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  1. Tora Tan

    Avengers: Endgame

    Loved it. Agreed with your point of contention though. unneeded. especially... due to captain marvel and disney's attitude, anything after this is sure to be polluted with this misandry guised as feminism.
  2. Tora Tan

    Guyver no more?

    considering he was 'talking to a guy at monster con' and then 3 days later he said he 'went back to the source' I am prepare to say this is falsehood. if he got talking to the guy at a convention, the odds are low that he's have the sort of relationship where he could get a continuation of the dialogue 3 days later. and if he could, then we would definitely be getting more information from that guy. even if it is true, and i guess it could be, it doesn't mean guyver is stopping because we've been told from a few sources that takaya is in negotiations with kadokawa.
  3. Tora Tan

    The Day An Elephant Was Hanged

    That is truly horrendous. thank you for composing yourself so well and not posting any upsetting images. do they still have animals in circuses ? because they definitely shouldn't and i'd like to do something to stop it if i can.
  4. Tora Tan

    New Chapter status?

    considering the strange point where the manga stopped, I imagine there was a point of contention that arose.
  5. Tora Tan

    New Chapter status?

    you can read it on twitter. the name was... watarui i think.
  6. Tora Tan

    New Chapter status?

    it's rude to pry too much. somebody spoke to somebody else who knows him personally and we ascertained that he is in talks with kadokawa and that is the best we're going to get.
  7. Tora Tan

    What happened to the guyver 0 unit?

    I've learnt so much by reading through it again recently. I had forgotten so much to be honest. Yes I think there was at least a couple of hours to a couple of days or even a week. It switched from alkanphel fighting guyver 0, to alkanphel sitting on a rock, musing about guyver 0, and when the uranus spoke, they mentioned having conferred with the federation.
  8. Tora Tan

    What happened to the guyver 0 unit?

    It's not speculation, it's in the manga, or I wouldn't have said it book 11 page 30 is one instance.
  9. Tora Tan

    What happened to the guyver 0 unit?

    They have said repeatedly in the manga "alkanphel wants the guyver for himself".
  10. Tora Tan

    Volume 30-32 Scanlations

    taking a breather for 3 years? I'd say we can be plenty mad. It's pretty clear that he fell out with kadokawa over something. They probably wanted him to produce more substantial work. The chapters did become increasingly meagre.
  11. Tora Tan

    Guyver Back on the Big Screen

    yes I was surprised that Edward Norton was uncredited. I saw him and I was certain it was him right away. Alita was mindblowing... just freaking amazing. It certainly gives me hope for Guyver. it has everything going for it.
  12. Tora Tan

    His Blog

    STAR FLEET!!!!! I loved the music to that! my brothers used to watch it. I don't remember much of it myself but the music was awesome and the robot was really cool.
  13. Tora Tan

    New Chapter status?

    Thank you for this insight. this is very interesting. They have also been working on the giant prime figures for a long time. If the Mangaka had lost interest, he would not have worked on those statues. I have also heard in the past that Kadokawa are an awkward company to deal with. Perhaps this is a situation where Yoshiki Takaya is finding it difficult to work with them?
  14. Tora Tan

    Faviort or Currently Reading Manga

    It's just Dragonball for me. I'm very simple in my manga taste. Dragonball is so addictive, I can't just read one chapter. I haven't found another manga that is so addictive.
  15. Tora Tan

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    perhaps the barrier technique is not an airtight/watertight bubble? what do we know about it?