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  1. New Chapter status?

    To echo the sentiments of others, yes, this is indeed getting tedious now. It's gotten to the point now where I can't even be bothered to check if he's actually done anything each month. The guy's got no excuse for his silence on the project. Sorry but, "busy with action figures" just isn't a good enough reason anymore. Shame.
  2. New Chapter status?

    Aye that I did. As expected, despite me messaging them in Japanese, I got no reply at all. I think, if Takaya just said "Sorry but I'm gonna be busy for a year", I wouldn't mind in the slightest. It's just that he and Kadokawa are being totally silent and not even letting us know what's going on. That's what annoys me. If he cared about his fanbase, he would reach out in some way. He doesn't though. There's no defending the guy, he should say something. Period.
  3. New Chapter status?

    Just as long as those plastic figurines are being made who cares about the actual manga, right? I agree. This is beyond monotonous now.... I still think the biggest kicker in all of this is the fact that the very last we saw of that lazy tosser is when he said "I really gotta get a move on with the manga and bring it to it's climax" in that interview. .....Well, he certainly ain't done bugger all since has he?
  4. Does Apollon's name help tell us who he is?

    Sure, it's incorrect. I actually went through all this with Jess quite some ago in another thread concerning some of the names so It might be worth scanning back through those and you'll find it. Wikipedia is often wrong when it comes to romanization of japanese words and this is a perfect example. How about you try typing アポルオン into this very widely used online Japanese dictionary? http://translate.weblio.jp/ Or check out the Duel Masters trading card game Japanese Wiki page? http://duelmasters.wikia.com/wiki/Apollyon_Worm,_the_Parasite My point is, it's only Guyver fans that misspell his name as "Apollon" due to a honest mistake when the advocacy first encountered his name. They probably looked at that same wiki page with the mistranslation that you provided too... I hope I don't come across as brazen in any way it's just that it's become a pet hate of mine. After all, you'll find very little (if any) evidence outside the Guyver community to support that アポルオン is translated as Apollon. If you can find some, feel free to share. Hope that helps!
  5. Does Apollon's name help tell us who he is?

    Yeah "Apollon" was a mistranslation. The correct translation of his name is Apollyon since that is what the original Japanese says. There aren't any deeper mixes of cultures or whatever it's simply the same name as the god he is named after; Abaddon, or "Apollyon" in Greek which is where the Japanese translation comes from.
  6. New Chapter status?

    That's uncalled for man. Come on, you're better than that. Yeah, this hiatus ain't showing any sign of ending is it? I'm not even sure I care anymore at this point. Shame.
  7. The Guyver OVA cover art?

    Haha! Yeah you could say I'm a fan. I'm close friends with the creator so I'm actually a fan of all his stuff! thanks a bunch mate!
  8. The Guyver OVA cover art?

    I'm not interested in scans of the Guyver VHS covers but would you be so kind as to scan the full sleeves (back, front, and spine) for Urotsukidōji? I'm going to be writing an anime entry for the Overfiend movies on my Toshio Maeda blog ( https://tentaclelounge.wordpress.com/ ) and those scans would be really helpful!! Thanks Masamune!
  9. New Chapter status?

    Haha! Just being silly. I thought it was ingenious play on the dude's name, personally! Ha!
  10. New Chapter status?

    Guys, this will probably come as a major surprise but, it doesn't look like there's a chapter this month either. (There's no mention of it on the cover anyway) Guess we'll have to wait for Takaya to stop jerking off Wang before another chapter is done then...
  11. The Many Lives of Jason Vorhees

    Wow this is great!! I LOVE these movies! Keep it coming man!!
  12. New Chapter status?

    I sure hope he starts "working" on his manga. That would be nice. I'm tired of saying the same thing so I won't repeat myself. Besides, Matt said exactly what I was thinking anyway...
  13. Japanese honorifics between the characters

    Yes I agree with your comment about translating tone appropriately but I have to say that I can't stand seeing Japanese honorifics in english text. Of course it's a matter of preference but a great many of us in the translation industry view their use as laziness and show a lack of skill. It's so much easier to just leave it as kun and sama or whatever but what this does is assume that all readers (or first time readers) of Japanese comics automatically know the differences. It's mainly amateur/fan translators that like to leave in honorifics too which is why it tends to smack of circle jerking among the community. The worst offender of all would have to be "Aniki" and "Oniisan" though. It blows my mind whenever I see those words in English localizations! At that point it's not translation but transcription. ....Oh man I can already feel that I'm standing on my soapbox now.... Hahahaha! Anyway, different strokes for different folks I guess but it's telling that the majority of professional, official book releases over the years always omit honorifics. It's because we hate them! Ha!
  14. Japanese honorifics between the characters

    Ah yeah, honorifics are the bane of most professional translators. It was a lenghty post but yeah what Tora Tan says, those are the general ones. They are of little importance of course when localizing the language in English since we don't have honorifics like Japanese does aside from the general ones for rank and marital status. I wouldn't worry too much about it to be honest, the professional translations you've read have accurately conveyed the intentions of the speakers whilst giving a clear idea of who is above who so it's not really a big deal. Just as long as the honorifics don't get shoehorned needlessly into the english translations i'm happy.
  15. New Chapter status?

    I'm inclined to agree with you on this. He more than likely does other things on the side to pay his bills and whatnot but there's no way of really finding out what he does since he's so private. Yoshiki Takaya is not even his real name so who knows what he does under his actual name? It's all a mystery really...