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  1. omegaling

    New Chapter status?

    Game of Thrones fandom: Man, we have to wait SO LONG between seasons! Guyver fandom: Hold my beer.
  2. omegaling

    Epic Meetings

    My (new-ish) husband and I did a European honeymoon in the last month and Dublin was the first stop we made. It was, of course, the perfect time to meet up with Sully for drinks, food and good times =)
  3. omegaling

    Guyver Inspired Music

    *This is me, starting a topic in hopes of rallying the guys I miss talking to* Today's topic: What music do you find fitting for Guyver and/or makes you think of Guyver? They don't even have to be songs that would tie directly to one character or scene, just songs that can conjure images from the series. For me, I have the following songs (and yes, it is a real playlist on my iPod). Character Image Songs: Pretty Handsome Awkward (The Used) - Sho Fukamachi All the Things I've Done (The Killers) - Mizuki Segawa, Tetsuro Segawa, Natsuki Taga The Beginning is the End is the Beginning (Smashing Pumpkins) - Agito Makashima Wasteland (10 Years) - Masaki Murakami Diary of Jane (Breaking Benjamin) - Shizu Onema The Bird and the Worm (The Used) - Aptom Songs: Paradise City - Guns n' Roses The Catalyst - Linkin Park Welcome to the Machine - Pink Floyd Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails Last Resort - Papa Roach Burn it to the Ground - Nickelback Move - Thousand Foot Krutch Monster - Paramore You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - Offspring Sick - Adelitas Way Stronger - Kanye West Turn the Page - Metallica New Divide - Linkin Park Passive - A Perfect Circle Running Up That Hill - Placebo So Far Away - Stained Swing Life Away - Rise Against Instrumental Songs: Driving With the Top Down - Iron Man soundtrack Estasi Dell Anima - Zombieland soundtrack Arrival to Earth - Transformers soundtrack You're a Soldier Now - Transformers soundtrack Bumblebee - Transformers soundtrack (heck, pretty much the whole thing at this point)
  4. Hey guys, I know it's been a while (more than a while, actually), but I have a technical question for 'yall and I'm sure you're the best bunch to answer it for me. Food for thought. It takes just seven pounds of pressure to break a man's bone. So, how much would it take to break the bones of your standard, run-of-the-mill conveyor belt Zoanoid? This is just for a couple of ideas I've been kicking around that probably won't end up going anywhere. It's just for my personal reference. Let me know what you think. (Admittedly, this thought crossed my mind while watching Inglorious Basterds)
  5. omegaling


    I'm not sure how many people here like the Appleseed series (manga, OAV and/or new movies) but I just learned that a 26-episode TV series is in production for 2009. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/20 ... ed-tv-show I only recently discovered Appleseed when I watched Ex Machina and the 2004 movie, but I'm loving it. The news of a TV series - and it sounds like it's going to be a prequel - makes me stupidly happy. Just wanted to share.
  6. omegaling

    New Guyver Art

    New Guyver artwork, after.... Jeez, don't ask me how many years. Kind of like my activity here on the board. I'm not even sure what possessed me to draw the guy. But, he's here, all the same. I can't help but think that if Lisker ever did manage to come back (which I don't think will happen in any medium of Guyver outside wishful fanfiction), he'd be pretty FUBR'd. Enjoy, guys.
  7. omegaling

