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  1. Episode 99. The warriors are shocked into silence by the destruction of Universe 9. Goku notes that this is now the second time he and Vegeta have seen the Omni-King wipe out a universe (the first time being Future Trunks’ world). Goku reiterates that winning this tournament is the only way to ensure the survival of their own universe, and Vegeta vows that he will be the last man standing and obtain the Super Dragon Balls. The U9 angel Mohito regrets that his universe was the first to go, but thinks it was only natural, while the U1 Kaioshin Anato explains that thanks to Goku’s suggestion to have this tournament, the low-ranking universes that would have been erased anyway now have this chance to win their survival. Yet the losing universes will still have to be destroyed as a necessary sacrifice to keep the universes’ levels balanced.Vados teases Champa that they must soon say farewell, making him irritated that Vados doesn’t have to worry about getting erased. Kuririn tries to calm himself down, and Gohan makes sure the other team members are OK after this big shock. Off on his own, Freeza notes the disparity between the Omni-Kings’ cute looks and their universe-destroying antics, and vows to one day be top dog over both of them. No.17 tells No.18 that their infinite energy means they will never tire out, which gives them the advantage in a fight like this.The battle starts up again, and Vegeta picks out Hit as his next opponent. He’s got a score to settle! But as Vegeta rushes in to attack, Botamo suddenly blocks him. Botamo and Champa both taunt Vegeta that his attacks will have no effect, and even trying to throw Botamo won’t work this time, but Vegeta calmly ties Botamo’s rubbery body up in knots. As Vegeta goes to throw Botamo out of the arena, Magetta steps in and saves Botamo. Meanwhile, Kuririn, Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Muten Roshi are attacked by the U10 bird warrior Jium. Gohan’s strategy is for their group to avoid fighting unnecessarily, but they will still beat anyone who comes after them. They quickly take Jium out with three Kienzans from Kuririn and a Kamehameha from Roshi.Vegeta tries to weaken Magetta with insults like he did at the last tournament, but this time U6 is prepared: Botamo sits on Magetta’s shoulders and covers his ears, thereby creating the mighty “Bota-Magetta”. As Vegeta struggles against this tricky opponent, 18 easily beats up on the U4 wolfman Shosa. She seemingly goes too far though, apparently killing her opponent. However, Shosa is simply playing possum, and catches 18 off-guard with an attack that sends her flying. Before 18 goes out of the arena, Kuririn jumps in and grabs her, then fires a ki blast to propel them back onto solid ground.18 vows revenge against Shosa, but Shosa advises her to give up now before he spoils her good looks. Kuririn and 18 decide to team up and use the technique they practiced, a ki ball they pass between them that gets faster and bigger over time. When it finally hits, it knocks Shosa out of bounds. Beerus applauds the couple on their teamwork, but before they can celebrate too much, Kuririn is attacked by another U4 warrior, the vulpine Majora. 18 knocks Majora back, and Kuririn gives her sunglasses (which he stole from Roshi) before launching his Taiyo-Ken x100 technique.However, Majora is completely unaffected by this light, and kicks both Kuririn and 18. It turns out that he is already blind, and relies on his sense of smell to track his opponents. Though 18 is nervous, now that Kuririn knows Majora’s secret he is confident he can win. He’s got a strategy! Kuririn and Majora start to fight one-on-one, and Kuririn takes off his shoe and hits Majora in the face with it. The shoe’s stench blocks Majora’s sense of smell, distracting him long enough for Kuririn to knock him out of bounds with a Kamehameha. That makes three warriors down for U4! 18 isn’t happy about this method of winning, and promises to wash Kuririn’s shoes when they get home. Kuririn is in high spirits, but while he’s rejoicing over his victory, Frost steps in and quickly knocks him out of bounds, then runs away before 18 can counterattack. As Kuririn is teleported into the benches with the U7 gods, Beerus berates him for getting carried away, while Shin says he did his best (though his eyes tell a different story). Now all Kuririn can do is cheer on his teammates.43 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.
