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  1. Deus Machina Menagerie

    Godzilla - King of the Monsters (2019)

  2. Deus Machina Menagerie

    Anime you are currently watching and/or Downloading

    I was lucky, I found both at the same time and dodged that miss hap. There's nothing worse then watching stuff out of context, ironic because thats how I first started watching Guyver. My parents got me OVA 3 first of all... a very, very confusing place to jump in.
  3. Deus Machina Menagerie

    Anime you are currently watching and/or Downloading

    Just had a jaw dropping event... For those who don't know this is Majuu Sensen Apocalipse, a sequel to the original manga and ova series Majuu Sensen. "A secret society of scientists seek to create advanced humanoid lifeforms through the hybrid of man and beast for their almighty Lord Yeshu and the new world that is nigh. When young Shin'ichi Kuruma is pulled into this inhuman pursuit and loses everything, his path of bloody vengence leads him into the depths of a conspiracy greater than he could ever imagine." You can find the manga online and the ova's had a laserdisc release way back when or so I hear, although I've seen some releases online over the years. Pretty intreasting series all in all, the jaw dropping part is that I never thought I'd see the day when Majuu Sensen got any kind of new release. This is from Discotek Media, who've also put out new release of the original Devilman ova's, Testujin 28-go and Godmars. I was looking them up because their who I got Goshogun from. But my jaw nearly dislocated when I saw what they have coming up! Psycho Armor Govarian This is an 80's series created by Go Nagai, one of a small few he did after leaving Toei. There was little info on this series until recently, likely due to this this up coming release. By little I mean even Groizer X, the blandest of all Nagai's robot shows, had a bigger wiki page then Govarian. So seeing this series get an offical release of any kind was borderline impossible... but here it is! So plot wise, well there still little to go one but it's described as a blend of Mazinger Z and Gundam with psychic powers thrown in. It was basically Nagai's stab at a more real robot style work in the wave of Gundam and Ideon. T"he Garadain Empire has exhausted the primary resources of their native planet, so they send different space expeditions to find a new world where to live. One of their main objectives is planet Earth. However, Zeku Alba, an alien scientist, decides to rebel against the imperial rule and flees towards the Earth, where he gathers a group of youngs gifted with the power of "psychogenesis", an ability that consists in creating solid matter from mental energy. The most gifted of the squadron is Isamu, a young orphan whose family was killed in the first attack of the Garadain Empire. He is able to generate the powerful robot Govarian, an armor with which he can battle the alien monsters and is able to regenerate thanks to the psychic energy of the pilot. Helped by two other robots created by his teammates, Isamu, aboard the robot Govarian, defends the Earth in the long war against the alien invaders" Govarian from what little I know uses a combination of psychic attacks and conventional weapons, which sets it apart from most of it's sibling series. Also it's the second smallest of all the Nagai Mechs at 13 meters tall, with only Steel Jeeg being smaller, at about 10 - 11 metes tall. Edit: Just found this while hunting for info...
  4. Deus Machina Menagerie

