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  1. It seems obvious to me that Goku plans to win and then use the giant planet dragonballs to bring the other universes back or stop zen-o from destroying them. That's all they have ever done in the past. Goku doesn't care so much for consequences because up til now, any consequence has been nullified by the dragonballs.
  2. I felt the tone was a bit colder than previous films. For me, the scene at seemed to set the tone for the film.
  3. maybe it used his spine? It had to grow so maybe his back area was weakened by the imp eating his bones.
  4. I saw this movie just now pretty much. I been having small flashbacks of the evil white imps. DX So Anyhow, my favourite films of the franchise, Alien and Prometheus, are very character driven films, this one was heavy on the violence. I personally feel it was quite hectic so I can't currently say I thought it was awesome. I mean, I am glad I went to watch it. I may need to watch it again at some point to get a better idea.
  5. Fortuitously, I received volume 32 in the post today! So I had a look through and it has the parts where Tetsuro and Mizuki are with Al. and they just call him Al with no honorific.
  6. looking through manga volume 1, it seems generally, everyone addresses sho without an honorific. sho seems to always say tetsuro-san, sho and mizuki don't use honorifics for each other. mizuki calls tetsuro 'aniki' and I believe this stays the same throughout. tetsuro calls mizuki by name without honorific. agito uses kun on occasion for mizuki. the only time mizuki addressed agito in my brief look, she called him kaichou, president. looking at volume 31, aptom uses no honorific for sho. sho uses no honorific for aptom. seems there is not much in this book. don't really have time to look through all the others right now.
  7. shonen ace only care about who buys shonen ace. most western manga fans are not on their radar.
  8. I think you can find what you need here -
  9. You have the original Guyver model kits? I am so jealous!
  10. In a sense, Guyver is not dead, it's sleeping. Several years ago, people were upset because it was said that there were only a few more volumes to go. I think somebody said there would be no more than 35 volumes. but now, Mr Takaya has put on the breaks and he's keeping it going.