  2. Looks like Pat Labor made the cut. More Ultraman or maybe even Jet Jaguar! And Mothra!!!!!
  3. Ok so the next installment of the Jurassic Park series is on its way. Here was the original art. There are some interesting things floating around. First, Jeff Goldblum will be reprising his character, Ian Malcolm, which will make him officially the series most recurring character But ol Jeff aint the only one comeing back from old scaly friend is to. Yep, the horridly inaccurate and terrifying Dilophosaurus are finally back. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are also back for this installment. while their is no hard infor about its plot there are rumors. There is talk of volcanic eruptions and an old business partner of Hammond. Edit this partner will be stepping in to clean up after the Jurassic World incident.
  4. Episode 98 Goku has narrowly managed to avoid a ring-out, but is now surrounded by Trio de Dangers and other U9 warriors. U9’s Kaioshin Rou taunts him from the stands: it’s time to pay back their grudge from the exhibition match! Goku though is pleased to have a rematch against U9, particularly since during their last fight U9’s warrior Bergamot fought by absorbing Goku’s power, rather than using his own. As Goku battles Bergamot and the others, Shin wonders why he stays in his regular form and doesn’t use Super Saiyan Blue, but Whis explains that Blue uses up a lot of stamina. In this long tournament where healing items are forbidden, Goku has got to properly pace himself to ensure he keeps on fighting to the end.As Champa cheers on Trio de Dangers (since without Goku, U7 will be in a weakened position), Beerus reminds Goku that all he needs to do to win is knock them out of bounds. Lavenda covers his fists in poison, and all three members of Trio de Dangers charge at Goku, who fights them off and covers himself in a glowing barrier. This barrier protects Goku from Lavenda’s poison, and was something he and Gohan thought up after Gohan’s match with Lavenda. Elsewhere, Freeza beats up on Napapa and sees from afar that Goku is enjoying himself. Freeza decides to enjoy himself too, and goes after U9’s gargoyle-like Roselle.Goku continues to have a hard time as Trio de Dangers jointly attack him from three different directions, a technique Rou dubs their “Dangers Triangle”. Annoyed, Vegeta jumps in and asks why Goku is screwing around, but Goku protests that fighting them is tricky since he can’t sense their ki. Rou now orders all of U9’s warriors to team up against Goku and Vegeta. Whis is sure this shouldn’t be a challenge for the two of them if they worked together…but he thinks they probably won’t. Indeed, Vegeta quickly takes off on his own to battle Lavenda, while Goku takes on Basil, effectively ending their “Dangerous Triangle” combo. Vegeta likewise shields himself in a barrier from Lavenda’s poison, but is caught off guard by the U9 female warrior Hop’s claws.Though Goku is concerned for Vegeta, he has his own problems to worry about. The dragon-like Chappil allows Goku a free shot at him, but Goku’s punches doesn’t faze him at all, due to his iron skin. Champa continues to cheer on U9 in the hope that they can eliminate Goku and Vegeta, while Beerus notes that two of U9’s warriors have yet to join the fight. They’re waiting for something, but what?Vegeta has his hands full guarding against Lavenda’s poison, when suddenly one of the remaining U9 warriors, Hyssop, fires an “absolute zero” freezing attack that freezes Vegeta’s right hand. Hop rushes forward to slash Vegeta, but he dodges out of the way just in time and she slashes Lavenda by accident. With the U9 warriors distracted by this mishap, Goku takes this chance to turn into regular Super Saiyan and knocks Chappil and Comfrey (a green U9 warrior) out of the ring, while Vegeta likewise rings out Hop.Next, Vegeta’s left hand is wrapped up in web by the red U9 warrior Oregano, but he goes Super Saiyan and knocks Oregano and Hyssop out of the ring. The bunny-like U9 warrior Sorrel has also been beaten (apparently by No.18), and Roselle loses when he flees the arena in an attempt to get away from Freeza. Now only Trio de Dangers remain out of all U9’s team! Rou yells at them not to lose, but the three are having a tough time against the Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta, and find themselves cornered together on the edge of the arena. They charge up a joint beam attack, “Triangle Danger Beam”, but Vegeta and Goku go Super Saiyan Blue and counter with a Final Flash and Kamehameha, sending Trio de Dangers out of bounds.Now U9’s entire team has been beaten! The Omni-Kings happily check off all the warriors on their godPads, while the Great Priest announces that U9 itself will accordingly be annihilated. As Rou screams in protest, the Omni-Kings join their hands and in a flash all the U9 warriors and gods vanish, except for their angel Mojito (who seems bemused more than anything). Whis uses his staff to confirm that U9 itself is completely gone. The Omni-Kings have destroyed an entire universe!
