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  1. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Now I absolutely must have the Laser Disk's and put them in frames. That just looks perfect.
  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I didn't like it. Had some decent action scenes, but none of the humor landed well, the characters were pretty terrible and acted strangely, and all the death. When Mark Hamill stated early on that he told them that he did not like what they were doing with Luke, but would act it anyway... Yeah, I feel he was spot on.
  3. Unfortunately, we can still not understand what you are asking for, and you don't seem to want to try any harder to try and make any sense.... This all besides the fact that this post is not for anything but talking about the Fan Archive on warriorguyver.com. This thread is hereby locked, and if you continue to post in the manner in which you have been, you will be considered a spam account and dealt with. We're not strict like we used to be, but spamming is something we do not tolerate.
  4. Avengers: Infinity War

    ALL the hype. I've watched this so many times, and when that theme plays near the end I get goosebumps. Things do not look good for the heroes in New York. And thankfully T'Challa is shown quite a bit here... We don't need this movie stealing any hype from Black Panther itself.
  5. I still don't understand what you are exactly saying, but it sounds like you want a custom character...? Unfortunately we are not doing any artwork for anyone else.
  6. New Chapter status?

    Nope. Nothing.
  7. Is English perhaps not your primary language? If not, try posting in your primary language and we can try it through a translation filter. Because that did not make any sense at all, and only comes off as spam to me.
  8. Volume 30 Tankoubon - finished

    Please see the FAQs regarding volumes 30, 31, 32 and the archive.
  9. New Chapter status?

    The BIG problem is, we don't know. Because no one has said anything. At all. We are only assuming that is why he has been busy. We only know he is even alive ( or was) because of those pictures taken with Steve Wang. ( It has been said that Steve Wang is writing a script for a new Guyver movie... But a script doesn't mean a movie is being made at all.) So yeah, we can assume we know what he is up to... But I hardly think a few figures/statues and a few meeting should stop a creator for this long. I would under stand maybe a chapter every 2 months ( even his small ones)... but nothing? Yeah, it's kind of heartbreaking to think that it seems the creator of his series likes it less than you do.
  10. How would you want a live action Guyver TV series to be?

    I wouldn't. I would rather see a show about a guy getting a powered armor and having to deal with his own issues with a mix match of issues stolen from other sources. IE basically what Kamen Rider is. But darker and more realistic would be nice. That way it could use Guyver tropes, but not ruin the idea of the Guyver itself, and also be allowed to grow on its own without having to stick to the source material. My biggest source and need for this change, is the 2 live action Guyver movies. The first is a bad dark horror comedy and the second is a tokusatsu themed variation... and as much as Dark Hero is liked, neither are REALLY "Guyver"... BUT to their credit they do also make some changes and try to make it their own thing, just using the Guyver license. But as a "TV show"? I really dislike how "western" TV shows do business. They never have an "Ending" in place, and just keep going until the show is not popular anymore... So despite a show being good in its first couple seasons, it tends to over stay its welcome soon after.
  11. Sol Tekkaman Project

