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  1. Maze247365

    Which Hyper Zoanoid Would You Be Based On...?

    My bad, didn't mean to look down on Thancrus. I was just pointing out he was an agility type, not an armor type. Agility types generally take less damage before they go down. However as you pointed out, no way to escape the dreaded HFB.
  2. Maze247365

    Looking for 3d model of Guyver I

    Okay I joined the group. Thanks.
  3. Maze247365

    Looking for 3d model of Guyver I

    Does anyone here know where I could either download(public license) or buy a custom 3d model of Guyver I? I want to use it on VR Chat, and see how many people recognize Guyver...but mostly just because it would be living out my fantasy in VR. Preferably anime/manga style instead of Dark Hero style. Thanks.
  4. Maze247365

    Have you re-read Guyver lately?

    Unfortunately my interest in my favorite anime and manga has been slipping a little bit and the only reason for that is actually not the same reason as most of you might have. I am STILL holding myself back from reading the last 3 books because I WANT to read them in 日本語. It's taking a lot longer to learn than I thought (and I screwed up a bit so I had to restart). It's been many months since I started and left off on volume 29. I was thinking I'd like to reread Guyver to re-motivate myself and I was wondering... how did you guys do it? Did you start from the beginning of the manga, or did you watch the 2005 series and started from there? Did you just say screw it and started from when gigantic appears because the story is so familiar to you now? The very first time I started reading the manga, I started from the end of the 2005 series. I have since read it from the beginning though. However I found the 2005 series was actually a pretty smooth transition even though there are a lot of differences from the manga. I've tried to do that with the OVA but there are so many contradictions. Although.... and this is something I can't do with the 2005 series, I actually like imagining that the voices of the characters in the manga sound just like the Japanese voice actors in The OVA. I know not everybody does this but I need to read words while hearing them being spoken in my head. It just helps the story flow better for me. So for this reason I like to watch the OVA before reading the manga, at pretty much any point of the story. I know a lot of you are fans of the English dub and maybe you do the same with the English voice actors for the manga. - How did you read the Manga the first time? - If you ever re-read it, how did you start over? - Lastly, do you plan on reading it again soon or are you taking a break from the story because you know it so well?
  5. Maze247365

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    I'd say the more likely explanation was that they were Gregole 2.0, stronger than before. Kronos is constantly revising their soldiers, much like a technology company.
  6. Maze247365

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    I haven't played the Mass Effect games, sorry. The "Reaper" looks cool though.
  7. Maze247365

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    Personally I like the animation more in the older one. An OVA requires a lot more animation work than putting together a TV series where you can cut corners(imo). Some of the animation in the 2005 series is very static and not very fluid. While the designs are not completely consistent in the old OVA the animation is a lot more fluid. Six of one, half a dozen of another right? I mostly prefer the OVA because it uses the same art style as the manga.
  8. Maze247365

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    Absolutely with the soundtrack, I listen to it all the time still. Later on though, because I became accustomed to watching anime in general, I actually watched it in Japanese instead of English and I liked it more in Japanese.
  9. Maze247365

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    I don't know if you saw the post yet, but some of us are we watching an episode of the new TV series every week and reviewing it, and then we will be watching the OVA and the 2 live action movies XD. I'm the only one to review episode 3 so far though. I think the 2005 series tries to be like how the manga was muuuuch later on (it matured more into a drama) but right away, whereas the OVA and early manga was more like a dark superhero story and I just don't get that feeling from the new series. Now that I think about it, I don't even think the later manga is as much a soap opera as the 2005 series is. Oh my God, the 2005 series is like Dark Shadows! There was a old(1970s?) soap opera where the main character was a vampire and totally gives me the same vibe lol. Too much drama and then there's a little action at the end.
  10. Maze247365

