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  1. As nice as the praise is, I must admit I did not make this. It was merely passed on to me by someone over at Kanzenshuu. Also I think they are set up that way because of the connection of each universe. They were all made in pairs. 6&7, 4&9, 3&10 and 2&11 When the Almighty is a spoiled child....I dont think so. Also you cannot use the Super Dragon Balls since that would just piss him off. But I did have one idea, you cannot wish to restore the universes but you could wish everyone and their planets to the winning universes. Zen-Oh is doing this because looking after all these universes is a pain (Funny, a child hating hard work), so if you move everyone to just one universes it might be enough to appease him since the result is the same. But still, all the Gods of Destruction of the losing universes would still dye. But its better then losing countless numbers of innocent lives.
  2. So we are finally at the big tournament. Some new rules are in, the arena is designed so that each fighter experiences the unique gravity of their home worlds and ki fly is not allowed but people with a natural ability to fly are. Also the arena is made out of a metal hard then the hardest known metal in the dragon ball multiverse. Here are all the fighters.
  3. That really cool, with this and Devilman Crybaby I have a lot of Go Nagai stuff to look forward to YAY!
  4. How would you act during a Kaiju outbreak? Chaos descends on Ichi City. During a dark night colossal shadowy beings appear out of nowhere and begin to rampage throughout the city. You play as to a customization character, male or female (place holder names, Ken Misaki and Miharu Matsuhara). You and another survivor, Yuki Kano, must find a way out of the city while avoiding being crushed by the Shadows. But nothing is ever that simple, as the Shadows begin to take on very familiar forms.... This will be an action survival game. You will spend your time running from the monsters while trying to keep you and your companion alive. During the course of the game you will have to make choices which will affect how you companion feels about you and the games out come. It will be released fall of this year. It is currently scheduled for a Japan only release but we can hope that it gets released world wide.
  5. Episode 95 Freeza and Goku are surrounded by a gang of assassins sent by the gods of Universe 9. Goku figures they come from another universe (though he doesn’t know which), and the assassins brag about how their universe is tough and hardcore, unlike the softies in Universe 7. Freeza thinks this other universe sounds like a splendid place…Though Freeza has powered up into his Golden form, Goku wonders if he’ll be alright like that. After all, there’s barely any time left until the tournament, and that form uses up a lot of stamina. Freeza explains that enduring the “tortures” of his Hell (all those stuffed animal parades and whatnot) have honed his mental concentration. Now his energy control skills have greatly improved, making him into the “true Golden Freeza”, combining the ultimate in intensity with the delicacy to avoid even disturbing the surface of water.With that, Freeza begins mercilessly killing the assassins. Before long, Goku urges him to stop, but Freeza figures that killing them here is no different than defeating them at the tournament, since losing at the tournament will mean their entire universe’s destruction. In a panic, the assassins try and take Uranai Baba hostage, but Goku stops them and tells Baba to hide inside her palace.As Goku and Freeza butt heads, the doglike boss assassin recalls how Rou (the U9 Kaioshin) instructed him beforehand to maintain the cover story that he was going after Goku and Freeza purely of his will. At the same time, the U9 God of Destruction Sidra entrusted him with a ball of “destruction energy” capable of harming anyone. Those hit by this energy will utterly cease to exist, and not even pass on to the afterlife.The dog boss now tries to sneak attack Freeza (who is still talking with Goku), but Freeza is already on to him, and arrogantly orders the dog to throw his attack while he leaves himself wide upon. The dog throws the ball, which Freeza easily dodges, then blows up with his own energy when it boomerangs back at him. However, this first energy ball was just a fake, and the dog produces the real ball of destruction energy…which Freeza simply blasts out of his hand, where it seemingly explodes.However, the dog can still remotely control the energy ball, and he brings it up from under the water directly underneath Freeza, catching him by surprise. As Freeza struggles against the ball, its energy envelops him. It seems like Freeza has had it…but he’s just joking. With great effort, he manages to concentrate the energy around him back into a small ball which he holds safely in hand. The dog can’t believe his eyes, and is quickly shot down by Freeza.Goku is greatly impressed with Freeza’s feat, and wonders where that