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  1. Some interesting ideas in this thread. Whatever way it turns out, interesting times lay ahead when the manga resumes.
  2. It's plodded along for 30+ years so far, I can't see it stopping now. I think it will carry on slowly until it finishes. I hope so anyway! If we were just to hear any sort of announcement for Takaya, it would put manyfans worries at ease, even if it was to stay on hiatus for a little while longer.
  3. At this point in the story, I can't see it being a character to open up the story, so for me, I doubt it's a creator. Maybe it's Archenfel's battle suit that Imakarum is borrowing to reap in the zoacrystals. I think that he created the zoalords to build humanity/technology to a point where he could leave the earth to attack the creators he's so angry at. Now he has the ark and a zoanoid army, he can take back his zoacrystals and fulfill his plans.
  4. Looking good!
  5. I know the USA recieve a lot of grief for wading in on these kind of matters. But it does seem that not many other countries are willing to stick their neck out and do what they feel is right. I know they don't do it for free, the piper has to be paid after all. But someone has to do it
  6. They do the always come very cheap, that one was one of 2 that came together in an auction. Once shipping and customs fees were paid they cost me around £55 each
  7. I have for sale; Protozoalord Murakami and Zoalord Guyot max factory bfc figures. Murakami is assembled, whilst guyot figure parts are still in original plastic packing. I will be happy to open an count them if requested. If anyone is interested, I'm sure we could work out a reasonable price. Please pm me if you are interested, I forgot to check back to the forum last time I advertised here. Thanks
  8. Sorry for not replying to you. it sold elsewhere rather quickly and I forgot to check here.
  9. I would guess that guyver 1 comes up at least once a month, i check most days, it does come up regularly.
  10. I would guess that guyver 1 comes up at least once a month, i check most days, it does come up regularly.
  11. Do you use seamail regularly? I use SAL usually, to keep the cost of shipping down. I'd like to know if it's worth using. I always get landed with handling fees with EMS, so I'm looking good for ways around it. SAL has been reasonable, some times its quick, sometimes it takes a few weeks, but it avoids courier handling fees, and occasionally import duty fees
  12. Hopefully the sales were good for the previous figures and they will continue using. I assume poor profits would be the only reason to stop producing new figmas
  13. Awesome, it looks it great condition too
  14. On another note, guyver III is pegged for release next month. Keep us updated woth any news of confirmation of delivery and with what merchant you used. I can't wait to get mine
  15. Selling this max factory vinyl kit if anyone is interested. I'm in England, so save on some postage and import taxes if you are UK based. I've counted all 59 parts, but no trading cards. The box is in great condition, only minor ware and bleaching. I'm offering it here and on guyver world Facebook group for a while before putting it on eBay.