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  1. Maze247365

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    Let's just go off that, throw caution to the wind lol. I actually found a cool thread about Kid Goku's strength: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/goku/4005-19765/forums/the-kid-goku-respect-thread-1611793/ My initial guess was that Guyver in its base form could be as strong as Goku after his training with Master Roshi, and then after Korin Tower, Goku surpasses the power of a Guyver, because it seemed when he tried to fight Mercenary Tao, that was when physics went off the rails. Like I said that's just a guess, considering they can both jump high, punch through brick walls etc. Note that the only outlier would be speed, no Guyvers or zoanoids can do the after image technique or are super fast, but the Guyver does react super fast to things. I need to know more about the Guyver's abilities In detail, to say that for sure. 7 tons sounds super weak and I would have thought Spider-Man was weaker.
  2. Maze247365

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    Wait wait wait wait. Guyver can only lift 7 tons?? But Malmot picked up a box truck and threw it into the ground(in the OVA). Then, Gregole overpowers Malmot. Then Guyver I overpowers Gregole with ease. Is that really only 7 tons of force?
  3. Maze247365

    Question - Re-reading, volume 10

    This happens on volume ten from Guyver Advocacy, pages 168-170. Imakarum has some of the same powers as Alkanphel and cut off Aptom's leg. Ends at page 181. Keep looking around for the rest of the chapter, some sites have uploaded them scattered.
  4. Maze247365

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    We all know the Guyvers are immensely strong, fast and powerful. Plus they have pretty amazing awareness using the orbs in their helmets, and the ability to react very quickly(mostly referring to 2005 anime when Guyver I shot down a bullet headed for Tetsuro) which is also a skill. However that's just in one fictional universe. So what other characters have near the same attributes in American comics and other anime? For instance, one specific character has been bothering me. Goku. Now the main difference between a Guyver and a Z Fighter is that a Guyver's strength is always constant, and if they need more power, they just summon their Gigantic armor, but let's start by just focusing on a Guyver's basic form. A Z Fighter like Goku, more importantly the Saiyan race constantly improves their strength. So let's say at the start of Dragon Ball, Goku was physically weaker, slower and less powerful than a bio armor. But as Dragon Ball went on, Goku became more and more stronger, faster, powerful and aware, that even as a child, he surpassed a Guyver. My question then is what part of the manga/anime did Goku and a Guyver have the same attributes? Aside from Goku, what other characters can you think of that have the same attributes? I was just reading Spider-Man who famously has the proportionate strength of a Spider, but is he as strong as a Guyver? If not, who in the Marvel universe is? Other comic universes? If I remember Correctly, a Guyver Gigantic is 100x stronger than a Guyver, if I'm wrong, please correct me! If so, then, all of a sudden, none of the characters from before(with CONSTANT attributes) can compare. Then, who does from anime and comics with constant attributes? How about Goku in another part of his life? Let's leave Exceed out of the discussion, because one, it would be kind of weird with Exceed fighting a 6 ft tall person, and 2, I'm not fully caught up in the Guyver manga, I don't want to hear spoilers about more Exceed appearances. Thanks!
  5. Maze247365

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Hey Guyver1, I like how you had put the figma guyvers in front of the Zoanoids in this photo. In your opinion, How do the figma scale with the Zoanoid figures? I only have my 1/10 Guyver I so far and I'm still considering which line to stick with, BFC or figma+BFW. Expensive proposition either way, but Guyver IIF is a steal right now. According to this site: http://warriorguyver.com/gfa/cronosenemy/index_mainpage_files/height.htm Zerbebuth is supposed to be 7.5 feet tall, so even at figma height IMO, those BFW figures aren't really doing it justice, but it does look a lot better than putting 1/10 figures with 1/12 figures.
  6. Maze247365

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    New image I made for the thread using action figures and a concept art from an Aliens video game! - edit damn I I think the eggs should be smaller or the figures should be larger. What do you guys think? How's the coloring? at first I didn't even think about resizing the figures because when I pasted them into the background they looked so good already.
  7. I'm rewatching the Dragonball dub. I've never seen it uncensored or from beginning to end. Up to the Red ribbon arc.
  8. Maze247365

    New Chapter status?

    At least Guyver is still on the first list page. Though judging based on the content, maybe it's time that Guyver changed magazines(or should have done earlier)? I'm a little surprised at all the bishoujo titles because I thought those were more seinen. It's pretty clear that Takaya brought Guyver IIF back to compete with all the big-breasted rivals(or at least try to).
  9. Maze247365

    Which Hyper Zoanoid Would You Be Based On...?

    My bad, didn't mean to look down on Thancrus. I was just pointing out he was an agility type, not an armor type. Agility types generally take less damage before they go down. However as you pointed out, no way to escape the dreaded HFB.
  10. Maze247365

    Looking for 3d model of Guyver I

    Okay I joined the group. Thanks.
  11. Maze247365

    Looking for 3d model of Guyver I

    Does anyone here know where I could either download(public license) or buy a custom 3d model of Guyver I? I want to use it on VR Chat, and see how many people recognize Guyver...but mostly just because it would be living out my fantasy in VR. Preferably anime/manga style instead of Dark Hero style. Thanks.
  12. Maze247365

    Have you re-read Guyver lately?

    Unfortunately my interest in my favorite anime and manga has been slipping a little bit and the only reason for that is actually not the same reason as most of you might have. I am STILL holding myself back from reading the last 3 books because I WANT to read them in 日本語. It's taking a lot longer to learn than I thought (and I screwed up a bit so I had to restart). It's been many months since I started and left off on volume 29. I was thinking I'd like to reread Guyver to re-motivate myself and I was wondering... how did you guys do it? Did you start from the beginning of the manga, or did you watch the 2005 series and started from there? Did you just say screw it and started from when gigantic appears because the story is so familiar to you now? The very first time I started reading the manga, I started from the end of the 2005 series. I have since read it from the beginning though. However I found the 2005 series was actually a pretty smooth transition even though there are a lot of differences from the manga. I've tried to do that with the OVA but there are so many contradictions. Although.... and this is something I can't do with the 2005 series, I actually like imagining that the voices of the characters in the manga sound just like the Japanese voice actors in The OVA. I know not everybody does this but I need to read words while hearing them being spoken in my head. It just helps the story flow better for me. So for this reason I like to watch the OVA before reading the manga, at pretty much any point of the story. I know a lot of you are fans of the English dub and maybe you do the same with the English voice actors for the manga. - How did you read the Manga the first time? - If you ever re-read it, how did you start over? - Lastly, do you plan on reading it again soon or are you taking a break from the story because you know it so well?
  13. Maze247365

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    I'd say the more likely explanation was that they were Gregole 2.0, stronger than before. Kronos is constantly revising their soldiers, much like a technology company.
  14. Maze247365

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    I haven't played the Mass Effect games, sorry. The "Reaper" looks cool though.
  15. Maze247365

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    Personally I like the animation more in the older one. An OVA requires a lot more animation work than putting together a TV series where you can cut corners(imo). Some of the animation in the 2005 series is very static and not very fluid. While the designs are not completely consistent in the old OVA the animation is a lot more fluid. Six of one, half a dozen of another right? I mostly prefer the OVA because it uses the same art style as the manga.