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  1. durendal

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been Playing Final Fantasy Brave EXVIus these past few years. Great game to reminisce about the past FF. Can't wait for Tifa to be released in the Global version.
  2. One really can't help but notice how similar the design is to Mazinger. It can't be help this is Go Nagai after all. Beside, Melia looks hot.
  3. durendal

    Avengers: Endgame

    After every somber scene, you just gotta love Scott Lang lightening the mood at the end. Just how did he ever get out of the quantum realm?
  4. durendal

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Page 28 [I'm so sorry. We wanted to tell you sooner...please don't be discouraged, okay.] Even with Auntie's gentle words, she can't help but lower her head silently. When lying on the bed, the tiredness of the whole day suddenly came out. However she didn't feel like sleeping, her nerves were strangely awake. There is a window on the foot of the wall that is as tall as the ceiling. The one seen from the door is this one. A window that doesn't open - or rather it was fixed. I wonder if it was by chance that I entered this room, such doubtful thoughts lingered. However, what Noriko felt was not despair. It was anger towards herself. (I should have come here earlier) It was because Noriko now knew here brother was dead. -Last Thursday, there was the death anniversary service of father. With mother being hospitalized, the only ones left in the household was only Noriko and her younger brother in the second grade. Relatives living nearby and neighbors came and help out, but after the service has been completed, everyone became so busy suddenly. She finally slept in the deep of the night, her brother's fall shook Noriko up. [What? Didn't you promise that you will go to the toilet alone?] Being tired, Noriko's tone was ill-tempered. Page 29 [I already did] Takeshi replied sharply. [Then that's good. Good night.] [Brother came] Takeshi whispered silently. [what?] [The altar, it was open] Brother was employed in a pharmaceutical company. He would definitely come back on the day of the funeral service, but without knowing the reason, was absent this year, it made them worry. But coming back at this late at night.... [Did you open the front door?] [No] [Then he won't be able to come in] [but he was here. the sliding door to the altar room was open] [Did you hear anything?] [But....] Rarely meeting him, the younger brother was a bit afraid of his older brother. [This is troublesome. Anyway, why don't you come here.]
  5. durendal


    Ooh! Was that John Wesley Shipp back in the flash costume?
  6. durendal

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Okay, here is a disclaimer. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but the girl's name is Noriko, not Kiko. I don't know where that came from. I wasn't probably paying attention then when I was translating those, but the girl's name is definitely Noriko. Additionally, I've tried to rephrase the sentences to be more palatable to English speakers, instead of literally translating word for word. Hopefully this will make it easier for whoever is going to edit this. Page 26 [I even called the office and the dorm. They are saying that there is no such employee. What could this mean? Please tell me the truth.] Noriko's tone was now like interrogating. Uncle couldn't say anything and just kept quiet. [...dear. You have to say something.] Auntie said defeatingly. [It's not something that we can hide forever] [My brother, something happened to him right?] Takuro closed his eyes. [...he passed away] [Is that so?] Noriko was a bit calm, which surprised the uncle a bit. [Did you already know?] [No. But somehow- something like that] Noriko shifted her words. [About the funeral, has it already been done?] [About that, there has been a delay in communication] Uncle said vexingly. Page 27 [I'm not so sure how to say this. ...in the plant, during work. A chemical tank broke. Tatsuo-kun was just changing the equipment. He still wasn't used to it yet. He wasn't able to run away quick enough. ....but those chemicals, seems like it was a strong acid used for solvents] [was it terrible?] [-there was nothing left] Uncle dropped his shoulders. [I feel somewhat responsible. If I didn't introduce him to our company, no, or at least have him work in the office, something like this wouldn't have happened.] [It's alright. I'm at least grateful for uncle.] Noriko said without any expression. [Are there any belonging that are left behind] [I understand. I'll try to ask about it tomorrow. Why don't you stay here for tonight. From here on, there needs to be a consultation] Uncle said a lot of things, but none of those registered in Noriko's ears. But there was one thing that kept on ringing on her head. [There was nothing left] Noriko was guided in a small room up a few steps from the first corridor.
  7. durendal

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Anybody still interested in getting this translated? It's been too long since I last stopped and I no longer have the reference materials to continue. So if anyone is interested, just let me know. Otherwise, I'll deem this as dead.
  8. durendal

    Attack on titan

    The story is unique and intriguing and doesn't follow the usual shonen formula. This is one of the few manga that I'm following.
  9. durendal

    Berserk New Series

    One thing's for sure, they skipped a lot of great story material. Really disappointed with this revival.
  10. durendal

    Berserk New Series

    With in between chapters of Berserk taking so long to come out, wouldn't you think that Miura was involved with the series? Since Berserk is already decades old, it would be very difficult to have to start from chapter 1. I actually don't mind the mash up of the story, as it help hasten the story to catch up with the latest arc, but the problem comes when it gets caught up with current chapters. What I don't like is the animation style. So stiff, and Gats looks so skinny.
  11. durendal

    Super Robot Wars V

    Wow, I guess I'm not the only one into SRW. But will this prompt me to finally buy a PS4? Not sure yet. And even if it has too much gundam, I don't mind, I never use any of the Gundam except for Nu Gundam and Z Gundam anyways. The rest are just cannon fodders for me. It's actually the story that interests me and how they mash up the different plots together. Perhaps the story won't be centered around the Gundam and the Go Nagai universe. Additionally, I've been really out of the loop for SRW, but since the death of Hirotaka Suzuoki, I guess they needed a new Captain, hence I'm guessing the inclusion of Yamato. Well, at least the Ahgama can retire now.
  12. durendal

    Captain America: Civil War

    I expected a certain somebody to die, I'm glad that person didn't die. And is it me, or does Aunt May get younger and younger in each movie iteration? So what happens to the avengers now?
  13. durendal

    The Maniacal Smile!

    Awesome. Any chance of showing us some teaser contents from inside the comics itself?
  14. durendal

    Macross Delta

    Ooh, another incarnation of Marcoss. Good to know that Kawamori is still involved in this. Interesting that they spelled it Walkure. Could this be intentional or another one of their poor attempt at engrish?
  15. durendal

    Marvel's Jessica Jones

    Woot! I liked the first teaser. I like this trailer even better. Something to look forward to this coming November.