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  1. Mechagodzilla City

    Cool Videos

  2. Mechagodzilla City

    Have you re-read Guyver lately?

    My story is pretty mundane. I had gone though a few years without giving guyver much thought until I dug up my old VHS tapes and started watching it again. I did this in part to get back into Guyver but also to try and hunt down other older anime from there advertisements. That was how I got into the works of Go Nagai, a trailer for Devilman was actually on the first one I owned, OVA 3, along with another series I would become interested in Mermaid Saga. This revitalised intreast is what lead my to start buying the manga of Guyver from amazon and ebay. Naturally I eventually his the road block that all wester guyver fans come to, the manga was cancelled. Thus I started searching online which lead me to not only guyver but other manga I had desperately wanted to read. I would not make my way to the site proper until the JL staff realised someone was leaking the manga to streaming sites, a fact I had been totally ignorant of. I made my way here and the rest is history. And thats also when my inability to stick with a name also began. I've recently read the manga so I'm not likely to go thought it again for a while, I've got to catch up on a few others like Mazinger Zero and Demon Lord Dante while working on my own manga project. Thats really cool, I've gone though a similar situation when I wanted to read the Blue Hole manga I'm currentlt translating.
  3. Mechagodzilla City

    Godzilla: Monster Planet

    So City on the Edge of Battle came out today. No reviews or spoilers as of yet however we did get a poster for the third and final film of this animated series Godzilla: Planet Eater "Bow down and worship the golden demise"
  4. Mechagodzilla City

    MechaG's Prehistoric Menagerie Blog

    Been a while to get here but here's the overview of Blue Hole's Prologue. The prologue opens by discussing the Blue Hole caves off the Bahamas and about monsters that are rumoured to lurk within it's depths. It talks about the Bermuda Triangle and other locations across the world known as "cursed seas" were strange occurrences are documented to happen. It then moves on to the discovery of the Coelacanth in 1938 and one of the cursed seas of the coast of Africa, near the islands of the Comoros. It is here were our story begins proper. Gaia (the women appearing on the cover of the manga) is a Comoros native and a fisherwomen. She, her Grandfather and her deck hand Diego our out night fishing for a very valuable catch, Coelacanths. The fish a worth a lot of money and could not only help her pay of the rent on her boat but make her entire village wealthy. However her Grandfather wish's to leave the area, a spot were many of the prehistoric fish are known to gather, for other monsters have been known to swim in these waters and this is also the place were Gaia's father met his end years earlier. "They do no belong in this world" he says "They come from another world and have gotten lost here". It is then the boat is attacked by a large sea creature, a mosasaur. Diego is thrown overboard and as the ship sinks Gaia's Grandfather slips from her grasp into the jaws of the ancient beast. The next day, Gaia is picked up by a research vessel from the UK under the command of Captain Fox. He and Prof. Wizard interrogate Gaia who is still in shock. Poaching Coelacanths is a very serious crime and they are also interested in the state of her boat, as the damage on it appears to have been caused by an unknown creature. They also show her a severed arm which has a bite mark that dose not match any shark. While she cannot explain exactly what happened, with the threat of being arrested hanging over her Gaia cuts a deal. If she shows them the hiding place of the Coelacanths she can go free. Gaia, Wizard and the Captain head down to the ocean floor in the ships submersible and soon find their goal. The Blue Hole is a massive cavern like structure 100 meters below the surface. From the hole pours an ominous blue light. At the Blue Hole the water's temperature and salt content changes, ultrasound is reflected from it and magnetic readings are abnormal. Soon shoals of Coelacanth begin swimming out of the Blue Hole as the group look on in awe, with Gaia pointing out that there many fish here yet she's criticised for taking a few. Unfortunately the shoal also attracts the attention of the Mosasaur Gaia had encountered the night befor. As the Captain is about to leave the area, Gaia grabs the controls and attempt to ram the sea reptile but this only results in it turning it's jaws on the sub. Things look grim but befor the Mosasaur can do to much damage a Plesiosaur rises out of the Blue Hole and snatch's the other animal in it's jaws befor diving once more. As it passes through the Blue Hole, we get a glimpse of an ancient sea. The group are able to return to the surfs without incident but are clearly shaken by the experience. Through there collective mussing they come to the conclusion that the Blue Hole is gateway through time. In the closing panel of the chapter we are told that Gaia left her native land and Prof. Wizard returned to UK, specifically the University of London. The world continued to turn as if nothing happened for the next six months... and thats the Prologue. Translating this chapter was one most rewarding experiences I've ever had. It took months to get all the martials I needed, the original manga, its 1996 French translation and then actually sitting down for days on end using google translate and common sense translate the first volume. This was a totally new experience for me as I do not speak any other language other then English, my sever dyslexia insuring I had no time to devote to learning even French at school, nor had I ever attempted manga translation. Fortunately I do have a supportive family member who did read the language to a degree, so I had someone to turn to if I was unsure of a sentence, and provided me with equipment needed cut the manga pages so they could be scanned. To be able to site back and read it in full is a true joy as is sharing these over-views with you.
  5. Mechagodzilla City