    The Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Rewatch Thread

    Why do I have a feeling everybody is nervous about continuously watching the series and reviewing it? Oh well, on with the show! Guyver TV series episode 3 review (Japanese language) This review is going to take on a more positive light. Episode 3 is the first episode of the series that has drawn me in and almost made me upset that I'm not watching the next episode until next week haha. In my previous reviews I stated that I couldn't get used to the new characters because they were a vast departure from the original characters in both aesthetics and personality. However I can now say that I'm warming up to new show and new mizuki. New Sho I'm still not sure why they made show a character with a lot of anxiety but it does seem to work. It's certainly not the Guyver that you or I are used to. This show tends to take on a different tone which is more serious, it's definitely more of a seinen than a Shonen stereotypically. The reason I like Guyver is because it is a dark shounen, it has stuff like blood and gore and nudity but it still has the passion of a Shonen which is very simple DBZ super hero stuff, at least at the very start and then it grows into a more serious drama. The new Guyver TV series takes on a new approach and comes across as a soap opera at the very start. New Mizuki She is less of a departure from her former self, but she's not the cheery doe-eyed character that we've come to love, she's a much stronger and realistic female character. This episode in particular highlights how she has feelings for makishima who uses that against Sho who likes Mizuki, but she's still a character that is curious, prying and trying to get down to the bottom of things, she's probably more intelligent this time. Other characters including Tetsuro This episode has a lot of new scenes that are not in the OVA or the manga. There are scenes that deal with Genzo, Agito, Risker, Tetsuro and a new character Nimura/Synevite. While it was kind of interesting to see the story from these character's sides, and don't get me wrong this is something that happens way later in the manga where we see many different sides all the time, like I said in last week's review, you HAVE to build that foundation with the main character and this is really the weakest part of this TV series still, making us feel like we are disconnected from the main character. Instead, the audience has to put a little effort into liking "New sho" because in my opinion it's not easy. He is now starting to blame Tetsuro for turning him into the Guyver which is something that is new to the series as well, because it was tetsuro that picked up the unit and not "New sho". The Guyver versus Synevite This episode felt like one long soap opera, and then the action came out of nowhere at the end, and I think it's up to interpretation whether that works for you or not. But this is where the TV series starts to shine through and somewhat outdo the OVA and the manga. Yes I just said those words. This is the first time in Guyver(in general) that it shows how each weapon is limited in use, and it smartly introduces each weapon that the Guyver has hidden in his Arsenal. This TV series also introduces new zoanoids, including Genzo makishima's right hand man, Synevite who's an expertly designed squid-like zoanoid who forces new sho to use both tactics and a new weapon. At the very end of the episode Guyver I meets Guyver II and it ends on cliffhanger, and I really wanted to press that next button on Crunchyroll but I held myself back lol. Conclusion New this, new that, new everything really. This review could totally be a drinking game. Drink every time Maze says the word new. I think the Guyver TV series is trying out a lot of things that haven't been done before and that is a double-edged sword. While, I think that it should have been more faithful to The source material material or the OVA, I do like what it's doing with this adaptation, but only to an extent. Tune in next week to see you my review of episode 4 and I am hoping that I hear from more of you about this episode before next week. - Maze
  11. Maze247365

    Which Hyper Zoanoid Would You Be Based On...?

    I like playing characters that can get up close and personal. In RPGs I usually play a monk / assassin character, so I like having agility on my side. I want to say that that's why I'd be based off Thancrus, but I'd rather have more defense capabilities and not be a squishy character. Maybe a skinnier version of Zencrebe, an agile/muscle hybrid hyper zoanoid that uses his entire body as a weapon.
  12. Maze247365

