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  1. Salkafar


    Hmm. I loved the Crisis. I remember, the first time I ever read it. I had bought the deluxe edition, hardcover, slipcase, dust cover illustrated by Alex Ross. Twelve issues, over 350 pages. I had only ever caught snippets. That night, in bed, I read all of it. And it was amazing. The Crisis was the capping stone to the Silver (and Bronze) age. For the longest time, capecomics were chronologically divided 'Pre-Crisis' and 'Post-Crisis'. It was written to celebrate 50 years of DC, and also served to streamline their superhero titles, bring all the heroes and villains into one universe and get rid of some worn-out concepts. There has, in truth, never been anything like it, nor could there ever be, because it did what had never been done; everything that came after could merely be imitation. The villain was the purest evil, the stakes, absolute. Heroes and villains died. Reality was changed for good. They will never be able to do it justice.
  2. Salkafar

    Avengers: Endgame

    ...That didn't even occur to me. That would be very cool.
  3. Salkafar

    Captain Marvel

    In the comics, Kree are not supposed to show emotion. Naturally, they are belligerent savages, but their culture harnesses this in enforced rationality. Like Klingons living like Vulcans. Especially in their early appearances, they viewed human emotions as the detrimental signs of an inferior species. Captain Mar-Vell even said "Our children never smile". So maybe that's why, and as Carol rediscovers her humanity, she will show more and more emotion.
  4. Salkafar


    Funny. If anything, Apocalypse looks like Mobius, who, according to the New 52 reading of the story, is the identity of the Anti-Monitor before he was mutated by the Anti-Life Equation.
  5. Salkafar

    Captain Marvel

    Hehehehe. Fury, green as he is in this movie, is already not buying this whole "Noble warrior heroes versus evil Skrulls" bs.
  6. Salkafar


    Hmmm. So the Monitor is the bad guy in this?
  7. Salkafar

    RIP Stan Lee

    Farewell, father of heroes.
  8. Salkafar

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    Abject nonsense. It's an art error. That simple. Gregole can't lift fifty tons. Think: if Gregole is that strong, yet a Guyver can make mincemeat of one: how strong is a Guyver? There has never been any indication anywhere else that Zoanoids and Guyvers are that strong. There has never been any indication ever at all that human beings are superhumanly strong in the Guyver universe, either. Perhaps a processed human has some enhanced strength, but three tons? Ridiculous. Gregole has the equivalent strength of fifteen average, non-processed human beings with normal human strength, giving him the ability to lift one and a half to maybe two tons, ie, about ten to fourteen times his own body weight.
  9. Salkafar

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    Unless those heavy metals change shape when the Zoalord transforms, the answer is 'no'. Guyot is almost one-and-a-half times as tall when he changes. Also, would those heavy metals involve his skull? Then again, his head in Zoalord form is pretty small.
  10. Salkafar

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    Well, no. Thing is, they're still organic. And organic compounds, be they carbon- or silicon-based, just outright can't be so dense that a two-meter-tall man weighs 450 kilograms. Drawing some heat energy from the environment wouldn't cut it, either. E=MC2 means that to gain one kilogram of mass, you'd have to convert the equivalent of a 20 megaton nuclear explosive to matter. I think you'd probably cause a new Ice Age if you turned into a Zoanoid that way.
  11. Salkafar

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    I wish I spoke Spanish. So much more sunny and vivid than my mothertongue - it's a comparison between Sangria and North sea water.
  12. Salkafar

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    I think that's more likely. We know their mass increases as they change shape. Guyot doesn't weigh 450 kilograms when he's just a 6'4" guy.
  13. Salkafar

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    It's an art mistake. Not for the first time it's painfully clear Takaya does not have a head for mass and weight: his weight number for Cabral in brain mode yields a density of about 0.019, which is about two-and-a-half times as light as styrofoam. He should really weigh 35 metric tons. This is about the most egregious example I know, but it's pretty much across the board.
  14. Salkafar

    Captain Marvel

    I just hope they'll have Supremor in it...
  15. Salkafar

    Dark Phoenix trailer

    They retconned it so they could bring her back.