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  1. so many animes this time of the year Overlord S2 Tokyo Ghoul re: Steins Gate Zero Legends of the Galactic Heroes SAO alternative
  2. Justice League

  3. Alien Covenant

    Juat watched it, its not bad and I wish theres more to what really happened to Dr Shaw. Btw that planet cant be the engineers home planet.
  4. Cool Videos

  5. attack on titan S2 and Berserk 2017 new series
  6. Cool Videos

  7. Attack on titan

    season 2 is here! https://9anime.to/watch/shingeki-no-kyojin-season-2.3v16/np50w8 The op is awesome
  8. Anime to rewatch?

    Juuni Kokuki(Twelve Kingdoms) , still great to rewatch years later.
  9. Gantz: O

    https://9anime.to/watch/gantzo.w6xl/29yq9l The CG looks great but the same cannot be said of the story, could do without that annoying kato fan girl lol
  10. watching this as theres like nothing interesting at the moment