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  1. Godzilla: Monster Planet

    Post for movie 2. We've got MechGodzilla confirmed and it looks like the tribe of humans left on earth worshiped a god that was killed by Godzilla leaving only an egg behind. With a pair of twins on the poster its a pretty easy guess who that god was. Edit: Also found some good artwork that shows the size difference between Shin Godzilla and Godzilla Earth.
  2. Killing Bites (Primitive Zoanoids!?)

    Another Zoanoid type manga is Lives. https://myanimelist.net/manga/6912/Lives Its very short buy a pretty good read.
  3. Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

    Who knows, I'm gonna give the benefit of the doubt on this one however since A) while it dose involve getting dinosaurs off the island, they are likewise destroying said island which moves us into B) since the island is destroyed it should, if handled correctly, lead new opportunities for future films since they are no longer confined to the same location. Also what I have seen look enjoyable but we'll have to see if this dose a better job then the Lost World. Also from what I hear its not just moveing dinosaurs into a new park/zoo, as with LW, but we'll have to see about that to. The Indoraptor was hinted at in the last film, the Indominus Rex was only a proto-type bio-weapon built under the cover story of a new park attraction.
  4. Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

    Trailer 2 and our first look at the
  5. Godzilla

    Yes he is a heroic character but he is tied directly to the demonic and an iconic character in Japan's pop culture. Acoring to the guys over at Toho Kingdom, Devilman is mentioned as inspiration for the character in the Heisei Godzilla Chronicle book https://www.tohokingdom.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1505429&sid=488f262d14cb8c88a883a67e1a26eed1
  6. Godzilla

    Nice to know someone read's my posts over at Toho Kingdom.
  7. Godzilla: Monster Planet

    Head up folks, the film will be out in 17/01. So 10 day!!!! http://comicbook.com/anime/2018/01/07/godzilla-planet-of-monsters-release-us-worldwide-netflix-anime/
  8. Godzilla: Monster Planet

    We get to see on of this Godzilla's new powers from one of the latest trailers.
  9. New Chapter status?

    Well looks like a load of nothing again.....what look up right in the top left corner! More nothing!
  10. Devilman Grimoire

    Ok I had heard of this but it almost slipped under my radar with a lot of other stuff going on. The first volume of Devilman Grimoire has been released in English about a month ago. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Devilman-Grimoire-Vol-Go-Nagai/dp/1626925712/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1514323550&sr=8-2&keywords=devilman Well I never thought to see the day. With Devilman vs Cyborg 009 coming out on Netflix last year and the upcoming Devilman: Crybaby coming out next week, Devilman has finally broken ground in a big way. Before Devilman was limited to its original 2 OVAS, The Devillady series, Demon Lord Dante (who was the proto-type for Devilman and Mazinger Z) and Violence Jack (although you'd never know it from the matiral used in those OVAS). The Devilman OVA's were incomplete due to issues between Nagai and the director but I hold them on equal footing to those of Guyver in terms of quality, the dubs however are almost polar opposites. I've commented before that Guyver's dub for the time was some of the best you could get for that era of anime.....Devilman's by comparison is a bloody joke. DevilLady is a pretty solid anime although it heavily deviates from its source material however this was mostly for the better as while I enjoy both version the toned down nature of the anime makes it more accessible plus its dub is pretty good. Demon Lord Dante had ok but cheap animation, its dub is ok but relatively lack luster and its biggest sin is that is far to slow passed and meandering the majority of the time to be overly fun. Violence Jake is infamous among any who watch older anime as by far one of the single most twisted, depraved and spiteful things you will ever watch. This is kind of the point because the story is intended to look at the true dark side of humanity but that dose not make it any less unsettling. Even in its heavily edited state this is apparent and the fact that its basically made up of 2 story arcs plucked from quit a way into the story (VJ is a very very long series) and one original story none of which flow into eachother to create a cohesive narrative help. The dub is not great ether with the only good thing