counter called Bagundada, and confirms the complex Gegeru rule of the Go Clan, and has the responsibility of counting the number of Linto (humans) died in the Gegeru. During the Gegeru of Go Gadoru Ba, the Bagundada was destroyed from the rifle of Ichijou, resulting in a battle with Gadoru, and was later shot to death with a Nerve Cutting Bullet from Sugita and Sakurai.
Since he is from the unique rank of Ra, he was able to fight equally with Gadoru, the strongest of the Go. Also, he showed anger when the Bagundada was destroyed, reacting to the fight as [Payment] to Gadoru, and shows pride in his own position.
Appeared as one of Shocker in [Let's Go Kamen Rider].
Nu Zajio Re
Nu Zajio Re
Unidentified Lifeform No B14, a salamander type monster. His monster type was not confirmed during the series, but his human form is that of an old mean wearing sunglasses lurking in the darkness. Aside from producing the Guseba (bangle counter that counts the Gegeru's victims) and the Bagundada, he also responsible in creating the weapons of the other monsters, as well as the maintenance of the Bagibuson (Bike of Go Bada Ba). It was Zajio who embarked on repairing the belt of Daguva. After the repair of the belt, he was "sorted" by the hands of Daguva.

Kamen Rider Kuuga

His motif is a Stag Beetle. His reverse motif is Kamen Rider No 1 as the first of a new generation of riders. Not using a batter, but another reason why the Stag Beetle motif was used was to express reassurance, adding reference to the design of Kamen Rider Stronger's motif as a Beetle. Even though he has many forms, it has a common characteristics of No. 1's skill and the form change of Stronger.

In the series the term [Kamen Rider] was never used, the Grongi as well as Godai's acquaintance refer to simply simply as [Kuuga], while the others call him [Unidentified Lifeform No. 4] or simply [No. 4].


In super ancient tribe Linto, equips the transformation belt Arcle which has the power to incarnate the wishes of the user through the soul stone Amadam attached to it. The Amadam exists inside the body of Yuusuke in the un-transformed state. Using the MRI scanner, the Amadam extends itself to fuse to the nerves of the host. Commands are carried out through the connecting nerves, able to transform the body at an atomic level, and possibly strengthen the muscle organs of man and develops the nerves. Later, after blood analysis and autopsy of unidentified life form (Grongi), they are mostly similar to humans, even with the wonderful abilities and transformation capabilities through the soul stone and nerve organization, Grongi and Kuuga has been established as similar.

The Arcle protects the tribe by not being able to be equipped by persons without a pure heart, in super ancient times, it was established that the person buried in the Coffins of Kurogatake ruins transforms into Kuuga, to seal the Grongi forever, he ordered himself to be sealed together with the Arcle in the coffin. In 2000 AD, the excavation of the coffin revived the Grongi, with the Arcle being inherited by a gentle hearted young man named Godai Yuusuke, after equipping it was absorbed into his body to allow him to transform. Yuusuke, confronting the Grongi (Zu Gouma Gu) heard the single word Kuuga, since then he has used this name. In society he is called [Unidentified life form no 4].

Equipping the Amadam will enable to host to heal in a short amount of time, and if inflicted with a fatal wound, the host will enter a pseudo death state to heal. The ancient warrior buried in Kurogatake ruins, it was believed that he existed even until the time Daguva was revived due to the power of the Amadam.

On the other hand, the Arcle scribes [The one with Pure heart and healthy body shall become the warrior Kuuga and shall have this power forever], once equipped can no longer be removed. Also, during the awaking of the [Golden Power], "the amplification of the nervous system from the brain to Amadam" and "amplification of the body's active current", corrodes the Amadam when the host becomes stronger, in the end there is a danger of becoming a living weapon built for battle.

The Arcle responds to the mental will of the host, the morphing power of the Amadam (ability to reconstruct materials in the atomic level), it allows the incomplete Growing Form to transform the host into varied state like the basic Mighty Form, Dragon Form, Pegasus Form, Titan Form (Yuusuke calls this change in state as [Super Henshin]). Additionally when Godai Yuusuke was revived following a treatment, the Amadam was degenerated by the electric shock he received, allowing his for basic form to develop into the rising form, and eventually into the Amazing Mighty Form. Continuing his fighting from that point, he was able to reach the Grongi leader [the one who will bring ultimate darkness], and transformed into the Ultimate form. There are a total of 11 variation in his form (with the different color of the Ultimate forms eye as the 12th variant).

With the morphing power in the hand control ring in his wrist, items from his hands can transform to a custom weapon according to his form, and releasing the sealed energy in the control ring in his arms and legs unleashes the killing technique in his weapon, flowing into the body of the Grongi. When the sealed energy is hit or slashed during a direct hit to the target, this reacts to the sealed energy of the belt of the recipient grongi and explodes. Again, when the energy flowed into the Grongi Me Ginoga De who did not have a belt, his body simply melted.


Below, the one enclosed in parenthesis after the name is what they are called in the series.