energy ball came from. Freeza thinks that such pure energy probably came from some god, so odds are another universe’s God of Creation or Destruction wants them out of the way. Goku warns the remaining assassins that Universe 7 won’t run or hide; they’ll settle things fair and square at the tournament! But while Goku is shouting this, Freeza catches him off-guard and hits him with the ball of destruction energy.Over in the World of Void, the Great Priest has finally completed the arena for the Tournament of Power. The two Omni-Kings are both very pleased with it, and give the Great Priest a candy as a reward. Back on Earth, Freeza taunts Goku for being naïve enough to let down his guard. Freeza advises Goku to escape from that energy the way he did. But try as he might, Goku can’t manage it, and Freeza wonders if he has grown too strong.As Goku continues to struggle, Freeza confronts one of the remaining assassins: he wishes to speak with their universe’s gods. At first the assassin refuses to speak, but he changes his tune after Freeza riddles him with energy beams. Still, Freeza wants him to keep quiet a little longer, so that he can enjoy torturing him some more. Desperate, the remaining assassins now all attack Freeza together.Off in Universe 9, Rou and Sidra wonder what’s taking their assassins so long; it’s almost time to leave for the tournament! They receive a call on their crystal ball, but are surprised to find Freeza on the other end. He’s borrowed a communicator from the assassins, and now knows their whole scheme. However, rather than rat out U9 to the Omni-Kings, Freeza proposes that he join the U9 team. After all, with Goku caught in the destruction energy, U7 has no hope of winning. If U9 will resurrect him, he’ll be sure to serve them well in the tournament.Sidra and Rou can’t believe Freeza would be so callous as to betray his entire universe. While it seems there’s no explicit rule against recruiting warriors from other universes, Rou thinks even if they recruit Freeza, he’ll be sure to betray them too eventually, and he’s not sure even Sidra could stop him. While Freeza watches the two argue via the communicator, Beerus and Whis arrive. Realizing he’s out of time, Freeza destroys the communicator.Beerus blows the destruction energy away from Goku, and it explodes harmlessly. He and Whis came since they were wondering what was holding Goku and Freeza up. Recognizing the destruction energy, Beerus wonders what happened. Whis thinks Freeza was perhaps trying to gather intel on another universe, but Freeza remains evasive. Either way, Goku says it was all his fault for forgetting what an evil guy Freeza was.Thinking to himself, Freeza realizes that this tournament is the perfect opportunity to manipulate even the gods; he’ll eventually gain the upper hand against Beerus and get the last laugh! Meanwhile, Goku asks Whis for just one minute to spar against Freeza. Their match will end once one of them lands a punch. Goku says if he wins, Freeza will have to bury the hatchet and be their teammate in the tournament…but Freeza says if he wins, Goku will have to let him do as he wants.Freeza has spent his time in Hell endlessly fighting simulated battles against Goku in his mind, and is totally certain of his chances of victory. Whis blows the starting whistle, and Goku and Freeza power up and charge each other (with Goku turning Super Saiyan Blue). They punch each other square in the face at the same time, and fall exhausted down into the water. It’s a tie! Goku reflects that Freeza’s not the only one who’s improved; while Freeza’s been in Hell, he’s been fighting strong guys from other universes. Goku vows to stop Freeza from killing any more bystanders, but Freeza won’t take orders from Goku. As Beerus and Whis suspected, this sparring match has by no means settled the score between the two.With the Tournament of Power about to begin, Goku, Freeza, Beerus, and Whis join the rest of the U7 team at Capsule Corporation…
  6. Deadite Jason Some time later Jason awakens under the ice of crystal lake. An apparition of his mother compels him so seek and destroy Ash. At the same time a group of government agents have arrived in the area, seeking the Necronomicon for Project: Black Book. While the book is taken to the Pentagon, the team members left behind are killed by Jason who then he's off to find Ash. 6 months later we catch up with Ash and see that he has settled down with a new girlfriend and living a happy life. However during this time he is confronted by Dr. Maggie Burroughs, the daughter of Freddy. She informs Ash that Freddy and Jason WILL come back. they always do, and she wants to put together a group made up of all the people who have beaten them before and work out a way to finish them for good. Ash tell her no. Some time later while Ash is out, Jason breaks into his home and murders his girlfriend. Ash gets the murder pinned on him by her father but is save by none other then Tommy Jarvis. Tommy and Ash head over to Maggie's place were they also meet up