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  1. Gazham

    New guy longtime fan

    http://www.japan-legend.com/forums/ Scroll down until you see the ground floor - examinations section. You will find the threads for the individual chapters, recent chapters and the vault. Careful when you copy and paste in the password to your unzipper, it can copy a space at the end of the password and opening the zip won't work
  2. Gazham

    Guyver no more?

    As always, we can only wait and see. I've heard of the dental practice rumour before, only in a comment on facebook. I guess the Japanese fan base hasn't heard much either, or news would have filtered down already. I would guess it's all just speculation still at this point.
  3. Gazham

    New Chapter status?

    It that a rumour or pretty reliable? It would be great to know for sure
  4. Gazham

    Apollyon armor relic symbol?

    Good obeservation! I like to think its Archenfels would be battle suit, personally. We can only hope that we eventually get an answer!
  5. Gazham

    New Guyver Figma's

    It looks legitimate to me. It's from china, bit that doesn't mean it's a knock off.
  6. Gazham

    New guy longtime fan

    I usually do whatever is cheapest. SAL can be as cheap as seamail sometimes, ive used both SAL and seamail. Never had troubles with either
  7. Gazham

    New guy longtime fan

    I've also had no problems, everything has arrived as advertised and nothing damaged. You don't need to worry about the buyee points, i use my PayPal for the added peace of mind. I don't pay the inspection fee and use the cheapest delivery options. It's great
  8. Gazham

    New guy longtime fan

    Definatly check all the pages once a week, there are some great small finds. I've found a couple of great posters and promotional pieces in my time. 2 children later i have little money to spend now, probably not a bad thing
  9. Gazham

    New guy longtime fan

    http://buyee.jp/item/search?query=ガイバー&translationType=1&page=1 This searches for guyver on yahoo auctions Japan, via buyee. You would need to sign up. The books are usually on the middle/back pages of the search.
  10. Gazham

    What happened to the guyver 0 unit?

    Im sure its in there somewhere. He needs the unit so he can break free of the creators control and their cease and desist order that he's been fighting. Maybe it's just Dr Balcus's plan for the unit.
  11. Gazham

    What happened to the guyver 0 unit?

    They are the last 3 units know on earth. There could still be a relic that Chronos doesn't know about with a unit or 2 in? That could be an interesting turn of events
  12. Gazham

    Volume 30-32 Scanlations

    We are all hoping too! I remain confidant that we will see an end to it, it just might take a while, just like berserk is! Hopefully he just burnt out and is recuperating whilst plotting the end.
  13. Gazham

    New guy longtime fan

  14. Gazham

    Richard Guyot

    He was the last to be processed, with Chronos 's latest technology. Im pretty sure he's the strongest and most durable
  15. Gazham

    Volume 30-32 Scanlations

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy the volumes