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  1. Is this thread the best place to come to check for updates? I haven't read any scans in sooo long. I would love to get caught up and see where the story has gone.
  2. Indeed, I think an afterlife would be awesome. Especially if it was designed by the person to inhabit it. But truth be told I imagine that death will be a lot like my experiences before I was born. At any rate, I think that death is important to keep in mind the purposes of life. If we were immortal then time wouldn't mean anything because it would be an unlimited resource. But with a limited amount of time it gives us purpose, drive, and the motivation to do extraordinary things with our lives. To me, even the idea of heaven undermines the miracle of living. That being said, I understand that the brain is exposed to high levels of DMT just before death. Imagine your dreams and how your sense of time is stretched-- dream experiences can last for several days but really only pass in seconds in the "real world" clock. So who knows what kind of strange dreams you will have in your final moments of life. And furthermore, they could last for years in your mind before your body finally gives out. That being said I don't necessarily fear death as much as I fear the consequences of my death to those who are left behind. Just thinking about leaving my wife and children behind, for example, sends a shiver down my back--and I don't actually have either! The dead do not suffer as the living do.
  3. That is a stretch of an analogy but I see what you were trying to get at. You think it is possible then, eventually, to wield such a power? Or are you only speculating on the hypothetical of the power if such absolute knowledge were attained?
  4. If there is a god it is beyond our capacity for comprehension. To understand a creator we'd first have to understand everything about it's creation. Seeing as how in our young ages of evolution that answers in science lead to more questions, this may take some time if it's possible at all. You think in several millions or billions of years we will figure out everything there is to know about the universe and reality? Or do you think we will never know everything about anything?
  5. Good discussions. I saw Zeo mentioning the nature of the term metaphysics and I thought I'd throw in my two cents. It doesn't mean beyond physics as much as it means after physics because in Aristotle's written works these topics of philosophy would be physically following chapters regarding actual physics. Lacking a better name they became known as "after physics," or metaphysics. So it does mean beyond, but in a literal sense of physical arrangement. Needless to say the name has stuck.
  6. I'm aware of the illusion of freewill, but if the earth is to be destroyed on 2012 like is predicted, then whats the point of doing anything? Why would anyone give credibility or thought to such an event as it is as futile as our future.
  7. I don't give in to the 2012 ideas because I don't like the idea that our existence is so predetermined that we could predict our demise thousands of years ago. Whats the point of living if life makes its own choices? Besides, people made a huge deal about Y2K and that was an utter flop. The more thought we give to 2012 the more we empower it. I just think its all so silly.
  8. I think the ordeal with 2012 is a grip of superstition and mysticism. I think people want something to happen. For that reason alone, something might happen afterall simply because it is the will or expectations of the mass.
  9. That makes sense to me; theres no reason why matter can't be drawn through the siphon. Sure it may jsut be speculation, but its an educated guess and thats good enough for me.
  10. I see, the Guyver doesn't eat or drink, so when it regenerates it must get that matter from somewhere, and that somewhere is the conversion of energy from the boost dimension. So...anyone have a theory of how it works...? Edit: The more I think about it the more it makes sense. The Guyver must be able to convert energy into matter on some level. The host needs oxygen to survive, and although I'm sure the Guyver can obtain that air supply from the atmosphere or water(when submerged), what about when Sho and Agito entered the Relic ship for the first time? It was filled with an unkown liquid solution. It could have been water I suppose, but if it wasn't then there wouldn't be oxygen in it for the Guyvers to absorb. So how would the suit give them oxygen? I also think it makes sense that the Guyver is capable of long-term survival in vacuum. Heck, if Aptom could survive in space long enough to launch his huge beam against Sho Gigantic, then I think its in the realm of plausibility that the GUyver can survive space. So where do these molecules come from?
  11. Well my concern is in the GUyver's ability to convert the energy feed from the gravitational siphon into matter? Maybe with the gravity control orb or energy compresssors?
  12. I've been reading a lot about converting energy into matter. I know that certain reactions can convert matter into energy, like fire. But what about the other way around? I've read that it can be done in super colliders but on a very small scale and at the expense of a lot of energy. Does the Guyver have the capabilities to pull this off on a more practical level? The Gigantic has plasma jets but as far as I understand that uses collected atmospheric gases in its reaction. Is there anyway a Gigantic could use this ability in total vacuum without charging up with matter first? If it could possibly be done, how? I ain't looking for any canon-official stuff here, just the potential or technical aspect of it.
  13. Of course, there is a certain level fo tact involved. But you have to make it clear that you enjoy her company and want to spend time with her. I'm not saying call her everyday and leave her flowers every night. Just show effort.
  14. Its harder to handle obesidty than you think. A many a folk consider it a disease, like alcoholism. Sure the brain can be rewired, but we're talking about 5 year olds that weight over a hundred pounds here, a lot of them. Yeah I don't about designing genes for kids. It would be cool, but its a slippery slope. Where do you draw the line? I can forsee gene-trends surfacing, like its the cool thing to give your kid such and such traits. I think it would easily get out of hand. Although I think it would be awesome to design my kid, whats gonna stop me from making my kids with peak abilities? Whats gonna stop everyone from doing that? The world will just become overrun with elite genetically altered humans. Wierd drenn.
  15. Actually, it was a woman. It was from a testimony called I, Rigoberta Menchu. As a child she watched her brother being burned alive by the Guatemalan army for trying to help her people as a guerilla fighter. She also lost both her parents, two brothers, a sister-in-law and three nieces and nephews to the Guatemalan security forces, all while working as peons on a plantation for eight months out of the year. Yes, if you try to ignore all the terrible things that happen everyday, you can find contentness. But a lot of people lack the analytical skills to do such. I can find appreciation in small victories, but i've learned to do it through a lot of reading and discussions. What do you expect a child to do with that sort of reality when they grow up?
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