with Stephanie Kimble (Jason's great-niece) and her father Steven Freeman, Tina Shepard (the psychic girl who battled Jason), Rennie Wickham (the emphatic girl Jason in New York), Alice Johnson (the dream master) and her son Jacob. While this team of survivors talks about what to do, Jason is captured and brought to the Pentagon's Deadite holding cell. While there Jason is contacted by an old enemy, Freddy. Turns out Freddy was summoned out of the Deadite real, seemingly depowered and is currently being held near by. Unfortunately Freddy has just been playing possum and has in truth, bonded with the Necronomicon and possesses all of its powers. While Jason at first attacks Freddy, the dream demon offers Jason the chance to rule the world with him and to give him greater power. Power enough to kill the old enemies massing to to attack them, enemies like Tommy. This gets Jason's attention and he agrees. Freddy then uses his power restore and empower Jason, the new General of his Deadite Army! Deadite Jason is a far cry from any of his previous designs, even his original. His body has been restored and more so, is skin is a natural healthy color and he's even sporting an full, mane of hair. His cloths have likewise been fixed, he's now sporting clean blue genies, a back jumper and a brand new jacket with big pockets for pointy things. His mask has been restored to the complete and undamaged state of his Original design. Freddy also grants Jason two new machetes with his signature scratch marks on the blades. Under the mask Jason's face is not only restored but improved, he is no longer deformed or rotting.....in fact he looks like a normal person. Even his eyes have been restored to their original blue. But he is still the monster fulled by an unquenchable thirst for vengeance. A fact made very clear when, for the first and last time Jason speaks in his own body and voice "You...You....Dye!" With Jason at the head of his army, Freddy takes control of Washington. Ash and the Nightmare Warriors confront this army of darkness for the fate of the world. Tommy eventually has his fated rematch with Jason and almost gains the upper hand...until Jason speaks to him, making him drop his guard. As Jason is about to strike the final blow, Stephanie (wearing a very similar hocky mask to her great uncles) stabs Jason in the back and Tommy uses the destraction to behead him. Eventually Frieddy is also defeated. But once the battle is over, Jason's body is nowhere to be found.... "No matter what they do to you...you cannot dye...you can never dye"
  7. Well looks like Goku has successfully resurrected Frieza with the promise that he will use the Dragon Balls to resurrect the cosmic tyrant once more. But U9 has been tricked into sending assassins to try and kill Frieza by U4. Unfortunately the assassins are really not equipped to deal with the Golden Emperor of the Universe!!!
  8. Here in the UK Poaching (Illegally Hunting/Catching) Fish can land you a £5000 fine if your caught and the biggest fine for the act ever given was $15,000 for Poaching Yellow Perch and selling them. With that in mind, if you ever get nicked for Coelacanth Poaching, something thats pretty hard to deny since normal fisherman would not touch them with a barge pole even on a bad day, you are quite frankly F####D. Your also in the same boat Gaia finds herself in during this story.
  9. I'm only a few pages in and things are getting interesting. While most of the information can be translated more or less word for word with little alteration for it to make sense in english, some sentences are presenting a real problem. My favorites so far being: "Curiously, it is from another fact that one of these "Cursed Seas", located off the Comoros, has continued to receive special attention." "That this is happening in the triangle of Bermuda, seems to be the ideal place where evolve these mysterious creatures come from." While I can understand what is being said in context, it presents the interesting task of trying to write a more coherent sentence while trying not to lose the original's information. While I understood that this was always the case, doing it yourself gives you a lot more respect for other's hard work. While it's not caused a problem yet, the fact that I'm trying to translate a french translation of a japans manga, which was published in 1991 and translated to french in 1996 if my copy is to be believed, might just throw a few other issues my way. Also I'm having to deal with misspelling! Turns out the French translator misspelled Gombessa (another name for Coelacanth) as Gonbessa! On that note if anyone knows this word "Rouskas", and what it should mean in this context: "It is also said that monsters, the Rouskas, would hide in the underwater depths" ... or what the word should be, it would be a big help. However this is turning out to be really, really fun. Aslo we finally have a name for our protagonist. Her name is Gaia and she is from Comoros (which means Dark Blue, coincidence?) off the coast of Africa.