    Anime you are currently watching and/or Downloading

    Currently watching Goshogun Got this by chance, although it's name was on my list. Unlike a lot of the other shows I've got, I know practically nothing about Goshogun as I didn't do any research on it befor hand. This came out the year after Ideon and despite only being one episode in the show feels odd. While it's clearly styled after 70's Super Robot shows, it's story telling is a bit more advanced. For example, our human villains actually get involved in conflicts and politics to further their agenda and make money, such as assisting in wars, assassinating government leaders to be replaced with agents and brutal takeovers of resources such as a dimond industry in Africa. It's not gone into great detail but it's pretty refreshing to see were the bad guys get the resources to support their production of lightsabre wielding, robot foot soldiers and giant mechs. Hell even their reason to go after the heroes is actually more logical, they are after experimental teleportation technology which would be a hug boon to their operations. The show currently feels a bit odd as it blends light comedy moments, such as a over bearing robot teacher and villains reacting comically when a grenade is throne in his hand, with some very dark scenes involving assassination, terrorism, mass-murder and self sacrifice vie an exploding briefcase. While older shows did have this blend of the comedic and the dark, because this series has a more developed story, the contrast stands out more, at least to me. Goshogun is a pretty cool looking robot with its whole design haveing a very super sentai/power rangers feel. So far it's weapons include eye lasers, missiles and a halberd like weapon. However the way it works is convoluted even by Super Robot standards. It's powered by Beamler Energy, a super, do anything, energy in same vain as Photo Energy, Getter Rays etc. However unlike it's predecessors were are not given an explanation as to what Beamler Energy is, given the shows impressive start I'm hoping this is a plot thread that will be developed rather then just"it's a thing and it just works". Were the convoluted part comes from is that this Goshogun clearly takes inspiration from Getter Robo and Gaiking... but utilises aspects of those robots in an odd way. Ok so Getter is formed by three jets that fuse into a robot, Gaiking is a created from parts stored inside a mobile carrier (it's torso being the carriers head), now Goshogun is a fully built robot stored inside a carrier along with three jets. The jets, maned by the robots pilots, then dock inside this fully constructed robots legs and chest. Now I get why this was done, it's to make Goshogun different while also playing on the nostalgia of those older shows, but it really is nonsensical. Character wise we haven't had much time to get to know everyone so I cannot comment to much although the whole team seems competent. So it's off to a very intreasting start.
  5. Deus Machina Menagerie

    They Call Me Jeeg (movie)

  6. So I'm looking for another franchise to look at and since there are so many I though I met as well let you lot decide what I'll drown on about. The only exclusion to this list is Hellraiser, this is do to that franchise haveing a lot of problems and being quite long. Edit: Don't worry if your choice didn't win, I'll use the other votes as a guide on what to look at after the winner.
  7. Deus Machina Menagerie

