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  1. Wow this is great!! I LOVE these movies! Keep it coming man!!
  2. I sure hope he starts "working" on his manga. That would be nice. I'm tired of saying the same thing so I won't repeat myself. Besides, Matt said exactly what I was thinking anyway...
  3. Yes I agree with your comment about translating tone appropriately but I have to say that I can't stand seeing Japanese honorifics in english text. Of course it's a matter of preference but a great many of us in the translation industry view their use as laziness and show a lack of skill. It's so much easier to just leave it as kun and sama or whatever but what this does is assume that all readers (or first time readers) of Japanese comics automatically know the differences. It's mainly amateur/fan translators that like to leave in honorifics too which is why it tends to smack of circle jerking among the community. The worst offender of all would have to be "Aniki" and "Oniisan" though. It blows my mind whenever I see those words in English localizations! At that point it's not translation but transcription. ....Oh man I can already feel that I'm standing on my soapbox now.... Hahahaha! Anyway, different strokes for different folks I guess but it's telling that the majority of professional, official book releases over the years always omit honorifics. It's because we hate them! Ha!
  4. Ah yeah, honorifics are the bane of most professional translators. It was a lenghty post but yeah what Tora Tan says, those are the general ones. They are of little importance of course when localizing the language in English since we don't have honorifics like Japanese does aside from the general ones for rank and marital status. I wouldn't worry too much about it to be honest, the professional translations you've read have accurately conveyed the intentions of the speakers whilst giving a clear idea of who is above who so it's not really a big deal. Just as long as the honorifics don't get shoehorned needlessly into the english translations i'm happy.
  5. I'm inclined to agree with you on this. He more than likely does other things on the side to pay his bills and whatnot but there's no way of really finding out what he does since he's so private. Yoshiki Takaya is not even his real name so who knows what he does under his actual name? It's all a mystery really...
  6. Done! I said "And what about Guyver? It's been more than a year and we've heard nothing about the status of the serialization from either you or Takaya. This manga is loved by many all around the world so at the very least you could give us an update on what's going on!" I doubt they'll reply but I feel better for saying it at least. Feel free to retweet my comment so they get the message!
  7. This. I know people are quick to defend the guy and I get it because you're all megafans but, it's just a common decency to let people know what's going on. Considering such manners are a huge part of the way society works over here, this guy has some mighty big balls treating his fans like this. Disgraceful.
  8. Yeah man I feel ya... Most of the people here are massive fans and like collecting the toys and models etc but for people in the minority like me that really couldn't care less about owning Guyver shaped lumps of plastic, this is definitely a hard series to stay interested in. It feels very much like the guy is burned out and actually dreads having to sit down and draw anymore. He's happy to make money off the back of the franchise by "assisting" with other projects but it's clear that he doesn't give a toss about selling his manga anymore which is sad. I'll still check in from time to time of course but I'm 99% sure he's taking this to the grave with him so I'm more than prepared for that.
  9. It says it's a commemorative model to celebrate the start of the second wave of OVA releases. ....Whatever that means. I guess the OVA's were released with several months between them?
  10. Ah that's right, I remember now. Thanks! I might need to bookmark your post though for when the manga resumes next year. (Only half-joking)
  11. Somebody in the facebook group mentioned that he was drawing other manga under his alias? Not sure if I misread that or whatever but I'm only interested in the manga. I couldn't give a toss about toys. I'd just like to know what's happening with the manga. If after all this wait, the next chapter is only 10 pages i'm gonna bin it I think. I have trouble enough remembering what's actually happening in the story as it is.... Love your optimism though Sully!
  12. Nice idea. That would be a satisfying end to the story for me but unfortunately all of that will take Takaya 20 years to draw. I wonder if he even has an end in mind..?
  13. I reckon that when the story ends sometime in 2047, it will be a Sho versus Guyver suited Guyot fight to the death style affair. I also have a stong feeling that the story will end with Sho permanently losing his ability to bio-boost and finally getting his life back. the reality though is that there are sooooo many loose ends to tie up right now that the end is frankly nowhere near in sight. I have serious doubts it will even end. Let's hope he can at least fill somebody in on what the plan is before the unexpected happens...
  14. Haha! I admire your optimism! Yeah I live not too far from him actually. I know several manga artists personally, some of which are top names in the industry, and none of them seem to know what he's up to. He's a total recluse and the only way he can be reached is via Kadokawa or through a personal contact of his. I know several people who know him but not enough to call him a close friend or anything. He wants to stay hard to reach for a reason and I respect that. He knows his work ethic sucks which is probably why he doesn't want people like me asking him questions like "What exactly do you do all week?" on a regular basis. Any other manga artist on the other hand i would have no trouble tracking down and talking to I'm sure. Takaya just isn't on the radar I'm afraid matey.
  15. Haha! Sorry Matt, yeah that was kinda my "Joke". We were told it was gonna come in March and it didn't. I bought the magazine, took it home and realized i'd been duped (again). That said, I have a hunch they will resume the manga this month. No reason at all of course for thinking that but it's just a feeling I have....