Masked Rider Blade

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Masked Rider Blade
仮面ライダー剣 Kamen Raida- Bureido
Format: live action
Genre: Tokusatsu
Episodes: 49 Episodes
Fansubbed: tvnihon

[Masked Rider Blade] aired at TV Asahi from January 25, 2004 to January 23 2005 every sunday at 8:00-8:30 (JST) with a total of 49 episodes, a Tokusatsu TV Drama produced by Toei, with the hero who transform as the namesake of the show. Is the 5th series in the [Heisei Kamen Rider Series]. It's catch phrase is [Right now, I will develop that power.], [Grasping the Trump Card of Fate!].


2004 AD. Human Based History Research Department (BOARD or Board of Archeological Research Department). With the assumption of [In the scenario where Man organizes the world, there exists an unexplainable theory of evolution], that institute was created in order to investigate that theory. At the pinnacle of their quest, they discovered an immortal life-form, which were the ancestors of various living creatures. These are called "Undead". Many years ago, majority of the Undead's seals was released, and they began attacking humans. Under the leadership of BOARD under Karasuma Kei, they began sealing undead, developing the special equipment "Rider System" that applies the ability of the Undead.

BOARD's newcomer Kenzaki Kazuma, together with his senior Tachibana Sakuya, were successful in sealing an Undead. However, Kenzaki=Blade was not able to do anything infront of an Undead, and was only successful in sealing the Undead with the help of Tachibana=Garren. At these 2, a young Shirai Kotaro was abruptly collecting data. Kotaro chasing the urban legend Masked Rider, witness everything from beginning to end, being confident that Kenzaki and the others were [Masked Riders]. The sudden offer of Data gathering was a disturbance to Kenzaki and the others.

On that night, BOARD received an attack from an Undead and was destroyed. The remaining research member Hirose Shiroi, gave doubts on Tachibana who had argued with Karasuma before.



The 5th in the Heisei Kamen Rider Series, using the general system of [Rider System], uses the motif of Trump [Rouze Card] that draws the ability of the Undead, invoking the transformation to Masked Rider and special techniques. The free usage of Cards in battle can also be seen in Masked Rider Ryuki, in contrast to [Masked Rider Ryuki] where in if a contract with a single monster is made several cards can be obtained, in the series 1 card can be obtained with 1 Undead, the difference is that its similarity to Poker where using multiple specific card will enhance the technique, it allows variation in the battle style.

The motif of the Masked Rider is also from the Trump, the 4 riders were revealed from the start of the announcement (Leangle only announced its name and actor). At the same time, it has a double motif to insects. The main protagonist, Blade, is the only leading rider in the TV series, its base color is blue, and series after Kamen Rider Kuuga has only one, did not allow the variation of a red base color. Additionally, Blades' Suit Actor Takaiwa Seiji appeared in every [Heisei Kamen Rider] and [Super Sentai], and plays little [Red roles].

The series' Kaijin [Undead] adopts the trump, and their numbers are in 52 (later 53), and features [Sealing] as a method to defeat these immortals.

One of the concept is a [Masked Rider in business], Kenzaki and Tachibana belonging to an organization, earning income from fighting by becoming Masked Rider. Again the phrase in the series [This is a job], [Wages], and other suggestive business terms are often used. The terminology [Rider System] and [Masked Rider] in a business point of view, are also inherited as ZECT in Masked Rider Kabuto.

The name [Kamen Rider] was seldomly used in the Heisei Rider Series, this series similar to [Masked Rider Ryuki], there was only one special mention of this name in the whole of the series.

The subject is similar to its predecessor Masked Rider 555, there are several episode with a Kaijin spot, contrary to the predecessors that illustrates a drama of [becoming something grotesque who retains the human heart (in other words the Kaijin)], this series elaborates the hardships of [Being born as a grotesque existence trying to posses a human heart], the living creatures that appears in the protagonist side, the hardships and conflict of Aikawa Hajime, the story develops with that treatment. There was also a close up on the trauma of Kamijo Mutsuki who became an additional member in the middle of the series.

It is said that the characteristic of the show has great differences in scriptwriter between the first and last half.

Casting & Staff[edit]

The main producer for Toei side is Hikasa Jun who works for the first time in Kamen Rider. The main director is Ishida Hidenori who will be replacing Tasaki Ryuuta who worked on the previous 3 series as main starting from [Kamen Rider Kuuga]. The main writer, Imai Shouji with his first participation in a tokusatsu program, was invited to at the start, but in the middle of the series, guest writer Oikawa Shou inherited the role. This matter was recited by both producer Hikasa and Takabe in a tokusatsu magazine stating [with the changing circumstance of Imai's schedule, we think he would accept the writing of the second half if possible].

Nirasawa Yasushi who did the countless Undead design in the series, later also participated in the design of the kaijin in [Masked Rider Kabuto], [Masked Rider Den-O] and [Kamen Rider G], as he was appointed by Producer Shiakura with the deep impression of his undead design. Also, the design of the Unknown that appeared in [Masked Rider Agito] was published in Rider Kaijin Design print [UNDEAD GREEN BLOOD].