in it being that Jack was voiced by Bob Sessions who was the voice of Genzo Makishima/Enzyme in Guyver's UK dub. Along with what I've just mentioned the Classic Devilman manga as well as Devilman vs Hades will both be released about March time next years. So 2018 is going to be the years of Devilman for us westerners. (we can also hope Guyver starts back up next year to.) Now back to Devilman G. This manga came out in 2012 and is very interesting in it own way. The best was I can describe it to you is a fusion of the original Manga and Anime, a modernised version of the original's art style and some new and interesting plot elements worked in to keep it fresh. If you have read come across the original manga before the basic set up will be familiar to you. I wont go into too much detail for any who wants to read the orginal when its out, Devilman G and or watch Crybaby. But I will talk about some of the changes. Probably the biggest change it to the character of Miki, while she was always a spunky and strong willed character her over all role in the original story was important but not prominent in the plot. Akira was deeply in love with her but she only became aware of what was going on with him at the very end of the story. Simple put she's not an active secondary protagonist. In this story Miki is now Co-Protagonist with Akira. As a result far more active and interesting. Probably the biggest change is her obsession with witchs and the occult, she's clamed to be a witch since she was little, dress like one and also says she's a descendant of Solomen. She has no real magic power, although as children she would rope poor Akira into her "summoning spells", but things take a turn for the nasty she apparently dose summon some demons and may be responsibility for Akira becoming Devilman. Akira/Devilman is also very different and the main reason I say this is a fusion of the manga and anime. At his core Akira is likewise identical with the only real change to his character is him being a little embarrassed by Miki's Witch Otaknuss. That all changes when he's possessed by Amon. Akira's personalities radically alters becoming more aggressive and confident but unlike the manga and most other versions of the story Devilman is not Akira with the body of a demon. He's Amon possessing Akira's body and being influenced by Akira's pure heart and love of Miki! This mirrors the original anime were Devilman (he was not known as Amon in that version) possessed the corpse of Akira but fell in love with Miki when he returned home. While some of the plot point are very much copied from the original much of the actually events around them are very different. Also there are a lot more named demon characters active in the story rather then random hordes. This allows us to get a very interesting look into villains as characters something that original manga only touched on slightly. Also a good chunk of these demons are background and one shot enemies from the original manga (and by extension the OVAs) as well as the original anime series. This gives us a very diverse caste of bad guys who even if they don't stick around long leave a stronger impression then they might have. One Personal faviort is the demoness Ebain. One of the more stand out demons from the anime, Ebain had the power to travel though and exist within reflective surfaces (such as mirrors). Her overall look is unchanged although more sexualised. I bring her up not only because she is one of my favourits but she is also a good example of how these characters are used to alter some of the more familure events from the original. Ebain is added to one of the early iconic fights from the original, turning a relatively easy if troublesome fight for Devilman into a pretty intense battle. So far I've found the first volume to be pretty good. You can enjoy both as a fan of the original but due to its more modern art style and the way the story is structured new comers can jump right in to.
