Masked Rider Kiva

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Masked Rider Kiva
仮面ライダーキバ Kamen Raida Kiba
Kiva logo.jpg
Format: live action
Episodes: 48 Episodes
Fansubbed: tvnihon

[Masked Rider Kiva] is a tokusatsu drama series that aired on TV Asahi as a series from January 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009 every Sunday at 8:00 to 8:30 (JST), with the hero of the show transforming into the namesake of the show. This is the 9th series in the [Heisei Kamen Rider Series]

Title Broadcast. The digital broadcast size is 16:9 in Hivision (Analog broadcast was in letterbox). Also, in the Kamen Rider series was the first to have interaction in Data broadcast.

It's catch phrase is [Wake Up! Break the chains of destiny!!]


1988. Monster Fangire Clan that sucks in the Life Energy of humans are running rampant in human society, and those few people who notice this unfold to fight them. One day, Asou Yuri who was a skillful Fangire Hunter was chasing her targeted Fangire, which escaped because of the trespass of a man who falls for her. Not minding the rebuke of Yuri, the name of the man who tries seduce her was Kurenai Otoya. He was a genius violinist, and now knows the existence of Fangire.

22 years after that in 2008. In a weird guise with goggles and mask, there was a young man who picks up fish bone from the garbage. His name is Kurenai Wataru. Being the son of Otoya, he continues to train as a violin maker to surpass the violin he inherited from his father the [Bloody Rose], but he has a character that extremely hates to have contact with other people which he has trouble overcoming.

At that time, the Fangire that escaped 22 years ago reappeared. A Fangire hunter who was Yuri's daughter, Asou Megumi takes the challenge, and was trapped to its overwhelming power. At that time the strings of the [Bloody Rose] suddenly started to tremble, hearing that the instinct of Wataru moves him to the direction of the Fangire. A weird bat, Kibat bites Wataru and his whole body is wrapped in chains, transfiguring into in a grotesque form = Masked Rider Kiva.



The 9th in the Heisei Rider Series. A commemoration to Ishinomori Shoutarou's 70th birthday. The motif of the Masked rider adopts a [Bloodsucker], having various elements of western horror.


The greatest feature, Kurenai Wataru being the main protagonist in present day (2008), his father also is the main protagonist in the past (1986) with an independent story, with the story going side by side. The development of the present and past overlapping, exhibiting the [result] in the present with the details of the explanation in the past, intertwining the story of the father and son who have never met, developing the story which the past influencing the present.

Cast of play

Starting from its predecessor Masked Rider Den-O, Chief producer of many Heisei Riders Shirakua Shinichirou did not participate in the series. In exchange, Takabe Naomi who has been under Shiakura as Sub Producer was appointed as the chief producer of a serial drama for the first time. The main writer Inoue Toshiki made a comeback who worked on Masked Rider 555 5 years ago. The Creature Design was Shinohara Tamotsu who also worked on [555]


Saitou Tsuneyoshi who has background on Classical Music, Anime and Stage Drama, this was the first time he was involved in live drama. With the violin having a large role in the story, he fully used stringed instruments with many of the BGM having a classic tone, the important point is the existence of classical music usage. Also in the part of the past chapter, popular songs and idols at that time were used, having the role of drawing out the atmosphere of 1986.

Also, inheriting the Character Song Tactics which were popular in its predecessor [Den-O], every Rider Form has a characteristic Ending theme. Different from [Den-O] which every character/voice actor sang, in this series only the star Seto Kouji made the vocals for the band [TETRA-FANG], all of the songs were sang by Seto under the name of TETRA-FANG.

List of Characters

List of characters from Masked Rider Kiva

Characters in Present Chapter (2008)

Kurenai Wataru / Masked Rider Kiva
20 years old. Main protagonist of the series. Hiding his skill as a performing musician and a violin maker, he makes repetitive trial and error to create a violin to surpass the [Bloody Rose] which he inherited from his father. Although he does not know about his father Otoya, he often heard his mother calling him a [pure hearted and sincere human], embracing the sense of yearning.

Weak willed and intensely shy, usually withdraws in a western styled house, his work is somehow mediated by Shizuka. With many questionable behaviour, his nieghbors call him an eccentric [Goblin Taro]. With little opportunity to contact with people he has intense undulation of emotions, instead of growing accustomed to a broken heart with good humor, he mopes when his feeling are hurt. Also the words he used on his opponents, backfires on him.

Seto Kouji as Kurenai Wataru / Masked Riber Kiva
Asou Megumi
21 Years old born on December 29, 1987 (Capricorn). The heroine of the present chapter. A member of the Fangire hunter organization [Wonderful Aozora Group], and usual models, and like set meals from the special restaurant. As a Fangire hunter uses a small Bow gun.

With a sociable and determined character, she often scolds Wataru at his faults. At first refers to Wataru as [You] but later speaks to him as [Wataru-kun]. Respecting her mother Yuri, her dying wish was for her to be a hunter, with that thought she was uncomfortable with Nago who drives away the death of his own parents (however she does value his strength). She has a brother Mitsuhide, originally he was to be the successor to Yuri as a Hunter, but she became the hunter instead of her brother who has no fighting will. Therefore, she is a warrior [continuing after her mother] with a strong senses. Wishes to be the wearer of Ixa.

Yanagisawa Nana as Asou Megumi
Nago Keisuke / Masked Rider Ixa (Present chapter)
22 Years old. A member of the [Wonderful Aozora Group], confining the Fangires and a Bounty Hunter chasing after criminals for their prize money. He donates the full amount of the prize money to unfortunate children, in return he has to get a button from the clothes of those he captures. He has the way of saying [please] when he transforms uttering [That life, please return it to God!].

He lives with a strong sense of Justice and distance himself from [sin], but the basis for that [sin] is subjective, no matter how trivial mistake. His conviction came from his father who was a diet member but just because of a mistake in a document was indicted for corruption and committed suicide, from the confrontation he managed to get the button. At once glance he is a strong and noble person, and declaring himself to be the [Master] of Wataru, pointing out to Megumi that he [only wants weak people to have a feeling of stand on top], and has an unusually hypocritical courtesy, looking down on those who are weaker than him. Not recognizing the values of others, and absolutely believes in his justice and strength, and has a bad habit of getting that destroyed. Very serious and has prejudice towards Alcohol, music and anything that gives pleasure, and move with only the mere common sense of society. Doesn't seem to have experience with love.

Katou Keisuke as Nago Keisuke
Nomura Shizuka
14 years old. A middle school student who comes in and out freely of the western style house in order to learn violin from Wataru. A very straight forward person. Calling herself the [Mother of Wataru], bringing out Wataru who has no sociability to society, pro-actively participates in the work of Wataru as a violin maker. Taking excessive care of Wataru, pointing such thing out to Megumi moved her to tears. She is very jealous, and does not know anything about Kiva or Fangire, but acknowledges the existence of Kivat, and also accepted Tatsulot who suddenly appeared.

She actually has a strong point hidden from the series, at one point joined the band [Ikemens] with Wataru and Kengo as a drummer.

Keiko Rina as Nomura Shizuka
Eritate Kengo
21 years old. A Rock & Roller who has the dreams of [Giving virtue to man with music] with his Media Debut. Speaking in Kainsai Dialect (however he was born in Tokyo, he hides his shy self using the Kansei Accent), his special cooking is Okonomiyaki. Forming the band [Ikemenz] he chased after his dreams, but his overbearing civility chased away his other band members. Later meets Wataru with interest in Rock, becoming friends of kindred spirits. Incidentally he is the guitarist (Wataru joined [Ikemens] as a basist).

He is the type of person who will be easily moved to emotions, and makes many self centered speeches. However if he is stimulated he moves with a discreet conduct, he is actually a good fellow. He strongly pulls Wataru in with his enthusiasm riding on music, even with the different genre he values Wataru's dreams and skill.

Kumai Kohei as Eritate Kengo
Kibat Bat III
A third generation bat monster from from the Kibat Bat family. His base color is gold. He bites Wataru to become Kiva. Usually hangs inside the violin. His usual phrase is [Let's Kiva].

Although the size of a human head, he has the power to seal arms monster with the [Dark Pledge], at it is unknown what kind of sorcery he employed to seal the giant monster of the Doran Race. In order to give protection from the Devil Star Power fromthe activation of the Arms Monster and Wataru himself, there is a part of the Kivat Belt that controls the Demon Star Power. With great speed and sharp claws in hand to hand combat, sometimes flies off from the belt to fight with Fangire. Also when he whistles on the Fuestel, he calls forth the battle of Kiva. A snob but does not have a bad character, and usually speaks cleverly. For Wataru is very hesitant and freely makes conversation if there are few people, mainly talks in the bath often. Very detailed in European arts, he makes the announcement of the avant titles narration. He likes the painting of Amedeo Modigliani. Sometimes using phrases from anime and well known person. Being a monster rarely likes to talk to humans, he gets along with Wataru and Shizuka and like Megumi which he calls [Modigliani's sister]. Essentially a Kivat Bat family serving the Fangire, it is unknown why he sided with humans. And he was never seen implementing an Arms Monster.

