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  1. Your Favorite Boss Fight

    Every boss fight in Bayonetta for obvious reasons
  2. What game are you currently playing?

    Currently playing Gundam Breaker 3 on my Vita
  3. Who still uses DVD?

    I still watch DVDs sometimes.
  4. Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

    Can't wait till this is released! I loved Ian Malcom's character in the 1st 2 movies.
  5. Netflix: Castlevania

    I've got to say Castlevania was probably not the best ONA that I have seen. I expected the story to be better.
  6. If you are talking about sexual sterile then yes.
  7. I think there is a good chance that the bio booster armor may attach itself to it's host when the host is killed when in human form. I am basing this on the organisms on host's back, seeing as that is what connects the host to the bio booster armor. When it is stored in another dimension.
  8. Guyver Zoanoid

    Well, Murakami did say that the creator's used the bio booster unit as standard equipment. So I think that all the units are basically the same with the differences being in the host. As each host is different. Which is why the creator's were surprised when the original Guyver attacked them.
  9. Seeing that the high frequency blades disrupts the surface of any material that it comes in contacts with and breaks it. I can honestly see that the high frequency blades would be able to cut adamantium. It probably won't be able to cut vibranium as that absorbs energy. So the energy produced by the high frequency blades would probably absorbed by the vibranium.
  10. Anyone else love OVA 12?

    That is true. The 2nd 6 parts of the OVA did suffer quite a bit in animation quality. Episodes 11 and 12 did have a bit of better animation quality but the coloring was horrible.
  11. 5 seconds for the megasmasher?

    Yeah, that is probably correct.
  12. Guyver video game?

    It's probably due to licencing issues. Also Guyver is still a currently active manga. So making a game based on that is gonna be kinda hard. It will just end up like the animes..
  13. Side Effects( Arkanfel's Zoacrystal)

    Considering that Alkanphel is the very first Zoalord. I guess it is safe to say that he is a prototype. However I don't think that there are any side effects to his zoacrystals. I think that after the creator's hit him with a psychic attack. They must have cause significant damage to his body and mind, which is the reason why he can't use all the zoacrystals in his body. As they would cause to much stress on him. Which is the reason why he needs to go into hibernation periodically to attempt to rejuvenate his body. As he doesn't have the knowledge and equipment to repair it.
  14. You have to kill the Guyver....

    That is what I would do too
  15. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    The Guyver is not dead. It just takes forever for the creator to write a new chapter.