    Richard Guyot

    I'd have to say no. Guyot was the most powerful of the 12 originally, not counting Archanfel, but Imakarum is defiantly superior. In human form Guyot was able to match a Guyver in strength but Imakarum was powerful enough to destroy buildings and give both Sho and Agito a rough time befor he even transformed. To date no other human based Zoalord has shown that kind of power, again not counting Archanfel. Guyot is also more limited in what he can do, he simple a gravity control type while Imakarum also has very powerful bio-energy attacks as well. Imakarum is also shown to have to have better control of his gravity powers, such as his pressure wave attack that can disable a Guyver, and his energy attacks are quite divers in application as well. Simple put Imakarum is Guyot+. He's been optimised to have all of Guyot's powers but with a greater level of control, improvements made to his original bio-energy based powers and his control of them as well and to top it all off he was created at a later date, meaning more advanced technology and techniques were used in his creation and he's processing was overseen by Archanfel himself. Guyot, for all his awesomeness, is an outdated model.
  6. Mechagodzilla City

    Which Infinity Stone Would You Have Quiz?

    I speak honestly and say if I was given the time stone in real life I'd use it with the respect it deserved, by which I mean I would not use it at all unless I had to. Time, to one who wields this kind of power, is very vulnerable to change and using it unwisely could have horrific effects for the earth and possible the wider universe. At most I may use it to see into the past and future to gain insight but even then by haveing knowledge of the future you run the risk of altering it anyway. So outside of learning to control it in the safest way possible I'd likely use it to look back at the time of the dinosaurs. But if I was not such a sensible person and had the mind set of mad comic book villain I'd use the stone to make....
  7. Mechagodzilla City

    Which Infinity Stone Would You Have Quiz?

    https://www.buzzfeed.com/keelyflaherty/which-avengers-infinity-stone-should-you-wield?utm_term=.rbGnLELP5#.ca458p8m0 You got: The Time Stone You're a true academic with an analytical mind, and one of the precious few who could be entrusted to wield the Time Stone. With the power to control the flow of time, and to see both the future and past, this is a Stone that might drive the average mind to madness. You, however, think on a higher plane and are able to see situations from many points of view, and judge them without emotion — which some people read as aloof. But you're a rarity; not many people can handle the Time Stone's immense power.
  8. Mechagodzilla City

    Avengers: Infinity War

    I agree...
  9. Mechagodzilla City

    Time for another Guyver vs discussion.

    Well one advantage the Exceed will instantly have is that it can't be indoctrinated. Since the control metal should protect Sho's mind from their influence. A reaper is roughly estimated to be more then capable laying waste to city on their own and most mass effect universe weapons prove to be less effective on them, with a single reaper backed up by Geth forces proving to be a real threat to standard alliance forces. They are also appear to be protected a reactive kenetic barrier that blocks incoming fire. and all thats is pretty scary when up against the conventional... but Exceed is far from that. Given that its Giga-Smasher's power has increased in proportions to it's size and standard Gigantic's beam radius is about half the height of Cloud-Gate, it could easily one shot a Reaper with that weapon, in fact it would be major overkill as both its Pressure Cannon and Sonic Buster could likely get the job done. A reaper's reactive shield has also been shown to not activate for physical attacks, such as when one was attacked by a giant thresher maw, so Exceed's blades will likely work to. The Gravity Implosion makes this even more one sided.
  10. Mechagodzilla City

