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Masked Rider Kabuto

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Masked Rider Kabuto
仮面ライダーカブト Kamen Raida Kabuto
Format: live action
Episodes: 49 Episodes
Fansubbed: tvnihon

[Masked Rider Kabuto] started showing from January 29, 2006 (Heisei 18) to January 21, 2007 on TV Asahi every Sunday 8:00-8:30 PM with a total of 49 episodes. Being the 7th TV Drama of the [Heisei Kamen Rider Series], the leading transforming hero has the titles namesake.

The catchphrase is [traveling the path of heaven, to rule over all!], [I am Justice].



October 19, 1999, a giant meteor crash landed in Shibuya Japan, destroying the surrounding area. After that, Space Creatures Worm that kills and mimics humans appeared. In order to resist the Worm, humans formed the secret organization ZECT, and developed the Masked Rider System. On the other hand, ZECT apprentice Kagami Arata met Tendou Souji who proclaims himself as [Traveling the path of heaven, a man who will rule over all].



The 7th Heisei Kamen Rider series. Produced in commemoration to the 35th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series.

Totally different from the previous Masked Rider Hibiki, the motif adopts an insect, and reviving the declaration of [Henshin], habitual use of bike, using kick as a killing technique as well as calling out the name of the Rider's own killing technique, pro-actively comprising the so-called element of Kamen Rider. On the other hand, possesses an enemy in the forms of humans and Kaijins, a Hero from an organization, altering the equipping of the Rider, and incorporates every element of the Heisei Kamen Rider Series that can be seen everywhere. New elements were also incorporated, this is what producer Kaji Atsushi expresses in his work and comments [not revolutionizing the original, but challenging the limit and summit of the Kamen Rider], chronicling the proposal about [Capturing the description adopting something good, throwing out anything unnecessary without pardon] was directly expressed.

Making a close up of [cooking] as a situation that have been appearing in the series, the main characters have a taste for cooking for many characters. The gravity of comedy is also high, softening the gloomy and heavy tone of the story, the work has the intention of having a bright mood. Especially [Kabuto], and the other natural characters, has an absurdly surreal development, with many comedic arts in the serious tokusatsu works, bringing up one of the original aspects of Tokusatsu. This comedic element was also inherited in the succeeding work Masked Rider Den-O, further magnifying this.

Staff / Casting

This marks the comeback of the combination of Shirakura Shinichirou and Takebe Naomi who had previously worked on Agito - 555 for two years producing for Toei. The main writer, working together with the same Shirakura Takebe in [Sh15uya], participating in the Heisei Kamen Rider Series and the later half of Hibiki, writing first time as a main writer of a series is Yonemura Shouji. Others were actor Yuge Tomohisa and Karahashi Mitsuru, Haishima Kuniaki who handled the music, Tasaki Ryouta who had made a comeback since [555] and Nagaishi Takao since [Blade], having common Cast and staff participating from the Heisei Riders and [Sh15uya]. There were also many guest who have have been regulars in the Heisei Kamen Rider.

For the Suit Actors, the main character is still the same from [Blade] Takaiwa Seiji, the second Rider is Itou Makoto.

Inoue Toshiki who participated in many Shirakura produced work did not become the main writer, Shirakura informs that [working together with Inoue, we mutually understand the words, and until now there aren't any great differences.] However, this resulted in Inoue taking charge 1/3 of the show for 16 episodes.

Special Effects Production

The examples of the battle production would be the [Clock Up]. The High speed movement of the riders, are similar Ryuki's Accel Vent, 555's Accel Form, and Blade's Maha Jaguar. But the greatest variation from the previous works is the establishment of the "Killing Technique", more than both ally and enemy being able to use Clock Up, it has the main point of creating a [world where no ordinary humans can enter]. The concept of Clock Up is close to the Mirror World of Ryuki, establishing the principles of fighting. The production portrayal of Clock Up time was gradually reduced in the later half, having the final stage in common space, depicting the instant movement of the Clock Up.

Producer Shirakura in a Tokusatsu magazine interview stated, [having a feeling "You may not be aware, but there might be a Masked Rider fighting beside you"].


Based on the amount of toys sold, the total sales of the Henshin Belt which is the main toy totaled 7.1 Billion Yen. Short of their target of 7.5 Billion Yen, it was a great improvement from their previous sales of 6.5 Billion Yen from Hibiki, having great results in the industry.

