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  1. gall_4185

    Next W'Kar Story Uploaded!

    Reminds me why Greg's my favourite character around these parts
  2. gall_4185

    Quietus Fic Preview 2

    Oh sweet tapdancing buddy christ that's awesome. So twisted and utterly demonic
  3. gall_4185

    Contest Voting

    I still think Sproket would be amusing in the GWOTG universe,but Rabid as Anubis' warhound,well that's just too delicious to pass up.
  4. gall_4185

    Preview - Day 6 of 7 Days

    Favourite part of the preview is Greg and Jason's banter at the begining,reminds me why I was so hyped about Greg entering the WG universe
  5. gall_4185

    Guyver RP

    Ah young pride...how it comes before a fall You might want to hit us up on msn,that way we can give you quick pointers on getting started
  6. gall_4185

    Another Teaser

    *Salivates* Wow...it's almost a pavlovian response when reading your new stuff now
  7. gall_4185

    Art Call!

    Hrmmm....I may try and work on some of the reproduction units,maybe Deus
  8. gall_4185

    Clerks 2

    I can't remember laughing so much since I first saw mallrats. I mean seriously my stomach hurt from laughing so much inside the first 40 minutes. I also love how they explained Jay not using drugs in the movie,a nod to his real life battle to overcome his drug use
  9. gall_4185

    Live Action Transformers

    "Elias: Well, you see, God created man, and man created the Transformers, so the Transformers are kind of like a gift from God. " Clerks 2 on the subject
  10. gall_4185

    Some new Guyver art

    time to grace you with something new I think. Introducing the infamous Mr Korr Scene depicts his last stand in the Lucráyn capital before he fights his way to his home to die beside his wife...shame the best laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley
  11. gall_4185

    Some new Guyver art

    Cheers...and now for the coloured version
  12. gall_4185

    Some new Guyver art

    well anyways,here's some concept work for the upgraded form of Cerebus
  13. gall_4185

    Some new Guyver art

    Well,it's a good thing I've mellowed out these days otherwise I'd lauch into a venemous tirade that would do little to aid anyone. Now,if you'd care to convey your opinions in a more eloquent manner,I'll gladly listen to any constructive criticism or opinions you feel the need to render
  14. gall_4185

    New Fic- Preview

    just enough to wet my appetite,not enough to really spoil anything.Can't wait for more
  15. gall_4185

    V for Vendetta

    Saw it today,very well done film. Loved the use of the 1812 overture