Sugita Tomokazu as Kivat Bat III
Demon Star Dragon Tatsulot
A small Dragon Race Monster based on [Gold Wyvern], a remodeled monster of a gold dragon. Releasing all the chains Katena that restrains the armor of Kiva, assigned as the key that prohibits Kiva attaining Emperor Form and Final Wakeup. Sleeping inisde Castle Doran, was woken from the emotion of Wataru that qualified for Kiva. After that lives together with Kibat in the Kurena house. Summoned by the Tatsulot Fuestel, there were many times that Tatsulot goes out on his own will. Different from the Arm Monster that he can also run around without Kiva and Kivat blowing on the Fuestel. Has the phrase of [byunbyu-n!] and [Tension Fortissimo].

During battle lodges itself on the left arm of Emperor Form, with the arms connector in its tail that can connect to the arms monster. In its back is a special rotating tray - Imperial Slot, pulling on the Horn Trigger on it's head rotating the slot, injecting the amplified demon star power into Kiva and the monster arms, activating the killing technique Fever Technique. Again, the muzzle on its mouth, Mouth Muzzle, can shoot 7000 degrees flame and amplified demon star power energy bullets. When it first appeared, it flies with speed that is far from Kivat, with its two wings, Tatsulot Wing and slashing the enemy with Tatsulot Cutter to support Kiva. Very courteous to others, but makes conversation with Wataru and Kivat in the bath.

Ishida Akira as Tatsulot

Characters in Past Chapter (1986)

Kurenai Otoyo / Masked Rider Ixa (Past Chapter)
23 years old. Born on October 8, 1963. Main protagonist of the past chapter and Wataru's father. A genius violinist that loves music and women. With his overwhelming violin skills, will capture the hearts of those who hear it. Has a conceited character and has bottomless confidence, once he sees a woman he likes will reach out to them with a indiscriminate voice. Additionally every night he goes on wild merrymaking and shrinks from payment using his performance as payment, living an irresponsible life, blows like the wind to make trouble, a carefree man that lives as he wishes. However, he is really earnest against his love of music and women, saying that [peoples heart plays music], greatly angry at those who blasphemy against music. Also, when he encountered a Fangire, he had a strong heart that would stand for what he sees as important. Weak at Coffee and Cognac.
Takada Kouhei as Kurenai Otoya
Asou Yuri
20 years old. Heroine of the past chapter and mother to Yuri. Already deceased in the present chapter. Attached to the [Wonderful Aozora group] as a Fangire Hunter, is usually a waitress in the [Cafe Maru Damuru]. Fights with a hidden weapon, the Fangire Slayer. Her mother who developed the Ixa System was killed by Rook, wanting to equipped the Ixa and has the strong hope of suppressing the Fangire, due to the effects after wearing Ixa was not selected as the wearer. Usually strong minded and strikes with a professional manner, her heart is a gentle woman. Hates to get near Buruman who was shortly born, and was conquered in the later chapter. Losing her cool when facing Rook, she could not see her surroundings.
Takahashi Yuu as Asou Yuri
Kivat Bat II
Father of Kivat Bat III, a bat monster who was proclaimed as the second generation Kivat Bat. Calling himself Kivat II. His base color is Black and Red. Originally the Kivat Bat family serves the King and Queen, allowing the King to became the [Dark Kiva] from the life of the Queen, allowing the transformation to Dark Kiva. His usual phrase is [Think of your value!], and his agreement speech is [Destruction Time!]. Saying Otoya as [pseudobat].

Different from the cheerful Kivat has a cool and severe attitude. Has a high pride on himself and risks his life for the mission, and looks down upon other Monster Tribe Race. Does not have a clear master servant relation between the King and Queen, but was especially friendly to Maya.

Sugita Tomokazu as Kivat Bat II

Characters in Present and Past Chapter

Kido Akira
55 years old (33 years old in past chapter). The "Master" of the tea house [Cafe Maru Damaru] which is the gathering place of the [Wonderful Aozora Group]. His aging appearance has not changed in both past and present chapter, and the only difference is his spectacles. His coffee blend is top class, making Jirou spend 10 thousand yen. Raises a Golden Retriever Buruman in both past and present chapter. With his physical constitution, has been competing body ratio daily for the past 22 years, usually longing for a middle aged body.

Usually has a gentle character, and those who has coffee left overs he says [if you don't drink the coffee I'll strike you]. But he is basically softhearted, was even gentle to Otoya who that does not drink coffee and visits frequently. Is avery big fan of Onyanko club especially Yamamoto Suzan Kumiko.

Kinoshita Houka as Kido Akira
Shima Mamoru
55 years old (33 years old in past chapter). Leader of the [Wonderful Aozora Club]. Has long hair in the past chapter. A regular customer of the Cafe Maru Damaru. Has a short hair in the present chapter. occasionally drops by the Maru Damaru in the past chapter, and is mostly training in a sports gym. Also thinking the Kiva might possibly a [greater danger than the fangire], and is very watchful for an opening.
Kaneyama Kazuhiko as Shima Mamoru

Arm Monsters

The 3 monsters that Kiva employs. All of them are a race that varies from the Fangire, different from Kivat they are usually in the form of a human. Originally monsters similar to Fangire that needs human Life Energy, their race have been wiped out by the Fangire, and they are the last of their tribe.

The last one remaining of the Wolfen Clan which is the strongest warriors, and exists as the leader figure of the three. Usually has a wild blue outward appearance. In the present chapter wears a tuxedo and is confined inside Castle Doran, endlessly killing time with the other 2. Even though confined, they have the authority to freely use the [door of time]. The above mentioned are all connected to the [promise], and seems to have the goal of letting the [Wonderful Aozora group] continue. Also, is capable to go outside to interfere with the world. Having a greater sense of smell above humans, can also pick up the specific scent of a human far away. Otoya calls him [puppy] and [Wan-chan] from his true identity.

His basic attitude and manner of speaking is cool, he is the type to move faster than words. Suggesting a common struggle with his obstacle Otoya, in order to achieve his goal would not mind his pride. Like coffee, and would not pay for coffee that does not suit his taste, and is fine paying a high price for coffee he approves.

The blue wolfman which is the true form of Jirou. Using sharp claws and fangs as weapons, the claw in his hands are effective in ripping off life energies from humans. During the waxing and wanning of the moon it seems that the sensitivity of his power fluctuates, being his most powerful during the full moon. From his first appearance, he was targeting the live of Otoya, and it is obvious that he attacks humans, but in the later part of the chapter was in a bath lamenting in a comical manner.
Matsuda Kenji as Jirou
Jirou in the past chapter
125 years old (105 in the past chapter). The last remaining of the Merman clan. Usually has the outward appearance of an innocent boy. In the present chapter is confined in Castle Doran and wheres a sailor uniform. Has a malicious and friendly character that has a usual phrase of [Hey Hey]. However the revolution of his head is fast and ambitious, in front of the 2 has a composed attitude in Basha Form.

In the past chapter, different from Jirou has half given up on the fate of his tribe, the fangire that killed his own tribe was not complete eradicated, using his power to be employed and lives among humans with a silent way of life, and looks passively at Jirou who proactively revives his own clan. However, having the advantage of a similar environment, he undertakes his wishes, following his movements.

A green half fish man which is Ramon's original form. Has an Explosive Water Bullets that can shoot a balloon like gum that can expand. His red eyes is can see the enemy like a night vision goggle. His method of inoculation for Life Energy is unknown.
Ogoe Yuuki as Ramon
Ramon in the past chapter
The last remaining of the Franken Clan. Usually has an outward appearance of a robust giant. Wearing a tailcoat in the present chapter confined within Castle Doran. Has many activities together with Ramon.

Compared to the other 2 could not easily adopt to human society, and could not speak well in human conversation (usually talks with short remarks). However, but his pure facial expression are abundant. Having explained that humans are simple food, he came to befriend humans with the joint struggle with Otoya against Rook. Endowed with super human strength, when reverting to his original form can hold the pieces of chess with his bare hands. has the habot of bending his neck with a sound. In the past chapter lives with Ramon passing around for employment. Has a deep resentment towards Fangire, seduces woman to revive the Franken Clan, and sucks the life energy of woman that rejects him, is very passive with regards to reviving his clan like Ramon.

His powerful original form is a violet Frankenstein. Although he doesn't have a special weapon or abilities, he has solid body and superhuman strength. Directly sucks life energy with his mouth.
Takizawa Eiji as Riki
Riki in the past chapter

Characters from the Future

Kurenai Masao
Seems to be the son of Wataru. His face somehow looks like his grandfather Otoya, with his outward appearance of a girly man. In order to save the future 22 years later, came to Wataru in a time slip.
Kivat Bat IV
The Kivat Bat that came together with Masao. Having a cheerful character, has the ability to transform Masao into NEW Kiva (Kiva Form). With its official name, it is unknown what his relationship to the current Kivat.


