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  1. 1/6 guyver dark hero

    Very awesome dude!
  2. guyver figure

    Totally interested! Please pm me how much you would want for him. Thanks!
  3. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Hello all! Got a few additions to the shelf. Evil Aptom, Guyver 3 figma, Guyver 3 model, Gigantic Dark and I have the movie color version of Guyver IIF on the way. All I am missing from the bfc line is Imakarum, Neo Zx tole and Gaster. Next up is saving for the Guyver 1 statue coming next year!
  4. New Guyver Figma's

    I agree totally! I am a huge fan of a great many things but I am so much so of Guyver I feel I have to collect it all. I call it a passion... My lady calls it a disease. Lol! I will be posting some new pics once my newer stuff comes in. I am happy with my collection but know I have a lot more to go. Like the statues next year... Oh and how! I think the lack of the manga is satiated by the new figures and all. Keep it going Kanji!!
  5. Who still uses DVD?

    I still do as well. I have all of the Guyver stuff on dvd. And the Big Lebowski. Don't want to forget about that! Lol
  6. New Guyver Figma's

    Looks awesome Kanji!
  7. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Ha! Yeah I already get enough flack for the shelf being in the living room. One day I will have a bigger shelf and make it even more grand. Lol! So long as I am allowed to survive...
  8. Just got the Zetman play arts figure from Square Enix. Pretty sweet!
  9. New Chapter status?

    Oh man that would be awesome! Devilman will be out next year too. Come on new Guyver season!
  10. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Got her from a seller on eBay. She is awesome!
  11. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    The shelf in its current state. I need a bigger one as I have all of the tanks and vhs tapes, art book and novels and single mantas from monthly shonen captain...
  12. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    I got a sweet Guyver2f 1/6 model!
  13. Cool manga firsts!

    Here is the first appearance of Zetman! Really cool and hard to find. It is from weekly shonen jump autumn special 1994.
  14. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Heck yeah man. I am just getting into Zetman. He reminds me of Guyver and Devilman rolled into one. Baoh is an old fav of mine as well! Walken... Oh Walken! Lol
  15. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    That Baoh is sweet dude!