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  1. TricoBren

    Manga Translation

    Funnily enough, I saw both volumes in a used book store today. I might just pick them up and give em a read...
  2. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    Kadokawa are no more awkward than any other company. If anything, like most publishers, they will want more content to keep an established series alive. I have a feeling the problem lies more with Takaya than with his publisher. Then again, there's no real way of telling unfortunately... Yes, I completely agree. I think Takaya's involvement on these figures is grossly over exaggerated. From what I understand, the creators pretty much leave most of the leg work to the manufacturers. So, yeah, I highly doubt he's been "busy" meticulously looking over the finer details of these statues. If he's got time to do that, his editors will wanna know where the next chapter is. All we can do is speculate, but unless he's literally directing a movie or some other massive project that has somehow remained a secret, I think he's probably just taking a creative "break" for a while...
  3. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    Yes, but not saying a singe thing about why your serialization has abruptly stopped is also very un-Japanese too, so I guess it's just par for the course with this guy. Knowing how the business works, there could be a few reasons why the manga has been AWOL for so long. 1) His editor, or the editor in chief at ACE is not happy with his work, and doesn't deem it good enough to run. 2) The title has been dropped all together. (Not an entirely far-fetched theory. Regardless of whether it's still listed or not, this could very well be the case.) 3) Takaya is in poor health and has been unable to draw. 4) Takaya has had enough, and can't be bothered to continue anymore. Where most established manga creators with a large following have assistants to help draw the manga each week/month, it's possible that he is working alone. That would certainly justify the paltry number of pages each month even when it was being serialized. I recall seeing him placing an add for assistants (which he certainly wouldn't have had trouble finding since there are so many out there looking for work these days) so perhaps he found a few, but even if he did, he's barely done anything. Whatever the reason behind the hiatus, the fact that NOTHING has been said via the appropriate channels by Takaya himself is by far the biggest disappointment. Like many of you, I enjoy reading the Guyver, but it isn't THAT spectaular that its creator can just sit in silence and keep his fans in the dark without some kind of explanation. By mangaka standards here in Japan, he's been most unprofessional regarding the hiatus and the treatment of his fans. Personally, I think the reason might be a combination of 3 and 4.
  4. TricoBren

    The Halloween Cycle

    Wow, just saw all of this! Great thread and awesome research into the franchise!
  5. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    Just thought I'd drop by and see if anything has happened over the last few months since I last posted. As I kinda expected, Takaya still hasn't delivered any new content. My only guess is that maybe his editors are having a back and forth with him and Takaya's being stubborn. Of course, I have no basis for that conclusion, but working in the industry I certainly hear stories about creators and editors falling out... Maybe he'll finish, maybe he won't. It's certainly not guaranteed either way unfortunately...
  6. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    I've gotta say it, but... I'm kinda done with it all now. Life's too short and if Takaya wants to focus on anything BUT his manga that's just fine with me. I'm gonna go read other stuff and who knows, maybe this manga will someday resume in a couple of years time? Either way, until then, I'm gonna peace out. Have fun guys and thanks for the monthly gags on this thread! Hahah
  7. TricoBren

    "Blocking" a thread

    Ahh damn it, that's a real shame... Guess i'll just have to put up with it then. Thanks anyway!
  8. TricoBren

    "Blocking" a thread

    Just a question but is it possible to block or hide a thread on this forum? Every time I drop by, there's a particular thread that's constantly updated and annoys the crap out of me. (I'm not gonna say which one) If I can "hide" it that would be awesome. Is that even possible?
  9. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    Yeah, Matt's right. The problem is the creator is too busy/lazy to draw anymore chapters. It's sad but he's human after all. we all lose interest in stuff from time to time. maybe this long-ass break is allowing him the room he needs to get excited about his creation again. Or maybe not. Who knows? My beef has never been the break to be honest. What annoys me about the hiatus is Takaya's silence on WHY he's not done drenn in so long. He owes it to his fans to at least say something on the matter. He doesn't need to go into any details. Just a simple "Hi guys, sorry about the break. I'm alive and well and look forward to releasing more chapters as soon as I can" kinda thing would be all that's needed to put the minds of his devoted fanbase at ease. That's all. Yet he hasn't which, to me, is just plain unprofessional.
  10. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    Just dropped by the book store on the way home today and YES!! .....there is no Guyver chapter. You're welcome.
  11. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    Nope, nothing. I just realized that you can do the "look inside" on amazon and check out the contents page which is pretty useful: https://www.amazon.co.jp/exec/obidos/ASIN/B079ZLH79M/kadokawaace01-22/ Next month's cover is also not Guyver so that may mean nothing next month too (going by the logic that after 2 years of nothing, they might give the Guyver a cover to mark it's return.) I hope his plastic figure work and dentist surgery is going well though...
  12. TricoBren

    New Guyver Figma's

    I wonder if Figma can do a release of the next chapter of the manga? That would be nice...
  13. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    I saw it in the bookstore yesterday and picked it up to check out the contents page and, yep, nothing.
  14. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    Was this tweet recent? I've not checked twitter in ages...
  15. TricoBren

    New Chapter status?

    This is the monthly ritual now isn't it? Haha! All we can do is laugh. No amount of bellyaching is gonna get this serialized any sooner. He's lost interest and is finding it hard to motivate himself to carry it on I reckon. I'd just forget it about if I were you. (Completely contradictory of course since I keep checking back here every month myself.)