Growing Form
Growing Form
Mighty Form
Kuuga's primary state. It's base color is white. Compared to the other forms, the horns are short, and the shape of the body has the different color from Mighty Form. This is the transformed state at the start of the story, and it was conjectured that the state represent [Yuusuke being unprepared to become the warrior]. Also, after the time limit of the transformation from the other form, or after taking extensive damage, he returns to this form. And once he is forced to transform into this form, he is unable to transform due to the Amadam over exerting itself, requiring him to rest for 2 hours. At first he is called Unidentified life form no. 2, and since he is believed to be similar to no. 4, he is called the White No. 4.
Killing Technique
Growing Kick
A flying kick used on Me Ginoga De (revived). The Growing Form's kick leaves a different mark and is substantially weaker than the destructive power of the Mighty Form, the foot ornament turns red and the third kick will carve the same seal as that of the Mighty Kick to defeat the enemy.
Mighty Form (Red Kuuga)
Kuuga's basic form. Base color is red. A warrior that commands the flames. It's Identity Word is [If there is evil, the soul stone of hope is attached to the body and the warrior defeats evil like a flame]. This is a state where the power is balanced, and exhibits melee combat as it's true value. This form is used to fight when trying to search for the enemy's strength, and super transforms into the suitable form based on the attack pattern of the enemy. This form is mostly used when strategy requires the use of a machine. The Hand Control Link cooperates with Gouram using the sealed energy to perform the Killing technique as a medium.
Killing Technique
Mighty Kick
Leg muscles exhibits abnormality where the sealed energy accumulates in the right leg released by a flying kick. It's destructive power can reach 30t.
Enhanced Mighty Kick
Yuusuke's 107th skill, turning in the air to perform a flying kick. And hereafter, it was always used.
Dragon Form (Blue Kuuga)
Dragon Form
Pegasus Form
Kuuga's special form. It's base color is blue. A warrior that commands water. It's identity words is [If there is evil, skills return to nothingness and the warrior strikes down evil like a flowing water]. It excels in jump power and agility, especially the jumping power is 3 times of that of Mighty Form. This form is used when jumping to high places. However power and endurance is considerably lower compared to Mighty Form.
Dragon Rod
A steel pipe or any [long objects] becomes a bo staff
Killing Technique
Splash Dragon
The Dragon Rod hitting the enemy pouring the sealed energy from the tip of the rod
Pegasus Form (Green Kuuga)
Kuuga's special form. It's base color is green. A warrior that commands the wind. It's identity words is [If there is evil, such form can see yonder and the warrior shoots evil like a hurricane]. a state where the sense of sight and sound are sharpened to their utmost limits, capable of seeing ultraviolet and infrared and hear ultrasonic waves, but weak at short distance combat. This form is capable of exactly pinpointing enemy from far away, enemy that moves fast as well as enemy that is in concealment. However, the energy exhaustion is severe (when it first appeared was overwhelmed by the senses and fainted), that this form can only be maintained for 50 seconds. If ever the time limit is exceeded, he will be forced back into Growing Form to recover, and is unable to transform for 2 hours.
Pegasus Bowgun
A gun or anything [that shoots] becomes a bowgun
Killing Technique
Blast Pegasus
The Pegasus bowgun shoots a compressed high density air bullet with the sealed energy.
Titan Form (Purple Kuuga)
Titan Form
Kuuga's special form. It's base color is purple. A warrior that commands the earth. It's identity word is [If there is evil, a steel armor is attached to the body and the warrior slashes the enemy like an earthquake]. Excels in power and endurance. From such defensive power, this form is used for immediate avoidance of strong enemy attacks. This form does not avoid attacks from the opponent, and charges taking in damage, and uses the power of the Titan sword to attack.
Titan Sword
The Triacceler or anything [that cuts] becomes a sword
Killing Technique
Calamity Titan
The titan sword cuts to the enemy and allowing the sealed energy to flow.
Rising Form (Gold Power)
An enhanced state of Kuuga's Mighty, Dragon, Pegasus and Titan form from electrical discharge. Power of electricity is added. From the inscription excavated in the ruins, this electrical discharge was not immediately described, and in the series was a form that did not exist in ancient times (in which Yuusuke refers to as [Millenium Special Version]. Although there is no outstanding description as to its possibility, it is unknown if the predecessor was able to use this). The source of its exhibition was during the fatal injury Yuusuke was poisoned with during Ginoga, wherein he was given electric shock as an emergency measure, and was thought to be the needed measure that allows the Amadam to awaken the transformation into the Ultimate Form. In the fight of the different Ginoga, a mysterious electrical phenomenon ([biribiri] as Yuusuke refers) started to show as an omen, and manifested through Yuusuke's special training.
The belt has a similar golden shade of Armor to that of the Ultimate form, and the weapons of every form is enhanced. Also, various strips of gold appear in the armor, with Linto Words appearing in various hand armor. Fighting abilities are exceptionally increased, due to the burden to the Amadam, transformation can only be maintained until 30 seconds, continuing to use this will result in returning to the former forms (In Rising Pegasus' case, to Growing Form). However, after Yuusuke received another electric shock when he lost to Gadoru, he is able to maintain the form indefinitely.
Rising Mighty (Golden Red Kuuga)
Rising Mighty Form
Rising Dragon Form
An enhanced state of Mighty Form from the Rising Power. It's base color is red and gold. It enhances the overall balance of the Mighty Form. It also amplifies the Mighty Kick in the right foot with the equipment of golded Mighty Anglet armor.
Killing Technique
Rising Mighty Kick
And enhanced version of Mighty Kick. A mighty kick that released and explosive sealed energy in the right foot. A Go Gamego Re which was undefeatable by Rising Titans attack was defeated when first used, and the kick is believed to cause an explosion 3km wide, there is a limit to where this is used. Destructive power is 50t.