Shirakura Shinichirou said in a Hobby Magazine Interview, "Different from [Ryuki] (which many similar riders have appeared), several Riders are involved with the Riders who are about to exit, progressing the story protecting the balance of the characters. The result of not burying the rider seems to be a success, focusing on the story", reasserting the difficulty in the composition of the characters and story.

There was a high assessment in the use of a bug as a motif, especially Kick Hopper and Punch Hopper who are similar to the batter type of the first Kamen Rider, with Ishimori Pro saying "Saying such a thing is rare, but the first mask looks good without complaints".

Cast of Characters

Main Article: List of Masked Rider Kabuto Characters

Masked Rider

The [Masked Rider], are candidates which are transformed selected by the Zecter of the Masked Rider System. In the series the Masked Rider or the Rider, are only once called [Masked Rider Drake] by the Hell Brothers. In the early stages Thebee's candidate (Kagami, Kageyama), have the Mark of Thebee in their chest.

When the candidate transforms, the Zector as well as the terminal of the Zector, are attached to become the transformation tool. When the transformation tool and the Zector combines, they proclaim [Henshin] and transforms into the Masked Rider.

Full in depth article - Kabuto_riders


Alien life forms that came to earth from a meteorite, having the characteristic and appearance of an inhabiting bug and crustacean. Advance intelligence and a later mentioned special ability, secretly kills humans and continues to breed.

The worm that penetrated earth through the Shibuya Meteorite, were originally unorganized and moves individually, slipping into human society and freely kills humans. However in order to preserve the entirety of the Worm, many worms abide and formed a group. In the series the Uca Worm (Mamiya Rena) and Cassis Worm (Nogi Reiji) lead the Worm Army. Although a digression, in order for them to be categorized as living creatures, this is the first time that many living creatures are adopted in the Rider Series.


Pupa form
The first form. Can also be defeated by conventional weapons. It's body color is green (while brown just before maturity), and generally the shell molts and can see Clock Up while a white variation is a minority.
They are close to the [battle members] in the traditional Rider Series. Their design are called [Salis].
Adult Form
The second form molting from the Pupa form. It has a different color from the pupa form. During battle, they may have Pupa forms as their body guards.


Mimic (Doppleganger) Ability
Completely copies and changes into the form of a human. During mimicing the memories of the original human are also inherited, and can substitute as a replacement of the human.
During Human form or Worm form has his own will, in terms of will and character will usually be that of the original, and also expressing the character of a worm. Again, there is also the Scorpio Worm that mimic and forgot that he himself is a worm and believes he is human.
Having difficulty giving maximum damage on its mimic form, ZECT developed the Anti Mimic Bomb which will temporarily unwrap the mimic form.
Super High Speed Movement (Clock Up) ability
Molting to an adult form the worm can Clock Up. When entering Clock Up humans cannot confirm by sight, attacking humans in an unseen speed, and if not for the equipping of the Masked Rider System, will be difficult to defeat.


35 years ago another kind of worm came to earth in a form of a Meteorite. Being the enemy of the Worm that was in the Shibuya Meteorite, and is being targeted.

When they arrived at Earth, the Native expecting the worm to invade the Earth made contact with the humans. In order to protect themselves they aided the humans, together they formed ZECT. In return to offering the development of the Masked Rider System and the Cast Off and Clock Up, they have a contract that the humans being equipped with it will protect them. Hoping for coexistence with humans, Negi and the upper department wanted to control the world by substituting the humans, which they planned when they arrived on earth. After the formation of ZECT, they researched in artificially transforming a human into a Native, and proceeded in the development of weapons. An adult form like Hiyori's Sisyra Worm and Mishima's Gryllus Worm has been confirmed.

Clock Up

A special movement method wherein the Adult worm and every Rider Form operating Tachion particles controlling their own flow of time moving at super speed. The worm at their own will, while the Riders need to switch it on to activate. The switch is in the side of the buckle, Kabuto, Gattack and Dark Kabuto has a pushing slap switch, for the other riders it is a slide type trace switch.

A clock up activated Rider as well as the worm being able to move at super high speed, their form cannot be seen in the surroundings. Looking from the side of the Riders or Worm, during Clock Up aside from themselves the flow of time stops. Again, there is a limit to the time in Clock Up, in order not to burden the Rider in a long time, the Zector themselves will automatically cancel the Clock Up. The Riders as well as the Kabuto Extender, will utter [Clock Up] when Clock up is activated and [Clock Over] when it is canceled.