Itoya Ryou
A man with long hair that has a high tension tone and has exaggerated moves like that of a clown. Aside from his target does not have a single interest. When his emotions reaches it high peak during battle, has the characteristics to laugh with his hand puppets [Churihihihi] and [Garikukuku]. Once, managed to snatch the Ixa system from Nago and transformed.
Spider Fangire
The true form of Itoya, a Fangire having a close resemblance to the spider belonging to the insect class. Body considerably light, captures opponents with the thread that comes out from its mouth, using the thread to tie to his own body and giving attacking blows to the enemy. The design motif is a Parrot, as well as Masked Rider Den-O Sword Form.
Nakano Yuuta as Itoya Ryou

Checkmate Four

The name given to the Fangires with top class abilities. The origin of the name comes from [Checkmate] of the chess game. The common point of the member, while in human form the crest of their title appears in the form of a rose somewhere in their hands, in their kaijin form, a plaster figure is part of their body. Their power is inborn, once they die will be reincarnated into other. Rook and Bishop are the same for the past and present chapter, but Queen and King are different in the past.

Having the title of [Rook], is a muscular man. His crest is in his right hand, wears leather jeans similar to the past. Upon returning to his original form boasts of suitable physical strength, and has the ability to shoot rocket claw from his mouth.

Seeking [interesting things], endlessly goes on a [timeplay] to attach human setting a rule for himself, with a game sense preys on the life energy of humans. With that process was the ringleader in killing Akane and the Wolfen Clan with the exception of Jirou, with Yuri and Jirou having deep hatred towards him. He will not attack anyone aside from his target and those in his way, and when the game is over he awards or punish himself. His mission as a checkmate four is unknown, but sometimes have contact with Bishop, offering information regarding clans.

Lion Fangire
Rook's true form, A Fangire belonging to the beast class resembling a Lion. As the name implies imitates a rampart-like armor skin and a power like a tank, with a Rocket Claw weapon on his fingertips capable of firing in vast range. His real power is dimensionally different from the other Fangires, and not even the combined efforts of Garru, Ixa, Basha and Doga can defeat him. Again, has the summoning ability Sabat that gathers the aura of dead fangires. His design motif is that of a dodo.
Takahara Tomohide as Rook
Having the title of [Bisho], a man who has glasses with long hair that wears a long coat. His crest is in his left hand, from there he releases a blue light that can destroy anything.

With his mission to [Manage all the affairs of the Fangire], moves with assisting the Queen and King as his center. A resourceful tactician, will make use of everything that can be made use of. Incidentally coerced the selection of Taiga and Mio, and thinks about their management. Having a hypocritical attitude towards everyone. On top of the standpoint, has acquired many knowledge and sorcery that has been handed down from the Fangire Clan. In the past chapter educates Taiga in place of Maya. In the present chapter, makes the preliminary arrangements of welcoming the new Fangire [king], and awakening the current queen. At the same time advicing Mio who has inherited those powers, and made Mio attack Itoya who has become a traitor by loving Megumi, with her powers awakening from self defense. Has a high fighting capability, and is often engaged in battle with Ixa in the present chapter.

Swallowtail Fangire
Bishops true form, a Fanfire belonging to the insect class resembling a Papilionidae butterfly. Disturbing the opponent with his nimble movements and has pride in his intellect, and has weapons in the form of a sword and explosives spitting from his mouth. His design motif is that of a swan. The only Fangire to appear in the series asymmetrically.
Murata Mitsu as Bishop
Maya / Queen (Past Chapter)
A fascinating woman who has the title of [Queen] in the past chapter. Has a hood attached to a black gothic fashion. Otoya who seduces every woman he sees, was lost for words during their first meeting. The Punisher that has the mission to hunt down Fangires who broke the law of [not having union with humans]. Her crest is in her left palm, from there she calls for the [Thunder of Punishment] and destroyed everything. When using this the surrounding is enveloped in darkness. Has the power that is at par with Rook.

Has a gentle character on her maternal side, but will not move one step in front of danger, as well as having the heart to calmly state her mind. Has the passion for arts that will not lose to Otoya, and has resentment to those who pollute the arts. Especially with regards to the violin, on the performance of Vivaldi, declared to be the student of the craftsman Stradivari, with the both of them alone is now shy to show her skill. In the past chapter, severing the love of those Fangire who loves humans, was interested in humans and love, in order to learn that she coincidentally met Otoya.

Pearl Shell Fangire (pink)
Maya's true form, a Fangire belonging to the aqua class resembling a pearl oyster. Larger than the transformed form of Mio, the body is pink while to color of the wings in the back is gold.
Is rather small compared to the other Fangire, and boasts of her power and speed. Has a weapon Pearl Barret that can be fire countless times from her body, and when the crown in her head expands fires all at once towards the target, using the technique called Queens Despair. The design motif is that of a flamingo.
Kagami Saki as Maya / Queen (past)
Suzuki Mio / Queen (present chapter)
the girl inheriting the power of the [Queen] in the present chapter. The position of the crest and the ability was turned from Maya. At first did not know that she was the Queen, after Kengo met her working part time in a Yakiniku shop, became acquainted to Wataru and the others.

Has an extremely shy character, and could not make conversation in front of other people, refusing request and invition from other people and moves in the background. Extremely nervous in front of persons so often makes mistakes, being fired from the Yakiniku shop for too many mistakes. Is mutually attracted to Wataru who has difficulty communicating with other people, with his and Megumi's effort managed to change herself, but during that time had contact with Bishop, and awakened as Queen from the hatred towards Itoya. Aside from what was mentioned above, she has a kind character that could not hurt an insect, but once an enemy, one who is judged as a traitor shall not receive compassion.

Pearl Shell Fangire (Blue)
Mio's true form, a Fangire belonging to the Aqua class resembling a pearl oyster. Smaller in form than that of Maya, her body color is blue while the color of the wings is black.
Haga Yuria as Suzuki Mio / Queen (present)
King (past chapter) / Masked Rider Dark Kiva
King of the past chapter as well as Taiga's father. Has the appearance of a rock musician, his crest is in both his hands and palms, releasing red energy waves from them. Have an arrogant and cruel character, bragging that Taiga is is best masterpiece. Has a peculiar values of love towards Maya as his fiance, pushing Maya far away.
Bat Fangire
King's true form, a Fangire belonging to the beast class resembling a Bat and the clans strongest Fangire. Already powerful in human form and in order to wear the armor of Kiva, he rarely transforms to this form.
Niiro Shinya as King (past)
Nobori Taiga / King (present chapter) / Masked Rider Saga
Born from the King of the Past chapter and Maya, and has the crest of the [King] in the present chapter, and also inheriting the power of Saga, a youth who is the pinnacle of the generations of King. His crest is in both his hands and palm, usually hidden with the black gloves. His Fangire form is unknown and did not appear in the series, but was incarnated in his aura as several angry snake, intimidating the opponent. His age is 22~23 years old.

Was raised in Castle Doran in the past chapter, after that, was entrusted to Shima. Has the mission of [Controlling the evolution (therefore becoming a threat to Fangire) of humans], his outwards appearance is that of a young president of a giant investment enterprise [D&P], its real identity is that of an organization that entombs new technology that will evolve humans, having the mission to erase scientists that they invested in. However, will leave those that would profit themselves. Basically those mission are left to his subordinate fangires, when the target is a Fangire, he purges them when transforming into saga. Having the current Queen Mio as his fiance, and treats her with excessive care. on the other hand treats her mother=Maya who broke the law with feelings mixed with love and hatred. Was a childhood friend to Wataru, and was Wataru's first friend. one day he suddenly disappeared right in front of Wataru, and was reunited unexpectedly. Taiga himself treats Wataru as a close human friend, and continues to have a strong friendship when they met again.

Yamamoto Shouma as Nobori Taiga / King (present)

Masked Rider

List of Masked Riders from Masked Rider Kiva

Masked Rider Kiva

Kiva Form

The form of Kurenai Wataru in Kiva Armor. It's motif is Vampire. Kivat Bat III bite Wataru's hand calling forth the Demon Star power injecting a kind of Active force, activating the Demon Star Power hidden inside of Wataru transforming him. the strong power of Dark Kiva regarded as dangerous, was developed with 2 stage armor for Kiva stressing the importance of safety, from the exterior of the true form [Emperor Form], also has the pseudonym of [Golden Kiva]. In various places of Kiva's armor, are embedded Demon Star Stones, stones that amplify Demon Star Power, strengthening the dormant power of the transformed. However the Kiva Armor uses the wearers own life energy as nourishment, if an unsuitable person transforms, especially into Emperor form, will drain the life little by little.

Using the Fuestel will summon corresponding monster type weapons, using the Demon Star Power to form change. At this time the monsters power become part of the body, with Kivat's power protects Wataru from the Monster and Demon Star power from running wild and let's him control them, preserving the various form. After a form change, Wataru's character changes into that of the Monster, the personality itself will not change Wataru. Was inherited 22 years later by Wataru's son, Masuo.