Houjou Takahiro who played Kamijo Mutsuki who was 18 at that time, was the youngest rider that appeared. Also Moritsugu Kouji and Haruta Junichi who appeared in Tokusatsu Hero appeared as the Keyman to the story.


[Round ZERO ~ BLADE BRAVE] which was first used, similar to [Masked Rider Ryuki], featured a female vocalist which was rare to the Rider Series. Also the Opening theme and video was completely reformatted in the later half, which is also rare in the Heisei Rider series.

The later Opening theme [ELEMENTS], was made by Ricky who made the 1st Ending theme, and the official Kamen Rider Band RIDER CHIPS. Although RIDER CHIPS produced the cover for the various Kamen Rider Opening theme in the past, this is their first Kamen Rider Opening theme, again Ricky later became a formal band member of RIDER CHIPS.

In the series, Amano Kousei and Morimoto Ryouji was put in charge of the ending theme (insert song) during battle. The ending which the regular actors sang, was later inherited in [Masked Rider Kabuto]


Although somewhat recovered in the later half, it has recoded the lowest average ratings among the Heisei Riders, and sales of the related toys are generally disappointing. On the other hand, the final Opening [ELEMENTS] in the CD concerning Kamen Rider made it to the Oricon charts, appearing in Number 6.

Production Details[edit]

Main article: Masked Rider Blade list of Characters and Masked Riders of Masked Rider Blade


Immortal living creatures who are the originator of different living things that inhabit the earth. No matter what methods are used they cannot die thus they are named Undead. At present day there are 53 individuals in existence that are artificially released. In the theatrical version there was the appearance of the 54th. The battle fight (later mentioned) 10 thousand years resulted in 52 of them being sealed in a rouse card, 2 years before the story starts, the seal was broken and revived in the present day.

The only method to control the activity of the immortal is to seal them in the custom rouse card. The undead are classified into categories that is similar to the Trump suite, when receiving large damage the <Undead Buckle> on the hips open, enabling the confirmation of Suite and Category, and can be sealed with a blank rouse card. The name is basically [English name of the Motif + Undead]. The disparity of the Undead's fighting power depends on their category, undead belonging to the Category A, the later mentioned Upper Undead, and Joker have a higher fighting ability than the other undead. Furthermore, their blood is green, and during the stories opening and theatrical version, undead has a language that only they can understand.

  • Category A: Inserted into the Rider System, transforms the system wearer into Masked Rider.
  • Category 2: Used in the rouser to enhance the immediate attack.
  • Category 3: Enhances punch type attack.
  • Category 4: In addition to charge power and float power, enhances indirect attack.
  • Category 5: Enhances kick type attack.
  • Category 6: Activates natural phenomenon like Thunder or Flame.
  • Category 7: attaches the metal, organic matter's substance to the technique.
  • Category 8: Limits or restricts the movement of the enemy.
  • Category 9: Adds support to attack like high speed, quick recovery or spraying smokescreen.
  • Category 10: Super Special ability that releases sealed Undead or stops time.
  • Category J: borrowing the power of the Rouse Absorber and Category Q, Fuses with the Rider System.
  • Category Q: Using the Rouse Absorber as a medium, bridges the Category J as well as the Category K to the Rider System.
  • Category K: borrowing the power of the Rouse Absorber and Category Q, Fuses with the Rider System and evolving the wearer. In the case of Joker, with only the power of the Category K evolves the Joker.
For convenience explained as Panspermia, and exists as the Seed Master. Karasuma, combining the living things [Evolve the existence of other species] and a strong thought, advances the battle fight, interprets thought body of existence to operate it. It is unknown if there is an ego or not, even before recorded history a number of battle fight has occurred, changing the ecosystem.
Battle Fight
10 thousand years ago, 53 kinds of undead participated in a Battle Royal to have their own species thrive. This Battle Fight is managed by the "Controller" and the black lithograph - Monolith of the Contact interface of the organic life on earth, when the undead is defeated, undead that are unable to fight , using the power of the monolith seals them into a card, the last one remaining that is not sealed will become the victor.
The winning undead, will be given the "Almighty Power" by the "Controller" to reform all life on earth as he wishes, a world after that becoming what he wanted. On the other hand, in a case where the Joker who is not an ancestor of any living things wins, all life on earth will be destroyed, resetting all life on earth so to speak. In the previous battle fight, the ancestor of man the immortal Human Undead was the victor, bringing the different plant life to the present world.
However, as a result of the majority of the undead released after 10 thousand years, the appearance of the participants was recognized by the "Controller", reopening the Battle Fight. The reopening of the battle fight in the present world, Tennouji orchestrated it to possess the "Almighty Power" learning of it from the circumstance of the Battle Fight, in order for Tennouji to possess and manage the Monolith he made the undead appear, consequently becoming a battle where, aside from the Joker and Masked Riders, if other undead wins they will be sealed. At the end of the detailed scenario, Tennuoji successfully made the strongest Artificial composite Undead=Kerberos II a qualified participant, making use of the Masked rider and defeats them, after being murdered by Kanai (Giraffa Undead), that plan collapsed. In the end joker won, executing the reset of all life, but Kenzaki overused the King form to become a Joker possessing the authority to participate, reopening the battle fight, interrupting the Reset. And then Kenzaki and Hajime who mutually will not fight disappears, even with the story ending the battle fight did not end.