    While Guyver is still sitting on a long hiatus, I got watching Tekkaman Blade again. And Tekkaman Blade 2. Yeah it's not great, but still has its own charms. Like the Sol Tekkaman armors. I really liked the green and yellow suits that were briefly used in the first episode, and wished they had been used more. I came to an even bigger realization... I had not seen any decent line art of them other than a really crappy small pic. I then also realized that the Sol Tekkaman armors from the Prague incident have no line art that I can find ever. So, since Guyver is on hiatus, I decided to draw me some Sol Tekkaman armors. I had recently picked up the Armor Plus Sol Tekkaman Unit 2 figure, and decided to start with the TV series suits first, since they are also bad ass. Plus I wanted to use them as a ground work for the later models. And now they are complete! I didn't draw Units 1, 1 Refit or 2 using their weapons because there is tons of line art (and fan art) of them already, but there was nothing of the Tekkaman Blade 2 units weapons so I decided to do them. Now, as for what is next...? I dunno. Maybe since I am still on a Tekkaman kick, I might actually do some actual Tekkamen. The finished proto-type for the Earth created Sol Tekkaman units. Built by the Allied Defense Forces using "stolen" data from the Space Knights data on the Tekkaman Voltekka system and their many attempts at making a powered armor. Piloted by Balzac, this unit uses a "Fermion cannon", which was developed by Dr. Marlo (Balzac's close friend) using the data Balzac "stole" ( in truth, Freeman gave him the data because he knew this would happen). The armor itself provides some strength enhancement, but it is not made for melee combat. It makes up for this with it's agility. With thrusters on the sides of the legs, and on the backpack, the Sol Tekkaman armor has great maneuverability and can hover along the ground at great speeds, jump great heights, and dodge incoming attacks easily. It is also capable of limited flight on its own. As well, the suit can be sealed so that the user can survive in space and under water. The Fermion cannon is able to destroy a Radam creature in a single shot (both ground and flying types), but it is ineffective against a Tekkaman. The Fermion cannon is a 2 part system: The Main cannon on the back, and the laser/trigger unit on the right arm. While the Arm unit can be used as a laser, it's primary function is to to be used with the back cannon. When combined, the Sol Tekkaman also has an extra visor unit placed over the head, and a small radom/shield off the side of the cannon that has an extra handle for the left arm to hold that provides extra aiming assistance and stability. Unit 1 is trashed by Tekkaman Evil while on a mission to try and take back the Space Ring. Balzac and a damaged Unit 1 survive and make it back to Earth, later to be brought back into action by the Space Knight team. Unit 1 undergoes an overhauling by Rebin as its cannon was destroyed in the previous battle, and the armor was still badly beat up from his encounter with Tekkaman Evil. When he uses the armor next it has a new weapon and some different armor features ( will be drawn as well) Though it is not shown in the TV series, this model of Sol Tekkaman was mass produced (other than Unit 2), and a couple units are briefly shown protecting Defense Force ships in space at the start of Tekkaman Blade 2; Though it was wielding a different model of cannon. More advanced units are soon deployed, so it is assumed that these units were older models that still remain in service. The 2nd Sol Tekkaman suit created by the Allied Defense Forces. Identical to Unit 1; except for color variances. The unit thus retains the arm laser/Fermion cannon weapons. Unit 2 was used by Space Knight Noal to defend the Allied Defense Forces base when he accidentally came upon the unmanned unit and a few technicians who were communicating with General Colbert. The technicians told Colbert that there was no pilot, and Colbert specifically said " Anyone will do!". Noal jumped at this chance, donned the armor and took to it almost unnaturally. After that incident, the Space Knights kept the armor and Noal remained its pilot for the the remainder of the TV series, until it's last fight; where Balzac wore it, with a proto-type cannon to try and kill Tekkaman Sword, while Noal piloted the Blue Earth. The cannon worked well enough, but Sword was able to damage the Blue Earth, sending all 3 of them hurtling towards Earth. Balzac did not give up however and he was able to do enough damage to Tekkaman Sword that he in Unit 2 and Tekkaman Sword burnt up on atmospheric re-entry. The Blue Earth and Noal crashed, but Noal survived. When Balzac joined the Space Knights later in the series, he brought with him a very damaged Sol Tekkaman suit. Rebin was able to repair and power up the unit with a few new additions. The Fermion cannon was destroyed, and since it wasn't needed, the laser/trigger mechanism was removed. Instead Rebin installed a dual Fermion turret system on the upper back. The two turrets can fire in all directions, that individually seem to lack a bit of power that the Fermion cannon has, but can still kill most Radam creatures in 1 or 2 shots. The helmet was also upgraded with addition sensors for the Fermion turrets. As well, Blazac carries a rifle created by the Allied Defense Forces for normal soldiers. It fires 3 metal spikes that seem to electrocute the target. It was never that effective against Radam by itself, so I don't know why it was included, unless Rebin improved it as well. The right armor was also fitted with a larger shield gauntlet. To use the Fermion turrets on ground, Unit 2 needs to hunch forward, so that it's back it upright. The user than can lean on the right arm shield, and legs have been slightly modified for this pose as well. Balzac continued to use the refitted Unit 1 until the end of the series. It is unknown what happen to this unit as it was never seen outright destroyed, though both Sol Tekkaman units do get regularly beat up pretty good, they are usually repaired between encounters. The Sol Tekkaman series has gotten a few upgrades over the years. Originally seen attacking the incoming Radam forces at the start of Tekkaman Blade 2, as well as during the events of Missing Link, seems to be the Space variant of the next generation Sol Tekkaman armors. Much like the older models, it is shown to be very agile in space, dodging around the incoming Radam creatures. In terms of attack power though, this model is quite different in terms of weapons than the older models. First off, it carries a long rifle under its arm, which is not back mounted. This rifle seems to be able to kill Radam creatures in a few quick hits. As well, this model also has another, more potent weapon: A Voltekker! Its shoulder armor opens to reveal two 3 lens Voltekker weapons. They fire a beam very similar to a Tekkaman Voltekker that is able to tear through multiple Radam creatures with ease. They don't seem to spread out like other Tekkaman Voltekkers and are more finely focused, possibly to stop weakening of the attack at distances. Unfortunately, this new model is just an ineffective against actual Tekkaman creatures. It is assumed that the Rifle would be totally ineffective, but it is unknown if its Voltekker would have any effect, as they never showed one being used on the alien Tekkamen. This pic includes the rifle and open Voltekker since they were only shown very briefly. After the first Radam invasion, the new Earth Government continued to build and upgrade the Sol Tekkaman suits. While it was unknown if there would ever be another invasion, the suits themselves were also just very efficient combat machines, and they weren't going to let that idea go to waste. It seems like they designs 2 sets of suits, one for Space use ( previously drawn) and one for use on Earth ( this one). With some differences in appearance here and there, the two suits seem to be basically the same, with just different maneuverability options due to the differences in Space and in gravity. They both carry the same long rifle, and the Earth model seems to have an under barrel attachment of some sort. Possibly a grenade launcher, but it is unknown exactly what it is. This model also can carry a large shield. As well, can be air launched with a removable parachute pack on its back. These units are most famous for being used in the Tekkaman uprising in Prague in Tekkaman Blade 2 that ended... Poorly. As well, it was seen being used by Space Knight Noal in Missing Link, before it is completely destroyed by the tornado being caused by Blade. This was likely retconned, even if Noal's disappearance was even more lame in Tekkaman Blade 2. This marks the end of the Sol Tekkaman armors!
  12. New Chapter status?

