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Kamen Rider Black
仮面ライダーBLACK (Kamen Raida Black)
Black logo.jpg
Format: live action
Genre: Tokusatsu
Episodes: 51 Episodes
Fansubbed: Century Kings

Kamen Rider Black is the 8th Showa Rider to appear in the Television series from the Kamen Rider franchise. It was a collaboration between Ishinomori productions and Toei which originally aired from October 4, 1987 to October 9, 1988, with a total of 51 episodes. Kamen Rider Black is considered to be the most famous Kamen Rider of the late 80's which spawned a direct sequel Kamen Rider Black RX and a manga novelization.


Every 50,000 years, the life of a Creation King (Sousei-Ou) who ruled the entire universe will come to an end. Before that happens, a new Creation King must be decided upon. The job to do so lies in the hands of Gorgom, a dark and evil organization.

19 years ago, on a day of a solar eclipse, Minami Kotaro and Akizuki Nobuhiko were born. 3 years later after the solar eclipse, Kotaro's parents were murdered by Gorgom. The Akizuki family took Kotaro in and treated him like their own family member. Kotaro and Nobuhiko grew up together like brothers. On their 19th birthday, Gorgom made an appearance once again and abducted Kotaro and Nobuhiko.

Both of them were brought to Gorgom's secret lair. Little did they know that they were going to be transformed into cyborgs for Gorgom to choose a new Creation King between the two of them.

In order to do so, Gorgom had to operate on both Kotaro and Nobuhiko to erase their memories. The present Creation King gave Gorgom two magical Kingstones. Both Kingstones were to be operated into Kotaro and Nobuhiko to fully changed them into cyborgs. After the operation, both young men were officially called 'Century Kings' (Seiki-Ou). The main deal was to make both Century Kings fight each other. The winner would succeed the Creation King. Professor Akizuki, Nobuhiko's father, who also happened to be one of Gorgom's scientists, arrived at Gorgom's lair. did not want Gorgom to erase away his children's memories of him. However, the operation still continued. Professor Akizuki interfered in the operation, giving the perfect opportunity for both Kotaro and Nobuhiko to escape. Kotaro managed to escape but not Nobuhiko, who got electrocuted during the interference of the operation. Kotaro had to escape, leaving his foster father and Nobuhiko behind. A Kingstone had already been fitted into Kotaro's body.

So, the entire story was about the evil Gorgom trying to get back the Kingstone from Minami Kotaro. Our hero soon realized that the Kingstone in his body had special and unique powers. Abandoning the name Black Sun, a term which was given by Gorgom for his cyborg form, Kotaro called himself Kamen Rider Black, Kotaro made full use of the Kingstone's powers to transform himself into a masked cyborg. With that power, he battled Gorgom and its monsters and hoped that one day, he could rescue his brother, Nobuhiko.


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Century Kings

Kotaro Minami (protrayed by: Tetsuo Kurata) was a 19 year old man who became a cyborg after the organization Gorgom captured him and his step brother Nobuhiko with the intention of making them candidates for the next Gorgom Creation King. Kotaro managed to escape his captors and uses the "Kingstone" to transform into Kamen Rider Black to combat the forces of Gorgom. He is often refered to as "Black Sun"

Nobuhiko Akizuki (Actor: Takahito Horiuchi, Voice: Masaki Terasoma) Step-brother of Kotaro who was also captured by Gorgom, but failed to escape and eventually became Shadow Moon.

Supporting Cast

Kyoko Akizuki (portrayed by: Akemi Inoue) is the younger sister of Nobuhiko Akizuki. She does not know that Kotaro was Kamen Rider Black until later in the series.

Katsumi Kida (portrayed by: Ayumi Taguchi) is Nobuhiko's girlfriend, like Kyoko is not aware that Kotaro is Black.

Yoichi Daimon creator of Kamen Rider Black's second Motorbike, the Road Sector.