Upper Undead[edit]

In every suite, the 12 undead belonging to the Category of J, Q and K. Having foreknowledge of their existence BOARD called them "Upper undead". Upper Undead has a greater power than the other undead combined with high intelligence, additionally they can change their outwards appearance to human. Aside from able to mind control low level Undead and humans, they can use special abilities while in human form. When they were released they were able to master the human language in a short while, transforming conspicuously concealing among humans. Different in appearance from the other undead, their undead buckle is gold, ossifying the emblem of Uroboros.


An Undead which is not the originator of any living creature, and exists as an irregular in the battle fight. It's outward appearance resembles a long horned beetle, in his hips is not the <Undead Buckle> like the other undead, but the buckle part <Slash Reader> is installed with a belt type Card Reader <Joker Rouser>. It's base color is black and green. Requires the sealed card or monolith of other undead, a special individual that uses the Joker Rouser to copy the appearance and ability. It's fighting ability is incomparatively high compared to the other undead, with an extremely violent character.

In a case where Joker wins the Battle Fight, a countless number of strange living creature called Darkrochi appears from the body of Joker and monolith, annihilating all life on earth. For that reason, the joker controls the Battle Fight in the shadows as a cruel assassin, other undead fears and loathe him. The battle fight 10 thousand years ago, was defeated by the Human Undead, and sealed. the Joker uses the ♥2 [SPIRIT] to transform into the form of the Human Undead, becoming Aikawa Hajime=Masked Rider Chalice. After the release, hunts and seals the other undead through instinct, among them coincidentally meets the Human Undead, and seals him. However, the Human Undead functions in the heart of the Joker from the card, with the Joker having doubts about his own activity and fate. Again, as a result of Kenzaki having overused the King Form, his body turns to undead, in the end becoming the new Joker.

A subspecies [Albino Joker] appears in the theatrical version

In a case that the Joker wins the battle fight, countless strange living creatures that are created. They resemble cockroaches, similar to Joker, exists as an irregular that is not the originator of any living creature. Their mission is to annihilate all living creatures in the earth, until that is achieved will be created without limit, repeatedly massacring. They are not Undead (though reacts to the Undead Searcher), and can be killed. In the theatrical version similar to the Albino Joker the [Albino Rochi] appears.

Reconstructed Experiment (Trial Series)[edit]

An artificially created experiment combining the cells of Undead and human data & cells. Have fighting ability that exceeds the lower undead. When receiving large damage the buckle on the hips opens, with their activity stopping temporarily, could not be sealed and will regenerate in a short amount of time. Consequently to completely stop its activity, a large destructive technique (in the series, Royal Straight Flush or Wild Cyclone) is required to completely annihilate the body. Mostly the designs pay homage to the boss of the Showa Riders. For Hirose Yoshito, he developed and created the reconstructed Experiment Trail B in order to protect his loving daughter Shiori. However the memories of the Trial B was altered, and used for the plans of Tennouji. As a result, the Trial B tries to unravel the mysteries of eternal life, having the reconstructed experiment face of Blade in King Form one by one, to be used as undead research materials.

Composite Undead[edit]

With several undead, borrowing the power of the monolith an artificially composited existence. Its appearance inherits half of the undead before compositing (with 2 undead buckle), having the synthetic ability of each individual. In the series appeared as Titan having the transforming ability of Chameleon Undead and the poison of Scorpion Undead.

Artificial Undead[edit]

Using the technology of Reconstructed Experiment and Composite Undead as basis, creates a card from the artificial fusion of several undead's data and cell, using the power of the monolith incarnates it existence. Different from the Reconstructed Experiement, they can be sealed using cards intended for the Undead. Boasting of high fighting power, has the ability to seal and absorb other undead. Tennouji created the Kerberos from the 5th A card, sealing the reincarnated Kerberos into a card, Tennouji fused with the Kerberos resulting in Kerberos II.

Rouser Card[edit]

Because the Undead are immortal, they are sealed in cards called rouse cards. There are 3 varieties of rouse card in existence.

Summary of the cards will be mentioned later.

Proper Blank Prime Vester[edit]

Branched into 4 suits, 13 types exists from A-K. "Proper Blank" are cards before they seal undead, when sealed with an undead they are called "Prime Vester". Every Rider holds one set of a specific card suite, passing the Prime Vester into the Rouser the rider possess activates different effects. Proper Blanks illuminates only on the undead which it can seal, able to know which category the opponent is. Even if the rouser and prime vester have different suit, the effects of the prime vester can still be activated.

Common Blank Wild Vester[edit]

Cards that have no definite Category of Suite. "Common Blank" are cards before they seal undead, when sealed with an undead they are called "Wild Vester". Used to seal undead that does not conform to the Proper Blank or suite. Different from the Proper Blank that can be prepared beforehand, it is a convenient card that can seal an undead irregardless of Suite or Category, and the undead sealed in the Wild Vester [cannot be used except on the rouser that was used to seal the undead] which point is inferior to the Prime Vester. Once the sealed undead corresponds to the rouser of the suit the card can be added to the suit, changing from Wild Vester to Prime Vester.