  11. https://www.quotev.com/quiz/8392220/Make-that-Legacy-of-Kain-Vampire Rahabim You're one of the intelligent, and widely curious Rahabim. --Your Sire-- Although we cannot tell if he's the third or fourth of Kain's lieutenants; Rahab is the third you encounter in Soul Reaver. Rahab the wise was one of Kain's brightest, easily the wisest of the six brothers, and one of the most self-experimental. So experimental was he, that in time, he and his clan overcame the acidic touch to water, and he can now swim where his brothers would have perished. Rumor has it that in the spin-off-game Nosgoth; Rahab was largely neutral on the civil war about who would take Kain's throne. Perhaps he believed that Kain hadn't left for good (and was right), or that the fighting would bring destruction to each of the clans (and was right, still). That's... Probably his line of thought. Sometimes it's hard to tell exactly what Rahab the wise was thinking about. --Your Clan-- We did not get to see he, or any of his kin in Nosgoth, if the rumors proved true on his neutrality that'd make sense, but that is neither here nor there. Your a Rahabim... That means you're smart. No really, you're probably impeccably smart regarding at least one subject or another. In fact, education is important to the Rahabim; even the slaves are taught, both for knowledge's sake, and the sake of young Rahabim learning to teach. The point is- the Rahabim have very few censors when in regards to intellectual pursuits, now is the time to explore that thing you've always wanted to know just a little more about. --Why You Fit In-- The truth of the matter is- you're curious. Or perhaps got an incredible work-ethic that is more sedentary than someone who'd make a good Turelim, or Dumahim. You're willing to devote increasingly extended periods of time focusing on a new way to look at things, to find a new answer or a better way to do something. You don't care about being particularly strong, or making yourself particularly attractive, you're much more interested in the end-game, and for that... People applaud you. Innovation is what you are as a Rahabim; and overcoming water was no small feat From the Wiki: The Rahabim clan are the masters of the waters of Nosgoth. They were “devastated even by the feeble rays of Nosgoth’s sun”, but managed somehow to ”overcome their vulnerability to water”, thus making them predators both on land and sea. They were the only vampires in Nosgoth to withstand the acidic touch of water effortlessly, which gave them a bigger freedom of movement during hunting. Their swimming skills were superior over humans as they could glide in water with ease with a swimming pattern resembling a fish or a snake. They were also capable of lunging themselves out of the water at any unsuspecting prey. It appears they had both lungs and gills as they were amphibious in nature and could breathe on land and sea equally. Daniel Cabuco described their adaptibility to water as the following: "As for spare time, Rahabim would have been trying to overcome their weakness to water by trying to improve the time they could spend in contact with it. Perhaps drinking blood at the same time the water burned them so their systems could heal and slowly, painfully adapt."As primarily sea based creatures, their movements are a bit slower on land, however their bite is just as deadly and they can also utilize their spitting attack. The spitting attack comes from their mouth and is described as "a foul water bubble" which is deadly to all besides the Rahabim. However, they cannot shoot in steep angles upward or downward. When fully submerged, they will mostly – if not always – use their biting attacks. When prey is at a distance on land, they will attempt to shoot it down instead of closing the distance (this behaviour is similar to a archerfish as described by Daniel Cabuco). Their territory is the Drowned Abbey. It is of human origin which served as a sanctuary in the past. It is unknown when the humans abandoned the area, when was it drowned, or when the Rahabim took over, but the central chapel served as a personal chamber for Rahab. It is further implied with yet officially unsupported claims that the Abbey belonged to the possession of the Turelim for a period of time, due to wall murals possibly signifying their conquest outside on the walls of Rahab’s chamber, and – in the beta version of the game – the sighting of a dead and burned Turelim under water in the constrictable drill chamber. It is a possibility that after the Abbey was drowned by water, the Turelim withdrawn and Rahab with his clan took over the area instead. The clan pupating method was observed in the form of a seemingly algae covered webby cocoon latched to the water floor with a sleeping sphere in it. It was tied or anchored to the ground with a thread like substance which was strong enough to withold the pupating pod against the underwater currents. Some more vigilant individuals could ambush from this state, like all other seen pupating methods.The lead artist of the Legacy of Kain series, Daniel Cabuco, described Rahabim´s role as "artisans, explorers, special forces". It is likely they have been used as scouts to spy on the humans in the City, as one fledgling Rahabim is found by Raziel in the water reservoir of the City.