  5. Potentially. Gohan is the official team captain of U7. Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers and since he whole team is made up of them, he's is obviously team leader. Brianne de Chateau (who turns into Ribrianne) is the leader of the Kamikaze Fireballs from U2, however its unknown if thats everyone on her team or just the girls with her. But she is in a leader position and the most likely candidate. Nigrisshi of U3, Bergamo of U9 and Murichim of U10 all apper to be or did hold leadership roles in smaller groups so again their the most likely team leaders. The odd one out is Hit. We have no evidence he is leading yet.
  6. Episode 97 With the warriors all assembled, the Great Priest explains the tournament rules once again. The time limit will be 100 tak (about 48 Earth minutes), marked by the gradual descent of the pillar in the center of the tournament arena. Killing and the use of weapons or healing items are prohibited, and contestants are eliminated by being knocked out of the ring. Flying or floating is prohibited unless the contestant has wings.The explanation over, Gohan advises the U7 fighters to rely on teamwork: they should guard each other’s backs and use superior numbers to take on opponents. However, Vegeta hates this plan, and Freeza seems uninterested. Elsewhere, Kale is intimidated by all the tough-looking fighters around, but Caulifla says she can win easily if she just cuts loose. Beerus shouts to his team about the importance of team work, and gets mocked by Quitela.Finally, the Great Priest declares the start of the Tournament of Power, and all hell breaks loose as warriors rush at each other and begin fighting. Goku spots Toppo and goes off on his own to fight him, but gets intercepted by U4’s Ganos. Back with the other U7 fighters, Gohan calls out to Goku and again stresses the importance of teamwork, but Vegeta, No.17, No.18, and Freeza all likewise go off to fight on their own. Gohan is disheartened to see his strategy fall apart so soon, but Muten Roshi tells him not to worry about it.Meanwhile, the robot-like U3 fighter Narirama enters his “Super Survival Mode”, a spin attack that sends U2’s Ribrianne and many others flying. Soon though, Hit and Basil step in and each take out one of Narirama’s arms. Basil goes on to kick U10’s winged fighter Lilibeu out of the arena. Lilibeu screams as she plummets down into the void, but suddenly finds herself sitting in the stadium seating next to the U10 gods (it turns out this is what happens to fighters when they get knocked out of bounds). The Omni-Kings pulls out their “godPad” tablets they use to track the tournament’s progress, and mark Lilibeu as eliminated. U10’s God of Destruction Ramoosh yells at Lilibeu for getting knocked out despite having wings, and is ashamed that one of his universe’s fighters was the first to be eliminated, but Gowasu remains optimistic. Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Roshi are surrounded by Lavenda and a horde of other enemy fighters. Though they stick to Gohan’s plan and guard each other’s backs, their special attacks prove ineffective against their opponents. Basil continues to fight against U10’s Napapa, a pig-man sumo wrestler, but Napapa manages to repel Basil’s energy blasts and avoid a ring-out. Ramoosh brags about Napapa’s skills at “Dohyodoru”, a U10 martial art (essentially just sumo wrestling).Still fighting Ganos, Goku suddenly spots Toppo, but Toppo is attacked by U10’s Murichim. Next Goku sees Jiren, who is just standing there. Regardless, the Omni-Kings can tell Jiren is someone to keep an eye on. As Goku sizes Jiren up, he is caught off guard and grabbed by another fighter, U4’s Nink. As Goku struggles to break free, Nink backs up to the edge of the arena. He plans on going out of bounds and taking Goku with him! Nink is fine being eliminated if it means getting rid of a powerful enemy like Goku. As Nink reaches the edge of the arena, Goku suddenly becomes Super Saiyan Blue and breaks free of his hold. Nink falls down into the void, but Goku manages to grab onto the edge of the arena and pulls himself up (reverting from Blue to his base form immediately afterwards). Beerus chews Goku out for not becoming Blue immediately, but Goku explains that he wanted to conserve his power. Though he’s back in the game, Goku is soon surrounded by a group of enemies, including all three members of Trio de Dangers. Regardless, he’s still itching for a fight.47 minutes remain until the end of the Tournament of Power!
