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Masked Rider Decade
仮面ライダーディケイド Kamen Raidā Dikeido
250px-Kamen Rider Decade logo.jpg
Masked Rider Decade Logo
Format: Live Action, TV Series
Genre: Costumed Hero, Action, Parallel World Travel, Rider War.
Episodes: 31 Episodes
Fansubbed: tvnihon, Order of Zeronos

[Masked Rider Decade] (expressed in foreign countries as MASKED RIDER DCD) is a Tokusatsu TV drama that was broadcasted every Sunday from 8:00 - 8:30 JST as a series from TV Asahi which ran from January 25, 2009 (Heisei 21) to August 30, 2009 (Heisei 21), the main protagonists transforms into a hero of the title's namesake. Presented in Hivision work (Analog was broadcasted in letterbox). It's start of broadcast on January 25 was the birthday of Author Ishinomori Shoutaro.

It's catch phrase is [Destroy Everything, Connect Everything!], [Heisei Riders are 10 years early].

  • During the opening title, the logo mark of [Heisei Masked Rider 10th SINCE 2000] was expressed.
  • The abbreviation is [Decade] or [DCD].



Hikari Natsumi kept having a repeating dream of the annihilation of countless of Masked Riders that makes a general offensive to a [Single Target=Decade]. Returning to reality she was having difficulty with a young man, Kadoya Tsukasa, who lodges in her grandfather's Photo Studio (Hikari Photo Studio] who can't take pictures, and always giving sermon to Tsukasa and apologizing to customers. One day, suddenly the world began to shift and countless types of bizarre monsters and a mysterious aura appeared, and started attacking people. Separating from Natsumi, the separated Tsukasa made contact with a mysterious young man, Kurenai Wataru, knowing that he himself was decade. Tsukasa, rejoining Natsumi, takes the buckle she found and transformed into Masked Rider Decade and defeated the monsters. This did not stop the destruction of the world. Wataru who appeared again to Tsukasa, telling him of the Masked Rider Battle the of the concurrent 9 worlds are fusing into one, and will result in destruction, assigning Tsukasa to travel the 9 worlds to defend against from it by existing to [Destroy all the Masked Riders]. Thus Tsukasa went to find his own world, with Natsumi who was uneasy on the dreams she saw about Decade, decided to travel to the different worlds.



The main series is the 10th [Heisei Kamen Rider Series] starting from Kamen Rider Kuuga, the name Decade means 10 in Latin and 10 years in English. Having the concept of [A Festival once every 10 years], this is a crossover work with the general appearance of the Kamen Riders that appeared in the history of the Heisei Riders. Additionally concurrent programs like Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Showa's Kamen Rider works was also developed into a crossover. Aside from the Masked Rider Decade himself, collectively from [Kamen Rider Kuuga] to [Masked Rider Kiva], the main protagonist can transform into 10 main riders. The main protagonist riders also appear one by one. Decade touring the other concurrent worlds, fights riders and monsters. Under the idea of [Reimagination], there was a drastic modification to the established actors (guest are appointed original roles, there were also instances where special effects production and BGM was reproduced using the original). With the person transforming into a rider using a different surname or expressed in Katakana. On the start of the series the forerunner which started the Data Cardass [Masked Rider Battle Gunbaride] was linked, with the announcement of the appearance of the Decade Driver as the main item.

Staff - Casting

Because of the Inauguration of Shiakura Shinichio as the Studio Vice Director of Toei Tokyo Photography Studio he left the producers chair for a time, this time after 2 years made a comeback to the producing chair. The main writer was Aikawa Shou who joined starting with Masked Rider Blade and started the first time with Shirakura, but after one course (episode 13) left. After Aikawa left the one in charge of Scenario for the movie Yonemura Shouji substantially assumed the role as main writer. The music was handled by Naruse Shuuhei and Nakagawa Koutarou who worked on the main theme and insert song of Masked Rider Den-O and Masked Rider Kiva.

TV Series Conclusion

  • The main series having [31 episodes] was not enough to be broadcasted for a year and ended, together with this Bandai being the main sponsor for the Super Sentai Series and Ultra Series which starts every year in February, has the objective of shifting the story and the peak of the related merchandise, from the start of the broadcasting the schedule has been set.
  • The TV series ended with the story unfinished, and will be continued in the next production. Following this, there was an announcement of the theatrical version which will conclude the story on December of the same year.
  • Furthermore, the theatrical version being the conclusion of the TV series was the first time to be tested.


Traveling Members

Kadoya Tsukasa / Masked Rider Decade
Main protagonist of the series. 20 years old. Self-styled photographer, who usually carries around a toy Twin lens Reflex Camera. Appearing near the streets where Natsumi lives and freeloads on the Hikari Studio, his origin is unknown even he himself does not have the memory. When his opponents question his identity, he remarks [Just a passing Masked Rider. Remember that.].
Usually self righteous and has a pompous attitude towards everyone, on times he volunteers himself for the sake of the people in the other worlds.
He has favorite phrase of saying [I Generally Understand] to difficult questions, and passes the time in different jobs aside from Photography. The pictures that he takes, somehow distorts the subjects. With regards to this he explains that [the world will not let his take it].
He encounters Kurenai Wataru in the phenomenon [end of the world], being Decade who [exists to destroy all the other riders], he made a journey in order to save the world from destruction. Thinking that he might find his own world when he travels to the other worlds, he had a purpose of [collecting pictures of the world he travels].
Although he lost his memory, he managed to retrieve fragments from the knowledge and battles concerning each of the 9 different worlds.
Narutaki and the Riders of the other worlds detest him as the [Destroyer] or [Devil], sometime he sarcastically calls himself. However in his continued journey, he thinks greatly of Natsumi who has accepted him.
In the [World of Den-O] when possessed by Momotaros, he transforms into Den-O Sword Form.
Inoue Masahiro as Kadoya Tsukasa / Masked Riber Decade
Hikari Natsumi
Heroine of the series. Originated in the [World of Natsumi]. 20 years old. A receptionist in the Hikari Photo Studio. Expresses a polite term to everyone she she converses with. When pressing the Hikari Family Secret [Laughing Point] on the neck of somebody else, that person will compulsorily laugh.
She is called [Natsumikan] by Tsukasa.
Seeing a dream of a large quantity of Masked Riders trying to defeat Decade, she has a warriness when Tsukasa transforms into Decade. Being informed of Tsukasa's journey to the other worlds, was uneasy of the aforementioned dream (though claiming that she does not want Tsukasa to run away from his debts) traveled together with him. Sometimes being contacted by Narutaki and being warned of Decades danger, Natsumi herself firmly believes in Tsukasa, wishing to be the [place to return] for Tsukasa who is being persecuted by the different worlds.
In the [World of Den-O], when possessed by Urataros, Kintaros and Ryutaros, transforms into Den-O Rod, Axe and Gun Form.
Mori Kanna as Hikari Natsumi

Onodera Yuusuke / Kamen Rider Kuuga
Originated from the [World of Kuuga], a young man that transforms into Kamen Rider Kuuga. Mainly collects information and encourages the local Riders to support Tsukasa. Having a meek character and being hot-blooded, at first was being eaten by a pompous Tsukasa, they build up a friendship when they fought a Grongi together, establishing a strong trust.
At first, he fights Grongi to [recognize himself], being supported by the praise and smile of Yashiro. However, he woke up with her last words of [make the people of the world smile]. After destroying the Grongi with Decade in the [World of Kuuga], followed to the [World of Kiva] due to Kivala, joining up with Tsukasa and the others traveling the different worlds.
Was GX-3 in the [World of Agito], and transforms to Den-O Sword form in the [World of Den-O].
Murai Ryuuta as Onodera Yuusuke / Masked Riber Kuuga

Hikari Eijirou
Runs the Hikari Photo Studio and the grandfather of Natsumi. The Hikari Photo Studio traveling many worlds, and with regards to monsters and Kivala, is not specially surprised and looks at them adopting in his own pace.
Is very skillful in making coffee and cooking, and treats the guests from the other worlds in the photo studio.
Ishibashi Renji as Hikari Eijirou

A white bat monster belonging to the Kivat family. And has the ability to transform the person into a rider with her bite.
An accomplice of Narutaki, has the same ability as him to interfere with the dimension and brings the other people to different worlds.
After the conclusion of riot in [World of Kiva], she travels together with Tsukasa to secretly gather information.
Kaitou Daiki / Masked Rider Diend
A young man that transforms into Masked Rider Diend. Crossing the different worlds alone, collects "treasure" of value and moves as a [phantom thief].
His origin is the the [World of Diend], although working closely to Roach who is a close associate of Fourteen, his brother, Junichi was captured, and was aliented knowing the truth of the regulated society. His pretext, is that he is an old acquantace of Tsukasa. Again, acquanted with Narutaki.
Has an invigorating attitude, he has a dry personality that does not have sentimentality once a valued "treasure" is found, is not interested in the act of mercy and does not like conspiracy. Making different activites from Tsukasa and the others, and will interfere with them if there is variation in their goals. Consequently became allied with Tsukasa and the others, having interest in the principle of [something more important than treasure]. However, in the final chapter, became conscious of the importnat existence of Tsukasa and the others=Comaradery.
Also skillful in cooking. Has the habit of pointing his guns towards other people.
Totani Kimito as Kaitou Daiki / Masked Riber Diend

Characters that crosses different worlds

A middle aged man that calls onself a [prophet], and is hostile against Decade and Great Shocker. Crosses the worlds by himself, travels to the world before Tsukasa and the other get there to indoctrinate Decade as the [Devil] or [Destroyer or Worlds] to the other Riders, and interferes by sending assasins. Again, contacts Natsumi warning her to stop Decade.
Has the ability to summon Riders from different worlds, repeatedly sending assasins.
Okuda Tatsuhito as Narutaki
One of the great leaders of Great Shocker. Was a key person in the endgame of the TV series. Usually a middle aged man, calls [Apollo Change] to transform into Apologeist. A former enemy of Kamen Rider X and a leader of [GOD Secret Agency], became affiliated with Great Shocker, being the leader calls on the other evil organization of the other worlds to join Great Shocker, to cooperate in their operation. Has the ability to immediately interfere with the other worlds, summoning the monsters from different worlds that are allied with Great Shocker, able to accelerate the fusion of the other worlds. Frequently, labeling himself and Great Shocker as [annoying existence], and has the characteristing of adding [nanoda] to every end of his words.
Because he does not know how long his life remains, he prolongs his life with the item Perfector that sucks the life from a person to transfer it to another. Because Decade snatched and detroyed the Perfector, held a ceremony with Yuuki in the world of Rider Great Battle, obtaining the power of a fanfire. Sucking the life energy of the attendants, he was powered up into an original of the series as Super Apollogeist. In the final battle, he revived the monsters that Decade has defeated in the past to attack Tsukasa.
Kawahara Kazuhisa as Gai
Kurenai Wataru / Masked Rider Kiva
The protagonist of Masked Rider Kiva. A representative of the Heisei Riders that contacted Tsukasa when the [World of Natsumi] was destroyed, with the world fusion destruction drawing near, tells Tsukasa to [be a person to destroy all riders], for that reason he has to travel the 9 worlds.
Although Tsukasa and the others prevented the other worlds from being destroyed by "befriending" them, when the World of the Rider Great Battle appeared, saying [contrary to Tsukasa's "debriending" instead of "Destroying" each worlds rider], attacks Decade with his other "Comrades".
The original Kurenai Wataru can be referenced in Masked Rider Kiva.
Seto Kouji as Kurenai Wataru / Kamen Rider Kiva
Kanzaki Kazuma / Masked Rider Blade King Form
Protagonist of Masked Rider Blade. One of the "comrades" of Wataru, moves to erase Decade to stop the fusion and destruction of the world, appeared in front of Tsukasa before the other riders.
The original Kanzaki Kazuma can be referenced in Masked Rider Blade.

