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  1. Zebebuth-R (Empowered) Strength Level

    Thanks. I thought it didn’t sound right but thought it best to run it by the forum.
  2. Ok just wanted to get the facts strait on this one. Ok so the warriorguyver bio puts Zebebuth-R at about 60 times stronger then the average human and I've got another source... https://kaijuduke.deviantart.com/art/hiper-zoanoid-zerbebuth-334706745 Saying he's about 100 times stronger, which would put him on the same level as a Guyver. Just asking for confirmation. And to liven up this post a bit, here a lovely bit of artwork on this posts subject of enquiry.
  3. Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    Was giving some more though to this and oh boy. I looked at tanks from both Japan and America from 1985 and in to the 90s. Your average Gregole is lifting between 40 to 60 tons. Zerbabuth is 3 times stronger, meaning he can lift between 120 to 180 tons. To put that into perspective, the Hulk at his base strength is about 90 to 100 class. It gets even more shocking when you look at "Is Muscle" Derzerb. He's about 4.6 stronger then Gregole, his maximum strength potential is 276 tons.
  4. Godzilla: Monster Planet

    Trailer for the second film
  5. Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

    Speak of prices... I likewise find the idea that these animals will be here after an odd one. Unless they are carrying a virus that makes women give birth to baby dinosaurs or a prehistoric avian flu, I don’t think we have much to worry about. Unless we are going the planet of the dinosaurs route and they start shooting at us. That or Goldblum is really cinical and banking on humans wiping each other out soon. Worse case I can see are very sever incidents of invasive species and animal attacks.
  6. Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

    Final Trailer. Pretty plot spoilery however so you've been warned.
  7. Fake Gigantic - Revamp

    Was thinking of commissioning artwork of Fake Gigantic at some point but I'm not sure of the colour. Should I go with the same colouring as Sho's Gigantic, only darker.... Or go for Aptom's Fake Guyver colours?
  8. Fake Gigantic - Revamp

    There's two reasons. The first is to make the Fake more convincing and the seconds is greater destructive output. Both of these flow into its role, by being more convincing it has a higher chance of tricking Purgstall and the more powerful weapons insure that, should Sho or Purgstall have been more hesitant to act, it can cause a greater level of destruction to put more pressure on them. I like the idea of it not being physically very powerful and goes into it's role both in the manga and my revamp. Fake Gigantic is just a big, glass cannon. It looks scary and it can put on a flashy show but one hit and its history.
  9. Fake Gigantic - Revamp

    Ok I really like Fake Gigantic / The Branchai Brothers and I wanted to expand on their powers a bit. I don't mean make them anymore powerful then they were per say, but rather to give them more fake guyver abilities. Ok so basic overview... None of the Fake's basic stats change at all. Weapons: Fake Head Beam: A single, super high degree bio-laser fired from the gem on the forehead. Fake Pressure Cannon: Fires high explosive bombs from organic cannons on its lower wrists. New Weapons: Fake High Frequency Blades: Vibration blades made from bone and keratin making them the less durable then the those of the guyver. Blades maximum length is only half that of true Gigantic and have no flexibility. Fake Giga-Smasher: Two high output Bio-Lasers located either side of Beta's head. Destructive power on par with Aptom's when in Duel-Blast Mode form. Can be fired multiple times but high energy requirements make it ill advised to do this more then two or three times. Fake Sonic Buster: To combat high toxin build-up from "Giga-Smasher", Fake Gigantic can divert waste products special organs in Alpha and Gamma's sections. The waste product can then be expelled from the mouth of that area as an acidic slime. Fake Gigantic is able to support these weapons thanks to the combined bio-energy of the three hyper-zoanoids that comprise it. However it's still a pal imitation of the original. Edit: Due to having two weapons located in its forearms, Fake must reconfigure the internal structures of its arms each time it switch's. This prevents it from using both weapons at once. Most of this comes from a revamping of Aptom's Fake Guyver form I did a few years back but these additions actually seem more fitting on FG. Question: How physically strong is Fake Gigantic speculated to be?
  10. Purgstall Data File

    True Imakarum has the benefits of being a the last zoalord created so he's in theory the most advanced, plus he has the body of a gravity control type and his original bio-energy abilities on top of that. Thats a very powerful combination. The rest are all very powerful but as you say their specialised. I'd personally say you need about 3 zoalords to have a chance of matching a gigantic. Juring the battle with Agito, had another zoalord been there to help Waferdanos and Yentsui, the best choice would have been Sin, they might have had a real chance.
  11. Purgstall Data File