  7. Ok so I have full translated the first chapter if the manga, both literally and then artistically. I do not plan to post these online for free. I stand by what we do here and do not want to be responsible for costing the Arthur money....or landing myself a unwanted legal headache. To give the real credit were it is due. The Arthur. Blue Hole was written by Yukinobu Hoshino, a, form what I can tell, lesser known manga creator (for us westerners at any rate) who has enjoyed some success. His first work was published back in 1975 and his last publication was in 2010. From what I can find, he's last recorded work was a ten part series that was printed in Big Comics magazine. Initially, Hoshino's artistic style was similar to that of Mikiya Mochizuki and had humoristic touches, but moved on to the gekiga style. He is known for using the gekiga style to create detailed and serious science fiction stories based on American and European SF novels but creating a completely different storyline. He had also drawn various works based on ancient and pre-historic histories. By far his biggest claim to fame was having his work acknowledged by the British Museum and was on display during 5 November 2009 to 3 January 2010. The Museum also published some of his manga, with his final work from Big Comics being reprinted in the British Museum Press. You can read more about him here:
  8. As nice as the praise is, I must admit I did not make this. It was merely passed on to me by someone over at Kanzenshuu. Also I think they are set up that way because of the connection of each universe. They were all made in pairs. 6&7, 4&9, 3&10 and 2&11 When the Almighty is a spoiled child....I dont think so. Also you cannot use the Super Dragon Balls since that would just piss him off. But I did have one idea, you cannot wish to restore the universes but you could wish everyone and their planets to the winning universes. Zen-Oh is doing this because looking after all these universes is a pain (Funny, a child hating hard work), so if you move everyone to just one universes it might be enough to appease him since the result is the same. But still, all the Gods of Destruction of the losing universes would still dye. But its better then losing countless numbers of innocent lives.
  9. So we are finally at the big tournament. Some new rules are in, the arena is designed so that each fighter experiences the unique gravity of their home worlds and ki fly is not allowed but people with a natural ability to fly are. Also the arena is made out of a metal hard then the hardest known metal in the dragon ball multiverse. Here are all the fighters.
  10. That really cool, with this and Devilman Crybaby I have a lot of Go Nagai stuff to look forward to YAY!
  11. How would you act during a Kaiju outbreak? Chaos descends on Ichi City. During a dark night colossal shadowy beings appear out of nowhere and begin to rampage throughout the city. You play as to a customization character, male or female (place holder names, Ken Misaki and Miharu Matsuhara). You and another survivor, Yuki Kano, must find a way out of the city while avoiding being crushed by the Shadows. But nothing is ever that simple, as the Shadows begin to take on very familiar forms.... This will be an action survival game. You will spend your time running from the monsters while trying to keep you and your companion alive. During the course of the game you will have to make choices which will affect how you companion feels about you and the games out come. It will be released fall of this year. It is currently scheduled for a Japan only release but we can hope that it gets released world wide.