Characters of each world

World of Kuuga
Yashirou Ai
Female police office that Yuusuke refers to as [sister]. Knowing that he is Kuuga, not only does she worry during support on battles, she also supports his heart.
N Gamio Zeda
A wold type monsters that brings about [ultimate darkness], was the king of the Original Grongi in the series. Schemes to turn all the people into Grongi from the smoke that is emmitted from his body. Aside from electricity attacks from his arms, he can also fly. Again, has a high intelligence compare to the average Grongi, immediately after revival can make human speech. Being self aware of something that [should not exist], such point made sympathy with Tsukasa.
World of Kiva
Wataru / Masked Rider Kiva
Prince of the [World of Kiva]. A mixed raced child that has a Fangire for a father and human as a mother. being the successor of Kiva's Armor, transforms into Masked Rider Kiva with the strenght of Kivat Bat III. Being passive concerning the succession of the throne, he avoids intermigling with other people.
Re-appeared in the [World of Rider Great Battle], in order to oppose the attack of Blade joined hands with the Fangire, as a result allied with Great Shocker.
Garuru, Basha, dogga
The Arms Monster that is close to Wataru.
Mysterious Man (Wataru's Father)
The previous king of the Fangire. His human form is a middle aged man. his Fangire form is close to the Insect Class, a beetle fangire having a close resemblance to the Stag Beeetle. Fell in love with a human girl, and dreamt of coexistence between humans and fangires, but abandoned his past. Has the ability to control other monsters with surge hypnotism, snatch the Kiva Armor from Wataru by controlling Kivat, and call upon abandoning the coexistence of Fangire and humans when returned to the throne. Capturing the Arms Monster, transforms into Kibadogabaki Form (in 1seg was titled as the Beetle Kiva).
Appeared in the [World of Rider Great Battle]. An Aqua Class Sonfangire that is the queen of the Fangire. Married Apollogeist in order to save the [World of Kiva].
Masked Rider IXA
Appeared in the [World of Rider Great Battle]. Changing into Rising IXA form, fight the residents of [World of Blade] together with Wataru and the Fanfire.
Masked Rider Saga
Appeared in the [World of Rider Great Battle]. Fought with the residents of the [World of Hibiki].
World of Ryuki
Tatsumi Shinji / Masked Rider Ryuki
Camera man of [ATASHI Journal]. Was appointed as one of the riders during the trial of Momoi's murder case. Feeling betrayed by Ren who was his partner that transfered to another company without saying anything, doubted Ren as the criminal when he arrived on the day of the case.
Hagure Ren / Masked Rider Knight
A journalist that investigates the Masked Riders. Was appointed as one of the riders during the trial of Momoi's murder case. Formerly a partner of Shinji in [ATASHI Journal], but 3 years ago transfered to another company without saying anything to Shinji. Joined the Rider Battle not for the case, but for the mystery of the extortion of the Advent Card.
Momoi Reiko
The editor-in-chief of [ATASHI Journal]. Was investigating the existence that is outside of humans, and was killed because she found out the true nature of Kamata, and was the begining of this time's Rider Judgement.
World of Blade
Kendate Kazuma / Masked Rider Blade
Employee of [BOARD]. Transforms into Blade as the A of Spade, was working but was demoted in an inappropriate conduct while fighting. Tsukasa's subordinate, and works in the Company Cafeteria, and further caused more error.
Reappeared in the [World of Rider Great Battle]. Fougnt with the people of [World of Kiva]. When Tsukasa visited [BOARD], was seated in the chair where Hajime formerly sat.
Hishigata Sakuya / Masked Rider Garren
An Employee of [BOARD] and Kazuma's senior. Transforms into Garren as the A of Diamond. was demoted when Chalice took the Garren Buckle, and works under Mutsuki.
Kuruba Mutsuki / Masked Rider Leangle
An employee of [BOARD] and a junior of Kazuma and Sakuya. Formerly supports Kazuma and Sakuya as the K of Clover, taking advantage of Kazuma's demotion was promoted to A, has the qualifications to transform into Leangle. In the battle with Chalice Sakuya was demoted, and has a very pompous attitude towards Kazuma and Sakuya.
Furthermore, in the [World of Rider Great Battle] Garren and Leangle appears, but human forms did not appear, even Kazuma called them [Garren] and [Leangle].
Shijou Hajime / Masked Rider Chalice
President of [BOARD]. The owner as a result of being commercialized, disposes with employees who failed without mercy. Being uneasy of a BOARD after the complete annihilation of the Undead, secretly maneuvered with Kamata to become the legendary Masked Rider. Additionally transformed into the strongest Undead Joker with the created card.
Kamata / Masked Rider Abyss
A middle aged man that transforms into the Paradoxia Undead which is the Category K (King) of the Heart Suite. Has the ability to release Vaccum wave in human form.
His first appearance is in the [World of Ryuki]. Invading [World of Ryuki] from the [World of Blade], concealing himself in human society becoming the Assistant editor-in-chief of the [ATASHI Journal]. Was chosen to be Masked Rider Abyss in the Momoie Murder Case. After being defeated by Decade and Ryuki, returned to the [World of Blade]. Later being the Chairman of [BOARD], schemed to control the world with Hajime with the Riders and Undead.
World of Faiz
Ogami Takumi / Masked Rider Faiz
A student that belong to the photography club of the Smart Brain High School. In order to protect the dreams of Yuri secretly, he hides his true form and transforms into Faiz, protecting the school from Orphnoch that attacks humans. Although he himself is an Orphnoch, he hides this from Yuri.
Tomoda Yuri
A friend of Takumi, a student belonging to the same Photography club. Likes instant camera and has a passion of taking pictures, secretely embraces her dream with the collection of photos. Has a fierce hate against the Lucky Clover and Orphnoch.
The leader of Lucky Clover that is an elite group of the school. A Tiger Orphnoch that has the ability to revived deceased Orphnoch. With his ambition of controlling humans, was mixed up with fellow Orphnoch who are members Shukawa (Lobster), Genda (Dragon) and Shirogane (Centipede). With the successive death of his fellow, he searches of Faiz.
World of Agito
Ashikawa Shouichi / Masked Rider G3 -> Masked Rider Exceed Gills -> Masked Rider Agito
Formerly a member of the G3 system development, and participated with Yashiro in the development of the G3 System, awakened with the incomplete [Agito's Power], able to transform into Exceed Gills. As a result was being targeted by Unknown, in order not to involve other people (Yashiro) disappeared from Yashiro, and currently lives avoiding contact with society. Can use super human strenght even in human form, refusing Tsukasa and the others whom he came contact with.
Yashiro Touko
Belongs to the Police Unidentified Counter-measure section, a female police officer involved in the development of the G3 system. Although a complete look alike of Yashiro Ai in the [World of Kuuga], she is another person. In the continued fight against the Grongi, the existence of a new threat from an unknown was sensed, enhancing the actual application of the GX-3.
Buffalo Lord Taurus Barista
An unknown that looks like a Buffalo. Taking along the Ant Lord, humans that foolishly repeats the mistake, lives in happiness thinking they are managing the message of God. For that reason they fear humans who are in the image of God, persistently targeting persons who have awakened the Power of Agito (Shouichi). The other riders and the Grongi in the same world, they target those who have powers that surpasses that of humans. With the 3 pronged spear [Supreme Toriana] can blast Plasma Bullets similar to magic circles.
World of Den-O
Because the characters appearing here have the same identity of the characters as that of the original, detailed references can be made from Masked Rider Den-O Appearing Characters
In the destruction of worlds that happend days before, an imagine that lost their memory and real form. Wandering the streets revolving in defeating Imagins. Possessing Tsukasa and yuusuke transforms into Den-O Sword Form. Being targeted by Diend to obtain the Denliner
Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros
Imagins that originates in the Denliner. Because of the destruction of the world they had the wrong impression of Decade, making contact with Tsukasa and the others. In order to hunt Tsukasa, possessed Natsumi and transformed into Den-O to challenged Decade.
Kohana, Naomi, Owner
The passenger of Denliner that settles the account of Momotaros and the other Imagin, having part time job as train crew, Owner. In order to protect the world from destruction, started to interact with Urataros and the others, guiding Tsukasa and Natsumi with the Denliner.
Nogami Ryoutarou, Nogami Koutarou
Main protagonist of [Masked Rider Den-O]. In order to investigate the source of the change in the past, took action apart from the Denliner. because of the effect in the distortion of time Ryoutarou is in the form of a boy.
One of the Imagin that rides the train of time. During his travel from the [World of Den-O] to the [World of Kabuto], different from the Denliner appeared in the Hikari Photo Studio.
A Silver Masked Rider that is one of the Oni clan. Leads a number of Gelnyut stealing money. Faces the Moru Imagin as a roughneck group.
Alligator Imagin
An Imagin in the image of the Alligator from Aesops's fables [Fox and Alligator]. Sent numbers of Imagin into the past scheming to destroy the [World of Den-O]. Can make a surge of Imagin as its subordinates from its own body. Similar to Momotaros and the others, can possess people.
World of Kabuto
Souji / Masked Rider Kabuto
Mayu's brother. After a battle the clock-up system went berserk, which makes him unable to cancel the Clock-up and tranformation. In the world of Clock-up where his voice can be heard by no one, continues to protect Mayu from the Worm alone.
Otogiri Sou / Masked Rider Thebee
Mobile Squad Leader of ZECT fights by transforming into Thebee. Hated Kabuto for the injury in his right eye during their fight, developing the Clock-down system that will inhibit the clock-up, leading the [Kabuto Capture Operation] by pulling Kabuto back into the normal time.
Thought as Mayu's brother, but was a Firochisera Worm that is an imitation of Souji. Aside from the Clock Down system and clock-up plans to control the [World of Kabuto] with only the power of a worm.
Arata / Masked Rider Gattack
A member of ZECT that transforms into Gattack. Works with Otagiri and his subordinate. Believing the words of Tsukasa and the others are from another world, told them the current condition of Kabuto's world and cooperated with them. Doubts the ferociousness of Otogiri towards Kabuto.
A girl from an Oden shop. Witnessing his brother being killed by Kabuto, hated Kabuto. Misses her brother from the traces of his brother in Tsukasa. Although her true form is a Scisilla Worm, she herself has not awakened. She thinks that Otagiri is her own brother, she was used in the Kabuto Capture Operation.
Mayu's grandmother, and runs the Oden shop [Tendou Shop]. Has a stubborn attitude, and is proud of her own oden. Says many proverbs.
World of Hibiki
In one portion, although the actors who transform into the riders are similar to the original, the establishment is different.
Asumu / Masked Rider Hibiki
A student of Hibiki, a young boy who yearns to be an oni. Being called as [Young boy] by Hibiki and the others. After being excummunicated by Hibiki took Kaitou as his master, but later inherited the spirit of Hibiki and became the new Masked Rider Hibiki. Still calls Kaitou as master.
Re-appearing in [World of Rider Great Battle], was involved in the fight without fully grasping the situation, tells the truth to Kaitou.
Hibiki / Masked Rider Hibiki
Master of the Hibiki Style. An outsider in the battle of the other schools, avoids the fight. Declaring that he retired from being an Oni, excommunicated his student, and even hesitated to show his transformation into Hibiki. Actually he can no longer control the power of Oni, transfiguring into the legendary Makamo Gyuki Oni that went berserk, attacking without discrimination. Furthermore Gyuki is one of the series original monster, a rare Makamo that understands human speech.
Ibuki / Masked Rider Ibuki
Master of the Ibuki style. Taking on Akira as his first female student. In oder to defeat Zanki style, invited Tsukasa's fighting power who was wearing the garment of the Grandmaster of the Ongekidou into his school.
Akira / Masked Rider Tenki
One of the students of Ibuki. Is not decided on the war between Zanki style and Ibuki style. Makes efforts with Azumu and Todoroki to make a compromise between both schools. Later inherited the seat of Master from Ibuki.
Re-appeared in the [World of Rider Great Battle], getting involved in a fight without fully understanding the situation, was defeated by Saga.
Zanki / Masked Rider Zanki
Master of the Zanki style. Takin on Todoroki as his first male student. Learning that Kaitou's objective is the scroll, he sold his own skill to hire him as help.
Todoroki / Masked Rider Todoroki
One of the students of Zanki. Has an unrequited love towards Akira, and is hurt with the mutual war between their school. Finding a kindred spirit in Asumu and Akira, makes effort for the compromise of both schools. Later inherited the seat of Master from Zanki.
Re-appeared in the [World of Rider Great Battle], getting involved in a fight without fully understanding the situation, was defeated by Saga.
World of Nega
Kurenai Otoya / Masked Rider Dark Kiva
A young man who lie in wait for Tsukasa and the others in the [World of Nega]. Has the role of controlling the [World of Nega]. Transforms into Dark Kiva with Kivat Bat II, to test Tsukasa's strenght challenges him in a fight together with Dark Kabuto, Ryuga and Oga. Has the same name as the main protagonist of the past chapter in [Masked Rider Kiva].
Face "TG Club" Member / Dark Riders
In the high school days of Natsumi, the early members of the "TG (Taigaku = dropout) Club" together with Natsumi, the original proposer Aoyagi Kazuyoshi, Satou Hirohiko, Sakata Kenji and their advisor Tanaka. The ones from the [World of Nega] was killed by the dark riders prior to the arrival of natsumi, taking their place, respectively transforming into Dark Kabuto, Ryuga, Oga and Alternative. Natsumi thinking that she has returned to her own world, schemed to lure "another Natsumi".
Hikari Natsumi
One of the few remaining humans in the [World of Nega], "another Natsumi". A splitting image of Natsumi who is the friend of Tsukasa and the others, because of the cruel life her garments are different. Being targeted by the Dark Riders for knowing the location of "this world's treasure".
In the high school days of Natsumi, a friend in the TG club. She died in the [World of Nega] acquiring the "Treasure" of the Dark Riders.
World of Diend
The Riders and Monsters that appear in this world are the ones that appeared in Masked Rider Blade: Missing Ace, even the actors that transform are the same, but the creation is different.
Kaitou Junichi / Masked Rider Glaive
Kaitou Daiki's brother. Formerly fights to overthrow Roach's control together with Lark and Lance, but was caught in Daiki's [Rider Hunting], currently works as an associate of Fourteen.
Magaki Shin / Masked Rider Lance, Miwa Haruka / Masked Rider Lark
Fights together with Junichi to overthrow the control of Roach, but having trouble fighting with Junichi being abducted into the Roach side.
Haruka looks at Tsukasa and Daiki with the the traces of Junichi and fights togheter with them, Shin resents Daiki for the situation they are currently in.
Leads Roach, the true controller of the [World of Diend]. It's true form is a giant devil [14 (Fourteen)].
World of Shinkenger
This world is similar to that of the original, the details of each character can be referenced in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
Shiba Takeru / Shinken Red
Has the role of leader of the Shinkenger. Leading the samurai of the retianers to fight with Gedoshu of the Ayakashi. Narutaki indoctrinating that Decade is the destroyer of worlds, made contact with Tsukasa.
Shikenami Ryuunosuke / Shinken Blue, Shiraishi Mako / Shinken Pink, Tani Chiaki / Shinken Green, Hanatori Kotoha / Shinken Yellow
Members of Shinkenger. Retainers of Takeru. From the hearsay of the Kuroko, they though Decade the destroyer of worlds abducted Takeru.
Umemori Genta / Shinken Gold
Member of Shinkenger. Childhood friend of Takeru. His Ika Origami suddenly stolen by Kaitou, he pursues him.
Kusakabe Hikoma
And old man who is a retainer of the Shiba family. Refusing to go to a bonesetting hospital from a chronic hip pain, quarreled with Takeru. Eventually went to the bone setting hospital, there he was relieved in the Hikaru Photo Studio, getting acquanted with Eijirou.
Shitari of the bone
A wise old man of the Gendoushu. Sensing the appearance of Diend, he sent Ayakashi Chinomanako to search for that power.
Chinomanako / Chinomanako Diend Transformed State
A monster [Ayakashi] sent by the Gendoushu. Has countless eyeballs in his body used for attack. Because he snatched the Diendriver from Diend in an encounter, he became the first to transform in a Masked Rider, Chinomanako Diend Transformed state.
World of Black RX
Minami Koutarou / Kamen Rider Black RX
Transforming into Black RX, a man who continues to fight with the Crisis Empire. Mistaking Tsukasa for his friend [Joe the Haze], he fought a transformed Tsukasa thinking he was the [Destroyer of Worlds]. However trough the explanation of Natsumi they were reconciled, and fights alongside Decade. Has the same appearance of the main protagonist of [Kamen Rider Black RX] with a similar name.
Joe the Haze
Only appearing in Name. Formerly fights alongside Black RX against the Crisis Empire. Went to investigate a new enemy, Great Shocker, but after that his whereabouts were unknown. His clothes are similar to that of Tsukasa in the [World of Black RX], for that reason Tsukasa for the first time, was mistaken for Joe the Haze by Shubarian and Koutarou.
Actually was trapped in the [World of Black] and could not get back to his own world, but chose to fight with Minami Koutarou in the [World of Black].
A Beast Robot under the Crisis empire on an errand to kill Joe the Haze. Its weapons is its right hand hook claw and cannon. Bragging to be the [Strongest Warrior], his body is wrapped with dull armor. Crisis allied with Great Shocker to invade the [World of Black]
World of Black
Minami Koutarou / Kamen Rider Black
"Another Koutarou" that transforms into Black in the [World of Black]. A splitting image of Minami Koutarou from the [World of Black RX], but is a different person. Attacks Decade for being the [Destroyer of Worlds], but reconsidered after seeing Tsukasa save a girl from Great Shocker. Kaitou mentioning that his character is steadfast, will have difficulty fighting with women.
World of Amazon
Amazon / Kamen Rider Amazon
Traveled the world seeking a peaceful place to live, got involved in a fight with a secret organization Gedon in Japan, a young man having the power to transform into Kamen Rider Amazon.
Okamura Masahiko
A 4th grader boy from the Great Shocker school. Made it to the top by exposing many rebellion member, being a management candidate that has expectations of being capable. Jumenki orders him expecting to find the base of Amazon, doubted the underhanded tactics of Great Shocker.
Okamura Ritsuko
Masahiko's sister. A nurse in the Great Shocker School. Furthermore when they were affiliated with Great Shocker, Masahiko was still very young when their parents died, and embraces nihilicism.
Jumenki Yum Gimil
The head of the secret organization Gedon. Allied with Great Shocker, completely controls the [World of Amazon]. Possesses the Gaga bracelet as opposed to Amazon's Gigi bracelet.
Usually has a gravity conbtrolled ball with only the upper half of his is exposed, during battle the balls the front has the [face] of Kuuga being the first Heisei Rider. When attacked by a rider, he uses the light from the face of that rider, having the power to reject the killing technique [?? (name of Rider) Return].
when he acquires the 2 bracelets, he plans to invoke the super ancient civilazation [human Monster form project using its power. It's appearance has the mark of Shocker.
World of Rider Great Battle
As indicated in the World of Kiva, World of Blade, World of Hibiki above.