Kiva Form
Kiva's basic form, the restricting armor and restricting chains - Katena installed in the Emperor Form to control its power. It's base color is red. When the restricting tool [Hells Gate] installed in the right foot and the winding seal chain [Katena] is released, the gate fully opens, capable of drawing out the sealed power of the Space/Water/Earth, the three Giant Demon Star Power in his right foot. Does not use weapons, has the battle style of using his bare hands. Because it has the motif of a blood sucking monster, its strong point is surprise attack.
Its killing technique completely opens the Hells Gate in his right leg, flying up in the air sending out a strong flying kick [Darkness Moon Break]. Activates when Kiva calls [Wake Up!] together with blowing on the Wake Up Fuestel. When used the surrounding changes to a twilight scenery with a crescent moon, after the kick the surrounding walls and ground will leave the mark of the Emperor=Kiva's Mark.
Garulu Form
Together with Kivat calling [Garulu Saber!], blowing the Garulu Fuestel summons it, Garulu changes into a Saber, using the Demon Star Power of the Garulu saber to transform. It's base color is blue. Excelling in Kick, Jump and walking ability. The Garulu Saber having fencing as it's center, prides itself in melee combat making use of speed.
The killing technique amplifies the edge of the blade, then letting Kiva hold it in its mouth springing cutting with a single stroke the [Garulu Howling Slash]. Together with Kivat calling [Garulu Bite!], he bites on the Garulu Saber injecting Active Force to activate. Similar to the other killing technique the surrounding area becomes night, with a full moon in the sky. Immediately after the The enemy is cut in one slash the contours of Garulu's face shines.
Custom Weapon (Monster Arms)
Demon Beast Sword Garulu Saber
The Sculpture Form Garulu transforms into a blade. Garulu's fang transforms into the blade, having the pride to easily cut bulky plate, the portion imitating the jaw of the wolf, can shoot Sound Wave Cammon the [Howling shock] for middle ranged combat.
Garuru form.jpg
Garulu Form
Basha form.jpg Dogga form.jpg
Basha Form Dogga Form
Basha Form
Together with Kivat calling [Basha magnun!], blowing the Basha Fuestel summins it, Basha changes into a Gun, using the Demon Star Power of the Basha Magnun to transform. It's base color is green. It's bodily functions drastically decreases, in return eyesight and the senses are developed, also can take in the oxygen from water and stay underwater for an unlimited time. In addition to the Gun Attack of the Basha Magnum, in the absence of water can generate a pseudo underwater environment the Aqua Field, having a strong point in underwater battle.
The killing technique will let the fin rotate in high speed, creating a tornado in the created aquafield, shooting the Aqua Bullet inside the tornado with pursuit capability drastically rising shooting [Basha Aqua Tornado]. Together with Kivat calling [Basha Bite!], he bites on the Basha Magnum injecting Active Force to activate. Similar to the other killing technique the surrounding area becomes night, with a half moon in the sky. Immediately after shooting the enemy the contours of Basha's head shines.
Custom Weapon (Monster Arms)
Demon Sea Weapon Basha Magnum
The sculpture form Basha transforms into a gun. Firing the water bullets Aqua Bullet. In addition to the high destructive power of the Aqua Bullet, with Kiva's will those ballistics can be freely controlled. Near the gun barrel are 3 fins attached, serving as the gun barrel stabilizing wing, when rotating can generate tornado
Dogga Form
Together with Kivat calling [Dogga Hammer!], blowing the Dogga Fuestel summons it, Dogga changes into a hammer, using the Demon Star Power of the Dogga hammer to transform. It's base color is Purple. It's mobility remarkably decreased, the muscles of Kiva Form are increased 10 times, and boasts of the greatest strength from among the other forms. The whole body is covered with the degenerating fist of Dogga, the defense rapidly rising. Can stop the enemy attack head on, it's strong point is the proximity one hit kill.
The killing technique will have the opened hammer part projecting Demon Star Power from the Thor Eye restricting the target. Gripping the hammer hoisted in the air discharging thunder accumulating electrical energy, then a giant fist like Phantom Hand springs forth, controlling the hand like the hammer pounding the enemy with [Dogga Thunder Slap]. Together with Kivat calling [Dogga Bite!], he bites on the Dogga Hammer injecting Active Force to activate. Similar to the other killing techniques the surrounding area becomes night, with a hazy moon roaring thunder. Immediately after pulverizing the enemy the contour of Dogga's head shines.
Custom Weapon (Monster Arms)
Demon Steel Hammer Dogga Hammer
he sculpture form Dogga transforms into a hammer. Bigger than the other two weapon, it excessively uses Katena and controls it using that power. The giant fist like part can be opened, when the fist opens, the giant eyeball [Thor Eyes] appears in the palm part. In the center of this Thor Eye is the giant Demon Star Stone - inserting the real stone, releasing from this the Demon Star Power analyzing the weak point of the opponent, with the effect of temporarily paralyzing the enemy body.
Dogabaki Form
Dogabaki (Dogga Basha Garulu Kiva) Form
Kivat successively blowing on the Garulu, Basha and Dogga Fuestel, summoning Garulu, Basha and Dogga at the same time, the three monster's Demon Star Stone uniting with the Kiva Form. Using the the 3 forms ability, weapons and the Darkness Moon Break, as the name implies the form that combines all of the abilities.
On the other side of its incredible strength, in order to grant to one body the power of the three monsters, Wataru and Kivat will of course bear the burden of the three monsters in their body. Additionally in the worst situation, giving pressure to all the remaining power of the Demon Star Stone self dustructing Kiva's armor, it has the risk of destroying Wataru and all the 4 monsters, and the maximum time limit is 5 minutes. Therefore this Dogabaki form is seldomly used, and was only used once in the series when Kivat as an emergency refuge step.
The killing technique is similar to Kiva Forms [Darkness Moon Break]. Cannot use the killing technique of the other three. Furthermore, using the Dogabaki form will not make the surrounding dark.
Emperor Form
Tatsulot releasing the Katena, transforming with Final Wakeup which is the true form of Kiva. It's base color is Gold and Red, with the addition of the stabilizing wing mantle in its back. The three sealed Space, Water and Earth Giant Demon Star Stone moves to the chest, and the amplified Demon Star Power is distributed to the whole body, possessing an unknown value in Attack and defense power. It's strong point is the strengthened Kick Technique the he can freely use. During the transformation of Kiva Tatsulot adds himself in Kiva form to transform into this form.
With the ability of the [Imperial Slot] that Tatsulot has, it powers up the existing 4 killing technique using the [Fever Technique]. In the series, the Fever technique of the Darkness Moon Break the [Emperor Moon Break] adds energy to the red energy edge of the Demon Stone Power on both legs, releasing flame from Tatsulots mouth slashing the enemy is the [Emperor Howling Slash] which uses the Fever Technique on the Garulu Howling Slash, with an ball of thunder emitting from Tatsulots mouth that paralyzes the enemy is the [Emperor Thunder Slap] which is the Fever Technique of the Dogga Thunder Slap. On top of it, the Fever Technique of the Basha Aqua Tornado the [Emperor Aqua Tornado] also exists, although not used in the series. Releasing the Zanbat Sword is the strongest technique the [Final Zanbat Cut], in which Kivat calls [Wake Up!] blowing on the Zanbat Fuestel to activate, accumulating the capacity limit of the Demon Star Power on the blade of the sword, cutting several enemies in one slash with the red light blade. Furthermore, there are several variation to the same technique.
Emperor form.jpg Flight style.jpg
Emperor Form Flight Style
Custom Weapon
Demon Star Sword Zanbat Sword
Handed down to generations of the Fangire King, the evil sword which is called the [the strongest sword that exists in the world]. With the Crystal of the Giant Demon Star Stone engraved in the blade, the is a [Life Sucking Demon Sword] that absorbs the life energy of the wielder and reacts to the Demon Star Power, the sword itself can only be wielded by those it acknowledges. Was freely possessed by the King in the past chapter, but was renounced by the King inside Castle Doran, in the present chapter was inherited by Wataru. Wataru being recognized as qualified to wield it, Wataru's power alone loses his self with the Swords power, Garulu, Basha and Dogga combines into a Bat type Phantom Monster Zanbat Bat, clinging to the sword controlling the power, and was born to be the custom weapon of Kiva. Summoned by Tatsulot when needed.
The blade is grinded by the tooth of Zabat, guaranteeing the utmost limit to its cutting edge, Kiva injects a fixed amount of Demon Star Power into the sword, demonstrating the peak destructive power. Aside from the immediate slashes, the injected Demon Star Power can release a red energy blade. Zanbat is the fusion of the spirit of Garulu and the others, but they are different from the monster arms, transferring intentionally to Kiva, supporting Kiva during battle.
Flight Style (Emperor Bat)
Wataru's [heart] in it's maximum, and the next achievement in the Emperor Form. The form of a giant bat. The only form that is not in the shape of a man in the history of Riders. It's base color is Gold and Red. The three giant Demon Star Stone moves to the head directly controlled by Wataru, this amplifies Wataru's Demon Star Power to its limits, becoming the Kiva's strongest form. Being able to transform with Fangire mixed with other blood, transmitting the hatred and disgust of the Fangire tribe to become a demon beast.
The emperor forms mantle becomes the wing, and capable of traveling the speed of sound. The tip of the wings and the feet are giant claws, having a high destructive power capable of releasing shockwaves, from its mouth fires a ball of fire generated by the Demon Star Stone, exhibiting high battle capabilities in short and long range. It's killing technique is [Bloody Strike] golden beam emitted from its mouth.