  12. Episode 95 Freeza and Goku are surrounded by a gang of assassins sent by the gods of Universe 9. Goku figures they come from another universe (though he doesn’t know which), and the assassins brag about how their universe is tough and hardcore, unlike the softies in Universe 7. Freeza thinks this other universe sounds like a splendid place…Though Freeza has powered up into his Golden form, Goku wonders if he’ll be alright like that. After all, there’s barely any time left until the tournament, and that form uses up a lot of stamina. Freeza explains that enduring the “tortures” of his Hell (all those stuffed animal parades and whatnot) have honed his mental concentration. Now his energy control skills have greatly improved, making him into the “true Golden Freeza”, combining the ultimate in intensity with the delicacy to avoid even disturbing the surface of water.With that, Freeza begins mercilessly killing the assassins. Before long, Goku urges him to stop, but Freeza figures that killing them here is no different than defeating them at the tournament, since losing at the tournament will mean their entire universe’s destruction. In a panic, the assassins try and take Uranai Baba hostage, but Goku stops them and tells Baba to hide inside her palace.As Goku and Freeza butt heads, the doglike boss assassin recalls how Rou (the U9 Kaioshin) instructed him beforehand to maintain the cover story that he was going after Goku and Freeza purely of his will. At the same time, the U9 God of Destruction Sidra entrusted him with a ball of “destruction energy” capable of harming anyone. Those hit by this energy will utterly cease to exist, and not even pass on to the afterlife.The dog boss now tries to sneak attack Freeza (who is still talking with Goku), but Freeza is already on to him, and arrogantly orders the dog to throw his attack while he leaves himself wide upon. The dog throws the ball, which Freeza easily dodges, then blows up with his own energy when it boomerangs back at him. However, this first energy ball was just a fake, and the dog produces the real ball of destruction energy…which Freeza simply blasts out of his hand, where it seemingly explodes.However, the dog can still remotely control the energy ball, and he brings it up from under the water directly underneath Freeza, catching him by surprise. As Freeza struggles against the ball, its energy envelops him. It seems like Freeza has had it…but he’s just joking. With great effort, he manages to concentrate the energy around him back into a small ball which he holds safely in hand. The dog can’t believe his eyes, and is quickly shot down by Freeza.Goku is greatly impressed with Freeza’s feat, and wonders where that energy ball came from. Freeza thinks that such pure energy probably came from some god, so odds are another universe’s God of Creation or Destruction wants them out of the way. Goku warns the remaining assassins that Universe 7 won’t run or hide; they’ll settle things fair and square at the tournament! But while Goku is shouting this, Freeza catches him off-guard and hits him with the ball of destruction energy.Over in the World of Void, the Great Priest has finally completed the arena for the Tournament of Power. The two Omni-Kings are both very pleased with it, and give the Great Priest a candy as a reward. Back on Earth, Freeza taunts Goku for being naïve enough to let down his guard. Freeza advises Goku to escape from that energy the way he did. But try as he might, Goku can’t manage it, and Freeza wonders if he has grown too strong.As Goku continues to struggle, Freeza confronts one of the remaining assassins: he wishes to speak with their universe’s gods. At first the assassin refuses to speak, but he changes his tune after Freeza riddles him with energy beams. Still, Freeza wants him to keep quiet a little longer, so that he can enjoy torturing him some more. Desperate, the remaining assassins now all attack Freeza together.Off in Universe 9, Rou and Sidra wonder what’s taking their assassins so long; it’s almost time to leave for the tournament! They receive a call on their crystal ball, but are surprised to find Freeza on the other end. He’s borrowed a communicator from the assassins, and now knows their whole scheme. However, rather than rat out U9 to the Omni-Kings, Freeza proposes that he join the U9 team. After all, with Goku caught in the destruction energy, U7 has no hope of winning. If U9 will resurrect him, he’ll be sure to serve them well in the tournament.Sidra and Rou can’t believe Freeza would be so callous as to betray his entire universe. While it seems there’s no explicit rule against recruiting warriors from other universes, Rou thinks even if they recruit Freeza, he’ll be sure to betray them too eventually, and he’s not sure even Sidra could stop him. While Freeza watches the two argue via the communicator, Beerus and Whis arrive. Realizing he’s out of time, Freeza destroys the communicator.Beerus blows the destruction energy away from Goku, and it explodes harmlessly. He and Whis came since they were wondering what was holding Goku and Freeza up. Recognizing the destruction energy, Beerus wonders what happened. Whis thinks Freeza was perhaps trying to gather intel on another universe, but Freeza remains evasive. Either way, Goku says it was all his