Masked Rider

The details of the Riders that appeared in past series are referenced in the link of their names. Details of the individual riders that appear in the dreams of Natsumi will be ommitted.

Masked Rider that uses Rider Cards

The series' main, a Masked Rider starting on the [9 worlds] crossing different worlds. Uses a Rider Card to fight.

Masked Rider Decade

His base color is Magenta. Also called [exists to destroy all the riders], [Destroyer of worlds], [Devil]. Inheriting the strenght of the concurrent world's Riders, transforms into other riders in the later mentioned Kamen Ride. Able to freely come and go to different worlds and Mirror World, and able to defeat monsters (Undead, Makamo) that the original cannot defeat without special method. Because Tsukasa had [formerly lost everything], he has also lost the effectivity of each rider card (there is no crest of the rider), participates with the other riders of the other worlds in order to use the power. For Attack Ride, the Ride Booker has an individual mode with an enhanced technique like [Decade Slash] and [Decade Blast], and the [Decade Illusion] that will create a splitting image of himself. Decade's solo killing technique, Final Attack Ride (Decade), several cards of light will appear between him and the opponent releasing an energy, he collects the energy for himself and releases a flying kick called [Dimension Kick], the energy of the card can be used by the Ride Booker to activate the maximum technique. Again, transforming the riders of each world into a support weapon=Final Form Ride, Final Attack Ride can draw forth the killing technique. The item used by Decade will have the mark of Decade's Face (Decade Mark) etched into them, this has the motif of a barcode.

