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  1. Got to say Dunbine is really starting to sell me on Gundam style shows. I take back everything I said before. The political drama, more dynamic battles and more grounded stories really are their own flavour of awesome. Stuff like having to find ways to get the mechs repaired after battle while in enemy territory and the threat of new mechs being developed are fun little details you don’t see in most super mechs shows.
  2. Ok so for years I've put off getting into Gundam for several reasons. Mainly this was because I found the entire franchise so... daunting. Gundam is considered to be one of the biggest names in anime, if not the biggest, it's also a colossal franchise with tones of series, timelines and spin-offs. It seemed like a pure headache to get into but I'd like to try. But there are a few things I want to know. 1) I was going to start with the original gundam and work my way from there, is that the best idea? 2) Are there any parts of the franchise that's hard to come by for us western audiences. 3) Is there a lot of manga tie in stuff I'd have to hunt down? I'll also admit I had a little look at some of the mechs and this beauty really caught my eye. Edit: Having looked up the devil gundam a little more, without spoilers, I have another question. Is it possible to watch G Gundam without having watched any other gundam series first.
  3. After a break from mechs I’m back on Dunbine. I stopped only on episode 13 so I have got a loooong way to go.
  4. Daitarn 3

    Faviort or Currently Reading Manga

    Recently finished reading this classic the other day. It's one of the oldest, if not the oldest, of the survival style manga. The general premise is that a Japanese children's school is suddenly transported into a barren wasteland. We follow the children as society breaks down, adults become unreliable, food and water run short and disease breaks out while this unknown world has it's own threats waiting to strike. It a very good series although given it's age it has a number of rather dated concepts and older style of story telling. That said it's aged very well and is pretty shocking at times inspite of the fact it doesn't push the boat out as far as modern horror manga do.
  5. Daitarn 3

    Manga Translation

    Thanks Gaz, they also got back to me and they are going to be working on Blue World once they finish Blue Hole. So there that to look forward to also. Edit: They were interested in if I could help them out. Sadly, and I knew this when they asked, they translate strait from the Japanese manga so I'm not much help to them.
  6. So this is a thing.
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    His Blog

