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  1. he does care, but there are legal or licensing issues.
  2. Tora Tan

    Mecha's Blog

    6 years!! wow, I haven't even been a member for that long! I think you'll probably find most people have moved on. I see a lot of conversation on facebook these days.
  3. I believe the stuff was called poly cement. It's been a while since I used it though. something like 20 years. edit: okay that explains why my models tended to fall apart... poly cement will not work. I found this in my search so I think this is good. If your kits are anything like mine were, they are 'soft vinyl'. https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/need-advice-on-glue-and-paint-for-vinyl-model-kits.77901/
  4. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. I don't know ironman or doctor doom, but, I think it would be cool if somebody tried to be his friend and help him not to be lonely and maybe he will change? On the other hand I know that you should never try to change a man, it's like a cardinal sin... I think life is so difficult for men sometimes because it seems so isolating to be an island all the time. oh... but tony isn't an island is he? in this strip, he has people around him... damn it.. just when I thought I understand men...
  5. I'm pretty sure when guyver returns it'll have a big cover feature with awesome artwork. Just because it's been so long.
  6. Oh right! I see it now! I usually land on the main page 'japan-legend.com and go into threads from that page. Am I wrong to do it that way?
  7. I don't think i've ever seen a chatbox... where was it located?
  8. Oh sorry, I got caught up. Hi Brian Thanks for all your work! sorry about the trouble you had, but I''m glad you managed to save the pages you have!
  9. Oh! it's all gone! I was looking through those old wallpapers just the other day. damn. will all that stuff be restored when you have the wordpress sorted out? edit: oh my bad! I found it again, here http://www.warriorguyver.com/gfa/theguyvernet/index.htm I remember the guyvernet being the name of it and got confused with the web addresses.
  10. I like the way you have been doing it. it's nice to have some connection to guyver while we don't have any manga.
  11. don't boil them or you won't be able to handle them. get water that you can just about put your hands in without hurting. if it won't hurt your hands, then it won't damage the paint. unless it's water based, which it shouldn't be if it's an official kit.
  12. Captain Marvel was too 'woke'. I'm a girl and I hated it. I hate all this crap that Disney are doing lately. To be honest I hated Brie Larson. If she wasn't in the movie, it probably would have been not too bad.
  13. She said she gave the site to Brian because of stress. I understand she ran the site for a very long time, so I can understand that. Which one is Brian, I'm sorry I don't know everyone's names. From what I've seen this site is part of Warriorguyver website now, and all the separate websites have been added into the same domain as archives or sub-sites or something. You can see them all if you go to Warriorguyver.com. I'm not sure what the old wiki was like, but I think it got vandalized. you can see a lot of it on the wayback machine.
  14. That seems a bit spiteful, why did they do that?
  15. i'm pretty sure it's all accessible via the wayback machine.
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