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  1. New Chapter status?

    Must be the reason, that or he's on the run from them. Could just be in hybernation though.
  2. What Games Are You Looking Forward To?

    Iv'e preordered for the PS4: Mass Effect Andromeda and Persona 5 Im also quite looking forward to the Crash Bandicoot og trilogy remake. the last game I bought and I am still playing now would be the newest Digimon game aha.
  3. Daredevil Bandwagon

    Back when I was in high school I remember asking everyone if they knew who Daredevil is, the answers I got where either, "I don't know who that is" or "He is stupid". Fast forward to Collage (2013) I was drawing Daredevil in art, everyone said nice Batman, I got so mad. Now there's this awesome Netflix show I am sure a lot of you have seen based on this character. Now when I walk into, for example K-mart, there are frigging Daredevil shirts with him and the avengers and shirts with just him by himself everywhere, everyone is talking about him at this place I study and it is so Aggravating that he's just now popular. I do not know why this aggravates me so but it does, Anyone else feel like that?
  4. Batman V Superman

    I'm not real knowledgeable on Shazam other then he originally was called cpt Marvel and was owned by some other company that DC bought. That he his a child and stuff, I know that but I do find the character interesting and cool. With DC characters, I am more knowledgeable on Green Lantern, Batman and Superman with Hal Jordan being my favorite DC Hero, don't care if everyone else says he doesn't have a character, Geoff Johns made him have one haha. I prefer Marvel because I grew up with Spider-man. My favorite superheros of all time would be Spider-man, Daredevil (This going to sound hipster but I liked him way before everyone jumped on the bandwagon) and Green Lantern.
  5. Batman V Superman

    Yeah but Fantastic 4's movie rights are not owned by Marvel so therefor there is no quality control by people that know about the source material (e.g. the comics) like Marvel studios does. I haven't even seen it so I can really Judge the movie, but from what I heard its pretty awful.
  6. Batman V Superman

    You mean suicide squad?
  7. Batman V Superman

    Guys this movie is stupid and rushed, Batman has gun's and he kills people. honorery mentions include Batman using his grapple hook to shoot a guy though the stomach, running over random people be it pedestrians or thugs. My favorite Batman is a veggie moment would be that, you know how he hates Superman for 'destroying' half the city, Killing innocent people and the like? but the first thing he says when he sees Doomsday is and I quote "I'm going to lead it into the city!" where, guess this; innocent people are! Batman is meant to be the world greatest detective, not an idiot. Superman's death was drenn, they could of waited till all the Justice league was there and formed because that would make it a more emotional and an overall better scene. And don't get me started on Mad Bat-Max shooting Geonosians and Superman Nazis. and yes I know they are not Geonosians they are Parademons.
  8. Do You Remember...

    Im younger so I saw ads like this when I was 10.
  9. Do You Remember...

    I have seen the Crossfire ad before but never when it was on TV though.
  10. Fear the Walking Dead

    I hated it, but i don't really like the original, so it could just be me being bias, but i love how bad this cgi boat is in the last episode. https://www.reddit.com/r/thewalkingdead/comments/3nmsok/hands_down_the_best_cgi_weve_seen_so_far_in_fear/
  11. MS Gundam - Iron-Blooded Orphans

    I liked it though I haven't seen any other Gundam shows besides a couple episodes of the original. I read that the last two (i think) series sucked eggs, apparently.
  12. Where's my hoverboard?

    http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2015/s4335644.htm Check this out. They talk about hover boards near the end.

    I always thought he was an advent, Apollon, Apollyon or Aporuon whatever you want to call him, just seems more out worldish to me.
  14. Mizuki's character sexualized?

    What chapter or volume was this scene in? I remember a different scene where Mizuki got her clothes ripped off by Aptom.
  15. So... how do I show I'm a fan of the books?

    Ah i get it, so to get 31 i need 30. I already bought 30 from you when you guys where doing preorders guess i gotta buy 30 again in physical form and 31 too in physical form.