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  1. Sarah was tolerable compared to Reccoa's retardation, not to mention Katz' stupidity. Compared to those two, Sarah was a thumping saint.
  2. Brotherhood follows the manga to the letter, still haven't found any flaws in it. I'm praying that they don't make a filler ending. If we're lucky they might finish the ending with an OVA or a movie!
  3. I only keep up with the anime because I don't want to spoil anything. Unlike Bleach or Naruto, One Piece knows how to pull off filler!
  4. Well the animation and pacing wasn't top notch for the first canon arc of Shippuden, the main fights were done well, except for Gaara's fight. They really messed it up I feel compared to the manga. After that the pacing for the Sai arc wasn't all that great either, but it was a piece of drenn in the manga too, it's a setup for an important confrontation between Naruto and Orochimaru, but other than that it's pointless. They did the Shikamaru arc well but the filler split it up pretty bad, also the final fight was drawn worse than I was hoping, the studio just didn't do justice to Kakuzu, still a great arc! The Pain and Revenge arc is being done perfectly though, they split it in half with a filler but it wasn't that long, and I really love how fast paced this arc is. But they're really close with the manga so I'm betting on a really long filler again. My biggest complaints about Shippuden are Naruto's progress compared to Sasuke's progress. They were both equal at the Valley of the End, they are both being trained by one of the Sannin, and they are both training for the same length of time to face the same enemies. For that matter Sakura is in the exact same situation, she should at least end up slightly closer to them in power. Really proves that the Sannin weren't equal at all. Another thing, Sasuke really got too much attention, he completely overshadowed Orochimaru who is basically thrown aside if he ever shows up in the manga again.
  5. Lets see here Started watching Zeta Gundam, finished War in the Pocket and Stardust Memory, rewatched the original movies and 08th MS team. I'm hoping to finish all the series in the Universal Century so I'm caught up with Unicorn! War in the Pocket and 08th MS team are gold, and the original movies compilation is still good. Stardust Memory has some big flaws though, the drama is really forced, so are the relationships, and Delaz Fleet's true objective doesn't make much sense. It's great backstory for Zeta Gundam though, I'd be completely lost without seeing it. Zeta Gundam is pretty good considering how different Amuro is from Kamille, and how well they balance old and new characters. Even with how old these series are, they still blow Gundam Seed out of the water. Finished the first season of Tentai Senshi Sunred. This show should be watched by every member of this board. It's the story of a Tokusatsu hero living his everyday life while still fighting an Evil Organization. Everyone watch it! I think I'm going to start watching Black Lagoon. I watched the first two episodes, and it caught my interest. But why would a black guy be nicknamed Dutch? I decided to watch Fate/Stay Night on a whim. Pretty average series. I liked that the protagonist/harem owner actually fought, but he still never really shined. The ending wasn't very good either, filler ending I'm guessing. Still better than Kurokami though, and could have been worse. I was bored enough to keep watching Bleach filler, ugh, worst filler arc ever. Did like that fight between Zangetsu and Ichigo, other than that the whole thing was a pile of doodoo. Naruto actually did a good job with the last canon arc. They didn't screw up the animation like they did with the Gaara rescue arc and they weren't stuck at a bridge for three episodes again! Definitely a good job, but I kind of feel like the fight between Sasuke and Itachi was a little too short, it felt longer in the manga. I really wish they did more scenes with Susanoo. Next canon arc will be really good too considering the blitzkrieg pace the manga has been taking lately. Just hope they don't spread it out over too many seasons. I watched Mao Dante a little while back. Anything Go Nagai related is awesome in my book, but this anime doesn't really add much. They really just lengthened a decent short manga into a sub-par short anime. Doesn't have a real ending either. This just reaffirms how much I want to see original Devilman/Violence Jack storyline completely animated. Brotherhood's still great, I'm kind of afraid that the ending will be filler, but they are still following the manga perfectly. Could they have animated the ending before the manga finished? I really hope so! Started watching Saint Seiya Lost Canvas. It's weird knowing now that this isn't canon, so anything could happen. I really hope the Heaven Saga of the original story gets animated one day, hopefully it'll have the same art quality as this series. Finally managed to find subs for Slayers Try. Nothing ground breaking, same old Slayers stuff. I have wonder why they haven't animated the original story past Hellmaster Fibrizo in Slayers Next. Everything since then has been non-canon. I mean there's a point where you want to make money off a series, but the light novels ending awhile ago right? Also started watching Birdy Decode. Really disappointed, they took the original story and made it into generic crap. Why does Birdy have to be a model, why does she need an alter ego! I really doubt that I'll like the ending to this series.
