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    What kind of Guyver video-game would you like to see?

    A Guyver game like KOTOR would be epic.
  2. MegaMcTaco

    What kind of Guyver video-game would you like to see?

    I more so meant movement-wise, especially with the different moves and abilities. It would be nice to bust up warehouses with Chronos goons and zoanoids. Maybe have them kidnap Mizuki a million times, haha.
  3. MegaMcTaco

    What kind of Guyver video-game would you like to see?

    Like Spider-Man PS4.
  4. MegaMcTaco

    Avengers: Endgame

    Yep. Korg rules.
  5. MegaMcTaco

    Guyver Back on the Big Screen

    Link not working.
  6. MegaMcTaco

    New Chapter status?

    I also hope that's the case.
  7. MegaMcTaco

    Made a Guyver Song...I need serious professional help.

    I love it!
  8. MegaMcTaco

    Avengers: Endgame

    So excited.
  9. MegaMcTaco

    Captain Marvel

  10. MegaMcTaco

    Dragon Ball Super Movie - Broly

    Too many new, stupid transformations because they think that new transformations = interesting, original story... but it's not. Dragon Ball is dead to me and it used to be my favourite series. Super killed it. One sad boi.
  11. MegaMcTaco

    New Chapter status?

    I'm convinced that Guyver isn't on Ace anymore.
  12. MegaMcTaco

    RIP Stan Lee

    R.I.P. Stan the man
  13. MegaMcTaco

    New Chapter status?

    Still here and forever waiting
  14. MegaMcTaco

    Avengers: Infinity War

    That's not how the Infinity Gauntlet and/or Infinity Stones work. With what he did, you saw the so imagine if he tried to do the "more resources" thing instead.
  15. MegaMcTaco

    Avengers: Infinity War

    It was everything I wanted and more.
  16. MegaMcTaco

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    The old one. Grew up with it. The voice acting and the soundtrack stayed with me forever.
  17. MegaMcTaco

    The Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Rewatch Thread

    Haha I started this thread and I haven't even had time to rewatch it yet as I've been so damn busy. Will get on this tomorrow!
  18. While we patiently and/or impatiently wait for the next chapter of the manga to be released, why not do what the MCU fan-base is currently doing with the lead up to Infinity War and re-watch the 2005 TV series?! Basically, re-watch one episode every week, then discuss it on here. Talk about what you liked, what you didn't like etc. We've gotta keep this board active somehow! All 26 episodes, followed by the 12-part OVA, followed by both live action adaptions... Then hopefully we'll have a new chapter in 40 weeks Episode 1: "The Amazing Bioboosted Armor" Original Air Date: August 6, 2005 Synopsis: Two police officers encounter and are killed by a strange man who is actually a Zoanoid created by the Cronos organization. The Zoanoid stole three Guyver units from the organization and is now being pursued by them. During a confrontation between Chronos troops and the Zoanoid named Malmot, the units are scattered through the area, where Sho and Tetsuro are. The two find the unit and Sho activates it, becoming Guyver I. And go!
  19. MegaMcTaco

    Avengers: Infinity War

    I am so damn excited!
  20. MegaMcTaco

    New Chapter status?

    I probably started reading it/drooling over the artwork back in 1998. I was 8 years old and fell further in love with Guyver thanks to WG.
  21. MegaMcTaco

    Avengers: Infinity War

    I was shaking while watching it!
  22. MegaMcTaco

    New Chapter status?

    Is there absolutely zero chance that it moved to a different magazine?
  23. MegaMcTaco

    New Chapter status?

    It would be easier to go to Japan, track him down and ask him yourself at this point
  24. Let's try to keep this board alive while we impatiently wait for a new chapter! We've previously discussed film and anime ideas for Guyver COUNTLESS times, but I don't think we've ever had a thread on a live action TV series (correct me if I'm wrong). With Netflix being super popular at the moment, how would you do a live action Guyver series? Would you change the design of the armour? Would you change the story or follow the manga? Which actors would you like to see play who? Personally, I'd like something similar to Netflix's Daredevil series. Dark and gritty. Show me what you've got!