    Here's a completely original character I've had in mind for a while now. Artwork buy plaguebr Cháosávratheós God of Dinosaurs An ancient and primordial entity, Cháosávratheós ruled earth for almost 177 million years, appearing when the dinosaurs first evolved in the Triassic and grew and evolved as they did till the end of Cretaceous. As a god it is very different from human deities, they are born from the collective belief and worship humans focused toward them. Cháosávratheós by contrast appears to have come into existence along with the dinosaurs, as if it was tied to them directly. The problem with trying to understand it’s origin is due to it being so ancient and with no other deities of it’s kind existing on earth during any of recorded history, all attempted research quickly hits an insurmountable wall. The current prevailing theory is that possibly there was some unique spiritual quality in the Dinosauria that allowed such a being to come into existence. True facts about Cháosávratheós have taken many years to acquire. The primary source is Cháosávratheós itself, as those who make contact with it can gain knowledge of it’s past. However this is not as simple as it sounds, firstly it takes a person of very strong spirit to even reach the dinosaur god. They must then be accepted by it, those that aren’t are simply devoured, and even then they may not be able to make sense of all that the primal deity tells them. Cháosávratheós’s mind functions differently to humans and our gods, we are of logic and emotion, while it is of primal instinct and urges. This combined with the sheer magnitude of it’s memories, the memories of every dinosaur that has ever lived, can easily overwhelm the mind of lesser beings. In some cases the unfortunate soul can be driven mad, reduced to a vegetative state or even die. Due to all these factors, those who have taken up worship of the dinosaur god have the best chance of gaining any real insight on it. Those who side against Cháosávratheós have had to piece together what they could from it’s cults and worshipers. Thankfully as the scientific understanding of the pre-historic world has improved, details of Cháosávratheós’s past become clearer. From what can be understood, Cháosávratheós was a more benevolent deity during it’s golden age. It lay within the earth, living through every dinosaur that existed, from egg to death. Each new life added to it, and in turn it insured that the dinosaurs thrived. Then one day, The Burning One came. A being modern humans call The Chicxulub Impactor. What the being was none can guess, but what it wanted was simple. To feed on the earth’s life forms. The Burning One’s arrival caused mass destruction and it would have devoured all had not the God of Dinosaurs risen from the earth to defend it’s territory. Cháosávratheós and The Chicxulub Impactor savagely battled each other, their clashing power warping reality and putting the earth itself at risk. Eventually the dinosaur god was victorious over the invader, but soon realised that it’s victory was a bitter one. The earth had been going through a period geological upheaval before the invader came, a time when all life is put to the test. This had happened several times in the past and Cháosávratheós had used it’s power to insure the dinosaurs survived. With their god’s full power directed solely toward combat combined with the devastation caused by The Chicxulub Impactor, the Dinosauria were truly on the cusp of extinction. Before the god of dinosaurs could act, a further tragedy occurred. The final clash of the battle had damaged space/time itself, causing a tear in the fabric of reality to appear. Exhausted from it’s battle, Cháosávratheós couldn’t fight the pull of the anomaly and was dragged into another dimension. After it had been pulled through reality healed itself and in doing so, trapping the dinosaur god. How Cháosávratheós was able to survive until the time of humans is a subject of much speculation. Human gods are tied directly to the belief and will fade as people stop believing in them. This is due to the fact that like the mortal who make them, human deities have a strong sense of self. While they can change as the beliefs around them change, they cannot become a new entity. For example Zeus became Jupiter, but he is not Odin or Yahweh despite all three being based on similar themes and ideals. It is theorised that Cháosávratheós doesn’t function in the same way and as a result it didn’t simple change to match the dinosaurs as they evolved. Instead as the dinosaurs changed over time, they actually added to and increased the power of their deity. Being empowered by over 170 million years of dinosaur evolution, Cháosávratheós likely has huge stores of energy which in turn allowed it to continue existing long after the extinction of creatures who created it. When humans actually came into contact with the dinosaur god is lost to history. Possibly