Kiva's Item / Weapon

Kivat Belt
The belt that is used as Kivat's [perch]. Responding to Wataru's will the Kivackle appears in his abdomen, Kivat dangles on the Kivackle's perch - Power Roost to become Kivat Belt. Even after transformation Kivat basically hangs upside down on the Kivackle, leaving the belt on crucial moments to give support.
Summon - Awakening Flue that is equipped on the Fuestel slot on both side of the Kivat Belt. 8 variations existing, when Kiva blows on them the effect of the variety will be demonstrated. No one can blow on them except Kivat.
Wake Up Fuestel (red)
Activates Kiva's Killing Technique the Dark Moon Break. A red fuestel
Garulu Fuestel
Blue Fuestel that summons Garulu (Sculpture Form) from Castle Doran
Basha Fuestel
Green Fuestel that summons Basha (Sculpture Form) from Castle Doran
Dogga Fuestel
Purple Fuestel that summons Dogga (Sculpture Form) from Castle Doran
Buron Fuestel
Gold Fuestel that summons Buron from Castle Doran
Tatsulot Fuestel
Given by Tatsulot, a red and gold Fuestel that summons Tatsulot.
Wake Up Fever (Gold)
A gold Fuestel that appears together with the Zanbat Bat. Activates the killing technique [Final Zanbat Slash]. Usually becomes the mask of Zanbat.
Machine Kiva
  • Traveling Speed: 520km/h
  • Base Model: Honda Shadow <750>
A custom motorcycle given by Kivat, having the name of [Crimson Steel Horse]. The Claw Filler loaded into the front tire cowl collects natural energy, converting the energy collection converter equipment - Bloody Converter in the Tank part to Demon Star Energy, amplified by the supernatural engine Bloody Heart. During high speed travel unseen barrier called Shadow Bell are generated from the Claw Filler, protecting the passenger from impact and attack. Using a horse monster as a brain for the control center, it can react on its own from Wataru's will.
A golden demon image in the form of a Moai Statue that sleeps deep in Castle Doran. Together with the call of [Buron Booster], can be summoned by the Buron Fuestel. Combining with different materials, having the ability to increase the hidden Demon Star Power of those that it combines with.
Buron Booster
  • Traveling Speed: 1550kn/h
The form that combines Machine Kiva and Buron. With Demon Star Power creates 14 boost unit - Mao Boost Engine, overwhelmingly increasing the traveling speed. Usually runs on wheelie, that explosive propulsion power, can travel at high speed irregardless of terrain.

Kiva's Monster

Castle Doran
Consumes life energy of Fangire, the last creature of the Doran Race, a giant monster that is remodeled Great Wyvern. Doran's head, tail and four limbs can be seen extending from the giant western style castle. It's age is 320 years (in terms of human is 32 years old). Usually automatically appears when Kiva defeats a Fangire, together with Kivat's call of [Castle Doran], can be summoned by blowing on the Doran Fuestel. Usually mimics a skyscrapper that is near where Wataru lives. However, when Otoya's spirit appears, when Jirou Summoned Nago to travel to the past, somehow it appeared in the ground. The inside of the castle is a residential space, the lower levels is the dungeon where eaten life energy and monsters that serve kiva is confined, the castle tower is space of the castle lord, bedroom, banquet hall and other custom made rooms.
In order to control it its horns and four limbs are sealed with a sorcery tool, the secondary effect pacifies its original ferocious nature, the Shudoran and other Doran Race combining with it resonates with its blood drawing out the ferocious nature of Castle Doran, making it capable of battle ([Wake Up] of Castle Doran). It's weapons are the missile equipped in it's left and right sides, the Magic Missile, and the Doran Pod that releases the Doran Prison Energy from its mouth. Also has the power to interfere with time-space, with the [Door of Time] inside is capable of time slip, which is usually not permitted to open. Again in [Den-O and Kiva], like the Denliner can also move through the desert of time. Aside from fighting together with Shudoran, can combine with Powered Ixa, Denliner, Zeroliner and Kiva Flight Mode. Again, the King (past chapter), showed the display of power by the parasitism of Sabat.
Originally the property of Maya, in the past chapter was used to transport Fangire, as well as the training facility of Taiga. In the present chapter is under the control of Jirou and the others, a monster that follows Kiva and controlled by Kivat.
A remodeled monster that uses a Doran Race larva beast as a base. A red dragon's head in the castle tower, extending both wings. 80 years old (8 years old in human age). Kivat calls it [Shu-chan]. Usually hidden in the sea sleeping, and is summoned by the roar of Castle Doran. Because its base the Doran Race larva beast could not percieve the soundwave of the Fuestel, he cannot be summoned by the Fuestel.
Combines with the Master House of Doran, drawing out the ferocious character when combine resonating with the Doran Races' blood. When the Castle Doran surrenders, the Shudoran can be used as an escape unit.

Masked Rider IXA

Ixa save.jpg Ixa burst.jpg
IXA Save Mode IXA Burst Mode

The [Wonderful Aozora Group], with military purpose developed an anti Fangire complete improvement redesigned Power Suit warrior. The motif is that of a Clergyman's vestment. It's base color is white. The wearer using the belt type tool - IXA belt equipping the IXA Knuckle with the Generator Activation Key, when the IXA system is equipped the transformation is complete. The developer was Yuri's mother, Asou Akane. IXA's name is abbreviated as [Intercept X Attacker (unknown wonder=ambush soldier against Fangire)]. The Rider system in the series is nicknames as IXA System, an Electrical operated system called [IXA Engine], increases the wearers power by 10 times.

Roll out in 1986, appeared in both past and present chapter. The prototype that was not roll out in the past chapter, armed with only the IXA knuckles, without the existence of the transformation function to Burst mode its behaviour is unusually unstable, and has the defect of having the burden of dropping the life of the wearer upon rejection. In the present chapter, with the maturity of the data collected why fighting Fangire for 22 years, the suit is completely improved with the appearance from [Ver X] to [Ver XI]. There is no change in outward appearance from 22 years ago, only the improvement of the internal parts, with the perfection of the Fuestel, IXA Caliber and transformation to Burst Mode. There is no more rejection from the wearer. From [Ver XI] hereafter the enhanced transformation to Rising IXA was implemented, furthermore accompanying the aperature is a mobile phone type Arms IXA Riser.

When summoned by Diend in Masked Rider Decade, IXA's monitor showed the characters [RETURN TO THE LIFE AND THE GOD]. Again, the Masked Rider the Diend summon could not speak, but the summoned IXA spoke with the same manner as Nago Keisuke.

With the implementation of its transformation tool, different from Kiva and Saga, such battle power can transform anyone. Mainly used by Kurenai Otoya in the past chapter and Nago Keisuke in the present chapter, others are Jirou, Asou Yuri- Megumi's Mother, Eritate Kengo, Rook and Itoya.

Save Mode
Immediately after IXA's transformation, the shield on the face closed is the first stage. Because of the maximum influx of the energy immediately after transformation, to protected the system from self-destruction, it operates at the maximum of 60%, consequently falling short of the Burst Mode's function. The ProtoIXA in the past chapter only activates in Save Mode.
The killing technique is the accumulation of energy in a single point of the IXA Knuckle, knocking off the enemy with [Broken Fang]. With the Reed of the Knuckle Fuestel in the IXA Belt, activates together with the electronic call of [I - Ku - Sa - Na - Ke - Ru - Ra - I - Zu - A - Pu]. The energy bullet can be released for long range attack. Can even be used during Burst Mode, mainly used in the past chapter without the Burst Mode and IXA Caliber.
Burst Mode
A version up implemented from 22 years ago, opening the cross shield operating in 100% as the second form. Changing in this mode wind pressure is released, knocking off the nearby enemy. The system can exhibit all its functions, but the suit and internal computer's load is great and can only be used for 30 minutes.
The killing technique operates the IXA Engine to maximum power, the a shining IXA Caliber slashing the enemy with [IXA Judgment]. With reed of the Caliber Fuestel in the IXA Belt, activates together with the electronic call of [I - Ku - Sa - Ka - Ri - Ba - Ra - I - Zu - A - Pu]. At this time operating the IXA engine to maximum, the [Proof of the Sun] in the chest flushed in deep red, shining like a burning sun in the background. In the past chapter, operating the IXA Engine to maximum is dangerous and the IXA Caliber does not exists, thus cannot be used.
Rising IXA
Rising IXA
Migrating the IXA system to [Ver XI] that allows transformation, IXA's enhanced form. It's base color is blue. Removing the IXA riser from IXA's mouthpiece, Keying into the console [1 - 9 - 3] and electronic voice will call out [Ra - I - Ji - N - Gu], pushing the call button, IXA's body armor will fly off, and the transformation completes. Re-improving the System in the final chapters, after transforming passing through Normal IXA to transform to Rising IXA.
Expanding the control armor of the IXA engine in the chest area, releasing the System's protect constantly operating the IXA engine at 100%, having a battle ability that far exceeds the previous IXA. Aside from using the custom weapon of the IXA Riser, it can also use the weapons IXA Caliber and IXA Knuckle.
There is an additional of 2 variation of killing technique, concentrating the maximum operating energy of the IXA Engine on the IXA Saber, it can release a strong energy wave [Final Rising Blast] that is generally tens of times stronger. From the grip of the IXA Riser the Riser Fuestel can be removed, activating from the Reed of the IXA Belt. The destructive power and the reaction is exceedingly great. Because the internal energy of Riser consumes a large amount of energy, with energy full can only be used 3 times consecutively.

