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  1. A Guyver game like KOTOR would be epic.
  2. I more so meant movement-wise, especially with the different moves and abilities. It would be nice to bust up warehouses with Chronos goons and zoanoids. Maybe have them kidnap Mizuki a million times, haha.
  3. I also hope that's the case.
  4. Too many new, stupid transformations because they think that new transformations = interesting, original story... but it's not. Dragon Ball is dead to me and it used to be my favourite series. Super killed it. One sad boi.
  5. I'm convinced that Guyver isn't on Ace anymore.
  6. Still here and forever waiting
  7. That's not how the Infinity Gauntlet and/or Infinity Stones work. With what he did, you saw the so imagine if he tried to do the "more resources" thing instead.
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