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  1. My problem is, I see it as side tracking the creator... Especially when we haven't had a chapter in over a year. If his releases were more frequent I would have no problem... But as someone who has been reading and watching since about 1997 (geez, 20 years), and it's still not done? Yeah. There is only one thing I need. An ENDING.
  2. I know I am in the minority, but I just want the manga finished. To hell with the current live action movies and merchandise. To hell with new figures and statues of the anime/manga. To hell with any new live action project or special projects. FINISH THE SOURCE MATERIAL FIRST. There is no point in doing new projects based on the story, if that story is never going to finish... And considering his output, that may never happen at this rate. To me, these pictures only prove that he is alive. So he can start working on the manga. *edit* ...even created an instagram account to say that... but nicer...
  3. Which volumes did you get...? As there are currently 3 that the Advocacy has (30, 31 and 32). I think Guyvers problem itself isn't exposure, but Takaya himself. Erratic releases, and content that does not currently fit the wants of current times. If they re-boooted Guyver as a cute anime schoolgirl series, or a harem series, then its popularity would certainly rise... But other than that, it is long past its prime. I mean, WE like it, but new people starting off with the series will get turned off but the low quality and old art, and never get into the plot enough to enjoy it ( which is why I now recommend watching the 2005 TV series first. It at least is more modern and can be substituted for a lot of the early stuff). As for bringing in new fans, there is 29 volumes readily available online... But even so, with the erratic releases, Guyver will never be at the top of major manga sites because you need consistent releasing to even get on new release lists for people to find it. In short: Guyver is an old as hell series with a story framework that is also old as hell, and doesn't fit with the current popular trends ( ie boy with powers is still popular... but there is usually a harem attached to those kinds of series now... And Shonen ACE is full of).
  4. Except they started doing this at the end of book 29. Book 32 was just released last year and we get a volume every 1-2 years (depending on breaks). They started doing this, sometime around 2012-2013. Takaya takes a break whenever he seems to work/help with other projects. He took a break when the Figmas were being planned, and now these Prime Statues. So not a coincidence at all, because it is totally unrelated. Maybe do a bit of research before trying to be a smart ass (on the site that helps provide said scanlations no less). Anyway, as noted, if you'd like to continue this conversation elsewhere, we can certainly do so. Guyver Manga Current Status: Still nothing from the publishers about new chapters. ...but hey, those expensive statues sure look nice... right...? ugh. *Edit for dates. Bad head math*
  5. Interesting how the definition of "Stingy" can also mean "unwilling to spend" as well as "unwilling to give". Food for thought.
  6. This is basically how Guyver has been it's entire run. Sometimes we get a lot of content/merch all at once... And then nothing for a while. But we still have a bunch of Guyver merchandise on the way, despite some of the pieces being very expensive. This is similar to 10 or so years ago after the 2005 TV series ended and the BioFighter figure line ended. It certainly is not the "right" way to be releasing a manga, but it is the way Takaya gets away with... And as fans, we have to put up with. So if you feel there is nothing for Guyver to offer you, then please move on. There is no reason to waste your time on something you don't feel is worth it. Take a year or two off from it. Focus on another hobby, or maybe just another series. The worst thing anyone can do is stick around and build up frustration because there isn't any new content. I stay a Guyver fan because I do side projects based on my own Guyver related creations. That's how I fight the drought of official content... but even then there was quite a few years were I basically did nothing Guyver related ( heck, I got burnt out on anime in General). And when I came back looking for something, I found new reasons to enjoy it. But as it stands, Guyver has not been cancelled. New content is expected. Eventually. And even if I cannot afford those expensive statues, they are officially licensed... So that mean someone is paying to have this stuff made because there is still interest in a 30+ year old series But what you do is up to you.
  7. Always wanted a Cintiq, but my brain could not comprehend drawing on the 13 inch ones and I always looked towards the 20+ inch models... but then I looked at the price... And figured the only way I'd ever get one, is if I started doing art professionally... Which never happened.
  8. I always love to see other artists "Sketchy side" Too often do we only ever see "finished pieces" ( I too am guilty of this -_-'), but the real fun is seeing the process and early drafts or just fun sketching.