  10. I've finally got the time to site down and so this. Its just the synopsis but its a beginning. The Blue Hole Synopsis The Blue Hole at the bottom of the sea leads to the world 65 million years ago! It is the world of the Coelacanths, the Quetzlcoatlus, the Dinosaurs... Its an extraordinary discovery for the modern era, provided that you can to find a way to return.
  11. Hi everyone, sorry I have not updated this thread lately. I've had a very busy few week and next week will be worse. But I'll be back on track by next Friday, Saturday at the latest.
  12. Episode 93 Everyone is shocked to hear Goku suggest they recruit Freeza as the 10th team member. Goku has heard from Dende that Freeza’s spirit is still in Hell; he still hasn’t reformed and been purified (which is a real hassle for Enma Daio). But Goku doesn’t plan on resurrecting him with the dragon balls. Instead, he can just ask Uranai Baba to bring him back for 24 hours, like she did for him and Vegeta.Shin protests that Freeza surely won’t be cooperative, but Goku thinks he will, if the alternative is their universe being destroyed. Vegeta is confident that they don’t need Freeza’s help to win the tournament, so Goku asks Whis about their chances. Though Whis isn’t that informed about the other universes, he has heard that there is a universe with a God of Destruction even stronger than Beerus…and a mortal even stronger than that God of Destruction (Beerus retorts that he merely lost to that God of Destruction at arm-wrestling one time). Hearing this, Kuririn thinks that perhaps they do need Freeza after all. Besides, Goku is sure that if Freeza tries to backstab them, he and Vegeta can put a stop to it. With that settled, Goku teleports off to Enma Daio’s place so he can go talk to Freeza directly (nearby, a strange man with a hat watches him leave). At Emna Daio’s place in the afterlife, Goku informs him about the upcoming tournament and his desire to recruit Freeza. Enma agrees to let Uranai Baba revive Freeza for 24 hours, but requests that if Freeza goes on a rampage, Goku take care of him someplace other than Earth (that way, Enma won’t have to deal with him).Over in Universe 6, Caulifla is still having trouble getting Kale to become a Super Saiyan. Though Kale is convinced she doesn’t have it in her, Caulifla tells her to concentrate her power in the middle of her back. Caulifla and Cabba both show off the transformation for Kale, but Kale still can’t manage it. Next Caulifla explains the process in more depth: anger can also trigger the transformation! She tries to insult Kale to set her off, but her heart’s just not in it. After all, Kale is her precious protégé!Caulifla has Cabba try insulting Kale, but she gets mad at him when he causes Kale to cry. Kale continues to cry, feeling useless and like a burden to Caulifla, and her feelings cause her to transform at last. Except…Kale’s Super Saiyan transformation is a little different. She becomes incredibly big and muscular, and her ki rises so much that Cabba gets worried. The transformation complete, Kale points at Cabba and tells him that she’ll finish him off first.In Universe 4, the God of Destruction Quitela listens to a report from his spy Ganos (the strange man with the hat from earlier). Quitela is amused to hear that Beerus is apparently so hard up for warriors that he’s forced to recruit from among the dead, but Ganos is worried that this dead warrior might be a threat to their universe, since the people in U7 talked about him like he was quite formidable. Now Quitela wants to hear more about this warrior.Back in the afterlife, an ogre drives Goku out to Freeza’s personal Hell (the field of flowers previously seen in Resurrection “F”). Goku goes up and greets Freeza, who is still in a cocoon hanging from a tree. While Goku doesn’t think this field looks so bad, Freeza claims that for him this is the worst Hell of all. Goku offers to get Freeza out of there for 24 hours, but Freeza is suspicious.In Universe 6, Caulifla is amazed at Kale’s unleashed power, but Cabba is having a hard time as Kale rampages around. Cabba speculates that seeing him and Caulifla getting along has caused Kale to lose it, so Caulifla tells Kale to not get the wrong idea: she’s not the sort of woman to “fall” for Cabba so