Guild Rouse Card[edit]

At the same time that Blade becomes King Form the prime vester of the spade suite changes. With the surface coated in gold, the patterns and number changes, the FP/MP values of Category 2-10 rises.


A wake up mechanism of the Masked Rider called Rouser. The rouser is installed with a card reader, when passing through the rouse card of the sealed undead draws out the undeads ability, capable of improving the rider's own ability and weapons. In addition to this Blade and Garren can store the 2-K rouse card in the interior holder of the rouser, when required during battle can be opened, constructed in consideration of the immediate use of the rouse card.

Rouse Absorber[edit]

a power up item equipped in the left arm developed for Blade and Garren which was given by Karasuma from Tibet. The <Insert Reader> in the center sets the ♠Q [ABSORB] to activate the absorber, then rouse the ♠J [FUSION] or ♠K [EVOLUTION] in the <Slash Reader> to form change (enhanced transformation). The Rouse Absorber has a holder that can hold 3 cards, When Blade obtained the Absorber the JQK cards are inserted here.

Undead (Rouze Card) Summary[edit]

Prime Vester[edit]

  1. Effect Name
  2. Card Name
  3. Undead Name
  4. Undead Motif
  5. Consumption point, the () indicates consumption during guild rouse
Spade (♠) Diamond (♦) Heart (♥) Club (♣) Wild (W)
2. Change Beetle
3. Beetle Undead
4. Heracle Beetle
5. No AP
2. Change Stag
3. Stag Beetle Undead
4. Stag Beetle
5. No AP
2. Change Manits
3. Manits Undead
4. Mantis
5. No AP
2. Change Spider
3. spider Undead
4. Spider
5. No AP
2. Change Kerberos
3. Kerberos
4. (Gold, red, green)
5. No AP
2. Slash Lizard
3. Lizard Undead
4. Lizard
5. FP 400 (600)
2. Bullet Armadillo
3. Armadillo Undead
4. Armadillo
5. FP 400
2. Spirit
3. Humand Undead
4. Man
5. No AP
2. Stab Bee
3. Bee Undead
4. Bee
5. FP 400
2. Beat Lion
3. Lion Undead
4. Lion
5. FP 600 (800)
2. Upper Frog
3. Frog Undead
4. Frog
5. FP 600
2. Chop Head
3. Hammerhead Undead
4. Hammerhead Shark
5. FP 600
2. Screw Mole
3. Mole Undead
4. Mole
5. FP600
2. Tackle Boar
3. Boar Undead
4. Boar
5. FP 800 (1000)
2. Rapid Pecker
3. Pecker Undead
4. Wood Pecker
5. FP 800
2. Float Dragonfly
3. Dragonfly Undead
4. Dragonfly
5. FP 1000
2. Rush Rhinoceros
3. Rhinoceros Undead
4. Rhinoceros
FP 800
2. Kick Locust
3. Locust Undead
4. Locust
5. FP 1000 (1200)
2. Drop Whale
3. Whale Undead
4. Whale
5. FP 800
2. Drill Shell
3. Shell Undead
4. Shell
5. FP 1200
2. Bite Cobra
3. Cobra Undead
4. Cobra
5. FP 1200
2. Thunder Deer
3. Deer Undead
4. Deer
5. MP 1200 (1400)
2. Firefly
3. Firefly Undead
4. Firefly
5. MP 1000
2. Tornado Hawk
3. Hawk Undead
4. Hawk
5. NP 1400
2. Blizzard Polar
3. Polar Undead
4. Polar Bear
5. MP 1200
2. Metal Trilobite
3. Trilobite Undead
4. Trilobite
5. MP 1200 (1600)
2. Rock Tortoise
3. Tortoise Undead
4. Tortoise
5. MP 1400
1. BIO
2. Bio Plant
3. Plant Undead
4. Boston Ivy
5. 1600
1. GEL
2. Gel Jellyfish
3. Jellyfish Undead
4. Jellyfish
5. MP1400
2. Magnet Buffalo
3. Buffalo Undead
4. Buffalo
5. MP1400 (1800)
2. Scope Bat
3. Bat Undead
4. Bat
5. MP 1200
2. Reflect Moth
3. Moth Undead
4. Moth
5. MP 1800
2. Poison Scorpion
3. Scorpion Undead
4. Scorpion
5. MP 1800
2. Mach Jaguar
3. Jaguar Undead
4. Jaguar
5. MP 1600 (2000)
2. Gemini Zebra
3. Zebra Undead
4. Zebra
5. MP 1400
2. Recover Camel
3. Camel Undead
4. Camel<be>5. MP 5000
2. Smog Squid
3. Squid Undead
4. Squid
5. MP 2000
2. Time Scarab
3. Scarab Undead
4. Scarab
5. MP 1800 (2200)
2. Thief Chameleon
3. Chameleon Undead
4. Chameleon
5. MP 1600
2. Shuffle Centipede
3. Centipede Undead
4. Centipede
5. MP 220
2. Remote Tapir
3. Tapir Undead
4. Tapir
5. MP 2200
2. Fusion Eagle
3. Eagle Undead
4. Eagle
5. EP +2400 (+2400)
2. Fusion Peacock
3. Peacock Undead
4. Peacock
5. EP +2400
2. Fusion Wolf
3. Wolf Undead
4. Wolf
5. EP +2400
3. Elephant Undead
4. Elephant
5. EP +2800
2. Absorb Capricorn
3. Capricorn Undead
4. Goat
5. EP +2000 (+2000)
2. Absorb Serpent
3. Serpent Undead
4. Snake
5. EP +2000
2. Absorb Orchid
3. Orchid Undead
4. Orchid
5. EP +2000
2. Absorb Tiger
3. Tiger Undead
4. Tiger
5. EP +2000
2. Evolution Caucasus
3. Caucasus Undead
4. Caucasus Beetle
5. EP +4600 (+4600)
2. Evolution Giraffa
3. Giraffa Undead
4. Giraffa Stag Beetle
5. EP +4000
2. Evolution Paradoxa
3. Paradox Undead
4. Paradoxa Mantis
5. EP +2800
2. Evolution Tarantula
3. Tarantula Undead
4. Tarantula
5. EP +4000