Rising Dragon (Golden Blue Kuuga)
A state that enhances the Dragon Form using the Rising Power. It's base color is Blue and Gold. Dragon Form's agility as well as jump ability is further enhanced.
Rising Dragon Rod
A Dragon Rod that is enhanced by Rising Power.
Killing Technique
Rising Splash Dragon
And enhanced version of Splash Dragon. Using enhanced jump ability to 50m the Rising Dragon Rod is stabbed into the enemy, the sealed energy in the tip of the staff flows passing the safety zone and explodes.
Rising Pegasus (Golden Green Kuuga)
Rising Pegasus Form
Rising Titan Form
A state that enhances the Pegasus Form using the Rising Power. It's base color is Green and Gold. Enhancing the super senses of Pegasus Form, it enhances the 5 human senses multiple times.
Rising Pegasus Bowgun
A Pegasus Bowgun that is enhanced by Rising Power.
Killing Technique
Rising Blast Pegasus
An enhanced version of Blast Pegasus. Shooting an air bullet that is enhanced by sealed energy, hitting the enemy.
Rising Titan (Golden Purple Kuuga)
A state that enhances the Titan Form using the Rising Power. It's base color is Purple and Gold. The first Rising Form that Kuuga transforms into. The power and defense of Titan Form is further increased, and the strength is several times multiplied during Titan Form.
Rising Titan Sword
A Titan Sword that is enhanced by Rising Power.
Killing Technique
Rising Calamity Titan
An enhanced version of Calamity Titan. The Rising Titan Sword is stabbed into the enemy, flowing the sealed energy from the blade side of the sword.
Double Rising Calamity Titan
Using 2 sets of Rising Titan Sword to release Rising Calamity Titan.
Amazing Mighty (Black Kuuga)
Amazing Mighty Form
A black transformed state that enhances the Rising Mighty, the strongest state of the Rising Form. A warrior that commands Thunder. It's base color is Black and Gold. Due to even more electric shock the usual Rising Form is preserved, and in addition to the right leg, another Mighty Anklet is added in the left leg. Also, the Linto word in the hand armor is changed to [Thunder]. Specializes in unarmed combat, with its basic property similar to Rising Mighty, but having a higher level of fighting ability.
Killing Technique
Amazing Mighty Kick
An enhanced version of Rising Mighty Kick. The sealed energy from both legs is converged with electric shock letting loose from a kick. During sunset shines bright like day from the giant fire pillars. Able to defeat Gadoru which Rising Mighty was not able to, was easily overwhelmed by Daguva. It's destructive power is 75t.
Ultimate Form (Fierce Warrior)
Ultimate Form
Kuuga, in ancient inscription is [Holy Spring, when it dries up], in other words losing the gentle heart, a power of hatred that is equal to Daguva, [Black Darkness], [One who brings ultimate darkness], [Fierce Warrior] (borrowing the words of Tsubaki, [a living weapon only for fighting]), these are the final transformation state of Kuuga. It's identity word is [When the holy spring dries up, a fierce warrior will bury the sun like thunder].
In the later half of the series, this form was shown when Yuusuke formed hatred towards the enemy (showing him the vision through the warning of Amadam), learning of the danger of this form has decided not to use it, and was only decided to use this when the Amazing Mighty was overwhelmingly defeated by Daguva. Even then, continuing to have the gentle heart that wishes to protect the smiles of everyone, this is different from the Black Eyed form that runs violent in the visions of Yuusuke, but an Ultimate Form that preserves his ego and gentle heart (red eye), thus repainting the legends of ancient times (mostly, the red eyed Ultimate Form's Rising Arcle writes [A pure warrior, exceeding the power of the heart burying evil, removing self's evil erasing the ultimate darkness], this implicitly tells that [With a strong heart wins over hatred controlling the Ultimate Form].
It's base color is black. with 4 horns, and thorns extending from various parts of the body, veins are laced all over the body, with a black Amadam which is fundamentally different from the other forms. It has abilities that surpasses all the other forms, still able to transform custom weapons with the Hand Control Link (with the Black being the basic color). the released sealed energy from the other forms are controlled by the Control Link in the hands, in which the Ultimate Form represents this as veins in the body, and is able to release the sealed energy from throughout the body.
With thorns extending fro the elbows and legs, these can release sealed energy to stab the enemy. The [Armored Mouth (Crusher)] which was originally used to protect the mouth has large fangs, and can be used to attack. Also, he is also able to absorb the power of the enemy by touching the belt, and specializes in battle. It can also manipulate the materials of the surrounding at atomic level and shoots it like Plasma called [Super Spontaneous Combustion Power], able to release Plasma Ion from his hands. Also, aside from this he has many abilities, and these were not shown in the series. Since he has the same powers as Daguva, the battle in Kurogatake the super ability [Super Spontaneous Combustion Power] were used, and turned into nothing more than a fist fight.
Killing Technique
Ultimate Kick
A kick using two feet releasing sealed energy from within them. In the game version [Decade] only one feet was used.
Rising Ultimate Form
Rising Ultimate Form
A different enhanced form appearaing in [Kamen Rider Decade]. the transformation method was different in this media, but the difference in abilities was not noticeable.
In the outside the Ultimate Form in an omnious enhancement, with thorns extruding from various parts of the body giving a battle characteristic. The specs is also enhanced, in the first movie managed to overwhelm Decade.
Similar to Ultimate Forms Black Eye and Red Eye, the Black Eye state qualifies as [the most evil Rider].
Killing Technique
Rising Ultimate Mighty Kick
A Red Eye skill. An enhanced version of the Ultimate Kick. Electrical Energy is concentrated in the right leg during a kick.
Darkness Palm Wave
A Black Eye skill. Releases a strong purple wave from both hands.
Rising Ultimate Knuckle.
Skill used by both Red Eye and Dark Eye. Fire released from the fist while in the air.

