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    Volume 30-32 Scanlations

    We are all hoping too! I remain confidant that we will see an end to it, it just might take a while, just like berserk is! Hopefully he just burnt out and is recuperating whilst plotting the end.
  2. Gazham

    New guy longtime fan

  3. Gazham

    Richard Guyot

    He was the last to be processed, with Chronos 's latest technology. Im pretty sure he's the strongest and most durable
  4. Gazham

    Volume 30-32 Scanlations

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy the volumes
  5. Gazham

    Faviort or Currently Reading Manga

    Im back reading World Trigger now its hiatus has ended. I love the way the rank battles are narrated and scrutinised as they happen.
  6. I seem to recall the zoacrystals being part of Arcanfel's own zoacrystal.
  7. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    That ended the second chapter. Now we wait
  8. Yes, Cabraal Khan the Zoalord
  9. I can't see any Zoanoid surviving a nuke. Ramotith type and similar powered Zoanoids would be pretty vulnerable to high calibre machine gun rounds and a well aimed/lucky tank rounds. But getting the chance to make contact is the issue, fast and effective killing machines would make short work of a ww2 battlefield.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2tHQ5tISN3UdIoi3k0pOvQ It's a bit vain, but I've been listening to my own songs a lot recently. It gets a bit all consuming when im working on one, which doesnt leave much room for listening to music for enjoyment!
  11. Gazham

    Prime 1 Guyver 1 statue

    Pretty darn nice
  12. Gazham

    Avengers: Endgame

    Not giving much away just yet. I can't imagine in what direction the film is going. I've no doubt that it will be a great film through.
  13. Gazham

    Captain Marvel

    Avemgers 4 trailer is set for this Friday. It promises to be good. Im liking Captain Marvel so far.
  14. Gazham

    Our Guyver Wiki Page

    Being the only source for English translations and because you only get translations for purchasing the manga, the advocacy is seen that way, is what i think the article is trying to say. The comment definatly isn't justified, but haters gonna hate.
  15. Gazham

    Checkout this bad boy!

    Its certainly a fine piece of work, but im not keen on the pose hes in. Is it poseable?
  16. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    Here's a post showing peoples collectio s. If you just want to share, just post a new topic in the guyver forum. Welcome to the forum
  17. As the title suggests, if one of the guyvers were to die suddenly whilst the unit was disengaged, what do we think would be the outcome? I don't recall any material to suggest what may, or may not happen.
  18. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    That's a shame, but it's to be expected now.
  19. Gazham

    Captain Marvel

    It gets my vote.
  20. Gazham

    I'm new and have questions about the manga

    If you visit this area of the site ; http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/130-access-request-area/ Once you have purchased the Japanese books, i would suggest 30, 31 and 32, upload a photo of your books in the relevant section, with your name written in the picture. Check out a few request threads for examples.
  21. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    Blockbuster rental here! Good old manga studios uk!
  22. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    He has no know presence on social media, or the internet! What a pain, aye?
  23. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    It doesnt look good so far. What website do you guys use to check ? Id love to know
  24. Gazham

    Looking for 3d model of Guyver I

    You could always try the guyver world Facebook page, it's a lot busier over there
  25. Gazham

    Yoshiki Takaya's other works.

    I'm sure Yoshiki Takaya is just a pen name, just like his other pen name Moriwo Chimi. And that is why we can't get hold of him any way we try. He has done a few as Moriwo, listed here; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshiki_Takaya I've never read any if them to comment on them.