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  1. Dragon Ball Super

    Big, Big Spoilers.......Goku's new form!
  2. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 103 Ribrianne vows vengeance against No.17 for knocking out Kakunsa, calling him an evil that threatens Universe 2. But 17 doesn’t seem to mind being called “evil”, and says he’ll force Ribrianne from the stage in order to ensure Universe 7’s survival. They begin fighting to see which is stronger, Ribrianne’s love or 17’s wish, and seem to trade blows evenly.Meanwhile Goku is still fighting against Rozie, who is likewise upset over Kakunsa’s defeat. She fires a barrage of energy balls to fully surround Goku, cutting off all escape routes, but 17 jumps in at the last minute to shield Goku with an energy barrier. 17 offers to help Goku out further, but Goku refuses, so 17 goes back to fighting Ribrianne (who’s mad at 17 for ignoring her). Goku begins his counterattack, having now grown accustomed to Rozie’s fighting style, and has her on the ropes before too long.Ribrianne steps in between Goku and Rozie to break up their fight and check that Rozie isn’t injured, before the U2 Yardratian Jimeze pops in and teleports the two of them to safety. Goku and 17 go off to find new opponents, leaving Beerus annoyed at Goku’s behavior, but Champa says Beerus has more than Goku to be worried about...and indeed, at that moment Gohan and Piccolo are confronted by Botamo. Gohan elects to fight Botamo on his own, unleashing a flurry of punches that don’t faze him in the least. Piccolo knows Gohan must be aware that Botamo doesn’t take damage or tire out, so he’s curious how he plans to fight him.Goku stops by to observe Gohan’s fight. He told Gohan about his own battle with Botamo, so he’s sure Gohan has some strategy in mind. Sure enough, though Gohan’s constant stream of punches don’t hurt Botamo, they manage to lift his feet off the ground and slowly push him back towards the edge of the arena. Realizing too late, Champa warns Botamo first to counterattack, then to run away, but Botamo fails at both. Gohan finally sends Botamo flying out of the arena with a Kamehameha, and easily blocks Botamo’s parting shot.Satisfied, Goku goes off elsewhere, while new challengers appear before Gohan and Piccolo: the U10 warriors Obuni and Rubalt. Obuni has picked Gohan out as a worthy opponent, while Rubalt is itching to fight Piccolo. Both accept the challenge, while elsewhere Jimeze takes out U10’s Jilcol, leaving Obuni and Rubalt as U10’s last two remaining fighters. On the sidelines, Gowasu thinks they should accept their fate, but Rumoosh is still pinning his hopes on Obuni and Rubalt. The two pairs of fighters begin to battle, and Obuni is impressed that Gohan can keep up with his movements; he was indeed right to select him as an opponent. However, Obuni starts splitting up into a series of afterimages, and though Gohan can still sense Obuni’s ki, he can’t pin down his position. As Gohan struggles, Gowasu’s mood turns around as he now thinks they have a shot at winning. In the U7 section of the bleachers, Whis explains that Obuni is shifting his internal ki away from his body’s movements, thereby foiling Gohan’s ability to track his position by sensing ki. Meanwhile, Piccolo fires a series of energy blasts at Rubalt, and while they seem to miss, in reality they surround him and cut off all escape routes. Piccolo directs these blasts at Rubalt all at once, knocking him unconscious. To finish the job, Piccolo throws Rubalt out of the arena, thus properly eliminating him according to tournament rules. After being teleported to U10’s part of the bleachers, Rubalt apologizes to Gowasu for losing, but by now Gowasu is so certain Obuni is unbeatable that he doesn’t even mind.Gohan continues to be pummeled by Obuni’s attacks, but he refuses to give up. The next time one of Obuni’s attacks connects, Gohan immediately counterattacks, this time managing to hit Obuni. Beerus and Whis realizes that Gohan is letting himself get hit in order to determine Obuni’s position and successfully counterattack. While effective, this means that Gohan will continue to take damage from Obuni’s attacks. Thankfully though, before too long Gohan’s attacks are hitting more and more, due to Obuni no longer having enough energy left to continue feinting. Gohan finishes off with another Kamehameha, sending Obuni out of bounds.With that, all of U10’s warriors have been eliminated, and the Great Priest announces that their universe will accordingly be destroyed. Despite this, Gowasu genuinely commends Obuni for putting up a good fight. Gohan sees a locket on the ground, which fell from Obuni’s body as he was sent flying. The locket contains a photo of Obuni with what appear to be his wife and child, and Gohan sighs deeply as he looks at it. As the two Omni-Kings combine forces to annihilate U10, the U10 fighters and gods all vanish, leaving only the angel Cus behind to mourn for Rumoosh. Piccolo calls for Gohan that it’s time for them to go, and after bracing himself Gohan agrees and follows after.37 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.