Kamen Ride
For the cards concerning Decade, it is the general term for Decade to transform into other Masked Riders. While in Kamen Ride form, with only the exceotion of the belt which is the Decade Driver it is similar to the original. For that reason, the belt can draw out the ability of the original rider (Kuuga and Kiva's form change, Kabuto's clock-up), and to use the different cards required (example: Ryuki's Advent Card, Blade's Rouse Card), substituting the Form Ride and Attack Ride. In the Form Ride (In this case the Attack Ride) Form Change is possible. With the interaction of the rider's Final Attack Ride, killing technique can be activated. Taking large damage, will return to Decade.
Decade Kuuga Mighty Form
During battle, changing to other forms having the characteristics of each form, using the weapon. However, it requires a weapon similar to the field of the original.
Decade Agito Grand Form
Fights against the enemy with a weapon, crossing swords with Storm, Flame form which have similar weapons.
Decade Ryuki
Moving inside the mirror, able to ambus or stroll. Again in the battle against Makamo, somehow has a red flag.
Decade Faiz
The only one in the series where the Machine Decader transforms into another bike (Autovajin). Boasts the limited high speed battle of the Accel Form.
Decade Blade
Because it does not have the custom weapon Blay Rouser, it is substituted by Attack Ride.
Decade Hibiki
Boast of a lively attack using Ongekibou - Rekka.
Decade Kabuto Rider Form
Capable of High Speed Movement Clock-up
Decade Den-O Sword Form
Making a string of nonsense [saying the decided speech] during the Attack Ride.
Decade Kiva Kivaform
Similar to Kuuga that can make use of the different specialty form, but during the form change the weapons are at standard level.
Complete Form
Decade regaining the power of the 9 Riders, the form when he Final Kamen Rides using the K-Touch. It's base color is the altering silver and black, with the Complete Form's (Decade) card set in the face, with an additional armor History Ornament from his shoulder and chest, which is the arrangement of the Kamen Ride Card of the 9 riders. Furthermore the K-Touch is installed in the buckle part, removing the Decade Driver and equipping it in the right side of the belt.
When activating the Kamen Ride with the K-Touch, the card corresponding to 1 of the 9 riders will summon it's enhanced form. The summoned rider will have the same movement as Decade. When summoned all the card on the History Ornament will changed into the enhanced form of the summoned rider, with such power being projected by Decade, and capable of freely activating it. With the different card of the Final Attack Ride being loaded to the Decade Driver, can activate the killing technique of each rider at the same time. At this time, the Ride Booker Sword Mode will be substituted as the weapon used in the Killing Technique.
Custom Tool
Decade Driver
Decade's transformation belt. Usually in a buckle state, when the Buckle is put in the hips of the equipper a belt will extend. The Buckle has the mark of Kuuga to Decade (Rider's Crest) etched to it. When the side handle of the buckle is pulled, the buckle will turn 90 degrees exposing the card insertion on the top. That is where the rider card is loaded, with the voice of the variety of card being expressed. When the handle is pressed the card's abilities (Final Form Ride, Final Attack Ride will expressed a scratch voice [de-de-de-decade]) will be activated, at the same time the reverse side of the card will be projected.
When Decade Kamen Rides to transform into other riders this remains unchanged, so he can make use of the cards. Furthermore, removing the buckle is possible, when Decade transforms into Complete Form the buckle is moved to the right hips, after inserting the card and hitting the buckle the cards effect will be activated.
Lost together with the memory of Tsukasa, this was discovered along with the Ride Booker in the ruins found by Natsumi, and was handed to Tsukasa.
Ride Booker
A book type custom weapon that is carried in the left hips. The inside is connected to a Klein Bottle, here the Rider Cards and inexhaustible energy are stored. The 3 forms are Booker Mode which is a holder form where Rider Cards are pulled out, the sword type Sword Mode, the gun type Gun Mode (Aside from the Book Mode cards cannot be pulled out). Similar to the Decade Driver, remains unchanged when Decade transforms into other riders. Again, when Decade transforms into other riders he makes use of the Sword Mode, using the weapon similar to the rider Zanki (Kabutos Kabuto Kunai Gun - Kunai Mode, Blade's Blay Rouser, Den-O's Den Gusher Sword Mode, Ryuki's Drag Saber).
Rider Card
Different energy that is sealed inside a 2 dimensional card. Usually stored in the Ride Booker, is loaded into the Decade Driver and releases the sealed energy, activating varied effects.
A Kamen Ride that transforms into the drawn Rider, and transforming into another rider the Form Change the Form Ride, calling out the weapon - special technique to be used the Attack Ride, and the Final Kamen Ride to transform into Complete Form, transforming the other Masked Riders the Final Form Ride, and the Final Attack Ride that activates the killing technique.
The usage of the card can be referenced in the Rider Card
To give Decade an enhanced transformation via the Final Kamen Ride into the Complete form which is the true form of Decade, a touch panel mobile phone type tool. Has a black casing and magenta stipes. After inserting the custom Complete Card, the crest icon from Kuuga to Decade appears in the front panel to be touched, then an electronic voice will be emitted to start the transformation, and the K-Touch to be installed in the Buckle part of the Decade Driver to complete the transformation.
After transformation touching the icon of the riders crest represented in the panel in the [F] letter, the electronic voice of [Rider Name - Kamen Ride - Form Name] will be emmitted (example: Faiz - Kamen Ride - Blaster). Interacting with the crest will summon the final form of the Rider, loading that power into Decade.
Although being safekept by the Dark Riders as their treasure in the Nega World, Kurenai Otoya let Tsukasa have it.
Machine Decader
  • Base Vehicle:Honda DN-01
The bike that is initially used by Tsukasa. It's base color is white, black, magenta. Generally runs on a gasoline V type 2 cylinder engine, during battle draws is supply from the inexshaustible energy from the Klein Bottle, able to cross over different environment, in Attack Ride the body varies and transforms into the other rider's machine into a Super Machine. Additionally is capable of breaking through concurrnent worlds and mirror world as well as move unmanned by the will of Decade. Highest speed is 350km/hour.

Masked Rider Diend

Vase color is Cyan. The source of his name is coined from [Die+End]. Narutaki somehow mentioned that he wanted to destroy both Decade and Diend.
Similar to Decade, can cross over different worlds. Also has the Kamen Ride that can call forth Masked Riders, and the Final Form Ride and the combination techniques are used similar to Decade. Has a battle tactics of using hit and away with his gun using agile movements.
With regards to Attack Ride, the Diend Driver has the [Diend Blast] which enhances the homing function, the [Diend invicible] making ones self transparent to disappear which is mainly used in the front lines to withdraw, the [Cross Attack] which uses the killing technique formation of the summoned rider, and the [Diend Illusion] which activates the creation of after images of himself. Diend's solo killing technique, the Final Attack Ride (Diend), shoots the [Dimension Shot] which puts the energy of the card that has the design of the riders into a beam. At this time, the summoned riders are returned to become part of the energy.
Custom Tool
Diend Driver
A custom gun type weapon that has a 50 caliber also used to transform into Diend. Before and after the transformation, uses 2 rounds of high destructive energy bullets. In the middle of the gun a rider card can be inserted in the card slot, using the pump action of the gun to slide it in, a speech indicating the effects of the card, and pulling the trigger will activate the effects of the card that has the crest of the rider. Can use multiple rider cards at the same time. The voice is similar to that of the Decade Driver. Furthermore, when the Diend Driver is snatched, the transformation is compulsorilly cancelled.
Rider Card
Usually carried in the left hips. The inside is connected to the Klein Bottle which stores the Rider Card Holder, releasing the sealed energy once loaded into the Diend Driver, capable to activating various effects.
The category of the cards are similar to that of Decade, however aside from the Kamen Ride that is used to transform into Diend, it has the effect of summoning Riders.
This can be referenced in the Rider Card

The 9 Masked Riders

The Masked Rider which is the main protagonists of the [9 worlds]. Also, when Diend summons during Kamen Ride. Their individual abilities with regards to Decade and Diend, can be transformed into Final Form Rider (hereinafter refered to FFR). At this time, Decade will say [This will tickle a bit], and Diend will say [The pain will be instant]. Additionally activates the killing technique with the Final Attack Ride. The transformed rider can return to their former form at will, also capable of cooperated attacks with Decade. When Diend invokes this the name of the technique changes (enclosed in parenthesis). Next to the Rider's name enclosed in parenthesis is the transformee.

Kamen Rider Kuuga (Onodera Yuusuke)
The main protagonist in the [World of Kuuga], similar to the original is a rider called [Unconfimred Life Form No 4].
Yuusuke traveling together with Tsukasa and the others, is a rider that goes around the different worlds similar to Decade and Diend, assisting in battle. During the start of the Rider Great Battle in which the worlds have completely fused, he was awakened in the Ultimate Form with the power of Kivala, and goes berserk.
His FFR is the Kuuga Gouram that imitates a Gouram. His killing technique, makes a nose dive on the target in the two jaws, making a pincer attack with Decade's flying kick [Decade Assault].
Masked Rider Kiva (Wataru)
The successor to the throne of Fangire and priviledge to transform in the [World of Kiva].
His FFR is a giant Bow and Arrow Kiva Arrow that is an imitation of Kivat Bat III. It's killing technique, releases the Hell's gate releasing a light arrow [Decade Fang (Diend Fang)], during activation Kivat will say [Let's Kivat].
Masked Rider Ryuki (Tatsumi Shinji)
Masked Rider of the [World of Ryuki]. A transformee is selected during trial.
It's FFR is the Drag Redder imitating Ryuki's Drag Redder. Before and after transformation his right hand and both shoulders will be equipped with Drag Saber and Drag Shield. His Killing Technique, riding the flames spewed from Ryuki Drag Redder, Decade releases a flying kick [Decade Dragoon].
Masked Rider Blade (Kendate Kazuma)
A BOARD Spade Rank A employee in the [World of Blade] that holdss the priviledge to transform.
It's FFR is the Blay Rouser that is an imitation of a giant blade Blade Blade. His killing technique, cuts the enemy with a giant light [Decade edge (Diend Edge)].
Masked Rider Faiz (Ogami Takumi)
In the [World of Faiz], a rumored rider that protects Smart Brain High School from Orphnoch secretly.
His FFR is Faiz Blaster Photon Buster Mode which is an imitation of the Faiz Blaster. His Killing Technique, shoots a giant red energy from its muzzle [Decade Photon].
Masked Rider Agito (Ashikawa Shouichi)
A Masked Rider in the [World of Agito]. A form evolved from the incomplete form Exceed Gills.
His Final Form Ride is the Machine Tornado Slider Mode which is an imitation of the Machine Tornado. Riding in its back Decade cuts the enemy with the Ride Booker Sword Mode with the Killint Technique [Decade Tornado], during activation the crest of Agito rises in front.
Masked Rider Den-O (Unestablished, referenced below)
In the [World of Den-O], humans possessed by Imagins can transform into Masked Rider. Because the original transformer Nogami Ryoutarou is in another activity, Tsukasa and Yuusuke (along with the possession of Momotaros), Natsumi's (possessed by Urataros, Kintaros and Ryuutaros) body is used to transform. There are many transformation tool.
It's FFR will be the true form of Momotaros when possessing in Den-O Sword Form. While in this form, the possessed human would be forced to separate. The killing technique is Momotaros making the Den Gusher link with Kuuga Gouram [Decade Liner] (Momotaros claiming [My killing technique, Decade Version]).
Before the Rider Card of the FFR can be used the shilhouette of the Denliner is projected. Kaitou can also transform Denliner through Den-O, but Tsukasa confirming the existence of Momotaros, the shilhouette of the Denliner changed into the image of Momotaros.
Masked Rider Kabuto (Souji)
Masked Rider in the [World of Kabuto]. The clock-up system going berserk, the main protagonist of the [World of Kabuto] who's form could not be confirmed by sight became a threat.
The FFR is the Zector Kabuto that imitates the Kabuto Zector. The Killing Technique knocks the target then returning to the form of Kabuto, making a pincer attack of a clocked-up Decade flying kick and Kabuto's Rider Kick [Decade Meteo].
Masked Rider Hibiki (Hibiki -> Asumu)
In the [World of Hibiki], the Master of the Ongekidou Hibiki Style transforms into a Masked Rider. Controlling the power of Oni is inherited by Asumu from Hibiki.
The FFR is the Hibiki Akanetaka which is the imitation of the Akanetaka. The Killing Technique, the Hibiki Ongekiko that is the imitation of the Ongekigou is installed on the enemy, Decade using the Ongekibou to beat a cleansing sound the [Decade Wave].

Comrade Masked Riders of Kurenai Wataru

Kurenai Wataru and his comrades that transforms into a Rider, the transformed form appeared in the final episode. Appearing in front of Tsukasa, are only both Kurenai Wataru and Kenzaki Kazuma, but the other 6 riders appeared (transformee unknown) in the final episode. The name of the transformee is enclosed in parenthesis.

  • Masked Rider Kiva (Kurenai Wataru)
  • Masked Rider Blade King Form (Kenzaki Kazuma)

Masked Rider of each world

The Riders that appear in each world

Masked Rider Abyss

A series original rider. In the [World of Ryuki], transforms from Kamata who is the assistant editor-in-chief of [ATASHI Journal]. Uses the Advent Card similar to Ryuki to fight. It's base color and card deck deck color is light blue. The Final Vent is the [Abyss Dive] where he freely controls the Abysodon (expressed as 7000AP in the cards)

Contract Monster
Having 2 contract monster, the 2 contract monsters appear as the original.
Abyss Hammer
A Hammerhead Shark type monster. Has 2 cannons on its chest. Appears when Abyss Slasher is summoned. The card did not appear and the AP is unknown.
Abyss Slasher
Shark type monster. Has 2 sets of swords as weapons, releases a high voltage water current from its head. The Advent Card possess an AP of 5000P
With regards to Strike Vent and Final Vent, the 2 combine into a giant monster. This Abysodon utilizes the Hammerhead shark type monster for long range attacks, while utilizes the Sawshark in close range combat. Can move not only in water but also in the air.
Summoning Unit
Abyss Visor
Equipped in the left arm the imitates a shark. When an Advent Card is loaded, draws outs its effects. The Sword Vent will have a shark tooth long sword the Abyss Saber, the Strike Vent will summon the Abyss Claw from the Abyss Slasher. From the Abyss Claw releases a high voltge water current [Abyss Smash].