Masaru Todo (portrayed by: Sento) is Kotaro's senior in university. He owns a shop called Capitola, where Kyoko worked during the day.

Ryosuke Taki (portrayed by: Masaki Kyomoto) s an Interpol Agent from America. He assists Kamen Rider Black twice in defeating Gorgom.


High Priestes Darom (Actor: Hirokazu Shoji, Voice: Shozo Iizuka) The senior of the three Gorgom Priests. The most wise and knowledgeable. Responsible in the surgery which transformed Kotaro and Nobuhiko into Black Sun and Shadow Moon respectively. usually the one who tried to calm the other priests down whenever they had an argument with Birugenia. Darom had the ability to mutate his hand into a more hideous form which has longer claws and is used to perform operations. This could be seen in episode 1 and in Kamen Rider Black's first movie. He also had the power to manipulate people, tossing them around in midair by just pointing at them.

High Priest Baraom (portrayed by: Toshimichi Takahashi) A tall priest with a grumpy green mask. Very hot-tempered and easily irritated by Birugenia's presence. Baraom could fire electrical rays (coloured red, blue and green) from his fingers. He could create a green barrier used to stop Kamen rider Black. High intense light could also come out from his eyes.

High Priest Bishium (portrayed by: Hitomi Yoshii) The only female among the three priests. Bishium could fire powerful beams from her eyes. Her right eye had the ability to foresee the future.

Sword Master Birugenia (portrayed by: Jun Yoshida) He was born 30,000 years ago on a day of a solar eclipse (just like Kotaro & Nobuhiko). However, a Kingstone was never given to him & therefore he could not become the next Creation King. This made him angry and resulted with the Creation King imprisoning him inside a coffin. The Creation King ordered the High Priests to release Birugenia after they kept failing to retrieve the Kingstone from Kotaro. Birugenia always wanted to be the one to kill Kamen Rider Black, thus kept interfering in the High Priests' plans.

Gorgom Mutants

These are the list of the mutants that appeared throughout the series:

1. Spider Mutant.
2. Leopard Mutant.
3. Silkworm Mutant.
4. Flea Mutant.
5. Goat Mutant.
6. Sea Eagle Mutant.
7. Rhinoceros Mutant.}
8. Cicada Mutant.
9. Bee Mutant.
10. Lizard Mutant.
11. Cactus Mutant.
12. Longhorn Beetle Mutant.
13. Crab Mutant.
14. Mammoth Mutant.
15. Rock Turtle Mutant.
16. Earwig Mutant.
17. Tapir Mutant.
18. Black Cat Mutant
19. Monkey Mutant
20. Windflower Mutant
21. Jewel Beetle Mutant
22. Wasp Mutant
23. Ammonite Mutant
24. Coelacanth Mutant
25. Praying Mantis Mutant
26. Buffalo Mutant
27. Slug Moth Mutant
28. Rhinoceros Beetle Mutant
29. Armadillo Mutant
30. Squid Mutant
31. Porcupine Mutant
32. Mushroom Mutant
33. Red Salmon Mutant
37. Mole Cricket Mutant
38. Rat Mutant
39. Centipede Mutant
40. Salamander Mutant
41. Cobra Mutant
42. Fly Mutant
43. Phantom Mutants
44. Stag Beetle Mutant
45. Whale Mutant



  • Hiro Kitamoto
  • Michio Konishi
  • Takeshi Ogasawara
  • Toshiaki Kobayashi


  • Eiji Kawamura
  • Ryudo Uzaki

Original creator

  • Shotaro Ishinomori

Art director

  • Hiroshi Butsuda
  • Toshio Miike

Director of Photography

  • Fumio Matsumura


  • Nagafumi Hori
  • Naoyoshi Yamada
  • Ryou Iguchi
  • Susumu Yoshikawa

Assistant director

  • Naoki Iwahara
  • Ryuta Tazaki

Theme Song Performance

  • Tetsuo Kurata


Opening Theme

Ending Theme

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Century Kings - http://www.centurykings.com/

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