  3. Dragon Ball Super

  4. Manga Translation

    I've currently finished my direct translation of the fourth chapter and am going to do the "readable" translation of the chapter tomorrow. While not hard, it is time consuming. Its become a hobby that I do every two nights or so as I have to make room for other stuff. Hell once I'm done there are a few french comics I've become interested in that I plan to work on afterwards. Its very interesting as it brings a whole other level of enjoyment to the story as I have to work to understand it, rather then just pick up an read. On a side note we are at our first dinosaurs now with Maiasaura and Tyrannosaurs Rex. Funnily enough stuff relating to the prehistoric creatures has proven to be my more prominent edits as well as personally annoying lol. Quetzalcoatlus is called a "dinosaur bird" (that got corrected in a heart beat), Maiasaura were called Maiasaurus and the biggest inaccuracy which I cannot alter due to how its used is the idea that coelacanths are though to be fish that bring luck to fishermen when in reality any fishermen worth his salt would not touch them as their meat is horrible and makes you ill. Getting to know the caste is rather odd as many of them are not mentioned by name until several chapters in. For example the Captain Gaia meets in the pro-log chapter is named Fox but you never hear him called that till chapter 3. But really this is all part of whats makes this such an enjoyable experience. Its also made me a big fan of Yukinobu Hoshino's work and I've also bin spending time hunting down his manga. Edit: Talking about it has got me working on it now lol!
  5. Dragon Ball Super

    Ok so some spoilers and rumors Some info about the upcoming episodes.
  6. Archanfel versus (The Second Round)

    Sutekh the Destroyer Sutekh, also known as The Typhonian Beast, Set, Sadok, Satan and Ssethissi, is a member of the Osirans. As a species Osirans had expanded brain-cases and a cerebrum like "a spiral staircase", which meant they particularly liked puzzles. They had a wide variety of advanced psychic powers, including mental and physical projection, mind control and telepathy. They could also live for thousands of years, even without sufficient food or water. The Osirian Court spanned six hundred worlds that had been "civilised" by Osiris, notably including ancient Egypt. Although spread across the cosmos, Osirian culture was principally focused on two sites: the Throneworld, and the Ship of a Billion Years, the immense vessel which carried Ra, Nut, and their attendant pantheon through the heavens while binding together the noospheres of the Court's territories into a coherent whole. Osiran technology was based on the mathematics of topology, positioning and shapes. They would be specially aligned to the stars in order to work. For example, the Osirans set up the Pyramids on Mars and Earth as power receivers, directing energy to the Great Sphinx, which would power all the Osiran technology on the planets. When moving away from the Pyramids, these buildings would need to be rebuilt or smaller collectors would have to be brought there. The Osirans also relied heavily on psi-projectors, which would allow them to travel in space using only the power of their mind. These too required precise mathematical skills, as well as powerful minds to control the ships. The basis of Osirian science stemmed from the fact that their homeworld lacked a magnetic field. This led to them developing their technology on the principles of monopolar magnetic fields. Despite the unusual design, the Osirans had technology that rivalled the Time Lords; the Ship of a Billion Years was more than powerful enough to take down the entire 59th Time Fleet. He believed that the Osirian Court would be helpful to the House Military on seventeen of the War's 920 fronts. Lodestones were a type of time travel technology used by the Osirans, generally embedded into a sarcophagus. These lodestones created a time tunnel, allowing the Osirans to travel backwards and forwards in time. Unlike Time Lord technology, these lodestone produced a lot of time spillage, which would be absorbed by the traveller. If someone went backwards in time or forwards in time by a thousand years, the traveller would also