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  1. Tora Tan


    ain't that apocalypse??
  2. Tora Tan

    Our Guyver Wiki Page

    Guyver Advocacy were afforded a great luxury. being the only ones who translated guyver, they could actually help protect it from piracy to some degree and help to push the franchise. more popular series just can't do that because if one group limits translations, another group will do it anyway. is that out of date though? most of those group members, I haven't really seen around here lately.
  3. Tora Tan

    What inspired Guyver.

    It has been said before. main influences are megadiver and godzilla. Then Takaya was asked to make it more grotesque. that's what gave us guyver. There may be more in it though of course so your suggestions are really interesting to consider.
  4. Tora Tan

    Guyver Novel pictures for translating

    Yuki posted the novels in a thread just below this one. is it the same book or a different one?
  5. Tora Tan

    Guyver bonded to none humanoids?

    the g unit is a tool. I think we need to consider if the unit would bond with a species that is not naturally inclined to make use of tools. I mean, the unit configures itself based on the host. in terms of humans, humans are warlike. we often think of ways to defeat our enemies. that instinct is very likely the source of guyvers weaponry. a t-rex' instinct includes chasing prey, catching it and eating it. in my mind, the only thing a unit would do with a t-rex is make it run faster. I do find it interesting that the guyver does not increase mating potential. or maybe that is what the unit retraction is about? maybe that is a mechanism that exist in humans because of the need to mate? maybe if the guyver bonded to a species that was not sexual, then it would not have a mechanism to be stowed in the boost dimension?
  6. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    yes, that is tabross. I don't think anyone is debating that. tabross are developed for desert operations, their tail can take down an elephant, they are made for extreme strength and very likely designed specifically to take on tanks. we don't have data on their strength level, but I think it's safe to assume it is more than 30. probably not over 9000 though, so I don't think a tabross could beat goku. Edit: zerbebuth was 45 times as powerful as a human, and at our current stage in the manga, Kronos has managed to not only reproduce him, but improve on his design. I think at the time of x-day a zoanoid with reasonable adoption numbers, stronger than that was probably likely. in his datafile tabross does look more stronger built than zerbebuth, more like darzerb.
  7. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    In the manga panels in book 9 that show tabross lifting a tank, we know what part of the world that is happening. In the panel above with the diagram, there is no information saying where in the world that is. it could be anywhere, even some barren land near a tank museum or a military testing facility. if it were the middle east, we would expect to see tabross. and I can't imagine a gregole trying to lift a tank if they are in a place where tabross are deployed. it wouldn't be good military tactics. so I don't think that image is showing an active war zone where tanks would normally be deployed. also, in that one picture is a single vamore. in book 9 and in the visualdatafile, lots of vamore were lined up in formation. that seems to be their military tactic in the middle east, but here there is only one of them so I don't think it is the same place we saw in book 9.
  8. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    I think it is safe to say that a gregole cannot lift a 50 ton tank. That is why I was attempting to point out that the drawing that we have assumed is a gregole is not a gregole but more likely a tabross or just another zoanoid that looks similar. it is such a small drawing and very little detail and what details are there can be applied to a tabross, if we forgive a lack of tail? and we saw a tabross lifting a tank on xday the first time round anyway. The image that alkanfel linked for us after that, is not an official datafile for gregole, it's been pieced together by a fan. the datafiles for gregole never show it lifting a tank. there are no official images showing gregole lifting a tank. just a small figure of a zoanoid that looks a lot like gregole but is probably a badly drawn tabross. It may seem like we are wildly off topic but I think it is all relevant. I think it goes to show that we can expect some level of consistency from guyver. things that seem outlandish can surely be explained? like for example, cablarl in brain mode, can easily be constructed of a sponge like structure. it's highly likely that the structure and configuration is most important to amplify his powers. inside could be a lattice, like a radio tower or something. I'd like to think that there is this sort of consistency and that it allows us to be able to make real world comparisons with them. well at least I'd rather think that way than just say it's all nonsense. Edit: I just wondered if it was a different tank from an abrams, because everyone seemed to just accept that it was an abrams, one of the heaviest tanks. It seems light tanks can weight from as little as 6 tons. I did a google search for light tank and there are a lot of tanks that look like the one in the drawing. So this could actually feasibly be a gregole lifting a light tank, or a gregole variant? also, we can't see the back of the tank. there could be another zoanoid there or the tank could be resting on a small hill. If a gregole can lift up to 7.5 tons normally... then if the centre of gravity of that tank was just behind him, and the rear was resting on a hill, then the weight of the tank could be 1.1 - 1.5 times his maximum strength? I'm just guessing here. it's possible that if this is gregole, it could be lifting something maybe up to 11 tons? looking at a small diagram guessing the possible size and position of the ground and the outline of the tank and where the centre of gravity could be, I think it's possible
  9. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    guyver always seemed more grounded in reality though didn't it? I realise it won't be perfect, but i think it has more consistency than most marvel comics. Salkafar, I was really just hoping to suggest possibilities because I think it is easy to assume things but what if it is possible to have them weight so much when they are in human form. maybe metal in the bones can be stretched and changed easily? would it really be any different from calcium? the aliens made some pretty crazy technology, like stuff that creates a guyver with their metallic crystal structures from seemingly organic materials. I think it could be reasonable that the way zoanoids are made is rather exotic too.
  10. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    why does it have to be those organic compounds? what if they made it so their bones were using more dense materials? like, I get that most cells will use normal proteins or maybe even weird ones we haven't heard of, but bones and stuff could be replaced with heavy metals?
  11. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    Is there any clear indication that they weight differently? Exchanging matter for energy is a possibility if it were shown. for example, do we see the surrounding environment get cold when they transform into a zoanoid? I don't think we do. I just don't see any reason why the human form does not weight the same as the zoanoid form. isn't it just an assumption? it might not be completely rock solid, but the old anime showed sho jumping down out of a tree with ease. it was reasonably high and he did it with no problem. this suggests that in guyver, a superhuman character still has abilities when they look human. murakami blocked a zoanoid when he was in human form. a normal human arm would probably have been easily broken by that blow? the zoalords are shown to be a lot more hardy even in human form so they aren't just like normal humans. it would make a lot of sense for them to have different body density.
  12. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    maybe he does. he held off guyver 3. he must weight a fair bit to be able to do that?
  13. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    but if cabral weighs 35 tons in that form then he weighs 35 tons in his normal small form? I don't think that is true. why can't he have the density of 2 and a half styrofoams in brain mode? an african elephant weights over 3500 kg ( is that 35 tons?) or a hippo weights 1500 kg. I don't think that Yoshiki Takaya went into research mode and accidentally chose for cabral to weight less than an hippo if he didn't mean it.
  14. Tora Tan

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    I am not convinced the manga shows a gregole lifting a tank. the drawing is crude, and I have never seen a gregole with head tails that long. there is a gregole in the foreground and his coloration is dark. the one under the tank should be even darker if it were a gregole. it is very light colored. we saw a tabross lifting a tank in the first introduction to xday. the zoanoid in the recap of xday could easily be tabross, but a crude drawing of tabross. tabross is designed to take on tanks. I don't think we had a strangth rating for tabross. he must be very strong like more stronger than darezerb. gregole is 15 stronger times than a normal person so gregole cannot lift a tank. therefore I do not believe that is gregole. it just accidentally looked like gregole for a minute. that is a tabross and shortly after the photo was took, the tabross ate the photographer for making him look shameful.
  15. Tora Tan

    New Chapter status?

    her cup size is 2F while agito and sho only have a cup size 1 and 3 respectively.