    Avengers: Infinity War

    The answer is likely that thats not what Thanos wants.
  11. Mechagodzilla City

    Godzilla: Monster Planet

    Ok a few little updates. As before there a prequel novel to go with the film. Project Mechagodzilla details more events prior to humanities abandoning of earth. A group that worshiped two moth deities, Mothra and Battra, reveal themselves during the later years of the kaiju apocalypse. They preach that they could have defeated Godzilla together but Battra died while on a mission to destroy a comet heading to earth called Gorath. (this is in based on the plot of both Godzilla vs Mothra and another Toho film Gorath). Alone Mothra is able to push back Godzilla, however she was killed in the 20,000 years between when the refugees left and the events of PotM. Godzilla is stated to have destroyed Gorath when it came came close to earth, however it's hinted that an alien lifeform was within it. The Giant Condor, widely considered to be Toho's worst monster from Godzilla vs the Sea Monster (next to Maguma the giant walrus) makes an appearance. The big reveal from the book so far is that a kaiju named Gigan was found by the Bilusaludo. They were able to control Gigan and have it attack Godzilla. Gigan was badly injured but was then injected with Nanometal which upgraded and healed its body. However it was killed by Godzilla, making them move to Project Mechagodzilla. Nanometal is a material which will be playing a part the upcoming film. Is clearly based on "Space Titanium" from Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla. It's basically nanotech metal that possesses the unique attribute of being able to act autonomously, however it requires 100 gigawatts worth of power from thermonuclear reactors in order to function. MechaG was created using this metal. The new mechs seen in the trailer are called Vultures. They are upgraded variants of the Power suits used to combat Godzilla in the last film using Bilusaludo tech likely from the titular City. Finally we have some basic stats for Mechagodzilla as it was prior to the earth evacuation. Height 50 meters Weight 30,000 metric tons Primary Operating Systems - Quantum Computer and Artificial intelligence. Armaments: Convergent Neutron Cannon Blade Launcher Hyper Lance Nanometal Field and Armour Plate - Mechagodzilla is surrounded in a field of Nanometal particles designed to deflect Godzilla's atomic breath and covered in a laminated heat-resistant armoured plate which shields it from the intense heat of the beam. Plasma Booster - Mechagodzilla is equipped with a Plasma Booster which grants it the ability to fly.
  12. Mechagodzilla City