age a thousand years. This was not an obstacle for the Osirans, due to their long lifespans. These lodestones would draw in vortex energy, which could pull in TARDISes. Another example of Osiran technology were the Osiran service robots. They were thin robots with a wire framework to give them a more humanoid shape and were powered by a cytronic particle accelerator in the shape of pyramids. They had immense strength and could be controlled by a special ring. These robots were covered in specially treated wrappings which gave them the appearances of mummies. The entire race eventually left this universe for a higher dimension, leaving only Anubis, Sutekh's child, to guard the gate they used. Sutekh was "head of security" for the Osirian Court but sought to usurp power from his brother Horus. Sutekh declared a time war against Horus, which resulted a trail of havoc across half the galaxy and the destruction of the Osirian home world. During this time Sutehk began to fear that one day a lifeform/s might evolve enough to challenge his hegemony, and so planned to destroy all life in the universe. Eventually 740 Osirans led by Horus were able to overcome the destroyer and place him in eternal imprisonment on earth with the power source of his prison being placed on mars. In the year 1911, the archaeologist Professor Marcus Scarman excavated the inner chamber of the pyramid beneath which Sutekh was imprisoned, discovering Sutekh and thereby accidentally allowing him a chance of escape. Sutekh controlled Scarman's corpse, using it and Osiran service robots to construct a rocket in an English priory aimed at the Eye of Horus on Mars. The Fourth Doctor and Sarah were able to destroy the rocket, but the Doctor fell under the psychic control of Sutekh's will as a result. He was made to take Scarman and the robots to Mars in the Doctor's TARDIS. Despite the Doctor's attempt to stop them after surviving an attempt on his life by one of Sutekh's robots, Scarman destroyed the Eye and freed Sutekh. Hurrying back to Earth, the Doctor defeated Sutekh by delaying his trip in a time corridor to the priory by moving the corridor's threshold to the far future, thus effectively ageing him to death. The Doctor said he lived about seven thousand years. However only the body of Sutekh was defeated, his consciousness would live on to further plague the galaxy. Sutekh was the most powerful of his race and possibly the most powerful foe the Doctor has ever faced, wielding such immense mental power that he could destroy entire star systems and manipulate space/time, once displaying the power to stop and reverse the materialisation of a timeship. It was even said that he could change the course of history. Unlike other Osirians, who needed a barge to handle the heat of the star Ra, Sutekh could safely stand next to Ra without any protection. He would also boast that he could keep his victims alive for centuries in excruciating pain, threatened to hold someone in torment, conscious, for centuries, peeling her nerves from her carcass and repeatedly burning and resurrecting all of her cells. According to the Doctor, not even the Time Lords could stop Sutekh should he been released from his prison and his own people felt that if he became king of the Osirian Court, he would become the single greatest threat to life in the universe. His intellect matched his power and while paranoid and prideful, he was also patient. Even imprisoned, immobilized and his powers limited, Sutekh was a force to be reckoned with. With seal broken, his mental abilities allowed him to easily dominate others, making them puppets to his will. He also appeared to be able to telepathically read other beings, even those established to have psychic defenses. Even the Doctor, a Time Lord, was defencelss in the presence of Sutekh. He could also reanimate corpses to act as his servants and contain the explosive force of gelignite from miles away (the gelignite being in England and Sutekh in Egypt), although this was difficult and could be easily disrupted by a simple distraction. He could focus his power through his servants, enabling them to burn people to death with a touch, and was able to destroy the Eye of Horus on Mars from Earth when a servant was within a few meters of it.
