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    New Chapter status?

    Unlikely. Shonen Ace still lists Guyver as one of their titles. And a movie or TV show planning would not have this long of a hiatus with no word.
  2. Matt Bellamy

    Guyver’s Defense

    That definitely seems like it might be a typo. Will talk to the boys and make sure that gets fixed.
  3. Matt Bellamy

    Diablo 3

    Haha, yeah. It's really basic. Not surprising for a game that was originally released in 2012. Just be thankful the Switch version is the newest version... The original was even worse. They will really need to step up their game ( HA! Literally) for Diablo 4.
  4. Matt Bellamy

    New Guyver Figma's

    To be fair... The Bio-Fighter line were proto-types for what Figma would become. So shrinking their Guyver figures should be a no brainer. ...they just need to do more...
  5. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    The end of April 2016 will be 3 years since the last individual chapter, but February 2016 was the release of Vol 32, the last volume of manga we got.
  6. Matt Bellamy

    Faviort or Currently Reading Manga

    I have like... 100 or so comics I am "Currently Reading". I'm a sucker for action or popular shounen series, and have kind of fallen for the "Isekai / Another World" trope... Some are just terrible, but some are really fun. A lot are monthly series, and some slowly get translated and get large dumps at times. But considering I have a lot of downtime at work, having something to read certainly helps... And my list grows as new series come out and others don't end. But a few of my favorites... - Ultraman - A sort of alternate sequel to the original Ultraman series. - World Trigger - back after a long hiatus due to artists health. - Goblin Slayer/GS Year One - Because awesome? - The New Gate - Same basic setting as Sword Art Online (ie medieval Death Game), but with a twist. And much more light hearted. - Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken - There is a reason this got an anime. Just plain fun series.
  7. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    Yes, 2 chapters were released after volume 32 came out. Just makes the situation seem even weirder.
  8. Matt Bellamy

    Diablo 3

    The set armor is only available in Adventure Mode and not through the campaign. And not all sets have weapons ( but usually have a legendary or two that can assist nicely) You have to finish 4 chapters of set objectives. Some are killing things on certain difficulties, others involve doing stuff with the 3 main merchants etc... And getting to level 70 is only a chapter 2 objective. You will get pieces of gear from completing chapters 2, 3 and 4. Enough gear so that after chapter 2, you can use the first set ability; after chapter 3 you unlock the second, and after 4 you have the full set. You can still get random set gear like normal randomly, but requires higher difficulties to get higher chances of drops. (The guaranteed set parts can be outclassed by ones you find.) The nice thing is that once you complete a set, the final bonus is usually SO good that you can jump up a few difficulty levels with little problems... or simply WRECK everything on lowers. Once the season is done, your seasonal character just becomes a normal character, and your loot and Paragon exp will combine with your other characters. Newest season starts Jan 18th. Seasons last just over 3 months.
  9. Matt Bellamy

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    We do know he can do something... As during the Gigantic Dark attack on Arizona, he was thinking of entering the battle, and was stopped by the other two Zoalords because they said his ability for the protection Archanphel only. ( I am at work without access to the page of manga) It's true we don't know the scope of his abilities, other than enormous telepathic powers... And he is likely very different than the Zoalords he made... And I mean, Waferdanos wasn't even human at first... So Barcas could be anything. But so far, per your argument, you've not stated any evidence to support that he isn't a "Processed Zoalord", other than speculation. And speculation is fine, unless evidence contradicts it... I'll be splitting this conversation as it has little to do with the topic, but definitely worth saving. *edit... or not. The split function has changed a bit in a previous update. Going to have to play with this.
  10. Matt Bellamy