it has been known about since the dawn of man and could have been the basis for many of our gods and demons. The first known official documentation of the deity comes from the writings of the Greek scholar Boaz Callas, who was that era’s equivalent of an occult researcher. He referred to it as Χάος Σαύρα Θεός, which when Romanised reads as Cháos Sávra Theós, the Chaos Lizard God. Unfortunately his writing and those of others throughout history up until the Victorian period were treated as either the ravings of mad men or heresy which resulted in many of them being disposed of, along with their authors. The vast majority of archived data on Cháosávratheós comes from confiscated cult documents. Cháosávratheós is constantly described as an ever shifting mass of monstrous forms, with modern descriptions stating it is comprised of every dinosaur that has ever existed. One minute the head and torso of a Tyrannosaurus Rex will rise from it’s form only to be swept away in a wave of new features the next. It’s goal has remained unchanged since the time of it’s imprisonment. The God of Dinosaurs wishes to return to the world of it’s birth and restore the Dinosauria as the dominant lifeform. For many aeons this desire seemed unobtainable, until we humans made contact with it. According to it’s worshipers, Cháosávratheós cannot return by force. It took it’s full strength clashing with the power of another being that rivalled itself to forcible weaken the dimensional barriers. It could never hope to replicate such a feat on it’s own even at the height of it’s power, and in it’s exile it has lost almost half it’s strength. However it retains a spiritual connection to this plane of existence which it could use to return under the right conditions. If a strong enough spiritual connection existed, it would be able to use the link to weaken the dimensional barrier on both sides simultaneously, allowing it to form a portal large enough for it to pass through. This is why it has conceded to taking human followers. Human worship on its own does little to nourish Cháosávratheós but their connection, while very weak, has allowed it to lay the seeds of it’s freedom. Through these lesser portals the cults are able to create, Cháosávratheós can send through matter that can be used to re-establish the dinosaurs. This normally takes the form of eggs or fully developed dinosaurs grown from it’s own body which the cult will care for, however if the portal is particularly small it will send through some of it’s own blood. Cháosávratheós’s blood can be used to create dinosaur in a number of ways, in the past it could be used resurrect dinosaur fossils or even turn a chosen human, who consumed it in high enough quantities, into one. Modern eras technologically advanced cults have gone so far as to clone dinosaurs and even develop bio-weapons. The aim of all this is for the cults to create a dinosaur population large enough to form a strong spiritual connection with Cháosávratheós, which will allow it to return to our world. In the old days these “Dinosaur Cults” generally settled in remote places so they could conduct their rituals and care for their charges away from prying eyes. While many modern cults still do this there are just as many who now seek out wealthy and influential benefactors to support and protect them. The type of worship they conduct are highly barbaric, generally involving blood rights and human sacrifice, for only the most primal of acts can appease such an ancient deity. It is also common for these cults to keep other animals for ritual purposes, especially when they are in their infancy. These animals are universally always birds, alligators or crocodiles, for while they lack the unique spiritual quality of none-avian dinosaurs all are directly related to them. Also if fed the deity’s blood, these creatures can fall under it’s influence. Some cults have gone so far as to unleashing the dinosaur god’s blood into the local eco-system to take control of these modern animals on mass. This also has an effect on the local plant life, which will begin to alter into forms more akin to those of the dinosaurs’s era. Some experimental cults have take to trying to resurrect other fossilised remains using Cháosávratheós’s blood, with very mixed results. The most successful was the resurrection of pterosaurs, since they like birds and crocodile have strong genetic link to the dinosaurs and can thus be controlled. The same goes for any extinct bird species also. Other creatures such as marine reptiles and more ancient species, even when successfully resurrected, are always uncontrollable and savage. Prehistoric mammals have never been resurrected. Should these cults succeed it would be the end of the human race. Even in it’s weakened state Cháosávratheós is still too powerful for even modern man and his gods to defeat. With it’s return a new age of dinosaurs would begin.
  8. Daitarn 3

