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  1. Cannibal


    Made a new track! Tribute to the black metal band - Dark Funeral: FLAC: http://noisecore.ru/files/HBC-Dark-Funeral-FLAC.zip MP3: http://noisecore.ru/files/HBC-Dark-Funeral-MP3.zip
  2. Cannibal


    I made a new track! A tribute to the Sledge Hammer! TV show. Style: uptempo, hardcore, frenchcore:
  3. Cannibal

    My art and colourings

    New Guyver+Sonic crossover: Aptom the Hedgehog: http://guyver-world.ru/fanart-cannibal.html
  4. Cannibal


    Finally, after being registered on Instagram for many years, I got means for posting on it. Welcome: https://www.instagram.com/guyver9
  5. Cannibal

    Cool Videos

  6. Cannibal

    Favorite Spaceships (Spoilers Possible)

    1) The Lexx - “I am the Lexx, I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes”. (Lexx) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn2OCbu701Q 2) No-Ship (Dune) 3) Spacing Guild Heighliner (Dune) 4) USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Star Trek)
  7. Cannibal


    + 1 red 1/43 Countach by Deagostini and also a photo of my old black one by Bburago from the begining of 90's.
  8. Cannibal

    Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    Hmm, the Guyver Advocacy's translation of this datafile from the link above doesn't state anything about the strength level. I don't know Japanese, but it seams that the Japanese scan of the datafile doesn't have this info either: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthr.png Anime datafile also doesn't have this info: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthranime.jpg EDIT: Also there's this picture which is I believe is from the novel, where the Zerbebuth R was introduced for the first time. It does have some digits: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthrnovel.jpg
  9. Watching list right now: One Piece Seven Deadly Sins - Imashime no Fukkatsu Lupin 3 (France and Italy parts) Kujira no Kora Takunomi Wingman (They say that this old unknown anime have some similarities with the Guyver) Boruto Just finished: Long Riders Dragon Ball Super Taiho Shichauzo! Devilman: Crybaby
  10. Cannibal


    Being a fan of Countach I decided that I need more models of this car. Bought Bburago's 1/24 from 1988 in a nice condition: