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  1. Crimson's Revived Art

    Working on some more sketches of characters...
  2. Crimson's Revived Art

    Lucithea decided to translate and color/finish the page I drew of Alfa facing off against Crimson a year ago.
  3. Crimson's Revived Art

    A good friend of mine named StellarStateLogic offered to shade up at least 1 character for me
  4. Crimson's Revived Art

    Nearly there! Looking for a good cell shader since I hate how my attempts turn out.
  5. Crimson's Revived Art

    There we go first one up!
  6. Crimson's Revived Art

    I had each host of my Guyver OCs commissioned and designed by the artist Cloudy-0w0 over on deviantART. If its one thing I suck at its designing clothing for characters (older comic pages apparent.) So I asked someone I knew who was excellent at it to draw them up for me. I'll be building off their designs soon so look forward to that
  7. Guyver video game?

    The only game type I could see working for Guyver is one like Platinum Games excels at (So very much like NieR Automata)
  8. Crimson's Revived Art

    So I believe I found someone who found inspiration from one of my Guyver drawings and cosplayed it. I say inspiration because he did redesign small parts to it. The first person to cosplay something I drew up
  9. Getting back into drawing agan

    Well anything bigger then my tablet now with its own screen is better. Seeing where my hand and pen are would help me tremendously. Anyways didn't mean to derail your thread here. Just admire the precision you put into the lines.
  10. Getting back into drawing agan

    So is the screen on the tablet 13 inches or is the tablet itself 13 inches and the screen is smaller? Cause using a 6x8 intuos is driving me insane after so many years.
  11. Getting back into drawing agan

    What type of Tablet do you use?
  12. How would you wrap up and end the Guyver series?

    Yeah probably will have Guyot get a Guyver unit so he is the final fight.
  13. Crimson's Revived Art

    Yeah wasn't exactly Cryptic in the NSFW version. I don't really know if Mevan even saw my hosts bust piece. Either way, I had my own double take when I saw them when looking up Guyver on dA.
  14. Crimson's Revived Art

    Got my first fan art I guess? Mevan83 commissioned Cryptic and a female Haunting (now named Phantom) to be drawn.
  15. Prime 1 Studios - Guyver Statues

    I am in love, I will have one of these some way in the future...