WA [Change Kerberos] (red, green) is used by Masked Rider Larc and Lance from the theatrical version

Joker, Wild, Mighty, Vanity[edit]

  • 1:Effect Name
  • 2:Card Name
  • 3:Undead Name
  • 4:First Appearance
Theatrical version(Episode 48 Ending Card)
Joker Albino
Wild(Heart A - K)
Episode 38
Mighty Gravity
Mighty Gravity
Theatrical Version
Mighty Ray
Mighty Ray
Theatrical Version
Mighty Impact
Mighty Impact
Theatrical Version
Vanity (King 4 kinds+Sacrifice)
Theatrical version
  • Wild Vester [Mighty] are required by the 3 Theatrical riders to activate the Killing Technique
  • Vanity is a card used to create Fourteen using 4 kings and a sacrifice


Regulars & Semi-regulars[edit]

  • Kenzaki Kazuma / Masked Rider Blade (voice) - Tsubaki Takayuki
  • Aikawa Hajime / Masked Rider Chalice (voice) / Joker (voice)/ Human Undead - Morimoto Ryuuji
  • Hirose Shiori - Egawa Yumi
  • Shirai Kotarou - Takezai Terunosuke
  • Tachibana Sakuya / Masked Rider Garren (voice) - Amano Hironari
  • Kamijou Mutsuki / Masked Rider Leangle (voice) - Houjou Takahiro
  • Kurihara Haruka - Yamaguchi Kaori
  • Kurihara Amane - Kajiwara Hikari
  • Yamanaka Nozomi - Miyazawa Arisa
  • Karasuma Kei - Yamaji Kazuhiro
  • Kiryuu Go - Masuzawa Nozomu
  • Hirose Yoshito - Haruta Junichi
  • Tennouji Hiroshi - Moritsugu Kouji
  • Fukusawa Sayoko - Awata Urara
  • Ichinose Jin - Touma Sora
  • Kamioka Rei - Fujita Touko
  • Michi - Kitaura Michie
  • Ikuhara Hanami - Shouji Megumi
  • Police - Kurata Yuuki
  • Isaka / Peacock Undead (voice) - Motomiya Yasukaze
  • Yazawa / Capricorn Undead (voice) - Korechika Atsushi
  • Yoshinaga Miyuki / Orchid Undead (voice) - Hijii Mika
  • Takahara / Eagle Undead (voice) - Hayashi Yasufumi
  • Shinmei / Wolf Undead (voice) - Kagami Masashi
  • Daichi / Elephant Undead (voice) - Narita Kairi
  • Shima Noboru / Tarantula Undead (voice) - Aizawa Kazunari
  • Azumi / Serpent Undead (voice) - Fukuzumi Mio
  • King / Caucasus Beetle Undead (voice) - Kamijou Makoto
  • Jou Hikaru / Tiger Undead (voice) - Hamasaki Akane
  • Kanai / Giraffa Undead (voice) - Bodera Akira
  • Rouser Voice - Sasaki Takeshi
  • Rouse Absorber, King Rouser Voice - Tachiki Fumihiko
  • Narration - Kosugi Jurouta

Suit Actor[edit]

  • Masked Rider Blade - Takaiwa Seiji
  • Masked Rider Chalice / Joker - Itou Makoto
  • Masked Rider Garren - Oshikawa Yoshifumi
  • Masked Rider Leangle / Undead - Okamoto Jirou
  • Undead - Nagase Naoki, Eitoku, Watanabe Jun, Sasaki Yoshinori


