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  1. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 112 Jiren has begun meditating after defeating Hit. Beerus wonders how Goku is doing, and Whis says that while he is physically exhausted, his fighting spirit remains undiminished. With the tournament halfway over, the Omni-Kings ask again what happens when time runs out, and the Great Priest explains that the universe with the most members left will win. In that case, Universe 7 is currently in the lead with seven members left, so the U3 God of Destruction Mosco orders his team to eliminate Goku. As a trio of U3 warriors goes after Goku, Gohan and Piccolo continue to battle the U6 Namekians Saonel and Pilina. Piccolo tells Gohan to go help Goku, but Gohan thinks it’s best to focus on their opponents; they’ll just have to trust Goku to manage on his own. While Saonel and Pilina put up a good fight (even Piccolo is surprised that another universe would have such strong Namekians), Champa orders his team to cut down the U7 team’s numbers but otherwise run away. Since they can’t defeat Jiren, they’ll just have to try to be the team with the most members left at the end. Elsewhere, Kale is intimidated after witnessing Jiren’s strength, but Caulifla remains optimistic: seeing Goku and Jiren’s battle showed her the infinite potential that she as a Saiyan must possess. Suddenly the two are challenged by U4’s Monna, who is targeting U6 now that they’ve lost Hit. Though Caulifla is eager to take Monna on singlehanded, Cabba arrives and insists that he be the one to fight Monna, so that Caulifla and Kale can escape and conserve their stamina. Caulifla initially refuses, but eventually relents after both Cabba and Kale insist. Caulifla and Kale escape as Cabba holds off Monna. After struggling in his normal form, Cabba becomes a Super Saiyan and successfully counterattacks. However, this just leads Monna to morph into a giant ball and start knocking Cabba around even harder. Reverting to normal, Cabba is thrown to near the edge of the arena. While Cabba tries to trick Monna into rolling off the arena, this tactic fails and Cabba himself is sent falling out of bounds. While regretting that he couldn’t wear down his opponent’s stamina more, he is at least satisfied that he managed to buy some time for Caulifla and Kale. However, at the last moment a hand reaches out and grabs Cabba. It’s Vegeta! He roughly tosses Cabba back into the arena and knocks Monna away. Cabba is happy that his “master” saved him, but Vegeta simply knees him in the stomach. He tells Cabba not to misunderstand: he wasn’t really trying to save him, he just couldn’t stand seeing a weak Saiyan. Besides, Vegeta doesn’t want Cabba to lose before fulfilling his promise (from the last tournament) of taking Vegeta to meet the king of Planet Sadala. Cabba is sad that, since at least one of their universes will be destroyed by the end of this tournament, he can’t possibly keep that promise. But Vegeta vows that if he wins, he’ll use the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect Cabba and co. Thrilled, Cabba likewise vows to resurrect Vegeta and co. if he wins, but Vegeta gets angry: he’ll be the one to win, not Cabba! Finally, Vegeta tells Cabba to fight as a Saiyan, without regrets, then departs. Nearby, Freeza has been eavesdropping on this conversation, and is sickened by the idea of a Saiyan master and disciple relationship. With his Saiyan pride restored, Cabba takes on Monna again…but it still doesn't go well. Monna calls Cabba weak and threatens to defeat Vegeta next, then Caulifla and Kale. She even calls Vegeta a coward for getting in a cheap hit on her before running off. Angered by these threats and insults, Cabba vows to defeat Monna himself, and transforms into Super Saiyan 2. Cabba uses his newfound strength to blast Monna out of the arena (reverting to base immediately afterwards), leaving U4 with only three fighters remaining. Champa is thrilled at Cabba’s victory, though Vados points out that earlier he had told him to simply run away. Vegeta is also pleased at Cabba’s victory as he approaches to challenge Jiren. But Toppo appears and insists Vegeta fight him instead. While Vegeta isn’t interested in fighting a second fiddle like Toppo, Toppo shoots back that Vegeta is a second fiddle too. Angered, Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan Blue and begins battling Toppo. Freeza meanwhile approaches Cabba and very politely asks that they fight. Cabba obliges but is quickly overwhelmed. Freeza says he’ll go after Cabba’s fellow Saiyan once he’s defeated him, and this threat towards Caulifla and Kale pushes Cabba to become Super Saiyan 2 once again. Cabba unleashes a mighty blast against Freeza, and while he feels it hit, when the dust clears Freeza is there in his Golden form, unharmed. He repeatedly blasts Cabba before finally knocking him out of bounds when he refuses to surrender. Reverting to normal, Freeza thinks it a waste to use up so much stamina against a garbage opponent. Materializing in the bleachers, Cabba apologizes to Champa, who’s angry at Freeza for intentionally targeting Cabba when he was exhausted. Thinking to himself, Freeza vows to win the tournament and use the Super Dragon Balls to control the gods. Vegeta and Goku meet up in the middle of their respective fights. Vegeta sees that the exhausted Goku is struggling against his U3 opponents, and Goku says he’s recovering his stamina as he fights. Goku notes that Cabba has lost, but Vegeta isn’t too concerned: so long as he wins the tournament, the Saiyans will survive! Vegeta goes off to continue his battle against Toppo, and Goku has no choice but to continue his fight against the U3 trio. Suddenly however, Caulifla swoops in and knocks the U3 fighters out of the way. While Goku thanks her for her help, Caulifla transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. Thanks to Cabba she’s managed to recover her stamina, and now she wants to fight Goku! 23 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.
