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  1. Matt Bellamy

    I'm new and have questions about the manga

    Yes, that service is still provided... Though the board may look dead due to no new content for 2+ years now leaving very little to talk about.
  2. Matt Bellamy

    Guyver bonded to none humanoids?

    I think that it would likely be pretty powerful, but as you stated, it's brain wouldn't likely be able to utilize the Guyver unit to its full potential... in more ways than one. I've always assumed that the Human beings particular design is what makes the Guyver unit so potent on it. A body with high adaptability, a survival instinct and a brain capable of higher functions. A T-Rex would have lots of power in terms of raw muscle, but it's cold blooded nature and small brain would not be a good mix for the unit. So while all creatures designed by the Creators were part of a weapons project, they likely wouldn't nearly be as effective with a unit on them, as the specific conditions that make the Guyvers so powerful, are not in the right balance. ( For example, a Unit boosts a hosts strength by 100x... but that is because of power from the waist orb and control medal using the brain of the host to maximize potential. Without the human brain, a T-Rex might on get a tiny boost in comparison, and may not get any of the known weapons). It's also likely why they were so scared. They had made the ultimate weapon. It's what they intended, but not exactly what they had wanted. They weren't scared of T-Rex's at all. But squishy little men got them running.
  3. Matt Bellamy

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    Again, using Dragonball is a poor source for comparison because they don't care about reality. At the time Goku completed his training with Roshi, he was already faster than most people can see. Physically they push that giant boulder, which was likely a few tons... but then can jump super high? Completely unbalanced as characters. So they might've been similar in pure physical strength at that point, but series like Dragonball rely on plot to determine how powerful someone actually is, or how much damage one can cause. So the scales are completely abnormal. Using Dragonball to compare most things is simply ludicrous in most cases. Even at its earliest forms. And sadly, so is the marvel universe. With all the retcons and depowers, new writers, plots etc... Spider-man can go from lifting a car over his head, to having trouble lifting one in the matter of 12-15 issues depending on what the story calls for. This is a big problem with the "western comics culture" and the way stories are done. A 6 foot tall being lifting 7 tons isn't super weak at all in its own world... But when you compare it to worlds with inconsistent power levels sure, it can look pretty terrible.
  4. Matt Bellamy

    Who else is as strong as a Guyver?

    The Gigantic is only supposed to be a boost of 10x, not 100x... Though the Giga-Smasher is stated to be 100x the Megasmasher. Regarding Spider-man, I will use Salkafar's quote from a previous discussion: So Spider-man would be physically better, but less weaponized. The only characters I can think of that come close to the Guyver from other Comics universes are the powered armor types like Iron Man... but that is probably because the Guyver is essentially power armor anyway. And in most cases, Powered Armored heroes tend to need to stick to reality and physics for their powers, and the Guyver is in the same boat. It is still based on real data from humans, just amplified/boosted. This is why facing a human Guyver off against aliens or series that do not use reality in their equations, just doesn't fit very well very often.
  5. Matt Bellamy

    Question - Re-reading, volume 10

    Yeah... No Idea who uploaded these at the time... But there is like... 30 missing pages. It skips from 145 to 176. And of course, most manga sites re-upload the same stuff... So this seems to be a problem everywhere. Very weird.
  6. Matt Bellamy

    Log-in issues

    What is the specific error? Invalid Password/username?
  7. Matt Bellamy

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    The big thing about Rebels is that its core cast is not part of any of the movies, with the exception of Rogue One, where their ship and their Astromech droid Chopper make brief cameos. If you are not into the cartoons, reading up on it should be enough, and most of the popular events can be found officially on youtube. It is basically skippable, and the first season or two swings a bit young, but the later seasons it matures a bit more. But, if you like some other older Star Wars Legends stories... Admiral Thrawn was brought into canon by Rebels.
  8. Matt Bellamy

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Your spoiler has technically already happened... Star Wars Rebels is canon.
  9. Matt Bellamy

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I don't know if "Solo" was killed by the "The Last Jedi" or if its own production issues and the fact it was again, a story that never needed telling like "Rogue One"... but this time about an established character. I saw "Solo", and it was alright. Not needed at all, but wasn't completely terrible ( like "The Last Jedi"). I was REALLY hoping for the rumored Obi-won Kenobi movie, since it would've at least starred an actor playing the same character he played before... And was also one of the best parts about the 3 prequels. But most importantly, they wouldn't be able to change him like they did to Luke in "The Last Jedi". But overall, I agree. Star Wars is dead to me. I don't like any of the current cast that is moving forward to the next movie, and did not like the last 2 very much. I'm not about to go to the next one because of a brand name. I'll just go replay Knights of the Old Republic again.
  10. Matt Bellamy

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    And we somewhat know what Neo-Zxtoles Blaster Tempest would have done to the city thanks to a visual image from Purg'stall. Sad thing is, we've only seen it fired a few times, and only one of them were particularly effective in showing off the power. Versus the Blaster Tempest is probably the best showing we've had for it. 1. Vs Blaster Tempest 2. Vs Imakarum - one cell only, and only aimed at the sky to distract. The energy from it was enough to effect the surrounding area causing a violent storm. 3. Vs Imakarum's micro black hole. Almost all the power was absorbed and nothing was hit after the MBH was destroyed. 4. Not fired exactly, but a image of what Balcus thinks might've happened to Arizona HQ if the Gigasmasher was fired from the basement. 5. Gigantic Dark vs Guyver Gigantic... And it was completely stopped and absorbed before ti could do any real damage.
  11. Matt Bellamy

    New Chapter status?

    http://unit-g.sakura.ne.jp/ I usually go here, the to Relax Point. He always posts the cover of the issues when Guyver appears. Been going there since 2005 since he had great pictures of the bio-fighter collection figures as they were being released.
  12. Matt Bellamy

    Yoshiki Takaya's other works.

    Sadly, his history as an artist... Is not good... And I wouldn't recommend searching for any of it. To be blunt about his earliest stuff... It is mostly underage lolicon porn. Even his first "legit" series, Hades Project Zeorymer has lolicon porn in it. ( the anime OAV created from it shares the theme, but is much more safe). It's best to just stick with Guyver, especially if you still have any respect for the man.
  13. Matt Bellamy

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    There is no stated evidence of there ever being a Gregole Ver 2.0 or Chronos "Revising" their soldiers. They have upgraded some specific Hyper Zoanoids with new powers/designs and those are clearly designated in data files. If there was a Gregole ver 2, from around book 9, we'd have artwork and a data file for it. It is most likely that he did not realize how heavy those tanks are, or was just going for "Wow" factor, and didn't expect people to dig deep into stats/weights theories ( which is actually pretty common for comic artists/creators in general)
  14. Matt Bellamy

    Richard Guyot

    Not at all. But that is because Imakarum was no longer just "Guyots replacement", but Archanphels special project. Imakarum was shown to have many more abilities than Guyot, as well as all of Guyots powers. And since his repairing after Gigantic Dark smashed his Zoacrystal, he seems to be even more so...
  15. Matt Bellamy

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    Your numbers make no sense since a Gigantic exceed is not "52x" in size. It is 52 meters in height, where the normal Gigantic's are about 2.72/2.75 meters. Only about 19x in size rounded up a bit. A normal Gigantic Guyver's mega-smasher is also stated to be 100x a normal Mega-smasher... And that is not even with a doubling of height. So the size means nothing in terms of how powerful the blast could potentially be, only that the beam would likely be about ~19x bigger than the Gigantics, since that is the height difference. The only answer we need is: Is there a proportional increase in power, or is there another large jump in power from Gigantic to Exceed?