    The Halloween Cycle

    Chapter 10 - Halloween 2018 2018, 40 years after Halloween was released. Times really have changed. Looking back on the last 10 years of horror, its a far cry from Halloween's era. Slashers are few and far between, mostly relegated to lower budget and parody. To give a simplistic overview of current horror, it's the era of the spiritual and the social. A good chunk of modern horror films tend to revolve around curses, spirits and demons or groups of individuals seeking to do harm. Current horror has moved away from the individual monster or killer, it seems that the current trend is focused on forces beyond our control or that we are a minority at the mercy of a greater collective. As always what we fear reflects our times so in this era were we understand our world with amazing detail or with societies ever growing collectivism and some would say decreasing morality, it's little wonder we'd turn to very faceless horrors. Example would be the Purge franchise, Hereditary, The Ritual, The Endless, It Comes at Night, Get Out, The Witch, The Conjuring series, The Visit, The Strangers and the Paranormal Activity series. Thats not to say older styles of horror are gone. IT released last years blends the theme of an otherworldly horror, social horror and an iconic horror villain in a very good way. Also parodies not all bad, as seen with the horror/comedy series of films Hatchet. Amazingly one of the last slasher genre's has actually been making a small comeback. The Child's Play franchise has been able claw it's way back from the pit of self destroying parody it fell into in Seed of Chucky and produced two fairly good, although far from ground breaking sequels, Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky. The franchise also has a remake on the way but interestingly it seems that when the deal was made it was intended that the remake not tread on the toes or nor prevent the possible continuing of the main franchise, from what we've heard the film will be about a killer mechanical doll rather then one possessed by a serial killer. Time will tell how that pans out. The Saw franchise is also still kicking around, 7 years after it's "Final Chapter" entry in 2010, Jigsaw released last year. Unfortunately, much like the slashers befor it, the franchise is stuck in a sequel rut and even after a 7 year break the franchise seems to have yet to claw it's way out as Jigsaw is viewed little better then Final Chapter. It's got a sequel on the way but I don't think it's going to improve much. The film Split is something of a blend of slasher, the cerebral and social horror and was pretty successful while on the flip side the movie attempt at Slender Man pretty much feel flat on it's face. So with horror as it is now, trying to bring back an icon two or possible three generations removed from the present is an uphill battle. Fortuity they did a pretty dame good job in my opinion. Thats not to say the film breaks any new ground, it's a slasher and there are trops it follows for good or ill, but for a sequel and a story reboot it dose a pretty good job. Plot Synopsis via Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halloween_(2018_film) The best way to sum up the films pros and cons is to say that what it dose well it dose very well and when it's not, it's not bad but stereotypical and average. While similur in plot to H20, there's a very different feel to the film. In H20 Michael had been active for 20 years since Halloween II so there was always the very real threat that he could be stalking Laurie in the new film, which for simplicities sake I'll refer to has H40, Michael has been incarnated since that night in 1978. This gives the atmosphere around Michael and Laurie a more festering feel. Their conflict was never settled and is on the verge of not reaching a conclusion in the first act, its the feeling of the fated battle postponed for to long. An old cut that was never allowed to heal but is no longer fresh. The fims atmosphere along with most of it's characters, music and design really carry the plot, a plot that again is very good in some ways and stereotypical in other. The film has a blend of older style horror with the new and this dose work most of the time, however it's comedy is going to be hit or miss for many people and their are times when the film could really have done without it. The character of Laurie in this film is probable the most intreasting and well rounded version of any of the films. Much like H20, this Laurie is clearly traumatized but unlike her younger counterpart H40 is no long just suffering with these issues, she's gotten old with them. Rather then pure terror of Michael, she also has a deep hatred of him. She's developed a survivalist attitude and has spent 40 years planning to fight him when he escapes. This has cost her dearly as she is now alone and viewed as crazy, estranged from her own daughter (who was taken into custody due to how Laurie was rising her) and her granddaughter. Much like her H20 self, H40 appears to be a functioning alcoholic although it's more subtly displayed here. Perhaps the saddest part is that she doesn't just hate Michael, she hates herself. At the beginning of H40 Michael is about to moved to a more secure prison where he has little to no chance of ever escaping, if that happens everything Laurie has done in her life will have been for nothing. Part of the reason she's been able to go on this long was that it would be worth it in the end and the possibility of that not being the cause puts a real strain on her. On the night of Michael transfer, Laurie actually watches him and the combined emotions she feels almost drives her to commit suicide. Once Michael is loose however this side of her evaporates and goes on the hunt for the Shape. Laurie has clearly studied Michael's methods as deeply as possible and her home is an built to counter the slasher. Not only with fences, flood light, bared windows and doors and a lot of guns but also with shutters for every room. This allows Laurie to be able to control and restrict Michael's movements within her home, as well as trap him if possible. That said she doesn't have all her bases covered but we'll come to that. Her daughter Karen by contrast wants to live a normal life and forget everything about her younger years with her mother and Michael while her granddaughter Allyson just wants them to be a normal family. Design wise this is easily one of the best masks Michael's had. Heavily based on his original but with an aged and wrinkled look to reflect the age of our killer. Thankfully this film gets the eye holes right as Michael's eyes are vertually invisible. Cloths wise he's waring his good, old fashioned, blue jumpsuit. Michael is seen without his mask a few times in the film although always from a behind or slightly to the side. This Michael is over 60 years old, his hairs mostly grey and his skin is as wrinkled as his mask. The most intreasting detail of all is that his left eye is opaque and partly closed, showing the damage Laurie inflicted when she stabbed him with the hanger all those years ago. A change to occur in the film itself while attacking Laurie through a door, she is able to fire a shot at him which takes of the ring and little