Masked Rider Amaki

A series original Pipe Ongeki Warrior. Transforms from Akira from the [World of Hibiki] (later when the world was fused, appeared in the [World of Rider Great Battle]). Her Master is Ibuki, and the transformed state is similar to Ibuki.

Inherited from Ibuki, the abilities are similar.
Transformation Demon Flute:[Onteki]
A flute used to transform Amaki
Ongeki Instrument:[Reppu (Gale)]
Ongeki Weapon
Ongeki Roar:[Narukaze (Roaring Wind)]
Killing Technique
Ongeki Shoot [Shippu Issen (Gale Flash)]
A cleansing sound that releases a violent wind.

Chinomanako Diend Transformed state

The the [World of Shinkenger] where there is no Masked Rider, the Ayakashi of Gedoshu Chinomanako stole the Diend Driver from Kaitou and used it to transform, Narutaki commenting that [this world's (World of Shinkenger) first Masked Rider]. Compared to the transformed state of Kaitou, has an ugly form. Before the transformation Chinomanako usually makes a speech, but after the transformation the words he utters are mostly roars.

Possessing the Diend Driver Chinomanako no longer has the restriction of the Gedoshu's [existing a long time in this world, will cut off the water from the River Styx from his body], and the power of the [Second eye] to revive as a giant no longer exists. From the opening of his own body Nanashi can be summoned.
Killing Technique
Kaijin Ride
A derivation of the [Kamen Ride]. A similar method to the original Diend, summons the monsters of the Rider World. In the series summoned the Eagle Undead and Moose Fangire. Aside from these, the common [Kamen Ride] summons Blade.

Masked Rider that appeared in previous shows

The parenthesis beside the name of the rider is the transformee. Riders indicated with a @ are riders that also appear in the [World of Riders Great Battle].

Masked Riders of [World of Kiva]
Because aside from Kiva they appeared in the [World of Riders Great Battle], the details are unknown.
Masked Riders of [World of Ryuki]
Each riders are prosecutors or lawyers, relation to the suspect, the transformee is selected from the Case.
Masked Rider of [World of Blade]
High Ranking employees which is equipped with the rider system developed by [BOARD]
Masked Riders of [World of Agito]
  • Masked Rider Exceed Gills (Ashikawa Shouichi)
  • Masked Rider G3-X
    • A Masked Rider equipped with Body Armor developed by the police unidentified Lifeform Countermeasure headquarters. A wearer that could endure the specs cannot be found within the police, and caused massive damage to the surrounding during a battle with a Grongi and was blamed by the mass media, an exasperated Yashirou invited civilians as a wearer. Kaitou and Yuusuke became the wearer.
  • Masked Rider G3 (Ashikawa Shouichi)
    • Appearing only in a flashback scene, no battle setting.
Masked Rider of [World of Den-O]
  • Silvala
    • A Rider of the Oni Clan. Leads Gelnyut and the others to steal money.
Masked Rider of [World of Kabuto]
Wearer of the anti Worm weapon [Masked Rider System] developed by ZECT.
Masked Rider of [World of Hibiki]
An Ongeki warrior becoming a [Demon] from the product of training. Transforms from the neck below.
Masked Riders of [World of Nega]
Called the Dark Rider (Masked Rider of Darkness), managed by monsters, plans to remove all humans.
  • Masked Rider Dark Kiva (Kurenai Otoya)
    • The Central Rider in the [World of Nega]
  • Masked Rider Dark Kabuto (Aoyagi Kazuyoshi)
  • Masked Rider Ryuga (Satou Hirohiko)
  • Masked Rider Ogre (Sakata Kenji)
  • Alternative (Tanaka)
    • Imitation Rider. In the series are the same as monsters, only the Head parts are similar to that of [Alternative Zero]
Masked Riders of [World of Diend]
Riders that oppose the Roach the controls the world. Did not appear during the appearance of the theatrical version [Masked Rider Blade Missing Ace], each rider corresponds to the custom bike they posses.
  • Masked Rider Glaive (Kaitou Junichi)
  • Masked Rider Lance (Magaki Shin)
  • Masked Rider Lark (Miwa Haruka)
Kamen Rider of [World of Black RX]
Kamen Rider of [World of X Rider]
  • Kamen Rider X
    • Nicknamed [X Rider]. Kaitou mentioned about him fighting with the GOD Secret Organization.
Kamen Rider of [World of Black]
Kamen Rider of [World of Amazon]

Summoned Masked Riders

Form name is removed

Decade Complete Form Summoned Masked Riders
Moves according to how Decade Moves, exists like a splitting image.
  • Masked Rider Ryuki Survive
  • Masked Rider Faiz Blaster Form
  • Masked Rider Kabuto Hyper Form
  • Masked Rider Kiva Emperor Form
  • Masked Rider Armored Hibiki
  • Masked Rider Den-O Liner Form
  • Masked Rider Blade King Form
  • Masked Rider Agito Shining Form
Diend summoned Masked Riders
Moves according to the will of Diend
  • Masked Rider Todoroki
  • Masked Rider Ray
  • Masked Rider Kabuki
  • Masked Rider Kiva Kiva Form
  • Masked Rider Drake Rider Form
  • Masked Rider Delta
  • Masked Rider Blade
  • Masked Rider Sasword Rider Form
  • Masked Rider Saga
  • Riot Trooper (3 summoned once)
  • Masked Rider IXA Burst Mode
  • Masked Rider Psyga
  • Masked Rider Den-O Sword Form
  • Masked Rider Scissors
  • Masked Rider Raia
  • Masked Rider Heracles
  • Masked Rider Ketaros
  • Masked Rider Femme
  • Kamen Rider Black
  • Masked Rider Zanki
  • Masked Rider Ibuki
Narutaki, Silvala summoned Riders
Unsure if they are solely ordered by Narutaki
  • Masked Rider Kick Hopper
  • Masked Rider Punch Hopper
  • Masked Rider Kaiser
  • Masked Rider Ryuga
  • Masked Rider Ohja

Appearing Worlds

The drawing in the Scenery roll of the photo studio expresses the current world where Tsukasa and the others are, after the duty of Tsukasa is over a new drawing descend and they will move on to the next world. The construction inside the photo studio is very common, but the outward appearance will be different in each world. For Tsukasa, in order for him to accomplish his target in each world the necessary role in required (Position - Standpoint), his clothes and hairstyle together will change together with traversing the worlds to suit him.

World of Natsumi
The world where Natsumi and Eijirou was born. Tsukasa was also in this world when the series starts. The photos that Tsukasa captures are warped similar to the other worlds. Along with the aurora monsters from other worlds invades and started to destroy, currently Kurenai Wataru and his comrades has stopped that time.

9 Worlds

Each riders having their own different reason in different worlds. According to Kurenai Wataru all the worlds are starting to fuse, and there is only the fate of destruction in the end.

World of Kuuga
Kuuga world.jpg
  • Drawing in the Photo studio: A Patrol Car is running in the distant road of Mount Touyou.
  • Tsukasa's role: Policeman (Patrol officer)
A world where there is dispute between the unidentified Life-form "Grongi" and human police. The Grongi's, because the series' original Wolf type monster N Gamio zeda's seal was released, the special Gegel [Gegibas gegel] (Holy Gegel) was implemented. Additionally with Gamio's power, the Gronginification of humans=ultimate darkness is implemented.
The number assignment of the Grongi, the outline of Gegel is different from the original. Again aside from the other normal Grongi, the Lint (human) variation individual also appears.
World of Kiva
Kiva world.jpg
  • Drawing in the photo studio: Castle Doran standing on top of a building behind a Full moon.
  • Tsukasa's role: Violinist
Castle Doran stands towering the city on top of a building, the existence of Fangire has been accepted by human society, and there is a system established for the co-existence of both human and fangires.
For that reason, the anti-fangire organization [Wonderful Blue Sky Organization] from the original series did not appear.
A Fangire would only need to collect the minimum life energy, but the news concerning previous king Beetle Fangire was severed and the throne was left unseated for 10 years, and because there was no absolute command, there are those who could not go against their instict and attacks humans. For that reason the bodyguards are formed, together with the punishment of Fangires that attack humans, from the words of Itoya, on the contrary for humans that discriminate against Fangire, there are certain measures taken. Later in the fusion with the [World of Blade], Kiva (Wataru) together with the Queen Zon Fangire, fought with the riders and undead of the [World of Blade].
World of Ryuki
Ryuuki world.jpg
  • Drawin in Photo Studio: Drag Redder flying in the mirror world of the city's Skyscrapper
  • Tsukasa's role: Lawyer
The name of the Mass Communication company in the story is the [ATASHI Journal] (the original [ORE Journal) which is published weekly. Masked Rider Abyss who did not participate in the Rider Battle of the original series appears.
The Rider Battle is included in the trial of a police case, the prosecutor, lawyers and those related to the case are selected to as Masked Riders, the position of the last remaining Rider will be the judicial decision. Even if they are defeated in the Mirror World, they will not die, there is a rule that the power will be deprived outside of the trial, the residents of Ryuki's world criticised this as [the most peaceful trial]. (However in the news article of ATASHI journal that collects information about Masked riders, the identification of the issue is left) The Mirror Monster disappears right before Tsukasa and the others visit, only those varieties that have contact with riders remain (In the last of episode 5 and beginning of episode 6, there was a scene of Ryuki fighting with the remianing one). However the aforementioned magazine article , there are constant unknown monsters.
There are 13 riders in the original series, but since Ohja and Ryuga was not in this world, excluding Abyss there are only 11 riders recorded.
The series Time Vent makes the user and it's surrounding people able to time slip.
World of Blade
Blade world.jpg
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: Only the Spade A (Change Beetle) displayed in the center, and a rouse card opened in fan form.
  • Tsukasa's role: A Chef in the [BOARD] employee Cafeteria (initial employee rank is the lowest at 2)
[BOARD] which is related to research in the original series, is now a large company managing the national budget. Employee's belonging to [BOARD], are posted in three category suite of Spade, Diamond and Clover, assigning 13 ranks from 2 to A, the A rank of each suite has the priviledge to transform with the Rider System. The candidates of the Rider system in this world encounters Undead is recognized by the circular draft to permit them to transform, and giving priority to sealing undead over the lives of humans during battle. If violated will be punished by the company president Shiji Hajime. In every rank, there are qualitative difference in the treatment of Salary and lunch Menu.
The Paradoxia undead which was sealed in the original series makes an appearance. The depiction of the Undead sealed by the rouse card is also the same as the original, but Decade and Diend is able to defeat an undead.
Later in the fusion with the [World of Kiva], Blade (Kazuma), together with the other riders and undead fought with the Riders and Fangire of the [World of Kiva].
World of Faiz
Faiz world.jpg
  • Drawing of Photo Studio:Auto Vajin (Battle Mode) and a pale butterfly and light of a red Photon Blood.
  • Tsukasa's role: A passing High school student in [Smart Brain High School]
  • Kaitou's trophy: A Rider's Gear originating from a certain large company (Faiz Gear -> Ogre Gear)
In the original series the giant corporation [Smart Brain] named a school, the [Lucky Clover] is an elite among the school. One of the member was a Tiger Orphnoch from the original series. Humans already acknowledges the existence of Orphnoch, and abhores them.
World of Agito
Agito world.jpg
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: The Icon picture similar to that of the Opening of [Masked Rider Agito].
  • Tsukasa's role: Mail man
  • Kaitou's trophy: G4 chip -> Completely awakened [Agito's power]
Having the activity of Grongi similar to the [World of Kuuga], the counter unidentified life-form of the police developed the G3 system to repel the Grongi, amidst the battle a new threat called Unknown appeared.
The High Ranking Unknown Buffalo Lord Taurus Barista from the original series makes an appearance.
World of Den-O
Den-o world.jpg
  • Drawing in Photo Studio:Denlinder Gouka crossing the deserts of time
  • Tsukasa's Role:Traveler
  • Kaitou's trophy:The [Denliner] which is the FFR of Den-O
This world is introduced as the prequel of the movie Theatrical version Super Masked Rider Den-O & Decade NEO Generations Battleship of Onigashima, for that reason it is somewhat similar to the original series. However, in this case as long as there are humans the possession of Imagins can cross time, and different in terms of non-requirement of contract.
Destruction is offucring in each part of the world, a few days before the appearance of Tsukasa and the others the Imagins of the Denliner, Momotaros and the others, could not hold their own form. With hostile influence, the series original Imagin Alligator Imagin leads the Imagin Army, with the forerunner of Silvala that first appeared in Super Den-O leading the Oni Clan (the battle members are Gelnyut of Mirror Monster). Again, interior layout of the Denliner Gouka is similar to the NEW Denliner. After the warping and destruction of the world, the Hikari Photo Studio was transfered to the rear car of the Denliner.
This world uses some of the elements of the theatrical version.
World of Kabuto
Kabuto world.jpg
  • Drawing in Photo Studio:The right finger pointing to the heavens with Tokyo Tower (this imitates the manner of the original series' main protagonist)
  • Tsukasa's role: ZECT Member
  • Kaitou's trophy: Super High Speed Movement System (Clock Up System)
ZECT was fighting against a worm that imitates humans and conceals themselves in society. The existence of Worm and Riders are acknowledged by the people. ZECT being a secret organization, civilians could not easily investigatethem. Again, the trainee Bri Trooper joins in on actual battle. Worm can even imitate small creature (Kivala) aside from humans. The Firokisera Worm from Masked Rider G makes an appearance.
World of Hibiki
Hibiki world.jpg
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: A Japanese Drum with the crest of Hibiki among the forest.
  • Tsukasa's role: Grand Master of Ongekidou
  • Kaitou's trophy: The written treasure in the secret scrolls form each of the Ongekidou School
Similar to the original series, an Ongeki Warrior uses sound attacks to exterminate Makamou, but for Decade who does not use sound attacks is able to defeat Makamou. Again, appearing from the original series, the organization [Takeshi] that supports the Oni and [Douji Hime] that is essentially the origin of the Makamou does not exist. Aside from the Hibiki Style the masters manage dojos and guides disciples. The only one ongekidou, split into 3 schools, the Hibiki Style (Strike Style - Percussion), Zanki Style (Slash Attack style - Strings) and Ibuki Style (Shooting Style - Wind Instrument), Zanki style and Ibuki style are locked in mutual dispute over supremacy (the disciples does not willingly agree to this). Every school Master protects a legendary treasure that was handed down in the form of a scroll, when all 3 scrolls are obtained (obtaining the treasure) will become the summit of the Ongekidou.
A series original Makamou Gyuki makes an appearance.
Aside from the Riders of the Ongeki Warriors Diend and Ohja has this world's ongekibou (Decade uses Hibiki's Ongekibou Rekka).
In the next episode of this world shows everywhere for the first time, reproducing the insertion of Calligraphy which started in the original series.
Later fusing with the [world of Rider Great Battle], Amaki and Zanki was defeated by Saga from [World of Kiva].