Custom Tools

Mobile Unit Gouram
  • Length: 2700mm
  • Width: 1200mm (Open wing state)
  • Horn Length: 1010mm
  • Maximum speed: 500km/h
A Linto [Horse Armor] that is self sentient that was created for the use of Warrior Kuuga. A giant Beetle. Having a Soul Stone Amadam inside, responds to the command of Kuuga, and aside from hanging Kuuga in its feet during solo use, it can also combine with the bike that he uses (during this time, the bike transforms and fuses with the power of Gouram). However, at first during the combination wit Trichaser, immediately after battle it looses it's metal composition and returns to its relic state, and needs to absorb amounts of metal in order to resupply. Usually stored in the Police Research facility, and proceeds to the battlefield in response to Kuuga=Yuusuke. It exhibits Linto language when flying towards Kuuga.
When Kuuga transforms into its ultimate form and losses its consciousness to violence, it will change to sand and destroy itself (in Sakurako's analysis, it is a failsafe to prevent Ultimate Form using Gouram for evil). After the end of the final battle Gouram retained its form, which is proof that Yuusuke transformed without embracing hatred.
Tri Chaser 2000 (TRCS 2000)
  • Length: 2400mm
  • Height: 1250mm
  • Maximum speed: 300km/h
  • Jump Power: 30m
  • Output: 30hp
A test type white bike [Trichaser 2000A] developed by the police. Ichijou entrusted this to Yuusuke.
Because it is a test type, the Tri accelerer (A Police baton like key grip. This also transformed to Titan sword many times), Non-pollution Ion Engine Alegro, and the Matrix Function that can change traffic lights, the 2000A due to increased cost circumstances being ommitted, different kinds special functions were loaded. Prior to transformation of Kuuga it has a black head, after transformation it uses a coloring called Cobalt Head, and it appeared with the test type police head when it first appeared. Incidentally, there is an instruction video in the police station for this.
Although only a supposition, because of the sudden metal fatigue caused by the combination with Gouram, it's functions stopped during the middle of battle with Go Bata Ba. Was later repaired, and was ridden by Ichijou during the final duel, accompanying Yuusuke. In the middle of the series, the 2000A is deployed in every administrative divisions of Japan, it was used to incite the unidentified life forms.
It's base machine is from the Spanish Autobike maker, GASGAS Pampera 250, it has been 20 years since Kamen Rider Super-1 that uses Harley's FLH that the bike rode by Kamen Rider uses a bike from an overseas maker. The bike selection was made by Action director Narita Shou by saying [adding long distance to bicycle using tight movements is required for the feel].
The Trial Match vehicle is a small type used to its utmost limits, due to the reason that it is displayed as a Rider Machine, and the Pampera was nominated as a commercial bike that can endure the trial. At that time, Narita opted to contract the Italian Beta (and later the French Scorpa), naturally there is a problem using bike from other company, but because of persuasion from both parties, the decision was made.
As for Narita, it was because the kids in the store front said it [looks cool] during fine tuning. Furthermore, the bike Yuusuke used in episode 1 and 2 is a Suzuki DR250S. Also, this stock vehicle is also used as the base vehicle of Bagiboson prior to transformation.
  • Total length: 3200mm
  • Total width: 1100mm
  • Total Height: 120mm
  • Maximum speed: 400km/h
  • Base Vehicle: Yamaha V-Max
The combined state of Trichaser and Gouram. It's killing technique involves crashing into the enemy at full speed called [Trigouram Attack].
It's base vehicle is similar to Beat Gouram and Rising Beat Gouram. Furthermore, V-MAX was used by [Human Cyborg Kikaider] and as a Rider Machine, Yamaha bikes were first used.
Beat Chaser 2000 (BTCS 2000)
  • Length: 2400mm
  • Height: 1250mm
  • width: 1100mm
  • Maximum speed: 420km/h
A Machine intended to replace Tri Chaser 2000 due to metal fatigue caused by the fusion with Gouram, a bike developed by the Scientific Police Research Department for the custom use of No. 4 (Kuuga) to fight against unidentified life forms. Similar to the Tri Chaser, it was handed to Yuusuke by Ichijou.
Because it was developed due to the fusion with Gouram, the body of the bike uses a special memory allow called [BT Steel]. Also, after fusion Gouram losses the metal composition and returns to its store relic state, is has a metal resupply tank to replenish itself. It is loaded with the Engine Presto tuned up by Allegro, and since it was designed intended for Kuuga, it reaches speed that is not endurable to an ordinary person. When stopping during its highest acceleration, a small parachute is ejected from its back to slow the acceleration. A Strobe Light is installed in its cowl for emergency purposes, and can be used together with the siren, and can collaborate similar to a patrol car to maintain its course. It also has the matrix function, it has a blue line before transformation, and uses a coloring called red line after transformation. It's start up key is the Tri accelerrer inherited from the Tri Chaser. It boast of having an overall improvement over the Tri Chaser.
It's base machine is Panpera 250 similar to the Tri Chaser.
Beat Gouram
  • Length: 3200mm
  • Width: 1100mm
  • Height: 1200mm
  • Maximum speed: 570km/h
A fused state of Beat Chaser and Gouram. Because it was developed on the premise of fusion between Beat Chaser and Gouram, it's body has a remarkable resemblance to Tri Chaser. Also, time of fusion is shortened. It was used many times to push weak monsters into unpopulated areas. It's design circumstances converts to Gouram touching the ground, and is difficult to handle.
Rising Beat Gouram
  • Length: 3200mm
  • Width: 1100mm
  • Height: 1200mmm
  • Maximum speed: 700km/h
A state where the Beat Gouram is influenced by the Rising Form. It's front portion has a gold plate, with gold color painted in various places.
It's killing technique is added from the power of the Rising Form, it's [Rising Beat Gouram Attack] has its destructive power increased. In the series Yuusuke calls this as [Gold Gouram combination Beat Chaser Body Attack]. It's destructive power is undisputed, even strong enemies liek Go Baberu Da was successfully defeated. After this state, Gouram returns to the Scientific Police Research Department exhausted. From this, Ultimate Form was awakened from Rising Form, although interpretations were made, it was not clarified in the series.


Grongi have similarities in flesh and bones to that of humans, a battle race that is exceedingly close to humans. Their characteristics are brutal and have vitality in fighting spirit, as they are the evils of ancient times, they were sealed by the Linto warrior Kuuga (because Linto have no idea about the concept of murder, it was decided to have them sealed). Excavated in the ruins of Kurogatake, there were at least 200 of them that were revived. The police and society in general recognize them as [unidentified life form]. Their usual appearance are no different from normal humans (however, they have monster-like tattoo in their body, as well as having eccentric behavior), they also have the same object as the Amadam in their body, which allows them to transform and acquire the powers of plants and animals. Kuuga and Grongi have basically the same abilities. Kuuga's techniques in death state, usually strikes the body making the sealed energy transfer into the nucleus of the abdomen to trigger an explosion. Because of this, monsters that receive Kuuga's killing technique often retreat from the coercion of the body.

N Daguva Zeba being the top of the Grongi chain, the ranks of Go clan, Me clan and Zu clan exists, the colors of the belt buckle and protector in their transformed state often reflects the rank. The killing game of targeting Lint (current humans are deemed as the descendants of Linto) are arbitrated by the Ra clan. The Go clan which appeared in the later of the series are strong that they are also capable of different form change like that of Kuuga. The enhancement is in proportion to the enhancement of the Amadam, causing large damage during explosion. Especially after being defeated by the Golden Red Power (Rising Mighty Form), the scale of explosion can reach a radius of 3km (Go Gamego Re, Go Bada Ba)

For the others, Nu Zajio Re (only appeared in human form) who serves as the scene shifter in repairing Daguva's belt, in the original version it suggest that he is of the Be clan that only speaks in Jaza.