  6. Ryuki if you just ignore every single filler arc (there's at least 150 episodes of the crap). You'll love the show.
  7. From what we know, Aptom's regeneration and absorption can occur at the cellular level even without a mind. In cognitive science and neurology it is believed that the physical aspect of the mind at least is housed in the electrical impulses of the brain. Aptom's cells must have some method of recording these impulses on the cellular level probably through an advanced chemical code which imprints these impulses on whatever brain cells he forms. I'm being very flexible with my language here, but I hope you get my idea. Going back to the computer analogy, he has a BIOS for his memory in each cell of his body that boots up his OS onto his brain cells whenever they regenerate. Question is what the hell that BIOS is?
  8. Woo! Shin Mazinger Shougeki Z-Hen had one hell of an ending. I can only pray they remake the sequels as well. I don't think I ever mentioned that Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger ended awhile ago, great as always, and the animation this season was beautiful. I just hope we don't have to wait another, what was it, 9 years for the next season. Guin Saga ended but the subs aren't finished, so I have to wait a couple weeks. The series had an amazing opening, but after the Nosferus battle, when the Parros twins and Guin are no longer traveling the world but just meeting one member of royalty after another to get a strong enough army to retake Crystal, well its just boring. It was interesting how the focus then shifted to Naris', but then we have like 3 episodes where battles are supposedly happening but we see nothing but armies marching and no fighting. It'd be understandable as a build up for a big battle, but there aren't enough episodes left for that since the finale will focus on Guin and the Parros twins based on what happened in episode 24. I suddenly decided to start watching Kurokami (an AMV looked pretty good). The shows has tons of potential after watching the first 2 episodes, but I was almost immediately disappointed after that. I'm up to episode 9, and I almost feel insulted that I'm expected to like these flashy charge up sequences and "special attack ends every fight" battles. Some shows do this well, actually lots of shonen shows do, but this show manages to fail at it despite its great animation and interesting back story. Take another show I'd rather be watching: Yushao GaoGaiGar (GaGa-Ga GaGa-GaoGaiGar! GaGa-Ga Ga-G-G-GaoGaiGar!) has even more over the top fights (Mecha using just as ridiculous abilities), and every fight ends with either Heaven and Hell or Goldion Hammer, but the fights are all colorful and varied otherwise. It may just be that the protagonist of Kurokami is a bit of pussy considering he has control over fire, his family was killed, and he's already fighting the people responsible for it but isn't the least bit vengeful. Anyone ever read the manga, "Alive - The Final Evolution"? Same basic plot, but the fights are a thousand fold better even though the character has much weaker powers.
  9. I liked Elfen Lied, but it's too short and it has no conclusion. I was so disappointed with the ending I even read the manga. That definitely has an end, but it never really answers the questions it brings up. Kind of like how X-men 3 ended by just killing off all powerful mutants or depowering them...actually it's EXACTLY like that, in other words, a COP-OUT! Still it was definitely nice to read the manga. I just wish the author left the ending more open, and tried to answer if the Diclonius urge to kill humans was an inherent trait coded in their DNA, or just a reaction to how they had been stigmatized and segregated. If the [hide]other, other Lucy was the transmigration of some original Diclonius, or was it just part of her mental instability.[/hide] If Diclonius are a new evolution, or some mythological monster of old. (Well this part is covered to a fair amount in the manga.) And most importantly if that sicko really did bang his cousin. I started watching Linebarrels of Iron, but I got annoyed by the 3rd episode. It's a hilarious idea, the protagonist choices to go against the trend set by Amuro Ray and just goes nuts instead, but the execution was awful. I think that's mostly because they still forced in the same formula as a regular show, where the pilot fails every meaningful fight, and let's the enemy get away but still manages to press on against the odds. In Amuro's case, your limited by fear of fighting, death, hurting others, concern for those around you. The protagonist of Kurogane no Linebarrel is limited by none of these things and still has the godhacks mech, but still he loses inexcusably. I can only attribute this to the weakness of the character, but he is neither humble nor witty about it. In summation, he has too many flaws, and no admirable traits. I really doubt that this character evolves. I bet that as the story progressed he just gets supported by more and more comrades right?