    Diablo 3

    The seasons have only one big benefit: Armor Sets (though some have pets and/or wings) You're guaranteed one per season ( per account sadly), but now you do have to grind to lvl 70 before you can get any of the gear. ( before you could get them early... but they would drop at lower levels... And unlike Destiny 2, there is no way to lvl up gear you like). Some people really like the armor sets, some say they "ruin" the game as they can be pretty overpowered. I basically power through the lvls to 70 ( their bounty system is actually really easy to lvl with), get the armor set and maybe do the set dungeon if I can... but that is it. There are layers upon layers of bounties and rewards... but most of them are portrait pics. By getting the set you will also earn whatever the extra bonuses are, like the pets or wings. And how fast you lvl is all based on knowing if you can take on the next lvl of difficulty. I can usually get one done in 2-3 evenings if I really push and/or have a buddy. *edit* But you know, now that I say that out loud... There isn't much reason to be farming them when they isn't likely going to be anymore DLC... And D3 doesn't have "raids" or the like.
  11. Matt Bellamy

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    I actually forgot about this small part of the story, where Barcas is clearly already changed into a Zoalord and stated to be "420 years ago". As for whether or not they had Zoanoids right away... It was likely one of the first things they did. If you think about it logically, Archanphel must have made Barcas into a Zoalord on his own, but Barcas is assumed to be left to work alone for some time due to Archanphels condition. The relic ship's memory units would give him a lot of info on how to manufacture zoaforms... but as we know with Guyot, the zoalords weren't likely just "made" and Barcas likely had to practice a lot. All this being considered however, things like Vamore and other bio-blasters are seemingly "new-ish" (Chronos Japan is said to have developed it, but cannot find when the branches were established) as well as Hyper Zoanoids being even more recent. So the Zoanoids they likely had early on were probably scout/muscle types. And considering World War 2 is basically 50 or so years before the Guyver series starts, I think they would have a bunch around... especially when you consider how long it would take to build these underground bases and whatnot. So that being said, a lot of the high caliber rifles, tanks and explosives would likely have been able to kill normal Zoanoids. In most cases, unless it was a head shot or a lucky shot, multiple rounds would likely have been required even for the most powerful rifle considering the shear size of a lot of Zoanoids... But do-able for sure. Anything that could piece a metal plate likely stood a chance of doing damage to most Zoanoids, as most basic ones are not well armored and only have touch skin. It's when the hypers start coming that normal high power rifles and explosives have issues with ( as we see from Zeus' Thunderbolt).
  12. Matt Bellamy

    Diablo 3

    I've had it since day 1 of launch. the terrible. terrible. terrible launch. I stopped playing for a long time when the auction house and loot grind were becoming to much. Was playing with my brother, and while we beat it on normal and hard... he was having a hard time during hard because he wasn't playing with the auction house and his equipment was lacking. I was doing my best to keep up with new gear, but it took too much time. Came back for Reaper of Souls when a friend told me they had fixed a lot of it, and stayed for the Necromancer. Now I at least try to get the basic season requirements done every season since I have picked it back up. If I had to choose my favorite profession... they would likely be Demon Hunter, Wizard and Nercomancer in no particular order... but having played with them all, I can say there are builds I like for all the classes... Which is probably why it has me coming back so often if the season has a good armor set that I don't have for another class.
  13. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    No, not at all. Quite the opposite. All the women who make the covers are usually from fanservice heavy series that are male fantasy series. It's still very much a SHONEN ( ie male teens) targeted book.
  14. Matt Bellamy

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    No, Barcas was the first and oldest of Archanphel's Zoalords and is over 400 years old. He was the one that found most of the others, if not all. They confirm at least Waferdanos, Shin (over 370 years old) and Purg'stall (over 215 years old).
  15. I doubt he'd do any better than a normal human would... Unless he is zoa-formed, or acquires a Guyver unit. His extra abilties might make his Zoa-form or Guyver form slightly better than others... But considering we are talking that even scout class Zoanoids are still many times him in strength, speed, senses and resilience over his already superior human traits, he would be done in fairly quickly. Good hits with fancy weapons might allow him to make some kills, sure... but that is still not much better than normal humans could do. The genetic modification of Agent 47's world is nothing compared to the Guyvers at all. Unfortunately, as scientific as the Guyver lore actually is, it is still closer to the edge of science fiction than "science-reality" like in Hitman.
  16. Matt Bellamy

    Any World War II era weaponly effective against Zoanoids?