Their original language (Grongi Language) uses 9 counters, and although they have individual difference, they have shown to have high intelligence capable of mastering Japanese, driving cars and bikes, and internet. Additionally, among the Go clan there is an individual who has interest in human culture . However, they see humans only as the target Linto in their Gegeru, and they see Kuuga as an obstacle in the difficulty of the Gegeru, they don't seem to look for stronger targets.

The occurrence of Grongi killing people started in Nagano at the ruins of Kurogatake, and had wide range from Fukishima to Gifu, with majority of it occurring in the Tokyo, Kanto area. All murder as well as theft involving the Grongi are classified as [unidentified life form connection incident], which the police formed a joint investigative body.

The Grongi are different from the normal special effects monster, each one that appears, most of them appears in human form in front of Baruba at the turning point of the story, waiting for their turn in the Gegeru. For that reason, there were many instances that they would appear in human form for many episodes before appearing in monster form. When they appear in monster form they are called [unidentified life form No. X], and added to the incident aforementioned, as because there are many Grongi that have not yet appear, they appear more than once. Furthermore, those unidentified life form seen by eye witness in their human form, they are classified as [unidentified life form B]. Also since Kuuga appeared at the same time as the Grongi, he is labeld unidentified life form no. 2 (Growing Form) and No 4 (Mighty Form), even though they jointly struggling he is still called as so.

The word in the end of their names are the animal they are classified with.

  • Ba: arthropods like Insect and spiders
    • Zeba: Special "Ba" ([special] of [holy] bug)
  • Da: Terrestrial mammal
  • Gi: Aquatic creatures like fishes
  • Re: Reptile, amphibian
  • Gu: Wing creatures like birds
  • De: Fungus type plants.


Player Rank

Ranked group that is qualified to join the Gegeru. All belonging to each clan does not necessarily qualify, but depends on the abilities of each individual member.

Zu Clan
The lowest Gegeru rank and the first clan to join the Gegeru. It can't be said that their intelligence is high but is able to speak Japanese. Many of them uses their own abilities freely to attack. The color of their buckle brown.
The leader is Zu Zain Da
Me Clan
The middle class Gegeru rank that is next to the Zu Clan. Their intelligence is quite high and is able to utilize Japanese. However, compared to the Go clan, they use the Grongi language much more. Compared to the Zu clan, their monster form uses the special abilities of animals during battle, using poison or special tools. The color of their buckle is is gloomy silver.
The leader is Me Garima Ba
Go Clan
High class Gegeru rank which the winner is eligible to join the Zagibasu Gegeru. If the 10 members are said to compete their real abilities, it can be said that they are the top 10 rankers. Their intelligence is dreadfully high, the language they use are more on Japanese than Grongi language when speaking to each other. They also make use of human media. They also approve the use of weapons, but they are bound by complex rules. The color of their buckle is Black silver.
The leader is Go Gadoru Ba

Non Player Rank

These are in charge of the management and does not joint he Gegeru.

Ra clan
Clan that observes the advancement of the Gegeru. In the series only 2 of them appeared and their existence is rare.
Nu clan
Clan that manufactures the necessary tools and weapons for the Gegeru. In the series only Zajio is the only one confirmed.
Be clan
The lowest of the clan that did not qualify for the Gegeru. The lowest ranked monsters appeared as battle members Be Mijin Ba. They are mainly used as small fry and having the same appearance. Another report mentions that they are servants that lost to the Grongi or Grongi created to be added to their ranks.


The highest rank that is given to the strongest Grongi, also called the [The one who brings Ultimate Darkness]

N Daguva Zeba
The strongest Grongi Monster who rules at the top of the Grongi attaining the title of [N]
N Gamio Zeda
A wolf type Grongi Monster that appeared in Kamen Rider Decade who attained the title of [N]. Although its existence was hinted in the series, it was not shown. In the case of Decade, taking the account of episode 50 [Otsukare], it was the boss character that created the 200 Grongi in Tokyo (however, it is not known if the characteristics are close to that of Decade). On another report, he was the first king of the Grongi that was the originator of all the Grongi in his awakening, once was defeated by Daguva the title [N] and the qualifications of the [King] was put to sleep.


The Gegeru is a game that requires the killing of a set number of Linto in a regulated time. The time restriction as well as body count is regulated by Ra Baruba De, and is decided through self reporting. Once a Gegeru is started only 1 can remain active, it is only the Player who is allowed to kill humans (Daguva excluded), the others, when attacked by the police, are required to follow the rule and retreat. Gooma who killed humans before the Gegeru starts, was not able to obtain the privilege of Gegeru Player until the end. Gumun and Mebio also killed humans before the Gegeru, but they were defeated by Kuuga before the Gegeru started. There is also a case where the Gegeru is stopped by X class, and those who are discontent goes wild and rebels.

Those who succeeds in Gegeru will be promoted in ranks, and will challenge a much more difficult Gegeru. In Me class case they simply have to kill more than the Zu class, but the Go class' Gegeru called [Gerizagibasu Gegeru (Semi Final Game, Super ancient language translation: Game of Black Darkness)], those who use weapons requires a special condition in killing. Incidentally, the Gegeru from Me class to Go class raises the bet, following the rule of the Gerizagibasu Gegeru. The difference is that the achievement difficulty and judgement is modified from the rule of the Me class, making use of the Gezuba. The challenger from the time the weapon is completed in the Gegeru they are treated as Go Players. Ra Baruba De mentions to Me Garima Ba's weapon as [This is a Go Player's], Also when Garima confronted Kuuga he introduced his name was [Go Garima Ba]. If successful in Gegeru will confront Daguba one on one in [Zagibazu Gegeru (Final Game, super ancient language translation: Game of White Darkness)], if he defeats Daguva he will then inherit the transformation belt, and obtain powerful strength. Additionally in the series Garume from the Zu class was promoted to Me class.

At first the players count the number of victims themselves using the [Guzeba (bangle)]. Once broken will be repaired again. In Gerizagibasu Gegeru, Ra Dorudo Gu uses the [Bagundada (counter)] and records it himself. Aside from the tool changing and the way it was used, the conditions for the Guzeba still remains, if for some reason that the Bagundada was broken by Dorudo, the Gegeru has to be restarted.