finger of his left hand. Because the film ignores all other sequels Michael gets a pretty big shift in character and powers. He totally lacks any kind of regenerative powers, as seen with his eye, and is far more susceptible to pain and injury then befor, although he still powers through it. In fact thats actually the best way to put it, he seems to ignore all but the most sever pain, He flinch's but keeps going despite being shot in the shoulder when walking away from Laurie at one point but if forced to back off when his hand is shot. He also survives begin hit head on by a speeding care but is rendered unconscious for a time. His strength however is greater the in the original Halloween as, while most of what he dose in the film is pretty in line with the original, at one point he completely crushes someone's skull by stamping on it. His stealth is still fully intact, and we are given a wonderful scene that allows us to follow him as he works his way round several homes, however he doesn't display the ability to seemingly know were people are. Despite this depowering Michael still has that supernatural quality to him, it's just been scaled back to be more ambiguous as with the original. With his blood connection to Laurie removed in this film, this Michael is the most mysterious portrayal since the characters original appearance, and while weaker he feels more unbound. While Michael has attempted to kill a child in the passed, here he breaks a boys neck with no hesitation and once he returns to Haddonfield rather then going right after Laurie he begins to sneak from home to home killing people seemingly at random, only focusing on Laurie and her family after their first encounter. This reopens the mystery of why is Michael so focused on Laurie, when he's quite happy to simple sneak about in homes and kill other people. Interestingly when Michael and Laurie meet for the first time, Michael doesn't actually engage her but actually seems to retreat, without even trying to kill his intended victim at that moment. Why he dose this is an intreasting question, is he simply leaving because he has lost his primary weapons, stealth and the element of surprise, is he trying to revaluate his strategy or is it even possible that maybe he's shocked or afraid in his own way. I mention these later ideas because Michael's doctor in the film, when talking about Laurie's state of mind, mentions that such events also have an effect on the perpetrator and wonders how that night in 1978 might have affected Michael. Michael method of killing in this film is far more like his original apperances. He enjoys taunting his victims and installing fear in them. This is shown in the gas station rest room scene were he opens all the stalls one by one, stand in front of his victims stall without moving and then dropping his last victims teeth over the door as well as when he hides in the closet and when he only movies towards one of his victims when a porch light times off. One of his more gruesome tricks involves removing someone's head and stuffing a torch in it to create a human jack-o-lantern to bait someone. His most actively cunning moment is when he's in Laurie's house. While Laurie is following his blood trail and locking down the house section by section, Michael goes up to the room were she keeps he target practice manakins. He the quickly and quietly assembles them in the room to act as distractions and cover, opens the balcony window and leaves a blood stain on the closet door. While Laurie is checking the room Michael has actually hidden himself in a patch of darkness between the window and the balcony, right behind one of the manikins which allows him to get the drop on her. Michael's sadistic nature dose get him into trouble here though, after knocking Laurie off the balcony he goes after Karren and Allyson, displaying his great strength once again by ripping the kitchen unit from of the floor to reveal the basement stairs but he hangs back aware that the women are armed. Karren seemingly breaks down stating she cannot do it, but as soon as Michael appears it's shown this was a ruse and she takes a shot that hits him right. Laurie then appears and knock him into the basement. After a brief struggle the women reveal the house's secret. The basement was actually a trap, there is a leaver which causes spikes to cover the entrance, and the house is rigged to be flooded with gas and be set ablaze. The last shot of Michael is him standing in the basement looking up as flames erupt around him... Yet as Laurie, Karren and Allyson leave the basement is shown to be empty and breathing can be heard over the end credits... for evil never dies. A final character worth talking about is Dr. Ranbir Sartain, a former student of Loomis and Michael's current psychiatrist. While billed as the "new" Loomis, Sartain lacks any of Loomis's fear of Michael. In fact his intreast, while just as obsessive, is one of admiration. He speaks of Michael with an awed tone and is frustrated that he was unable to get him to speak and will be taken from his care. Despite surviving the crash the allowed Michael escape and seeing what he is capable first hand Sartain want him recaptured at all costs, this is the first glimpse that their is something wrong here. It turns out Sartain's obsession with Michael eventually caused him to go insane, the full breadth of his madness is revealed when Michael is run over by a police officer. To prevent Michael from being shot, he stabs the officer to death and states "So thats what it feels like". He then dawns Michael's mask for a short while as he bundles Michael into the back of the police car, along with a horrified Allyson. Sartain was always envious that he never saw Michael in the "wild" and believes that an encounter with Laurie will provide the breakthrough he so desperately wanted. This also leads one to suspect that Sartain had a hand in Michael's escape, given that he was the only staff member not killed. Sartain is tricked by Allyson who claims that Michael spoke to her once she learns his obsession. When he stops the care Michael awakens and begins to break out, injuring Sartain in the process. Sartain tries one last time to communicate with Michael but indifferent to his words, Michael stamps on his head. While Sartain's character is handled weakly in the film, I feel he's an intreasting inversion of Loomis's character. In summery this is easily one of the best films in the Halloween franchise. While not perfect and it was never going to recapture the magic of the original, this is easily one of the most genuine attempts to continue the franchise since Part 4, with a fairly solid story, great characters and a lot of respect of the character of Michael Myers. I even give the props for deciding to take the more controversial root and cut out everything after the original film which was much to H40's benefit. For me I rate it as the second best of the whole franchise. And with that we come to the end of this examining of Halloween and Michael Myers... for now anyway. With a sequel to H40 in the table, I'll very likely be back here examining the next film when the time comes. Good or bad.
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    Dragon Ball Super Movie - Broly