  2. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Lol indeed!
  3. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 111 Freeza has snatched Goku away, and now seems to be aiming a blast at him. Exhausted from his battle with Jiren, Goku no longer has the power to run away, and in their hidden location nobody can see what Freeza’s doing. Freeza fires…and Goku is fine! Freeza has actually shared a little bit of his ki with Goku, thereby enabling him to move once again, just like Goku did with him back on Planet Namek. Now they’re even! Besides, Freeza needs Goku to keep on working for him, since he doesn’t want to take on “that monster” Jiren himself. Before leaving, Freeza tells Goku how the gods up above referred to Goku’s new power as “Ultra Instinct”, and Goku wonders if pulling that off once again will enable him to beat Jiren. Meanwhile, Hit and Jiren continue to fight. Hit’s Time-Skip doesn’t seem to be much use against Jiren, whose heavy blows he can feel all too well. Jiren asks if Hit seriously intends to defeat him, and Hit says that yes, that’s his job. Watching the fight, Toppo is surprised to see Hit doing so well against Jiren. Hit now starts using the same dimension-moving technique he used during his rematch with Goku, storing up skipped time in order to conceal himself in another dimension, leaving only an illusionary image of himself behind. However, Jiren isn’t fooled by the illusion and still manages to track Hit’s movements, which keeps Hit’s attacks from connecting. With Jiren able to fully counter Time-Skip, Hit is unable to land a solid blow. Yet despite its ineffectiveness, he continues to use Time-Skip against Jiren. What is he up to? Jiren tells Hit to stop this pointless effort, but Hit maintains that this is his job, and tells Jiren to stay with him until the end. Elsewhere, the U6 Namekians Saonel and Pirina try to sneak attack Goku, but Gohan and Piccolo step in to fight them (the two are surprised to see another Namekian). Vegeta is doing well against Ribrianne, until Rozie steps in to protect her. As the two escape and hide, Ribrianne starts to lose confidence in U2’s chance of victory, but Rozie slaps some sense into her, telling her to remember the power of love. Ribrianne recovers her confidence: “If I can’t believe in love, who can?!” Seeing Hit having this much trouble, Caulifla wants to go help him out, but Cabba stops her, saying Hit has some strategy in mind. Though Hit keeps on taking Jiren’s attacks, he’s still properly guarding and so should be minimizing damage, all while waiting for the right chance to strike back. Indeed, Hit has by now memorized Jiren’s attack pattern, and finally manages to land a solid attack on Jiren’s chest, which sends him skidding to the edge of the arena. This one attack is what Hit needed to finally lock Jiren into a time cage, paralyzing him. This ace-in-the-hole technique consists of Hit continually using Time-Skip against Jiren alone, but keeping Jiren frozen seems to require too much of Hit’s concentration for him to do much else. He tells Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale to leave Jiren to him and go do the job only they can do, namely defeat other warriors to ensure U6’s victory. While Hit normally works alone, now he’s resolved to use all of his power to keep Jiren frozen until the end, and so needs his allies’ help to handle everything else that must be done. As Jiren struggles to break free from this paralysis, Hit soon realizes that his power won’t last until the end of the tournament. He therefore has no choice but to put everything he has into one last attack in order to defeat Jiren then and there. Though it’s not like an assassin to gamble, he must take this risk to carry out his job of making sure U6 wins. But as he goes in to finish Jiren off, Jiren blocks his blow with merely a glare, and finally breaks free. Those on the sidelines are amazed to see Jiren’s strength surpass time itself. Jiren recommences attacking Hit, finally knocking him out of the arena with an energy blast. The Great Priest confirms Hit’s loss, and Hit materializes in the bleachers next to Champa, admitting that it was all over once his final blow against Jiren failed. While Champa looks on the bright side and says Hit’s work ethic has been passed on to Cabba and co., Vados notes that Hit’s loss is a major setback for U6. As it happens, Hit’s defeat coincides with the halfway point of the tournament (only 50 taks or 24 minutes now remain), so the Great Priest changes the sky green to mark the start of the second half. With Hit defeated and Goku exhausted, Jiren judges that there is nobody left worth fighting, so he leaves the rest up to Toppo and Dyspo and begins meditating. The U3 warrior Piara distracts Toppo and Dyspo while his colleague Katpesra moves in to take out the seemingly defenseless Jiren, but Katpesra is repelled by the wall of ki surrounding Jiren’s body. The two of them are clearly unworthy of fighting Jiren! The Tournament of Power is now halfway over.