IXA's Custom Weapons (IXA Arms)

IXA Knuckle
The Generator Activation Key that allows the IXA System wearer to transform, managing the wearers vitals and the suit's state, a support robot that gives advice during battle. A continuously version upped for 22 years. Hitting on the palm of the wearer, an makes an electronic call [Ready], installing into the IXA Belt an electronic voice will call [Fist On] transforming the wearer to IXA.
During battle, is equipped in the right hand, An Electromagnetic knuckle weapon that instantly transmits 500 Million volts of electricity to the opponent. Irregardless of being transformed, can deal damaged to a Fangire with the strong electromagnetic shock, can even be used when the electrical machinery is not functioning.
IXA Belt
Together with the IXA Knuckle, a belt type Generator Activation Key that transforms the wearer to IXA. The IXA Generator in the buckle serving as an energy amplifier, every kind of Fuestel is inserted reading the information of the Fuestel Program, equipped with a Fuestel Reader.
A summoning - awakening tone type electronic key equipped on both sides of the IXA Belt. 7 variations exists, equipped in the buckle portion of the IXA belt is the Fuestel Reader, reading various program information.
Knuckle Fuestel
Only one, appeared in the past chapter. concentrating all the energy of IXA in the IXA Knuckle, a silver Fuestel that releases the Broken Fang.
Caliber Fuestel
Concentrating all the energy of IXA in the IXA Caliber, a gold Fuestel that releases the IXA Judgment.
Powered Fuestel
A white fuestel that summons the Powered IXA.
Fake Fuestel
A Fuestel that traces Kiva's Fuestel with scientific explanation. Like the Fuestel of Kiva releases a sound frequency, the original monster arms of Kiva will be summoned. Equipped are three kinds of Fake Fuestel, Garulu, Basha and Dogga, in the series, only used the Garulu Fake.
Riser Fuestel
Concentrating all the energy of Rising IXA in the IXA Riser, a blue Fuestel that releases the Final Rising Blast. Equipped in the grip of IXA Riser, to use the Riser as a weapon, a protect release key is present.
IXA Caliber
IXA's custom long and short ranged weapon. Usually in Gun Mode, a silver bullet the comprises of energy that Fangire dislikes. Stowed in the grip of the Magazine part of the Gun mode, the central part extends a red blade changing it to Caliber Mode.
IXA Lion
  • Traveling Speed: 753km/h
  • Base Model: CBR1000RR
IXA's Custom Hyper Motorcycle manufactured by the [Wonderful Aozora Group], having the name of a [battle lion]. Using the Synthetic Fuel Super Nitro Methane for the next generation engine - Guardian Engine to operate. Is equipped with the pinnacle of two-wheeled technology, its specs exceeding the Machine Kiva.
IXA Riser
Enhanced transformation arms for Rising IXA. After [Ver XI] of IXA, the mouth piece is detached. Usually in the form of a mobile phone, the transformed grip inserts the Riser Fuestel, used as Arms. The activation of every function si decided by the key in the console, choosing the function based on the number, then pushing the call button to execute.
Aside from the release of Energy Bullet from Gun Mode, pushing the keys in the console can changed the single to burst mode. If [5 - 6 - 7 - 8] is entered in the console, the display part bends 90°, changing into Scouter Mode, capable of pursuing the enemy.
Powered Ixa
Developed by the [Wonderful Aozora Grou], is IXA's custom dragon type heavy unit. It's main designer is the same as IXA's Asou Akane, after her death the development was frozen and was redeveloped on 1998, roll out in 2008 during the Sabat battle. Together with the electronic call of [Pa - Wa - Do - I - Ku - Sa], blowing on the Fuestel calls upon it. Piloting it like a cockpit, using the IXA Knuckle as the activation key.
The Tail of the dragon has a container, loaded with a multipod Ixapod that reacts to the situation of the mission, the arm imitating the head of the dragon, can attack. Again, this arm is where IXA itself rides, from the force of the throw he can attack with a kick. Small compared to Castle Doran, has an effective mobility for right turn. Docking with Castle Doran, then can make joint attacks.

Masked Rider Saga

Masked Rider Saga

The form of Taiga Nobori in the Saga Armor. It's motif is a snake, and base color is silver. Sagarc clings to Taiga's waist activating Taiga's hidden Demon Star Power, the transformation key combined with the standard weapon Jacorder inserted to the Jacorder Slot on the right side of the buckle willing Sararc to transform to complete the transformation.

Saga's armor was created before Kiva's armor, with the Demon Star Stone that enlarges the wearers own Demon Star Power, using a custom tool of artificial monster to control them at will after transformation. His custom weapon is only the Jacorder, and possesses 1 fuestel as minimum weapons as possible, the jet black Demon Star Stone inserted in the chest, has a dormant power that is comparable to Kiva Emperor Form. The Katena (chains) that swirls around his waist has the function to increase Saga's power, having the exact opposite property of Kiva's [restricting the power]. The Jacorder uses a speedy fencing style, the Jacorder Bute captures the target and attacks using a powerful tactic.

The killing technique injects Demon Star Power to the Jacorder Bute, the bute extending piercing and hangs the target, with the finger trancing the bute, sending the amplified Demon Star Power pulverizing the the enemy with the [Snaking Death Break]. Together with the [Wake Up] call of Sagarc, activates by blowing on the Wake Up Fuestel. The crest of the king appearing in the sky, the target that is hanged from the bute is thrown, there are 2 variations of this.

Saga's Item / Weapon

Was created to protect the King of Fangire, an artificial monster created from the Sagarc Race. It's motif is a snake but but not the typical long and narrow type, compressed in the form of a disc, can freely float in the air when moving. Was by Taiga's side when he was still a child. Speaks with an ancient Fangire Language that humans could not understand.
Clinging to the waist of Taiga, recognizes with the 8 feet - Silver Tentacle as the wearer, from the tentacle extends to the belt portion - Honding Belt to transform, awakening the hidden Demon Star Power. And then inserting the Jacorder Rod into the Jacorder slot on the side of the belt with the will to transform, Taiga transforms into Masked Rider Saga. After transformation can mutually understand the will of Saga.
Inserted into Sagarc the transformation key that tells the intention to transform, Saga's custom Recoder type all purpose weapon. Originally as the shape implied, a pipe that plays the sound of amplifying powers, guarding the Demon Star Power from spontaneous discharge the function of the flute is separated by the Wake Up Fuestel, this is the basis of Kiva's Fuestel. In other words the [Prototype Fuestel]. Receiving the will of Saga the tip degenerates, the rod sword of the Jacorder Rod, can take the shape of a whip type Jacorder Bute. Aside from direct attack, the Demon Star Power can be used to attack with an electric shock.
Even without transformation can be used as a weapon. Has a compatibility with the Kiva Armor, Taiga used the Jacorder as a weapon when transformed into Dark Kiva, can also use the Snaking Death Break.
Wake Up Fuestel
Saga's only Fuestel. Sagarc blowing into it releases all the power of Saga's Demon Star Power, a white Fuestel that releases the killing technique Snaking Death Break.

Saga's Monster

A cobra like monster that Taiga employs. Different from Castle Doran does not need a fuestel to be summoned, even without the transformation of Saga can freely be called. Freely moving in the air, burning the opponent with light balls shot from its head.
It's motif is God of the Snake from the Mayan mythology.
Mother Sagarc
A giant Sagarc that is from the family of Sagarc that Taiga employs. Its surrounding has the same shape as the small one and exists as many. it's weapons are tentacle and exploding light ray.

Masked Rider Dark Kiva

Masked Rider Dark Kiva

The strongest Kiva Armor created by the Fangire Race worn by a warrior. Was developed before the [Golden Kiva] that Wataru possesses, was called the [Kiva of Darkness]. It's motif is a Vampire. Base color is red and black. Kivat Bat II bites the wearers hand injecting Active Force, activating the Demon Star Power to transform.

It's outward appearance and mechanism are similar to Kiva Emperor form, but the 3 giant Demon Star Stone on the chest is purer than Kiva's, it was because Kivat Bat II's Demon Star Power Control technique exceeds that of Kivat Bat III, having a battle ability that far surpasses Emperor Form. With only simple power, it's own Demon Stor Power releases a green surge, attacking the target with the black crest of Kiva, and restrains, providing a black magic arts. On the other hand the Kick Back on the wearer is also greater than Kiva's, if those unsuited transform and wore this, the wearer will instantly invite death.