    MechaG's Prehistoric Menagerie Blog

    Thank you.
  13. Mechagodzilla City

    MechaG's Prehistoric Menagerie Blog

    I plan to due a those Blue Hole Chapter summaries I promised this weekend and I'm starting work on chapter next chapter tomorrow. Also here's my one and only dinosaur character, who is heavily inspired by one of my faviort novels. Moby Dick Artwork done by Cobravenom at Devientart and bio by me. "It was the whiteness of the whale that above all things appalled me.""To the last I grapple with thee; from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."In a dark, possible future mankind is broken. We have sucked the world dry of its resources and replaced them with poison, we have scorched and branded it with our arrogance and self-loathing. We have destroyed and usurped, and in doing so sowed the seed of our own destruction. The world is no longer ours. We in our arrogance created life and shaped it as we saw fit, spawning living nightmares and dreams. They were our works of art, testaments to our greatness, our children, our pets, our slaves. But, as is always is the case, as time passed and we blindly walked to our doom, our slaves raised up. The great beasts could never be truly tamed and as our grip grew weak they broke free. While much of the world is still bare and burned by atomic fire, just as much of it has been born anew. Savage and beautiful plants constantly battle to reclame the earth and in both the green and burned lands the great beasts roam. Their forms are as varied as our imagination and their power is great. Freed from their chains and cages they have spread across the world creating new ecosystems to replaced the ones we destroyed. Mankind still exists but we have diminished much. We have lost much of the ancient wisdom and folly we knew. We hide in the old cites that were not consumed by fire or forest and dwell behind great walls built both before and after the world burned. Yet even in this dark age we still have technology though little of of it is new. We scavenge, cannibalise and re-purpose old technology, making it work for us as best we can, though since most of the old natural resources we had once depended on are now gone and we have neither the knowledge, time or safety to build and maintain the more complex machines that harnessed the power of nature, fuelling our technology is another constant struggle Though we breed as prolifically as we always have sickness, mutation, the plants and the great beasts insure that we will never rule again and promise only our extinction. However our greatest plight is one of food. Most of the plants in this new age are inedible at best and poisonous at worst. What plants we can grow and cultivate are constantly under siege from sickness and insects. Meat is also hard to come by, for all our food beasts passed away long ago. So he have gone back to the old ways and hunted as our oldest ancestors did. Yet even in this we are beset with tragedy and misfortune for even the smallest of the great beasts can prove dangerous prey. As such there are none who are more venerated then those men and women who take up the role as hunters and chief among them are the "Land Whalers".Land Whalers, as their name implies, hunt Land Whales also know as Long Necks. These giant herbivores were genetically engineered as food animals and are the only beast of that kind that still live, though they have become as wild and savage as the world they now live in. They were based on the extinct species of dinosaur called Supersaurus though they are somewhat larger then their template and lack some of the anatomical features such as protruding teeth and back spikes. Their improved teeth, large guts and powerful immune systems allow them to consume virtually any type of planet life and when they breed they produce large numbers of offspring. These factors combined with their great size and strength have allowed then to flourish were lesser beasts would have gone extinct. In fact they are a keystone withing the ecosystem of the world, provide an important sours of food for many predators and scavengers as well as acting a controlling factor for plant life. To humans however they are not only a prime source of meat but also fuel. Within their bodies, the Land Whales carry large amounts of a special fatty oil which can be used to fuel fires (which are used to keep warm, cook food or keep away predators) or our ancient engines to provide power, electricity and moving vehicles. The Land Whalers hunt whales by using land ships (and in very rare cases sky ships). These mobile fortresses are constructed from a large number of scavenged materials but the foundations for all of them are giant vehicles who's original purpose has long been forgotten. Their movement is primarily powered by great engines however much of the machines computerised systems either cannot be worked or do not work at all, meaning that much of the ships functions require manual labour. These whaling ships look to be little more the giant, slapped together, rust buckets but the crew's work tirelessly to maintain them and they are much more durable then they may first appear. These ships are equal parts hunting ship, refinery, butchers and home to its crew and they travel far and wide for whales, sometimes never coming back to their homes for years at a time. This is done primarily because the ships need to gather enough oil and meat to sell and not just to maintain its crew and fuel supply.The primary weapon of a whaling ship is its harpoon cannon which is mounted on the prow. The harpoon its fires is exceptionally large and one alone in normally powerful enough to slay a land whale from shock and blood lose (though there are some some large and tough old bulls who can be found still alive with a harpoon and sometimes two in-bedded in them). While the harpoon is the main weapon, the ship also carries a small assortment of other weapons and vehicles (which vary from ship to ship) that are used in the hunt. Once a whale is killed it is brought alongside on powerful cranes to be harvested.However while whaling ships and their crews seem invincible, they are in truth in more danger then those who hide behind their walls. For while out in the wilds there is much wealth in meat and oil there is also fear and death not only in the form of the common predators, whom the whalers often clash with, but also the Named Ones.The Named Ones are the most feared of all the creatures in the world. They are unique individual who's size and power surpass all other and are the supreme rulers of the ecosystems they inhabit. These monsters, for no word fits them better, have world wide renown among the surviving humans because of the destruction they have caused, destroying many land ships and even cities. They are not all of one species however, rather they are unique individuals of their kind who not only possess unnatural size and strength but also seemingly supernatural powers. In fear and reverence the humans great them the honour and distinction of a name. Their is Timor Jack a savage and scared amphibian horror who rules the country of that name as well as the sea and islands around it. Their is Lord Tom of New Zealand, a giant, three eyed, flightless bird that can run faster then the wind and is said to summon lighting. Their is Morquan the king of Japan, a vile, fire breathing tyrant. Their is Don Miguel the old turtle with mystic hieroglyphics upon his back who haunts the coasts of Chile. There are many Named Ones, greater and lesser, but one name stands above and apart from the others. The White Land Whale, Moby Dick.He is a giant among his own kind and even among the Named Ones, he is perhaps the biggest creature to ever exist on earth. He is a nomad who's skin is a tapestrie on which the history of his long life has been written and every scar on his flesh is a chapter of that story. Despite being a herbivore his wraith is legendary and his roar makes even the greatest predators tremble, in fact he is often more likely to attack others then they him. He has destroyed countless land ships, several cities and has even killed a number of the Named Ones. Yet despite all this there is something truly tragic about this behemoth. He is always alone and despite the fact that he has been known to save other herbivores from predators and humans, they fear him and also keep their distance. There is also something otherworldly about this creature and none knows how old he is. He seems to appear and disappear like a passing storm or cloud of mist, some even saying that he summons or turns into these things and vice versa. Their are others who say that he has been seen in two places at once. Their are also those who claim that he is not only nigh omnipresence but also immortal, swearing that even when he has been dealt a mortal wound and lost gallons of his black blood the next time he is seen he will be as fit and well as ever with the only sign of the event having ever happened is a new scar or harpoon in his flesh. However the greatest tale they tell of him is that it is not only his greatly scared flesh that earned him his name "The White Land Whale" but that when he truly becomes enraged, his skin glows with an appalling, white radiance that burns like a dead sun. It is he above all else we fear, it is he whom we believe will bring us our final doom and yet it is also he who will the carry the only trace of our having ever existed on his flesh.
  14. Mechagodzilla City