The Cassis Worm, actually freezes time and capable of activating the Super High Speed Movement [Freeze].

Production of Clock Up

  • Examples of Clock Up Appearing
    • During a downpour of rain => Drops of water floating in the air, water drops exploding when moving in its place
    • On top of moving cars => Fighting on a stopped car
    • The high speed movement of a fired bullet falling in an instant
  • Depiction after Clock Over
    • The bowling hall before Clock Up => Instant strike after Clock Over
    • A falling tree during Clock Up => Falling all at once after Clock Over
    • An exploding block during Clock Up => Crumbling down after Clock Over

Again, in the original story it was not used as a comedy, but in the mini drama after the broadcast Tendou used it to see through the cards of Kagami.

Hyper Clock Up

A special movement method that is 10 times the speed of Clock Up. Can also Time Slip. Activates when the Hyper Clock Up Switch is pressed in the Hyper Zector.

Similar to Clock Up there is a time limit, when activated [Hyper Clock up] and when over [Hyper Clock Over] will be announced. In the point of view of Hyper Clock Up, Objects in Clock Up are perceived as Slow.


An organization that protects Humans from Worms. Also an organization that protects Native from Worm. 35 years before the start of the story, the Native expecting the attack from Worm cooperated with Kagami Riku. Having authority over the law. The Zector and Rider Belt was also developed by this organization.

The whole aspect of the organization was voluntarily concealed, as ZECT members could not grasp the full particulars. The notion among ZECT is that they prevent the penetration of Worm (actually in the series there are victims who were penetrated by worms). Also, in personnel affairs adopts volunteers, valuing efficiency will of course become members, and it is possible to those who enlisted be promoted to a higher position. In return accumulated failures will mean demotion, a superior that is judged as having no power in his position, subordinates will also abandon them. Their outward appearance puts up a [Worm Prevention, protect humans], but in reality more important than human life, in order to sweep out a Worm will use hostage, and may result in some victims.

The organizational structure puts Riku on top, but there exists on top of him a board of trustees, and the final decision of the organization comes from them. All of the members of the board of trustees are Native. The others, Mishima Masato who aids Riku with other multiple teams that investigates and sweeps Worm. Also, on the other hand of the Headquarters absolute decision, there are many cases that teams move in their discretion, as a result cooperation among teams were bad. The appearing teams were Tadokoro Team which is led by Tadokoro, Higashi Shougo that commands the Higashi Team, the Elite Zect Trooper squad Shadow which is led by the candidate of Thebee, and Tendou the leader with Takadori Renge as adjutant in Tendou Team.

ZECT Trooper

The general battle members of ZECT. Moves in black helmet and uniform (Shadow has the gold line). Their motif is that of an ant.

The mechanical Antenna and Pointer in the forehead is used to know their location, which every squad leader and ZECT command car can lead. The body armor is 10 times stronger than steel, the edged tool, rifle and metal bullets adopt a Spectra Plate. Later this was remodeled into the next series Masked Rider Den-O's Leo Soldier.
Machine Gun Blade
A ZECT Trooper's standard weapon, it can load 3000 shots of hollow point bullets in its interior muzzle. Equipped in the right arm.
With the pull of a trigger it has the option to fire multiple shots and varialbe burst functions, it's general firing speed is 600 shots/minute. It's longest range is 2000m, Armor Piercing, explosive and incendiary bomb can also be loaded. During hand to hand combat, there is an internal edged tool made of Utsu Metal, deploying a melee Blade. In the theatrical version it has the destructive power to defeat Drake with sweeping fire from a squad.
Bry Trooper (not named in the series)
Trainee ZECT Trooper. It's standard color is white. It's equipment is the same as the ZECT Trooper. Takadori Renge was seen in this form.
In Masked Rider Decade, together with the general ZECT Trooper, participates in combat.

Series Terminology

Area X
The Area in Tokyo Shibuya where the giant meteorite fell. Was blockaded, and is not easy for normal people to enter. In its deepest part is where a secured Mimic Tendou Souji is guarded by both ZECT and Worm.
The special movement method of the Zectors and Maizer Bomber. Cutting time and space, in vacuum space where they run from when the candidates hail them.
The source is the [Jaunte effect] from Alfred Bester's SF novel [Tiger! Tiger!].


