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  1. I made shore to throw a vote it’s way since I found out you had your heart set in it.
  2. Yo! So from now till August 16th we can vote for the free Mobile Suit we'll be given for free on launch day. https://gbo2online.com/ The current top 8 are... 1 - RX-28-2 Gundam 2 - Guncannon Mass Production Type 3 - Full Armour Gundam [TB] 4 - Blue Destiny Unit-1 5 - Gundam Pixie 6 - Zaku I (GS) 7 - Gouf Custom 8 - Full Armour Gundam
  3. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    Cloning, inhuman experiments, weapon development, people driven to insanity... This is sounding better and better.
  4. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    Thanks for the info, its not something that would have ruined the series for me but it good to know it’s not going to turn into something overly predictable either. Im really liking toward to Zeta but that’s going to a little ways off. Sine I’m following the U.C. timeline in rough chronological order I won’t be watching it till September. After 0079, my copy of 08th MS Team showed up and I finished it at the weekend. Currently watching MS IGLOO. The series on the August hit list are Thunderbolt, War in the Pocket and Star Dust Memory. That sounds... interesting.
  5. Not shore what I'd be playing. I'd probably go for the support classes given my love of heavy ranged weapons, and because I like playing as the bad guys I'll probably end up using Zeon MS's to begin with. Looking at whats on offer early on, the MS-06K Zaku Cannon is what I may end up using when I start out.
  6. Maximum Six-versus-Six Online Battles – Join players around the globe in six-versus-six team online battles! Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 features the critically acclaimed land combat of its predecessor, and turns it up a notch by adding all new space battles! Fight for survival with your comrades on realistic battlefields! Infantry Battles – Mobile Suits aren’t the only heroes on the battlefield! Pilots can place bombs in enemy bases or request support fire to contribute to the cause! Sometimes, infantry fights can even decide the outcome of the battle! Acquire and Customize Mobile Suits – Spend the earned DP to develop Mobile Suits after battle or spend tokens for attempts at the lottery that can award powerful Mobile Suits! You can also enhance your favorite Mobile Suits through customization! Base Camp – Interact with players from around the world in this online lobby! Become a pilot and make battle preparations such as upgrading Mobile Suits in the neutral base camp! In addition, you can freely interact with an assortment of battle comrades that cross your path. Ever-Evolving – New Mobile Suits, stages and costumes will be added to Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2, while also featuring regular events. The game will keep evolving on a daily basis!Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 will be coming to the west at some point in 2019 for PlayStation 4. SInce I've taken an intreast in Gundam I've been looking around to see what games from the franchise made it to the west. Sadly I was put off of most of the modern ones as they are use elements from across the whole franchise, which needless to say would make a new come like me very out of his depth. Then I ran across this one, which sounded perfect since it takes place during the One Year War. Unfortunately it was region locked... until now! Looks to be a pretty fun game.
  7. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    So I’ve finished the series today and everything I said before still stands. Gundam is awesome. It’s characters, plot, politics, backstory, battles and mechs are all wonderful. As I watched the series I looked up all the mechs on the Gundam wiki, skipping spoilers, and it reminds me of reading up all the zoanoid data filed but better given how much detail is put into how these things work. There is one thing I’m a little mixed on. Newtypes. Now I had heard of them via the SRWs games but never really payed attention. Given that Gundam is know as “real robot” I assumed this was something that cropped up later to keep things interesting. But imagine my surprise when the series hints of them early on, names them third of the way in and has them actively having superhuman abilities. Now how this series makes use of them is not an issue, it feels like something ripe for abuse. Kind of like being force sensitive or super saiyan. Great ideas that end up become an overused crutch for the franchise to lean on. Or maybe I’m just being jaded.
  8. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    10 episodes in and I gotta say... I was a total Moron for not watching this sooner. Given the time it was made the shows writing puts all the giant robot shows of the 70s to shame. It’s not quite as grim dark as Ideon (which came out the year after if I’m not mistaken) but has depth and darker elements. Animation wise while it’s dated by today’s standards, having spent years watching series from this era I can say Gundam was very well animated for its time. It still suffers from the weaknesses of this era’s style but far less then a lot of shows that come to mind. Im also seeing why Char is so popular. Such a charismatic and intelligent antagonist, it’s little wonder he stole the show.
  9. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    An Gundam is here. Just grabbed my self a bottle of Dr Pepper and ready to watch.
  10. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    You know, the show was so good I didn’t even notice how fast I got through it till now haha. As an update I’ve ordered the Bluerays of: Mobile Suit Gundam 1 & 2 The 08th Team Collection MS IGLOO Collection
  11. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    Well I finished Ideon and Be Invoked. What a wonderful and depress series. With that out of the way I’m all set for Gundam. I’ll be buying Mobile Suit Gundam tomorrow.
  12. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    Ah I see, sorry Salkafar. And yeah nether of you are kidding Matt.
  13. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    It's a super mecha show from 1980. It takes a lot of ques from Gundam with more complex story telling and themes. The series the conflict between humanity and the Buff Clan, a group of human aliens. The Buff Clan are searching for something they call the Ide and arrive on a human colony planet. The humans have been studying the ruins of what they call the "Sixth Civilisation" and had found three vehicle relics and a spaceship. A member of the Buff Clan rushes to the planet in search of the Ide, which results in the human military getting into an altercation with retravel team sent to get them back. At the same time a boy named Cosmo Yuki, son of one of the arachnologists, and his friends try to use the relic vehicles to escape the conflict and inadvertently cause them to combine into a giant robot. They are able to fight of the retrieval team but the Buff Clan then launch a full scale assault on the colony which forces them to go on the run, using the relic ship to escape. So far the story has revolved around the humans constantly fleeing the Buff Clan and using the robot, which they call "Ideon" to fight them off. There have been several attempt to broker some kind of peace but misunderstanding, accidents and hot tempered individuals on both sides have only served to further set the two races against each other. The Ideon itself is noteworthy because it's considered the first of the Godly or All-Powerful mechs, such as EVA Unit 01 and Gurren Lagann. While it did not display this power at first, in fact most of it's original weapons were missle pods and cannons the humans installed on it, from what I've read it' eventual power far outstripped any other super robots at the time and is still a contender for one of the most powerful mecha ever.
  14. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    Again thanks everyone for your advice. I’ve recently finished Aura Battler Dunbine and am now watching Space Runaway Ideon. While not part of the Gundam Franchise, from my understanding they were created by the same person and have similur themes and tones, despite being Super Robot series. They both pretty much convinced me that Gundam is going to be more then worth it.
  15. Daitarn 3

    Help with getting into Gundam

    Thanks for the advice. I'll defiantly start with the original now. I did watch a handful episodes of Wing back in the day but aside from being able to recognise Wing, Deathscythe and their pilots by sight, I remember literarily nothing about the show's plot. As a rule I try to start as close to the beginning of a franchise as I can anyway. It's not the days of toonami and what ever you can find on vhs anymore. I'll follow the main timeline and focus on the One Year War martial first, since it's all closely tied to the original. That said I'll make G Gundam the first I look into once I'm better experienced with the franchise. Yasuhiro Imagawa worked on it then I'm gonna have to check it out, I love his super robot shows. Is some of the off branching stuff not very good?