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  1. Gazham

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    I wish there was an elfin recast of Balcus. I would love it, but no chance of me affording him and aptom since i had children. I got the bulk of my collection before they came along, i hope to finish it one day!
  2. Gazham

    Bad Dubbing

    Transformers got really bad towards the end. In animation and story/dialogue. It was a shame it ended that way
  3. Gazham

    Manga Translation

    Good work that you did, even if someone else is now taking it up.
  4. Gazham

    Rising of a Shield Hero

    I agree, in the Overlord anime, pacing is a bit fast, just to cram key events in before the seasons end. There's plenty of source material to go at, but thats no reason to cram it in. Shield hero seems to be a bit more steady, not that I've read the light novel yet. I also hope the harem doesn't get any bigger than it is. Im enjoying both, so long may they continue!
  5. Gazham

    Rising of a Shield Hero

    Im up to date with the anime, i keep toying with the idea of the light novel and i probably will read it when the anime series ends, in a couple of weeks, just like when Overlord series 1 ended! Its been enjoyable so far, it hasn't opened up to the depths of what i assume the light novel does, but that's not uncommon, only being 22 or so episodes in. It fits the mmorpg/fantasy trend thats about at the moment, it's spawned some good anime so far. I will continue to watch and enjoy it, it hasn't been a chore to watch so far.
  6. Gazham

    What is the most accurate Guyver wiki/info dump?

    Brian is Sully, the hero that keeps this all running for us.
  7. Gazham

    What kind of Guyver video-game would you like to see?

    A beat em up like street fighter would be great, or a classic rpg, tomb raider style!
  8. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    Rumour on the guyver world facebook group is that Takaya is back to work at the family dental practice and his assistant passed away, hence the advertised position a few years ago. It's al unconfirmed, but similar rumours keep popping up. Its still listed as a title in its usual magazine, so there's hope still.
  9. Gazham

    Guyver- Where are we now?

    I second that, buyee is one of the best places. The shipping is expensive for heavy lots, i paid £50 shopping and £25 for books 1 -32. it will be nearer £100 in the end. http://buyee.jp/item/search?query=ガイバー&translationType=1&page=1 I search for the key word guyver and sort by most popular/newly listed. Theres often over 10 pages auctions
  10. Gazham

    Guyver- Where are we now?

    I believe chapter 187 is midway in volume 30, so there is a little more to read. For me, the plot seemed to pick up some pace a little in volume 30, so theres a few revelations in there. Upto 187 is freely available online, you could just purchase volumes 30, 31 and 32 to get close to the end of what's released, but there would be 2 or 3 months of releases left to read, which are available in the current chapters section, available to those who have most of, or all the books. You can pick up second hand full collections on amazon.co.jp for around the $100 mark, much more reasonable than ebay or buying individually. That would get you you full access to past and current chapters. There are walkthroughs of how to buy through amazon.co.jp online.
  11. Gazham

    New guy longtime fan

    http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/ Scroll down until you see the ground floor - examinations section. You will find the threads for the individual chapters, recent chapters and the vault. Careful when you copy and paste in the password to your unzipper, it can copy a space at the end of the password and opening the zip won't work
  12. Gazham

    Guyver no more?

    As always, we can only wait and see. I've heard of the dental practice rumour before, only in a comment on facebook. I guess the Japanese fan base hasn't heard much either, or news would have filtered down already. I would guess it's all just speculation still at this point.
  13. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    It that a rumour or pretty reliable? It would be great to know for sure
  14. Gazham

    Apollyon armor relic symbol?

    Good obeservation! I like to think its Archenfels would be battle suit, personally. We can only hope that we eventually get an answer!
  15. Gazham

    New Guyver Figma's

    It looks legitimate to me. It's from china, bit that doesn't mean it's a knock off.