  12. Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom

    Full Trailer Lot of new dinos and some old faithful's. Carnotaurus This one is old and new. The Carno first appeared in the Novel version of The Lost World. in the novel it was depicted as an ambush predator with the ability to change it skin colour to perfectly blend in with its background and was more of a nocturnal/dusk hunter as it could not hid itself in direct sunlight. The purpose of this as to show just how little we understood about dinosaurs . It would late show up the Jurassic Park: Redemption comics acting as a stereotypical predatory animal that lacked it former camo ability. It also showed up in a Jurassic Park 3 novel and as a semi-boss in the Lost World PS1 Game. However this is its first on screen appearance. Baryonyx The new kid on the block, Baryonyx was first hinted at back during Jurassic Worlds promotional build up as an attraction at the park. While it was never seen it was depicted in the films websight. A smaller cousin of Spinosaurus it is thought to have been predominately a fish eater although it would hunt prey on land as well. Brachiosaurus Technically the first ever dinosaur to be seen in full in the film part of the franchise, Brachiosaurus is one of the most iconic dinosaurs ever put on film. It had to pretty iconic scenes in the first film and has almost always popped up in most of the series games. Apatosaurus In the novel this was the original sauropod found in Jurassic Park but was swapped out for the Brachi in the first film. While it did pop up in the Lost World film, because it lost its spot to the Brachi its not show up much in other Jurassic Park works until JW, the only time of note I can think of was the LW Arcade Shooter. One interesting and disgusting fact from the novel was that Apatosaurus dung proved to be a real issue because it would not decompose quickly likely due to what ever bacteria that would have naturally broken it down being extinct. Compsognathus While mostly remember from the Lost World Film, this nasty little beasts first showed up on the original novel. Created as a natural clean up crew for the parks meaty leftovers and dino droppings, the compys were probably the single most cloned dinosaur by Ingen. But proved to be very troublesome in their own right. They were the first dinosaurs documented to have escaped and thrived in the outside world. Opportunistic hunters as well as scavengers, Compys were responsible for multiple attacks on children and infant mortalities. They had somewhat poisonous bite weakened their victims making them easy prey. As a rule though they don't attack anything too big, healthy or strong and run at the low end of the food chain. In reality they were likely not poisonous but it was likely included, along with another poisonous dino, to show just how little we understand about these animals and how difficult it is to control something you don't understand. Dilophosaurus Probably the most drastically altered dinosaur I the whole franchise. The one depicted above is how it was described in the novel, which match's up with what we know, along with its size. As you can see it was a relatively big animal. The inclusion of poison was again done to show just how little we understood about these creatures and how dangerous it was to try and shove them in a zoo without any kind of proper study. In the novel all the dinosaurs presented issues one way or another and the Dilos were one of the more extreme examples. Their unprecedented ability to spit venom combined with their size made working with them incredible dangerous. Robert Muldoon, the parks game keeper, was particularly worried about what would happen to visitors when the park opened as the only thing between them and a glob of venom was a roll down window. Attempt to remove the venom sacs had proven fruitless as they had no idea were they were located and the animal nearly died during surgery resulting in them being forbad from further examination until one of them died. On the movie they were altered so as not to compete with the Rex and Raptors. Many fans have come up with a host of excuses for this, such as them being juveniles, but really the only explanation that fits is that the movie Dilos are the result of genetic splicing causing unforeseen results. While a key dinosaur in the first film and novel, outside of games the odd comic these guys have been on the back burner for a while.
  13. Which Primarch Are You?

    Alpharius Omegon (also known as the Aleph Null, The Hydra, the Threefold Serpent, The Final Configuration and the Last Primarch) was one of the twenty Primarchs created by the Emperor of Mankind in the earliest days of the Imperium of Man, just after the end of the Age of Strife in the 30th Millennium. In truth, Alpharius Omegon was actually a pair of identical twin brothers, one named Alpharius and the other Omegon. Of all the Primarchs of the Legiones Astartes, Alpharius was without a doubt the most steeped in mystery, legend, contradiction and deliberate falsification. The Primarch of the Alpha Legion shrouded himself in mystery, often moving unseen even amongst the ranks of his own Legion. However, when the time came to cast off the cloak of misdirection, Alpharius was as awe-inspiring a being as any of his other brother Primarchs. Clad in armour forged in the manner of some terrifying beast of ancient Terran myth and armed with a fearsome panoply of weapons of unknown provenance, Alpharius bestrode the battlefield like a figure from legend. Like the hydra he and his XXth Legion had taken as their symbol, Alpharius fought by repeated attacks from multiple and unexpected quarters. None could predict where or how the Primarch would strike, what weapons he would bring