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  1. At this rate... Will Guyver even finish... Not sure. I watch tons of anime and television shows at the same time, so I would simply find something else that interests me. It's not as if I'll need one specific series to fill the gap once this one ends lol.
  2. Green Lantern Corps. Can't seem to embed. :/
  3. Why have you forsaken us???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can't believe you have so many issues. You must be doing fantastic! Your art style is truly impressive. It sort of reminded me of The Fairly Odd Parents cartoon when I saw the cover of issue #9, that red guy looked a little bit like The Crimson Chin lol.
  5. Not really liking the animation on the preview for the next episode, looks terrible.
  6. What would you suggest? Simply begin playing the series from the very first game onward. You mentioned the video game having its own mechs, but isn't there a Super Robot Wars anime? Where many of those original characters are featured. Like Axel and his mech Soulgate along that one guy and his mech that has a knuckle gatling gun. Damn I can't remember any of their names anymore. I bought the Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 and that's about as far as the knowledge I posses on this goes, lol. Tried a few of the other GBA versions (A, R, D, and J) though. They're all incredibly fun but hard as hell.
  7. I'll eventually get back to Fallout 4 but life seems to keep me busy, otherwise. If I have the money I plan on buying Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2. Definitely looks good!
  8. I'm not too familiar with the series myself but I have played a few of the other Super Robot Taisen games. I assume they're in the same league though, hence the name. Does one need to necessarily follow the series in chronological order to play these games? It looks really awesome but I don't have PS4 or PS Vita. I was interested a few years back in the Super Robot Wars game for PSP but I can't remember what that one was called. Is this derived from an anime of sorts? I know I see a few familiar mechs in the game such as Gundams and those robots from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I tried a few of the Super Robot games for the GBA a long while back. If I remember correctly only two of those were made in English, and the rest were never fully translated. A pity though because I believe it's Super Robot Taisen R that had some of my favorite characters, from the anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam. I could never find a fully English patch for that game to play it on my emulator.
  9. It might look cheesy but nearly as cheesy as the Dragon Ball Z mugs. Where pouring hot water in it makes Goku turns Super Saiyan lol. It's creative I'll give you that, but also kind of silly. I probably wouldn't buy one. This I would definitely buy though.
  10. I mean, well, not really. Just look at what happened at Relic's Point. Both Sho and Makishima shot off their mega smashers at Alkanfel. Yet he easily reflected the beams right back at them. And that just happenes to be the Guyver's most powerful attack. I highly doubt a Guyver alone could pull off a victory against the Supreme commander of Cronos. I could even see Guyver Gigantic having trouble fighting Alkanfel. Now if he ever decided to use the Guyver Exceed he may have a chance, but even against Apollon it was no match for him. So unless a Guyver unit used the power of the Gigantic or Exceed form and somehow condensed it into a smaller Guyver form (to keep up with his speed), it still may not be enough. I am hoping Alkanfel recovers though, so we can see him fight at full power.
  11. These look absolutely fantastic. Great job!
  12. I really enjoyed the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super (episode 65). Merged Zamasu is incredibly strong which easily overwhelms Goku and Vegeta. It wasn't a full-fight episode but still ended being pretty intense. It's been so long since Goku and Vegeta have fought an enemy that strong. Perhaps Evil Kid Buu but he was more of a demonic entity rather than a God. Until the preview I almost expected Goku to use the Spirit Bomb to defeat the fully merged Zamasu. Now I am REALLY excited to see the next episode. The revival of Vegito while in SSJ Blue form! Not sure what's happening to Zamasu but he looks a little like he's letting his anger take over, which is turning him 'sort of' inside out... or something. It was really cool seeing Vegeta take an attack meant for Trunks. It reminded me of Trunks being hit by Cell's attack back in Dragon Ball Z. BTW the next episodes' animation looks amazing!!
  13. It does beg the question though, perhaps it had something to do with him being the last Zoalord created. Pity he now only has an artificial zoacrystal. When he was fully powered he actually made a great villain!
  14. CAN'T WAIT! That preview looked gold.
  15. Good lord. All I know is that Goku and Vegeta keep getting the crap knocked out of them. I am really hoping for a fusion at this point. Too bad the one we want isn't the one we'll get, since Black and Zamasu will apparently fuse soon, based on the previews.