  4. Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

    Game Play Footage for Jurassic World Evolution.
  5. Manga Translation

    And this is the cover for Vol 2.
  6. Manga Translation

    Scan of Vol 1's Cover.
  7. Dragon Ball Super - Episode Summaries

    Episode 109-110 Episode summery Goku continues to battle Ribrianne in his base state, but his attacks seem to be no match for the power of her love. In fact, Ribrianne is determined to win the tournament and use the Super Dragon Balls to become a “goddess of love” adored by all the universes. She asks Goku what he wants the Super Dragon Balls for, but he hasn’t quite decided yet: he could use them for Chi Chi’s sake, or for his sons…or to meet someone stronger than anyone he’s ever met before. Ribrianne counters that in that case, his wish is already granted: she is that strong person! She absorbs the power of love from her teammates to transform into “Super Ribrianne”. Though physically she looks pretty much the same (except for newly added butterfly wings), Goku can sense incredible power from her. She fires off a barrage of love-based attacks, the last one of which creates a big explosion. Ribrianne declares victory, but Goku (now a Super Saiyan Blue) suddenly swoops in and sends her flying with a kick. Ribrianne lands at Jiren’s feet, and from his silent gaze she thinks he might love her. However, she soon grows annoyed at this continued silence, and storms off in a huff. On the sidelines, the gods of Universe 11 decide that the time has come for Jiren to go into action. Vermoud telepathically contacts Jiren, ordering him to take out Goku and ignore any small fries. As Kale, No.18, and co. sense Jiren’s ki shaking the entire World of Void, Toppo likewise tells Jiren to fight to his heart’s content, in order to obtain the Super Dragon Balls and have his wish granted.Goku and Jiren prepare to finally square off, and as Jiren powers up Beerus is shocked to see so much ki coming from just one single fighter. Goku, back in his base form, fires a Kamehameha off at Jiren, but the force of Jiren’s ki is enough to completely protect him as he remains motionless. Shin wonders why Goku doesn’t become Super Saiyan Blue; is he underestimating Jiren? Kuririn however thinks that Goku is simply testing out both Jiren and himself; he wants to show Jiren what he can do, and draw out Jiren’s full power.While Goku may be interested in Jiren, Tenshinhan wonders if Jiren has any interest in Goku. But Kuririn says Jiren has in fact been watching Goku this whole time, and probably wants to see all of Goku’s power. Muten Roshi says that they have acknowledged one another as opponents worth powering themselves up for. Meanwhile, Goku continues to attack, going all the way from regular Super Saiyan up to Super Saiyan God, the latter of which merely warrants Jiren raising a hand to block him with.Seeing that Jiren can’t get serious like this, Goku reverts to base, then finally powers up into Super Saiyan Blue. Vermoud is confident that even with the power of Blue this fight is a pointless struggle, but Kai thinks it is crucial: after all, Jiren defeating Goku’s full power will cause all the other contestants to lose their fighting spirit. Goku will be a sacrifice to show off Jiren’s power! While Marcaritta thinks they had better not get ****y, Vermoud declares that no one, absolutely no one, can beat Jiren. Indeed, despite Goku occasionally even using Kaio-Ken on top of Super Saiyan Blue, Jiren easily knocks him around, before finally grabbing him and blasting him at point-blank range.Goku gets back up and charges Jiren with Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken, but Jiren stops him seemingly just by glaring at him. In truth, Jiren attacked Goku countless times in an instant, so fast that even Vegeta couldn’t see. Kuririn still hasn’t abandoned hope though, saying that Goku should be able to use Kaio-Ken x20 on top of Super Saiyan Blue. But this fails to cheer Beerus up. As Whis explains, Goku is already using Kaio-Ken x20! Even with Kaio-Ken x20 failing to damage Jiren, Goku still has a trick up his sleeve…the Genki-Dama! Goku begins gathering energy from his teammates, though he first reverts