Ultimate Dark

In the series, there is a mysterious words about N Daguva Zeba as the [White Darkness] and Kamen Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form as the [Black Darkness]. There is no concrete detail as to why Daguva lead a large scale massacre. It was also not established in the series whether the large massacre was correct.

In [Kamen Rider Decade's] [World of Kuuga], N Gamio Zeda has [enshroud the world in ultimate darkness], which the humans touched by the fog of darkness has been transformed into Grongi. However, it is not known if this is applicable to the aforementioned two parties. (there is a possibility that the contents are changed)

In [Decade Final Conclusion] of [W & Decade], this also appeared in the words of Onodera Yuusuke (Kuuga). (During the battle with the black eye ultimate form. The meaning in the words [In order to protect everyone's smiles, I will become the ultimate darkness], later, he managed to defeat the final form ride of Decade). In this case, the meaning of Ultimate Darkness was not elaborated (there is a strong suggestion that this is for fan service).


Regular Cast

  • Godai Yuusuke / Kamen Rider Kuuga (voice) : Odagiri Jo
  • Ichijou Kaoru : Katsurayama Shingo
  • Sawada Sakurako : Murata Kazumi
  • Godai Minori : Chisaki Wakana
  • Old Man (Kazari Tamasaburou) : Kitarou
  • Tsubaki Shouichi : Ootsuka Yoshitaka
  • Enokida Hikaru : Mizushima Kaori
  • Jean Michel Sorrel : Serge Vashirof
  • Asahina Nana : Mizuhara Shio
  • Natsume Mika : Takeshima Yuuka
  • Matsukura Sadao : Ishiyama Yuudai
  • Sugita Morimichi : Matsuyama Takashi
  • Sakurai Tsuyoshi : Yoneyama Nobuyuki
  • Sasayama Nozomi : Tanaka Eri
  • Shiina Junichi : Hatakeyama Shin
  • Kashiwara Jin, Policeman (Episode 5) : Kikuchi Takashi
  • Ebisawa Tatsuhiko : Mori Fujio
  • Kameyama Tsurumaru : Nishide Katsuhiko
  • Kanzaki Shouji : Inoue Takashi
  • Chouno Junichi : Uchida Daisuke
  • Motojiro Keiko : Okada Rie
  • Enokida Atsuko : Naka Machiko
  • Enokida Sae : Niibo Kentarou
  • Yashiro Hiroyuki : Kamata Yuutarou
  • Terashima Shouto : Takaki Tomoaki
  • Suyama Kanako : Mino Yukako
  • Ra Baruba De (Woman with the Rose tattoo) : Nanamori Mie
  • Zu Goumu Gu : Fujio Mitsuru
  • Go Gadoru Ba : Gunji Masato
  • Ra Dorudo Gu : Basara Tenmei
  • Nu Zajio Re : Takatsuki Chuu
  • N Daguva Zeba : Urai Kenji

Main Guest

  • Professor Natsume Koukichi : Kubo Kamoyoshi
  • Manager Kujirai : Kanno Tatsuya
  • Ago : Yamamoto Higashi
  • Homeless : Chida Yoshimasa
  • Natsume Noriko : Sakamoto Mariko
  • Saionji Official : Yamamoto Keiichi
  • Natsume Mika (child) : Sakuma Rina
  • Shibasaki : Ishikawa Takahiro
  • Man in Festival : Touchi Hiroki
  • Inamori Reiko : Sano Katsumi
  • 3 Fishers : Kamiya Hidezumi, Tanaka Teruhiko, Hamada Daisuke
  • Women attacked in truck : Yamura Mikako, Arai Hitomi, Mogi Kawori
  • Ichijou Tamiko : Higashiyama Akemi
  • Old Man : Yoda Eisuke
  • Kirishima Hiraku : Kimura Tatoboru
  • Announcer : Terasaki Takashi
  • Woman Rider : Hashimoto Keiko
  • Chairman : Sasaki Masahiro
  • Announcer : Ooshita Youko
  • Mamiya Masahiko : Koyama Hiromichi
  • Katsuragi : Isobe Tsutomu
  • Arikawa Seiichi : Yamamoto Katsu
  • Makuhari Policeman : Asakura Tsutomu, Takechi Kenji, Funata Hashiru, Ishigaki Hirofumi, Yokoyama Kazutoshi
  • Zu Mebio Da: Shiratori Chikako
  • Zu Baji Ba, Go Bada Ba : Ogawa Nobuyuki
  • Zu Zain Da : Nogami Akira
  • Me Garima Ba : Kido Miho
  • Me Biran Gi : Oohashi Kanten
  • Zu (Me) Garume Re : Mori Masaharu
  • Me Bajisu Ba : Kawai Shuu
  • Me Giiga Gi : Shirai Masahi
  • Me Gyarido Gi : Ishihashi Nao
  • Me Gadora Da : Nishikawa Yoshirou
  • Me Ginoga De : Aoyama Yuu
  • Go Buuro Gu : Takao Kouichi
  • Go Bemiu Gi : Ito Seiko
  • Go Gamego Re : Sakai Kazuyoshi
  • Go Jaraji Da : Ookawa Masayoshi
  • Go Zazaru Ba : Asakura Chiaki
  • Go Jaaza Gi : Arai Sumire
  • Go Baberu Da : Sakurai Akio

Voice Actors

  • Narration : Tachiki Fumihiro
  • Radio DJ : Suwabe Junichi
  • Trichaser 2000 Manual VTR Narration : Ogata Bunkou
  • N Daguva Zeba : Natsui Takahiro (Episode 1 only)
  • Zu Gumun Ba : Sakaguchi Tetsuo
  • Zu Mebio Da : Saijou Kumiko
  • Go Jiino Da : Inada Tetsu

Suit Actors

  • Kamen Rider Kuuga : Tominaga Kenji
  • Grongi Monsters : Fukuzawa Hirofumi, Itou Makoto
  • Go Zazaru Ba : Hachisuka Shouji
  • Go Jaraji Da : Ogura Toshihiro
  • Go Bada Ba (Trial Action) : Narita Ryo