easily. Hearing this, Kale calms down and reverts to her base form. Caulifla catches the unconscious Kale, and is glad to see that they’ve found a great new team member (Cabba seems a bit more nervous).In Hell, Goku cuts Freeza down from the tree. While Freeza is interested to hear about the Tournament of Power, he at first refuses to enter. Goku calmly accepts this and starts to leave, but Freeza says he was only joking. He promises to enter, but on one condition: if they win the tournament and their universe survives, Goku must use the Dragon Balls to wish Freeza back to life. While Goku is reluctant to accept that condition, Freeza assures him that he will grow even stronger, and he wants to spar with Goku again sometime. Surely Goku wants to see his further evolution? Goku is impressed at Freeza’s skill in taking advantage of his weakness (his desire to fight strong opponents). He tells Freeza that the top warrior in the tournament will receive the Super Dragon Balls as a reward, so Freeza can win those and use them to revive himself.However, Freeza points out that even if their team wins, he might not be the team member to win the Super Dragon Balls. With that in mind, he is content to just use the Earth’s Dragon Balls. Goku agrees, though gathering them might take a while. Freeza is disappointed to hear that the tournament rules forbid killing one’s opponent, but he’ll have to make do.With that, Goku leaves Hell and goes to see Uranai Baba. She has already heard from Enma Daio about Goku’s idea. While she is not happy about having to bring back someone as bad as Freeza, the circumstances leave her little choice. Goku offers her his button for summoning Omni-King as a reward, but she doesn’t want it; it’s too dangerous! Goku promises to get her something else, and takes off. Meanwhile, in Universe 4, Quitela has come up with a perfect plan for taking down Universe 7…Only an hour and a half remains until the Tournament of Power.
  13. From here on out we'll be looking at events in chronological order rather then time of release. All-Star Jason Hell was an odd place for Jason because it was so familiar. Not for Jason the chains, forks, fire, torcher and demons that most would imagine, rather what ever power governs the dark side of the afterlife chose a different type of cage. An infinite loop. Hell recreated Crystal Lake and set Jason in it, granting him dummies in the likeness of his old victims to slaughter while they vindicated his actions. One must wonder if it was not punishment the Devil gave Jason but a reward or at least a gilded cage. But while it seems most. even the devil himself, were happy to just leave Jason be....another dark soul had other ideas. That soul was Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger. Freddy was a twisted soul who in many ways was Jason's opposite. The bastard son of 1 of 100 maniacs who rapped a nun named Amanda Krueger, Freddy was a very disturbed and wicked child. As an adult he would become a child murderer, sometimes hinted at worse, who used a bladed glove to do his work and given the moniker of "The Springwood Slasher". Freddy was burned to death by the parents of Springwood after he was caught but then released because the arrest warrant was signed in the wrong place. But his death only made things worse, as he burned three Dream Demons appeared before Freddy and offered him their power...Freddy jumped at the chance. Using their power, Freddy could control the dream world and kill any who crossed his path. But he's power had limits, Freddy 's power was, at its core, tied to fear. While he could grow stronger by other means, such as devouring the souls of his victims, fear was his always his starter. It is also what allowed him spread to begin with, knowledge and fear of him would act like a homing beacon, giving a way into peoples dreams until his power base grew more substantial. It was this fear that would always allow him to pull himself back after each defeat even when the rest of his power-base had been destroyed. But eventually the people of Springwood found out this weakness and did all they could to exploit it. With his lifeline cut, Freddy was was forced to face the powers of hell. Until he found Jason. Using what little power he had left, Freddy appeared to