to his base state since (as Kuririn tells Tenshinhan) Super Saiyan has some evil mixed in and therefore can’t be used to gather energy. No.17 and 18 are happy to contribute their energy, as is Freeza, despite his unhappy memories of the attack. For some reason Vegeta refuses to donate his energy…though he does stop Ribrianne from attacking Goku while he charges the attack. Goku soon realizes that it will take too long to create the attack, but fortunately Jiren is willing to wait. He’s eager to see Goku’s special attack…then crush it with overwhelming power. That’s his style! Goku finally finishes the Genki-Dama and throws it at Jiren, telling Jiren to not regret waiting. But Jiren starts pushing it back! Gohan’s shocked, since Goku should still have a fair amount of stamina left. Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue, then uses Kaio-Ken x10 and x20 all in an effort to push the Genki-Dama onto Jiren, but Jiren holds his ground. Despite Goku’s struggles, Jiren manages to push the Genki-Dama back onto Goku, threatening to envelope him with his own attack…As Jiren pushes the Genki-Dama back at Goku, the U7 team are shocked to see even their old standby fail against him. Kai and Vermoud are pleased with Jiren: with Goku gone, U7’s morale is sure to collapse. While Goku continues to hold out with all his might with Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken, Jiren only needs to stare at the Genki-Dama to keep it at bay. Clearly he’s got power to spare, and all watching are amazed at his strength. Seeing that Jiren is as strong as a God of Destruction, if not stronger, Whis realizes that the rumors of a universe with just such a mortal were true after all.Still, Goku continues to try and push the Genki-Dama over to Jiren. Caught between Goku and Jiren forces, the Genki-Dama’s expansion finally reaches its limit. Suddenly it disperses and Goku falls to the ground as a tremendous explosion shakes the arena. Toppo declares Jiren the winner! The Omni-Kings are amazed at first…but they and everyone else soon start to worry about Goku. Not only does he seem to have lost, but there’s no sight of him anywhere, within the ring or out, and nobody can sense his ki. Was he killed in the explosion? And if so, does this mean Jiren is disqualified?The Great Priest steps in to declare that since Goku was (apparently) killed by his own technique, Jiren will incur no penalty. Though the remaining contestants haven’t lost their fighting spirit, for a whole nobody makes a move. The Great Priest reminds everyone that the tournament’s time limit is not even halfway over, and so they must continue to fight. As Beerus wonders if Goku really is gone, the entire World of Void starts shaking from an intense flow of power. Could it be…?Yes, Goku’s back, and all sparkly this time! With bright silver pupils, dark silver upturned hair, and a blazing aura to match, it is clear something has happened to him, but what? Though he’s releasing a stupendous amount of heat, his ki seems fearsomely calm. Even Whis has never seen Goku like this before. Jiren attacks Goku, but this time he easily dodges all of his attacks. Gohan can tell that Goku’s movements are totally different from before: not only is he fast, it’s also impossible to tell when he’s going to attack or dodge. Vegeta likewise finds Goku’s new movements unreal.Toppo and Dyspo step in, but Goku has no trouble tossing them aside and avoiding Toppo’s Justice Flash blasts, causing Tenshinhan to marvel at the speed of his reactions and the accuracy of his movements. Finally, Jiren signals to Toppo to stay out of this. Jiren and Goku begin to battle again, and the two seem evenly matched. While No.17 is still not sure who has the upper hand, he can tell Goku has instantly closed the previously overwhelming power gap between himself and Jiren. Piccolo can tell that even now Goku continues to evolve as he fights, with his attacks against Jiren growing steadily more effective. Watching this unfold, Kai and Vermoud freak out to see someone go toe-to-toe with Jiren. The Great Priest and Whis have a hunch as to the identity of Goku’s change, and Beerus thinks the same thing: it’s Ultra Instinct! Hearing this, Champa and the other gods can’t believe that a mortal like Goku could reach a state that even gods struggle with…though his movements seem to confirm this. The Great Priest thinks it is still too early to tell for sure, but this new development is definitely something to keep an eye on (meanwhile, the Omni-Kings seem not to know about Ultra Instinct…and neither does Shin). Even if it is Ultra Instinct, Beerus doesn’t