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  1. New Chapter status?

    For the freely available material? There is a bit more available online than that. The page you have there is from the monthly releases, but the the first couple ( bigger) chapters of volume 30 are out there that include this sequence, but it is part of a larger chapter. But there is not much more than this. We're not allowed to say specifically, but look around the different free manga sites. You should be able to find one or two with a bit more. I think there is 3 chapters of volume 30 available.
  2. Website Update Thread

    I've changed them for now, but am thinking of removing them entirely, as they are just random terms that have nothing to currently do with the forum or the general theme of the site. As it stands, after 100 posts, members can make their own titles anyway, so it really shouldn't effect much if we default them to Guyver terms instead.
  3. Does Apollon's name help tell us who he is?

    Most of the evidence points to it being Imakarum in the armor, but it's hard to say what his actual goal is at this point. All we know is that he has some kind of timeline ( could be related to Archanphel's health); that he is collecting the Zoalord Crystals of all Zoalords he can (not just of the 3 rogues); and that he is trying to keep Archanphel alive. Oh and that he wants "something" from Guyot...
  4. Netflix: Castlevania

    So Netflix's Castlevania "anime" has been released... And at 4 episodes long, it's more of a "What do you guys think...?" test, rather than a full season 1. Probably why "season 2" has already been approved and is 8 episodes... In order to add up to 12 for a proper season 1. And yes, since season "2" has already been announced, you can guess that, yes, it is pretty awesome. Reminds me a bit of Attack on Titan in that it is very medieval, and not afraid to show gore... But also has it's own gimmicks that keep it from being just a simple Fantasy Horror. Basically without spoiling too much... The series is retelling the NES game Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse, which is mostly famous for being tied to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In the first 4 episodes we are eventually introduced to 3 of the 4 main characters of the game. If you have any interest in fantasy horror, I urge you to watch it. Definitely worth your time. I cannot wait for the next 8 episodes. Oh yes, and it is available in both English and Japanese, so you can choose your poison. The English version is very good though. Normally I prefer my Anime in Japanese, but the production values are really high on this, and the quality shows.
  5. Final Stock Clearance Sale 1/6 Guyver Gigantic

    That was kind of my thought too... I had missed out on the Bio-Fighter collection series of figures and really did not want to miss these... but the price was way too high until that one store put them on clearance when the company folded. It still hurt a bit to spend so much... But not as bad as their original prices.
  6. Something that I'm curious about.

    This is pretty much what I assume... We see old fat TV's in the early books, pre X-Day... But the newest books have big screen thin LCD-ish TV's ( and PS3 like systems) It's still a pretty ridiculous jump in technology, but it can sort of be explained in this way... Despite it only actually being only a few year span in the actual timeline itself.
  7. How would you wrap up and end the Guyver series?

    Yeah, it is assumed that because they were able to deliver the unit remover to Archanphel, they also took the remover and the dormant unit back.
  8. Destiny 2

    I watched it live ( while at work!) on the day of... And I gotta say I am liking what I am seeing. The biggest thing though? That it is still "Destiny" Sure the supers and weapons are changed up a bit, and we'll have a new ability... But it still FEELS like Destiny. They aren't tweaking the general control scheme at all. Which is perfect, as Destiny, despite ALL the flaws, still feels and plays extremely well. About the only thing I thought was weird was the announcement of the team of 4 crucible now. Kind of weird considering everything else that is kind of based on 3's... But then I am not a big crucible player, so it matters little to me.
  9. New Chapter status?

    My problem is, I see it as side tracking the creator... Especially when we haven't had a chapter in over a year. If his releases were more frequent I would have no problem... But as someone who has been reading and watching since about 1997 (geez, 20 years), and it's still not done? Yeah. There is only one thing I need. An ENDING.
  10. New Chapter status?

    I know I am in the minority, but I just want the manga finished. To hell with the current live action movies and merchandise. To hell with new figures and statues of the anime/manga. To hell with any new live action project or special projects. FINISH THE SOURCE MATERIAL FIRST. There is no point in doing new projects based on the story, if that story is never going to finish... And considering his output, that may never happen at this rate. To me, these pictures only prove that he is alive. So he can start working on the manga. *edit* ...even created an instagram account to say that... but nicer...
  11. New Chapter status?

    Which volumes did you get...? As there are currently 3 that the Advocacy has (30, 31 and 32). I think Guyvers problem itself isn't exposure, but Takaya himself. Erratic releases, and content that does not currently fit the wants of current times. If they re-boooted Guyver as a cute anime schoolgirl series, or a harem series, then its popularity would certainly rise... But other than that, it is long past its prime. I mean, WE like it, but new people starting off with the series will get turned off but the low quality and old art, and never get into the plot enough to enjoy it ( which is why I now recommend watching the 2005 TV series first. It at least is more modern and can be substituted for a lot of the early stuff). As for bringing in new fans, there is 29 volumes readily available online... But even so, with the erratic releases, Guyver will never be at the top of major manga sites because you need consistent releasing to even get on new release lists for people to find it. In short: Guyver is an old as hell series with a story framework that is also old as hell, and doesn't fit with the current popular trends ( ie boy with powers is still popular... but there is usually a harem attached to those kinds of series now... And Shonen ACE is full of).
  12. New Chapter status?

    Except they started doing this at the end of book 29. Book 32 was just released last year and we get a volume every 1-2 years (depending on breaks). They started doing this, sometime around 2012-2013. Takaya takes a break whenever he seems to work/help with other projects. He took a break when the Figmas were being planned, and now these Prime Statues. So not a coincidence at all, because it is totally unrelated. Maybe do a bit of research before trying to be a smart ass (on the site that helps provide said scanlations no less). Anyway, as noted, if you'd like to continue this conversation elsewhere, we can certainly do so. Guyver Manga Current Status: Still nothing from the publishers about new chapters. ...but hey, those expensive statues sure look nice... right...? ugh. *Edit for dates. Bad head math*
  13. New Chapter status?

    Interesting how the definition of "Stingy" can also mean "unwilling to spend" as well as "unwilling to give". Food for thought.
  14. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    This is basically how Guyver has been it's entire run. Sometimes we get a lot of content/merch all at once... And then nothing for a while. But we still have a bunch of Guyver merchandise on the way, despite some of the pieces being very expensive. This is similar to 10 or so years ago after the 2005 TV series ended and the BioFighter figure line ended. It certainly is not the "right" way to be releasing a manga, but it is the way Takaya gets away with... And as fans, we have to put up with. So if you feel there is nothing for Guyver to offer you, then please move on. There is no reason to waste your time on something you don't feel is worth it. Take a year or two off from it. Focus on another hobby, or maybe just another series. The worst thing anyone can do is stick around and build up frustration because there isn't any new content. I stay a Guyver fan because I do side projects based on my own Guyver related creations. That's how I fight the drought of official content... but even then there was quite a few years were I basically did nothing Guyver related ( heck, I got burnt out on anime in General). And when I came back looking for something, I found new reasons to enjoy it. But as it stands, Guyver has not been cancelled. New content is expected. Eventually. And even if I cannot afford those expensive statues, they are officially licensed... So that mean someone is paying to have this stuff made because there is still interest in a 30+ year old series But what you do is up to you.
  15. Getting back into drawing agan

    Always wanted a Cintiq, but my brain could not comprehend drawing on the 13 inch ones and I always looked towards the 20+ inch models... but then I looked at the price... And figured the only way I'd ever get one, is if I started doing art professionally... Which never happened.