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  1. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    Get yourself winzip. It will open the rar files!! Enjoy!
  2. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    Are you doing it from an android device? If so, get a photo compressor like lit photo on the app store. It will condense the image and make it usable here.
  3. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

  4. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    No I have not but it may be ok to go with that. What set did you pick up, if you want to share anyways lol
  5. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    I always do EMS when I buy from there but I like tracking and quickness.
  6. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    I have bought a lot if stuff from this site and it is pretty awesome. You will be charged for the won item immediately then it will ship to their warehouse and you choose what delivery method you want and pay for that. I have never had any problems with this site. Update your collection pics when you get some newness and share the love!
  7. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    Not sure what those are but you don't need them to bid at all.
  8. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    Amen brother. I am gearing up for a wedding in November so my funds are tight now. But it is a great place to find stuff!
  9. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    By the way, my thanks to Gazham for turning me onto this site. I have found a great many things on it!
  10. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    Try buyee.jp and look at the auction site. I see volume sets under $100. You can find a lot of cool stuff there.
  11. Guyver1

    Prime 1 Guyver 1 statue

    Hell yeah! I just got the bust of Guyver1 because I had to have the smasher! I also ordered the Guyver III bust. So excited!
  12. Guyver1

    What happened to the guyver 0 unit?

    That is an awesome observation!
  13. Guyver1

    New guy longtime fan

    Welcome to the site!! We are all fans here! As for cutting off the anime and manga, we would all love answers to those questions too. Lol! Get the hard copies of the books as Segawdcd said and send them and the site managers will hook you up.
  14. Guyver1

    Guyver collections... the REVISIT!

    Just got Gigantic Dark!!
  15. Guyver1

    Volume 30-32 Scanlations

    Totally agree dude. It was a nerd badge of honor to talk about any anime you watched. Guyver was at my blockbuster too, but I first saw it at a place called specs in St. Pete. The first tape was like $20 and I had to buy it. My local comic shop had the viz comics and graphic novels, so I bought them all.