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  1. Salkafar

    Call of Cthulhu

    I don't know if they'll be able to top this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bWwZ5o-7r0
  2. Salkafar

    How would you wrap up and end the Guyver series?

    I always assumed Archanfel wanted to show his masters that Earth was NOT a failure. Bring them a mighty army under his command and tell them he is ready for any command they have for him. Let's face it, the Ark is not going to cut it as a weapon against the Advents. It's just one ship and they have fleets of those. The Zoanoids are useless for a space battle, they are infantry, marines, air support and artillery, not space warriors. Again I wonder just what they needed them for.
  3. Salkafar

    Which Infinity Stone Would You Have Quiz?

    You got: The Soul Stone The most mysterious and perhaps the most powerful of the Infinity Stones, this is the Stone most driven by emotion and personal sacrifice. In order to win and wield it, you have to sacrifice something you love; a soul for a Soul. You're often driven by your emotions, but that doesn't mean you're weak — on the contrary, what greater motivator is there than love? You're capable of greatness, but you'll reach a point when you have to choose between your greater goals and your personal happiness. Choose carefully.
  4. Salkafar

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Chaosavratheos: It would be nice if they had incorporated more of that into the movie. I don't know if I would call Thanos 'harsh but fair'. He could have made it more difficult for life forms to reproduce, thereby attaining what he intended, just a little later. Thanos is not just someone who does what is necessary... he is also cruel and destructive. Tora Tan: It certainly seemed that way, the Gauntlet was practically destroyed. They're gonna have to make a new one.
  5. Salkafar

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    I can't imagine it will be a huge jump. The Gigantics were already more than a match for the Zoalords. Several at a time, if need be. If the Gigantic is dozens of times more powerful than a Guyver, which is over half its height... even proportionally the power increase would be completely insane. A Guyver's megasmasher blasts through hundreds of feet of concrete or rock like a ray of light through a glass pane. We've never really seen what the gigasmasher does to a solid target, except it blasted a skyscraper-sized dragon into atoms with no trouble at all. If the... "terasmasher", I guess? is just a hundred times more powerful again... Well, a cadre of scientists estimated a megasmasher blast to be equal to more than a hundred megawatts, so a gigasmasher blast would be at least ten gigawatts. That's more than the output of the world's most powerful nuclear reactor. If a 'terasmasher' is merely a hundred times that, instead of far more based on the size discrepancy, it would put out over one terawatt. That is more energy than the entire human race generates (biologically, that is. It's still a lot less than the annual energy requirement of the United States). That seems rather a lot, if it's focused on something for a few seconds.
  6. Salkafar

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Yes, the Gems do seem more limited in the cinematic universe. Perhaps that is why he didn't go all-out with their power in the battles.
  7. Salkafar

    Avengers: Infinity War

    It was amazing. The moment Thanos realized what the Soul Stone would cost... he hadn't planned it, and it wouldn't work if he didn't care... and you could tell he felt no triumph.
  8. Salkafar

    Steel Jeeg's Blog

    That is damned well-written.
  9. Salkafar

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    The old one was better in certain ways, especially how it did not hold back the violence (the Enzyme battle... what a contrast) - Guyver is about violence. Humanity's identity in any form is shaped by violence. Not just the human race, but all forms of life on Earth were created for this purpose; and our freedom was gained when our creators wanted to see whether we could be made even better at violence, and we turned out to be too good at it! Warfare appears to be the rule in this universe, with conflict stretching across hundreds of millions of years. Not to mention how people's inner self, or what they believe it to be, is violated, bent and hammered to violence. Sho, an ordinary kid, is turned into the deadliest thing in the world, perhaps the universe. Mizuki and her brother - and Natsuki - being the obvious exceptions. If Mizuki ever uses force, even to defend herself, it will truly be a milestone moment. Natsuki being a Christian, I wish I knew more about Japanese Christianity. I suspect it has a lot in common with Buddhism. Anyway... the old series better in certain ways, but obviously the new one being superior in others. The animation, for one. And while it takes liberties with the manga timeline, it evidently improves the story and allows for more character development. The original... The remake.
  10. Salkafar

    Steel Jeeg's Blog

    Very nice. Very nice.
  11. Well, the movie has been out for a while now and nobody addressed it I guess, so... - It's a prequel - They lampshaded the fact Johansen is not Asian and, as it transpires, the Major is - It's pretty good. Not super-great. - The Japanese didn't give a toss that she's played by an American.
  12. Salkafar

    Venom 2018

    I always went with 'Sym-bee-ote'. Huh.
  13. Salkafar

    Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    It would have been longer, but I couldn't find the panel. Honestly though. The tank-lifting Gregole was just... how can you make a mistake like that? A tank like that weighs at least 50 tons.
  14. Salkafar

    Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

  15. Salkafar

    Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    Good point. Let's see what Google has to say. ...According to an article on Livestrong, "... the average untrained man can squat 125 pounds, bench press 135 pounds and deadlift 155 pounds." If we take this as a benchmark (sic), the Guyver should be able to heft about seven tons (metric). That means he's not quite as strong as Spider-Man.