    Manga Translation

    Hi everyone so today I got some good/bad news. Illuminati Manga, Happyscans! and Hokuto no Gun have all teamed up to start translating Blue Hole. Needless to say they are doing a dame better job then I ever could and they are putting it up for everyone to read. With this little revelation there's little point in me translating the series anymore myself. I've gone to the trouble of trying to contact Illuminati Manga to see if they plan on translating Blue World in the future also, since that would make any attempts to translate that series redundant also. Here's a ling to the current two chapters they have done, enjoy all. https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-200021622/chapter/mrs-chapter-200021629 But don't let you think that just because of this I'm throwing in the towel on my translating gig. It's a fun little hobby that given me something to do and I'm gonna keep it up... but not so much with manga. Since I've been translating from French, turns out there's a number of French comics I really want to read that were never translated to English. To top it off they all can be bought on kindle the whole process is going to be 100x easier. Though I will keep the Dinosapian series in mind also. Here's a few of the things I've got my eye on.
  9. Daitarn 3

    Chernobyl Mini-Series

    The first two episodes are out now. Pretty good series so far.
  10. Daitarn 3

    Anti-Guyver Weapons

    This is something akin to the "Who can beat Archanfel". I wanted to see what kind of weapons, contemporary or science fiction, could defeat or disable a guyver. With that said, things like the Death Star's Super Laser or other weapons of planetary devastation are off the table as these are over kill. These weapons don't have to be instant kill either and can be something that would only affect a regular guyver, you don't have to aim for Gigantic and Exceed right off the bat. First suggestion: The Oxygen Destroyer The Oxygen Destroyer was the invention of Dr. Daisuke Serizawa. Having devoted his studies to the element oxygen, Serizawa accidentally stumbled upon a volatile and deadly chemical reaction. Though horrified by the destructive potential of his discovery, he nonetheless continued his research, optimistic that some beneficial outcome could be produced from it. That said he kept his work a complete secrete for fear of what would happen if his discovery found it's way into the wrong hands. He did eventually confide in his betrothed Emiko Yamane though. Unfortunately Serizawa never got the chance to further his research. In 1954 the first Godzilla began attack Japan and all attempts to stop the atomic monster were useless. after Godzilla attacked Tokyo, Emiko broke her promise to Serizawa and reveal his secrete to her lover, and Serizawa's friend, Hideo Ogata. Emiko and Hideo when to try and persuade Serizawa to use his creation to stop Godzilla but Serizawa was adamant. Even if it could kill the monster, using it just once would bring about a new age of terror as the world started a new weapons arms race. Despite his strong will, he was only human and powerful people could exploit his human weaknesses to learn about the Oxygen Destroyer. However after seeing the destruction that Godzilla had wrought and suffering of the people, Serizawa was swayed into helping destroy the monster. Befor he would help though, he burned all his notes. Insuring that whatever happened to him, none would be able to re create his experiments. Serizawa created a fully weaponised version of his Oxygen Destroyer and, together with Hideo, dived to the bottom of the ocean to find Godzilla. After finding the monster Serizawa stays behind with the Oxygen Destroyer, having planned from the beginning to die so that his knowledge could not be used to create another weapon. The Oxygen Destroyer works by activating a chemical stored within its spherical center, which causes the center to split in half and open. Once released, the chemical (later dubbed Micro-Oxygen) reacts violently with the water, isolating oxygen molecules and splitting them. The molecules are then liquefied. Any organism exposed to the chemical will first suffocate from the lack of oxygen, and then disintegrate. Depending on the amount of the oxygen destroying chemical released, the body of the victim will either be eaten down to the bone or destroyed completely. When used to its full potential, the Oxygen Destroyer will leave no remains. According to Dr. Ijuin, if the Oxygen Destroyer had been used on land, it would have turned Tokyo into a cemetery. The Oxygen Destroy is to Godzilla what Enzyme is to the Guyver. While many weapons have been created to kill the King of the Monsters, only the Oxygen Destroy has ever fully succeeded in that role. The weapon's power is so great that it completely bypasses Godzilla's nigh-invulnerability and regenerative power, dissolving the monsters to nothing in roughly 2 minutes and 13 seconds. While the deoxygenating affect of the weapon is likely to have little affect on a guyver, due to their superior respiratory system they can hold their breath much longer then any human, there's no reason that the chemical effect won't affect the Guyver as it did Godzilla. That said using the Oxygen Destroy on the guyver is not a guarantied kill. If the guyver isn't disabled by the deoxygenating affect they have a chance to escape befor the chemical reaction kicks in. If it dose however it's unlikely a normal guyver would be able to escape solely due to the intense pain they'd be suffering. The weapon would likely have the same affect on both Gigantic and Exceed, however these upgraded version posses jet boosters, allowing for a greater chance to get away, and gravity barriers. We also have to factor in the guyver's advanced senses in attempting to use such a weapon. The Oxygen Destroy could kill a guyver, but only if employed with an affective strategy that minimises the guyvers chances of escape. There's also the minor possibility that such a weapon could result in the creation of a Destroyah.
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    IT Chapter 2

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    His Blog

    Ok I was just getting ready for my next chapter of Blue Hole, translating the chapter and doing the scanning and editing this weekend, when a sudden urge hit me. This urge was to check on what may be, aside from my fossils, some of the most cherished stuff I've ever collected. The magazine series The Ancestral Trail. While I don't have every little piece of the series, I have every magazine bare the 0 issue. Well I checked on them and sadly they are not in good condition, thats not to say they aren't looked after but I never sealed them up, most were pre-owned and time's taken it's tole. They were printed in 1992, so almost as old as I am, and they are simple deteriorating due to age. This is going to force me to do something I was planning to do for a while but I'm going to have to do it in a way I'm not overly happy about. My scanner is to small to scan the magazine's full double pages so I'm gonna have to bit the bullet and take the staples out, effectively mimicking what I had to do with Blue Hole. Normally I'd never dream of taking apart something so precious but these have never been reprinted, so I value saving this series over destroying my collection. I should also note that there are no online versions of the series either so I cannot just download them. I'm also going to have to try and rebuy, if I can, some issues due to how they've detreated. It's something of a bitter pill to swallow but needs must when the devil vomits into your kettle. I'm hitting this as soon as I finish my next Blue Hole Chapter. Might even do a little review of the series while I'm at it.
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    Avengers: Endgame

    If I remember, magma is involved and it doesn't always have to be another Kronan as Korg actually wanted to do this with Hiroim, due to his respect of the shadowpriest and possible thanks to the Oldstrong power. Always loved that bit of law. I'm well aware that movie Korg is not the True Korg, He along with the whole warbound are some of my faviort characters. Thats said I also really like this version, who is very much everything True Korg is not, as I do find him funny and likeable.