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  1. durendal

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Page 34 Brother is dead, and there was someone who was responsible for it. [I know that there was no indication or anything, but brother was murdered right? Could the culprit at least been arrested?] [Even if we report this to the police, we still have no proof.] Uncle regretfully said. [There were no more remains left. Of course we made our own investigation. We at least found out the location of the culprit. But the suspect is a high school student. He's just an ordinary student living a student life, and it wasn't clear what his relationship with the organization was. Most likely he himself doesn't know who he was working for. The opponents are Pros after all, so they won't be caught that easily.] Noriko listened intently but was full of questions. [Where is that high school student?] [It's in this town.] [If we get proof of the murderer, the police will move in right away right?] [Most probably. But there is no way to obtain proof. There is also no way that we can get the school involved, they would surely just deny it. If the details can be investigated and an undeniable evidence can be found.... no, I don't think things will go that well.] [I can go into the school. I'll follow that student and do the investigation] Page 35 [You can't-!] Uncle panicked. [Noriko, you talk too much. This case does not concern you.] [Yes, it does concern me. It's about my relative] [That's why I'm telling you that you can't get involved in this. This is something that the company has to solve by themselves. They don't need that help of outsiders.] [Are you saying there is another way?] [We can't push the organization on it's own actions. Although it may take some time, I'm sure that the truth shall come out.] Noriko was not convinced. Even if what her uncle says was true, it's unknown how many years this will take. Even if she accuses the organization, there is no way to connect her brothers death. Even if it ends up in a fight between organizations, the death of an outsider would not even matter. There is so much that money can cover up. Even then, nothing can be done. [Please don't be distraught.] Noriko looked intently on her uncle's eye. [Uncle you really do think of us as strangers. That is why you are asking me to give up. I don't want to be a nuisance to Uncle. But no matter how much you look at this, there is no way that I can go back.]
  2. durendal

    Faviort or Currently Reading Manga

    Interesting choice of series. Looks like most of them have a common theme, which is monsters. For me, this is not manga, per se, but light novels. Sword Art Online is a given, and I've recently finished reading the Alicization arc, and moving on to the Mood Cradle arc. I think everyone is familiar with SAO. Overlord is also one that I'm currently following. I actually started watching this based on a youtube clip that I saw. Then saw the anime, and moved to reading the light novel. This is similar to Sword Art Online, but the main protagonist doesn't have the ideals like Kirito from SAO. In contracts, he is more like an average joe.
  3. durendal

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Page 32 Breakfast was already prepared on the dining table. [Would you like some red tea] The Uncle carefully said to Noriko who went to the table. [You can have whatever you like. Would you like some toast?] [Thank you very much. I'm good. I really don't understand the situation so I'm just a little bit worried.] Uncle nodded, like wanting to say something, but couldn't say anything for a while. At last, he slowly opened his mouth. [...actually, last night when I was alone, I was thinking. Why won't I let you return as the way you are right now. However, I can't do so in good conscience. So I thought that I have to tell you the truth after all] In an instant, there was a thought that brother was still alive. However, Uncle's word's did not go that way. [Tatsuo-kun, he was murdered] It took some time before understanding what that meant. However, even knowing this, Noriko still could not believe it. [Murdered-?] Uncle started his explanation. [Him, together with me, are part of a special department in Max Pharmaceutical. In order to keep the secret safe, even I myself do not know exact location of the company, it was that kind of work. Page 33 I don't think I can tell you the details, but using genetic research, it is part of a project team that develops new medicine, which I don't have much idea.] I finally understand why Brother had such a high salary. [Tatsuo-kun was a research staff and security personnel. With that kind of technology, it will put them ahead of the next generation. Competition between companies has been intense. The slightest leakage of sample or report will have a fatal result. Of course, the staff are kept to a bare minimum and the personnel has be trustworthy. They cannot simply employ security guards from the outside. -you haven't heard anything about the inside from your brother right?] [Right, he didn't mentioned anything.] Uncle nodded deeply. [In that sense, he was excellent. But was troublesome to those who steals confidential material.] [You mean industrial spy?] [A Criminal organization. A bunch involved in drugs and guns joined hands with the comglomerate, looking to make a big profit.] Reality still hasn't sunk in. But I can't see a reason why they have concocted such a tremendous lie. At least it made one thing very clear.
  4. I'm not entirely sure since this was decades ago, but I think this was God Bless Dacougar. The one where they train new recruits, and when the original team had to sortie, they made the new recruits jaw drop due to their insane response time. There was apparent lack of QC since you can literally see the unpainted animation cell at the bottom while the movie was playing. I guess you can blame my opinion on Dancougar due to me learning about them from Super Robot War games. In the games, the strongest weapon was the "Dan Ku Kou Ga Ken" and "Dan Ku Hou Formation", so you really can't blame me for looking forward to actually seeing these in their animation glory.
  5. Hahaha. I applaud you for being able to sit through the whole series. When I watched it a few years back I was like, when the hell are they going to form Dancougar. Love the opening theme though. Sadly, the OVA suffered heavily quality wise. You can actually see the unfinished animated cells in some few scenes.
  6. Ah, so in effect, they give him new abilities and then have him lose it later to keep him in check. Sounds confusing especially to those who doesn't follow the series. I've seen the beerus arc because they made it into a movie (actually the movie came out first before they used it for the series), but the later arcs, not so much. But still, Jiren sounds like the strongest opponent they faced yet. I believe even after the arc, they still have not "defeated" him. They won because of a technicality. So let's see where this Moro arc will take the story.
  7. So technically, Goku still kept getting stronger even after the events of the original series? And their plan going forward is to create a much more powerful villain? And what's this Ultra Instinct I keep hearing about?
  8. I'm not really following DBSuper much these days, but is this still being drawn by Akira Toriyama? Or does he only writes and have someone else draw this?
  9. durendal