The killing technique requires Kivat II to blow on the Wake Up Fuestel a number of times for a variety of technique to activate, with [Wake Up 1!], from the distant sky controlling a straight punch the [Darkness Hell Crusher], with [Wake Up 2!], controls a fierce flying kick from the sky activates the [King's Burst End]. Additionally with the [Wake Up 3!], a suicide bombing using its own body for the [Kings World End], at the start of the story, it was later mentioned that the general usage of this was sealed. Using all the killing technique is similar to Kiva and Saga that the surrounding turns dark, with a red full moon hanging in the sky. When Taiga transformed into this in the last chapter, he uses Saga's killing technique [Snaking Death Break].

The first user was King (past chapter), in the distant past during the ensuing ware between the Legendorga and Fangire for military gains, sealed Ark with the Kings World End and exterminated the Legendorga, leading the war as the victor, with many Fangire and Legendorga dying from the Kings World End, the power was regarded by Fangires as dangerous and sealed the Kings World End, stressing importance on safety developed the [Golden Kiva]. In the past chapter, disliking the inhuman deeds of the King alienated Kivat II letting Kurenai Otoya transform, such existence is in the records of the [Wonderful Aozora Group]. In the present chapter the Kiva armor is in Maya to give to those qualified, it was temporarily in the hand of Maya not delivering it to Taiga who has the authority to inherit it, in the final chapters Taiga snatched it from Maya, recognizing the bitterness that Taiga tasted Kivat II granted him the Transformation ability.

Dark Kiva's Item / Weapon

Dark Kivat Belt
The belt where Kivat II [perch]. Aside from the black coloring, is similar to Kiva's Kivat Belt.
Summoning - Awakening flute equipped on the Fuestel Slots on both sides of Dark Kiva's belt. has 6 variations, when Kivat II blows on them various effects are activated.
Wake Up Fuestel
Concentrating the Demon Star Stone of Dark Kiva in a single point, a black Fuestel that releases the killing technique. Kivat II blows on it several times for different concentrations on the Demon Star Power, as mentioned above, activates the killing technique. When blowing counts [Wake Up (number)!]
Seal Fuestel
Together with the signal of kivat II's [(monster name) Seal!], a special energy is released to capture a monster, changing them into a sculpture form and sealing them into a Fuestel. The slot reacts to the different situation of the kind of monster that is being sealed, during the war with the Legendorga uses the Legendorga Fuestel. In the series the Seal Fuestel was loaded with Garulu, Basha and Dogga. It's melody, performs for every arms monster summoned.
Doran Fuestel
Similar to that of Kiva, not used during the series
Buron Fuestel
Similar to that of Kiva, not used during the series

Fangire Tribe

Borrowing the form of humans, a race of monsters that live using the Life Energy of humans as food. Summoning [Life Sucking Fang], objects that look like fangs floating in the air, pierces the neck of humans sucking out the life energy from them. The body of attacked humans turns into a colorless transparent glass, and breaks in the end. While in Kaijin Form, during the consumption of the life energy, the lower jaw raises a flashy stained glass figure. Every individual has a characteristic feature, they are generally classed with animals calling themselves [(Animal) Fangire]. Outward appearance and body organization liken to a stained glass, their original form can still converse with humans, during battle they can summon custom weapons. Among them that does not have a human face can still make conversation. Again, even in the same race, the variation in battle ability are somewhat violent.

Aside from [seeing humans as food], their thought and behaviours are no different from humans, many among them have lived mingling into human society. But for fangires compared to humans has a longer life span (Speed from youth to adulthood are the same as humans, but old age is extremely slow), in order to camouflage the aging process then go about the different eras in different occupation. Because they think like humans, they charm humans that they want to feed on, there are also Fangire that are in a relationship, but this is the greatest prohibition for a Fangire, Fangires that ends up with humans are eliminated by the [Queen]. As long as this prohibition is not touched, in front of the management of the Checkmate Four, every individuals are free to live their life. For that reason, there are conflicts among the race, ambition in aiming for the seat in the Checkmate four, movement are extremely varied.

When they die their bodies become glass and shatters, using what remains of the shard infusing it with life energy, they exists as living dead with no clarity of thought. Furthermore, dying aside from their life span, an energy ball floats from their body containing the Life Energy, this is the raw materials for Sabat (later explained). This Fangire Revival technique, aside from the highest nobles and the Checkmate Four, only a high positioned Fangire can learn this technique.

There are also different classification among the Fangire race, the insect like [Insect Class], beast like [Beast Class], aquatic creature like [Aqua Class], reptile like [Lizard Class], these 4 classes exists. Again, the Fangire race itself is a kind of monster race, [Kivat Race], [Doran Race], [Sagarc Race], [Wolfen Race], [Merman Race], [Franken Race], and 12 others belonging to other races, either way for the prosperity of the Fangire, serving the Fangires for generations. With the exception of the [Legendorga Race] from the movie, a monster race that surpasses the Fangire in strength.

In the last chapter, D&P has a plan to coexists with humans, but the future has the Neo Fangire as a threat (outward appearance of a giant battle formation, particulars unknown).

Furthermore, there are no Kaijin that have the motif of a bird, actually the designer put on hold the design of the Fangire, in relation to the aforementioned design, the suggested keywords are included.


Gathering the life energies of deceased Fangire they can be reborn, in a giant aura aggregation. Particularly the body color is different, throughout the body is similar to the other fangires covered with stained glass. In the series they appeared with a body color of blue-orange-red. Similar to reborned Fangire their will is clearly that of a living dead, if a Fangire is present when summoned with Sabat can be under control, if not then will just go berserk. Uses light bomb and tentacles as weapons. Furthermore, when Kiva defeats a Fangire, the energy ball that is their life energy is consumed by Castle Doran, and cannot be used as raw materials for Sabat. In the series Inukai Takeo (Prawn Fangire), similar to his own spirit the life energy of the dead Fangire was systhesized, that sabat was called 6 pillars of Sabat.

Cast of Characters

Regular & Semi Regulars

  • Kurenai Wataru / Masked Rider Kiva (voice) - Seto Kouji
  • Kurenai Otoya / Kurenai Masao / Masked Rider Ixa (past chapter, voice) / Masked Rider Dark Kiva (past chapter, voice) / Masked Rider Kiva (last chapter, voice) - Takeda Kouhei
  • Nago Keisuke / Masked Rider IXA (Present, voice) - Katou Keisuke
  • Nobori Taiga / Masked Rider Saga (voice) / Masked Rider Dark Kiva (present, voice) - Yamamoto Shouma
  • Asou Megumi - Yanagisawa Nana
  • Asou Yuri - Takahashi Yuu
  • Nomura Shizuka - Keiko Rina
  • Eritate Kengo - Kumai Kouhei
  • Kido Akira - Kinoshita Houka
  • Shima Mamoru - Kaneyama Kazuhiko
  • Jirou / Garuru (voice) - Matsuda Kenji
  • Ramon / Basha (voice) - Ogoe Yuuki
  • Riki / Dogga (voice) - Takizawa Eiji
  • Itoya Ryou - Souto (Nakano Yuuta)
  • Spider Fangire (voice) / Other guest Fangire (voice) - Shiono Katsumi
  • King / Bat Fangire (voice) / Masked Rider Dark Kiva (past, voice) - Niiro Shinya
  • Rook / Lion Fangire (voice) - Takahara Tomohide
  • Bishop / Swallowtail Fangire (voice) - Murata Mitsu
  • Maya / Pearl Shell Fangire (voice) - Kagami Saki
  • Suzuki Mio / Pearl Shell Fangire (voice) - Haga Yuria)
  • Kibat Bat III (voice), Kibat Bat II (voice), Future Kivat (last chapter, voice), Narration - Sugita Tomokazu
  • Demon Star Dragon Tatsulot (voice) - Ishida Akira

Main Guest

The number inside the parenthesis is the episode where they appeared

  • Tsugami Kaoru - Kyou Nobuo (1)
  • Miyasawa Hitomi - Umemiya Masako (2)
  • Natsukawa Aya - Tachibana Masato (3,4)
  • Kuramae Noboru - Shinoda Mitsuyoshi (5,6)
  • Inukai Takeo - Sakakibara Toshihiko (7,8)
  • Oomura Takeo - Murai Katsuyuki (9,10)
  • Miyake Tooru - Jinbo Satoshi (13,14)
  • Amano Eriko - Nishida Natsumi (15,16)
  • Kurasawa Mami (present) - Yui Ryouko (17,18)
  • Kurasawa Mami (past) - Yamazaki Reina (17,18)
  • Sakaguchi Sakichi - Kino Shuuhei (17,18)
  • Kumi - Hashimoto Namami (21,22)
  • Yamashita - Yanagi Yuurei (21,22)
  • Takeuchi Shinji - Mizuhashi Kenji (23,24)
  • Kyoko - Shimizu Mina (23,24)
  • Tanahashi - Agawa Atsushi (27,28)
  • Asou Mitsuhide - Nakayama Masei (29,30,31,48)
  • Abel - Kunodera Akira (29,30,31)
  • Kurosawa - Kazuoki (32,33)
  • Numagawa - Sakamoto Makoto (32,33)
  • Kanda - Iida Kisuke (34,35)
  • Kaede - Miyashita Tomomi (34,35)