    MechaG's Prehistoric Menagerie Blog

    hi all, so I've decided to create this blog to share with you my love of prehistoric fauna. Over the last few month's I've been dealing with a lot and one thing that really helped was taking up a real intreast in what has been my faviort subjects since childhood. Please note that I don't clam to be a paleontological expert, I'm merely an amateur. So this blog will be for a lot of different things related to the prehistoric world, fiction, film, comic, manga primarily but also to talk about the real world facts as well. It also save on space if I confine it to a single topic. So to start off, along with working on the Blue Hole manga, which I'll talk more about in the future, I've taken up fossil collection and hunting. Here's my collection at present. Spinosaurus Tooth Mammoth Tooth - partial Basilosaurus Tooth Mylodontidae (Sloth Species) Tooth Carcharodontosaurus Tooth - Small Arthropleura Exoskeleton - My oldest specimen at 310 million years old. Megalodon Tooth Edmontosaurus Rib - partial Cave Bear Paw Woolly Rhino Bone - joint? T. Rex Tooth Fragment Rebbachisaurus Tooth and finally one of the Ammonites I picked up, literally, from the Jurassic Coast.
  15. Mechagodzilla City

    Which Hyper Zoanoid Would You Be Based On...?

    Ok a while back I did a which zoanoid would you be thread, based around which zoanoid you'd become if you were a normal human living under Cronos's rule. Now I'm putting forward this question but here's the catch... You pick must be based on you style of gameplay, be it RPG, Shooter, Fighting etc whatever's your poison. For me it would be Gaster. Heavy weapons, explosives and high damage out put are my bread and butter, even at the cost of my on safety when playing. My gaming philosophies are "destroy everything" and "A respawn without bringing down at least one foe is a life wasted". Thats not to say I'm a total nutter who just likes to blow anything up, well at least not completely. I apply my weapons with the skill any decent player would, I just happen to enjoy it and I don't let little things like "my well being" get in the way. And yes I'm the kind of guy who will blow himself up to bring his foe down with him. Turok - Dinosaur Hunter was were I got my taste for heavy weapons. Since then thats been my style for every shooter, heavy machine guns being an ok substitute if my proffered weapons aren't to hand. This also translates to most other games I play.