  • Original Author : Ishinomori Shoutaro (Ishimori Pro)
  • Serialization : Terebi Magazine, Terebi Kun
  • Supervisor : Onodera Shou (Ishimori Pro)
  • Producer : Shimizu Mayumi (TV Asahi), Suzuki Takeyuki, Takatera Shigenori (Toei)
  • Series Composition : Arakawa Naruhisa
  • Script : Arakawa Naruhisa, Inoue Toshiki, Kida Tsuyoshi, Murayama Katsura, Takenaka Shou
  • Director : Ishida Hidenori, Watanabe Katsuya, Nagaishi Takao, Suzumura Nobuhiro, Kaneda Osamu, Kotou Kouichi
  • Music : Sahashi Toshihiko
  • Photography : Inokuma Masao, Okata Kenichi, Kurata Kouji
  • Assistant Director : Suzumura Nobuhiro, Tamura Kouzou, Fukushima Nobusuke, Dasawa Yuuichi, Shibazaki Takayuki, Karuyama Shunsuke
  • Action Director : Yamada Kazuyoshi, Kaneda Osamu (Japan Action Club)
  • Producer Assistant : Yokotsuka Takahiro, Shirakua Shinichirou
  • Character Design : Iida Kouji, Abe Takuya, Nonaka Gou, Aoki Tetsuya, Suzuki Katsuya, Takeuchi Ichie
  • Art : Oishi Shinji, Murayama Katsura
  • OP & ED Director : Kotou Kouichi
  • VFX : Nippon Eizo Creative, Marinpost, Kyutech
  • Technical Cooperation : CRAZY TV, Sony Marketing
  • CG Cooperation : Daikin Industries Limited
  • Lighting Cooperation : Kyoritsu
  • Editing-MA : Toei Labo Tech Co.
  • Production : TV Asahi, Toei, ASATSU DK


Main Theme

For the lyrics see: Kamen Rider Kuuga Song Lyrics

Opening Theme

[Kamen Rider Kuuga!]

  • Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement: Sahashi Toshihiko / Song: Tanaka Masayuki
Episode 1-33, 47-last episode uses one type of song, Episode 34-46.5 uses another type.
The English Version [THE MASKED RIDER KUUGA! ~Kamen Rider Kuuga! English Version~] (Lyrics: T-CRANE, Chorus: MICKEY T) also exists
Furthermore, there are 3 types of intro made.
  • A type: Noise-like synthesizer was set (Single Album, not used in the series but inserted in the compilation album)
  • B type: No noise-like synthesizer (Album Version, used as the base for the series)
  • C type: Short Version (used in one part of the episode, no CD version)

Ending Theme

[Aosora Ni Naru]

  • Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement: Sahashi Toshihiko / Song: Hashimoto Jin
Episode 1-33, 47-48 uses one tupe of song, Episiode 34-46.5 uses another type. The last episode uses the full sized version. There is no other version created for this, but there is a TV size version prepared by Koro-chan like how the intro was cut.
Similar to the opening theme, an English version [Into the blue sky ~Aosora Ni Naru English Version~] (Lyrics: T-CRANE, Chorus: MICKEY T) exists

direct link for the audio files: Kuuga Audio

Insert Song

[Tanpopo no Ohana]

  • Lyrics: Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement: Sahashi Toshihiko / Song: Aoi Wakana / Chrous: Wakaba Children Choir
The song sang by Minori and the children of Wakaba Kindergarden (Yuusuke also sometimes joins). In the series there are 20 vocals, but was not used for the main theme due to practicality purposes. Also, it was not included in the soundtrack, and only used when the scene requires the song.

Episode List

The subtitle only uses 2 kanji. The Avant Title and the end of each episode has the Linto Language shown. The background when the show ends reflects the color of the form that was used in the episode (during Rising Form, the surrounding area of the Linto language lights up).

Broadcast Date Subtitle Appearing Grongi (Monster) Script Director
30 January
  • Zu Gumun Ba
Arakawa Naruhisa Ishida Hidenori
6 February EPISODE2
  • Zu Gooma Gu
  • Zu Gumun Ba
13 February EPISODE3
  • Zu Mebio Da
Watanabe Katsuya
20 February EPISODE4
27 February EPISODE5
  • Zu Baji Ba
Nagaishi Takao
5 March EPISODE6
Blue Dragon
12 March EPISODE7
  • Me Bajisu Ba
Ishida Hidenori
19 March EPISODE8
26 March EPISODE9
  • Me Giiga Gi
Watanabe Katsuya
2 April EPISODE10
9 April EPISODE11
  • Zu Zain Da
Nagaishi Takao
16 April EPISODE12
Honored Teacher
23 April EPISODE13
  • Me Biran Gi
Inoeu Toshiki Ishida Hidenori
30 April EPISODE14
  • Me Gyarido Gi
Arakawa Naruhisa Watanabe Katsuya
14 May EPISODE16
21 May EPISODE17
Battle Preparation
  • Me Gadora De
Kida Tsuyoshi
Murayama Katsura
Suzumura Nobuhiro
28 May EPISODE18
  • Me Ginoga De
Inoue Toshiki Nagaishi Takao
4 June EPISODE19
Soul Stone
Arakawa Natuhisa Ishida Hidenori
11 June EPISODE20
  • Me Ginoga De
    Transformed state
25 June EPISODE21
  • Me Garume Re
Watanabe Katsuya
2 July EPISODE22
9 July EPISODE23
  • Me Garima Ba
Inoue Toshiki Nagaishi Takao
16 July EPISODE24
23 July EPISODE25
  • Go Buuro Gu
Arakawa Naruhisa Ishida Hidenori
30 July EPISODE26
6 August EPISODE27
  • Go Bemiu Gi
  • Go Bada Be
Inoue Toshiki Watanabe Katsuya
13 August EPISODE28
20 August EPISODE29
  • Go Gamego Re
Arakawa Naruhisa Nagaishi Takao
27 August EPISODE30
3 September EPISODE31
  • Go Bada Ba
Arakawa Naruhisa
Takenaka Shou
Suzumura Nobuhiro
10 September EPISODE32
Inoue Toshiki Kaneda Osamu
17 September EPISODE33
Inoue Toshiki
Arakawa Naruhisa
1 October EPISODE34
  • Go Jaraji Da
Arakawa Naruhisa Ishida Hidenori
8 October EPISODE35
Love Hate
15 October EPISODE36
  • go Zazaru Ba
  • Zu Gooma Gu Enhanced
Watanabe Katsuya
22 October EPISODE37
  • Go Zazaru Ba
  • Zu Gooma Gu Enhanced
  • Go Gadoru Ba
29 October EPISODE38
  • Zu Gooma Gu Enhanced
  • Zu Gooma Gu Ultimate
  • Go Gadoru Ba
Nagaishi Takao
12 November EPISODE39
Strong Devil
  • Go Zazaru Ba
  • Zu Gooma Gu Ultimate
19 November EPISODE40
  • Go Shjaza Gi
Ishida Hidenori
26 November EPISODE41
3 December EPISODE42
  • Go Baberu Da
Kaneda Osamu
10 December EPISODE43
17 December EPISODE44
  • Go Gadoru Ba
Watanabe Katsuya
24 December EPISODE45
Formidable Enemy
  • Go Gadoru Ba
  • Ra Dorudo Gu
31 December EPISODE46
2 January
First Dream
- Takenaka Shou Kotou Koichi
7 January EPISODE47
  • N Daguva Zeba
Arakawa Naruhisa Ishida Hidenori
14 January EPISODE48
21 January EPISODE49