    Thanks Matt. The data file gives a good idea of how powerful he is, turning skyscrapers to ash is no small feat, and gives a rough idea of his power set but dose no explain how is powers actually work. I can only think that it functions in a similur manner to Great Mazinger's Thunder Break. He release energy into the atmosphere, stimulating the process that creates natural lightning. That would go a long way to explain why he's physically not very powerful. To not only generate that phenomenon but also control it with such accuracy likely requires a lot of complex systems, which dose not leave a lot of room for much else. His ability to channel and use electivity at mid/close was likely built in to counter his lack power, as seen with his chest lightning and eclectic barrier. His heat resistance is only natural given his power set and as dose his energy absorption. Edit: I'll have to double check but I think his Zoacrystal Beam may be better then Guyot and Imakarum, from memory they only ever produced blasts from theirs while Purgstall fires a full beam. I have to say it really shows just how arrogant the Rough Zoalords were when they mocked him. Yes he cannot create black holes or destroy a city in one blast but in a battle most other Zoalord seen wouldn't walk away undamaged.
  12. Purgstall Data File

    Just wanted to know if there's a translation of his file? Of all the zoalords, I realised he's the one I know the least about.
  13. The Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor Rewatch Thread

    Guyver Episode 2 The Secret Society of Cronos I've read over my last review and realised is seems...disjointed. Sorry its how my thoughts come out. A nice establishing shot of the MAX Pharmaceuticals. With that company name and tacky limousine, its clear Genzo is a man of undiluted arrogance. Synevite's voice actor is ok since he's really just a professional goon. Brando Austin as Genzo is... not bad... in terms of how his voice sounds. He fits the part of an arrogant businessmen but apart from annoyed all his other attempts at emotion feel forced. knowing that this is going to be the voice of my #1 favourite zoanoid.... . My goodness some of the backgrounds look so cheap, the character models really stand apart from them. The one good shot is of the lake. Here Tetsuro's investigation begins. I've said before that of the three original cast members he was the best equipped, mentally, to deal with the situation. Being the true "nerd" of the three this is the sort of stuff he loves and day dreams about. While the harsher, more real side of stuff will affect him just as much, he's got the best foundation to deal with it. He also knows how investigate whats going on, even if its only at an amateurish level. What I've always liked about these scenes and his character in general at this point is that he's also the first to be proactive about the situation. So all his scenes here are good, it just a shame his voice actor still sounds off. Natsuki's English voice actor is actually ok. As for the main caste, this episode really dose not show much growth for them. The still sound like competent amateurs, with Mizuki sounding the best. Sho lacks the proper emotion here. Brando apparently cannot do his Genzo voice and shout at the same time....oh dear..... You know its bad when the goon on the TV screen has more emotion. Enter Jason Douglas as Lisker. Some may not agree with me on this but I've always felt that the best voice acting in this series comes from key villains, the first being Jason/Lisker here. In one scene he's already put most of the cast to shame as his dialog feels far more natural. He dose not display quit the range he has now day, he's currently the voice of God of Destruction Beerus in Dragon Ball Super and the new movies, but he's still sound so much better then Brando/Genzo. Hell he's part of the reason I cam to like Guyver II so much. and for the third act of this episode we get to complete our triangle of villain voice acting. We've had the bad, Genzo, the good, Lisker and now the laughable with Vamor's Scottish accent. Ok this is not the first time a random Scotsman turned up in Guyver's English dub cast, but while the OVA's one was just for one scene and really is of meme quality here we subjected to what sound like a very bad, fake Scottish accent for 1/3 of the episode and it gets worse after he transforms, as his accent and delivery ruin any menace we should be feeling. Upside the episodes finale looks really good. Ramotith looks good and they actually go his name right! The Guyver looks f##king awesome. what great about this scene is that we get to see what the guyver can do in a short space of time with any over the top explanations. the first time I saw how the armour dealt with bullets my eye nearly popped out of my head as I only had the movies to go off. The introduction of the head beam is great and give us anidea of how the guyver's weapons function. The fight between Sho and the Ramotith is good, if short, but is a little ruined with bad voice acting forcing itself into the scene. It's such a shame what they have done to Vamor here. The model looks good, his blasts look good and the music is bloody awesome but its all undercut but his voice actor. Also it looks like we can add "I'm in a class of my own" to the zoanoids list of catchphrases. However from a narrative perspective and given how intelligent Cronos and it's agents are depicted (they way they entrap our heroes here and how they behave later is miles above what many villains get up to), Vamor comes of as a bit of a show off and a moron by not trying to blasting Sho the first time. There's no getting round this fact, the Mega-Smasher looks gorgeous is this episode. And Sho's voice actor seems to sound better with the voice filter? And we end the episode with the birth of Guyver 2 and shockingly Guyver 3 as well. Shame it suffers from a bit of bad line delivery from Synevite and the random us of the 3-D model of a unit in Agito's house All in all this gets another 3/5 but for very different reasons. There a quit a few highs in this episode but some very noticeable lows along side them. Chapter Comparison: Much like last time the episode follows the manga chapter is based on very closely but with scenes added in. Most of what's been added here is actually good, such as Tetsuro's investigation and Agito's activating of Unit. It just a shame that its dragged by some of the episodes poorer qualities.
  14. Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    On the subject of xeno acid and acid in general, while the guyver is resistant it should be noted that it dose still hurt like hell. One blast melted his blade right off. That’s why I called it an issue for the guyver. It’s not going to do a ton of damage but it will cause sever pain which could leave them open. But again it a none life threatening factor on its own that’s easily gotten around once they know about it.
  15. Guyver versus ALIENS (photo and discussion)

