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  1. UltraGuyver351

    Volume 30-32 Scanlations

    Welcome dude, it's always awesome to see new members join! I myself joined up around the end of last year. (Sorry for welcoming ya too late, I've been busy with life recently.)
  2. UltraGuyver351

    New guy longtime fan

    Welcome dude!
  3. UltraGuyver351

    New Chapter status?

    I heard fans are making a quilt for him. That's so sweet of them!
  4. UltraGuyver351

    Richard Guyot

    Yes, he certainly is. Not to mention he survived the destruction of the Cronos Japan Branch building in the OVA series and Relics Point completely unscathed.
  5. UltraGuyver351

    Richard Guyot

    How durable is Guyot compared to the other Zoalords? I think he may be more durable than most of them.
  6. Again, I apologize from my lack of activity. Just when I thought I had more time, an online class took it all away.

  7. UltraGuyver351

    Have you re-read Guyver lately?

    I started reading Manga via looking at the newer chapters in 2013-2015. (I had started & finished watching the OVA series in 2010) In 2017, I fully read the English translated Manga via KissManga (I knew most of what happened via reading info on the wiki.) I recently reread the Manga last fall, and it was fun to revisit it!
  8. Apologies for not being as active as I want to be, I'm quite busy with my schoolwork.

    My activity will step up when my finals are done.

  9. UltraGuyver351

    What inspired Guyver.

    I never thought of the third eye connection before, cool!
  10. UltraGuyver351

    What do you think causes difference in Guyver units?

    That's a pretty awesome theory, dude! It makes a lot of sense!
  11. UltraGuyver351

    New Chapter status?

    Ok, thank you! ^^
  12. UltraGuyver351

    New Chapter status?

    Thanks a bunch! ^^
  13. UltraGuyver351

    New Chapter status?

    Thank you!
  14. UltraGuyver351

    New Chapter status?

    Thanks a lot, dude! I sadly don't own any Guyver figures, as they can be quite expensive. However, I look forward to getting to know you guys better, and to having an overall good time on the site! ^^
  15. UltraGuyver351

    New Chapter status?

    You wish has been granted! I've been a hardcore Guyver fan since mid 2010, and I would occasionally view this website from time to time. Now I decided to join the site, (better late than never.) and it's a pleasure to meet fellow Guyver fans! One more thing, is there a forum where I share my history with the franchise?