  7. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 102 The Omni-Kings use their godPads to review the current state of play, and see that quite a few warriors have already been eliminated. Elsewhere, the U2 warrior Brianne de Chateau tells her comrades Sanka Ku and Su Roas that it’s time they show off their power. As the three stand atop a tall piece of rubble, Brianne first shouts to draw all the other contestants’ attention, then she and her friends introduce themselves and begin their transformation. Beerus mocks their transformation process, but the U2 God of Destruction Helles explains that this is a ceremony demonstrating their fighting spirit.Suddenly though the transformation is interrupted by a huge explosion. It turns out No.17 attacked the trio since they were leaving themselves wide open. Brianne (now covered in dust) angrily tells 17 that the entire transformation process has meaning, and therefore must not be interrupted. Toppo (a big fan of poses himself) calls 17 rude, and Goku likewise is eager to see the trio’s full power. With Toppo’s approval, they begin their transformation again…all the way from the very beginning, with their self-introductions.The three complete their transformations this time, with Brianne becoming the rotund Ribrianne, Sanka becoming the bestial Kakunsa, and Su becoming the all-around silly-looking Rozie. Helles brags that regardless of their mortal level, the trio’s “love level” is the highest in all the universes. While Kuririn thinks that they were cuter before the transformation, Whis maintains that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, something true from person to person as well as from universe to universe. The trio start off by firing their “Light of Love” technique, which fills the arena with an aroma that makes those who inhale burn with desire. While this technique seems to rob the U10 warriors of their fighting spirit, the stoic U7 team manages to tough it out. Even Muten Roshi seems to be immune, thanks to his training with Puar. Gohan changes strategy and tells his group to leave their current location and go fight on their own. Vegeta mocks the “Light of Love” technique as not being worth the wait, but Ribrianne brags that it was merely a greeting, and that the real fight starts now. Super Saiyan Vegeta and Ribrianne trade blows, and before long Vegeta realizes that their transformation wasn’t just for show. Ribrianne rolls up into a ball and charges Vegeta, who prepares to punch her as she approaches, but he ultimately finds her so creepy that he can’t help but dodge out of the way. Instead, Ribrianne runs into the U10 warrior Jirasen (currently squaring off against Piccolo), and sends him flying out of the arena.Meanwhile, Goku is having a hard time against Rozie, whose “Yacchaina Fist” attacks grow sharper the more times she punches at him. Rozie next fires off a volley of energy blasts, but when Goku tries to parry one, it stops in midair before his fist can make contact, then flies at his face. Helles explains how Rozie’s attacks are as fickle as a maiden’s heart, able to freely switch from gentle to intense. 17 likewise seems to be having a hard time against Kakunsa, who has the instincts of a wild beast. Once she picks a target, Kakunsa will hunt her prey to the very end, and she’s still angry at 17 for interrupting her transformation earlier. At home in the “wilderness” of the heavily battered arena, Kakunsa jumps off the various pieces of rubble to continuously attack 17 from multiple angles. Confident in her bestial stamina, Kakunsa’s strategy is to continue attacking 17 until he collapses, then finish him off. When it looks like 17 is about to go down, she closes in for the kill, but is suddenly stopped by 17’s energy barrier. 17 was merely pretending to have weakened; being an android, he’s confident in his stamina as well.17 sends Kakunsa flying out of the ring, but at the last moment she is caught by the winged U2 warrior Vikal, and knocks 17 back with a counterattack. Kakunsa and Vikal share a special moment together, and the rest of the U2 team is touched by their love and cooperation. 18 offers to lend 17 a hand, but he says he’s got things covered; while he had gotten careless around the “beast warrior” since she reminded him of the animals on his island, he’s determined to fight seriously now. 17 first takes out Vikal, earning Kakunsa’s wrath. Even when Ribrianne steps in to help her, Kakunsa vows to defeat 17 on her own to avenge Vikal.17 and Kakunsa trade blows once again, and 17 fires off a beam attack which fails to hit her. However, 17’s real reason for firing this beam was to propel himself backwards onto the glowing orb that lights the stadium. Now with a firm footing, he nails Kakunsa with a large beam attack, finally sending her out of bounds. Goku notes that 17 never used a technique like that when they sparred on 17’s island, so 17 really was concealing some of his power back then. With Kakunsa officially eliminated from the tournament, Ribrianne is furious at 17 for defeating two of her teammates, and vows revenge. There are still 39 minutes to go in the Tournament of Power!
