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  1. Cannibal

    My art and colourings

    New Guyver+Sonic crossover: Aptom the Hedgehog: http://guyver-world.ru/fanart-cannibal.html
  2. Cannibal


    Finally, after being registered on Instagram for many years, I got means for posting on it. Welcome: https://www.instagram.com/guyver9
  3. Cannibal

    Cool Videos

  4. Cannibal

    Favorite Spaceships (Spoilers Possible)

    1) The Lexx - “I am the Lexx, I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes”. (Lexx) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn2OCbu701Q 2) No-Ship (Dune) 3) Spacing Guild Heighliner (Dune) 4) USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E (Star Trek)
  5. Cannibal


    + 1 red 1/43 Countach by Deagostini and also a photo of my old black one by Bburago from the begining of 90's.
  6. Cannibal

    Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    Hmm, the Guyver Advocacy's translation of this datafile from the link above doesn't state anything about the strength level. I don't know Japanese, but it seams that the Japanese scan of the datafile doesn't have this info either: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthr.png Anime datafile also doesn't have this info: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthranime.jpg EDIT: Also there's this picture which is I believe is from the novel, where the Zerbebuth R was introduced for the first time. It does have some digits: http://guyver-world.ru/temp/zerbebuthrnovel.jpg
  7. Watching list right now: One Piece Seven Deadly Sins - Imashime no Fukkatsu Lupin 3 (France and Italy parts) Kujira no Kora Takunomi Wingman (They say that this old unknown anime have some similarities with the Guyver) Boruto Just finished: Long Riders Dragon Ball Super Taiho Shichauzo! Devilman: Crybaby
  8. Cannibal


    Being a fan of Countach I decided that I need more models of this car. Bought Bburago's 1/24 from 1988 in a nice condition:
  9. Cannibal


    My nonsense noisecore band Cerkov released a new huge album! Automotive honney drawings, sweet pouches and dukat in the serpents primus, impaled on the menshevism Noisecore.ru Online: https://soundcloud.com/cerkov-noisecore/sets/avtomobilnye-na-medu-risunochki-sladkie-podsumki-i-dukat-v-primuse-zmey-nasazhennyy-na-mensheviz Tracklist (translated to English): 01 - Kusherugov Bytuga 02 - He should be sent to the Sun as the red dwarf, so it'll be on dreg, until it collapses 03 - Automotive honney drawings, sweet pouches and dukat in the serpents primus, impaled on the menshevism 04 - Hernila 05 - Usual talis customs office 06 - 1600 grablet osley 07 - Calendar oil 08 - Death Propagated Two Set of Solid Melons 09 - Alien versus campane 10 - What a garbage, I'll better listen some Vader 11 - The main insidious headquarters 12 - Baby - It's When Everything Is Turned Upside Down, When You're Walking On The Core Top Head 13 - Flying Into Four Perditions 14 - Improvincially Dangerous 15 - Kogla Feldsher Graze Planed Mounting Syllogs Archers 16 - Hard Carp Percussion Pieces 17 - At the Reverse Osmosis Summit 18 - Drunk Fooled Coma 19 - Wo Acetate, Because the L-Silkworm Cross is Under the Twenty-Green Gongao 20 - Bites Collection 21 - Ship Strike! 22 - Concrete Donkey! 23 - Doctors Staff Eaten 24 - Dirty Reservoir On The Squats 25 - Tooporepeek 26 - Saber Groom Nest 27 - Dolbeek 28 - Necropolis (Vader Cover) conrinues in the track number 10 29 - Cat's Mole of the Pharaoh 30 - Sozrajdanskortugalii
  10. Cannibal

    What game are you currently playing?

    This cold season we played Worms W.M.D a lot. Usually we hotseat Worms World Party, because newer worms games sucked (in my and my friends opinion), but the wmd is awesome! Although it is missing some of the older weapons, but gameplay and graphics are fantastic.
  11. Cannibal

    New Chapter status?

    I also heard that rumor many years ago, but don't remember where it was written. Please can you give me a link to that post if you still have it?
  12. Cannibal


    Finally bought myself an SSD: Kingston UV400 240 GB. Wow those load times are fantastic