Regulars / Semi-regulars

  • Tendou Souji - Mizushima Hiro
  • Kagami Arata - Satou Tomohito
  • Kusakabe Hiyori - Satonaka Yui
  • Mizaki Yuzuki - Nagata Anna
  • Yaguruma Sou - Tokuyama Hidenori
  • Kageyama Shun - Uchiyama Masato
  • Kazama Daisuke - Katou Kazuki
  • Kamishiro Tsurugi - Yamamoto Yuusuke
  • Tendou Juka - Okumura Natsumi
  • Gon (Takayama Yuriko) - Kanzaki Airu
  • Jiiya - Umeno Yasukyo
  • Takemiyo Yumiko - Nishimuta Megumi
  • Tadokoro Shuichi - Yamaguchi Yoshiyuki
  • Kagami Riku - Honda Hirotarou
  • Mishima Masato - Yuge Tomohisa
  • Takadori Renge - Teshima Yuka
  • Mamiya Rena - Miwa Hitomi
  • Nogi Reiji - Sakaguchi Taku
  • Negishi - Kobayashi Masahiro
  • Kusakabe Souichi - Narumi Gou
  • Kusakabe Satomi - Asano Kaori
  • Tendou 7 years ago - Sean Wig
  • Hiyori 7 years ago - Fujii Reina
  • ZECT Trooper (voice) - Shiono Katsumi
  • voice of every Zector - Suraji Gajiria
  • Narration - Suzuki Eiichirou


The ones in parenthesis is the episode where they appear.

  • Guard Member - Harada Kouji (1)
  • Detective - Tamura Maroshi (1)
  • Tamai Yuki - Kikuchi Mika (3)
  • IT President Uemura - Murakami kohei (3)
  • Kagami Ryou / Bellcricetus Worm - Sasaki Kazunori (3,4)
  • Higashi Shogou - Ogawa Atsushi (5,6)
  • Yurika - Erena (12)
  • Kikawada Masaya (Friendship Appearance) (14)
    • from the description of his depiction in every media, explains the Kamen Rider THE FIRST AS Hongo Takeshi
  • Iguchi Gouji / White Pupa - Kikuchi Kenzaburo (14)
  • Wakabayashi Ryouko - Moro Morooka (15,16)
  • Takayama Junko - Takamura Aya (17,18)
  • Kamishiro Mika - Hosono Yumiko (19,20,26,45)
  • Hiroko - Baba Ririkou (20)
  • Makoto / Tarantes Worm Purpura - Kuwashiro Takaaki (21,22)
  • Announcer - Shimohira Sayaka (TV Asahi Announcer) (24)
  • Manager - Ishii Mitsuko (27)
  • Sagara Kazuhiko - Matsumoto Hiroyuki (27)
  • Ikesu Ichiro / Culex Worm - Abe Shunosuke (29,30)
  • Ami - Daiguji Aima (29)
  • Tadoroko's brother - Katsuya (30)
  • Tategawa Daigo / Native - Nakaizumi Hideo (35,36)
  • Kobayashi Keiko - Suzuki Kasumi (37,38)
  • Tozuka - Anan Kenji (39,40)
  • Okamura Kyoko - Kouda Eri (39,40)
  • Yamato - Koga Mitsuki (Friendship Appearance) (49)
  • Oda - Kobayashi Katsuya (Friednship Appearance) (49)
  • Kabuto Zector's voice - Tomokazu Seki (Super Battle DVD)
  • Gattack Zector's voice - Yusa Kouji (Super Battle DVD)

Suit Actors

  • Masked Rider Kabuto, Masked Rider Dark Kabuto - Takaiwa Seiji
  • Masked Rider Thebee, Masked Rider Gattack - Itou Makoto
  • Masked Rider Drake, Masked Rider Thebee (Stand in) - Oshikawa Yoshifumi
  • Masked Rider Sasword, Masked Rider Dark Kabuto (Stand in) - Watanabe Jun
  • Masked Rider Kick Hopper - Eitoku (real name: Ooiwa Hisanori)
  • Masked Rider Punch Hopper - Nagase Naoki
  • ZECT Trooper - Fukuzawa Hirofumi, Okamoto Jirou, Kojima Mihou