    The Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Rewatch Thread

    Guyver TV series episode 2 Review (Japanese language) To me the second episode of any anime is usually the deciding factor of whether I keep watching or drop it. While I think it's interesting that the TV series is trying out new ideas and things, I think it's not trying hard enough to be interesting to a new viewer that doesn't know what Guyver is and that is ultimately what it should be doing because Guyver is a classic old anime that is most unheard-of except for the fact that it was remade, at least in the eyes of a new viewer. I shall now refer to this Sho Fukamachi as "sho I do not know", actually maybe that's too long how about just "new sho". New Sho is different from the Sho in that he is very timid and has a lot of anxiety issues, possibly caused by the loss of his mother which we are not told is recent or not. In fact he doesn't seem like the kind of person you'd want to hang out with because he's always down in the dumps. But it doesn't matter because he is our main character, or at least he is supposed to be. The problem with episode 2 is that it focuses too much on tetsuro and Mizuki. This is new for both the OVA and the manga. In order to grab new viewers I think it's important to create a strong relationship between the main character and the audience at least in the first two episodes if not the whole series. It's hard for me to get behind a main character that is not shown. get it...not sho-wn? Okay I'll stop. We also get some glimpses of "new Mizuki" who seems to be just as depressed and anxious as new sho is. Good that makes them made for each other right? Because in the original manga both Sho and Mizuki were both lively and energetic people. But what I really don't like about new mizuki, is that she appears to be psychic in that she has the same expression on her face that all the other characters that know about Cronos have. She's supposed to be completely in the dark and she still is but for some reason, she always seems to have an oh my god really bad thing is going to happen soon face. I don't know why she has that face at all. Is the anime going to explain it, like they did with new sho's mother? Because maybe that would be interesti-oh okay it's not. Guyver versus Ramotith Well let's get to the meat and potatoes. At this point of the episode we haven't really established a relationship with new sho because most of the episode has focused on tetsuro, but now it's time for New Sho to take action. First tetsuro is grilled about the location of the Guyver which they had explicitly stated hidden itself in the lake. This should have been the the focus of the episode, the question is where is the Guyver unit right? Why does new sho have strange things on his back if the guyver is in the lake? And when tetsuro finds out that the Guyver is no longer in the lake, he's focusing too much on the fact that the people that kidnapped him are Kronos, which he should have realized by the uniforms they were wearing. His surprise should have been that the Guyver is no longer in the lake, not that they are Kronos! This then gives new sho the idea to ask the Guyver for help, and oh my God he's going to say it soon.... Get ready for it...*main character screams Guyver like a girl* what the fudging fudgepacker was that?! This is our new Guyver? Are you kidding me? No seriously are you kidding me? Ever since I was a kid one of the best parts of the Guyver shows was hearing the main character yell Guyver like a hero, and that was not a heroic scream. This is supposed to be a really big part of the show and they dropped the ball. This is supposed to be a signature staple of the show and they left it out. What were they thinking? Moving on. New Sho calls on the Guyver unit. The suit's explosion ate one of the Ramotith in half, guts and all, which was cool. I like that it shows the suit is Bulletproof and this is the first time in the series that they have explained how the suit works by showing the suit connected to the user's brain. For the first time we can see that the Guyver is actually able to see and think faster than normal humans and uses his head beam based on instinct to shoot down a bullet in mid-air. That was very cool, no objections that was very cool. Then Guyver fights Ramotith which is always fun to watch, and makes short work of them. Guyver vs Vamore Here is another very very very important part of the Guyver series. The mega Smasher. How large is the blast is and how long it shoots for is another very big staple for this series. Especially since later in the manga, Guyver I struggles with controlling the mega Smasher himself because it is supposed to be this uncontrollable blast that he can do nothing about. However, It only lasts for a couple seconds, they show the damage afterwards to give the audience an idea of what it did but there's just no forgiving laziness. Yes it was cool while the mega Smasher was warming up with the lightning and everything, but it just lacked the same impact as it usually does. And I think that's the key word for this episode....impact, in this episode, it didn't really have it. It just felt like an ordinary show and it doesn't have the passion of the original Guyver. A final note, I think it was a nice touch that they showed that makishima's Guyver unit was black and red, which explains why his suit is black and red. Why then is inspector Risker's Guyver unit also blue and pink like new sho's? Isn't it supposed to be gold and black then? Consistency consistency consistency! There is no freaking consistency! That wraps up my review of Guyver episode 2. I really wanted to enjoy this episode, but I had to make it clear that the second episode of an anime is super important because it's supposed to grab a new viewer's attention and I think it failed to do that. I think that it still does play to Old fans by showing new things that other adaptations did not but I also think that even that is handled in a clumsy way. This is why I constantly tell people that are interested in Guyver to watch the OVA instead of the 2005 series. The reason is because I fell in love with the Guyver series because of the OVA. If I had watched this 2005 series back then when I was 9 or 10 years old, I don't think I would have liked it as much today. Let me know if you like my style of review and I hope you look forward to next week's review of episode 3. - Maze
  13. Maze247365

