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  1. Gazham

    I'm new and have questions about the manga

    If you visit this area of the site ; http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/forum/130-access-request-area/ Once you have purchased the Japanese books, i would suggest 30, 31 and 32, upload a photo of your books in the relevant section, with your name written in the picture. Check out a few request threads for examples.
  2. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    Blockbuster rental here! Good old manga studios uk!
  3. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    He has no know presence on social media, or the internet! What a pain, aye?
  4. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    It doesnt look good so far. What website do you guys use to check ? Id love to know
  5. Gazham

    Looking for 3d model of Guyver I

    You could always try the guyver world Facebook page, it's a lot busier over there
  6. Gazham

    Yoshiki Takaya's other works.

    I'm sure Yoshiki Takaya is just a pen name, just like his other pen name Moriwo Chimi. And that is why we can't get hold of him any way we try. He has done a few as Moriwo, listed here; https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshiki_Takaya I've never read any if them to comment on them.
  7. Gazham

    Which Hyper Zoanoid Would You Be Based On...?

    I've always enjoyed team games, healing roles or tank/defensive roles suit me. So a member of team 5 , perhaps derzerb.
  8. Gazham

    How would you wrap up and end the Guyver series?

    I've always wondered why they would create a biological weapon, it's never say well with me. The creators clearly had advanced technology, advanced enough to avoid wars attrition with infantry. Especially when it takes thousands of years to create the perfect one! I like the idea of them just seeding life on planets capable. Something of a big experiment for them to devote their lives too.
  9. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    There have been a few photos floating around the forum. It looks awesome, but we'll out of my price range, I'm afraid.
  10. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    He did advertise for an assistant a few years ago, but we heard nothing about it afterwards. From what it understand, he's a difficult person to work with, so it might not work out anyway!
  11. Gazham

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    It's defiantly mumbo jumbo to me! All I hear is "enzyme"
  12. Gazham

    Have you re-read Guyver lately?

    My older brother rented the first series of the guyver from the local blockbuster videos store around 1998. I didn't even think about the manga until about 8 years ago, despite my twin brother finding a single viz comic at the local comic shop in 2000. They only ever had one issue in, so I thought it was unobtainable to me. I got on to anime a lot more in about 2010, then drifted in to manga and stumbled across japanlegend after reading up to chapter 28. I tend to binge read it once a year, from start to finish, whenever the mood strikes.
  13. Gazham

    Stains Gate 0

    I'm signed up to crunchyroll. For the £40 a year it costs, it's fantastic value and cheap entertainment. You get some manga too, mainly a legitimate translation of attack on titan. You can watch it all on crunchyroll for free, just a week after it's been aired with a few ad's. I usually go to animefreak.tv for things I can't watch on funimation/crunchyroll, no registration required. It looks like they have it there too.
  14. Gazham

    Stains Gate 0

    Has anyone been watching the new series? I really enjoyed the previous episodes, and this one looks to be another great instalment to the series. From what I make out, The original Rintaro stayed in a beta time libe, instead of going back to totally fix his messing around with the time lines. I can't wait to see where it goes.
  15. Gazham

    Old Guyver anime vs New one

    It's a lot closer than the old series. It's not 100% though. Showing off the Zoalords is what I felt was missing from the original. They teased us with Murakami, then ended it! Guyot being chased around Relics Point, like a scared rabbit, by Arcenfel was great for me.