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  1. Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    Yeah, according to the VDF book, they were using M1's, which can vary from 54 metric tons to 65... And in said VDF, it is shown that what looks like a Ramotith is also lifting one, while a Tabross is tearing off the top half of the tank... Which has to to be a couple tons itself. In book 8 a Tabross missing an arm was also able to tilt a tank. Granted both are shown lifting one side of the tanks, and fully supporting the tank over their heads on two arms... but still. Maybe bone/muscle density plays a part in this as well? The VDF also mentions that a Physic wave was removing all fear of death from the Zoanoids... So maybe pain wasn't a thing for them? We all know people can achieve great feats of strength when pushed beyond their mental limits ( like a mom "lifting" a car to save their child I believe is the common story told).
  2. Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    Makes me wonder just how much of a difference there would be between Sho and Lisker, considering Lisker is well above average, and Sho is likely below average... Or if the Guyver minimalizes some of the change.
  3. Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    This. While our datafiles may seem "official" in the way they are presented/written, some specifics on things may or may not be based on the situation of the story, rather than official source numbers. Unfortunately, a lot of information from "official" sources are just as much guess work based on other information from other sources or their appearances. IE we can guess how strong Powered Zerebubuth is based on info from normal Zerebubuth. It may not be 100% accurate, but it's likely the closest safe bet. So when we introduced him to our fanfiction ( long before the book/DF translations), we likely assumed that he got an overall power up across the board. And technically, we aren't incorrect, though the newest source material does not state anything about physical power, so the design may have just got new weapons. Even the "strength of 15 men" is almost irrelevant in terms of measurement until we are given a baseline for what Chronos considers "the strength of 1 man"
  4. Fake Gigantic - Revamp

    I guess it would all depend on what the purpose of your fake gigantic is? If they are trying to cheat people and make them think that it is either Sho or Agito, then you should go with their colors. If they are using them for other purposes, then any mix of colors would suffice.
  5. Purgstall Data File

    Yeah, he seems to be able to manipulate the weather of the area he is in to an extent to create more power. In the right circumstance he could be incredibly dangerous. But all the Zoalords with exception of Imakarum and possibly Archanphel suffer from the same issue. They are all great in one or two things... but suck at others. So when they fight the "All Round powerful, made to fight Archanphel" Guyver Gigantics alone, or even in a small group, they cannot hope to compete at all. The 3 rogues have now all felt the fear of the Guyver Gigantics. They were only able to talk smack because they didn't realize just how powerful the Guyver Gigantics are.
  6. Guyver Novel, Full Book, Japanese 'scan' (photos)

    Please see the FAQs and how other people do it in this part of the forum: http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/130-access-request-area/
  7. Purgstall Data File

    There is no HD version of this sadly. And the Visual Data Files stopped at book 15... Purgstall's data file was in the back of book 16. The only other data is from the Data file books from the ADV DVDs... And it is not very much.
  8. "Blocking" a thread

    Unfortunately I don't think so... The only "Hide" feature I have is the moderator hide, and that hides it from everyone.
  9. Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    I've always wondered if the Acid from a Xenomorph could even really hurt the Guyver. Because the blood of Enzyme was corrosive to Guyver flesh, but was specially designed to do so. If normal acidic chemicals would have worked, there would have been no need for Enzyme to be so special. That would be the main factor here. But it is likely safe to assume that it might have some effect, but likely nowhere near as bad as the Guyver 1 vs Enzyme fight from the OAV. As for if a Xenomorph/Zoanoid hybrid could exist... In theory, if the Zoanoid remained in Zoanoid form, maybe the implanted Xenomorph might be based on the Zoanoid itself... but it also could just be a standard human based one if the Chronos Soldier never changes... OR it could change similarly to a Human/Zoanoid. I'm not familiar with the science behind what give the Xenomorph their body types... So it would depend on how the story writer wants it to. One of those grey areas where you can't really be right of wrong. But all that considered, if it were a Guyver vs standard Xenomorphs, the Guyver would have no trouble. Even against a Queen which is just essentially a bigger Xenomorph. Both would be very susceptible to all the Guyvers long/mid range weapons. The only one in question would be the HF Swords. As mentioned before, Xenomorphs would basically be very weak Zoanoids. So even most Zoanoids would stand a good chance 1 vs 1.
  10. Justice League

