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  1. Tora Tan

    What is the most accurate Guyver wiki/info dump?

    Oh sorry, I got caught up. Hi Brian Thanks for all your work! sorry about the trouble you had, but I''m glad you managed to save the pages you have!
  2. Tora Tan

    What is the most accurate Guyver wiki/info dump?

    Oh! it's all gone! I was looking through those old wallpapers just the other day. damn. will all that stuff be restored when you have the wordpress sorted out? edit: oh my bad! I found it again, here http://www.warriorguyver.com/gfa/theguyvernet/index.htm I remember the guyvernet being the name of it and got confused with the web addresses.
  3. Tora Tan

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    I like the way you have been doing it. it's nice to have some connection to guyver while we don't have any manga.
  4. Tora Tan

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    don't boil them or you won't be able to handle them. get water that you can just about put your hands in without hurting. if it won't hurt your hands, then it won't damage the paint. unless it's water based, which it shouldn't be if it's an official kit.
  5. Tora Tan

    Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel was too 'woke'. I'm a girl and I hated it. I hate all this crap that Disney are doing lately. To be honest I hated Brie Larson. If she wasn't in the movie, it probably would have been not too bad.
  6. Tora Tan

    What is the most accurate Guyver wiki/info dump?

    She said she gave the site to Brian because of stress. I understand she ran the site for a very long time, so I can understand that. Which one is Brian, I'm sorry I don't know everyone's names. From what I've seen this site is part of Warriorguyver website now, and all the separate websites have been added into the same domain as archives or sub-sites or something. You can see them all if you go to Warriorguyver.com. I'm not sure what the old wiki was like, but I think it got vandalized. you can see a lot of it on the wayback machine.
  7. Tora Tan

    What is the most accurate Guyver wiki/info dump?

    That seems a bit spiteful, why did they do that?
  8. Tora Tan

    What is the most accurate Guyver wiki/info dump?

    i'm pretty sure it's all accessible via the wayback machine.
  9. Tora Tan

    Anti-Guyver Weapons

    what about a jedi with a lightsaber? i would assume that their mastery of the force would allow them to keep in such a position that the guyver's more powerful weapons would be ineffective. and the lighsaber would surely beat a wave vibration blade?
  10. Tora Tan

    Avengers: Endgame

    oh! sorry! My bad, I completely missed the tongue in cheek way he was saying it. I get it now XD
  11. Tora Tan

    Avengers: Endgame

    hey, My brother just told me that Doctor Doom made his armour with magic in tibet. I mean this could be a magic anvil and a magic hammer, right? I don't think there's any need to be mean about it. Also, they have the multiverse and other versions of characters, right? edit: I found this picture
  12. Tora Tan

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    from the very first teaser trailer, I thought those things looked like mysterio's patented special effects things. I don't doubt that there could be this multiverse thing going on and this could be an excellent way to do a lot of things like bring the x-men into hte MCU among other stuff. this could be the basis for the MCU going forwards. as for mysterio's motivations.... well he could be trying to distract nick fury, spiderman et al for some reason? one thing is for sure, if we consider homecoming, the backstory and machinations of the 'villain' should be pretty interesting.
  13. Tora Tan

    Guyver- Where are we now?

    https://buyee.jp/item/search/query/ガイバー/category/21600?sort=bidorbuy&order=a&buynow=1&translationType=1&page=3 buyee. japanese auctions. can be pretty cheap. just keep your eye on their shipping costs, there are two lots you have to pay for. to them and from them to you. I think.
  14. Tora Tan

    Avengers: Endgame

    Loved it. Agreed with your point of contention though. unneeded. especially... due to captain marvel and disney's attitude, anything after this is sure to be polluted with this misandry guised as feminism.
  15. Tora Tan

    Guyver no more?

    considering he was 'talking to a guy at monster con' and then 3 days later he said he 'went back to the source' I am prepare to say this is falsehood. if he got talking to the guy at a convention, the odds are low that he's have the sort of relationship where he could get a continuation of the dialogue 3 days later. and if he could, then we would definitely be getting more information from that guy. even if it is true, and i guess it could be, it doesn't mean guyver is stopping because we've been told from a few sources that takaya is in negotiations with kadokawa.