Jason as his mother, convinced him to go to Springwood and set Jason's soul free. He's now back to a mostly all black cloths, save his jacket, like Slime Jason but looks more dusty and grave-risen like Undead Jason. He's wearing gloves like 3 of his other designs did after coming back to life. His skin is very dark and decayed looking like the Undead design but with none of the rot any of his previous undead variations had. He also boasts hair like his Original and Eternal designs. His mask now has zero battle damage and looks almost like a replica of his Classic one. Since again we dont see his face in full here, the designs for the face under the mask looked ok in a practical sense but were nothing special, looking only slightly deformed. Jason went to Springwood and started doing what he did best and in a short while Freddy's power began to return and with it he was able to escape hell. But while his power grew so did his irritation of Jason, he was only ment to kill a few and then sod off. This came to a head when Jason killed a girl Freddy was stalking in the real world. Sick of Jason's kill stealing, Freddy possessed the body of a teen and used him as a sacrificial pawn inject Jason with heavy tranquilizers. With Jason trapped in the dream world, Freddy believed he could now do away with his dimwitted rival with little effort. However this only proved to be a half-truth. While Jason had no defense against Freedy's dream powers, Jason's regeneration, monstrous strength and iron will allowed him to take everything Freddy threw at him and keep getting back up. Its worth noting that Jason's mask gains a number of scratch marks from Frieddy's glove at this time. It was only an accident that proved to be Jason's undoing, a burst water pipe in fact. Under normal circumstances Jason feared nothing but the dream world is a place of emotions and the mind. On the one hand people who go there can gain great power, the power of their dreams but it also strengthens negative emotions and bring them to the for, something Freddy often used to his advantage. Deep in his mind was a fear Jason had gained as a child, aquaphobia. With this weakness revealed, Freddy was able to access Jason's mind and created a nightmare that would allow him to be killed. A recreation of the day he drowned at Crystal Lake, with a little Freddy flare thrown in. However a group of teens tied up in the events were trying to undermine Freddy's plans. They transported the unconscious Jason back to Crystal Lake while one of them, Lori Campbell, went into the dream world to save the hulking killer and pull Freddy into the real world. While things didn't all go according to plan eventually Freddy was pulled into the real world with Jason. The battle between the to was raw and bloody, not quarter given or looked for. In the real world Jason could bring all his unholy strength to bare against Freddy, but Freddy was not helpless. He's physical body was stronger then that of a normal persons and with his smaller size, speed, intelligence and the fighting skills stolen from people had had killed, he was able to hold his ground. In fact their were a number of times Freddy gained an edge of the undead giant but Jason's durability allowed him to keep fighting on. Eventually the two found themselves locked in a deadly embrace with Jason ripping off Freddy's glove arm while Freddy impaled him with his own machete. Lori then set alight the dock they were standing on, igniting a fuel pump and blasting the deadly pair into the lake. Lori though it was over but then out of the smoke loomed Freddy still holding Jason's machete and poised to strike. But then Jason rose from the lake and impaled Freddy with his own arm before falling back. then Lori took up the machete and beheaded the Springwood Slasher. Freddy's head and body fell into Crystal Lake. As Lori stood to watch she saw Jason floating in the water, while she feared him she also felt sorry for him as she had seen his passed in the dream world. As Jason sank down, Lori dropped his weapon into the water to follow him. But as is always the case with monsters...its never really over. Jason went right back to his old routine and even killed Lori in cold blood when she came back to Crystal Lake some time later. But one thing had