    MAJOR Spoilers in the Hidden Section.
  9. Deus Machina Menagerie

    Our Guyver Wiki Page

    http://guyver.wikia.com/wiki/Guyver_Advocacy Just bumped into this today. While short it did fill me in on a little I didn't know. And it's one and only comment made me chuckle, the staff put in all these years of hard work into supporting and promoting Guyver and in internet fashion the pages one comment is a s##tpost, typical.
  10. Deus Machina Menagerie

    What inspired Guyver.

    Ah yes Ultraman, I don't know why that didn't register when Kanji pointed that out. Hell it's not just the colour and size changing but also it's another instance of an alien setting up shop in someone's body, all be it with consent in that case. Yes far better then Ideon. On the subject of assumption, well thats kind of the point of this thread. Takaya did indeed site those as his main sources but from examining other content, others research and personal experience, development of any concepts is not always that simple. We constantly absorb new information and idea's that we then develop into our own, one way or another. It's all very interesting I feel and applying a little speculative analysis and assumption to Guyver is both interesting and fun. If absolutely nothing else, doing this with other stuff has allowed me to come across other material I was unaware of. Edit: It's also a good way to find out your ideas are wrong, case in point. On that note the placement of the Control Metal and Zoacrystals is another thing of intreast. The most obvious is the idea of the third eye mythology and spirituality. It's a concept generally linked with greater awareness along with the ability to see chakra/auras/ the supernatural. While not a true facsimile of these concepts, the Control Metal is the core of the Guyver and the direct link between the host and the armour, providing control, information and protection. Perhaps the closest it gets is with the units ability to connect directly with the Relic ship. The Zoacrystals while not as complex are still the key part of Zoalords power. Guyver is far from the only one as it has been used in a lot of media, for example Mazinger Z again with the placement of the pildet. For the first piloted mecha, it's control unit is not behind it's eyes or in it's chest, but right in the centre of the forehead. As well as with it's progenitor Demon Lord Dante, with the human part of the demon (interesting also inspire by Godzilla). Other more overt references to the third eye can be found in a Japanese's fiction such as Tien from Dragon Ball to as recently as One Piece and the character of Pudding.
  11. Deus Machina Menagerie

    What inspired Guyver.

    To throw another giant bot in as possible inspiration, I can't help but see the Ideon in Guyver. especially in Gigantic Exceed. Not only in colour scheme but also the fact the Ideon has a "Black Hole Cannon" and the screw you, the ship you flew in on, the fleet you came with you and the planet you called home "Ideon Gun"
  12. Deus Machina Menagerie

    What inspired Guyver.