  8. You have to kill the Guyver....

    Ok I submit to your logic. Ok Plan B, based on your suggestion. The plan involves a silenced gun, a very powerful sedative and many, many blows to the head with my might zoanoid fists.
  9. You have to kill the Guyver....

    You make good points Sully but thats all part of the plan. I'm not dropping a bomb on a Gigantic or a Giantic EX, I'm planning to drop a bomb (many many bombs) on a normal Guyver. Thats what stage two is for. The "civi" zoanoids are their to keep him occupied, keep his focus off his surroundings but not enough to warrant Gigantic. I would also include a number of Vikarr who's job it is to blast him with sonics as the first bomb drops so he will not sense it before impact. He wont know what hit him. If the FOAB doesn't kill him outright, it will disable him long enough for the bunker busters to destroy the control metal. The super napalm is just a finishing touch to burn up any bio-boosted organism matter left. The plan also has the element of surprise on its side since Sho's never dealt with an assault of this nature before.
  10. You have to kill the Guyver....

    My plan to kill him would be simple. Step 1: found out were he lives or draw him out. Step 2: Mob him with with a sizable number of "civi" zoanoids as a decoy, note: not enough to cause him to go gigantic. Step 3: While he's detracted, drop a Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power, nicknamed "Father of All Bombs" on him. Optional Step 4: Throw in a few GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) Bunker Buster Bombs on top of that just to be sure. Optional Step 5: Break Napal bombs out out of retirement, enhance them with the chemicals for Derzerb 3900C Flame Breath and throw them in to. And if that dont do it, nothing will......unless the bosses are willing to go full nuclear.
  11. Alien Covenant

  12. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 101 Off on the sidelines, Caulifla looks over Kale as she wakes up, and tells her how strong she was, but Kale doesn’t remember her rampage at all. Meanwhile, Goku challenges Jiren to battle, but Jiren remains silent. Suddenly Toppo flies up and knocks Goku far away with his “Justice Flash” technique. Toppo tells Jiren he’ll send a team of five Pride Troopers over to defeat Goku. This way, he and Jiren can conserve their stamina for later.Goku pops up nearby Caulifla and Kale. Caulifla wonders what he’s up to, but he explains that he was sent flying and only ended up here by coincidence. Soon Kahseral and four other Pride Troopers arrive, and Goku guesses from their uniforms that they’re from the same universe as Toppo. Kahseral and his troops introduce themselves: besides Kahseral himself, there is Tupper (a tall, blue man with a beard), Zoiray (a short blue man), Cocotte (a purple woman), and Kettol (a green, goblin-like man). Tupper identifies Kale as the one who defeated the Pride Trooper Vuon, and Kahseral vows to avenge his comrade by defeating all three of them. Though Goku warns Caulifla and Kale to get to safety, Caulifla insists on sticking around to fight these "interesting" opponents, and convinces Kale to do the same.Elsewhere, Muten Roshi uses his Bankoku-Bikkuri-Sho technique to paralyze U3's The Preecho, though this means Roshi himself is also unable to move so long as he keeps the technique going. Fortunately Tenshinhan arrives and finishes The Preecho off with a Shin-Kikoho, and Gohan and Piccolo aren’t far behind. Their group was separated during Kale’s rampage, and now they had better focus on reuniting the Universe 7 team. Freeza arrives, holding the U10 warrior Murichim by the head. Vegeta follows close behind Freeza, insisting that Murichim is his prey, but Freeza doesn’t care and sends Murichim out of bounds. Now that just leaves No.17, No.18, and Goku.The Omni-Kings use their godPads to check off the defeated warriors, which are starting to pile up, and the Great Priest notes that the fighters are beginning to tire out now. They wonder where Goku is, and it turns out he is fighting Tupper. Tupper can manipulate his bodyweight, and he climbs onto Goku’s back to see how much Goku can endure. While Tupper holds Goku in place, Zoiray spins his body at high speeds and hits Goku with the resulting tornado attack (his “Justice Spin”).Meanwhile Caulifla is having a hard time against Kettle’s barrage of ki blasts. Kale is distracted by Caulifla’s plight long enough for Cocotte to imprison her in a “Cocotte Zone”, an alternate dimension she creates (resembling a circular barrier). On the sidelines, Kahseral laughs that perhaps it was overkill to have five Pride Troopers take on three opponents, but he is suddenly sent flying by 17, who has arrived along with 18. Kahseral is surpised that 17 was able to sneak up on him (presumably since 17 lacks ki). 