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  1. This looks like it will be pretty cool! It celebrates the 45th anniversary of the manga and anime. Can't wait!
  2. Ok, I shall do that asap this weekend! Thanks Sully! It's nice to be able to give a little back to the community!
  3. I can do that! I will get that done this weekend at some point for all. 300dpi is no issue. What would you like? The cover to the actual manga, the title page for Guyver and all of the story pages? Anything else?
  4. Instead of that, if needed I could scan you the cover and pages from the book if you'd like. I would hate to see one cut up! LOL
  5. For anyone interested, Guyver's first appearance is on Buyee!
  6. Sudo has the coolest collection EVER!
  7. I wish I could afford those statues as well! They are really amazing looking! Hopefully I can figure out a way to at least get the Guyver 1. I also want the dark hero bust... Guyver is a passion of mine. The lag in the manga doesn't affect me too much. I of course want to see where it is going and can't wait to read more, but there are worse things. He could be completely gone with nothing to look forward to like Baoh or something. It is the same with most series. Mazinger Z and Devilman have been hit or miss with releases. Yet, next year they will both have new series/movies out to commemorate the 40th anniversary of both. Good characters seldom fully go away. If there are fans to scoop it up, it will in some form keep chugging along!
  8. Agreed. The source material may be all but dead, but the franchise is going pretty strong this year compared to others. The statues alone are a good sign that it isn't dead. The manga may be suffering with readership and interest on that level, but the franchise seems to be going along decently.
  9. I finally got the first manga appearance of Goku and Bulma with the first Dragon Ball chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump No. 51 from 1984! Quite a hard one to locate but worth the wait and searching!
  10. I have not heard of it. Kind of cool.
  11. It's not the shelves that make it great, Blue5ive! It's the fan behind it all! ... Well, that and the collection displayed of course But the fan first!
  12. Maybe all of their moms names will be Martha... They're the best of friends!! The super friends!! ... wait. I am confused... LOL
  13. Yeah, very true indeed!
  14. Sudo... I bow the greatness my friend!! I have a LONG way to go before I catch up to you
  15. Thanks BBD! Lots more to find...