  • Original Author - Ishinomori Shoutarou
  • Supervisor - Onodera Shou (Ishimori Pro)
  • Producer - Kaji Atsushi (TV Asahi), Shirakura Ichirou, Takabe Naomi (Toei)
  • Director -Ishida Hidenori, Tamura Naomi, Nagaishi Takao, Tasaki Ryuuta, Suzumura Nobuhiro, Shibasaki Takayuki
  • Screenplay - Yonemura Shouji, Inoue Toshiki
  • Music - Haishima Kuniaki
  • Action Director - Miyazaki Takeshi (JAE)
  • Special Effects Director - Butsuda Hiroshi
  • Photography - Inokuma Masao, Kurada Kouji
  • Assistant Director - Shibasaki Takayuki, Itou Ryouichi, Yamaguchi Kyouhei, Sugihara Teruaki
  • Producer - Kazano Kenichi
  • Title Back (production) - Tazaki Ryouta
  • Creature Design - Nirasawa Yasushi
  • Fairy Design - Karahashi Mitsuru
  • Editor - Nakata Naoki
  • Art Collaboration - OEI Gyazaring (First time ~ May 10, 2006) => Upside, Toei Rabo Tech, KYORITZ
  • Film Collaboration - Ishimori Production (No credit)
  • Production - TV Asahi, ADK, Toei

Main Theme / Insert Songs

Main Theme
Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition ・ Arrangement - Watanabe Chule / Song - YU-KI
JL Link - http://www.japan-legend.com/music/kr/12_kabutoop.mp3
Insert Song
Since there is no clear ending theme, the insert song in the main battle theme is used as the ending theme. There was no ending theme in the final episode (The staff roll uses BGM).
[FULL FORCE] (Episode 2~)
Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - nishi-ken / Arrangement - RIDER CHIPS ・ Watanabe Chule / Song - RIDER CHIPS
JL Link - http://www.japan-legend.com/music/kr/12_kabutoed2.mp3
[Uki Uki Happy Birthday] (The only insert song on episode 21)
Lyrics - Mori Yuriko / Composition - nichi-ken / Song - Kageyama Shun (Uchiyama Masato)
[LORD OF THE SPEED] (Episode 33~)
Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - Watanabe Chule / Arrangement - RIDER CHIPS / Song - RIDER CHIPS featuring Kagami Arata (Satou Tomohito)
JL Link - http://www.japan-legend.com/music/kr/12_kabutoed.mp3

Episode List

There were no title, the [Subtitle] in here are recorded from TV Programming from newspaper and TV Guides.

