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    Hey guys I've been a fan of Guyver since the original 12 Episode VHS. I used to love visiting Forbideden Planet in Central London every month to get the new Guyver VHS, it was my introduction to the world of Manga and anime. I've actually been visiting these forums since dial up modem but ive only just made an account today. I've recently rewatched the 12 episode OVA and the Bioboosted series for the 100th time and have reread the manga from begginning to current as it is just so awesome. I have a 2 year old son who will grow up watching this (when he's at a relevant age haha) I'm just so frustrated with the development of the manga series and the anime. With no update for 2 years its crazy. I keep checking these forums for a glimmer of hope. I will continue to do so (I'm 30 now and have been a hard core fan for decades) just wanted to vent my frustrations loll.