    Personal Views of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

    I am a huge connoisseur of the fantasy genre, not only as a reader, but also as a writer. My favorite author is Mercedes Lackey (if not be default since she her books is what started my obsession), but I feel I've read a fair amount of authors and variations to the genre, proving that every fantasy novel isn't Lord of the Rings, which sadly cannot seem to hold my interest. It reads too much like a history book, and I'm a very character-driven reader, as well as a seeker of worlds that don't all take place in Middle Earth. C.S. Friedman, who wrote the Coldfire Trilogy, is one of the few authors I've found who dapples with a rare genre known as science-fantasy. While the world of the Coldfire Trilogy has undeniable fantasy tones, it is a world inhabited by people who have traveled from earth to the furthest reaches of our galaxy. While there are no mentions of advance technology or aliens in the story, the characters have not forgotten their centuries-old heritage. Another interesting trilogy is the Second Sons trilogy by Jennifer Fallon. This is, so far, the *only* fantasy trilogy that's completely rooted in politics, not sword and sorcerey. Not only that, but it's extremely well written, and full of story twists. I have read Robert Jordan (may he rest in peace), but I stopped reading the Wheel of Time Saga around book seven or eight. While I admire him for creating such a world, it simply became too complex with too many characters and side story lines. I simply lost interest. While the second and third books became slightly odd and a little overbearing, The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman was sheer genius. It is another example of science-fantasy IMO, but it also had incredible atmosphere, and not many books take place in distant northern regions. It was refreshing. I know this will make people cringe, but man up and bear it. I *have* read Harry Potter, I *did* enjoy it, and I *do* commend Mrs. Rowling for not only creating the world she did, but also inspiring the newer, computer-and-TV driven generations to read again. Some may argue that David Eddings follows more of the LotR trilogy than most of the other books I have listed, his writing style - especially for The Elenium - was simply astounding. His characterization in that story was fantastic as well; still some of the best I have read to date. I have collected a sizable library of fantasy books, although due to time constraints, have not been able to read as much as I would like. Right now I am working on the Obsidean trilogy by Mercedes Lackey (which is also very good thus far), but some of the other books I hope to read in the future are: Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, The Liveship Trilogy by Robin Hobb, The Faery Wars Chronicals by Herbie Brennen, Thief's Gamble by Juliet McKenna, Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carry, The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor... The list goes on and on. Now, on *being* a fantasy author, particularly a science-fantasy author... I'm not sure how many others here enjoy writing fantasy, or science-fiction, or a hybrid of the two, but perhaps some feel the same I do. I am by no means ashamed of what I do and what I write. I feel it defines who I am. I mean, I have the phrase "Once Upon a Time" tattooed on my back, for pete's sake. But I feel as though there's such a misconception about the whole fantasy genre that I almost dislike telling people what I right about, simply for the look that I get more often than not. I think a lot of non-fantasy enthusiasts simply think that people who write fantasy live in a world inhabited by elves and faeries and dwarves and that we're completely disconnected from reality. I speak from personal experiance that this is not true - I feel as though I have a perfect grip of reality - but the stereotype that goes along with it is tiresome. My art history teacher even poked fun at me after a round of the standard beginning-of-semeter "This is who I am, this is what I do". She wasn't being purposly malicious or trying to humiliate me, but I still felt as though something I take very seriously was being degrated. Perhaps I'm just over analyzing, but it is simply my personal view and opinion.
  8. omegaling


    Wow, I honestly didn't think this place was still around. I had assumed it was shut down after the hacker attacks. Apparently I was wrong... But yeah, I'm back, more or less. I feel as though I've kind of fallen out of the Guyver loop, but I do have a new fic idea that's been buzzing around my skull for the past few months, so maybe being back will inspire some work out of me, even if it's just in art form. Good to be back, guys.
  9. omegaling

    Movies to look forward to in 2005?

    Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. This sound be on the top priority list as well.
  10. omegaling

    Movies to look forward to in 2005?

    White Noise and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are already down on my "to see" list.
  11. omegaling

    Happy Holidays, 2004

    No, it's not a Guyver pic. Was gonna be, but I needed my original characters to stretch their legs. If you've been keeping up on Vixen, this is Vixen and Jarek (Jarek's just been introduced in the last chapter I posted). In the world of Eres, they don't have an exact Christmas holiday, per sae, but instead celebrate the Winter Solctise (similar to the Pegan religions). It's also called "The Festival of Lights", symbolizing that even in the darkest times, you can always find light, hence all the candles. Holly and tiny gold stars being hung from trees is also symbolic of the holiday. I'll get a Guyver holiday picture drawn eventually. Valentine's day is only two months away...heheheh.... Happy Holidays, everyone, and have a safe and happy New Year
  12. omegaling

    Real Life vs. Internet

    Church and Griff tell it as it is. http://gprime.net/video.php/reallifevsinternet Warning: rated about PG-13....or so......for choice language. That is all.
  13. omegaling

    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

    The card thing is actually easy to figure out, once you get the hang of it. It's just a matter of keeping the decks organized and cards restocked when you hit the end.
  14. So, anyone else have it? I got mine as an early Christmas present from a friend, and I'm having a blast. It's very much like the first Kingdom Hearts game as far as the worlds you play through and the characters you meet, but has its very own unique storyline and foreshadowing to the next game (like the apperance of Axel...yeay!) The battle system is a lot of fun, too, once you get the hang of it. I definately recommend checking it out!
  15. Moving to the Science Zone