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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I watched it a week ago in a matinee showing. On its own, the story seemed pretty decent, though there are a couple of elements that I think weren't done right, but overall it was decent in that regard. I'll hold off on those elements until we hit spoiler territory. Taken together with The Force Awakens, though... I can see where some think Disney is ruining Star Wars. Myself, I'd really like to see what Lucas would have done with this sequel trilogy, even though I think he would have had to stay away from the dialogue -- that was a major weakness for Lucas. But the more I look at TFA and TLJ, as well as the additional stuff Disney is doing with solo movies like Rogue One, the forthcoming Solo, and the third one (whatever it'll be), plus another planned trilogy brainstormed by the director of TLJ (which will have zilch to do with all the other movies, as I understand it)... I can't help but think Disney will run the franchise into the ground in their quest for the almighty cash-grab.
  2. RAMPAGE?!

    I was never very good with the game, though I remember it as a staple in arcades back in the day. The trailer looks pretty good, though. Hopefully it'll be a good video game-based movie -- not really many of those, sadly.
  3. Destiny 2

    So, thread necromancy and all, but... Did anyone watch the gameplay reveal a couple of weeks ago? Speaking for myself, I'm pretty well digging what I'm seeing so far. Six-shooter Golden Guns, roaming Fist of Havoc, the new Dawnblade Warlock subclass that's replacing the Sunsinger, the arc staff for the Arcstrider (which admittedly looks too Bladedancer-like, but I can deal)... and one of my personal favorites, the Captain America-shield-slinging Sentinel Titan subclass. It all looks really darned good. I pre-ordered the Deluxe Digital Edition for PS4 -- content exclusivity sucks, I know, but that plays a minor role. Mostly, it's a) several of my friends have made the switch to PS4, and b) I've actually joined a clan with seven other people recently, and we're planning to hang together for Destiny 2. Hopefully, E3 will finally give us details on the beta going live, as well as how long it'll last. I was sorta disappointed there wasn't an official announcement for the beta during the gameplay reveal, but some accounts for the Countdown Crucible mode (attack/defend objective that's pretty much a Search & Destroy theme) and the Inverted Spire strike showed a potential Easter egg in the Glimmer (17177) -- some in the community are theorizing that the beta goes live for everyone on July 17, but since I pre-ordered, I'll get an early crack at it. In case you haven't seen it yet, here's your chance, courtesy of the official Destiny account on YouTube:
  4. Stellar Warrior Guyver

    So, I had a draft completed for Preparations (Part II), but I didn't like some of how I wrote it, so I fixed some issues there and am going to submit it post-haste -- I like it more now than I did most of three months ago. Part III is now underway (actually, it's been underway for a very long time), but I'm revamping the beginning and otherwise starting from scratch to get out of the writer's block that plagued me halfway through Part III to begin with. Sully: Which is better to send you my completed Part II for Preparations? Email or PM through here?
  5. Destiny 2

    The idea, according to the blurb they've given for Destiny 2, indicates that Guardians are regrouping and going out to try and recruit allies to help reclaim The Last City from Ghaul and the Cabal Red Legion. I sorta want to see more of the Exo Stranger myself; if nothing else, I'm curious to find out if the Exo Stranger is actually Ana Bray (Clovis Bray's daughter), or if it's the woman Cayde's mentioned (between lines and the Grimoire) as being the woman he loved before he became an Exo (because apparently she became an Exo as well). I do hope the story is better than what we originally got... and we better get some damn good loot. BTW, Matt: you play on PS4, right?
  6. Destiny 2

    At least Bungie is giving good reason to explain why those of us on consoles won't have our uber-gear to go into Destiny 2 -- I can only imagine the screams of frustration from PC gamers if they had to start from scratch while Xbox/PS4 kept their loot from the last three years. Honestly, it's about time we saw the Cabal be more... well, badass, to be honest. Aside from a few strikes, the Vex have been ignored since the vanilla storyline. The Fallen and the Hive have both had two expansions apiece in Destiny dedicated to them, and so honestly I'm about tired of seeing them. So it'll be a refreshing change of pace to see Ghaul and his elite Red Legion Cabal as the next big threat. The expansions intrigue me as well -- looks like the first one will center on the Warlock Osiris, while the second expansion focuses on Rasputin. I do hope that Destiny 2 brings back Mara Sov (the Awoken Queen, as Bungie's pretty much said she isn't dead), and that we can potentially meet those Guardians who swore off fighting (the ones Efrideet mentioned in the Iron Banner questline that popped up after Rise of Iron came out). I'm also hoping for the Exo Stranger to make an appearance again -- though theory and rumor has it that she's quite possibly allied with Osiris. As for me, I've begun making the switch: I got a PS4 last week, and I have a female Awoken Hunter sitting at 365 Light -- not bad for a week's worth of work. Got a male Exo Titan created, and I'm gonna likely do a male Human Warlock here soon. And, especially since another of my friends from Xbox is moving to PS4 for Destiny 2 to play with her husband, I'm planning to make the switch as well and continue with PS4 in Destiny 2.
  7. Justice League