Extra Chapter

Kamen Rider Kuuga Super Secret Video [Kamen Rider Kuuga VS Herculean Monster Go Jiino Da]
Distributed as a VHS to the subscribers of Terebikun. It is composed of the highlights of the early chapters and the new special feature fighting Go Jiino Da. Currently it is inserted into volume 12 of the DVD release. Furthermore, Jiino is an original monster for [Super Secret Video]. Although there is complaints that this is a publicity for the appearance of Rising Mighty, it only appears in the last scene.
  • Music: Miyake Kazunori
  • Composition: Takenaka Shin
  • Director: Suzuki Nobuhiro
Episode 50 "Otsukare" (good work)
A short film commemorating the last episode broadcast on 20 January, 2001. It features the reappearance of the different directors in charge of the series, it is a meta-fiction added as an extra, that includes a scene where [Sakurako unleashes a Rising Mighty Kick on the human form of Zu Zain Da] (since Murata Kazumi is a fan of pro-wrestler Nogami Akira). All the main cast remained, and all the roles has the [friendship] appended to it, additionally, even the staff participated in the friendship treatment. Photography was made in digital cameras, and inserted the [Digicam Photography] subtitle (a parody the [hivision hotography] inserted into every episode).
In 12 May 2001, there was a re-screening of the special chapter. During this time brochures with the [Episode 50 Otsukare Complete Guide] was distributed, introducing the checkpoint. Later, it was inserted as a special DVD chapter.
  • Friendship Script: Arakawa Naruhisa
  • Friendship Director: Suzumura Nobuhiro
Special Episode
Addition of un-broadcast scene from episode 1 & 2, a director's cut version which was recreated with CG. In the original Episode 1, Natsui Takahiro performed the voice of Daguva instead of Urai Kenji, Zu Gumun Ba's voice was also altered from Sakaguchi Tetsuo to Sakaguchi Koiichi. Also Baruba makes an appearance in Episode 3 which she has not yet appeared in the original. Only sold and not on the rentals, which includes an insert, and it was given as a special favor to subscribers.


  • Average Ratings: 9.7% (Second among the Heisei Kamen Rider Series)
  • Highest Ratings: 11.8% (Third among the Heisei Kamen Rider Series)

Synopsis by Larz

If you like this, you may like...
What is it similar to: halo
What is it better than: bubonic plague
What is it not as good as: turkish delight

I just finished all of it today. I gotta say, wow it's a really great story and I love how they show stuff. I think one of my favorite things about this show is having Godai actually learn how to use his powers, and showing his powers progress and strengthen. Like his Rider Kick, it just steamed alot at first, but when he was having some problems with that Rhino Grongi, (I think) I absolutely loved it when he went to the park to start practicing his rider kick, I thought that was so cool!! And when he got the green form, that was so cool when he couldn't handle the sudden sensor overload, the ideas they use in Kuuga really thrilled me.

I absolutely love that fact that the writers didn't hold back in the story, I was so shocked at the high death rate in the first few episodes, but this is how it really should be, if a huge monster who humans can't kill attacks a public place, lots of people are gonna die!! That was really cool, and I thought it was an awesome touch to have the Grongi follow killing rules, that was cool too.

Kuuga working with the cops was great, I did like him being a secret for a while, but I was pleased with how they revealed who number 4 was. The idea of the human's building new weapons that allowed them to combat the Grongi was pretty good too, by the time they made those new double exploding bullets, even though at this point it was too late, I'm pretty sure those bullets could've killed a lower level Grongi. Plus those bikes just rocked.

I do have some qualms about it though, like Godai's ability to figure out what to do to unlock new forms or powers. I understand his belt gives him visions an all, so I'm gonna go with the idea that the belt also gives him some guidance when learning the new abilities. This is not a big deal actually, once that scene is over, I already forgot about it. Another nitpick is I was sorta hoping for a more touching scene between Godai and Sakurako who translates for him.

My major nit pick, I only got to see the Black Kuuga (two horned) form once in full action... and that was when he fought the Beetle Grongi(which was freakin awesome) but after that, the next episode you're just seeing shots of a battle that took place between him and no. 0. I felt like I missed an episode, but I checked an its all in order... So the screen time that the Black Kuuga was too short, and when he used the Ultimate Kuuga (four horns) I think that was even shorter, and the battle was over and I never knew it. I do like the battle though, don't get me wrong. Those two guys hitting each other in the snow was pretty effective. one slight nit pick.. did we ever see the form of no. 0 that was showed in the beginning? That looked like he was somewhat lizard and had a fro, but the number 0 at the end looked alot like Ultimate Kuuga but whiter. I'm wonderin if no. 0 had got a hold of a Grongi made rider belt, cause I remember that old dude working on a Grongi buckle with that gold substance then the man in white killed him and took the stuff.

But a very awesome show!!!! It's in my top three list!


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