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    Alright you've given me some ideas now. Of course we could start this off really quickly by putting a queen egg in Kronos headquarters and an unknowing Zoanoid being captured by the facehugger. Then you would have a Zoanoid Queen at the very start of the battle. However, I think it would be more exciting if there was an isolated outbreak somewhere close by in Japan where many human hosts were already gathered and there was a queen, so a small army has already been assembled. First they come into contact with the Guyvers, somewhere away from the hive. This will be our first battle of sho and maybe makishima against a dozen aliens. As you have already pointed out, aliens will not be able to sneak around guyvers because of their sensors and will be found quite quickly. It is my belief that the HF blade should be able to withstand the acid, which may not even be as potent as Zerbebuths was. Let's say there's a scene where they show how potent the molecular acid is against something else like if the Guyvers were also fighting Zoanoids at the time or if it melted steel or stone. But then showing makishima realize that they themselves are resistant to the acid blood so they continue fighting like usual and make short work of the aliens. However Sho is not able to find the hive... Then the same amount of aliens encounter members of Kronos, which don't have the same sensors that a Guyver does and they are able to be outwitted by the aliens. Maybe for the sake of showing a zoanoids strength against an alien, a few of them choose to willingly sacrifice themselves as distractions so that other aliens can capture the zoanoids. Then all hell breaks loose and the aliens will be as strong as both the Guyvers, and Zoanoids, but will have numbers and unrelenting purpose on their side. Ooh it gives me chills. Also you came up with the idea of a XenoLord so you get credit for that! You're right though that the zoa crystal is really the source of zoalord's power, so only the most intelligent aliens would be able to make use of that, namely queens(and maybe praetorians).
  14. Maze247365

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    Well considering Xenomorph was the name that they were given by the Colonial Marines, Zoanoid Alien or ZoaAlien for short would be best. See what I thought was the Guyver's armor/skin would be more resistant to the molecular acid, considering they tried to do the same thing with Zerbebuth and it wasn't effective, it just kind of fizzled out after hitting the air, and as you said the most basic weapons like head beams and pressure cannon(remember Sonic orb was used on hyper Zoanoids later) would be effective against normal alien Warriors/drones/even Queen(and lesser-known Royal Guard praetorians which are said to be able to morph into Queens). And if the Guyver armor was strong enough the high-frequency blades could be used on normal Aliens too, or just simple melee attacks like punches and kicks. Then when the drones started taking over weaker Zoanoids, or maybe even started a hive in one of the Kronos headquarters, let's say one of the aliens breaks through the mutation tank and grabs the incapacitated subject to be a victim for a Facehugger. Maybe the Zoalords wouldn't notice what's going on before it's too late, and now you have Zoanoid Aliens with the capabilities of hyper zoanoids, so Guyvers can no longer use head beam or single pressure cannons and starts resulting to using sonic orbs, multiple pressure Cannons, tries to use HF blade but then because of the more potent enzymatic fluid it turns out that all of the zoanoid aliens have become a hundred times tougher to fight. Plus maybe the Zoanoid royal guard and Zoanoid queens could be as powerful as Neo ZX-Tole so would require multiple Mega Smashers! Even if Canonically it wouldn't quite work out this way I think this approach would be a lot more interesting for a fanfic. What do you think? @The Human Hunter, I wanted to reply to Destroyer Guyver first, I'll get to your post in a little while. Thanks for the replies and the interest!
  15. Since I was 10 years old, I've always loved Guyver and Aliens nearly equally. In fact one day I picked up a Star Wars magazine in the early 90s and in the back of it it had both Aliens models and Max Factory Guyver models on the same page, which I think proves that there are similarities and they have similar demographics. Several months ago I found a post on someone's blog about Guyver I versus The Predator, and it was a pretty cool fanfic to read. That's probably where I got the idea for this in the first place. After I'd already gotten my Guyver I figure and I decided I wasn't going to get any of the other BFC figures for a little while, I picked up a neca aliens figure in the interim and I wanted to take a cool photo of a xenomorph Warrior sneaking up on Sho. I also thought this might be a fun topic to discuss. If this kind of stuff gets popular enough, maybe we should just have a versus thread. If an alien outbreak were to take place modern day (or maybe the 80s if you count that as when Guyver takes place) How do you think the normal Guyver unit would fare against Xenomorphs born from humans? How would Zoanoids fight the aliens? What kind of threat would the queen be? Do you think the Guyver/Zoanoids would be able to dispatch them easily or would the aliens have strength in numbers? What if the Xenomorphs were to be born from Zoanoids, like for instance Enzyme, so even though the molecular acid probably wouldn't damage the Guyver unit(or would it but at a slower pace than to humans?), an enzyme xenomorph would level the playing field? Do you think all of the Guyvers weapons would be effective against Xenomorphs? Zoanoid Xenomorphs? I hope there are also some Aliens fans here and I'm not just wasting your guys time lol.