changed, someone else was running about upstairs. Turns out Freddy was trapped in Jason's skull. Most likely Springwood had contained their Freddy problem once more, leaving the Springwood Slashed marooned in Jason's dreams. While Freddy hated it, he eventually came across something very interesting. A memory of Pamela showing Jason the Necronomicon. Somehow the mad old girl had got her hands on it and if Freddy played his cards right he could not only get out of Jason's head but also become more powerful then before! So Freddy once again sort to manipulate Jason through his mother. This time using her image alongside himself, having her say that Freddy was going to be Jason's new daddy and he should listen to him. Side note, as part of this dream poor Jason walks in on Freddy sleeping with his mother.....classy Kruger, very classy. Upside for Jason, Freddy sweetens the deal by promising to make him a "real boy". While that dark deal is being made, the local S-Marts's new "Housewares Domestic Engineer" has just arrived. His name is Ashley James"Ashe" Williams, the Chosen One, Eternal Enemy of the Necronomicon and all-round lovable asshole. Poor Ash can never catch a break and after hearing about some resent killings and the Legend of Jason Voorhees, he comes to the conclusion that the Necronomicon his here. Both Ash and Jason set out for the Voorhees home. Now in typical horror, a bunch of silly/drunk/wasted teens think the family home of a known mass-murderer who keeps coming back to life is a great place to meet up and fool around in. Jason's reaction to this is pretty much what you'd expect. Meanwhile Ash has snuck into the basement and found the book. Upon hearing what is quit literally "bloody murderer" occurring above him, Ash rushes upstairs and has an almost fatal encounter with the hulking slasher. Fortunately Ash proves why he;s the Chosen one and not only escapes with his life but also the book and one of the teens. Another side note I said before that Leatherface put up a better fight then any mortal man against Jason before, well lets just say that Ash is going to out do him here. But as we all know by now, what Jason lacks in smarts he makes up for with single-minded determination. Jason tracks ash back to S-Mart and after another battle leaves with the book...and very likely some of Ash's ego to. Once he gets home, Jason holds the book up in front Freddy's severed head and before you can say "Klaatu Berata Nicto" , Freddy's back. Freddy says thanks and makes to leave when Jason grabs his arm.......the deal. Freddy acquiesces and uses the Necronomicon to "jump start" some of Jason's brain cells making him a bit smarter. He then asks Jason to get rid of Ash while he uses the book. Ash and a ragtag group he's pulled together head out to stop Freddy when they bump into Jason. Ash leaves Jason to his team while he goes for Freddy (Ash learned of Freddy through an early attack in his dreams). The team try to lure Jason into a trap and get a disapproving wag of the finger from the now smarter Jason for their trouble. Ash mean while bursts in to stop Freddy.......only to find Freddy's pulled an Ozymandias and and finished reading 10 minutes ago. Freddy now wields reality warping powers in the physical world as well as the dream one. Jason seems to sense that Freddy has ticked him and the battle becomes a 3 way. During the battle, Ash blasts of Jason's mask (and his nose and some of the skin around his mouth. Also after losing an arm Jason copies Ash's Chainsaw by thrusting his machete into the stump. Eventually Ash and Co are able to used the Necronomicon to open a portal and trap Freddy in the deadite realm. Jason, who is trying to kill Ash, gets run over by one of the team driving Ash's car and sent under the ice of Crystal Lake trapping him once more. Once Freddy is dealt with Ash tosses the book into the lake. But as I said before...with monsters its never really over. I haven't talked about Jason's kills much here. Well the highlights include, stabbing someone multiple times then crushing them and the bed into the worlds largest sandwich, spinning someones head 180 digrees, marching through a corn field, while on fire and getting slasher happy and using a shooing trolley so simultaneously smash and slice some teens.