understand how this could have happened so suddenly. Whis thinks that the Genki-Dama was the trigger, causing Kuririn to wonder if Goku powered up by absorbing its energy. Tenshinhan points out that the Genki-Dama itself was no use against Jiren, so why would absorbing its power put them on even footing? Whis explains that Goku is indeed using the Genki-Dama’s energy as a temporary power source for his exhausted body, but the key factor is something else. Namely, struggling to overcome the Genki-Dama’s explosion as its power entered into him triggered Goku to crack through the shell of further possibilities hidden inside himself…or at least, that is what Whis thinks.Goku and Jiren continue to evenly trade blows, but when Goku goes in for the kill, Jiren suddenly blocks his attack. Saiyans certainly are interesting, he says, but Goku seems to truly be at his limit this time. Indeed, the Ultra Instinct seems to have only been temporary: Goku reverts to his regular form and Jiren blasts him away. As he does so, Hit rushes in to attack, but Jiren effortlessly blocks his attack too. As Vados points out, warriors tend to leave themselves wide open when finishing off an opponent, but Jiren doesn’t even have that weakness.While it looks like Hit and Jiren are about to fight, Vegeta approaches Goku, still flat on his back from Jiren’s attack. Vegeta wants to know what Goku’s new power was, but Goku isn’t too sure himself, and he seems to be out of energy regardless. As Ribrianne approaches Vegeta and Goku’s position, Goku suddenly Goku vanishes, snatched away by Freeza. Aiming a blast at Goku, Freeza is reminded of what happened on Planet Namek…25 minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.
  8. Dragon Ball Super

    Spoiler images for tonights two parter.
  9. Manga Translation

    Translastions all done, slight delay due to sickness but is all done...... Got to say even though I'm only half way done ?ive really enjoyed doing this inspite of feeling a bit down for other reasons at the time. I found the stroy to be very intreasting so far and I look forward to sharing it with you all. Also big shout out to Gazham for helping get started on this. Thank You.
  10. Dragon Ball Super

    Extended preview for this weekends double bill.
  11. Manga Translation

    Sorry for the long silence on this topic. My project went on hold for a few week due to a bout of dipresstion but after a very overdue holiday I'm back on track and the translations for the first book will be finished in 2 to 3 days time. My plan is to then do my manga scans and editing, then once thats done I'll post the chapter summeries here. As a fun bit of trivia updated, the single biggest translastion headache I've had! And it was all due to a rodent! Ok so as you may or may not know, there were mammels during the age of dinosaurs. They were mostly small and lived in the shadows of the saurians but they did exist. Well of these little bastards turns up in the manga. Why is that a problem? Well because the name the original french translator used was jibberish! I'd run across this befor with the name of a prehostoric plant but in that situastion there was little I had to work with and it was so miner that I let it be. Here however this rat is seen and then part of a later coversation so I was obligated to get this right. The name the translator used began with a D, so I typed it in and guess what? Not a single Cretaceous mammals thats name began with D was even close to the spelling used. Then to make it worse, I checked every bit of paleo art for each and not one of them looked like the one used in the manga. And thus began my hunt. Do you know how many Cretaceous mammals there are? 79 with wikipedia entries alone! Then to add to that I had to check theorised diety habits, artists rendering that the original aurther might have used for his version on and also the year they were discovered so that they didn't clash with manga's date of publication. I could have narrowed the searched for just Late Cretaceous mammals but I had no way of knowing how accurate the manga was on this subject so I went through the lot just to be shore I didn't miss anything, although I took each creatures era into account when making my final choice. So I started at A and worked my way down to a likely specimen. Reigitherium was a Late Cretaceous mammal, it was speculated to be an insectivore, the old paleo art had a resmblance to the manga's version and it was discovered in 1990. It may seem like a lot of hard work for so small a thing but if I'm gonna translate this manga, I'm dame well gonna do it properly!
