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  1. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 22? Lol.
  2. New Chapter status?

    I'm just going to pretend that he's preparing for something big and will surprise us! Which is why he's lowkey letting us down but keeping the updated chapters hush hush.
  3. New Chapter status?

    A S-Saint Seiya reboot!? Oh my god I just had an orgasm! I love the Saint Seiya series so much. I hope he will be adding the Heaven arc like originally planned.
  4. New Chapter status?

    Well that is certainly disappointing. Is there any way for us fans to specifically write him a letter, asking him the details of his masterplan (assuming he has one).
  5. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    I would really hope not. I never truly knew what the Guyver series was until I started watching the anime. And in watching the 26 episode series I understood just how interesting this franchise was, not only was it cool to watch but also had a very gripping yet engrossing plot. It was a little disappointing to find that the anime series had only lasted until episode 26, but then I realized the manga was still ongoing, so I slowly begun to read that. Naturally I just picked up where I left off, which was straight after Neo-Zektole's defeat and the Zoalords reshaping the world. Now I am eagerly awaiting the events to come, following volumes 31-32. I never did watch or follow the series from the beginning like many of you, but it's certainly worth mentioning that I do encourage friends of mine often to check it out. It is definitely an intriguing series. To be honest I still have not even seen two live-action films lol. I also found out that the anime I watched (2005) was just a remake of the original, consisting of only 12 episodes. Nonetheless I plan on doing all that while the series is *fingers crossed* simply on hiatus. I have also been interested to collect its merchandise. Already bought the Guyver 3 K-Soul (Korea Designed Toy) light. Still in the package.
  6. Does Apollon's name help tell us who he is?

    I would like to think that from his name alone, we can figure out who he is. Although it isn't likely that we'll find out anytime soon. I would have to agree with Matt and outOfcontrol3. To me, he seems to be using two different personalities. On one hand his armor itself is made from the same material as the Guyver's Control Medal, which is something none of the Zoalords even have access to. And he speaks of returning everything to nothingness, while singlehandedly fighting off Sho in his Guyver Gigantic mode. He's even strong enough to fight any of the other Zoalords. Which tells me he is on a completely different level compared to them! The part that has me convinced he is Imakarum is also very evident. Why would any of the Creators (let alone a messenger) want to take the other Zoalord crystals? Simply because they have no use for the Zoalords. How would Apollyon even know where each Zoalord was specifically unless he himself was at least part Zoalord. Not to mention the whole "watching over Alkanfel" thing which is sort of bizarre and still unclear to me. And if Alkanfel is truly awake, then wouldn't Imakarum be at his side. There are just too many question and not enough answers. There is something going on however, since Alkanfel doesn't seem to care that his fellow Zoalords are being killed off. I realize he isn't at full power yet but why would he want to kill off his own members. Unless he gave them all Zoacrystals and said one day he will take them back (if necessary). Now Imakarum (in disguise) has taken the role of retrieving these crystals without the others knowing that it's being done by another Zoalord.
  7. New Chapter status?

    I really miss Guyver!! It's been so long. If I didn't have such a good memory I would've forgotten what's going on in the series already.
  8. Dragon Ball Super

    I thought it was a pretty good episode. I figured that white aura was nothing more than a barrier, even though everyone speculated it being his new form. Honestly from the opening it just looks like he has completely mastered Kaio-Ken, rather than achieved a new form. Now if you're going to talk about the Dragon Ball Super manga, I would say his SS Blue appears to have been mastered, based on his fight with Merged Zamasu. To be honest I'm not really expecting any new specific transformation for a while. He can still power-up but will only be able to go so far, as Vegeta mentioned that they're already at the limits of their strength. I would really love to see more of the original Super Saiyan God (red form) than blue. While I enjoy blue it doesn't seem like red matters. Yet, in contrast it would save them stamina since blue drains pretty drastically, according to Goku. About the episode, I really thought it was great. That ending sure was ominous though. Not only did it look like the angel (Mojito) was smiling after his universe got destroyed but also the Grand Priest. I feel like there's more going on behind the scenes. And after Goku requested the tournament it was the perfect opportunity for them to take action against Zeno, or use his powers to rid the remaining universes from existence. Either way it's definitely getting more interesting with each new episode!
  9. What will you move onto when Guyvver finishes.

    At this rate... Will Guyver even finish... Not sure. I watch tons of anime and television shows at the same time, so I would simply find something else that interests me. It's not as if I'll need one specific series to fill the gap once this one ends lol.
  10. Which Lantern Corp Do You Belong To?

    Green Lantern Corps. Can't seem to embed. :/
  11. New Chapter status?

    Why have you forsaken us???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. The Maniacal Smile!

    I can't believe you have so many issues. You must be doing fantastic! Your art style is truly impressive. It sort of reminded me of The Fairly Odd Parents cartoon when I saw the cover of issue #9, that red guy looked a little bit like The Crimson Chin lol.
  13. Dragon Ball Super

    Not really liking the animation on the preview for the next episode, looks terrible.
  14. Super Robot Wars V

    What would you suggest? Simply begin playing the series from the very first game onward. You mentioned the video game having its own mechs, but isn't there a Super Robot Wars anime? Where many of those original characters are featured. Like Axel and his mech Soulgate along that one guy and his mech that has a knuckle gatling gun. Damn I can't remember any of their names anymore. I bought the Super Robot Taisen Original Generation 2 and that's about as far as the knowledge I posses on this goes, lol. Tried a few of the other GBA versions (A, R, D, and J) though. They're all incredibly fun but hard as hell.
  15. What game are you currently playing?

    I'll eventually get back to Fallout 4 but life seems to keep me busy, otherwise. If I have the money I plan on buying Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse 2. Definitely looks good!