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  1. Matt Bellamy

    Yoshiki Takaya's other works.

    Sadly, his history as an artist... Is not good... And I wouldn't recommend searching for any of it. To be blunt about his earliest stuff... It is mostly underage lolicon porn. Even his first "legit" series, Hades Project Zeorymer has lolicon porn in it. ( the anime OAV created from it shares the theme, but is much more safe). It's best to just stick with Guyver, especially if you still have any respect for the man.
  2. Matt Bellamy

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    There is no stated evidence of there ever being a Gregole Ver 2.0 or Chronos "Revising" their soldiers. They have upgraded some specific Hyper Zoanoids with new powers/designs and those are clearly designated in data files. If there was a Gregole ver 2, from around book 9, we'd have artwork and a data file for it. It is most likely that he did not realize how heavy those tanks are, or was just going for "Wow" factor, and didn't expect people to dig deep into stats/weights theories ( which is actually pretty common for comic artists/creators in general)
  3. Matt Bellamy

    Richard Guyot

    Not at all. But that is because Imakarum was no longer just "Guyots replacement", but Archanphels special project. Imakarum was shown to have many more abilities than Guyot, as well as all of Guyots powers. And since his repairing after Gigantic Dark smashed his Zoacrystal, he seems to be even more so...
  4. Matt Bellamy

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    Your numbers make no sense since a Gigantic exceed is not "52x" in size. It is 52 meters in height, where the normal Gigantic's are about 2.72/2.75 meters. Only about 19x in size rounded up a bit. A normal Gigantic Guyver's mega-smasher is also stated to be 100x a normal Mega-smasher... And that is not even with a doubling of height. So the size means nothing in terms of how powerful the blast could potentially be, only that the beam would likely be about ~19x bigger than the Gigantics, since that is the height difference. The only answer we need is: Is there a proportional increase in power, or is there another large jump in power from Gigantic to Exceed?
  5. Matt Bellamy

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    Yeah, no contest here. The Reapers are essentially large battleships. Reapers are known to range from 160 meters to over 2 kilometers in length. And with that, they aren't super maneuverable, and don't really seem to have that many different weapons despite their size. But the Exceed Giga-Smasher would likely have no problem with a 2km long super slow ship. I am sure if the exceed is able to use the Gravity ram, the Exceed would easily rip through them as well, especially since they are not particularly solid constructs. But that is the difference in contestants here. Reapers real strength is in their numbers and not solo capabilities. Thus why it's such a one sided fight... But against a million or more Reapers? Sorry, I doubt the Exceed would last long enough.
  6. Matt Bellamy

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    The old 1989 OAV is a mixed bag... The first 6 episodes are spectacular, while the 2nd 6 are very meh in a lot of spots. You can clearly tell that they spent a lot of money to make the first 6 episodes, but dd not nearly have the same budget for the 2nd 6. But because of this, the first 6 still hold up to some of today's standards. And being an OAV, it didn't need to be family friendly, so they went a bit bloodier with the animation. sure, the Manga isn't that bloody at all, but it helped create a style to bring people in. ...And that theme song. Goddamn I love that song. The 2005 series was a TV Series with a small budget, but with the benefit of newer technology. So while it looks fine as it is, it's not up to par with other more expensive series from around that time. Seeing as how it was being played on a TV station, they could not get away with a lot of blood and gore. Though closer to the manga in this part, it did tone it down a bit further. However the tone and scope of the series is much more fleshed out, and the world and characters feel a lot better than they did in the early volumes of the manga. Because of how poorly the original manga starts, and how serious the 2005 series takes everything, I like to introduce new people to the first 6 episodes of the OAV first. It's all a great time, with lots of action and great music to get you pumped for more... THEN I show them the 2005 tv series. Because it handles the series to volume 10 pretty well, there is almost no need to go back and read the previous volumes, unless they become a big fan and actually want to.
  7. Matt Bellamy