to bear or which of his many different forms would fight at his side. In many cases, the enemy were not even aware they were fighting the Alpha Legion until the very moment battle was joined, at which point they were already doomed to total and utter defeat at the hands of this most cunning, devious and duplicitous of all the Primarchs of the ancient Space Marine Legions.Like the other Primarchs, Alpharius and his twin brother Omegon were transported from the Emperor's gene-lab beneath the Himalazian (Himalayan) Mountains of Terra through the Warp by the Chaos Gods and placed on a far-away world in an attempt to prevent the coming of the Age of the Imperium and the expansion of the ordered Imperium of Man across the Milky Way Galaxy. Alpharius Omegon was eventually rediscovered by the Primarch Horus and sent to meet his father the Emperor on Terra, who placed him (and secretly, his brother) in command of the XXth Legion, the so-called Alpha Legion, during the Great Crusade of the late 30th Millennium. The greatest secret of the Alpha Legion's Primarch is apparently told to no one outside the XXth Legion, and has always been thus. For, unlike any of the other Primarchs, Alpharius actually has an identical twin: Omegon. It is unknown if the Emperor intended this when He created the Last Primarch, or was ever even aware that His final Primarch's engineered embryo had split into two identical fetuses during their gestation before they were stolen away by the Ruinous Powers. Alpharius and Omegon are both the co-equal Primarchs of the Alpha Legion, although "Alpharius" was the public face of the XXth Legion and appeared as the more senior of the two. Though as both Primarchs were physically identical it is possible for them to switch places and have "Omegon" play the public role of the Alpha Legion's Primarch. They have been described as "one soul in two bodies" and collectively have been referred to as simply "Alpharius Omegon". While the Astartes of the Alpha Legion made attempts to all look alike, both Alpharius and Omegon were still somewhat distinctive. Taller than the rest of the Legion, slightly copper-skinned, bald and possessed of a heavy brow, they somewhat resembled their brother Primarch Horus. Unlike him, Alpharius and Omegon had piercing eyes that seemed to glitter, appearing to shift colour from a cold arctic blue to a shimmering green. The overall impression given by Alpharius Omegon was one of nobility and intelligence. One way to tell the two twin Primarchs apart was when Omegon was serving as the commander of his Effrit Stealth Squad; large portions of his Power Armour and other gear were painted black and otherwise darkened. The armour worn by Alpharius was not particularly different from that of an ordinary Alpha Legionary. When such theatrics were required, both Alpharius and Omegon - or one of their surrogates - could appear as regally and stunning than any other Primarch. The Alpha Legion was the XX Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions. They turned against the Emperor during the Horus Heresy, becoming Chaos Space Marines. Even before they turned to Chaos, the Alpha Legion were renowned as the most secretive of all the Legions. They make extensive preparations before actually attacking an imperial target, including using spies and corruption to weaken an enemy's resolve. Not only is an enemy attacked from every angle, but every attack is often coordinated to achieve the most destructive results. Many actions are planned to utilise and support local cultist activity. These cults go to considerable effort to spread propaganda, perform sabotage, and carry out acts of unrest and rebellion, providing a distraction and weakening the enemy before the Alpha Legion strikes. Furthermore, the Legion has been known to ally themselves with anti-imperial forces including other Traitor Legions and xenos. On worlds far away from the Eye of Terror, Daemons are less relied upon since they cannot remain stable for long enough to be useful. If the Alpha Legion succeeds in securing the belief of a local Chaos cult they are summoned to add to the variety of their attacks. The Alpha Legion does not fight like any other Chaos Space Marine Legion or warband. They prefer to avoid direct combat, using subterfuge, infiltration, sabotage, brainwashing, and meticulous multi-year plans to destroy their enemies as opposed to a simple attack. The very identities of Alpha Legion Marines is the subject of mystery. Their supposed identities are frequently aliases which are shared by cell members, meaning the name and identity of one Alpha Legion marine could refer to many. Genetic face-changing technology is utilized to change the appearance of Legionaries to confound Imperial authorities as to their real identity. Due to this habit of shared aliases, members of the Alpha Legion often refer to themselves as part of a greater collective identity. When they do show themselves, Alpha Legion Marines prefer to let their cultists and underlings absorb most of the combat while they wait for the decisive moment to strike or make their escape. The final overwhelming push by the massed forces of the Legion at the precise moment the enemy is at its weakest from subterfuge is known as The Harrowing. Unlike most of the other Chaos Space Marine Legions, the Alpha Legion rarely operates within the Eye of Terror. As a result, they have not been subjected to the time distortion that the Warp has given to other Traitor Marines, leading many in the Inquisition to debate how the Legion, now ten thousand years since the Heresy, is still active. According to Inquisitor Kravin, the Alpha Legion acquires new recruits, genetically modifies them, then trains them for missions all within Imperial territory itself.