    There is only one thing that we have evidence of surviving a nuke. Can you guess who that silhouette belongs to?
  17. Matt Bellamy

    Godzilla - King of the Monsters (2019)

    Have to admit, I am really liking the way this is looking. I did like the last American Godzilla movie well enough, so I wasn't sure if i would see this in theaters. But oh boy, definitely now.
  18. Matt Bellamy

    Captain Marvel

    I hope that is the case... I would have hoped they would learned their lesson from The Inhumans fiasco's. Some comic traits don't transfer well to film... Things can be edited in the lore to make them more fitting for the medium. Fans might care for it, but the general audiences will likely feel like it is just bad acting.
  19. Matt Bellamy

    Avengers: Endgame

    Yep. It's all what I expected and I am still totally hyped for it. Love that Cap is in his SHIELD suit again. But man, you can clearly tell what happened to Clint/Hawkeye/Ronin. His family must have been part of the other 50%. He looks broken. And having Stark lost in space makes me think Captain Marvel will find and save him. Can't wait.
  20. Matt Bellamy

    Captain Marvel

    Still looks very "meh" to me. I don't know if it is Brie Larson herself, or just the way she is playing the character... but she seems so bland and/or bored. She seems to lack that kind of personality to is required to drive a movie. Especially a Marvel film. Black Widow in Iron Man 2 was kind of like this, but was only a side character and thankfully got fleshed out more in Avengers and Winter Soldier. So now, she is a much better character and deserving of a movie of her own. So I am hoping that will change when I see it, cause I will still see it opening weekend.
  21. Matt Bellamy

    Anime you are currently watching and/or Downloading

    It's funny, my only experience with Goshogun was its sequel movie The Time Etranger... Which was at my local video store. It's a "terrible movie" simply because there was no context to the characters or mecha, since an entire series existed before it that. And it really required seeing the series beforehand. I only rented it because the mecha was on the cover, and even then it doesn't even appear in the movie.
  22. Matt Bellamy

    What inspired Guyver.

    No, definitely not. It's likely Ultraman or other similar shows. Ideon doesn't "grow". And while a weapons function might be similar, Guyver has had gravity based weapons from the start. Tora Tan essentially stated the correct information. We can make all the assumptions we want, but those two were mentioned by Takaya himself. The megasmasher specifically has been noted to have been inspired by Godzilla's atomic breath.
  23. Matt Bellamy

    Venom 2018

    Don't say I didn't like something when I actually saw the thing and clearly posted my opinion. I clearly liked part of the movie. I said it was 30% of a good movie. And most critics (good or bad review) agree that the Eddie/Venom interaction was the best part. The problem with Venom is that it REEKS of studio interference. Which hurts the overall movie with a weak villain, weak love interest, and a story so bland that doesn't even involve his greatest rival. Plus, the PG-13, despite Venom clearly eating at least one head directly off of a guy. What I hope happens, is that the Studio takes the reviews to heart, maybe talk with Mr.Feige and Marvel a bit abotu forming a story, and allow a sequel to be something better. But next time, before you jump all over someone for an opinion on anything, remember: It is an OPINION. Going at someone's opinion is a shitty thing to do that happens far too much on the internet, and I will NOT allow it to happen here. Fact of the matter is, you are trying to prove that my opinion of Venom is wrong because (without seeing it) of the box office. Bad movies make money all the time. This is nothing new. Come back when you see the movie and post your opinion, or ask questions of people who have seen it. But do not attack people because you disagree with an opinion.
  24. Matt Bellamy

    Venom 2018

    So. The Rotten tomatoes score is pretty accurate. About 30% of the movie is kind of good. And that is only the scenes with Eddie and Venom. Everything else is just bad.
  25. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    April 2016. So yeah... Not good.