    My favorite comment I saw on the trailer, from a random person on YouTube: *shows Dad the trailer* Dad: I hate Batman. Dad: Why do they have a new Flash? *cue "Come Together" cover in trailer* Dad: I love Batman. Dad: When is this coming out again? In case anyone is interested, though, the cover of "Come Together" was done by Gary Clark Jr. and produced by Junkie XL -- dunno why people are automatically assuming it's the Godsmack cover (which is pretty good in its own right). I'm hoping it'll be released as a single, but so far the Internet has totally failed me in finding a full-length recording of the Gary Clark Jr./Junkie XL cover. Keeping my fingers crossed, though. Oh, and I'm seriously digging the trailer. And just as epic, the Avengers reaction to the Justice League trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_5HV5MR2Bg
  8. The more I see of ME: Andromeda, the more I'm liking it. I recently got the ME Trilogy on Amazon and started playing it -- wish I could find more builds, particularly for ME 1, but all I've found are builds geared towards level 60 Insanity playthroughs. Matt: If you liked the first Halo Wars, you'll like the second. I've enjoyed what I've played so far. I need to get back into playing Titanfall 2, though -- I played the tutorial and first mission and that was it. And God knows, I have so many other games I still need to play (like Rise of the Tomb Raider, both Dishonored games, The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy 15, GTA V... the list is growing -- and depressing at the thought of how much I still have to do, let alone play it all -- at the same time).
  9. This year has been interesting so far for games: so far I've gotten Halo Wars 2, and pre-ordered Mass Effect: Andromeda and Prey both, with plans to get Injustice 2. Then there's Destiny 2, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Vampyr as well. Those are just the games I know about (I'm on Xbox One, so I don't keep up with the PlayStation side of the fence). So, what games are the rest of you looking forward to seeing?
  10. Stellar Warrior Guyver

    Life... sucks. Seriously, I've been so overwhelmed by work and RL in general, and I find myself more often than not trying to relieve stress through gaming: Halo Wars 2, finally got into the first Mass Effect after purchasing the Trilogy, and I've pre-ordered ME: Andromeda and Prey. That said, I'm making a concerted effort to get back into writing. I have only a few minor additions to make for Preparations: Part II (I found that I liked having the occasional diary entry in there, like I added to Part I, so I'm continuing with that) and then it'll be submitted, hopefully within the next few days. Then, it's on to Part III where I buckle down and blow up this wall that has been writer's block for me. So, tl;dr version -- I hope to have Part II ready and submitted to Sully by the end of next week at the absolute latest, so that I can give folks some new material to read.
  11. Alien Covenant

    I've always liked the Alien franchise, even Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection. Prometheus, unfortunately, showed me only one thing: Ridley Scott isn't capable of adapting to the times as a director. I found Prometheus to be just... bad, all around: none of the characters interested me in the slightest, the story wasn't up to snuff (honestly, Aliens should be the benchmark by which the story should be judged, because Cameron truly upped the ante), and more often than not, I was simply bored throughout the entire movie. Alien: Covenant looks to be more of the same, and worse is that it's blocking Alien 5 (where Ripley, Hicks and Newt were supposed to actually be alive and show that Alien3 and Resurrection were just bad cryosleep nightmares). Now, don't get me wrong: I respect what Ridley Scott has done, particularly in giving us Alien to begin with. But Prometheus, to me, is like what many fans seem to think of the prequel trilogy for Star Wars. You know it's bad, though, when I view Prometheus so poorly that I have zero interest in looking at the trailers.
  12. RIP Carrie Fisher

    I think some of my online friends said it best: "Who wrote this year's calendar, George R. R. Martin?" Seriously, to hell with 2016. This has been a horrible year for celebrity deaths.
  13. Final Fantasy XV

    So, Xbox Store has their Countdown sale going on -- I've already picked up Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for half-price, seeing as how I got into things there with Skyrim and tinkered some with ESO. But one of the big sales right now, up through the 28th, is the newly-released Final Fantasy XV. If anyone has it, could you share thoughts about it? I played 7, 8 and 9, but got bored about twenty minutes or so into 10 and haven't touched the series since. I've heard some good things, but I want to make sure whether to grab it while it's 25% off (the Digital Deluxe edition with everything is, anyway -- $63.74 instead of $84.99). If it's as good as I've heard, I think I may finally take the plunge again and see how it is for myself.
  14. Favorite first person shooter?

    To Bungie's credit, I like to think they've gotten a little better with Destiny. The Taken King finally started integrating more story, though they could still do more. That said, I'm looking forward to Rise of Iron (pre-ordered it a few weeks back for the bonuses -- Iron Black Gally just looks too sweet); the chance to see what happened to the original Iron Lords, the SIVA and all... it makes me interested to see where they go from here when Destiny 2 finally comes out. I'm just sad that I still won't get to play the Sector 618 Crucible map, or try out the Jade Rabbit or Zen Meteor before Destiny 2 comes out (assuming it's Fall 2017 like currently planned); the pitfalls of PlayStation-exclusives. For myself, though... I think the first three Halo games were my favorites. I tried Doom 3, but could only go about 20 minutes at a time before I had to stop because I caught myself tensing up too much. Btw, Matt, if you play on XBox One, I'll tag you sometime with my gamertag, in case you're interested.
  15. For those of you (however many there are) who've been waiting with baited breath for the Preparations story arc with Gabe, my apologies. RL decided to bite me in the rear, as it were -- a little over four months ago, I learned the store I had been working retail at for most of the previous two years was being closed (part of Sears cutting costs by closing a few of their stores and a LOT of K-Marts). Fortunately, I was able to switch jobs -- more like, reclaiming a job I used to have about a decade ago -- about two weeks after learning the news, so I dodged a bullet there. Slightly better pay, more hours... the latter, ultimately, being why I've been so slow. Well... part of why, anyway. There might be a few video games and the like involved too. At any rate, I do still plan to see this through. Part II of Preparations is pretty well done at this point, so I'm going to do a last check or two and make sure it's polished enough before I submit. I'll just have to remember for future parts to save it as a .doc file -- due to the insane costs of Microsoft Office (and the fact that I can't even find a version like 2013 or 2010 for sale that isn't expensive as all get-out), I'm currently using LibreOffice. At any rate, I am going to keep writing, and hopefully Preparations (Part II) will be up soon. Apologies for the wait.