  12. Dragon Ball Super

    Trailer for the upcomeing two episode battle!
  13. Just wanted to examine Cabraal's power a bit, looking beyond his iconic Drsgon Lord form. if I had to pin down what types of Zoalord he is, I'd say he's a manipulater type, in the same vain as Barcus and Waferdanos. What I mean by this is that they specialise in the manipulation of others. Barcus is the most powerful telepath amoung them while Waferdanos's hair is simple a more refined and battle oriented version of the control he has over the forest he is part of. Cabraal's power is something of a blend between his to peers yet had unique elements to. To cover the basics first, like all zoalords he has beyond human physical abilities even in human form, can fire a beam from his zoacrystal, can generate a barrier and control other zoanoids. Given his small size it's a safe bet that he is physically the weakest amoung them. However the fact that he can seemingly stay afloat almost indefinitely implies a high level of bioenergy or psychic power. Cabraal's true power however is cell manipulation. In many ways he is the opposite of Aptom. Aptom absorbs others to heal, reenergise and make himself stronger. Cabraal however seems to infect others with his own cells in order to manipulate them and their genetics. Given that power worked on Aptom, a being who had evolved beyond a zoanoid, it's likely that Cabraal's power will work on almost any organic being. The only ones likely to be immune are guyvers as they have been shown to repel such cell invasions such as when a mind controlled Aptom tried to absorb Sho. The most basic offensive use for the power was displayed agenst Aptom. Using his cell invasion Cabraal was able to petrify Aptom. His other power is to use his cells to create a fake brain like construct in another organic beings and controlling them like a puppet. This is very intreasting as all zoalords, even Archanfel, have been limited to only controlling zoanoids. How such a process would work on a normal human is unknown but is likely that with just a touch Cabraal could control them. Aptom presented a unique problem however. In many ways Aptom resembles the raw bio booster creature used to create the guyver. While his body lacked the control metals defences Aptom's body could reject Cabraal's cells if allowed to to undergo a certain level of regeneration and would regrow his brain. This is why Cabraal didn't insert the fake brain into Aptom when he was captured, as the second he began to regenerate his body would reject the false organ. As a result Cabraal instead infected the Hyper Zoanoid Gastal with his cells and used him as a sacrificial Trojan Horse to gain control of the fully restored Aptom. The one major drawback of this method of control is that should it be broken, the mental backlash is very very painful and traumatic. Cabraal's Dragonic Burst Mode is also a variation of this power as he likely infuses Zoanoids with his own cells, allowing him to manipulate their genetic structures to form his Dragon Lord form. This also implies that while this power can be used on any organic being without sufficient protection, its true potential can occur when used on zoanoids. Its currently unknown if this power has any other applications. Since Cabraal requires Dragonic Burst to use the full potential of his power, it's likely that his basic zoalord form is at most is average in terms of energy projection and barriers. This is backed up by his base zoalord form being much smaller and human like then his peers. However this is to be expected of a manipulation type zoalord. in his brain mode, Cabraal's psychic abilities are greatly inhanced. He was able to take control of all the zoanoids in Tokyo. This likely ranks him as the 3rd most powerful psychic amoung the zoalords, surpassed only by Barcus and Archanfel. All in all Cabraal is one of the more unique zoalords. In a one on one fight with a normal guyver, Cabraal would likely have the hardest time out of the 12 in winning and the idea of him trying to take on a gigantic on his own is laughable to say the least. However his unique powers allow him a level of manipulation that not even the mightiest of zoalords has displayed. Also when he unleashes his true potential, his destructive power is currently only surpassed by Archanfel and the quasi-black hole.
  14. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    Well we can give it go I guess...
  15. Does anyone feel like the Guyver is dead?

    To quot Sho "Guyver never dies". As many put it, it just needs a rest now and then.