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  1. xfool

    Cool Videos

  2. xfool

    Avengers: Infinity War

  3. xfool

    Cool Videos

  4. xfool

    Stains Gate 0

    i watch it here https://www2.gogoanime.se/steinsgate-0-episode-7 Btw the show is getting quite confusing
  5. so many animes this time of the year Overlord S2 Tokyo Ghoul re: Steins Gate Zero Legends of the Galactic Heroes SAO alternative
  6. xfool

    Justice League

  7. xfool

    Alien Covenant

    Juat watched it, its not bad and I wish theres more to what really happened to Dr Shaw. Btw that planet cant be the engineers home planet.
  8. xfool

    Cool Videos

  9. xfool

    Alien Covenant