New World

There are 9 worlds for the first riders, but actually there are still more world that exists. Tsukasa and the others also arrive in these worlds. Again, there is an addition in the Rider Cards of Decade.

World of Nega
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: Puzzled individuals running from an explosion (resembling episode 1)
  • Kaitou's trophy: K-Touch
  • New Rider Card: Complete Card
In the "Shadow World" of the [World of Natsumi], the outward appearance of the photo studio is simialar, there are no roles for Tsukasa, blessed with abundant happiness. In this world for the first time the photographs of Tsukasa were not warped, in the end the color of the nega film inversed, Natsumi and the "other Natsumi" doubled in the picture warping the reversed image.
Formerly occupied by normal humans, currently have been easily obliterated by the Dark Riders replaced by monsters. The monsters have a human form of a mirror monster, but having a different ability and nature from the [World of Ryuki].
When Decade was fighting with the Dark Riders his cards turned black without any drawings, and could not use them for a period of time.
World of Diend
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: A poster of the crest of Diend with [WANTED] written on it
  • Tsukasa's role: Salaryman
The world of Kaitou. Being captive without kindness from others, a managed society where people are controlled through brain surgery. Riders are seen by the public as enemies, with the controlled residents hunting and searching for riders. Being the Active Squad leader of Dark Roach, the boss roach, which is is ancestor of the immortal creature Caucasus Beetle makes an appearance. Again, Dark Roach is capable of human speech.
World of Shinkenger
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: Red Lion, Blue Dragon, Pink Turtle, Green Bear, Yellow Monkey, a Kuroko opening the curtain (Impression of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger ending)
  • Tsukasa's role:[Kuroko] serving the Shiba family
  • Kaitou's trophy: Origami
  • New Rider Card: Attack Ride [REKKA DAIZANTOU (Flaming Great Cleaver)]
Its other name is a [World without a rider], the samurai Sentai Shinkenger fights with the Gedoshu. Chinomanako was sent as an assasin to the Suddenly appearing riders. Additionally Kaitou's Diend Driver was stolen and the world's first Masked Rider, Chinomanako Diend transformed state was born.
In front of Yuusuke and Natsumi, the samurai giant that the Shinkenger rides, [Shinken Oh], was fighting with the Ayakashi in the middle of the street.
From the epilogue of the 2oth episode of [Samurai Squandron Shinkenger] corsses over with episode 21, an episode where both parties mutually appear (however, in the episode of [Samurai Sentai Shinkenger] aside from [Chinonamako Diend] no riders appeared). On top of the story they are connected on the 20th episode of [Samurai Sentai Shinkenger]'s epilogue, (Kaitou stealing Ika Origami) -> [Masked Rider Decade] episode 24 -> episode 21 (at start a fight with the Nanashi, A part's exchanging og Eijirou and Genma, B part's Natsumi searching for Tsukasa, C part's chance meeting of Takeru, Narutaki and Tsukasa) -> Episode 25.
Again, the deciding pose of the Shinkenger and the showing of the killing technique were different from the originals, in episode 25, the transformation of Decade became the preparation of the Shinkenger.
World of Black RX
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: In the heavens the fortress of Crisis Empire, in the earth a silver stake (Impression of RX's first episode)
  • Tsukasa's role: unknown
  • Kaitou's trophy: Perfector
  • New Rider Card: Kamen Ride [BLACK]
A world where Minami Kotarou fights with the Crisis Empire. About the time of Decade's appearance, the leaders of Great Shocker Apollogesit has united the evil organization of the different worlds. A series original Crisis Empire Beast Demon Robot Shubarian makes an appearance.
World of X Rider

Tsukasa and the others have not visited here. Being the original dimension of Apollogeist the existence was acknowledged. Speaking strictly of the Perfector, is the the treasure of the World of X.

World of Black
Another Minami Kotarou fights with the dark association Gorgom as Kamen Rider Black. Even here Apollogeist made secret manueverings, Gorgom uniting with Great Shocker. Furthermore, Decade crossed using the aurora of Apollogeist reaching this world, thus there is no drawing in the photo studio.
World of Amazon
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: A lurking Amazon in the depths of the forest
  • Tsukasa's role: A player belonging to the Baseball team of Masahiko's father (Baseball uniform)
  • Kaitou's trophy: Gaga's Armlet (Worn by Jumenki)
  • New Rider Card: Attack Ride [GAGA NO UDEWA (Gaga's Armlet)]
A world controlled by Great Shocker. The citizens are members of Great Shocker. With a provision of a Battle Members training school, trained and educated to serve shocker from childhood. In this world they teach [Great Shocker is Justice, the Riders are evil], those who do not follow the orders of Great Shocker are restrained by the Vigilante corps. Different from the original even when the Gigi armlet was stolen from Amazon, he will not die. Series Original the head of Gedon Jumenki, Yum Gimil makes an appearance.
World of Rider Great Battle
  • Drawing in Photo Studio: Decade being attacked by 9 Heisei Riders (Impression of Natsumi's dream)
  • Tsukasa's role: A guest of Apollogeist's wedding (Tuxedo)
Having attained a new power from the Queen Zon Fangire as Super Apollogeist, this is the world where all the worlds of the riders fused. In the series the world of Kiva and world of blade started to fused, later the world of Hibiki was also fused. Additionally Super Apollogeist accelerated the fusion, as a result of the complete fusion of the other worlds, the aforementioned 3 worlds have been extinguished.


Regular / Semi-Regulars

  • Kaodya Tsukasa / Masked Rider Decade (voice) - Inoue Masahiro
  • Onodera Yuusuke / Masked Rider Kuuga (voice) - Murai Ryouta
  • Hikari Natsumi - Mori Kanna
  • Kaitou Daiki / Masked Rider Diend (voice) - Totani Kinito
  • Gai / Apollogeist (voice) / Super Apollogeist (voice) - Kawahara Kazuhisa
  • Hikari Eijirou - Ishibashi Renji
  • Narutaki - Okuda Tatsuhito
  • Kivala (voice) - Sawashiro Miyuki
  • Decade Driver voice / Diend Driver voice / K-Touch voice - Mark Ookita
  • Naration - Suzuki Eichirou


Enclosed in parenthesis are episodes where they appeared. The original cast members are added in the series.

