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  1. Well, I've sent them the idea, here is the (standard) answer : Hello. Thank you very much for contacting us. We appreciate your input. We will consider your request. Thank you. Regards, Good Smile Company Customer Support
  2. I've had the same idea before. My idea was to propose to Max Factory to start a crowdfunding campaign for each missing character in the collection, so that they could produce those which have enough buyers. Do you think this would be agreed ?
  3. Thanks ! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! May you make cheerished memories!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Nice avatar pic!

  7. Yom


    Sorry if you get offended with my answer... but this board is here for arguing on anything about guyver, right ? I just meant that if you are wrong about Cabral's control over biological systems, he could not work together with Purgstall. Which bring us back to the beginning : how did they do to appear all together in a second ?
  8. Yom


    It's not the subject here, but Aptom turned to stone because his cells weren't able to absorb Cabral's adn. It made a "bug". :wink:
  9. Yom


    well... that the reason why i ask "How did all the zoalords appear"... i meant, how did all the zoalords appear at the same time in a tunderbolt ? :wink: Except for Alkanphel... even if his teleportation style looks like he "opens" space to go through. He's been able to come back from Guyot's black hole.
  10. Yom


    We talk about teleportation of the Zoalords in another thread. Those who clearly can are : - Alkamphel - Cabral Khan - Yentsui - The Black Knight Those who seems to be unable to : - Shin (flyed to help Purgstall) - Purgstall (flyed to meet the Gigantic) - Balcus (escaped the arizona base thanks to yentsui) - Guyot (escaped from Alkanphel, simply running) Not sure : All the others... BUT How did all the zoalords appear at the top of Relic Point in book 08 ??? They appear in a big thunderbolt, just like they came for the sky... Do they used an unknown power of Purgstall ?? I don't think that Alkanphel made them appear here. He was fighting Guyot. Any idea ??
  11. The informations on the auction are that the action figures have not been released yet, even if it should have been released the last summer. This auctions are on ebay for weeks, and i may say for months. and we are not sure that this archanfel action figure will be the one that will be released. It can be the one we only saw in white prototype yet (articulated). I don't say that you shouldn't pre-order, but if you do, just be patient. :wink:
  12. It seems that creating a zoanoid from a woman is just very difficult, and needs an advanced technology. I don't think that Shin would lie to us !!
  13. It could be possible, but if that's right, why Balcus has given a female the artificial control metal ??!! if this is not a great power, what is it ?
  14. I think it causes sterilization, and that's why women are not used for zoaforming.... yet.
  15. Can we consider the lost number Gelpess as a woman ?
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