17 and 18 taunt that with them there the battle is now five against five, so Kahseral should have no excuses if the Pride Troopers lose!Kahseral turns his ki into a pair of blades around his hands (a technique he dubs “Justice Saber”) and attacks the twins, but they dodge. 18 flies off, leaving 17 to block Kahseral's "Justice Bomber" attack with an energy barrier, and goes to rescue Goku from Tupper and Zoiray’s clutches. The two Pride Troopers now team up to perform a “Double Pride Spin”, with Tupper rolling up into a disc which Zoiray throws around with his tornado. However, 18 manages to grab Tupper and hurl him towards the edge of the arena. Though Tupper stops himself right on the edge, the ground beneath him breaks off, taking him with it.Zoiray escapes and radios Kahseral to inform him of Tupper’s defeat, so Kahseral breaks off his battle with 17 and regroups with his remaining troops. Kahseral’s new strategy is to first eliminate Caulifla and Kale, who he’s certain they can handle. Cocotte creates a dome-shaped "Cocotte Zone Max” around them to prevent any other warriors from interfering (even Goku is unable to teleport inside, since the dome prevents him from sensing the ki of those within). Though Kahseral would normally be ashamed to use such tactics, the situation leaves him no choice. He sends Zoireay to go finish off Kale, but Caulifla shields Kale from attack, vowing to protect her protégé.As Caulifla is buffeted by Zoiray's attacks, Kale’s anger towards herself causes her to once again transform into a Super Saiyan, though this time she is not as extremely muscular as before. The transformation allows Kale to burst through the Cocotte Zone imprisoning her and stop Zoiray's attack. Caulifla is impressed that Kale can now consciously control her ki without going berserk. However, Kahseral dismisses Kale's transformation as merely a change of hair color, and he fires a “United Justice Stream” attack together with the other Pride Troopers. Kale and Caulifla (now a Super Saiyan as well) fire back with a combined beam attack of their own, and Kale returns to her full-on beefy mode once again to finally break through the Pride Trooper’s max power, sending Kahseral, Kettol, and Zoiray out of bounds.Cocotte’s max dome is destroyed in the beam struggle, allowing Goku to meet up with Caulifla and Kale again. Caulifla thinks Goku should thank them for defeating three enemies, and explains that Kale was able to control her “ultra-super power” (though Kale quickly reverts to her regular form and falls unconscious). Meanwhile Cocotte is still inside the arena, having retreated to safety inside a smaller Cocotte Zone, but 18 simply picks her up, barrier and all, and tosses her out of bounds. The U11 God of Destruction Vermoud is aghast that five Pride Troopers have been defeated back-to-back; now only four are left! The Great Priest notes that the opening stage of the tournament is now over, and the strong remain; the battle will only get more intense from here! Goku allows the exhausted Caulifla and Kale to get away. He realizes they will grow stronger, and wants them to have their real battle then. Caulifla says Goku might regret this, and 18 finds it questionable too, while 17 thinks it’s humane.But Goku and the others don’t realize they are being watched by a mysterious shadow…