    For the freely available material? There is a bit more available online than that. The page you have there is from the monthly releases, but the the first couple ( bigger) chapters of volume 30 are out there that include this sequence, but it is part of a larger chapter. But there is not much more than this. We're not allowed to say specifically, but look around the different free manga sites. You should be able to find one or two with a bit more. I think there is 3 chapters of volume 30 available.
  13. Website Update Thread

    I've changed them for now, but am thinking of removing them entirely, as they are just random terms that have nothing to currently do with the forum or the general theme of the site. As it stands, after 100 posts, members can make their own titles anyway, so it really shouldn't effect much if we default them to Guyver terms instead.
  14. Does Apollon's name help tell us who he is?

    Most of the evidence points to it being Imakarum in the armor, but it's hard to say what his actual goal is at this point. All we know is that he has some kind of timeline ( could be related to Archanphel's health); that he is collecting the Zoalord Crystals of all Zoalords he can (not just of the 3 rogues); and that he is trying to keep Archanphel alive. Oh and that he wants "something" from Guyot...
  15. Netflix: Castlevania

    So Netflix's Castlevania "anime" has been released... And at 4 episodes long, it's more of a "What do you guys think...?" test, rather than a full season 1. Probably why "season 2" has already been approved and is 8 episodes... In order to add up to 12 for a proper season 1. And yes, since season "2" has already been announced, you can guess that, yes, it is pretty awesome. Reminds me a bit of Attack on Titan in that it is very medieval, and not afraid to show gore... But also has it's own gimmicks that keep it from being just a simple Fantasy Horror. Basically without spoiling too much... The series is retelling the NES game Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse, which is mostly famous for being tied to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In the first 4 episodes we are eventually introduced to 3 of the 4 main characters of the game. If you have any interest in fantasy horror, I urge you to watch it. Definitely worth your time. I cannot wait for the next 8 episodes. Oh yes, and it is available in both English and Japanese, so you can choose your poison. The English version is very good though. Normally I prefer my Anime in Japanese, but the production values are really high on this, and the quality shows.