  10. Can't speak for a couple of them because I never saw them but avoid Blood+, Code Geass, and be prepared for some border-pedo-guro-crap for Elfen Lied. Macross Zero might be okay, I just hate the idea of music combining with fighting. You have to watch Berserk. Make that your first priority, and then read the manga. It might be graphic but its so much more than say Gantz. Gundam 00 was a good series, better than most Gundam series. I've heard good things about Samurai 7, and Death Note was wonderful until the last couple episodes.
  11. Yea Gundam Seed is just a painfully memory. Let's all forget about it please. I think a lot of people are confusing Naruto and Sasuke. I could understand if you've never seen the show before. Sasuke is the main character since Kishimoto loves his duck-butt-headed-androgynous-brain-child and its eye god-hacks. He forgot who the titular character was suppose to be by the third issue, and I guess he didn't notice until it was already on Shonen Jump. Whatever emo Naruto (the Nazi, chit in orange) has is just from the filler taking up hours of airtime with Naruto moping about Sasuke, but not being able to do anything because the plot isn't allowed to progress yet. I have thankfully yet to watch a complete episode of the last 2 Yugioh series.
  12. Wow, been awhile. Kind of off-topic but I've finished a lot of Kamen Rider series! I oddly stopped watching Naruto. Maybe it's because I hate crunchyroll's video player and Naruto filler, but I think for the most part I'm only going to read the manga now. I just realized I never mentioned that I've been watching One Piece almost religiously without fail every Saturday night. It never gets old! Guin Saga, Shin Mazinger Z, and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are all top notch shows and have yet to disappoint me. I'm still amazed at how much I like watching Dragon Ball Kai even though I've seen it all before. I have so much free time lately, I even decided to try finishing Ranma 1/2. I have like 4 seasons to go along with the OVAs though, could take awhile. I'm not in the mood to watch Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei lately, so I stopped that. I might be growing tired of the series like I did with Jigoku Shoujo, but I actually had a distinct loathing for what happened to that series.
  13. My two cents. The only two series I've watched Pre-Den-O have been 555 and Kabuto. Both of which had depressing sub-human characters who struggled with their right to exist and interact with the rest of humanity as well as oppression from big business and the government. In Den-O and Decade we have slapstick humor and friendship rants which existed previously but never in such massive amounts. I'd thought that the producers were targeting a more childish audience, and that mention of Bandai merging with Disney easily reaffirms that sentiment. Disney is crap in my opinion, racist too, just check youtube. Also every series after Den-O (including) gives like 20 opportunities for supporting characters to die...BUT THEY JUST WON'T DIE! When the contract with the imagins expired but wait Ryoutarou found a way to keep all his fwuends, when Natsumi had her soul taken by the Perfecter but Tsukasa managed to get it back in time; etc. Two more cents. Justice and vindication while being an outcast of society was definitely at the center of the first 10 Kamen Rider series at least. It was the same for 555 and Kabuto. Den-O had absolutely none of that, and Tsukasa got his belt (powers) in what is easily the dumbest way possible. Some whore (Natsumi) found it next to a couple of rocks and handed it to him. Because of that alone he decided it was his fate to travel across all the worlds and save them. This is where the cliche of amnesia comes into play, because he's already familiar with the belt's powers he assumes this is his destiny without needing to explain crap to the audience. I like Decade and the concept of Kiva really appeals to me, but I have to admit as I'm watching Den-O I have trouble sitting through one episode without doing something else. I'm actually putting off watching the series while when I watched 555 and Kabuto I would forget things like eating and going to sleep because I was too absorbed!
  14. Anime scenes been kind of slow. I'm all into Kamen Rider now. Finished Kabuto, going to finish Faiz and Decade soon, and starting Den-O. Still keeping up with Guin Saga, which is still totally awesome in every possible way. Shin Mazinger Z's artwork is still just stupid looking. Whatever era it was made, some characters are just too stupid for me to not want to brutally murder them with my bare hands. Hoping the action picks up soon. Bleach is inserting filler at the worst times once again. Naruto Shippuuden is getting to some really good fights, and it should be great if they don't mutilate it with filler in between. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's pacing is perfect and it's exactly like the manga, I only pray that the story finishes and gets animated completely. Dragonball Kai is great to watch even though I've seen it all for some reason. Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is a sequel I never expected but happily accept. I can easily understand why someone might not like this series, but at least 80% of it is hilarious to me.
  15. Lelouch kinda has to die painfully in my mind. Look at the he-bitch!
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