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  1. hey man .. how much do you want for Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 ?
  2. congrats on winning the japanese auction !, and may I know what figures you're willing to sell, I have my own collection and I want to make it bigger. but that Guyver bust 1:1 statue is too expensive @@ it's beautiful though
  3. @UnitG Dear lord that's an amazing collection I'm dying to get some of those figure, I don't suppose you're willing to sell right. and in the last 5 pictures you posted the life size guyver, where did you get it ? I've never seen it in my life before and I want one ! and your glass display stands are from IKEA right ? my friend has the exact same model
  4. yeah I recently read about the animation cel, it they say that the number of the cel is written on the picture itself, like A1, A2, A3 ...etc. and in most cases the original artist draws the first and last picture of the scene, like if you see an animation cel that has A1 written on it, it meeans that the original artist drew it, and the team draws the rest of the pictures like A2,A3,A4 ..etc till the last one. that's what I read online about animation cels, not sure how true it is and how it works with guyver, but if it's true I want a cel that's drawn by the original artist
  5. this is a link to a video for my guyver collection, nothing changed much since the pics I posted, but I did get few more figures including the brilliant Guyver 2 Female vinyl model kit awesomely made with really good details. I managed to get it for like $50-$60 on ebay, you can see it at the beginning of the video https://www.facebook.com/marwan.alsharekh/videos/10153621214537455/?pnref=story let me know if it doesn't work. also I have a question, the first post in the topic Guyver1 posted a picture of a drawing, i think it's called cell or something, what is that exactly ? I keep seeing it on ebay sometimes expensive sometimes cheap, if it's something important I want it in my collection
  6. does anyone know a good website we can order this from ? I found it on ebay only 1 piece for $430 which is about double the original price. I REALLY REALLY want one guys please help
  7. That's a great few buys. I manages to get 6 of the more common old max factory models for £35. Also, all the bfc double packs, excluding test type/enzyme 2 which I had, and gigantic dark/ gigantic for £500.I'm still looking out for imakarum, no joy tho for the last months tho. the bfc double pack I've been looking for those figures for a long time now, but everywhere I find them they're too expensive, the cheapest one I found was a guy on ebay was selling a box of the double figures for $150, and that's the cheapest one I found ever !! and good luck with Imakarum it took me over a year to find it at a good price
  8. I managed to get Imakarum's figure for $150, usually you don't find it anywhere online and if you do you find it for $500. I also bought a guy's collection for $700 this is what he had: -Guyver 1 -Guyver 2 -Guyver 3 -Gigantic Guyver 3 -Murakami -Aptom -Zxtole -Neo Zxtole -Gyuot -Evil Aptom this was the greatest bargains I got
  9. hello everyone, it's been a while since I last came here, this is my current collection of Guyver figures. I have 2 more figures that are coming during next week, Guyver 2 Female + Guyver 1 Image head plus (the one with Sho's face), they'll be added to this collection. also does anyone know's a person who can build guyver helmets ? whether it's real life size or small guyver heads, I've been looking online for anyone who can build me guyver helmets and ship them to me. I found a guy once before but his prices are a bit too high. so if you guys know anyone please let me know this is the last picture of my collection, couldn't upload all 5 pics in 1 post
  10. that's the issue I'm having, I don't know anyone who's trust worthy and do this kind of stuff for people, that's why I'm asking here if you guys know anyone. and I do check eBay for Guyver stuff on daily basis, still didn't find anything good though, hopefully I will soon
  11. could you guys provide a website that sells guyver figures ? rare ones ? or at least guide me to someone who builds and paints the guyver vinyl kits ? i'm willing to pay for good quality painted vinyl kits
  12. hey everyone it's been a while, this is my updated guyver collection, so far from the main max factory figures I'm missing only Gigantic Guyver 1 + Imakarum, I'm going to get Gigantic guyver 1 next month .. Imakarum still no where to be found . I looked as much as I can online and still cannot find it. the guyver helmet I have is wearable which is nice, I also have Guyver 2 helmet same size but not wearable coming in the next week or so. I'm seeing everyone's collection here and want so many stuff -_-, I don't suppose anyone of you guys are willing to sell his collection stuff . and finally I'm looking for any kind of guyver merchandise if anyone knows a good website that sell guyver stuff that'll be great .. I check ebay almost daily for guyver stuff
  13. I managed to find some nice stuff on yahoo hong kong and for a really decent price, but when I tried to sign up they needed my phone number, and the only available countries are US, UK, Hong kong and few more, my country wasn't listed
  14. Murakami AKA Imakarum AKA Apollon (maybe?) is my favorite character in the whole show
  15. hey everyone, this is my current collection, I actually wasn't planning to collecting the figures, but after seeing how beautiful the figures i decided to collect the ones I like. I noticed that no one is collecting the small ones I don't know why, they look really nice and they have Yentsui and Gresilda! I also made a purchase a while back I think it was a bargain, I got the following figures: Zx-tole, Neo Zx-tole, Aptom, Gyuot, Guyver 1 (old version), Guyver 2, Guyver 3, Murakami, Gigantic Guyver 3. all those figures are sealed and in mint condition, got them all for $850, so basically I got each one for less than $100. when I get those figures the only ones I'll be missing are Pluqstahl, Gignatic Guyver 1, Evil Aptom, Imakarum, I'll get the first three figures in a month or two, but Imakarum is still no where to be found online -.-
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