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  1. Tora Tan

    New Chapter status?

    her cup size is 2F while agito and sho only have a cup size 1 and 3 respectively.
  2. Tora Tan

    New Chapter status?

    With the current state of the manga, I don't think it's a good idea to do an adaptation of guyver. they are better of waiting until the story gets finished. to be honest the author is probably scared of finishing it because he has nothing else to draw after this. it must be very close to the end and that's why it's stopped. because he knows that if he carries on, it'll only last a year or two. If he had not stalled it probably would have ended by now.
  3. Tora Tan

    Dragon Ball Super Movie - Broly

    I think dragonball is about determination. it is a positive message to people to keep pushing yourself and never give up, to seek out new challenges and take on the world head first.
  4. Tora Tan

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    I think it looks really good. the size doesnt bother me as i have seen the eggs be different sizes.
  5. Tora Tan

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    well it's certainly got people's attention. I heard about this today and apparently Rian Johnson himself is in support of it.
  6. Tora Tan

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I don't know who Admiral Thrawn is but I suppose I could always watch and find out. I've watched a few cartoons like moana (so good) and wreck it ralph, etc. and I watched naruto and dragonball, so I am not averse to watching cartoons, just not normally my thing.
  7. Tora Tan

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    OH!! Is it worth watching? I don't normally like cartoons, but if it's really good, I might put it on my list.
  8. Tora Tan

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I really enjoyed Solo. Rogue one could have been good if they had focused more on the lore of that jedi temple. I was fascinated with that location but it wasn't really utilised at all. instead they focused on pushing the fan service with the atats and the firefights and the goddamn terrible CGI characters. What Solo did was much better. it was new and fresh, even if it was old characters. It actually presented an interesting story with different elements. I was looking forward to seeing in the obiwan movie after seeing solo.
  9. Tora Tan

    New Chapter status?

    https://web-ace.jp/shonenace/ this will always show the new issue cover.
  10. Tora Tan

    Looking for 3d model of Guyver I

    You should try asking Jess, the old owner of the site. She had done quite a few models over the years. I think you can find her on deviant art. I think this is hers -
  11. Tora Tan

    Which Hyper Zoanoid Would You Be Based On...?

    Since I like stealth and I like sniping, I am sure I would most prefer to be based on zxtole.
  12. Tora Tan

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    maybe those are publicity photos? the x-day events we saw were images that were released to the population to keep them in line? maybe that tank was hollow for example?
  13. Tora Tan

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    tha reaper has no chance against the guyver exceed. he can create a black hole. the reapers can't deny the laws of physics. they are merely metal monsters
  14. Tora Tan

    Avengers: Infinity War

    I don't think the gems are limited, the gauntlet is limited. it was made to channel the gems power as much as possible but if they are used too much it will be destroyed.
  15. Tora Tan

    Avengers: Infinity War

    I was pleased with the characterisation of Thanos in this film. I have read about the motivations of thanos in the comics and I was not disappointed with the changes made in this film. of course there are always going to be changes and sometimes they are bad but I was happy with the changes in this film. I could relate. I was also very impressed with how each hero really pushed their limits and showed off their skills.