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Oh, by the way, do note that I am having trouble discerning on how the story is being told. I'm undecided if it was being told in the perspective of Noriko or through a third person. Sometimes you will notice I translate this based on Noriko's perspective, other times through a third person perspective. The reason behind this is Japanese grammar is ambiguous when it comes to these things. Most of the time they write things in context so a literal translation will definitely confuse anyone unfamiliar with Japanese grammar. It might be a good idea to have an editor decide on the best perspective to keep the flow of the story consistent. I get confused sometimes so this confusion might also carry over to the reader. Would appreciate if you guys have any comments or suggestions.
  10. durendal

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Page 30 With the lights on, I pulled my disappointing brother to the altar room. There was no one there. [Did you open the light?] [No, I cant reach the switch] [Right...] Looking about, there was an incense lit on the altar. The ashes hasn't even fallen yet. [How did this...?] The deceased father was fond of recollecting local folktales. While still small, she heard the stories very often. Among those, there was a story about the dead meeting their immediate family, and it was told countless time. Usually they come back to ask for something or tell them something. She deemed those stories as foolish, since these came from the mouth of her father. [Did you say anything to brother?] [No, he was way over there. At the alter.] The younger brother must have been dreaming. But there was something that made this uneasy. By chance she called the office and they said that his current location is unknown. She thought about asking her uncle, but she couldn't explain what happened here, and she doesn't know his current department. Even the address on the New Years card sent during the previous years came back. Page 31 At that time, there was no mistake that brother came to visit. There's no way that he would not return home. There was no way that uncle had any resentment. After father passed away, and mother being confined to the hospital due to illness, it was uncle who introduced brother to that company. The money that brother remitted every month was significant that we thought of it as nothing. It if weren't for the uncle's recommendation, he wouldn't be receiving such a high salary. However, uncle himself said it. If only it were a different job. What was brother doing. No, there is no point on thinking about that. Even that last part did not make sense. During that night, if only Noriko got up, she might have heard something. (Why didn't you wait. Even though brother won't be coming back.) When Noriko woke up, she crossed the room, and ascertained that the key on the window is lock. She took off her glasses and placed it on the table. Then, planted herself on the bed, covered with futon and placed her face on the pillow. The sound of crying could not be heard. When she woke up it was already morning. She took out a mirror from her bag and checked if it looks like she'd been crying. Just then her Aunt came calling.
  11. durendal

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been Playing Final Fantasy Brave EXVIus these past few years. Great game to reminisce about the past FF. Can't wait for Tifa to be released in the Global version.
  12. One really can't help but notice how similar the design is to Mazinger. It can't be help this is Go Nagai after all. Beside, Melia looks hot.
  13. durendal

    Avengers: Endgame

    After every somber scene, you just gotta love Scott Lang lightening the mood at the end. Just how did he ever get out of the quantum realm?
  14. durendal

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Page 28 [I'm so sorry. We wanted to tell you sooner...please don't be discouraged, okay.] Even with Auntie's gentle words, she can't help but lower her head silently. When lying on the bed, the tiredness of the whole day suddenly came out. However she didn't feel like sleeping, her nerves were strangely awake. There is a window on the foot of the wall that is as tall as the ceiling. The one seen from the door is this one. A window that doesn't open - or rather it was fixed. I wonder if it was by chance that I entered this room, such doubtful thoughts lingered. However, what Noriko felt was not despair. It was anger towards herself. (I should have come here earlier) It was because Noriko now knew here brother was dead. -Last Thursday, there was the death anniversary service of father. With mother being hospitalized, the only ones left in the household was only Noriko and her younger brother in the second grade. Relatives living nearby and neighbors came and help out, but after the service has been completed, everyone became so busy suddenly. She finally slept in the deep of the night, her brother's fall shook Noriko up. [What? Didn't you promise that you will go to the toilet alone?] Being tired, Noriko's tone was ill-tempered. Page 29 [I already did] Takeshi replied sharply. [Then that's good. Good night.] [Brother came] Takeshi whispered silently. [what?] [The altar, it was open] Brother was employed in a pharmaceutical company. He would definitely come back on the day of the funeral service, but without knowing the reason, was absent this year, it made them worry. But coming back at this late at night.... [Did you open the front door?] [No] [Then he won't be able to come in] [but he was here. the sliding door to the altar room was open] [Did you hear anything?] [But....] Rarely meeting him, the younger brother was a bit afraid of his older brother. [This is troublesome. Anyway, why don't you come here.]
  15. durendal


    Ooh! Was that John Wesley Shipp back in the flash costume?