  13. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 100 Kuririn has been ringed out, leaving the Universe 7 team with only nine members. Back in Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Muten Roshi’s formation, Roshi takes an optimistic view of things, focusing on the nine team members they still have left. No.17 chews out Kuririn for letting his guard down, while No.18 is annoyed at her husband for losing after spending so much money on training equipment. Kuririn meekly apologizes to his wife, while Champa taunts Beerus that the countdown to U7’s destruction has begun. Back in the fight, Vegeta is still having a tough time against Botamo and Magetta, when suddenly Cabba arrives. Cabba quickly takes out two fighters (U10's Murisarm and U3's Nigurissh), then goes Super Saiyan to fight his “master”, saying it’s time for Vegeta to retire! Elsewhere Hit uses his Time-Skip ability to knock U3’s Narirama out of bounds before he can fire off his main cannon, while Kale struggles against U10’s Mechiop. To make matters worse, Kale is caught by Napapa, who holds her up by the head so that Mechiop can use her as a punching bag. Once Kale is knocked unconscious, they lose interest in her and toss her aside, only for Caulifla to swoop in and rescue her. Caulifla tells Kale to rest, and vows vengeance on Napapa and Mechiop for what they have down to her protégé. Going Super Saiyan, Caulifla quickly beats Mechiop before getting grabbed by Nappa, who tries to push her out of the arena, but Caulifla flips him out of the arena instead. Caulifla goes back to Kale, who’s woken up, and wonders why she didn’t use her full power. Caulifla reassures Kale that she has faith in her; she can manage if she only puts her mind to it. She tells Kale that they should next go take out “that guy”, indicating Goku, who’s currently fighting Jimizu, the U2 team’s Yardratian. Jimizu teleports around, bragging that nobody can lock on to his position, but Caulifla rushes in and kicks him out of the way. She approaches and asks Goku to teach her how to become that weird Super Saiyan form he showed off before, Super Saiyan Blue. However, Goku doubts that she can handle that transformation yet. Determined to show off their stuff, Caulifla tells Kale to transform into Super Saiyan…but Kale can’t manage it at the moment. Instead, Caulifla powers up into an extremely muscular Super Saiyan form. She again tells Kale that she believes in her, and begins battling Super Saiyan Goku. However, it doesn’t take long for Goku to gain the upper hand. He explains that Caulifla’s form sacrifices speed for power, and is unsuited for long battles. He powers up into Super Saiyan 2, which he says is the form Caulifla ought to be aiming for. Caulifla recognizes this transformation as the one she managed to do once before, but has had trouble with ever since. She copies Goku and manages to become it once more, impressing Goku, who thinks she might even be able to reach Super Saiyan 3 during this fight. The two Super Saiyan 2s clash, and while Kale assures Caulifla she’ll be transforming any second now, Caulifla only seems interested in continuing her fight with Goku. Kale fires a ki blast at Goku to try and help Caulifla out, but Goku just deflects it and tells Kale not to interfere with their fight. Kale asks Caulifla if she’s just getting in the way, and when Caulifla merely looks away without responding, Kale begins to cry. Her anger at Goku for (in her mind) taking Caulifla away from her erupts, and she finally transforms into her giant Super Saiyan form. She attacks Goku, who is impressed by her ki, and Vegeta warns Goku not to be caught off guard. Kale knocks Goku around for a bit, before he finally transforms into Super Saiyan Blue. But even in his Blue form, Goku’s Kamehameha has no effect on Kale, who continues to attack. From the sidelines, Gohan is concerned for Goku, while Piccolo realizes Kale can’t control her power. Indeed, Kale soon stops focusing on Goku and begins firing off energy blasts indiscriminately in all directions, knocking Mechiop out of bounds in the process. This assault even causes Goku to revert to his base form, but before Kale can keep going, she is wrapped up in an energy whip by the Prider Trooper Vuon. Despite Vuon boasting that his “Justice Whip” leaves evildoers powerless, Kale quickly breaks out and knocks Vuon out of bounds. With even Toppo impressed by Kale’s power, Jiren decides he’d better act. He fires a single ki blast which envelops Kale and sends her flying, before finally exploding in midair. Kale reverts to her base form and falls down unconscious, and Caulifla flies in to rescue her yet again. As Hit and Caulifla fly Kale off to safety, Goku emerges to challenge Jiren…