  • Original Author - Ishinomori Shoutaro
  • Supervisor - Onodera Shou (Ishimori Pro)
  • Publication - Terebi Magazine, Terebi Kun
  • Screenplay - Imai Shouji, Imai Soushi, Miyashita Junichi, Aikawa Shou
  • Music - Miyake Kazunori
  • Action Director - Miyazaki Takeshi (JAE), Niibori Kazuo (Red Action Club, last episode only)
  • Special Effects Director - Butsuda Hiroshi
  • Photography - Inokuma Masao, Kurata Kouji, Kikuchi Wataru
  • Assistant Director - Shibasaki Takayuki, Iki Kunio, Shiokawa Junpei, Yamaguchi Kyouhei, others
  • Music Producer - Nagasawa Takayuki (Avex mode)
  • Character Design - Iida Kouji (Ishimori Pro)
  • Creature Design - Nirasawa Yasushi, Shinohara Tamotsu (Deer Undead), Iida Kouji (Zebra Undead)
  • 1st Opening Choreography - Saiki Eiri
  • 2nd Opening Production - Kotou Kouichi
  • Producer - Matsuda Saeko (TV Asahi), Hikasa Jun, Takebe Naomi, Utsunomiya Takaaki (Toei)
  • Director - Ishida Hidenori, Suzumura Nobuhiro, Nagaishi Takao, Morota Satoshi, Satou Kenzou, Iki Kunio
  • Technique Collaboration - OEI Gyazaring, Toei Lab Tech, KYORITZ
  • Production - TV Asahi, Toei, ADK

Main Theme - Insert Song[edit]

Main Theme[edit]

[Round Zero ~ BLADE BRAVE] (Episode 1-30)
Browse All Music

  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - Yoshida Katsuya / Arrangement - Kondou Akio / Song - Aikawa Nanase AVCA-14925

[ELEMENTS] (Episode 31-48)

  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - Fujisue Miki / Arrangement - RIDER CHIPS + Watanabe Chule / Song - RIDER CHIPS Featuring Ricky AVCA-22153

The Changing of the Opening Theme between the first half and second half started with Masked Rider Agito

In the Theatrical version, [ELEMENTS] was used as the ending theme. Again, in the last episode that did not have an opening, uses the insert song in the Avant Title.

Insert Song[edit]

Although the principle of the Broadcast ED did not exists, the musical composition called the ending theme were created up to now. These themes were used as an insert song during the climax of every episode. Furthermore, in the Staff Credit of the final episode uses a BGM. Again, there were no Staff Credit Roll.

[Kakusei] (Episode 2-21)

  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - Watanabe Chule / Arrangement - Kondou Akio / Song - Ricky AVCA-14925

[Rebirth] (Episode 23-30, 47)

  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - Aono Yukari / Arrangement - Watanabe Chule / Song - Tachibana Sakuya (Amano Kousei) AVCA-14988

[Take it a Try] (Episode 31-45)

  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangment - Watanabe Chule / Song - Aikawa Hajime (Morimoto Ryouji) AVCA-22095

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Episode List[edit]

In every episode there was no subtitle, the [Broadcast Title] written here are based on the information declared in the Newspaper TV column, TV broadcast information and TV Asahi's official page. Furthermore, the scenario title, appeared in Tokusatsu Special Magazine and Hobby Information Magazine as [Provisional Title].