  • Kurenai Wataru / Masked Rider Kiva Juva Form (voice) - Seto Kouji (1, 31) Masked Rider Kiva
  • Yashiro Ai / Yashiro Touko - Satou Hiroko (1-3, 12, 13)
  • Police of the Counter Grongi Squad - Suwa Tarou (2,3)
  • Itoya Ryo / Spider Fangire (voice) - Souto (4) Masked Rider Kiva
  • Wataru / Masked Rider Kiva (voice) - Fukasawa Arashi (4,5,30,31)
  • Mysterious Man / Beetle Fangire (voice) / Masked Rider Kiva Dogabaki Form (voice) - Ikeuchi Mansaku (4,5)
  • Tatsumi Shinji / Masked Rider Ryuki (voice) - Mizutani Momosuke (6,7)
  • Hagure Ren / Masked Rider Knight (voice) - Kitamura Eiki (6,7)
  • Momoi Reiko - Takahashi Sai
  • Kamata / Masked Rider Abyss (voice) / Paradoxia Undead (voice) - Irie Masato (6-9)
  • Kendate Kazuma / Masked Rider Blade (voice) - Suzuki Hiroki (8,9,30)
  • Hishigata Sakuya / Masked Rider Garren (voice) - Narimatsu Yoshihiko (8,9)
  • Kuruba Mutsuki / Masked Rider Leangle (voice) - Kawahara Kazuma (8,9)
  • Shijou Hajime / Masked Rider Chalice (voice) - Ruo (8,9)
  • Ai - Hiiragi Rumi (8,9)
  • Mai - Kayama Yuka (8,9)
  • Mi - Washizu Ayano (8,9)
  • Ogami Takumi / Masked Rider Faiz (voice) / Wolf Orphnoch (voice) - Seino Shunsuke (10,11)
  • Tomoda Yuri - Midori Yurie (10,11)
  • Momose / Tiger Orphnoch (voice) - Miura Ryousuke (10,11)
  • Shukawa / Lobster Orphnoch (voice) - Hanagata Ayasa (10,11)
  • Genda / Dragon Orphnoch (voice) - CHIKARA (10,11)
  • Shirogane / Centipede Orphnoch (voice) - Nagaoka Takuya (10,11)
  • Ashikawa Shouichi / Masked Rider Agito (voice) / Masked Rider Exceed Gills (voice) - Yamanaka Sou (12,13)
  • Police of G3 Unit - Takeno Isao (12,13)
  • Naomi - Akiyama Rina (14,15) Masked Rider Den-O
  • Kohana - Matsumoto Tamaki (14,15) Masked Rider Den-O
  • Nogami Ryoutarou - Mizoguchi Takuya (15) Den-O (Movie 1), Super Den-O 1
  • Nogami Kyoutarou - Sakurada Doori (15) Den-O (Movie 3), Super Den-O 1
  • Souji / Masked Rider Kabuto (voice), Otogiri Sou / Masked Rider Thebee (voice) - Kawaoka Daijirou (16,17)
  • Arata / Masked Rider Gattack (voice) - Makita Tetsuya (16,17)
  • Mayu / Ciscila Worm (voice) - Kanno Rio (16,17)
  • Grandma - Sasaki Sumie (16,17)
  • Hibiki / Masked Rider Hibiki (voice) - David Itou (18,19)
  • Asumu / Masked Rider Hibiki (voice) - Koshimizu Kazuki (18,19,30,31)
  • Ibuki / Masked Rider Ibuki (voice) - Shibue Jouji (18,19) Masked Rider Hibiki
  • Akira / Masked Rider Amaki (voice) - Akiyama Nana (18,19) Masked Rider Hibiki
  • Zanki / Masked Rider Zanki (voice) - Matsuda Kenji (18,19) Masked Rider Hibiki
  • Todoroki / Masked Rider Todoroki (voice) - Kawaguchi Shingo (18,19) Masked Rider Hibiki
  • Kurenai Otoya / Masked Rider Dark Kiva (voice) - Takeda Kouhei (20,21) Masked Rider Kiva
  • Satou Hirohiko / Masked Rider Ryuga (voice) - Iwamata Takatsugu (20,21)
  • Sakata Kenji / Masked Rider Ogre (voice) - Sakamoto Keisuke (20,21)
  • Aoyagi Kazuyoshi / Masked Rider Dark Kabuto - Mori Youta (20,21)
  • Tanaka / Alternative (voice) - Kitayama Masayasu (20,21)
  • Chinatsu - Ihata Juri (20,21)
  • Kaitou Junichi / Masked Rider Glaive (voice) - Kuroda Yuuki (22,23) Blade (movie)
  • Miwa Haruka / Masked Rider Larc (voice) - Mitsuya Youko (22,23) Blade (movie)
  • Magaki Shin / Masked Rider Lance (voice) - Sugiura Takao (22,23) Blade (movie)
  • Fourteen - Itou Takashi (22,23)
  • Shiba Takeru / Shinken Red (voice) - Matsuzaka Toori (24,25) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Shikenami Ryunosuke / Shinken Blue (voice) - Aiba Hiroki (24,25) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Shiraishi Mako / Shinken Pink (voice) - Takanashi Rin (24,25) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Tani Chiaki / Shinken Green (voice) - Suzuki Shougo (24,25) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Hanatori Kotoha / Shinken Yellow (voice) - Morita Suzuka (24,25) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Umemori Genta / Shinken Gold (voice) - Aiba Keisuke (24,25) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • Kusakabe Hikoma - Ibuki Gorou (24,25)
  • Minami Koutarou of the World of Black RX / Minami Koutarou of the World of Black / Kamen Rider Black (voice) / Kamen Rider Black RX (voice) - Kurota Tetsuo (26,27) Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider Black RX
  • Amazon / Kamen Rider Amazon (voice) - Enrique (28,29)
  • Okamura Masahiko - Takei Akashi (28,29)
  • Okamura Ritsuko - Terada Yuki (28,29)
  • Yuuki / Zon Fangire (voice) - Haga Yuria (Guest appearance) (30)
  • Kanzaki Kazuma / Masked Rider Blade King Form (voice) - Tsubaki Takayuki (Guest appearance) (30,31) Masked Rider Blade

Voice Actors

Voice actors playing monsters that did not appear in the original is referenced in the episode list.

  • Masked Rider Kick Hopper - Tokuyama Hidenori (2,3) Masked Rider Kabuto
  • Masked Rider Punch Hopper - Uchiyama Masato (2,3) Masked Rider Kabuto
  • News Caster - Hanba Tomoe (3), Oota Shinichirou (3,6)
  • Garuru - Chiba Isshun (4,5)
  • Basha - Miyata Kouki (4,5)
  • Doga - Kuroda Takaya (4,5)
  • Lion Fangire - Takashina Toshitsugu (4,5)
  • Swallowtail Fangire - Tsuboi Tomohiro (4,5)
  • Kivat Bat III / Kiva Arrow, Kivat Bat II - Sugita Tomokazu (4,5,11,20,21,31) Masked Rider Kiva
  • Masked Rider Kaiser - Murakami Kouhei (4,5) Masked Rider Faiz
  • Masked Rider Scissors - Masutani Yasunori (6)
  • Police - Kobayashi Michitaka (6)
  • Viser voice - Koyama Tsuyoshi (6,7,11) Masked Rider Ryuki
  • Announcer - Sugimoto Yuu (8,9)
  • Rouser voice - Sasaki Ken (8,9,30,31) Masked Rider Blade
  • Driver Voice - Kano Takehiko (10,11,21) Masked Rider Faiz
  • Queen Ant Lord Formica Regia - Mori Natsuki (12,13)
  • Momotaros / M Tsukasa / M Yuusuke / Masked Rider Den-O Sword Form / Den-o Momotaros - Seki Toshihiko (14,15,18) Masked Rider Den-O
  • Urataros / U Tsukasa / U Natsumi / Masked Rider Den-O Rod Form - Yusa Kouji (14,15) Masked Rider Den-O
  • Kintaros / K Tsukasa / K Natsumi / Masked Rider Den-O Axe Form - Teraso Mamasaki (14,15) Masked Rider Den-O
  • Ryutaros / R Tsukasa / R Natsumi / Masked Rider Den-O Gun Form - Suzumura Kanichi (14,15) Masked Rider Den-O
  • Jeeg - Miki Shinichirou (15) Masked Rider Den-O
  • Zector voice - Slash Gajiria (16,17,21) Masked Rider Kabuto
  • Masked Rider Ohja - Hagino Takashi (19) Masked Rider Ryuki
  • Shitari of bone - Cho (24) Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
  • others - Shiono Katsumi (1,2,8,12,17,30,31), Oomura Tooru (30,31), Anai Yuuki (30,31), Kawanishi Zetsuo (30,31), Tanno Yoshimasa (30,31), Moritaka Ken (30,31), Ichibashi Takako (30,31)

Suit Actors

In cases that the original actor played the similar role, there are many instances that the suit actor does so too.

  • Masked Rider Decade, Masked Rider Den-O Sword Form, Momotaros - Takaiwa Seiji
  • Masked Rider Diend, Masked Rider Kiva, Masked Rider Abyss, Masked Rider Blade, Masked Rider Faiz (raikou suit), Masked Rider G3-X (Kaitou wearing), Masked Rider Zanki, Masked Rider Den-O Rod Form, Urataros, Grongi - Eitoku
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga (25,26) - Tominaga Kenji
  • Kamen Rider Kuuga, Paradoxia Undead, Silvala, Firogisera Worm - Itou Kyoujin
  • Masked Rider Kick Hopper, Masked Rider Kaiser, Masked Rider Ryuki, Masked Rider Chalice, Masked Rider Faiz, Masked Rider Agito, Masked Rider G3, Masked Rider Exceed Gills, Masked Rider Blade (13), Masked Rider Sasword, Masked Rider Den-O (15), Masked Rider Decade (15,18), Masked Rider Kabuto, Masked Rider Thebee, Masked Rider Hibiki (18), Masked Rider Todoroki (19), Masked Rider Dark Kiva, Masked Rider Lance, Masked Rider Heracles, Kamen Rider Black RX/Roborider, Kamen Rider Amazon, Grongi, Beetle Fangire, Fangire, Undead, Orphnoch, Apollogeist - Watanabe Jun
  • Masked Rider Knight, Masked Rider Todoroki (9), Masked Rider Kiva (11), Masked Rider Gattack, Masked Rider Thenee (16 endgame), Masked Rider hibiki (Azumu), Masked Rider Ibuki (18), Masked Rider Ogre, N Gamio Zeda, Gyuki - Itou Makoto
  • Masked Rider Garren, Masked Rider Zolda, Masked Rider G3-X, Masked Rider IXA, Shinken Blue, Masked Rider Ibuki (29), Auto Vajin, Tiger Orphnoch - Oshikawa Yoshiumi
  • Masked Rider Odin, Masked Rider Leangle, Masked Rider Ryuga, Masked Rider Den-O Axe Form / Kintaros, Masked Rider Ohja, Shinken Gold, Masked Rider Black, Kamen Rider Black RX/Biorider, Grongi, Undead, Alligator Imagin, Worm - Okamoto Jirou
  • Masked Rider Punch Hopper, Masked Rider Taiga, Masked Rider Psyga, Masked Rider Glaive, Masked Rider Ketaros, Jeeg, Grongi - Nagase Naoki
  • Masked Rider Den-O Gun Form / Ryutaros, Masked Rider Femme, Jumenki Gimil, Grongi, Orphnoch, Worm - Ogura Toshihiro
  • Masked Rider Lark, Grongi - Ono Yuuki
  • Shinken Red / Buffalo Lord Taurus Barista - Fukuzawa Hirofumi
  • Shinken Pink - Hitomi Sanae
  • Shinken Green - Takeuchi Yasuhiro
  • Shinken Yellow - Hashiguchi Miwa
  • Bone of Shitari, Grongi - Oobayashi Masaru
  • Grongi, Shubalian - Kaneda Junichi
  • Others - Yokota Ryou (1,3-9,12), Satou Daisuke (1,3,6,9,12), Asai Kousuke (2,3,6,7,12), Watanabe Masahiro (3), Muraoka Hiroyuki (3), Sawae Terufumi (3,6), Kamio Naoko (3,5), Hashimoto Keiko (3), Mukouda Tsubasa (3), Morimura Shuuichi (3,5), Uchikawa Jirou (3), Hosokawa Teruhiro (3), Genya (3), Kojima Miho (4,5), Takada Masashi (6-9,12), others (Japan Action Enterprise)


  • Original Author: Ishinomori Shoutarou (Ishimori Shoutarou Pro)
  • Producer: Kaji Atsushi ( - ep 27) Motai Kengo (ep 28 -) (TV Asahi), Shirakura Shinichirou, Takabe Naomi, Wasano Kenichi (Toei)
  • Writer: Aikawa Sho, Yonemura Shoji, Kobayashi Yasuko, Konuta Kenji, Inoue Toshiki
  • Director: Tazaki Ryuta, Kaneda Osamu, Nagaishi Takao, Ishida Hidenori, Shibasaki Takayuki, Tamura Naomi
  • Music: Naruse Shuhei, Kotaro Nakagawa
  • Special Effects Director: Butsuda Hiroshi
  • Action Director: Miyazaki Takeshi
  • Photography: Matsumura Fumio, Kurata Koji, Inokuma Masao
  • Music Producer: Kawano Yuusuke
  • Music Studio: avex entertainment, tv asahi music, Toei Animation Music
  • Assistant Producer: Tanimoto Housei ( - ep 3), Gouda Ryuichi (ep 4-24)
  • Co-Produced: Utsunomiya Takaaki, Takayoshi *ep 24, 25 only
  • Assistant Director: Shibasaki Takayuki, Itou Ryouichi, Shiokawa Junpei, Yamaguchi Kyouhei, Sugiwara Teruaki, others.
  • Supervisor: Onodera Shou (Ishimori Pro) ( - ep 17)
  • Character Design: Hayase Masato, PLEX
  • Creature Design: Aoki Tetsuya (N Gamio Zeda, Gyuki), Shinohara Tamotsu (Beetle Fangire, Masked Rider Abyss, Tiger Orphnoch, Chinomanako, Jumenki Yum Gimil, Zone Fangire), Nirasawa Yasushi (Paradoxia Undead, Alligator Imagin, Firokisea Worm), Inose Boei, Izubuchi Yutaka (Buffalo Lord Taurus Barista), Amemiya Keita (Beast Robot Shubalian)
  • Modeling: Blend Master
  • Technical Cooperation: Up Side, Toei Lab Tech, KYORITZ
  • Production: TV Asahi, Toei, ADK

Main Theme / Insert Song

Main Theme
[Journey through the Decade] mp3
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition - Ryo / Arrangement - Nakagawa Koutarou, Ryo / song - Gackt
From episode 22 the second lyrics were used.
Insert Song
The series does not have an Ending theme, below are the insert songs used during battle
[Ride the Wind] mp3
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement - Naruse Shuhei / song - Kadoya Tsukasa (Inoue Masahiro)
[Treasure Sniper]
  • Lyrics - Fujibayashi Shouko / Composition-Arrangement - Ryo / Song - Kaitou Daiki (Totani Kinito)

Episode List

There are cases that the subtitle is fixed similar to that of the original.

