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  1. PowerofGuyver

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    So when they say the powers of the Exceed are in proportion to its size. Does that mean the Exceed giga smasher is 52x stronger than the normal Gigantic Guyver? The main gun on Reaper can dispense approximately 454 kilotons of TNT. If we are to assume the giga smasher is equal to one billion tons of TNT, add in being 52x stronger.... :/ My beloved Reapers are like wet tissue paper against the chicxulub impact...
  2. PowerofGuyver

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    So I'm sure this is a match up no one has ever thought of. It randomly came to me last night, being a fan of both franchises. Gigantic Guyver Exceed vs A Reaper So now that the ridiculous bar has been set to 11. Let's talk?
  3. PowerofGuyver

    Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    A Guyver unit is far more than readily equipped to deal with Xenomorphs. They do well in numbers, and can use tactics, but a single creature isn't much of a threat to a well armed individual. The Xenomorph's trump card will be their acid. The Guyver was wounded by Enzyme's acid, so I'd figure the Xenomorph's will do just as well. Unless the Xenomorphs are swarming in the hundreds maybe even thousands, I think the Guyver can take em.
  4. PowerofGuyver

    New Chapter status?

    Surely the franchise could use a little more than a manga that goes in numerous extended hiatus though, right?
  5. PowerofGuyver

    New Chapter status?

    I promise all of you. If I ever become a mega millionaire, I will buy the rights to Guyver and bring it back to the US in force.
  6. PowerofGuyver

    New Chapter status?

    Sure is great being a Guyver fan. :/
  7. PowerofGuyver

    New Guyver Figma's

    I figure the male Guyver II because that rounds out all the Guyver units of importance. Complete the circle.
  8. PowerofGuyver

    New Guyver Figma's

    So Winter Wonder Fest is coming up, Feb 18th I believe. C'mon male Guyver II!
  9. PowerofGuyver

    Guyver (pre gigantic and Exceed) vs Doomsday (1992)

    Pretty damn good debates there be people. Looks like the default Guyver won't have a chance without Gigantic and Exceed.
  10. So I'm bored, and I like Doomsday, and Guyver. Both visually awesome characters with great physical powers. Now to make the fight interesting, I decided to keep the Gigantic and Exceed Guyver forms out of the battle. I'm interested in discussing if the Guyver can take Doomsday with the default settings of powers. So what do you think? Can the Guyver without his power ups take on the beast that killed Superman? I think this is a great battle. Doomsday on the surface would be like any other Zoanoid, or Hyper Zoanoid, but he's far more durable than any of of them. Back in 1992 during the Death of Superman comic, Doomsday tanked all manner of energy blasts from the Justice League, army, and Superman himself. Didn't even slow him down. Same goes with physical blows, repeated hits from Superman, and he held in there for a long time. So with that said, doesn't seem like the mega smasher, nor head beam could really hurt Doomsday. I think the best chance for the Guyver to win are the high frequency blades, and pressure cannon. Doomsday does have a weakness with his external bones. They're incredibly sharp and strong, but if they get broken, can cause him extreme anguish.
  11. PowerofGuyver

    New Chapter status?

    Yeah I doubt the Prime 1 and Figma stuff could keep Takaya from the manga this long. But a movie? A major reboot? A push into American media? I bet that could take some time. But that would be too good to be true. I stick to my original theory that Takaya is moving full speed ahead with finishing the story, getting everything lined up so manga release can be consistent.
  12. PowerofGuyver

    New Chapter status?

    "busy with action figures"? That's been used a reason for the author going silent? What did he mean by that? The Figma stuff?
  13. PowerofGuyver

    How would you want a live action Guyver TV series to be?

    Well I definitely wouldn't want ****ing green screen mocap Guyver or Zoanoids. Practical effects, please!
  14. PowerofGuyver

    New Chapter status?

    I would bet that Takaya is going all in planning the story for several volumes. That way the story can be continuous again.
  15. PowerofGuyver

    New Guyver Figma's

    Also, I ordered two Guyver IIIs off eBay last week, and they arrived today. Damn good figure, love it. I aim to buy two more. Now for the inevitable male Guyver II...