  14. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 99. The warriors are shocked into silence by the destruction of Universe 9. Goku notes that this is now the second time he and Vegeta have seen the Omni-King wipe out a universe (the first time being Future Trunks’ world). Goku reiterates that winning this tournament is the only way to ensure the survival of their own universe, and Vegeta vows that he will be the last man standing and obtain the Super Dragon Balls. The U9 angel Mohito regrets that his universe was the first to go, but thinks it was only natural, while the U1 Kaioshin Anato explains that thanks to Goku’s suggestion to have this tournament, the low-ranking universes that would have been erased anyway now have this chance to win their survival. Yet the losing universes will still have to be destroyed as a necessary sacrifice to keep the universes’ levels balanced.Vados teases Champa that they must soon say farewell, making him irritated that Vados doesn’t have to worry about getting erased. Kuririn tries to calm himself down, and Gohan makes sure the other team members are OK after this big shock. Off on his own, Freeza notes the disparity between the Omni-Kings’ cute looks and their universe-destroying antics, and vows to one day be top dog over both of them. No.17 tells No.18 that their infinite energy means they will never tire out, which gives them the advantage in a fight like this.The battle starts up again, and Vegeta picks out Hit as his next opponent. He’s got a score to settle! But as Vegeta rushes in to attack, Botamo suddenly blocks him. Botamo and Champa both taunt Vegeta that his attacks will have no effect, and even trying to throw Botamo won’t work this time, but Vegeta calmly ties Botamo’s rubbery body up in knots. As Vegeta goes to throw Botamo out of the arena, Magetta steps in and saves Botamo. Meanwhile, Kuririn, Gohan, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, and Muten Roshi are attacked by the U10 bird warrior Jium. Gohan’s strategy is for their group to avoid fighting unnecessarily, but they will still beat anyone who comes after them. They quickly take Jium out with three Kienzans from Kuririn and a Kamehameha from Roshi.Vegeta tries to weaken Magetta with insults like he did at the last tournament, but this time U6 is prepared: Botamo sits on Magetta’s shoulders and covers his ears, thereby creating the mighty “Bota-Magetta”. As Vegeta struggles against this tricky opponent, 18 easily beats up on the U4 wolfman Shosa. She seemingly goes too far though, apparently killing her opponent. However, Shosa is simply playing possum, and catches 18 off-guard with an attack that sends her flying. Before 18 goes out of the arena, Kuririn jumps in and grabs her, then fires a ki blast to propel them back onto solid ground.18 vows revenge against Shosa, but Shosa advises her to give up now before he spoils her good looks. Kuririn and 18 decide to team up and use the technique they practiced, a ki ball they pass between them that gets faster and bigger over time. When it finally hits, it knocks Shosa out of bounds. Beerus applauds the couple on their teamwork, but before they can celebrate too much, Kuririn is attacked by another U4 warrior, the vulpine Majora. 18 knocks Majora back, and Kuririn gives her sunglasses (which he stole from Roshi) before launching his Taiyo-Ken x100 technique.However, Majora is completely unaffected by this light, and kicks both Kuririn and 18. It turns out that he is already blind, and relies on his sense of smell to track his opponents. Though 18 is nervous, now that Kuririn knows Majora’s secret he is confident he can win. He’s got a strategy! Kuririn and Majora start to fight one-on-one, and Kuririn takes off his shoe and hits Majora in the face with it. The shoe’s stench blocks Majora’s sense of smell, distracting him long enough for Kuririn to knock him out of bounds with a Kamehameha. That makes three warriors down for U4! 18 isn’t happy about this method of winning, and promises to wash Kuririn’s shoes when they get home. Kuririn is in high spirits, but while he’s rejoicing over his victory, Frost steps in and quickly knocks him out of bounds, then runs away before 18 can counterattack. As Kuririn is teleported into the benches with the U7 gods, Beerus berates him for getting carried away, while Shin says he did his best (though his eyes tell a different story). Now all Kuririn can do is cheer on his teammates.43 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.
  15. City Shrouded in Shadow

    Looks like Pat Labor made the cut. More Ultraman or maybe even Jet Jaguar! And Mothra!!!!!