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  1. Ok I read some of the article and it seems like mental masturbation to me. They are so stupidly overpowered they don't make for good narrative. I personally wouldn't combine them with guyver, as guyver is fairly well written. If one of them was pitted against the guyver, they would crush guyver in an instant. guyver has been seen to react fast, but it's physical movement speed is limited. also, a guyver's strength is 100 times that of a human whereas these living statues are 1000 times stronger than a human. one of them, vs a guyver, is like looking at guyver vs ramotith. There's no indication that the physical strength of a gigantic is increased by any great amount, but it has the barrier, and it has more powerful weaponry. I didn't read any part in the article that indicated the 'venom' is particularly corrosive. zerbebuth's corrosives are insane, able to melt through cement and steel if I remember correctly. it was harmful to guyver but not by too much. In the tv series, it was shown to melt the guyvers high frequency sword but I think that was wrong because otherwise they would have used that for all the enzyme type zoanoids instead of the disassembly ezyme. I believe the gigantic could dismember one of them , but it might be difficult. But the head beam at full power has been known to vaporise concrete, so I think that would work. I think it may be useful to compare one of those walking statues to a zoalord. I think that is the right sort of level to put them at.
  2. It's all about the relationships! these books are surely written for girls , right? Anyway... we would need to know how fast they are and how strong they are, because any character in guyver is capable of dismembering a human and burning them, it becomes a matter of who is quicker to the kill.
  3. Tora Tan


    It's very very quiet
  4. immortal only means they don't tend to die, not that they can't die. in fact all you really need to do is sever their head from the body which the guyver can do easily. I am sure there are many other methods you could use to kill them, I am just going off what I remember from the film.
  5. yeah it's been about 2 years. valkyria says that lisker died 2 years ago.
  6. It is very likely to do with his late work partner. It turns out he had a partner for a long time, there is some indication of him having a partner back when the first guyver movie was made. Alas there was a death a couple of years ago, of his most recent partner, probably the same person. If that is the case, then it makes sense, as that partner would have possibly owned a portion of the rights of guyver. Those rights may have passed to the family. of course in Japanese culture, that might be a very difficult situation to deal with. This is not confirmed, it is speculation.
  7. Or maybe it's the thing we already found out, that there are legal/licensing issues.
  8. he does care, but there are legal or licensing issues.
  9. Tora Tan

    Mecha's Blog

    6 years!! wow, I haven't even been a member for that long! I think you'll probably find most people have moved on. I see a lot of conversation on facebook these days.
  10. I believe the stuff was called poly cement. It's been a while since I used it though. something like 20 years. edit: okay that explains why my models tended to fall apart... poly cement will not work. I found this in my search so I think this is good. If your kits are anything like mine were, they are 'soft vinyl'. https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/need-advice-on-glue-and-paint-for-vinyl-model-kits.77901/
  11. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. I don't know ironman or doctor doom, but, I think it would be cool if somebody tried to be his friend and help him not to be lonely and maybe he will change? On the other hand I know that you should never try to change a man, it's like a cardinal sin... I think life is so difficult for men sometimes because it seems so isolating to be an island all the time. oh... but tony isn't an island is he? in this strip, he has people around him... damn it.. just when I thought I understand men...
  12. I'm pretty sure when guyver returns it'll have a big cover feature with awesome artwork. Just because it's been so long.
  13. Oh right! I see it now! I usually land on the main page 'japan-legend.com and go into threads from that page. Am I wrong to do it that way?
  14. I don't think i've ever seen a chatbox... where was it located?
  15. Oh sorry, I got caught up. Hi Brian Thanks for all your work! sorry about the trouble you had, but I''m glad you managed to save the pages you have!
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