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  1. ok cool when will this happen?
  2. My condolences, as well, Ultimate W'Kar.
  3. Most definitely will i cant wait this all so exciting new fics new art it is a good time.
  4. largo

    New Intro to the opening GWOTG Story

    cool cant wait for more
  5. largo

    New Intro to the opening GWOTG Story

    love the new rewrites but will you be condensing the stores into more cohesive chapters or leaving the first two parts as 1 to 2 page shorts
  6. largo

    Guyver xt

    So this question may have been asked along time ago but guyver xt is xt2 from Allen's fic right?
  7. largo

    It's been awhile

    Allen anything you write I will give it a read just don't completely forget Greg ^.^
  8. largo

    Future of the Fan-fic

    This is great I've been on a bit of a guyver hiatus myself but I miss it.
  9. Why out of control of all the official guyver stories that's the weakest and the one that makes the least sense chronologically.
  10. largo

    destiny LFG

    Looking for group to do raid on xbox one.
  11. largo

    Women in Guyver: thoughs and opinions.

    Yolo so yeah I got to go with zeo on this one I'd like to see a more active role with the ladies of the guyver world but it could be a while. I'm still waiting for the day when something more interesting happens to mizuki and the other none bio weapon characters. Are more then cheerleaders and hero bait but meh it will happen eventually, maybe even ol allen will be proven right and we get a guyver mizuki. Unfortunatly with the release pace as well as story pacing of the manga that will be along ways away.
  12. largo

    Diablo III

    It's pretty good solo on pc was kind of boring but getting a group of friends and playing on one console is pretty fun.
  13. I believe the war relic had a warrior style CM as do the relics of WG2's dimension.
  14. largo


    New material unfortunately no new blood on the board well sort of.