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  1. Matt Bellamy

    Venom 2018

    Don't say I didn't like something when I actually saw the thing and clearly posted my opinion. I clearly liked part of the movie. I said it was 30% of a good movie. And most critics (good or bad review) agree that the Eddie/Venom interaction was the best part. The problem with Venom is that it REEKS of studio interference. Which hurts the overall movie with a weak villain, weak love interest, and a story so bland that doesn't even involve his greatest rival. Plus, the PG-13, despite Venom clearly eating at least one head directly off of a guy. What I hope happens, is that the Studio takes the reviews to heart, maybe talk with Mr.Feige and Marvel a bit abotu forming a story, and allow a sequel to be something better. But next time, before you jump all over someone for an opinion on anything, remember: It is an OPINION. Going at someone's opinion is a shitty thing to do that happens far too much on the internet, and I will NOT allow it to happen here. Fact of the matter is, you are trying to prove that my opinion of Venom is wrong because (without seeing it) of the box office. Bad movies make money all the time. This is nothing new. Come back when you see the movie and post your opinion, or ask questions of people who have seen it. But do not attack people because you disagree with an opinion.
  2. Matt Bellamy

    Venom 2018

    So. The Rotten tomatoes score is pretty accurate. About 30% of the movie is kind of good. And that is only the scenes with Eddie and Venom. Everything else is just bad.
  3. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    April 2016. So yeah... Not good.
  4. Matt Bellamy

    Guyver Novel, Full Book, Japanese 'scan' (photos)

    Topic locked.
  5. Matt Bellamy

    Venom 2018

    Boy oh boy... Critics are savaging the movie. I expected as much... Sony still really doesn't know how to make a modern superhero movie. Still seeing it on Saturday, but at least my expectation have lowered even further... So I might get some enjoyment out of it.
  6. Matt Bellamy

    Dark Phoenix trailer

    I think that discussion will be a big part of the film. It's always a grey area when he uses his powers to alter minds anyway, but his intentions are usually good. It's probably also a reason why Xavier in his older years ( the first 3 x-men films), never did it to people, even if it would help his cause. He learned his lesson about playing with peoples minds.
  7. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    These are the only boobies I want to see more of.
  8. Matt Bellamy

    Dark Phoenix trailer

    Looks alright. I never bothered with Apocalypse, but I guess I should catch up. Liking Cyclops' visor though. Looks much more like the comics visor.
  9. Matt Bellamy

    The IRON MAN thread

    I always thought registration would be the way to go... But only if it were handled well. It was not. "42" and signing villains to the "Pro" side was just a leap too far for my tastes. They went much too far, instead of showing the good reasoning why registration would be the right thing. I remember a Civil War: What If... trade I picked up ( had one story based on Annihilation, which I love) that had Tony and Steve work together instead of fighting.The Watcher showed Tony what could have happened if Tony had made one choice differently. Turns out they both had issues with it and were able to come up with compromises. Steve didn't hate the idea, but hated how he knew they were going to handle it. So Steve was placed in charge of the hero database and how things were handled, and as the Watcher explained, a world of peace prospered under their tutelage. But of course, it's Marvel. We cannot have nice things.
  10. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    This is probably the most consistent he has been in his entire career... Shame it's because of not doing anything...
  11. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    I remember doing a brief write up ages ago that had season 2 end with the defeat of the Dragonlord/End of the Arizona fight. But that was done about the time just after... So I don't know how many more we'd need now... But considering the first season and the hypothetical second, it'd probably be at or close to half a season 3 at least at this point. I can't remember the exact formula I used... But it revolves around the fact that manga and Anime are opposites in terms of how long things take to do. Action can take a lot of pages/chapters/volumes for a single fight, but in anime, they go much faster... while dialogue in comics is done in large dumps, but having to act it out takes a lot more time.
  12. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    To be fair, Berserk has a more original, very twisted story, has very bloody and violent action and lots of nudity. It's like the perfect combo for the young adult market. It's also why a series like Attack on Titan is so popular... It may not have the nudity, but its violent and gory with an original story that is sick and twisted in many ways. Calling both of them "Dark" is doing Berserk a disservice... As well as the "Dark" genre. If the Guyver was truly like the first 6 episodes of the OAV, it would likely be much more popular... But the manga is actually pretty tame, and the 2005 TV series followed that. It's not even considered "Horror". It's just a Superhero action manga with monsters. Something that gets done a lot in manga/anime and live action. It's a general concpt that gets over used a lot, and Guyver gets over shadowed by all the good and bad of the genre. But Guyver has had a fair shot at being successful. More so than other series. It has has a long running manga, an OAV series, an OAV movie, an animated season, and 2 live action movies, lots of model kits, a whole bunch of figures, upcoming statues ect... Very few series can claim to have that much. Maybe as fans, we place it too high on a pedestal ( as a lot of series fans do as well). Coming to terms with the facts, that your favorite thing just isn't that popular, can be hard.
  13. Matt Bellamy

    What do you think causes difference in Guyver units?

    Are you sure...? All the promotional material has the units being the standard color... And it is the way it has always been. The only units that are in their armor colors are ones made by fans. The Max Factory figures all had standard units, and even on the back of the data file books that came with the 2005 series DVDs has them in the standard colors... *edit* I assume you meant this shot from episode 2 ...where I can see what you mean and how someone might think that... but that's likely just due to bad lighting. The bio material is the same as the standard, and the shaded colors are similar to those from the unit from previous shots in the 2005 series. But it still leaves the question, if his unit was in his armor colors... Why wasn't Liskers that is literally shown 10 second before. As for Female Guyver 2... You're not "telling like it is". There is no proof of that. The popular theory has some merit based on what has been said in the manga, and the characters motivations of the character haven't fully been realized yet. Sure, the popular theory has not been 100% stated either, but we do not claim to be "telling like it is" or that it is 100% fact and usually state something to that effect. It is simply a theory based on source material, nothing more. Please do not spread misguided information by claiming you are correct without sources.
  14. Matt Bellamy

    What do you think causes difference in Guyver units?

    The usual breakdown of this usually goes as follows: Guyver 1 - Blank slate. Sho had no ambition/motives in life and the unit stayed its default color and gave a pretty basic design. I wouldn't say "default" as there is likely no "default" look. Guyver 2 - Lisker wanted power. He wanted to move up in the world. Yellow/Gold are usually associated with power. It has never been properly confirmed whether or not the damaged look is because of the damage to the control metal, but the alternate model head that Max factory released is also mean looking, as Lisker not a man to cross. Guyver 3 - Dark ambitions, dark armor. Even further mutated by the general malice and evil that Agito likely feels. He wants to rule and will step on any one's corpse if he has to. Despite his "good guy" status at points, when he got his unit, his ambitions were dark as they come. Guyver 2-F - She's out for revenge, but it is based somewhat on her relationship with Lisker... Purple/pink is a weird color for her, unless she has some unresolved feelings... Guyver 0 - Very likely was a hunter. Fierce and violent... But not evil. Probably a hunter of a tribe and very brave. Green is often considered the color of bravery. So he has a mean look, but not an evil color.
  15. Matt Bellamy

    Max Factory - 1/6 Guyver 1

    1/6 scale, so around 11-12 inches tall.