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  1. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Oh yeah. The rare mini figure. Super awesome!
  2. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    They did indeed! I was wondering who else was bidding... Congrats on the new arrival btw!
  3. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Lol! Yup. Thanks for making them so expensive!
  4. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Addition time! The Unit Dvd case and SD figures arrived!!! Woot!
  5. I don't think it has gone away. Here the news is more about knee bending at football games and what dumb tweets were sent than world events and issues. Our attention span can be measured in nano seconds. Plenty on the DPRK is still going on, as are other serious issues around the globe. But hey, who needs to worry about that when we have so many other more important things to look into... Like what celebrity was naked or who is splitting up. X day in Guyver sometimes doesn't seem like a bad trade off when you think about it. Lol!
  6. New Chapter status?

    I like your thought process on this. I hope you're right!
  7. New Chapter status?

    Pretty much that. And the statues being made by prime1. I feel like he could do both honestly. I get taking time off for health or mental reasons. I do from time to time on my comic, but almost 2 years is kind of nuts. If he would only get to it and finish it properly then he could design all the merchandise he wanted. I am a huge fan, but it is much past time this was continued and concluded.
  8. Monthly Shonen Captain Guyver covers

    Most welcome! Yeah I agree. Would be great for a resurgence to happen though. I don't own them all, but I do have a few. I was doing cover searches and found these images. A lot of them are for sale on the mandarake website.
  9. Monthly Shonen Captain Guyver covers

    Most welcome! As I find others I will post them. Kind of a cool throwback.
  10. In the spirit of nerdish out, I thought you guys would dig seeing some earlier cover appearances by our favorite hero. Check it...
  11. Guyver's First Manga Appearance

    Hey fellow fans! I have a pic of the index page for Monthy Shonen Captain containing Guyver's first appearance below. Sorry it took so long for me to upload.
  12. How would you want a live action Guyver TV series to be?

    I think something dark and awesome. Heavy on the choreography of the fighting. Make it a few seasons long. Utilize the best special effects both cg and makeup. No real redesign of the suit or characters needed. Should deviate from the source material enough so that we don't know what will happen all the time but close enough to stay true to it. The hard part is the scope of the story. Being able to build it from Sho activating the unit all the way to Draglord would be amazing. But the designs of characters like Aptom would be so cool as he fluctuates so much. Marketing would be sweet too. Posters touting the zoanoid and chronos revolution, wanted posters for the Segawas, etc. I see other shows out there like helix or black mirror and think "damn, if only they would do a show or movie today how amazing would it look?!" This property has so much potential but is lost among cat eared boobie chicks and ninja pirate vampire zombies... Either way still my favorite manga ever. One day it will get back to the glory it was meant to be. Side note... How great would it be to see the Gigantic XD all power rangered up?! I have zero idea on casting either. But damn I wish it would happen!
  13. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Not yet. I have to get the batteries loaded and set... Thanks!
  14. Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    The glory... I obtained the Sanken Gigantic Dark, also have my last missing zoanoid Gaster en route from buyee. All that remains are Sanken Gigantic Guyver1, Neo Zktol, Imakarum, Dr. Blacks and the Guyver1 ultimate version of the statue and bust coming next year and I think I will be set for a long time. Still want to get the old models and a few other monthly shonen captains with Guyver on the cover... But I have the time and not the moolah! Lol
  15. New Chapter status?

    I have faith that this is going to be wrapped up soon and it will be epic! Gotta keep hope alive... Maybe we will get lucky next month and the ace cover will have Guyver with cat ears and big boobs on it. I now call a lady flashing "mega smashing" btw. You're welcome.