    What Marvel is doing is absolutely brilliant, and should be copied and used at all times, IF you want the money they make. So yeah, there are similarities in various movies, and they never really "push" them to be different very often. But you know what they do well? Making good, and fun action movies that have heart. All the Marvel cast is basically likable and you can root for them very easily. Because Marvel understands their audience. Warner Brothers doesn't understand their audience. They are more like a group of 60-70 year olds who think they know what their grand kids want. So yeah, Grandma gives you a sweater at Christmas. Sure, it might even be a nice sweater... but you're 10 and you want toys. And that is what Marvel does best. They grab that 10 year old inside us and make us some fun, if sometimes disposable action mixed in with a (relatively) coherent plot with likable characters. Marvel/Disney wants to make good movies and they know money will come if they do. DC/WB wants to make money by copying a formula, without following the formula precisely. This has been utterly proven with all the news reports about the WB management. If DC/WB had copied Marvel and keep things fun, exciting with likable characters, only a vast minority of people would ever call them out on it, because the majority would be too busy enjoying the movies. Not everything has to be Oscar bait or high class cinema. There is a very large market for fun action movies that only seek to entertain. As for the critics reaction to Marvels movies, but not liking DC's? The majority are correct when Marvel's movies score higher. Some have not been all that good either, but its all up to critics if they judge a movie based on what marvel has already done, or if they review it based on just the movie itself... And they certainly do not have to "hump marvels leg" because Marvel makes enjoyable movies. DC's recent failures lacked the heart and fun that makes a good action movie. Their last 2 outing where improvements to be sure, but we can tell it hurt the managements egos. Nolan's Batman movies were not "Superhero" movies. They brought one character down to a very realistic level and made a dramatic action movie series. And it worked quite well. But it wouldn't work for all characters. It worked for Batman because he is dark and brooding... but most of DC's characters are nothing like him. They tried to make Batman the rule, instead of the exception to the rule that he is. Then of course putting Snyder in charge of a series of franchises that he doesn't care about. Kevin Feige is a fan and when he approves a movie, he knows that he will enjoy it as a comic fan. Snyder doesn't care about the comics at all. And it clearly shows. When he directs something he likes, his talent shows off greatly... But you could tell that he just didn't want to do these movies at all. ... This is turning out to be a large rant where I have likely stated my opinion more than once... So I'm just going to end here.
  11. Justice League

    If anything, I would prefer to keep most of the cast. Changing things too drastically now would ruin it even further. The only one I think who could be replaced is Affleck, and only because he has said it himself that he isn't happy/possibly too old. And they did play Batman to be older, while every other member is young enough for another 10 years or so without much fuss. But if he was willing, I'd still keep him. But overall, I just wish the drama would end, and we get some decent movies out of them. It can't be that hard.
  12. New Chapter status?

    Yeah that too. I was reading a manga called World Trigger, which has been on hiatus since November 2016... but we know why. the creator is very sickly and the stress of deadlines was killing him. So we're not really expecting much at all, if ever. But absolute silence as to why Takaya is not releasing new chapters is just not right. Even if it was "Creator is taking a break to relax" would be something.
  13. Justice League

    To be fair, I thought it was actually alright. I probably talked about it to death with friends and family, so that is why I likely never posted my surprising liking of it. Definitely needed to be longer... Maybe not 2 movies longer, but definitely at least a half hour if not a full hour. But after reading all the bullshit that was holding it back, it certainly was set up for failure. Suffered from the some of the same tropes that hurt marvel films as well, like a poor villain. But character wise... Wonder Woman was alright. I'm not as big a fan of her own movie as some people are, as it essentially was a period piece with a super hero ( aka Captain America, just in a different war), so I don't see her as the "saving grace" that some do. But she was alright here. But of course it did help to have a movie of her own under her tiara. Batman was better this time around. Definitely closer to what we expect from Batman. BIG shame that he was essentially forced to use guns by the end to get by. They could have made the parademons a bit weaker to allow him to fight better. Flash was alright. Didn't mind the suit at all, and had some good scenes. Really disliked how he ran though. It just looked kinda awkward. Cyborg was pretty cool. I didn't have any complaints about him. the CG looked alright as well. Aquaman was meh... He REALLY could have used a movie beforehand to explain some shit. Also seemed to be on par with Wonder Woman in strength... but both felt REALLY weak in comparison to... Superman. At least they allowed Cavill to smile and BE Superman. But he was way too overpowered. I mean, sure, he's supposed to be, but Wonder Woman is essentially supposed to be his equal in many stories. And man... The CGI on Superman's suit in that last battle stuck out so badly that I can forgive the mustache issue. Overall I thought it was a pretty good 5/10. Probably could have been a 6 or a 7 if there had been an extra half hour at least, and if the power scales on the parademons and Superman had been toned down. The sad takeaway from this, is that they finally got some of the shit right... But are planning on "rebooting" some of it anyway. I honestly want to see another Superman movie now that someone there "gets" him better. I want to see an Afflek Batman movie similar to an Arkham video game if he were still up for it. I actually want more now. So I guess we have to wait and see what plans they have for Flash Point.
  14. New Chapter status?

    That isn't even an issue. We just want new Guyver manga, period.
  15. A Little Guyver 2 Dark Hero reunion

    I always assumed that he didn't know. He was using Sho as a test subject for everything. Thus why he only intervened when it was for his own benefit, but ended up watching a lot of the time. In his mind, there was likely 3 ( or more) options of what could happen: 1. No longer functions. No more competition, and I need to be more careful 2. Unit reforms as a unit. Wooo! Free unit! Can give to a pawn/loyal supporter. 3. Guyver 1 revives. Not only does he gain a pawn, but proves to him that he is also practically invincible.