Episode Broadcast
Screenplay Director
2004/1/25 1 The Indigo Warrior Destruction of the Organization Bat Undead (voice - Oomura Tooru)
Locust Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Imai Shouji Ishida Hidenori
2004/2/1 2 The Mysterious Rider Locust Undead
Plant Undead (voice - Fukuyama Hiroyuki)
2004/2/8 3 Their Secret... Mystery of the Seal Deer Undead (voice Oomura Tooru)
Moth Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Suzumura Nobuhiro
2004/2/15 4 Immortality's Mysteries Moth Undead Imai Shoiji
Imai Sokichi
2004/2/22 5 The Challenge to the Past unpainted face sticking out Centipede Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi) Imai Shouji Nagaishi Takao
2004/2/29 6 Chalice's True Identity
2004/3/7 7 The Trapped Two Experiment Materials Trilobite Undead (voice Shiono Katsumi) Morota Satoshi
2004/3/14 8 The Revived People Trilobite Undead
Zebra Undead (voice - Oomura Tooru)
2004/3/21 9 A Fighter's Destiny False Conquest Zebra Undead
Peacock Undead
Ishida Hidenori
2004/3/28 10 The Manipulated Warrior
2004/4/4 11 The Whereabouts of Each Our World Peacock Undead
Jaguar Undead (voice - Oomura Tooru)
Spider Undead (Shiono Katsumi)
Miyashita Junichi Suzumura Nobuhiro
2004/4/11 12 Category Ace Spider Undead
Shell Undead (Fukuyama Hiroyuki)
2004/4/18 13 The Golden-threaded Trap Categoru ACE Peacock Undead
Spider Undead
Lion Undead (voice - Oomura Tooru)
Imai Shouji Nagaishi Takao
2004/4/25 14 ACE Sealed! Spider Undead
Peacock Undead
Dragonfly Undead (voice - Fukuyama Hiroyuki)
2004/5/2 15 Fate's Conforme Leangle's shadow Peacock Undead
Dragonfly Undead
Morota Satoshi
2004/5/9 16 Leangle's Power Dragonfly Undead
2004/5/16 17 The Evil Belt The Cruel Liberator Boar Undead (voice - Fukuyama Hiroyuki)
Centipede Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Locust Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Deer Undead (voice - Oomura Tooru)
Jaguar Undead (voice - Oomura Tooru)
Inoue Toshiki Ishida Hidenori
2004/5/23 18 Spirits that Manipulate the Darkness Boar Undead
Locust Undead
Deer Undead
Jaguar Undead
2004/5/30 19 One who Conquers Darkness
2004/6/6 20 The Target is Kotarou Dangerous Scent Centipede Undead
Capricorn Undead
Imai Shouji Nagaishi Takao
2004/6/13 21 Battles that Feel for Friends Capricorn Undead
Orchid Undead
2004/6/27 22 The Escape from Darkness Promised day Orchid Undead
Mole Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Eagle Undead
Aikawa Shou Morota Satoshi
2004/7/4 23 Who are you?
2004/7/11 24 Mysterious Hunters Black fangs of the wolf Orchid Undead
Wolf Undead
Elephant Undead
Werewolf (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Satou Kenzou
2004/7/18 25 A traitors Sprint
2004/7/25 26 The Power Which Moves Me J (Jack) Form Elephant Undead
Tarantula Undead
Imai Shouji Nagaishi Takao
2004/8/1 27 the Trembling Heart.... Tarantula Undead
Buffalo Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
2004/8/8 28 A Dangerous Gamble!? Preface to Despair (prologue) Tarantula Undead
Pecker Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Morota Satoshi
2004/8/15 29 The Two Chalices Start, End Serpent Undead
Tortoise Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Inoue Toshiki
2004/8/22 30 Lost Memories
2004/9/5 31 The 53rd Being Joker Scarab Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Trial D (voice - Anai Yuuki)
Aikawa Shou Nagaishi Takao
2004/9/12 32 The Destroyer's Secret Scarab Undead
Trial D
Human Undead (protrayed - Morimoto Ryuuji
2004/9/19 33 The Targeted Kenzaki K (King) Form Caucasus Beetle Undead
Trial D
Iki Kunio
2004/9/26 34 Category King
2004/10/3 35 A Dangerous Transformation!? Great Power Trial D
Trial E (voice - Amano Hironari
Mantis Undead (voice - Morimoto Ryuuji)
Jellyfish Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Morota Satoshi
2004/10/10 36 Strongest Form Trial E
Mantis Undead
Tiger Undead
Plant Undead (voice - Oomura Tooru)
Dragonfly Undead (Anai Yuuki)
Moth Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Shell Undead (voice - Oomura Tooru)
Centipede Undead (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
2004/10/17 37 Towards a New Destiny W (Wild) Chalice Joker
Tiger Undead
Trial F (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Nagaishi Takao
2004/10/24 38 One who takes hold of destiny Trial F
2004/10/31 39 Reunion....Father and Daughter Father and Daughter Trial B
Miyashita Junichi Ishida Hidenori
2004/11/14 40 Parting with the Past Trial B
Trial G (voice - Houjou Takahiro
Tiger Undead
2004/11/21 41 A Desire to get Stronger Release of the soul Giraffa Undead
Tiger Undead
Other Undead
Titan (male voice - Shiono Katsumi, female voice - Kobayashi Chika Kiyoyuki)
Aikawa Shou Suzumura Nobuhiro
2004/11/28 42 Leangle Revives Titan
Giraffa Undead
Tiger Undead
Spider Undead (voice - Yanada Kiyoyuki
2004/12/5 43 Foe or Friend? Four Card Titan
Giraffa Undead
Inoue Toshiki Nagaishi Takao
2004/12/12 44 Four Card Titan
2004/12/19 45 The New Card Fifth ACE Kerberos (voice - Shiono Katsumi)
Elephant Undead (voice - Fukuyama Hiroyuki)
Aikawa Shou Morota Satoshi
2004/12/26 46 The Ruler's Seal Kerberos II
Giraffa Undead
2005/1/9 47 Garren Eliminated Giraffa Undead
Dark Roachi (voice - Shiono Katsumi, Oomura Tooru, Fukuyama Hiroyuki)
2005/1/16 48 Prologue to Destruction Destiny's trump Joker
Dark Roachi
Nagaishi Takao
2005/1/23 49 Eternal Trump
  • There were 4 broadcast suspension (TV Asahi series 22)
    • June 20, 2004 due to the relay of the All American Open Golf.
    • August 29, 2004 due to broadcast relating to the Athenes Olympics.
    • November 7, 2004 due to the broadcast of the 36th All Japan College Stagecoach Championship.
    • January 2, 2005 due to the New Years 3 day Special Composition.
  • Broadcast time moved due to the National Senior High School Baseball Championship.
    • 28th August 15, 2004 8:00 - 8:30
    • 29th August 22, 2004 8:00 - 8:30
    • 30th August 25, 2004 10:30 - 11:00

Other Media Development[edit]

Hyper Battle Video[edit]

