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  1. It's one of the ones I sold a few years ago. It's a cool item, super rare. It's not just a jacket with guyver branding, it's one of the crew jackets from dark hero. They only made them in super limited number given to some of the cast and crew.
  2. Its wearable, but i just keep it boxed
  3. Ive got this mask, its very rare, took me literally 20 years of searching to find one. Lisker from the Guyver movie, taken from original movie molds. Daran Comics Guyver Books Guyver Books Pencil Boards More Books Doujinshi Rare Guyver 12cm Rubber (Still in original packaging) Rare Guyver Movie Promo Tube, used by Brian Yuzna when promoting the Film (Twists to show character transformations)
  4. I've got a few interesting things that I'm looking to part with anyone is interested. I used to collect a few years ago
  5. Hey guys, do you all collect everything Guyver, e.g. Items from the Movies, or just mainly the Anime/Manga?
  6. I guess I could ask him. To be honest cuz he said the new eye lenses would most likely be used on future films I kind of assumed it was him
  7. Do....you know him personally or something? Not really but ive been talking to him quite a lot the last week or so. To be honest I'm pretty surprised by how open he has been with me. He and his company are doing a whole line of guyver busts and maquettes based on the movies. Obviously subject to change but so far the 1/1 busts are looking like Guyver 1, Guyver Zoanoid, Lisker/Corben, probably Crane as well but havent heard that as of yet. Guyver 1 comes out the 2nd quarter of this year, its already in production but is still not finalised. Its an exact replica from the Movie molds but they chose not to chrome the orbs to keep costs down but they look pretty metallic anyway, and they had to design new eye lenses as the original company stopped making them in the 90's. Here's a quote where he mentioned the movie. (he was talking to me about the new lenses) "Those were actually a mock up I made using beads. From a distance they look ok. But not terrible good in closeups. The final ones, although a little different, are actually holographic and are much more cool looking in person. Any future guyver eyes, including any future films will most likely have these same eyes." He re-confirmed in a separate convo that there may be a new film in the works.
  8. I was told by Steve yesterday that there may very well be a new film in the works.
  9. Hey guys. Has anyone possibly got a reference pic of the guyver mask but from the back ? Possibly of the steve wang guyver kit ? Or any reference will do really.
  10. JEZ0


    Hi everyone. I remember back in the day there used to be quite a few good collections members had. I was just wondering if anyone was still doing this ?
  11. I suppose I could do worldwide. I haven't got much confidence in international postage as I have had issues in the past
  12. Hi. I have updated the listing. Not much more info I'm afraid. They all seem to follow the manga but just in omnibus form. The Chinese booklets also follow it and go from 1-19 within the 2 books.
  13. Hey guys jez here, had to make a new account as couldnt log in with old one. If anyone is interested i am selling all of my guyver collection, Some pretty cool things in it, rare books etc. There is still a load of stuff i need to put on. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/gadgetbusters/m.html?item=140930294564&pt=UK_DVD_Film_TV_Film_Memorabilia_LE&hash=item20d019a324&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
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