  14. Episode 92 Summary Goku arrives at Mr. Satan’s house, where Satan explains that despite all his efforts, he cannot awaken Buu. Normally Buu only needs a second or so of sleep, but when he falls into a deep slumber like this, he’s out for a whole two months. And they’ve only got about three hours to go until the tournament!Off in Universe 6, Toppo meets up with Kahseral, who has just completed his “urgent mission” saving a cat for some kids (these kids are thrilled to see Toppo in the flesh). Toppo and Kahseral discuss having some of the up-and-coming Troopers defend the universe during the hour in which they will be at the tournament. Toppo has seen via the interplanetary network that the main warriors have all gathered and begun training for the tournament.Back on Earth, Mr. Satan volunteers to enter the tournament in Buu’s place, but quickly changes his tune once Goku points out the main tournament will have fighters even more incredible than the ones at the exhibition match. Meanwhile, Beerus bemoans Buu falling asleep at such a critical time, though Whis thinks this is like the pot calling the kettle black.In Universe 3, the gods visit Nigrisshi, their universe’s greatest “restructuring warrior”, to gain his help in winning the tournament. Nigrisshi shows off one of his enhanced warriors, the (seemingly robotic) Narirama, who’s equipped with an iron claw to keep from falling from the arena, a suction cup in case his arm comes off, and other gadgets. Nigrisshi is also working on restructuring other warriors for the tournament; together they’re sure to come out on top!Kuririn, No.18, and Marron arrive at Capsule Corporation. Kuririn is happy to see Tenshinhan again, but wonders where Muten Roshi is (apparently he’s off finishing his “training” with Puar). Tenshinhan and Piccolo explain to Kuririn about the trouble with Buu, and Kuririn suggests they simply enter with nine warriors. However, Shin warns that since the Omni-King specified ten warriors per team, they’ll have to meet that number.Beerus demands that Gohan, as team leader, resolve this problem. Gohan is confident his father will awaken Buu, but if not, he’ll take responsibility and find someone else to be the 10th member. Kuririn offers to help too; after all, he wants that 10 million zenny! But once he mentions the prize money, it quickly becomes apparent it was all a lie on Goku’s part. Meanwhile, up at Dende’s temple, Vegeta smashes his way out of the Room of Spirit and Time.In Universe 6, Cabba and Cauilfla meet out in the wastelands of some planet, while Kale hides nearby and watches them. Cabba shows off his Super Saiyan form again, and Cauilfla is eager for him to teach her how transform like that. But Cabba’s not too confident he can teach the secret, since he only just learned it himself from Vegeta not too long ago.Cabba tries to get Caulifla angry in order to trigger the Super Sayain transformation (using some very mild insults), but it doesn’t work. Caulifla asks Cabba is he’s always angry when he transforms, but Cabba says no, now that he’s used to it he just transforms by concentrating power in his back (between his shoulder blades). So Caulifla tries that approach, and it works. Cabba is suitably impressed; Caulifla really is gifted!Cabba teachers her how to revert to normal (by releasing the tingling sensation from her back), and tells her the transformation will be less of a strain once she gets used to it. Caulifla agrees to enter the tournament, but wants to bring Kale along too. Kale comes out of hiding and Caulifla introduces her to Cabba: Kale is another Saiyan, and Cauilfla’s protégé. Though Kale doubts she can become Super Saiyan, Caulifla encourages her to try.Goku returns to Capsule Corporation from Mr. Satan’s house, saying that waking up Buu proved impossible. But that’s not the only problem: it looks like Kuririn and No.18 might not enter now that Goku’s lie is exposed! Goku offers to pay Kuririn out of his own pocket, since he got all that money from Mr. Satan, but Vegeta points out that Chi-Chi keeps control over that money. Goku next asks Bulma for a loan, but she turns him down.Ultimately though, Kuririn isn’t really upset about the money. Rather, he’s upset that Goku lied and tried to hide that their universe was in danger of being destroyed. While he understands Goku and Gohan’s motives for wanting to keep that under wraps, he and Goku have been through too much together to keep secrets like that. While Kuririn is now nervous to enter the tournament knowing that their universe hangs in the balance, he still thinks Goku should have told him that from the start. Beerus orders Kuririn to enter and use any means necessary to remain in the ring until the very end, and threatens to destroy him on the spot if he refuses. Kuririn quickly agrees to enter, but he thinks No.18 will probably still refuse without prize money. Bulma finally agrees to foot the bill and give prize money to whoever wants it…provided they make sure and win the tournament.Though that problem has been cleared up, they still lack a 10th member. Beerus chews them out for only selecting warriors from Earth despite the vastness of the universe. It’s all their fault for squashing Freeza’s army! Hearing this, Goku is inspired: Freeza! They can get Freeza for their team!Only three hours left until the Tournament of Power.
  15. That's that's very interacting and yes it would. Also thanks for pointing out I was spelling his name wrong, after this much time you'd think I'd have noticed Haha. As for the Necronomicon, it's intreasting you should mention that because that will be part of the next post.