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  1. Guyver1

    New Chapter status?

    Yeah, they are really pricey. I set aside funds for the prime 1 guyver1 though. Put a pre order in. When available in will snag it! And then I think my collection will be pretty much complete. For a while anyways.
  2. Guyver1

    Have you re-read Guyver lately?

    I got into it back in 95. The manga vhs came out and I bought the first tape and watched a million times. There was local comic shop I went to and they carried the single issues and graphic novels of he viz manga. I bought and read all of them. Then it was cancelled and I couldn't read it anymore. I got back to reading it on this site back in 2014. I have read and re read all 32+ books and the newest chapters 6 times over the years. I try to watch the animes, both versions, one a year. So long as I have time to do so. This is my favorite manga. Totally worth the wait for the next chapter. As an artist I like to study all of the detail in Takaya's work so I never get bored re reading the chapters.
  3. Guyver1

    Avengers: Infinity War

    My only question on a cynical level is this: if he did what he did to save life as a whole, why not use it to make more resources so that would not need to happen? Trying to be vague as to not give spoilers.
  4. Guyver1

    Venom 2018

    I only dislike one thing. The pronouncing of symbiote. Could be way worse as a huge Spider-Man fan!
  5. Guyver1

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Indeed! I got it on eBay long ago. No box and I have not seen another thus far. He looks like he did after Enzyme bit off his arm and clawed his brain.
  6. Guyver1

    Max Factory - 1/6 Guyver 1

    Yes please! Need is a valid word for this.
  7. Guyver1

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Thanks guys! I think Guyver 2f is 1/6 scale as is the Guyver3. It took me a long time to collect all of this. I have more to do but need to chill on spending so I can get the Guyver1 statue in May. Balcus, Imakarum and the test tank were all recent xmas gifts. I wish they would do Guyver0 too! And maybe Arkanphel and a gigantic exceed. To scale with the Sanken ones so it would be real tall!
  8. Guyver1

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Me thinks me shelf is too full now. Lol! I have lots of other stuff but need an upgrade before I can display it.
  9. Guyver1

    A Little Guyver 2 Dark Hero reunion

    That's pretty damned cool.
  10. Guyver1

    Cool manga firsts!

    The first Vampire Hunter D novel! I have the first edition!
  11. Guyver1

    Cool manga firsts!

    The first appearance of Baoh from weekly shonen jump #45, 1984!
  12. Guyver1

    Cool manga firsts!

    Here is the first appearance of Inuyasha from weekly shonen Sunday #50, 1996!
  13. Guyver1

    Guyver Novel, Full Book, Japanese 'scan' (photos)

    Hey Jess! Good to see ya on. I have all 3 of the novels and they are awesome!
  14. Guyver1

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

  15. Guyver1

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Oh man I need to find one!