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  1. Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    That says from page 201.
  2. Purgstall Data File

    it used to be all available, but now the wiki pages seem to have completely disappeared. the VDF doesn't seem to be available either - http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/topic/904-guyver-visual-data-files-scanlation-project/ you might see something useful by reading through that entire thread, but there is a lot to sift through.
  3. Can Zoalords store energy in crystals?

    khan used energy/mass from millions of zoanoids, so there isn't much reason why they couldn't do that with a crystal that was engineered the same as a zoanoid.
  4. The Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Rewatch Thread

    I like your reviews because it makes me feel like I am not alone. I am sure I have watched this whole series before but I don't remember clearly. watching it this time, the series is WEIRD. I tried to compare it to other anime and I just can't seem to find a match. the pacing, the sound, the content of it, just feels incredibly vacant. I was thinking it is possible that it is Allegory for Sho's life. we see him from near the start and is a bit of a douche to his dad. but then I thought.. this is suggesting that he is depressed and without focus in his life. the following scenes seem to reinforce that. it's not very tight though and I feel like it could be easily missed. Or I could just be wrong. I also felt like the characters were introduced very vaguely. Each time a new character was introduced I felt like it wasn't really clear who they are or if they are important. the music too, was absent for a lot of the time. the whole thing had this vacant ethereal aspect to it that was neatly topped off with the stoned woman talking at the end for the next episode preview. The monsters were quite well drawn but I agree there was a lot of missing animation for the first episode. it's supposed to make a good impression and I think it fell short.
  5. The Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Rewatch Thread

    Great idea. I was thinking I'd like something to replace Dragonball Super. I'm on board with this. is it OK if I watch on a Sunday? I'll backdate it, so I'll watch episode 1 tonight.
  6. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    I used to have one of those. it is a joint and you should be able to move it, but with those figures, I wouldn't chance it if it is stiff. on mine, the arm snapped pretty easily.
  7. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Is that the figma? I can't tell. Here is my figma. he's pretty flexible. all the boys love him.
  8. New Chapter status?

    Yes, it was November. Thank you Sully.
  9. New Chapter status?

    via twitter : 「連載再開に向けて調整中で、再開時期は未定。」 "We're in the midst of planning to resume, actual time-scale is undecided."
  10. Riv's random self

    yeah that damn autocorrect XD I'll be cheering you on!!
  11. Who still uses DVD?

    I bought some DVD's recently but realised it was a waste of time and money. now they are just taking up shelf space as I watch any thing I want to on my pc at a far superior quality to any DVD.
  12. Alien Covenant

    where did that come from? it's not in the movie is it? maybe Ridley Scott said that but maybe he was joking? or is it a rumour? I know there is a lot of people who might say something like that to discredit the movie, but I guess you read it in an interview or something?
  13. Is cyanide poisoning capable of killing a zoalord?

    I believe they would need to eat in order to maintain their energy levels. after all, our bodies need energy to operate. either they eat, or they go in the processing tank now and then to recharge. I think eating is easier and more enjoyable.
  14. Alien Covenant

    Ha Ha Ha perhaps I shouldn't mention that I preferred the prequel trilogy to the original trilogy of star wars what you say about the philosophies that fall on their face... I actually take that as character flaws. a lot of this philosophy is delivered through character dialogue and action. I see this as purely character flaws, that they are looking for something spiritually fulfilling and in the end they just get cold harsh reality. The film never says any stuff outright. the beginning suggests that the engineers created life on earth, but it isn't shown unquestionably. the biological material that goes into hte water may simply be one part among many. i actuality, I'm not even sure if it is stated explicitly that the planet in the intro is earth. A lot of the theme of the movie is merely character motivation. I feel like the foundation of the movie, taking out character motivations, is the same as Alien. Edit: I just rewatched the beginning. I get the feeling that the 'engineer' did what he did to implant some form of genetic memory among the cells of lifeforms on that planet. if it was earth. it probably was. I think that is what it was suggesting. because I can't think of any other reason why these ancient cultures would be drawing a star chart.
  15. Alien Covenant

    I get that it wasn't popular with many alien franchise fans, but I honestly don't think it's that unusual. Ridley Scott directed Alien and then the rest were by other people. Prometheus was the return to the same director doing the same kind of thing. I found a lot of similarities in the pacing, the presentation etc. both movies are very beautiful. Both movies have strong characters who I can relate to. I was never as much a fan of Aliens, Alien 3, Alien resurrection, as I was Alien. I felt like they went more in an action movie direction. Prometheus brought it back to What Alien was for me. I think maybe this is a big difference between me and most alien fans I have met. Most people usually say Aliens is much better than Alien. obviously they are looking for something very different to what I am looking for. When you consider that Alien was primarily about being vulnerable and running away, you might say that Prometheus is the same. they are completely out of their league with no hope of fighting. They are up against something terrifying and unknown. Thank you for posing the question, I enjoyed writing that It actually brings me on to reaffirm what I did not like about Covenant. It was Ridley doing something that is out of his comfort zone. He was not being true to himself. He should have gotten another director to do it if he just wanted to pander to the fans.