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  1. Anxiety

    Guyver- Where are we now?

    I tried that, but amazon.jp said it couldn't ship to my address for some reason. So, I was planning on purchasing 30-32 on cdjapan. May need to look around and see if I can find them cheaper somewhere for the latest chapters...
  2. Anxiety

    Guyver- Where are we now?

    So, I've been a fan of Guyver for probably about 20-odd years, now, ever since I saw the first movie (don't judge me, I was, like, 10), eventually watching the second one and the OVAs etc. etc. However, I go in and out of phases and recently got back into it and decided to catch up with the manga. I think I last stopped off somewhere in volume 27, shortly after the introduction of Valkyria and Apollyon. I'm curious where we are, not really plot-wise, just logistically. I know there are 32 collected volumes, but where are we chapter-wise? I know there hasn't been an update is something like three years, but what chapter number are we on? Is the last chapter we have the last chapter of Vol. 32? Finally, I'm interested in all the latest books. I understand the nature of getting the scanlations and have no real problem with it. I already have access through Chapter 187 from elsewhere (but not really access to the $300 needed for all the complete collection, at least not yet)... is that the last chapter of Vol. 30? Thanks for any information and help. I'm looking forward to discussing the series more, once I'm all caught up. IT's always been one of my favorites, but most people I know don't know about it (or don't care for anime/manga) or just shrug it off as "that Power Rangers-like series" (don't think that's necessarily bad, personally, but that's just me).