  14. Which Primarch Are You?

    Which Space Marine Legion Primarch at you? https://www.buildquizzes.com/QUN1ROG - And like a total idiot I forgot to post the link . For reference. The Primarchs were the 20 genetically-engineered transhuman sons of the Emperor of Mankind created in the late 30th Millennium after the end of the Unification Wars. They were intended to be the immortal and superhuman leaders who would command the Emperor's Great Crusade to reunite the scattered human race beneath His leadership. Their genomes later served as the genetic templates from which the Emperor crafted His 20 Space Marine Legions. They were bred to be perfect generals, warriors and statesmen; larger, stronger, faster, and smarter than any normal human could ever hope to be. They possessed a charisma and martial prowess that made them like the mythical gods of old, untouchable by disease, old age or supposedly the petty failings of lesser men. The Primarchs were the Emperor's answer to reclaiming all the lost worlds of Mankind, and welcoming them into His new Imperium. The Emperor intended to raise His sons to be the best military commanders and political leaders Mankind had ever known, and they would bring the Imperial Truth to the rest of the human-settled galaxy in their father's name. Yet for all their gifts, the Primarchs were still men, and in the end their very human flaws would become the primary obstacle to the realisation of the Emperor's great dream for Mankind. Note - The Quiz dose not give info on each of the primarchs but I'll happy provide the info afterwards. I got Ferrus Manus - Primarch of the Iron Hands. Ferrus Manus, also known as The Gorgon, was the Primarch of the Iron Hands Space Marine Legion, a master smith known for creating weapons that were able to inspire awe in any who saw them, such as the sword he created for Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children Legion or the Bolter he crafted for Vulkan, the Primarch of the Salamanders Legion, said to have a barrel designed to look like the gaping mouth of a dragon. Ferrus' hands were covered in the metallic substance known as necrodermis and he needed no hammer or flame to create beauty through metallurgy, using only his exceptionally powerful hands to mold and shape molten metal. Ferrus forged his closest bond with his brother Fulgrim, but this relationship ultimately ended in tragedy after Fulgrim fell to Chaos during the Horus Heresy. During the Drop Site Massacre on the world of Istvaan V at the start of the Heresy, Fulgrim decapitated Ferrus with a daemonic sword, an action that ultimately marked the point of no return on his path to becoming a Daemon Prince of the Chaos God Slaanesh. The Iron Hands have a reputation for being relatively straightforward and incredibly harsh. In the Battle of Thranx, for example, the resources of several depleted clan-companies were pooled for a full-frontal assault using five Land Raiders against a facility bristling with anti-tank defences that had made a mockery of previous attempts with whole armoured companies; in the retaking of the Contqual Subsector, one-third of the population was summarily executed after a successful campaign simply to demonstrate the price of weakness. They are also known to be on poor terms with the Raven Guard and after the liberation of the Kelldar System from an Ork Waaagh! in 810.M41 refused to sit at the same feasting table as their Raven Guard allies. The Iron Hands are infamous for their extensive use of bionics, which has helped bring them into a close relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus. After the Heresy, when the Legions were reorganized into Chapters, the Iron Hands became recluses, attempting to find ways to make themselves even stronger so that they would be fit for serving under Manus again at the end of times. To this end, they have made it a practice to make extensive use of bionic modifications, going so far that there are rumors of some battle brothers being wholly mechanical. Iron Hands consider the greatest honour they can receive is to be interred in Dreadnought armour. The Iron Hands also eschew the traditional office of Chaplain in favor of their Iron Fathers, specially trained Techmarines who serve to protect the faith of their brethren; some outsiders view this, as well as the Iron Hands' ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus, as an unhealthy relationship.