fault for forgetting what an evil guy Freeza was.Thinking to himself, Freeza realizes that this tournament is the perfect opportunity to manipulate even the gods; he’ll eventually gain the upper hand against Beerus and get the last laugh! Meanwhile, Goku asks Whis for just one minute to spar against Freeza. Their match will end once one of them lands a punch. Goku says if he wins, Freeza will have to bury the hatchet and be their teammate in the tournament…but Freeza says if he wins, Goku will have to let him do as he wants.Freeza has spent his time in Hell endlessly fighting simulated battles against Goku in his mind, and is totally certain of his chances of victory. Whis blows the starting whistle, and Goku and Freeza power up and charge each other (with Goku turning Super Saiyan Blue). They punch each other square in the face at the same time, and fall exhausted down into the water. It’s a tie! Goku reflects that Freeza’s not the only one who’s improved; while Freeza’s been in Hell, he’s been fighting strong guys from other universes. Goku vows to stop Freeza from killing any more bystanders, but Freeza won’t take orders from Goku. As Beerus and Whis suspected, this sparring match has by no means settled the score between the two.With the Tournament of Power about to begin, Goku, Freeza, Beerus, and Whis join the rest of the U7 team at Capsule Corporation…
  13. Deadite Jason Some time later Jason awakens under the ice of crystal lake. An apparition of his mother compels him so seek and destroy Ash. At the same time a group of government agents have arrived in the area, seeking the Necronomicon for Project: Black Book. While the book is taken to the Pentagon, the team members left behind are killed by Jason who then he's off to find Ash. 6 months later we catch up with Ash and see that he has settled down with a new girlfriend and living a happy life. However during this time he is confronted by Dr. Maggie Burroughs, the daughter of Freddy. She informs Ash that Freddy and Jason WILL come back. they always do, and she wants to put together a group made up of all the people who have beaten them before and work out a way to finish them for good. Ash tell her no. Some time later while Ash is out, Jason breaks into his home and murders his girlfriend. Ash gets the murder pinned on him by her father but is save by none other then Tommy Jarvis. Tommy and Ash head over to Maggie's place were they also meet up with Stephanie Kimble (Jason's great-niece) and her father Steven Freeman, Tina Shepard (the psychic girl who battled Jason), Rennie Wickham (the emphatic girl Jason in New York), Alice Johnson (the dream master) and her son Jacob. While this team of survivors talks about what to do, Jason is captured and brought to the Pentagon's Deadite holding cell. While there Jason is contacted by an old enemy, Freddy. Turns out Freddy was summoned out of the Deadite real, seemingly depowered and is currently being held near by. Unfortunately Freddy has just been playing possum and has in truth, bonded with the Necronomicon and possesses all of its powers. While Jason at first attacks Freddy, the dream demon offers Jason the chance to rule the world with him and to give him greater power. Power enough to kill the old enemies massing to to attack them, enemies like Tommy. This gets Jason's attention and he agrees. Freddy then uses his power restore and empower Jason, the new General of his Deadite Army! Deadite Jason is a far cry from any of his previous designs, even his original. His body has been restored and more so, is skin is a natural healthy color and he's even sporting an full, mane of hair. His cloths have likewise been fixed, he's now sporting clean blue genies, a back jumper and a brand new jacket with big pockets for pointy things. His mask has been restored to the complete and undamaged state of his Original design. Freddy also grants Jason two new machetes with his signature scratch marks on the blades. Under the mask Jason's face is not only restored but improved, he is no longer deformed or fact he looks like a normal person. Even his eyes have been restored to their original blue. But he is still the monster fulled by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance. A fact made very clear when, for the first and last time Jason speaks in his own body and voice "You...You....Dye!" With Jason at the head of his army, Freddy takes control of Washington. Ash and the Nightmare Warriors confront this army of darkness for the fate of the world. Tommy eventually has his fated rematch with Jason and almost gains the upper hand...until Jason speaks to him, making him drop his guard. As Jason is about to strike the final blow, Stephanie (wearing a very similar hocky mask to her great uncles) stabs Jason in the back and Tommy uses the destraction to behead him. Eventually Frieddy is also defeated. But once the battle is over, Jason's body is nowhere to be found.... "No matter what they do to cannot can never dye"
  14. Well looks like Goku has successfully resurrected Frieza with the promise that he will use the Dragon Balls to resurrect the cosmic tyrant once more. But U9 has been tricked into sending assassins to try and kill Frieza by U4. Unfortunately the assassins are really not equipped to deal with the Golden Emperor of the Universe!!!