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  1. Figma Guyver III comes out in July, I aim to do my part and obtain 2-4.
  2. The fact that Gigantic Dark only.comes with one set of hands doesn't sweeten the deal as well. I mean seriously, no fists? Ya dun goofed. I guess at this point, the only hope for another Gigantic set is Figma. And who the **** knows when they'll get around to that.
  3. I'm just realizing what a mistake I made by not looking into these figures a bit more. Such a missed opportunity....maybe I'll attempt to pick up Gigantic Dark, but it could take some time.
  4. What year is it in the Guyver manga? It started in the 80s, so it was the 80s in the manga, but...it's been 32 years now. Did the manga just retroactively update to modern times, or what? Is there anyway to tell?
  5. I hope Guyver III doesn't have any issues like my Guyver II, it'd be a shame if the last figure they make (90% sure it will be) isn't up to par.
  6. Well...the two other Guyver IIF figures I bought had the same issue, on both arms. Just won't stay firmly in the socket. Very very very disappointed. I even bought these two from a different seller. I give up. Out of the 4 I bought, only 1 works properly.
  7. I really hope they'll continue after Guyver III, make the regular Guyver II at least. Fingers crossed. Or perhaps an updated Guyver I.
  8. Sorry to necro post, just thought I'd share my experience with the Guyver IIF. So I bought two of the OVA version off Amazon, when they arrived I opened one, only to have the right arm pop right out of the shoulder socket. No amount of force I put on it would keep it in, slightest movement and it fell right out. The left arm had no such issue, same with the legs. Figured it was defect. I opened the second figure and it was perfect, no problems. I filed a return claim on the defective figure and got a refund, then bought another. Hopefully it won't have any issues.
  9. Coming back to this, again, necro posting... forgive me. When it comes to removing the boost dimension, this idea mainly comes from the American films, which had a slightly higher impact on me growing up, versus the animes. In the movies, while not explicitly stated, to me, had the Guyver armor stored inside Sean Barker's body. After his transformation, with the thugs in the alley, the armor breaks off, and the tendrils all shoot back into the neck bumps (receivers). In Dark Hero, if you look closely, when Sean transforms, the armor is seen shooting out where the receivers are, and the tendrils are connecting the pieces to the receivers. So that is why I implemented this idea. Personally i somewhat prefer it over the anime/manga, but that's me. I use this idea to also further cement the idea of the Guyver armor, while being a terrifying weapon, also being a living parasitic organism, it lives in the host. So that's my justification for that. Just wanted to share it. As for the Gigantic Guyver being an "adult" stage, I have been rethinking that. I'm more comfortable with the Gigantic being like it's treated in the manga, a super upgrade add on of sorts. But I'm considering changing the origins somewhat. I'm liking the idea of the Gigantic being a type of over drive mode, already installed on the Guyver unit, but locked away. Will keep playing with ideas. As for Chronos and Max Pharmaceuticals, that was just a huge error on my part. I had forgot about Max Pharmaceuticals, so it will be changed.
  10. I really hope this starts a trend for other companies, and The Guyver finally gets the merchandise it deserves. Really, Guyver needs another media push for more toys and merchandise. Another OVA, video game, movie, etc. Something to try and get the name out of there. RELEASING THE MANGAS IN THE US WOULD SURE HELP, BUT NOOOOOO.
  11. This....actually sounds pretty cool. I'm not too aware of the manga's current events. But if they could lead to something like this, I'm all for it.
  12. Ya know, in my fanficion ideas for Guyver, I often thought about Chornos finding a sort of "Guyver hive" with dozens of units just waiting to be used.
  13. I'd laugh maniacally as I transform into the most powerful force on the planet.
  14. Oh yeah I'm aware, sometimes I just want to turn off my Guyver fan gene and wait till it's over.
  15. Thank you very much, that's that. I appreciate it, I really want this manga to end so I can just buy the whole thing in one fell swoop.