  15. The Many Lives of Jason Vorhees

    Future Jason In the future Jason was captured by the United States government and held at the Crystal Lake Research Facility. During that time his unique traits, especially his regenerative powers, were studied with great interest. While he was incarcerated, Jason underwent multiple executions which included but was not limited to electrocution, gassing, firing squad and even hanging. Predictably nothing worked. It was eventually decided that if he could no be killed he should at least be permanently disabled by freezing him. However one of the facilities doctors had become to obsessed with Jason's abilities and wished to study him further, going so far as to convince his superiors of this behind the head researcher's , Olivia LaFontaine back. When Olivia found out the truth and confronted him but as they debated with eachother the worst happened. Jason broke free from his restraints and began to massacre the facilities staff and security. on her own and with few options, she lead him to the cryo chamber and locked him. However as she watched Jason begin to freeze Jason stabbed though the door and injured her as well as allowing the cryogenic mist to flood the room, freezing Olivia on the brink of death. Future Jason sports dirty blue overalls much like Eternal Jason only these sport a very noticeable amount of gunshot damage. His brown strait jacket is in much the same condition if not worse as on some occasions it looks more like he wearing rags. gloves wise he's sporting some black fingerless gloves. One unique part of the outfit is the manacles around his arms and neck with broken chains hanging of them. While this Jason dose have quit a bit of hair its very patch and appears to he poorly kept. His mask is new, with a more close fitting and harder edged design then any of his other masks, it also only has the forehead chevron. The overall texture of the mask is also different, giving it an almost polished stone like look. The axe wound damage now back. The mask is somewhat like Eternal Jason's as it appears to be digging into the flesh around his face although not to the save severity. Not counting Deadite Jason, Jason's face under the mask it probably the best its looked for years...by his standard. While deformed and wrinkly the flesh is much more healthier looking then its been since his Undead resurrection. His left eye is back to being partially closed with what looks like scaring running from the eye around the side of his head. His upper lip on the right side of his face his missing. Jason and Olivia remand in cryogenic stasis until 2455. Its unknown exactly what happened in the wake of Jason's rampage but is possible that facility was abandoned or locked down after it was discovered what had happened and that Jason was contained. Olivia was likely presumed dead and if not is was likely thought of as to dangerous to try and recover her. In the year 2455 a group of students and their teacher came across the facility during a class on a field trip to the old Earth. The Earth had become uninhabitable many years prior and the human race and moved to Earth II as well as having space colonies. Upon discovering Jason and Olivia they decided to bring them back to their ship, The Grendel. On the ship it was discovered that Olivia could be resurrected using their nanite technology. While this was being done Jason was sent down to the lab to be examined. After being revived Olivia was grateful if in shock about her situation, but when he learned that Jason had also been brought aboard with her she desperately tried to make the trips teacher understand that Jason was to dangerous and that people would die if him should he come back to life once more. Undenounced to her the teacher had been planning to sell of Jason's body as his killing sprees were still well known even after all these centuries and to the right buyer his corpse would be worth a fortune. However in the middle of being examined by an intern, Jason thawed, killed her, grabbed a surgical tool, and began stalking the corridors of the spaceship, killing off the students and the hired security. Jason's machinations resulted in it crashing into the space station The Solaris, destroying it and crippling the ship, which began falling apart. As the survivors, Olivia included, tried to escape via shuttle, Jason murdered the engineer, causing Kinsa, an already unbalanced student to break down and try to activate the shuttle prematurely, and dies in the process. Cornering everyone in the docking bay, Jason met his match when one of the students personal android, KM-14, confronted him after having been updated with combat capabilities by her creator. After being riddled with thousands of bullets and having an arm, a leg and his head blown off, it seems like Jason had finally been put down.... ...However Jason's body had fallen on to the medical nanite machine. The machine either due to damage or for some darker reason activated and nanites spilled out onto Jason's ravaged body. Unable to restore Jason on their own the nanites canalised equipment from around the room to help restore his body. This resulted in the birth of Uber-Jason Uber-Jason With his new body, Jason easily defeated KM-14 and pursued the survivors. It was only