Air date Episode # Subtitle Appearing Worm Screenplay Director
2006/1/29 1 Strongest Man
  • Aracnea Worm Rubor
  • Aracnea Worm Flavus
  • Aracnea Worm Nigritia
Yonemura Shouji Ishida Hidenori
2006/2/5 2 First 2 step Transformation
  • Aracnea Worm Flavus
  • Aracnea Worm Nigritia
2006/2/12 3 I am Justice!!
  • Lanpyris Worm
  • Bellcricetus Worm
Tamura Naomi
2006/2/19 4 Explain Love!!
  • Bellcricetus Worm
2006/2/26 5 Capture Order!!
  • Epilachna Worm
Nagaishi Takao
2006/3/5 6 My Flower
  • Pulex Worm
2006/3/12 7 No 2 appears
  • Verber Worm
  • Verber Worm Rota
Ishida Hidenori
2006/3/19 8 Angry Tofu
  • Verber Worm
2006/3/26 9 The Bee's insanity!!
  • Coleoptera Worm Aeneus
  • Coleoptera Worm Croceus
  • Coleoptera Worm Argentum
Tamura Naomi
2006/4/2 10 I'm not your friend
  • Coleoptera Worm Croceus
  • Coleoptera Worm Argentum
2006/4/9 11 The Party Burns
  • Musca Worm
Inoue Toshiki Tasaki Ryuuta
2006/4/16 12 The Makeup Thousand Man cut
2006/4/23 13 Team Dissolves
  • Sectio Worm
  • Sectio Worm Acuere
Yonemura Shouji Nagaishi Takao
2006/4/30 14 Back of the back of the back
  • Pupa Type(variation)
2006/5/7 15 Monster Noted Doctor!?
  • Formicaalubus Worm
Inoue Toshiki Suzumura Nobihiro
2006/5/14 16 Impossible Storm
  • Formicaalubus Worm
  • Formicaalubus Worm Oculus
  • Formicaalubus Worm Maxilla
2006/5/21 17 Restored Memories!!
  • Viella Worm
Tazaki Ryuuta
2006/5/28 18 Goodbye Gon
2006/6/4 19 Scorpion Millionare
  • Sepultura Worm
  • Scorpio Worm
Nagaishi Takao
2006/6/11 20 Hey Jiiya
2006/6/25 21 VS Stag Beetle
  • Brachypelma Worm Aurantium
  • Brachypelma Worm Viridis
Yonemura Shouji Tasaki Ryuuta
2006/7/2 22 Birth of a special compilation
  • Brachypelma Worm Aurantium
  • Brachypelma Worm Viridis
  • Tarates Worm Purpura
  • Scorpio Worm
2006/7/9 23 Mystery + Mystery = X
  • Geophild Worm
Tamura Naomi
2006/7/16 24 Ramen Way
2006/7/23 25 The Proud Searchlight
  • Genomyas Worm
  • Uca Worm
Nagaishi Takao
2006/7/30 26 Love that Shook the Earth
2006/8/6 27 Me!? Murderer
  • Acarina Worm
Inoue Toshiki Tasaki Ryuuta
2006/8/13 28 Why!? Death
  • Acarina Worm Amber
2006/8/20 29 Dark Kitchen
  • Scorpio Worm
Ishida Hidenori
2006/8/27 30 Miso Soup Ascension
  • Culex Worm
  • Scorpio Worm
2006/9/3 31 Shocking Fact
  • Scorpio Worm
  • Foliatus Worm
  • Uka Worm
  • Sisyra Worm
Yonemura Shouji Nagaishi Takao
2006/9/10 32 Puzzle Unraveled!!
  • Sisyra Worm
  • Uca Worm
  • Foliatus Worm
2006/9/17 33 The Sprouting Adjutant
  • Uca Worm
  • Cammarus Worm
Tasaki Ryuuta
2006/9/24 34 Breaking Super Evolution
2006/10/1 35 Brothers of Hell
  • Pupa Type (Native)
  • Cochlea Worm
Ishida Hidenori
2006/10/8 36 Red Shoes Berserk
  • Pupa Type (Native)
  • Uca Worm
  • Cochlea Worm
2006/10/15 37 School's Ghost Story
  • Leptophyes Worm
Nagaishi Takao
2006/10/22 38 Danger younger Sister
2006/10/29 39 Power Black Kabuto
  • Uca Worm
  • Subst Worm
Inoue Toshiki Tasaki Ryuuta
2006/11/12 40 Greatest Sad Battle
2006/11/19 41 Strongest Defeated
  • Pupa Type (Native)
  • Cassis Worm Dimidius
Yonemura Shouji Ishida Hidenori
2006/11/26 42 Worst Terror VS Worst Fear
  • Cassis Worm Dimidius
2006/12/3 43 The me Targeting Me
  • Cassis Worm Gladius
  • Sisyra Worm
Shibasaki Takayuki
2006/12/10 44 What is living
2006/12/17 45 X-mas Quake
  • Cassis Worm Clipeus
  • Scorpio Worm
Inoue Toshiki Nagaishi Takao
2006/12/24 46 Goodbye Tsurugi!!
2007/1/7 47 Rushing to the last chapter
  • Pupa Type
Yonemura Shouji Ishida Hidenori
2007/1/14 48 Tendou Dies!!
  • Pupa Type (Native)
  • Gryllus Worm
2007/1/21 49 Path of Heaven

Other Media Developments

Super Battle DVD

Masked Rider Kabuto Super Battle DVD Birth of Gattack Hyper Form!!
A subscription DVD from Terebi-kun. The only original form from the DVD, the appearance of Gattack Hyper Form. Also, different from the original series, Kabuto Zector and Gattack Zector can speak.
  • Composition - Takabe Naomi
  • Director - Shibasaki Takayuki

Game Edition

On November 30 2006 a PS2 fighting action game was on sale from the Bandai Label of Bandai Namco Games. The latest Consumer game that has every Heisei Rider Series. It was developed by the same game developer dIGIFLOYD which developed the Ryuki game.

On the review of Amazon, using the Heisei riders as the theme its assessment was high. It's total sales reaching 30,000 units which was the most among the series.

In addition to all the Riders that appeared in the TV series and Theatrical version, Gattack Hyper Form also appears. Again, different from its predecessors, the Playstation version [Kamen Rider], [Kamen Rider V3] which is a 3D battle game fighting Shocker and Gel Shocker, there was a reappearance of multiple players in battle.

Where to get it

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