    A very interesting topic. How do you think the normal Guyver unit would fare against Xenomorphs born from humans? In terms of raw strength a xeno is weaker then an average power type zoanoid. At their strongest partials they have broken through steel doors at walking speed and ripped through light metals, however your average Gregole can lift a tank over his head. So in terms of a slugfest the Guyver will win just as easily. Xenos are fast enough to dodge gunfire and have pretty impressive reflexes, they have more weapons that their disposal then most melee zoanoids with their tail and inner jaw and they are a lot more intelligent and cunning then given credit for (until dark horse and then everyone else turned them into giant insects and continually downplayed this aspect). But all pales to the guyver, even their steal is undone by the guyvers senses. Simple put they pound for pound no more of a threat then a zoanoid except in one area, there acid blood. While is this is not some killer tump card, the guyver had been shown to be vulnerable to strong acids before. While this is easily gotten around, especially with ranged attacks, the acid blood makes it tricky for a guyver in melee combat as there punches and slashes are likely to create very messy wounds. The situation is akin to Agito's match with the Enzyme II, punching into their bodies resulted in him getting badly hurt by the enzymes within. How would Zoanoids fight the aliens? Average power type zoanoids as I've already said can lift tanks and tank normal gun fire, hell they can even survive point blank grenade blasts. In a one on one fight they will over power an average xeno, while some are will be at a speed disadvantage unless the alien gets a lucky hit in they just cant match up. That being said becuase of how fast they breed, the average drone talking about 24 hours or less to spawn, xenos could have numbers on their side if pitted against a normal task force. However even though zoanoid production was not as refined back then, Cronos still has enough zoanoids to match a full blown nest if need be. Also its not just average zoanoids, excluding Hypers, there are quite a few special weapon types that really tip the odds in Cronos's favour, Vamor being the easy example. However both the aliens blood and facehuggers will play their part to but the zoanoids still come out on top. What kind of threat would the queen be? The Queen is by far the most dangerous of her kind. They can grow as big as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, have the highest intellect of any known xeno type, tough enough to survive having a truck driven into them and strong enough to throw said truck off. But while she's powerful and dangerous she alone cannot beat a guyver or a properly equipped team of zoanoids. Guyver 0 single headedly beat an optimized T. rex which was said to have power on par with a squad of zoanoids, thats far more powerful then an Queen Alien. Do you think the Guyver/Zoanoids would be able to dispatch them easily or would the aliens have strength in numbers? Going by what I've said above, both the guyver and Cronos can handles an xeno outbreak. While it would not be curb stomp easy per say, its not exactly going to be challenging either, especially one they figure out the xenos abilities. The xenos would need a pretty huge number advantage to make up the difference. What if the Xenomorphs were to be born from Zoanoids, like for instance Enzyme, so even though the molecular acid probably wouldn't damage the Guyver unit, an enzyme xenomorph would level the playing field? Normal xeno acid is likely potent enough on its own to be dangerous to both the guyver and zoanoids. However in regard to the guyver, its healing abilities will quickly patch up the damage in time, as seen with Zerbabuth. Now hybridisation has a lot more benefits then that, if the xenos start breeding with zoanoid hosts then the game will quickly start to become a much more even playing field. Such xenomorphs would be very powerful indeed and likely prove a real threat to normal zoanoids, though this would likely result in Hypers being called in. I'm not shore how Xenoids and Hyper Zoanoids would match up, while there power might be enough give the Hypers trouble, Xenoids would lack their special abilities. Xenoids would be more of a challenge to a guyver but not something they could not overcome unless there were a swarm of them. An Enzyme Based Xenoid would likely be a pretty nasty foe for a guyver given that early Enzyme's could rival hyper zoanoids in power. Zoanoid Xenomorphs? A Xenolord... such a wonderful concept. However the Zaocrystals may be a factor here. Like the control metal, they prevent a zoalord from being absorbed by Aptom. So they potentially could function as a counter to xeno embryo implantation. I hope there are also some Aliens fans here and I'm not just wasting your guys time lol. Oh there's a few of us, nothing wrong with loving two franchises that revolve around squiggle, slimy things latching to people faces.