Suit Actors

  • Masked Rider Kiva / Masked Rider Dark Kiva / Garuru - Takaiwa Seiji
  • Masked Rider IXA - Okamoto Jirou
  • Masked Rider IXA (during the Asou parent-child) - Hachisuka Yuichi
  • Masked Rider Saga / Fangire / Dogga - Eitoku
  • Basha / Pearl Shell Fangire - Kamio Naoko
  • Fangire - Muraoka Hiroyuki, Imai Yasuhiko, Watanabe Jun


  • Original Author - Ishinomori Shoutaro (Ishimori Pro)
  • Supervisor - Onodera Shou (Ishimori Pro)
  • Producer - Kaji Atsushi (TV Asahi), Takabe Naomi, Utsunomiya Takaaki, Oomori Takayoshi (Toei)
  • Director - Tasaki Ryuuta, Ishida Hidenori, Maihara Kenzou, Tamura Naoyuki, Nagaishi Takao, Nakazawa Shoujirou
  • Screenplay - Inoue Toshiki, Yonemura Shouji
  • Music - Saitou Tsuneyoshi
  • Action Director - Takeda Michihiro, Miyazaki Takeshi (JAE), Niibori Kazuo (RED)
  • Special Effects Director - Butsuda Hiroshi
  • Photography - Inokuma Masao
  • Art - Ooshima Shuuichi
  • Assistant Director - Shibasaki Takayuki, Itou Ryouichi, others
  • Creature Design - Shinohara Tamotsu
  • Production - TV Asahi, Toei, ADK

Main Theme

Main Theme
[Break the Chain]

Browse All Music

  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - Naruse Shuuhei / Arrangement - Naruse Shuuhei, Tourbillon / Song - Tourbillon
Insert Song (Ending Theme)
Similar to the past Heisei Rider Seires, the insert song used during battle is also used as the ending theme
[Destiny's Play] (Episode 8~)
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - NKMD / Arrangement - Naruse Shuuhei / Song - TETRA-FANG
Masked Rider Kiva - Kiva Form's Theme
[Individual System] (Episode 15~)
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement - Naruse Shuuhei / Song - TETRA-FANG
Masked Rider IXA's theme song
[Innocent Trap] (Episode 19~)
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement - Naruse Shuuhei / Song - TETRA-FANG
Masked Rider Kiva - Basha Form's theme song
[Shout in the Moonlight] (Episode 23~)
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement - Ryo / Song - TETRA-FANG
Masked Rider Kiva - Garuru Form's theme song
[Supernova] (Episode 24~)
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - NAOKI MAEDA / Arrangement - Naruse Shuuhei / Song - TETRA-FANG
Masked Rider Kiva - Emperor Form's Theme song
[Fight for Justice "Individual-System NAGO ver"] (Episode 28~)
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement - Naruse Shuuhei / Song - Nago Keisuke (Katou Keisuke)
Masked Rider Rising IXA's theme song
[Roots of the King] (Episode 34~)
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement - Naruse Shuuhei / Song - TETRA-FANG
Masked Rider Saga's theme song

direct link for audio file: Kiva Audio
Buy them here: Amazon OST Supernova

Episode List

In the series subtitles, every chapter has a relation to music (Song titles or music terminology) and musical symbols.

Air Date Episode Subtitle Appearing Fangire Screenplay Director
2008/1/27 1 Fate・WAKE UP! Spider Fangire
Horse Fangire(voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Inoue Toshiki Tasaki Ryuuta
2008/2/3 2 Musical Suite・Violin of Parent & Child Octopus Fangire(voice - Oka Kanae)
2008/2/10 3 Hero・Perfect Hunter Moth Fangire (voice - Yamazaki Erina) Ishida Hidenori
2008/2/17 4 Reverie・Wild Blue
2008/2/24 5 Duet・Stalker Panic Spider Fangire
Sheep Fangire(voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Maihara Kenzou
2008/3/2 6 Replay・Humans are All Music
2008/3/9 7 Hymn・Three Star Full Course of Darkness Prawn Fangire(voice - Shiono Katsumi) Tasaki Ryuuta
2008/3/16 8 Soul・Dragon Castle, Angered Prawn Fangire
2008/3/23 9 Symphony・IXA・Fist On Frong Fangire(voice - Murai Katsuyuki) Ishida Hidenori
2008/3/30 10 Sabre Dance・Glassy Melody
2008/4/6 11 Rolling Stone・Door of Dreams Spider Fangire
Earwig Fangire(voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Maihara Kenzou
2008/4/13 12 First Live・Golden Speed Spider Fangire
2008/4/20 13 Unfinished・Daddy Fight Rhinoceros Fangire(voice - Chichiwa Ryuusaku) Tamura Naoyuki
2008/4/27 14 Pomp and Circumstance・Thunderstrike Purple Eye
2008/5/4 15 Resurrection・Checkmate Four Lion Fangire Nagaishi Takao
2008/5/11 16 Player・Rules of Cruelty Lion Fangire
2008/5/18 17 Lesson・My Way Sea Star Fangire(voice - Itou Shuhei) Yonemura Shouji Ishida Hidenori
2008/5/25 18 Quartet・Listen to your hearts voice
2008/6/1 19 Fusion・Aura Storm Ladybug Fangire(voice - Nakao Ryuusei) Inoue Toshiki Maihara Kenzou
2008/6/8 20 Nocturne・Lovely Messiah Ladybug Fangire
2008/6/22 21 Rhapsody・Fate of the Ring Chameleon Fangire(voice - Sakai Keikou) Nagaishi Takao
2008/6/29 22 Overture・Fateful Intersection
2008/7/6 23 Variation・Fugitives Forever Grizzly Fangire( - Mizuhashi Kenji) Ishida Hidenori
2008/7/13 24 Emperor・Golden Fever
2008/7/20 25 Fanfare・The Queen's Awakening Lion Fangire
Spider Fangire
Shark Fangire(voice - Endou Daisuke)
Nakazawa Shoujirou
2008/7/27 26 Metronome・Miraculous Memory Spider Fangire
2008/8/3 27 80's・Angry Rising Blue Cicada Fangire(voice - Mito Takashi)
Crab Fangire(voice - Masuda Takayuki)
Nagaishi Takao
2008/8/17 28 Request・Time Altering Battle
2008/8/24 29 When the Saints go Marching in・I am King Lion Fangire
Warthog Fangire(voice - Hodera Akira)
Ishida Hidenori
2008/8/31 30 Curtain Rising・Kiva's Identity
2008/9/7 31 Applause・Motherly Dedicated Transformation Lion Fangire
Warthog Fangire
Pearl Shell Fangire
2008/9/14 32 New World・Another Kiva Pearl Shell Fangire
Moose Fangire(voice - Wazuoki)
Tortoise Fangire(voice - Shimoyama Yoshimitsu)
Tasaki Ryuuta
2008/9/21 33 Super Sonic・Saga's Fight
2008/9/28 34 Noise・Melody of Destruction Horsefly Fangire(voice - Mine Kaori)
Swallowtail Fangire
Nagaishi Takao
2008/10/5 35 New Arrangement・Flying Rose Horsefly Fangire
2008/10/12 36 Revolution・Sword Legend Rat Fangire(voice - Ishino Ryuuzou) Nakazawa Shoujirou
2008/10/19 37 Triangle・Behead the King Rat Fangire
Pearl Shell Fangire
2008/10/26 38 Erlking・Mother and Child Reunion Mantis Fangire(voice - Take Tora)
Revived Fangire Army
Tasaki Ryuuta
2008/11/9 39 Shout・Targeted Brother Mantis Fangire
Revived Fangire Army
Pearl Shell Fangire
Swallowtail Fangire
2008/11/16 40 Encore・Nago IXA Explosive Return Jellyfish Fangire(voice - Ishigami Ryuichi)
Swallowtail Fangire
Ishida Hidenori
2008/11/23 41 Lullaby・Release the Heart Jellyfish Fangire
Swallowtail Fangire
Pearl Shell Fangire
2008/11/30 42 Power・Of・Love・King's Anger Sungazer Fangire(voice - Kanayama Kazuhiko・Shiono Katsumi)
Silk Moth Fangire(voice - Katsuki Masako)
Maihara Kenzou
2008/12/7 43 Wedding March・Time of Parting Sungazer Fangire(voice - Kanayama Kazuhiko)
Pearl Shell Fangire
Silk Moth Fangire
2008/12/14 44 Punk・Back to Father Polar Bear Fangire(voice - Egawa Daisuke) Nagaishi Takao
2008/12/21 45 With You・Final Transformation Bat Fangire
Swallowtail Fangire
2009/1/4 46 Full Stop・Farewell Otoya Bat Fangire
Swallowtail Fangire
Revived Fangire Army
Ishida Hidenori
2009/1/11 47 Break the Chain・Obey Me! Swallowtail Fangire
Revived Fangire Army
2009/1/18 48(FINALE) Finale・Inheritors of Kiva Revived Bat Fangire(voice - Sakai Keikou)
Swallowtail Fangire
Revived Fangire Army
Neo Fangire

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