    Nothing is created in a vacuum and I felt like exploring what inspired our beloved franchise. I'll leave any connections to Kamen Rider to those who have a better understanding of that series. Baoh This is one that the vast majority of the forum will already know but it seems only fair at least give it a passing mention. For those new members Baoh (Boah: The Visitor to give it it's full title) was created by Hirohiko Araki, best known for his series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The basic plot is about a young man who is infected with a bio-weapon that grants him superhuman abilites which he uses to fight against the evil origination that experimented on him. It comes off a proto-type version of Guyver in many way although aspects of Jojo can also be seen here such a beings with psychic power and the Piller Men, especially Kars seem to be based on Baoh. Mazinger Z As strange as it sounds Mazinger's dna is in Guyver. Although it's not as overt as stuff like Baoh and Kamen Rider. While the original show's narrative is very simple it's basic elements are not to dissimilar and more developed version such as Shin Mazinger have a much stronger comparison. There also Mazinger Z's weapon. The most obvious is the Mega-Smasher being in the exact same location as the Breast Fire. However comparisons could be made with most of them such as the High Fequancy Blade and the Iron Cutter (see above) Head Beam - Photon Beam - both are the weakest attacks of each. The Sonic Buster and the Rust Hurricane are a bit of a loose connection however the being Mazinger was based on, Demon Lord Dante, did posses an ultrasonic roar attack. Another connection would be that fact that in both cases, these weapons are horribly overpowered and make short work of most of their opponents. Which tends to force the bad guys to come up with strategies to put the hero at a disadvantage in most confrontations. Another is actually Guyver's own Self-Defence Mode. Upon first piloting, Kouji had no idea what he was doing so Mazinger Z went on a rampage upon activation. A similur event occur during the Mazinkaiser series, the Mecha's power was so great that Kouji passed out and Mazinkaiser entered it's "Demon Mode" and attacked friend and foe alike. Another possible connection is between Great Mazinger and Guyver II. Great Mazinger was built to be 10x more powerful then Z and it's pilot was built up as a trained specialist. Yet Great Mazinger regularly gets completely trashed in most of it's fight and out performed by Mazinger Z when the two are together. However the contrast is that Lisker was lumbered with a damaged weapon while Great Mazinger is proof just training and natural talent is no substitute for experience and battle honed skills.
  13. Deus Machina Menagerie

    Space Runaway Ideon + Super Robot Wars T

    Title says it all really, one of the greatest mecha series is finally getting a proper Blue-Ray release in February next year. Only downside is that it seems to be Region 1 only at the minute which kind of sucks if your outside the US with no multiregional disc player and I ain't buying one just for one series. That said the series can be found online but I'm the type who proffers physical copy's of everything when possible. In other news Super Robot Wars T is on schedule for next years.
  14. Deus Machina Menagerie

    Guyver bonded to none humanoids?

    Here’s the thing, I’m looking at this from both sides. Firstly the G unit was a tool. However when bonded to humans and as Sully pointed out, other life forms created on earth the unit reacts in a way known to the Uranus. Again to go with Sully, if a T.rex has not sense of true self and will there is the real possibility that it will never leave its self defence mode. As seen with Sho, the unit can draw out the Guyvers full potential on its own and even come up with strategies to take down foes. An out of control T.rex would likely be no different. The main weakness is that this is all reactive. However looking at it from the angle that it’s a highly advanced predator, who’s primary goal is to diliver a bone crushing bite, its likely it will completely alter how the Guyver modifies it. For example, while it likely still has gravity power points in its legs, its arms are useless. The armour would likely completely remove them. Instead it would likely place them in its jaws allowing the Rex to bite with a full 100x bite force. A Rex’s bite is estimated to be around 12800 pounds which is about 6 us tons. A Guyver Rex is likely pushing 600. For speculation on weapons, T. Rex likely didn’t roar in life. In fact it’s speculated that it used infrasound not unlike elephants and crocodiles. Deep rumbling sound that not only communicates through the air but also the very ground beneath it. The unit could develop this further so rather then destructive blasts of ultrasounds, the Guyver generates burst of powerful infrasound as a weapon. Infrasound has been identified as causing feelings of terror, nausea, awe as well causing people to experience hallucinations. A weaponised version could fit as it would make a target easier to bite. Not unlike the Sonic Terror I resntly came up with for my Prometheus Guyver. Edit: On the subject of breeding, as with zoanoids the Guyver seems to priorities combat over everything else. Much like the lungs and a few other internal organs, sex organs are likely seen as a weak point or useless and get removed. Better the host stay alive to breed normally plus being 100 more powerful then any your rival males is a pretty good way to get the girls.
  15. Deus Machina Menagerie

    Guyver bonded to none humanoids?

    Oh that a agree with. While very powerful and even with its Out of Control State allowing it to use its power and weapons to there full potential, a Guyver T. Rex would be inherently inferior to a human in terms of combat effectiveness as a weapon. I’m simply intreasted in examing and theorising how the unit would react to a host who is both physically and mentally very different from a human. I’m thinking of making this consept by next OC project.