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    In comparison to the 1989 OAV? Much closer. Buuut, it does do a lot of different things than the manga as well. Especially early on... But that is not a bad thing in this case. What the 2005 series did was retcon some of the poor story telling that Takaya did in the original Manga. Back then the point of the manga wasn't story, but a boy in armor fighting monsters. So when they were doing the 2005 series, he was heavily involved in the restructuring. So now we have more from Guyver 2, who was killed off so quickly in the manga (and OAV), with some additions from the side novels mixed in. And Agito is shown to be more of an evil anti-hero, rather than "Kinda cool anti-hero" from the OAV. But some stuff was cut, like the clone of Sho that was made from the arm that was bit off during the Enzyme fight. As for the Gigantic being in the 2005 series... I thought it was smart. Sure, some stuff was cut... But it would have only been maybe 2 episodes at maximum. The end of the Mount Minikami arc is probably the best place to end it, considering the arc is quite long, and stopping in the middle would have been weird. And if they just ended it with the Relic being destroyed, it would have been a great cliffhanger IF the show had already been renewed for a second season. But at that point they didn't know if that would happen. So they pushed it a little farther to show a happier, more bad ass ending, rather than a downer ending of them being beaten.
  8. Matt Bellamy

    Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    Yeah, according to the VDF book, they were using M1's, which can vary from 54 metric tons to 65... And in said VDF, it is shown that what looks like a Ramotith is also lifting one, while a Tabross is tearing off the top half of the tank... Which has to to be a couple tons itself. In book 8 a Tabross missing an arm was also able to tilt a tank. Granted both are shown lifting one side of the tanks, and fully supporting the tank over their heads on two arms... but still. Maybe bone/muscle density plays a part in this as well? The VDF also mentions that a Physic wave was removing all fear of death from the Zoanoids... So maybe pain wasn't a thing for them? We all know people can achieve great feats of strength when pushed beyond their mental limits ( like a mom "lifting" a car to save their child I believe is the common story told).
  9. Matt Bellamy

    Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    Makes me wonder just how much of a difference there would be between Sho and Lisker, considering Lisker is well above average, and Sho is likely below average... Or if the Guyver minimalizes some of the change.
  10. Matt Bellamy

    Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    This. While our datafiles may seem "official" in the way they are presented/written, some specifics on things may or may not be based on the situation of the story, rather than official source numbers. Unfortunately, a lot of information from "official" sources are just as much guess work based on other information from other sources or their appearances. IE we can guess how strong Powered Zerebubuth is based on info from normal Zerebubuth. It may not be 100% accurate, but it's likely the closest safe bet. So when we introduced him to our fanfiction ( long before the book/DF translations), we likely assumed that he got an overall power up across the board. And technically, we aren't incorrect, though the newest source material does not state anything about physical power, so the design may have just got new weapons. Even the "strength of 15 men" is almost irrelevant in terms of measurement until we are given a baseline for what Chronos considers "the strength of 1 man"
  11. Matt Bellamy

    Fake Gigantic - Revamp

    I guess it would all depend on what the purpose of your fake gigantic is? If they are trying to cheat people and make them think that it is either Sho or Agito, then you should go with their colors. If they are using them for other purposes, then any mix of colors would suffice.
  12. Matt Bellamy

    Purgstall Data File

    Yeah, he seems to be able to manipulate the weather of the area he is in to an extent to create more power. In the right circumstance he could be incredibly dangerous. But all the Zoalords with exception of Imakarum and possibly Archanphel suffer from the same issue. They are all great in one or two things... but suck at others. So when they fight the "All Round powerful, made to fight Archanphel" Guyver Gigantics alone, or even in a small group, they cannot hope to compete at all. The 3 rogues have now all felt the fear of the Guyver Gigantics. They were only able to talk smack because they didn't realize just how powerful the Guyver Gigantics are.
  13. Matt Bellamy

    Guyver Novel, Full Book, Japanese 'scan' (photos)

    Please see the FAQs and how other people do it in this part of the forum: http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/130-access-request-area/
  14. Matt Bellamy

    Purgstall Data File

    There is no HD version of this sadly. And the Visual Data Files stopped at book 15... Purgstall's data file was in the back of book 16. The only other data is from the Data file books from the ADV DVDs... And it is not very much.
  15. Matt Bellamy

    "Blocking" a thread

    Unfortunately I don't think so... The only "Hide" feature I have is the moderator hide, and that hides it from everyone.