Masked Rider Blade Super Battle Video Blade vs Blade
Masked Rider Blade Super Battle DVD Blade vs Blade
A short video created as a service for the subscribers of Terebikun. Only the video and DVD in this series were sold, in the succeeding Hibiki only the DVD is for subscription. The opening is about the novel of Kotarou (most probably the [Mask called Masked Rider]) that introduces all of the riders, in the middle of the episode mimics Kenzaki, copies the transformation ability of Blade in a showdown with a Trial and the real Kenzaki (Masked Rider Blade). The whole video has a comedic touch, Tachibana and Mutsuki did not transform and attacks with the rouser, Blade uses the Gemini card to split into Jack Form and King Form attacking at the same time as the highlight of the video.
  • Composition - Takabe Naomi
  • Director - Shibasaki Takayuki

Game Version[edit]

Bandai released a Fighting Action Game for the Playstation 2 in December 9, 2004. The developer was diGIFLOYD, in a CD-ROM media

Blade being the first Rider (all riders appears), in addition to a number of Undead (Trial series and Dark Roachi does not appear), even [Mikami Ryo] who appeared in episode 29-30 who disguised himself as [Taiyaki Master Ultimate Form] can be used. Characters and Enemy Kaijin that can be controlled that appears, even if this is a Heisei Kamen Rider Series game, only the ones in the series appears.

During the execution of the killing technique, the player needs to mutually press Circle, Triangle, Square, if not consistent the execution of the killing technique will be successful, if consistent the defending side will successfully defend, a system that is similar to rock paper scissor.

Similar to the previous [Masked Rider 555] game, characters in the theatrical version did not appear. As a first privilege, a special not for sale Cardass is included.

External Links[edit]

Review by Larz[edit]

Ok, when I first started to watch the series I was hooked, watching a rider battle it out while the second rider was hurrying to catch up was really... exciting? Intriguing? It was a great way to get watchers interested. Then finding out that Blade was a junior while Tachibana was the higher ranked rider was also cool. I remember when watching Blade I was like... dang.. lot of people die here. But then I saw kuuga later. Lol.

I really liked how the first episode immediately threw you into mystery and never knowing what was going to happen next. I gotta say, having Tachibana as a sudden villain was a shocker for me, but I quickly got behind it and was hoping Blade would beat the crap outta him. But when he goes good again and shows Kenzaki's group where the chief was, I was thrilled with that. And then he went bad again and joined up with that undead and made Garren a bad dude, he was a great villain again. Then he became one of Kenzaki's allies again. He had a rough time in this series, and he switches sides every few episode it seems like, lol, but the way the events happen it makes great sense on why Tachibana would do that.

Hajime was just awesome all the way around. His human side had that cool attitude that made you think, there is a dangerous guy, yet so cool. Lol. Having him have feelings of protection of Amane was a good anchor for his character too, I really enjoyed seeing the emotional battle he had to deal with the whole series. But the thing about him I liked most was the mystery they had about him, who was he, how he was a rider, all that was so tastefully done I don't think it could of been any better. And his King Form looked really, really cool! Although I'm not a big hit with his two blades he uses as King, but when he combines them into the bow for the wild card... wow. Me like, me like. The coolest thing about Masked Rider Chalice? ..... His helmet of course, I didn't ever realise the visor was a heart shape until half way through the show.

Blade was your typical Kamen Rider. A young adult who fought for others. But what made me like him though, was his... rookieness? I liked how he wasn't as good as Tachibana and watching as he grew in strength and kept on improving until he was the best rider in skill. Its a interesting concept about sealing the undead and then using their powers via the cards you have. Hehe. I even liked the power counter on the side of the riders weapons. Cool stuff. The Jack Form was cool, I liked how he can fly an all, (although I do wish for a more... dedicated aerial battle, just once) and King Form was really sweet. Having him pass out the first few times as King was cool, and it made you concerned for Kenzaki. But not as nearly as much as when he started going crazy Joker!!

The bad dudes where just freakin awesome. The Undead that can never die was a really great idea, and then splitting them into 4 categories was also a nice touch. But after watching the show, I came to realize that you can't hate them or even look down on them anymore, they were just fighting for the right for their race to survive, so all the Undead had an equal right to be alive as we do. But this brings me to a very good question... in the first battle royale how the crap did the Human Undead take on all the other Undead??? Especially someone like the Joker?

The thing I didn't like about the Blade series.. um... I guess Leangle.. and it's more of how his character was used... The suit wasn't all that impressive although having him be the strongest rider was very much impressive, at least until Blade, Chalice and Garren gained higher forms. i guess I was happy when Leangle finally regained pure control over the Ace, at the cost of the two high Undead (which to me was a bit of a waste, at this point I was wanting Blade and Garren to just kill Leangle and get it over with, but having the two Undead make that sacrifice was also pretty touching, and it added some more depth to the story, not like it needed it but more never hurts) Leangle, and every time Kotaro started to drink milk.. Ugh that aggravated me to no end!! Lol, every time he popped a bottle out I had to mute it, the noise of him gulping makes my blood boil. But other than that there really wasn't nothing about Blade I didnt like.

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