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  1. Salkafar

    Guyver’s Defense

    What does that mean, though?
  2. Currently watching the 5-episode "Master of martial hearts"; finale tonight. It's pretty weird; on the one end it's an ecchi girl-fights-girl-in-a-tournament-for-a-supreme-prize show, on the other hand it has an incredibly sinister undertone, like it's a vicious parody of rather grubby genre. (edit:) Yep. God, that was dark. Dark as Hell. Don't think I've ever seen a story where everybody including the protagonist turns out to be a monster.
  3. Salkafar

    Guyver (pre gigantic and Exceed) vs Doomsday (1992)

    Possible. They included Superman's cellular tissue when they made him regenerate after he was mostly desintegrated after 'Our Worlds At War', so he would have a sensitivity to Kryptonite and hence could be controlled. That worked about as well as you might expect. They couldn't even control him on Apokalips.
  4. Salkafar

    New Chapter status?

    He can't just quit it and leave us holding our collective bag. It's un-Japanese.
  5. Salkafar

    Guyver (pre gigantic and Exceed) vs Doomsday (1992)

    Doomsday was not native to Krypton.
  6. Salkafar

    Saitama VS Guyver Gigantic

    Depends on the venue, like with Goku. In his own universe, Saitama is invincible except against King, but in the Guyver universe he might be just another drop-out sarariman.
  7. Salkafar

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    Or maybe there really still is a living ship under the temple. The ship's acids would not prove a problem for a Zoalord: they can all generate force fields capable of stopping directed attacks, so what mechanically amounts to water would be no threat. Which makes it a little strange to think Barkas didn't simply go in himself. Perhaps he was forbidden to do so by Archanfel. In fact I think he probably would have had to. Mystery...
  8. Salkafar

    New Chapter status?

    Wait, what? I know of only one. The one that ends with Jabir flying away in his Zoaform.
  9. Salkafar

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    Yeah. 1985 - 400 = 1585. Remember the science did not exist yet. At all. Even in concept. Archanfel had the ability to control Zoanoids, but I doubt he had the knowledge on how they were created. So in practice, nobody on the planet knew what DNA was, or even what cells are, let alone how they worked. Barcas would have had no idea where to even start (Did Archanfel even ever witness Zoanoid production at all?). Nor did he have the tools. They should have made more out of the concept that Chronos guided human civilization to develop science. Shin never said he had been processed 370 years ago. The Zoalords' battle forms may well be a recent development, planned for centuries, but only put into practice once technology caught up enough and they had had plenty of time to experiment on Zoanoids. Remember that Caerleon started to age rapidly the moment his Zoa-Crystal had been removed, which suggests to me the aging retardation is caused by it, not by being processed (although we don't actually know what effect processing has on aging. How old do Zoanoids get?). The Zoanoid who imitated Mizuki was called Gelpess. It was a Lost Number with the unique ability to take on any human form. We have never seen Chronos make a clone, which is unnecessary anyway since Zoanoids can control anyone who has been processed, and it was stated that, for instance, any human could be made into a Ramotith.
  10. Salkafar

    New Chapter status?

    Strange thing I just noticed (I noticed it because I finally received volume 32): The newest chapter is not in it. Also two interesting new Zoanoids got no files or even names. That happened before though. It's as annoying now as it was before.
  11. Salkafar

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    Initially I didn't realize what I was looking at. It took me re-reading it to get the perspective and it hit me that it wasn't just that Zoanoids were capable of surviving nuclear weapons, there was a monster the size of a skyscraper out there.
  12. Salkafar

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    Well... not all Zoanoids are bulletproof, not against rifle bullets, I should think. The heavier calibre machine guns should be able to injure most Zoanoids less invulnerable than Gregole.
  13. Physically merging with an alien??? That is so unclean it can't even be described. That's Tyranid territory.
  14. Man. The concept of a Guyver would make Imperials freak out, but Chaos warriors would LOVE it.