  9. Well, to clarify, I'm not saying it's popular in Russia, just that there seems to be more active Russian fans than in comparison to here. Although it is actually still being released officially in Italian. Lots of fans there too. They just got book 32 released ( due to early numbering issues it is actually vol 44 for them). There is some pretty hardcore fans from there.( if you are on the Guyver World Facebook group, you can see what I mean) It was one of the first "real" or "non broadcast" anime I ever watched. I rented a bunch of stuff with a friend one weekend, which included the 6 episodes of the OAV ( they didn't even have the other 6), and they blew me away due to the animation style/quality, the plot and the music (the original Guyver theme is on permanent running in any playlist of mine)... and of course violence ( I was probably 15 or 16 at the time). Before then I had only seen what was on TV... Things like Robotech, Voltron, Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon... And they were edited to all hell. At the time, for me, it was one of the most original things I had seen... and didn't help that some of the other stuff we rented was only mediocre stuff. Those 6 eps of the OAV were easily some of the best stuff in terms of quality at the time, unless you went for theatrical features. Plus, I am also an "Iron Man Hipster" (ie I liked it before it was cool and mainstream) and have always loved powered armor... And the Guyver was an insane and bloody version of that. And it just stuck. Sadly, no. We have come back to start working on them again, but a lot of it is rewrites of really bad writing, plotting and style in the older stuff... But new stuff will be coming too, eventually. After all this time, we realize that no one but a small number of people even care, but we're only doing this for ourselves at this point, as we still find it fun and entertaining. So if anyone likes what we are doing at this point, it's all bonus! I used to really like the Kamen Rider series... But ever since 000's, I have not liked any of the series. I liked seasn 1 of Garo as well, but have not really cared for later seasons. But Kamen Ride Blade, Faiz and Kabuto were some of my favorites.
  10. Most of the Guyver artwork on my DA page is from the Warrior Guyver fanfiction or from "The Great War of the Guyvers" fanfcition (and are labeled as such)... But the two are connected in some ways... So basically yes, the majority of the artwork are fan fiction characters. I joined back in 1998 when "The Team" was technically just two people, Sully and Zeo1234, and I believe there was only 1 or 2 parts of the fanfic on the page. Only meant it as a small mention in my own fanfiction, but ended up being a lot more once we got chatting about Guyver ( protip: I love talking about Guyver. Hard to get me to shut up). That was 19 years ago. I was 17. We are old. So I wasn't an "Original member", in the strictest sense, but we all doubt it would have gotten as big as it did if we hadn't teamed up. I visited all the Guyver sites back then... There wasn't much info at the time, and there was no message boards like this... at all, during that time... Until David Carpenter/Evilfx ( ) put up a simple one... But up until that point it was all about guestbooks. And there was only one really good place to go for information called "Stars Guyver Page", which eventually had info up to volume 15, and all it had was written synopsis. We eventually opened up our own phpbb forum when they came out, and for a while it was pretty successful. We had our ups and downs with staff and members, and during that time, was created... but what really killed it, was our board had gotten hacked a few times...and lots of data was lost... And eventually was kinda just left to rot... But that was due to numerous factors, including waning interest in Guyver due to what seemed like inactivity from Japan... but also life. I still poked around the site and over the years... Which eventually took on the new name of as the majority of members/staff who were fans of Guyver were declining so much... And we had taken a liking to Japanese Tokusatsu shows ( Sentai, Kamen Rider ect...) And here we are today. The last bastion of English speaking Guyver fandom ( the Guyver still seems pretty popular in Russia though. seems to have more traffic than us), except for occasional random posts on other forums. There's 19 years of history wrapped up. ---------------------------- As for convincing Lucithea to come here? You can always try, but again, as she has mentioned, she is not good with english at all, and judging by her output of art right now, Guyver seems to be on the back burner for her right now... And would not be surprising at all considering lack of new chapters. I would suggest not to. If you have any questions for her specifically, a message through DA would probably just be the easiest.
  11. Lucithea is a Russian artist who doesn't have anything to do with the Advocacy or this site... But she is indeed quite the excellent fan artist (I turned her basic Alfa design into a Gigantic once. Her design just inspired me out of the blue) She does frequent Cannibals site and forum ( ).. But it is all in Russian. And she has mentioned on her DA and to me in correspondence that She does not speak English very well at all and relies on a translator for communication in English.
  12. If the last DLC's are any evidence... They seem to at least acknowledge that we want story... And not just Cayde... but Cayde is fun. I mean we still have so many unanswered questions... ( granted of a 10 year plan, we are technically 3 years in already) Where that goes, I guess we will just have to wait and see. I have a PS4, but I play on my XB1 for most things, mainly because of the controller and my friends... but mainly for the controller. Have always preferred the Xbox controller... And the normal one for the XB1 is great, but my Elite is fantastic.
  13. Up until I read your post I had completely forgotten about the Exo Stranger. Shit. The main plot for this doesn't seem like she'd be involved at all. Almost sounds like they are scrapping the (meh) main story from year one and making it feel like it was DLC... And that Crota and Oryx were the main campaign rather than the Vex plotline.( It seems to be more of a "This is how you met the Queen who was whupped by Oryx"). I mean I hope not... And hopefully they have learned that we want a good story alongside all that loot...
  14. "Reveal" Trailer is up. Just another cinematic that doesn't explain much. Still... More Cayde being Cayde.
  15. Oh Cayde... Just keep being Cayde you beautiful bastard.