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  1. ECC Guyver Zoanoid 1:1 Bust

    I would love it, but I don't have the space or money for it
  2. How would you want a live action Guyver TV series to be?

    I must say, I never find manga/western comics cross over to film very well, let alone TV series. They never stick to the source material enough for me. I find it difficult to enjoy most adapted films/series for that reason. That's just my opinion. If they were to follow the story and not deviate too much, that would be my ideal, but I understand that doesn't ever happen. As for cast, i'd rather relatively unknown actors take the roles. That way, theres bending the characters to suit any actors acting style. But I would welcome and watch any guyver remake/reboot, just to support my favourite manga of all time.
  3. You have to kill the Guyver....

    I think the relic protected the control medals and it's passengers by Sho's subconscious (or concious)command. But I think the guyver would monitor it's host, through the hosts own senses, to some degree. But a point to blank gunshot from behind, I don't think the host could boost that quickly. If only we had a bit more official details released about the units capabilities
  4. Where are you located? I might be interested if postage is reasonable. I'm in the UK.
  5. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Your collection looks good
  6. Are Lost Numbers Sterile

    Aptom must be sterile by this point for sure, during his early days im not sure. However, it must be beneficial for chronos to keep stable type zoanoids reproducing, let the human body process the next generation of zoanoids and make a bigger percentage of the population under their control.
  7. what if...

    When the host of the guyver unit dies a sudden death in battle, the unit is lost. I think we're all agreed on this fact, judging by previous posts. But what if the host were to die of old age? I think we touched on disease in a previous post and that it's believed that it would heal/prevent illnesses. But every creature dies a natural death eventually. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  8. Manga Translation

    Did you manage to finish translating the whole thing? An enjoyable experience I would imagine
  9. Is cyanide poisoning capable of killing a zoalord?

    Tough one without looking in to it. I would guess they have been processed with better immunity to disease, but would poison resistance have been thought about.
  10. Attack on titan

    i dont often visit other sub forums, mostly just guyver board. i watched season 2 and enjoyed it. its nice to watch an anime after ive read the manga, i like it best that way. it ended really well. Ymir was a great charachter, her titan form was great for the castle battle. im upto date on the manga, its a bit slow setting up the next arc, but its necesary. Im looking forward to revisiting the island and seeing hpow armin is getting along as the colossal titan. I hope Eren and crew are hatching a plan to eat a person of royal blood so he can use the founding titans power properly, thats what i think will happen. His fathers previous wife is on the island somewhere right?
  11. You have to kill the Guyver....

  12. You have to kill the Guyver....

    i definatly wouldnt fight him b y choice, whatever type of zoanoid i was. if i had to, id like to be an aptom sort of zoanoid. try and catch him out some how and pop his brain like enzyme II did, pull out the control medal straight away and dispose of it. there doesnt seem to be many ways to defeat a guyver and reclaim the unit, so destroying it totally is the only way. or casually walk past him on the street and decapitate him before he can transform if he is not bioboosted
  13. New Guyver Figma's

    I received shipping confirmation today from nin nin game. Hopefully get it by early next week
  14. Riv's random self

    It must have auto corrected the work 'free' in there. I would work for free either
  15. Website Update Thread

    the new look gets my vote, a new colour makes a nice change. Keep up the good work