  • Example - [Transcendence] (Kuuga's World) -> Using the 2 kanji of [Kamen Rider Kuuga].

Again, in the original world that has no subtitle, uses a subtitle that suggests the establishment of the original.

  • Example - [Reunion Project Agito] (Agito's World) - The movie title of [Masked Rider Agito] is [PROJECT G4].

Additionally, the subtitle for the first half of the story speaks of the relationship of the each rider (in Shinkenger, Samurai Sentai is used).

  • Examle - [Battle Trial - Ryuki World] (Ryuki's world) -> The original Ryuki uses the Rider Battle as a trial.

The monsters has a specific tribe, an individual that did not appear in the original source. Among them, the name of the appearing voice actor did not appear, but the actor who portrayed them appears. Furthermore, Great Shocker is the first organization, but in order affiliate the various monsters of different affiliation, the organization name was noted.

Broadcast Date Number Sub Title Appearing monster Stage World Screenplay Director
2009/1/25 1 Rider War
  • Mirror Monster
  • Makamo
  • Undead
  • Fangire
  • Imagin
  • Worm
  • Orphnoch
  • Grongi
Natsumi's World
Kuuga's World
Aikawa Sho Tazaki Ryuuta
2009/2/1 2 Kuuga's World
  • Grongi
    • Ookami | N・Gamio・Zeda(voice - Tachiki Fumihoko)
Kuuga's World
2009/2/8 3 Transcendence Kuuga's World
Kiva's World
2009/2/15 4 Second Movement♬Kiva's Prince
  • Fangire
    • Beetle Fangire
Kiva's World Kaneda Osamu
2009/2/22 5 Qualifications of a Biting King Kiva's World
Ryuki's World
2009/3/1 6 Battle Trial・Ryuki World
  • Mirror Monster
Ryuki's World Nagaishi Takao
2009/3/8 7 Real Criminal of the Super Trick
  • Mirror Monster
    • Abyssodon
Ryuki's World
Blade's World
2009/3/15 8 Welcome to Blade Cafeteria
  • Undead
    • Paradoxia Undead
Blade's World Yonemura Seiji Ishida Hidenori
2009/3/22 9 Blade Blade Blade's World
Faiz' World
2009/3/29 10 Phantom Thief of Faiz Academy
  • Orphnoch
    • Tiger Orphnoch
Faiz' World Aikawa Sho Shibazaki Takayuki
2009/4/5 11 555 faces、1 treasure
  • Orphnoch
    • Tiger Orphnoch
  • Mirror Monster
Faiz' World
Agito's World
2009/4/12 12 Reunion Project Agito
  • Unknown
    • Buffalo Lord Taurus Barista(voice - Toriumi Kousuke)
  • Grongi
Agito's World Nagaishi Takao
2009/4/19 13 Awakening, Soul of Tornado
  • Unknown
    • Buffalo Lord Taurus Barista
Agito's World
Den-O's World
2009/4/26 14 Super・Den-O Begining
  • Imagin
    • Alligator Imagin (voice - Miyake Kenta)
  • Oni Tribe (Mirror Monster)
Den-O's World Kobayashi Yasuko Ishida Hidenori
2009/5/3 15 Super Momotaros、Appear! Den-O's World
Kabuto's World
2009/5/10 16 Warning:Kabuto Berserking
  • Worm
Kabuto's World Konuta Kenji Tamura Naomi
2009/5/17 17 Grandma's Road of Flavor
  • Worm
    • Firokiseras Worm (woice - Michizuki Kenichi)
Kabuto's World
Hibiki's World
2009/5/24 18 Idle Hibiki
  • Makamo
    • Gyuki (voice - Sakai Keikou)
Hibiki's World Yonumura Shoji Shibazaki Takayuki
2009/5/31 19 Travels End Hibiki's World
Nega's World
2009/6/7 20 Nega World's Dark Riders
  • Nega's Monster (Mirror Monster)
Nega's World Inoue Toshiki Tazaki Ryuuta
2009/6/14 21 Walking Complete Rider Reference Book Nega's World
Diend's World
2009/6/28 22 Wanted Diend
  • Dark Roach
    • Boss Roach
Diend's World Ishida Hidenori
2009/7/5 23 End of Diend
  • Dark Roach
  • 14 (fourteen)
Diend's World
Shinkenger's World
2009/7/12 24 Meeting Samurai Sentai
  • Gedoshuu
    • Chinomanako (voice - Ootomo Ryuzaburou)
    • Chinomanako Diend Transformed State
Shinkenger's World Kobayashi Yasuko Shibazaki Takayuki
2009/7/19 25 Gedo Rider、 Appears!
  • Gedoshuu
    • Chinomanako Diend Transformed State
  • Kaijin Ride
    • Fangire
    • Undead
Shinkenger's World
BLACK RX's World
2009/7/26 26 RX! Great Shocker Invades
  • Crisis Empire
    • Monster Robot Shubarian (voice - Inada Tetsu)
  • Great Shocker
    • GOD Secret Organization
    • Apollogeist
    • Golgom
    • Imagin
    • Fangire
BLACK RX's World
BLACK's World
Yonemura Shoji Kaneda Osamu
2009/8/2 27 BLACK×BLACK RX
  • Great Shocker
    • Crisis Empire
      • Monster Robot Shubarian
    • GOD Secret Organization
    • Apollogeist
    • Golgom
    • Orphnoch
    • worm
    • Imagin
    • Fangire
BLACK RX's World
BLACK's World
Amazon's World
2009/8/9 28 Amazon, Friend
  • Great Shocker
    • Secret Society Gedon
      • Jumenki Yum・Gimil (voice - Ishikawa Eiji)
    • GOD Secret Organization
    • Shocker
    • Grongi
    • Unknown
    • Makamo
    • Worm
Amazon's World Nagaishi Takao
2009/8/16 29 Strong and Naked Strong Guy
  • Great Shocker
    • Secret Society Gedon
      • Jumenki Yum・Gimil
    • GOD Secret Organization
    • Shocker
    • Unknown
    • Makamo
amazon's World
Rider War's World

2009/8/23 30 Rider Wars・Prologue
  • Great Shocker
    • GOD Secret Organization
      • Super Apollogeist
    • Fangire
      • Son Fangire
    • Undead
Rider War's World Ishida Hidenori
2009/8/30 31 World's Destroyer
  • Great Shocker
    • GOD Secret organization
      • Super Apollogeist
    • Revived Monster Squad
      • Beetle Fangire
      • Paradoxia Undead
      • Tiger Orphnoch
      • buffalo Lord Taurus Barista
      • Alligator Imagin
      • Firokisera Worm

Other Media Developments

Film Works


Super Adventure DVD

Masked Rider Decade Super Adventure DVD Protect Terebi-kun's world

A Terebi-kun special edition DVD. Using the DVD-Video function continued from Kiva in which solving a random quiz allows the viewer to participate in the story. The problem is randomly presented in the DVD and will have multiple replay value, if the quiz was unfairly solved will result in a bad ending story. As a supplement the video original weapon [Decade Bazooka] was created corresponding to Ganbaride Card [No P-011 Masked Rider Decade] was included, which did not appear in the series. Again, the Video Original Element 10 Heisei Rider's Ultimate Form was shown. Again, [Kamen Rider Kuuga's] original as well as the Ultimate Killing Technique of Kuuga Ultimate Form was first shown here.

After the TV series ended, the arrived next somewhere in the [world of Terebi-kun], the TerebiBAE-kun of Great Shocker transformed [Terebi-kun] into [TerebiBAE-kun]. Tsukasa and the other clearing the 3 corners to defeat TerebiBAE-kun. However defeating TerebiBAE-kun would not be able to complete the supplementary Decade Bazooka.
  • Director - Shibazaki Takayuki
  • TerebiBAE-kun design - Aoki Tetsuya
  • TerebiBAE-kun (voice) - Takagi Wataru

Net Movie

  • Net Version Masked Rider Decade All Riders Super Spin-off
  • Masked Rider Decade All Rider versus Professor Shinigami
    • Web Movie linked to the Film

Manga Version

Tele Manga Heroes published in April of 2009. Authored by Fujisawa Naoyuki.


Kamen Rider Battle Ganbaride

Having the Data Cardass of the series, uses the Decade Driver as a motiff.

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes

Released on August 6 2009 for the Playstation 2. Released 3 years after the PS2 game Kamen Rider Kabuto. The Wii version will have added the next series [W] on December 3 of the same year.


[Masked Rider Live & Show ~10 years feastival~]
Exhibited during the Tokyo National Forum from June 28-29 2009, it shows the performance of a dance battle musical inscribing the history of the rider series. The patter of the performers were brought to DVD on November 21 of the same year.
There was a surprise celebration the next day due to the birthday of Murai who played Onodera Yuusuke the following day.
  • Writer - Yonemura Shouji
  • Original Musical Composition - Fujibayashi Shouko / Arrangement - Nakagawa Koutarou
Actors / Voice Actors
  • Kadoya Tsukasa / Kamen Rider Decade - Inoue Masahiro
  • Hikari Natsumi - Mori Kanna
  • Onodera Yuusuke / Kamen Rider Kuuga - Murai Ryouta
  • Kaitou Daiki / Kamen Rider Diend - Totani Kinito
  • Appretince Battle Member / Riot Troopers - Morikubo Shoutarou
  • Ambassador Hell - Nakao Ryuusei
  • Shiomaneking - Koyama Tsuyoshi
  • Battle Member - Maeno Tomoaki
  • Kamen Rider Agito - Seki Tomokazu
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki - Suganuma Hisayoshi
  • Kamen Rider Faiz - Seki Tomokazu
  • Kamen Rider Blade - Maeno Tomoaki
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto - Suganuma Hisayoshi
  • Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form - Seki Toshihiko
  • Kamen Rider Den-O Axe Form - Terasoma Masaki
  • Kamen Rider Kiva - Sugita Tomokazu
  • Kamen Rider Shin 1 - Ishikawa Hideo
  • Kamen Rider Shin 2 - Koyama Tsuyoshi
  • Kamen Rider Ohja - Hagino Takashi
  • Kamen Rider Kick Hopper - Tokuyama Hidenori
  • Kamen Rider Punch Hopper - Uchiyama Masato
  • Kamen Rider Ixa - Katou Keisuke
  • Kivala - Sawashiro Miyuki


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