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  1. Alkanphel

    Stellar Warrior Guyver

    Can't wait for feedback. Good luck @Azaar. @Sully@Matt Bellamy@JamesB
  2. Alkanphel

    Sol Tekkaman Project

    You are still quite the artist Matt! I remember the first days and the drawings for the site. How you have developed and matured in your techniques,it is a sight to be hold.
  3. Alkanphel

    New Chapter status?

    It does leave a lot of time of creativity...let us hope when he finally does put pen to paper, it is worth the read. I would like to think it will be.
  4. Alkanphel

    Can the story continue without Allen?

    My recommendation is to have one story to rule them all . Ok ok ok...I will explain, I believe Allen had a pretty good build up to how he wanted everything before life got in the way. Have a story that interprets all the characters emotions, feelings, wants/needs in the ongoing transgressions with Anubis/Creators/Earth forces and go from there. Once you have that story, you can then write your continuation for GWOTG. I use to work with Allen in the shadows from time to time, datafiles and views on story lines. Even though it has been years, I could potentially voice opinions or story lines for the site to continue.
  5. Alkanphel

    Warriorguyver is BACK!!!!

    Great to hear. I have been here since this website first started and I am sure there are more than five people hanging around. I have changed names over the years, but I have always been in the shadows. ~Primitive Guyver