though the destroying of the Grendel and the sacrifice of the last security officer that Jason was defeated by sending him hurtling into Earth II atmosphere were he burned up on re-entry. All that was left of him was his mask which fell into a lake. But Jason cannot die, he can never die and now that was more true then ever. The mask still held some on the nanites and Jason's DNA and in time the killer rose again! Uber-Jason is probably the most radical redesign of the character. What cloths he did have were altered into a single piece of black marital that covers his right leg, he right arm & torso and around the base of his neck. His left leg and his right arm & torso, the parts of his body most damaged by KM-14, are now well defined muscle heavily infused with metal giving him a cyborg like appearance. The visible flesh around the metal reddish and raw. The skin on his head by contrast is pale and while abnormal in texture his head lacks its normal malformation. His mask has been restored and improved, now infused with metal and now possesses and almost skull like shape. Both his eyes have been fully restored but are now an angry red colour. Uber-Jason is far more powerful then any version of Jason before him, being powerful enough to punch his way through a spaceships hull. He is also shown to be completely resistance to bullets as the just bounce right off him. This also shows that cloth covered parts of his body are just as durable as his metal parts. He's also shown to be able to survive in the vacuum of space. Along with the movie and its novelisation (which is far superior to the film) Jason X had 4 spin-off novels and 2 comics. Jason X: The Experiment is written by the same person who wrote the films novel adaption and he dose a pretty dame good job, with a superior story as well as expanding on Jason. However from here it all fell down, the company who produced these novels also did several Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street novels in each case they were stand alone stories that were generally ok to good but for some reason they did the opposite with Jason X. First all the novels try to tie into each other goes from ok to terrible. Planet of the Beast is ok but suffers from A) while the setting maybe different one of its major plot points is a copy and past from Experiment, B) there are some notable continuity errors such as Jason's eyes being blue when Uber-Jason's eyes are red (made worse by the fact his face in on the front cover) and C) the author has been hamstringed by events in Experiment. Death Moon is possible the single worse piece of fiction I've ever payed to read, the story is is disjoined and poorly written that is almost unreadable. I never read To the Third Power because it ties into Death Moon and as I've said I could barely make heads or tails of just what the hell was going on. Simple put Jason X started of with some pretty amazing novels that fell to mediocre to unbelievably terrible very quickly and I personally feel they would have been better if they has just been stand alone stories then tied to an over arcing narrative that in its way poisoned the well rather the help. The comics are pretty ok with one of them being Jason vs Jason X, in which a pure clone of Jason is created from Uber-Jason and the to clash. Uber-Jason gains a number of powers in the expanded works. With his nanites he can regenerate even faster, even from small fragments of himself. The nanites can also allow him to phase though matter, partially or completely absorb bullets fired at him to increase his size, strength and durability, enabled him to drive and use more complex tools, enabled him to sense energy sources along with his own supernatural ability so sense others. Had he followed the nanites desires he could have absorbed the energy from a power plant to magnify his strength further. But here in lays a problem. Uber-Jason is at odds with the nanites in his body. While they help they are also a nuisance, they desire to replicate and grow more powerful while Uber-Jason just wants to kill. When the nanites showed that they could allow him to sneak into a building undetected by phasing through the door, Uber-Jason refused and just smashed the door down. He also ignored their desire to go after the reactor in favour of more killing. They also created a weakness he didn't have before, the nanites are interwoven with his entire body and when they are paralysed by the right electric current he is rendered completely immobile. During the course of the story however Uber-Jason is abandoned by the nanites causing him to lose many of the abilities they granted him although he retains his increased power and durability minus the weakness they gave him. In one of the comic the nanites assist him in breaking free from a holding cell but nothing else. From what I can make out from the later novels Jason is upgraded with "Cyber" tech. Exactly what that is I cannot remember but they also say he's still got nanotech. On the whole Uber-Jason is my personal favourite version of Jason as he was the first one I saw. The novels also help making him pretty interesting and its one of the few occasions were going to space was not a totally bad idea for a slasher, especially were some of the novels were considered.